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"Finn stop please!" Clarke cried.

"Do you think you can feed me this crap?" Finn hollered.

"I'll remake it. I'll do anything just please don't hurt me." Clarke wailed.

She was Currently nestled in the corner of her living room while her husband unsteadily hollered at her.

"oh, so you think you deserve mercy?" He said as he began giggling. Clarke used to adore his giggle. It used to consistently be Filled with satisfaction and love. However, now she despised that laugh. Now every time she heard him laugh it made her want to throw up. . " I said do you think you mercy?"

"No." She said discreetly she had gone through this almost every day for right around 5 years now.

"God I need to do everything around here. I thought Women should be good at housework. But then agin your not a real women are you?"

Finn had been doing this since the time his first time with Clarke when he discovered she was trans. But the beatings didn't start until after their honeymoon. However, verbal abuse and gender shaming began a long time before that.

"I'm sorry. I must've gotten distracted and it must've burned" And right then Clarke realized she wasn't escaping this one untouched. After a second Finn pulled back his hand.

"Finn no please." She begged.

"shut the fuck up!" Clarke shuddered as his hand slaps her cheek with a heartbreaking crack.

"Ahhh," Clarke hollered in pain.

"Get the fuck out of my house. I don't care where you go. just get out of my house!"

Clarke pulled herself off the floor and raced to get her phone and her keys and ran out the front door.

Clarke shut her eyes. Realizing that she wouldn't have the option to return home that night.

She put the car in drive and began driving. having no clue where she was going. so she called the one person she needed to talk to the most.



"Clarke, you do realize that it's 2 AM right?"

"Sorry, you can go back to sleep." She was getting ready to hang up when the voice stopped her.

"No, it's fine. What's going on?"

"'s nothing I'll figure it out. "

"You wouldn't have called if it was nothing. What's up?"

"He...He..." Clarke couldn't get the words out.

"Relax. Take as much time as you need ."

"He hit me."

"He what ?" Lexa was said. She realized Clarke wasn't in the best relationship and she had asked her multiple times to leave him. But she never thought that he had ever physically hit her.

"I burnt his pizza and he got mad. "

"That is awful. Are you alright?"

" I'm fine I just have nowhere to go."

" You can come over."

"What about your wife?"

" Nightshift." Lexa's wife costia was a surgeon at Arkadia Memorial hospital and most evenings she was working the night shift leaving Lexa alone.

" I'll be there in 10."