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"see ya later, bushboy!"

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every day, licorice cookie went to the same spot in his kingdom. the most beautiful and naturistic spot, possibly ever in his opinion. however, he wasn't there for the scenery, rather to watch clover cookie perform his beautiful songs. to licorice, everything about clover was perfect. so, he began this ritual of watching the performer from the shadows every day.

this day wasn't very different from other days, until clover abruptly stopped playing and laughed.
"you don't have to hide to watch me perform, you know."
licorice stood there, frozen in fear. had he been that careless today?
clover got up from his spot and walked toward the lurker.
"i've noticed you watching me from afar, and frankly it's kinda creepy."

licorice was breaking into a cold sweat at this point. he was used to being called a creep, but he really couldn't help himself. he had always been this way.
"i didn't mean to creep you out,, im sorry, ill leave now."
holding back tears of embarrassment and frustration, he walked away as fast as he could, until clover's calming voice called out to him.
"i was just teasing you, i didn't mean to sound rude. but you really don't have to sit in the shadows to watch me play."
licorice couldn't help it anymore. he broke into tears at the awkward and downright embarrassing encounter and ran away.

bursting into his cookie house, he flopped into his bed and wallowed in shame, thinking of what could've been done differently.
he sat there for about an hour, until a knock came at his door.
groggily getting up from his bed, he answered the door to find parfait cookie, his best and pretty much only friend.

"heeyyy licorice! i was wondering if you could take my shift at the lumber-"
parfait stopped when they noticed the puffiness and tear stains on licorice's face. the bubbly expression usually on their face being instantly replaced by concern.
"are you okay?? what happened?? are you hurt??"
licorice's head was practically spinning at the bombard of questions from the singer.
"just... come inside parfait."
the two walked into licorice's bedroom and sat down in the room.
"so... did something happen?"
"what do you think."
licorice explained the devastating encounter to his friend, who listened carefully the entire time.
after licorice was done talking, parfait couldn't help but laugh, bringing disdain to licorice.
"what are you laughing at??"
"nothing,, its just,, you blew this totally out of proportion."
as licorice thought back on it, he realized that he totally did. all clover had done was poke fun at him for being kinda creepy, and he freaked out over it. this brought another wave of embarrassed tears
"now what am i gonna do? he probably thinks im a baby now..."
"lemme stop you right there. you think one awkward situation will make him hate you? as i always say, calm down. you're cool. everybody likes you!
"that only applies to everyone who isn't me. you're some awesome popstar, hes an icon, nothings cool about me!"
the two sat in an awkward silence until parfait finally spoke up.
"give me paper and a pen."
although not understanding the intention, licorice obeyed as parfait wrote a short note.
"go leave this on clover's performance spot."
licorice read over the letter and instantly refused.
the letter stated: "meet me @ the jampie diner @ 6pm!!" in pretty pink cursive handwriting.
"are you crazy?? this'll never work! he'll be expecting some cute person at the diner, and he'll see me and be disappointed. he probably doesn't even like guys."
"licorice, he plays guitar in the forest in full cottagecore."
"...good point."
so thats how licorice ended up waiting at a small table at the jampie diner.

"hello! how may i serve you today?"
the boy looked up to see sparkling, who's usually working at his stand.
"sparkling? what are you doing here?"
"ehehe... i kinda lost my license for serving to minors.."
"how do you mess up that bad?"
"those little shits are masters of disguise. they took almond's trench coat and stood on top of eachother. they even used beard spray!"
licorice kinda just stared in confusion, causing sparkling to get embarrassed and get him some water.
that wouldn't be the first time today he made someone uncomfortable by staring.
speaking of, clover picked that moment to show up to the diner.

"...are you the writer of the note?"
even though clover was just in a shirt and long skirt, licorice was melting. he looked so beautiful in the evening sun.
"y-yeah,, i am,," he stuttered, anticipating rejection.
"well, i didn't take you as the type to have such... preppy handwriting."
he totally forgot about parfait being the one to write the note, causing complete embarrassment.
clover giggled as he took the seat across from licorice.
"well, im sure you didn't bring me here just to talk about handwriting, so what's the deal?"
"um... i wanted to apologize for earlier,, i was being really creepy and overreacting,, and i just wanted to say sorry."
"oh, i almost completely forgot about that! don't worry about it, i honestly find it kinda cute that you admire me like that."
no one had ever called him cute, except for dark enchantress.
"yes! i really admire you, believe it or not! i think your mannerisms are quite endearing."
"well,, i admire you too... you make really nice music,,"
licorice was screaming on the inside. not only did clover, like *the* clover cookie, not only called him cute, but found him endearing? he was surprised at how well his composure was kept.

the pair chatted for hours, barely noticing the time pass. it was almost nighttime, and licorice had to work at the sugar mines tomorrow morning.
"wow, we really talked for a while, didn't we?"
"yeah,, im pretty surprised. this has to be the longest anyone's spent with me, other than parfait."
"well, im glad we had a good time. but before you leave there's something i need to say."
licorice's heart was going berserk. was clover really about to confess?? after today's mess? he couldn't believe-
"you have something on your robes."
licorice looked down, not to see the bright red jam stain on his chest, but in utter despair. was that it?? a stain??
"aha, got you again! sorry, i like to tease people sometimes. what i really had to say was: i like you, licorice. like, a lot."
"hashssaja areyoureallyserious??????"
licorice couldn't believe it, even though it was anticipated. he was shaking, barely able to utter the words
"i like you too,, like a lot,,"
they were both embarrassed messes, barely even standing right.
clover walked over to the other boy and laid a sweet kiss on his cheek.
"see ya later, bushboy!"
he walked into the sunset, away from the diner, leaving a blushing, blubbering, boy to figure out what to do.







this may get a chapter two, maybe not. this was actually based off of how me and my crush came to be, love ya bubbsy wubbsy 😍