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It's okay Boo

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Ranboo stalked through the snow, purple particles falling off him in waves, the voice in his head whispering for him to attack, to kill the inhabitants of the house in the snow.

The lights were on, pointing the house it as a beacon in the dark, in the snow. The door was unlocked to him, he was expected after all. A ram hybrid descended the ladder at the back of the room, smiling widely when he saw him.

"Boo! How was the journey?" He asked hugging the enderman tightly, before looking up at him, frowning at the lack of Ranboo in the endermans eyes. "Boo?"

Ranboo tilted his head, purple eyes boring into the brown eyes of the smaller. Before he could say anything, the enderman hybrid pushed a Netherite sword through Tubbo's stomach.

"Ranboo?" He whispered, falling to his knees as his platonic husband removed the sword. "Its okay Boo."

Wordlessly, Ranboo turned and dropped the sword, stalking back into the night. Leaving Tubbo lying at the foot of the ladder, bleeding out onto the hardwood floor.