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Derek’s glower should be enough to melt steel where he presides over the latest pack meeting, wondering if Stiles could just shut the hell up.

Make me, those eyes say, a dare Stiles is sure he’d win, but Derek knows the truth. 

Just one breath in his ear and he knows Stiles’ eyes would glaze. Knows he'd fall limp like a pup lifted by the scruff. He knows how little it would take to have that smart mouth hanging slack.

He'll still want to hear him though, just none of it words.

He’ll take him apart on the bed right here, have his cries echoing off the walls and up to the high ceiling. A bite for every teasing smirk, a scrape of his teeth for every mouthy comeback, a lick for every time he’s pushed and pulled. Until his eyes are dazed and distant, until his voice is hoarse from screaming, until he has no understanding of where he is or how he got here.

There’ll be no need to think about neighbours. About his dad coming home.

He’ll have those long fingers that don’t stop tapping out irregular rhythms on every available surface twisting in bed sheets and tugging at his own hair, gripping at the edge of the desk he always spreads his research out on as Derek bends him over it. He'll kick his feet apart, watch his legs tremble like a new-born foal’s as he reaches down to give his heavy cock one long stroke, watch him tilt his hips up, begging. But not yet.

Only when he's satisfied Stiles is a quivering, drooling mess will he finally give in and take his own pleasure, finally use Stiles as he's been begging him to do for hours. Flip him onto his stomach with a knee either side of his hips and feed himself inside, where he's slick and molten and aching ruby red. Sink all the way into that virgin hole opening up for its first cock, ready to wring him dry. Watch the white of his claim trickle out past that clutching pink and plunge his softening cock back inside one last time to push it as deep as it will go, just to hear him fuss about it.

But for now, he'll allow the shit-eating grin he shoots at Scott. For now, he'll let him think he's gotten away with it. That he's bested their broody, caveman of an Alpha.

For now, he'll wait.