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Waiting for the night to begin

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1. Ramos

“So you don't recognize it?” Alex asks as Michael traces the symbol carved into the barn wall.

“Nope,” Michael steps back. “I can tell it’s alien, but I don’t know what it means, and it’s not reacting at all. Not that I would expect it to since it’s just a recreation, but it was worth trying.”

“I guess,” Alex shrugs. “Maybe if I can get you access to the machine, and you can see the symbol directly from it, it will mean something. Maybe it will sense you’re an alien and give you more than just one symbol.”

Alex turns away from the wall, and walks over to Kyle’s bed. He knew bringing Michael here was a long shot, but he’d hoped something would come of it. To distract himself from the frustration of another failure, he picks up Kyle’s chart and looks it over.

“Does that mean anything to you?” Michael asks when Alex flips through the pages a second time.

“No,” Alex admits with a laugh. “But looking at it makes me feel less useless.”

“Hey,” Michael runs his hand down Alex’s arm before gently taking the chart from him and setting it down. “We’ll figure it out, the machine, Kyle, all of it.”

“Thank you,” Alex pulls Michael closer, and kisses him. “I did talk to one of the nurses earlier, and she said Kyle is doing well. The drug is working it’s way out of his system, and they’re hopeful he’ll wake up soon.”

“That’s good news, we should celebrate,” Michael says with a wink. He sits in the chair by Kyle’s bedside and pulls Alex toward him by his belt loops. “I bet,” he says, already working on undoing Alex’s belt, “we can wake him up sooner with the sounds you make when I suck you off.”

Before Alex can respond, he hears footsteps behind him.

“Alex and Michael Guerin, I presume.”

Alex spins around when he hears Ramos’s voice and does his best to keep Michael out of his sight. “Sir,” he says politely.

He feels Michael stand up behind him, but he stays in front of him. Alex had every intention of asking Ramos to give Michael access to the machine, but now that they are in the same room together, all he can think of are the reasons he never wanted Michael anywhere near Deep Sky.

“Relax, Alex,” Ramos sounds amused as he watches Alex try to shield Michael. “I just stopped by to check on Kyle. Running into you and Mr. Guerin is an unexpected, but welcome, surprise.” He turns slightly to look at Michal and holds out his hand, “Eduardo Ramos.”

“Didn’t expect to meet the head of Deep Sky in an abandoned barn next to the comatose body of his nephew,” Michael starts to step around Alex toward Ramos, but Alex flings his arm out to stop him.

Ramos laughs outright at Alex’s protectiveness. “Perhaps we should continue this conversation in a more suitable location. Alex, bring Michael with you tomorrow, and he can get a first hand look at his mother’s creation. If that's alright with you, Michael?”

“Looking forward to it.”

Alex can see the warning in Michael’s smile, and it does nothing to set his mind at ease.

“Well,” Ramos clasps his hands together. “I can see Kyle is in good company so I’ll take my leave. I look forward to seeing both of you in the morning.”

Alex doesn’t move, continuing to guard Michael until he hears Ramos' car pull away.

“Did you just seat-belt mom me?” Michael teases when Alex finally turns to face him.

Alex just shakes his head, wishing again he could keep Michael far away from all of this. Michael takes a step toward him, concern replacing the smile on his face, so Alex forces himself to move even if it's only to let out a shaky breath and pull Michael into a tight hug.

Michael kisses his shoulder and strokes his back, staying silent until Alex relaxes his grip. “So that’s the big boss?”

“I want to trust him, I’m trying to,” he begins. He leans his forehead against Michael’s and whispers, “But I can’t, not with you.”

“Then don’t,” Michael answers. “Just trust me. And we’ll figure it out together.”

Alex closes his eyes and nods.


2. Maria

Michael watches Alex inspect the last glass before he sets it down. “I don’t think anyone will notice if the glasses are lined up half a centimeter off.” He comes up behind Alex and wraps his arms around his waist, resting his head against Alex’s back.

“Maria might,” Alex counters, turning in Michael’s arms so they are facing each other. “We promised Maria we would get everything set up for opening so she would stop putting off her follow up with Liz. I just want to do it right.”

“We’re almost done, and we’ve been working very hard. I think we can afford to take a short break,” Michael slides his hands into the back pockets of Alex’s jeans and gives his ass a quick squeeze. “I’ve been alone here with you for hours, working when we could have been at your place, naked. I think we deserve a small reward.”

Alex smiles and kisses him. Michael can’t help but deepen the kiss when Alex pushes one hand into his hair, twisting the curls around his fingers and tugging gently. He sweeps his tongue into Alex’s mouth and presses their hips together, letting Alex know how much he’s enjoying this.

“Keep that up and there will be nothing short or small about this break,” Alex swallows Michael’s laugh with another kiss. Michael squeezes Alex’s ass again, moaning when Alex thrusts up against him.

“Guerin, I told you to invite me to the wedding, not the honeymoon.”

They break apart as soon as they hear Maria’s voice. “It’s not a honeymoon if we still have our clothes on, DeLuca,” Michael calls out. “You need to give us about five more minutes.”

“People eat here, Guerin. Don’t get the health department called on me. That’s what the bathrooms are for,” Maria winks at him, and they both smile at the blush on Alex’s face.

Alex steps around the bar and gives Maria a hug. “All good?” he asks just loud enough for Michael to hear.

“Fit as a fiddle,” she kisses his cheek. “I promise,” she adds when Alex continues to look at her. “Liz swears every cell in my body is my own. No sign of Jones.”

He nods and picks up a rag from the bar. “I’m just going to wipe down the tables.”

“So,” Michael says as Maria turns to him. “You finally look as good on the inside as you do on the outside?”

“Flattery, as much as I appreciate it, will not get you out of mopping the floor,” Maria looks pointedly at the bucket in front of the bar, but her smile takes any sting out of her words.

“I know the drill,” Michael reminds her, thinking of all the times he helped her open when they were dating. She never let him get away with anything then either. “I won’t let you down.”

“You never have,” she tells him softly.

Michael looks up and catches Alex watching them, he raises his eyebrow at Michael, eyes darting between him and Maria, silently checking that everything is ok. Michael nods and sees how Alex immediately relaxes. Michael blows him a kiss just to make him laugh.

Maria stops his arm just as he reaches for the mop. “He looks happy,” she glances over at Alex. “And so do you.”

Michael runs his hand through his hair. “We are,” he says quietly, trying not to be afraid to say it out loud. “I’m going to do everything I can to keep it that way.”

Maria pulls him in for a hug. “I have a good feeling about this, and I’m never wrong.”

“Thanks,” Michael wipes his eyes as they separate. “Now let me get back to work before the boss catches me slacking.”

“Thank you,” Maria squeezes his hand before heading to her office.

Michael joins Alex out on the floor. “Come on Manes, let's get this done so we can get back to that reward.

3. Sanders

“Hey,” Alex walks into the garage and sees Michael sitting at the workbench, filling out paperwork. “Do you want to grab dinner at the Crashdown once you’re done?”

“Give me a minute, I’m almost finished,” Michael answers without looking up.

“Sure, no hurry.” Alex steps up behind him and drops a kiss on the back of his head. When he rests his hands on Michael’s shoulders, he feels how tense he is so he starts a light massage.

Michael rolls his shoulders under Alex’s hands. “That feels good.”

“Yeah?” Alex smiles and digs his thumbs in deeper.

“God, yes,” Michael arches his back and groans before dropping his head onto the bench.

Alex works his way down Michael’s back, pausing whenever he finds a particularly tight spot. He tries to keep his focus on making Michael feel good and not how the appreciative moans Michael makes go straight to his cock, but when he leans down to work on Michael’s lower back, he can’t resist kissing the back of Michael’s neck and nuzzling below his ear.

“Don’t stop,” Michael urges him on when Alex’s hands reach the top of his waistband.

His fingers just graze the bare skin at the base of Michael’s spine when he hears heavy footsteps behind them. Alex turns around and finds Sanders smirking at them.

“I take it you’re done with Talbott’s starter or is this your version of a smoke break?”

“Sorry Sir,” Alex interjects while Michael sits back up and straightens his shirt. “I just stopped by to ask Michael to dinner. I didn’t mean to interrupt his work.”

“Hrmph,” Sanders turns his attention to Alex. “None of this “Sir” bullshit if you’re finally going to be around where I can see you instead of sneaking in and out at all hours. I have no patience for your military manners. Walt will do just fine.”

“Thank you, Walt,” Alex smiles nervously, dropping his hand to Michael’s shoulder for support. “I think you will be seeing a lot more of me in the future.”

“Good,” Sanders grunts before looking at Michael again. “Not a thing, my ass. Keep telling you I’m not blind.”

“Don’t get your panties in a twist, Old Man, this is a recent development,” Michael turns enough to kiss the hand Alex still has on his shoulder. “And Talbott’s old junker is as good as it’s gonna get. Paperwork's all done,” he waves the paper he was filling out earlier in the air for Sanders to see.

“Then what are you still doing here? Let the boy,” he jerks his thumb in Alex’s direction, “take you dinner, And find somewhere else to do all your heavy breathing.”

“Have a nice evening,” Alex yells over his shoulder as Michael hops up from the stool and hustles him out of the garage.

4. Liz

Michael sets the file down and rubs his eyes. There is nothing more he can do until Liz gets back and looking at the numbers again isn’t going to change that. He stretches and sees Alex sitting on the counter in the empty space between the microscope and printer.

Alex looks up from his phone and smiles when Michael approaches him.

“I thought you left,” Michael says as he steps between Alex’s legs. “Must have been pretty boring watching me read.”

“I like being with you,” Alex shrugs.

Michael closes his eyes against the burst of emotion in his chest at Alex’s admission, still not used to this level of openness from Alex. When he opens them, Alex is watching him, brows furrowed like he’s trying to figure out Michael’s reaction.

“I like having you here,” he says just in case it's not clear. Then he pulls at Alex’s shirt until Alex leans down enough for Michael to kiss him. The angle isn’t great, but when Michael starts to back away, Alex wraps his legs around Michael’s waist and pulls him closer.

Michael braces his hands on the counter and goes up on his toes to make things easier. Alex brings his hands up to frame Michael’s face, holding him still while he licks Michael’s lips, encouraging him to open his mouth, and the kiss quickly goes from sweet to wet and sloppy.

“Do you guys need a room or am I allowed to watch?” Liz’s voice startles them both.

Michael buries his head in Alex’s chest. “Why do we keep getting interrupted?” he whines as Alex slides his hands from his face into his hair, gently massaging Michael’s scalp.

“Because you two can’t stop sucking face every time you get within ten feet of each other. It would be disgusting if it wasn’t so cute.”

Michael looks up and sees Alex sticking his tongue out at Liz.

Liz laughs and hip checks Michael out of the way before pulling Alex down from the counter. “You out,” she holds onto Alex’s arm and points to the door. “Mikey and I have work to do, and I need to lecture him on appropriate lab behavior before he ends up contaminating something.”

“Hey,” Michael objects. “Alex was the one sitting on the counter. Shouldn’t you be lecturing him on sanitation or something.”

“I’m not a hypocrite, Michael. And at least Alex still had his pants on.”

Michael makes a face, immediately realizing it is his brother’s bare ass on the counter that Liz is referring too. “Way to ruin the mood, Ortecho.”

“That was the point,” Liz says cheerfully. “Bye, Alex.”

“Bye, Liz,” he mimics before kissing her on the cheek. “Don’t keep him here too late. He doesn’t like it when I get started without him.” Alex winks at Michael on his way out the door.

“Come on” Michael hustles to the computer, dragging Liz with him. “I don’t have all night.”

+1. No One

“Are you sure,” Michael asks as he slowly sinks down on Alex’s cock, “that no one is going to interrupt us tonight.”

Alex grips Michael’s hips tightly and tries not to move, knowing Michael needs a minute. “I told everyone they were not to contact us unless it was a true life or death emergency.”

“Did you use your captain’s voice? Because that’s hot.” Michael leans back against Alex’s thighs, taking Alex even deeper.

“Do you want me to give your orders, Michael?” Alex intends it to be a joke, but Michael’s cock twitches and he clenches around Alex’s cock.

Alex loses the battle to hold still and thrusts up, both of them moaning as Alex’s cock hits Michael’s prostate. “Next time,” Alex tells him. “Right now I just want to make you feel good.”

“Then do that again,” Michael demands. “Yeah, just like that, right there,” Michael closes his eyes and tries to move with Alex..

Alex drops his hand from Michael’s left hip and starts stroking his cock. He won’t last long like this, buried deep in Michael and watching as Michael comes more and more undone with each thrust. He wants Michael with him when he comes.

“Come on, Alex, fuck me harder,” Michael practically begs.

Alex forces himself to keep his eyes open so he can watch as Michael rides him, so he can see the fine sheet of sweat covering his body and the way he bites his lip as his orgasm approaches.

He rubs his thumb over the head of Michael’s cock and pushes into his as deep as he can, his own orgasm beginning the moment he feels Michael’s come hit his chest.

Once Michael collapses onto his chest, Alex turns them onto their sides and deals with the condom. He brushes Michael’s hair back from his face, and checks to make sure he’s okay. “Hey,” he says, waiting for Michael to open his eyes. “I thought I was supposed to be the one giving orders.”

“Next time,” Michael reminds him. “You promised. We have the whole weekend, right?”

“We do,” Alex traces the lines of Michael’s face and wonders how he ever lived without this. “I love you.”

“Love you, too,” Michael says around a yawn. “Now let me sleep so I can be ready for the next round.”

Alex pulls Michael closer and starts making plans.