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What would happen if Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu swap bodies?

Well, it was the same face, to begin with. There was nothing wrong right? They can just switch places.

If only Ye Qiu is in China but he's in Los Angeles.

How the hell would they switch when they are not even in the same country?


Although they both live in different worlds, the two have properly maintained their connection throughout the year.

Ye Xiu was able to continue playing because of one condition that he will study in his spare time.

Ye Qiu on the other hand made sure to play the game GLORY in his spare time.

He would even help his brother in Wild Boss from time to time. And how many times did they have a date in-game? 

Yup, since they both are living far from each other the only times they would get to play together is in GLORY. Or maybe if Ye Xiu was in the mood to study, the two would video call through Skype. And just talk about things.


When Ye twins mystifyingly switch bodies and Ye Qiu experince first hand his precious twin brother's mistreatment.

The timeline occurs around end of Season 7 to Season 8.

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Ye Qiu was too tired after a long day of meetings here and there.

He went back to his pad, took a bath, and change to his night robes. After which he, throw his body in the king-sized bed as he let it take his consciousness.


Another day of training with his team not ever listening to him. The members keep on getting out of line. He even heard them talk behind his back.

Ye Xiu focused on taking the Wild Boss, instead. He had always been like that. He chooses to forget and avoid the clear situation and put everything he can into helping the guild.

He took an early out tonight if 2 AM is still counted, and went back to his room.

Ye Xiu opened the fan as it's been weeks since his aircon had been broken. He lied down on his single bed and let his exhausted mind and body take a rest.


Ye Qiu was feeling hot but decided to sleep more. He rolls left and right trying to find a good position when suddenly.


He fell from his bed. Something that made his mind wake up a bit however, his eyes are yet to follow.

How the hell would he even fall when his bed was too huge? Ugh! Is it time to buy an XXXKing size bed? Is there even something like that? Or should he just ask for a customized one?

He was sitting on the floor half-eye open as he felt the coldness run through him.

Did the cleaner remove his carpet and didn't warn him? Tch!

He stands up and went to his bathroom only to realize how small it was. His bathtub was not even there. And his sink and mirror were too small.


Slowly he opens both of his eyes.


Realization hit him. He went out to see the room.


It was not his pad. Where the hell is he? Did he enter a different room or did he get off a different floor? He tried looking for a service phone.

But there was none.


The room is not that big. Nah! In his case it's small. This was just the size of his closet.

There was just a personal computer, a clock, a cabinet, and a fan. Who uses a fan this summer? Ugh!

There are just too few things certifying that this was not his room.


He was checking on things to get a clue or something when his door opened up and a familiar orange-haired girl came in.

He was planning to say something when he heard her say,

"Good morning, Ye Xiu. Did you do an all-nighter again? Have you packed up? We had a game against Tiny Herb today."


And as if his world click. The shirt he was wearing is something he won't wear. He can feel the fabric on his skin. And it was not good at all.

Ye Xiu...

Does that mean, does that mean I was in the body of my twin? 

Ye Qiu thought.


He needs a goddamn phone. He has to call him as soon as possible.

But that man didn't even own a phone.

Bastard brother. What did you do?

Body switching?

Does that even happen in reality?

But it was his current situation.

Well, it was the same face, to begin with. There was nothing wrong right? They can just switch places.

Although they both live in different worlds, the two have properly maintained their connection throughout the year.

Ye Xiu was able to continue playing because of one condition that he will study in his spare time.

Ye Qiu on the other hand made sure to always play the game GLORY in his spare time.

He would even help his brother in Wild Boss from time to time. And how many times did they have a date in-game?

Yup, since they both are living far from each other the only times they would get to play together is in GLORY. Or maybe if Ye Xiu was in the mood to study, the two would video call through Skype. And just talk about things.


Ye Qiu just followed Su Mucheng's instructions to get ready. Forgetting his bastard brother, thinking...

'I guess there's nothing wrong with experiencing his brother's life.'

'Maybe it's just for a day.'

'Maybe the universe was just playing the twins.'

'And maybe tomorrow he'll be back in the business society again.'

He can finally get out of his responsibility for once.

He smiled as he thought how much it will be a breather.

Because Ye Qiu's body is currently in Los Angeles bombarded left and right due to launching the biggest project of Golden Leaf Corporation.

Ye Qiu knowing how full is his schedule for the next three months and how strict is Secretary Geng that his father assigned on him for that project concludes that, his brother won't be able to come home and won't be able to switch with him.

Ye Xiu will need to be him.

This will be fun. Fufufu.

Why not play around just in the meantime?

Only if it wasn't a match day.

Well, he had played Battlemage before. His brother thought him everything about this class, this game.

Because of all the classes he tried and failed, the battlemage was the one he succeeded.

It has to do with his competitive spirit on which and whatever his brother can do is something he must also be able to do.

Although he was not sure if he was an OP character like his brother in GLORY, Ye Xiu told him that his playstyle is more than passable for the professional level.

And considering that his training partner since Season 2 is his brother, the none other than Battle God, he knows and believes that he was also quite good in the game.

And as long as he got the plan. He'll be able to adjust to the match.

His twin had once praised him, that if ever he becomes interested in playing GLORY, professionally, they can be the Menacing Twin Battle Gods that the Alliance will cry for.

However, his mindset was that of a casual. He would play from time to time, do some quests, always follow his brother in-game. It was only a way to communicate to his bastard brother.

The day continues as he shut his mouth, not talking to anyone. He knows how his brother played mystery and hide so he hopes he won't get caught.

Even though he knows his brother's attitude and personality, there isn't a guarantee that his actions won't get busted. Especially by Su Mucheng. She knows the twins for all these years.

Although he can always just say it to her as he trusts her as their younger sister. He decided to play a bit since he can just admit to her when she asked later on.

The only time he talked with her was when he asked where is his notebook. And it seems she didn't notice anything wrong with him.

Ye Qiu knows his brother always carries a notebook to write things such as plans.
Something they both do, while his brother is manually doing it. He, on the other hand, has a file folder for his note app.

According to his brother's note, they will fight Tiny Herb. The complete game plans were somewhat written in his notebook.

He silently followed everyone to City B.

But what he didn't know by that time, Su Mucheng had already gazed at him with doubtful eyes.

Because Ye Qiu hasn't touched a single cigarette.

They were all in the game preparation room.

Ye Qiu has noticed it from the beginning. The eyes of the members look shady. It was as if the team was criticizing and... isolating him?

But since he was new here, he just shrugged his sixth sense.

Thinking that maybe he was just being delusional...


The match started with the individual match between Excellent Era's Elementalist and Tiny Herb's rookie Blade Master.

Ye Qiu cannot understand how the match developed into what it is. He rarely PK with other people. Mostly it was just his brother, but there are times he would whenever Ye Xiu asked him to troll noobs in the Arena with him.

But one thing is for sure!

He wanted to shout at  Emotionless Magic.

He was just like those incompetent workers he had. But in his case, whenever it happened, he had already fired them after a year, sometimes even six months. This player had been on the team for two seasons already!

He debuted last season 6 for Pete's sake! And it's already almost the end of the regular season.

He's been playing for fucking 2 seasons already!

How come a rookie blade master is pacing the match instead of him?

Even though the other had a greater APM. He should have known by now how to fight against that kind of player.

How useless.

Ye Qiu was disappointed but since it's only been the first game, he ruled it out that maybe He Ming is just under the weather losing against Liu Xiaobie.

Yeah, that's right. It's only the start.

The next match is Liu Hao's Total Darkness against Li Yihui's Flying Drops. He's the team's Vice-Captain. Ye Qiu had already given the point to their team.

Or so he thought ...

It was a very close match. He knew how the game was delivered.

Ye Qiu was so confident, the team would gain a point. But at the last second, Total Darkness misfired the spell. Giving his opponent a chance to come near him and make a combo.

What a noob mistake!

Even he would never make that kind of mistake, and he was a casual. A finishing move that turned into a fucking shit show reversing the one point they should have had.

Angry veins started forming in Ye Qiu's head. He was not someone who had the patience to watch pathetic incapable people.

The next match was his delighted spring.

Dancing Rain won against Zhou Yebai's Rangoon Creeper.

He smiled when he saw Mucheng coming back and said, "Good job Mucheng."

Su Mucheng smiled and replied, "Thank you, Captain."

Ye Qiu looked at the rest of the team and the misconception he thought was resurfacing.

What the hell?

Is it normal to roll your eyes when your Captain praised your other team member when they did well?

Ye Qiu tried to test the water and said, "He Ming, that match is awful. You let the rookie dictate the pace the whole game. You should have known by now already how to fight those kinds of players that rely on APM."

"Liu Hao, that mistake is very noob. You should practice additional 2 hours after we return."

Ye Qiu did not make any delusions...

The two just said in a mocking tone, "Yes Captain."

And he can see the two mouthings making a joke of him.

He shook his head, trying to return his focus on the game, and announced, "Next is the Group Match, it's Guo Yang, Shen Jian, and me."

"You two do your best, I'm on your back." Ye Qiu added trying to encourage the two in which just looked at him incredulously.

The first match was Qi Breaker against Bamboo Leopard in another disgusting loss. Qi Breaker is an avatar his brother also cherished as this was the former Vice Captain's avatar.

He was so sure that the successor lived on the former avatar's Glory.

But no!

Qi Breaker died after Bloodthirsty Fight was activated and the Berserker used a few different skill combinations.

He went down leaving Bamboo Leopard still with a remaining 38 percent health.

It was good that Successive Strike was able to bring the Berserker down, yet he was killed again by Tiny Herb's Flawless with 78 percent remaining health. Calculating the HP that he was able to take off, it was just 60 percent health! Not even one.

And with that, Ye Qiu needs to fight the second player with more than three-fourths of health and the third which is highly like Vaccaria.

He sighed as he reached the booth.

Ye Qiu blew his hands that were clasped and rubbed them before the game preparing his mind. This will be the first-ever time that he will fight in a Pro League and another Pro player, not Su Mucheng or his brother.

Although he was excited, the fear of being told off by his brother also arose. That's why before he even start the game, he decided to give everything he had. Everything.

It means he cannot lose. Never.

He is not in a position to humiliate the Battle God. And he will not do that in spite either.

An unprecedented match happen. The fans that were losing hope ignited their cheers as Ye Qiu was able to kill Flawless with his health still at 81 percent.

Ye Qiu was also bewildered at first but he was able to control his speed in the latter half of the fight. But the thought of maybe failing was erased after seeing how the Sharpshooter is nowhere near his brother's Sharpshooter.

He gave his best imagining he was fighting his brother without realizing that his standard is too high.

His hands just move and in a minute or so, Flawless died with Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart.

Wang Jiexi was the anchor of Tiny Herb and as he went to his booth, he prepared himself.

All the Pro players knew this, no matter how much Excellent Era is currently on the decline.

No one and nobody is allowed to lower their guard against this Old Battle God.

Because with the consensus of everyone, this man is still sitting on that throne.

The last game of the group match commenced.

And with just a second the two avatars meet, it was a hell of a fight!

Wang Jiexi wasn't able to hide his excitement.

And even though he had sealed his play style. This is not a team match where his team won't be able to harmonize with him. He unleashed and fight the man with all that he can.

Ye Qiu knew after just a few seconds of exchanging blows. The man in front of him is like his brother. And his 'Witch' is even better if he compared to.

But he won't just back down, same as no matter how many times he lost to his twin, all these years yet never stopped playing GLORY or PK-ing his brother.

And there are also times that he would win. Especially these recent years.

His winning rate had already gone up to 46 percent against the Battle Mage and there are even times he had as high as 62 percent when Ye Xiu was using another class.

As Vaccaria flew over him and started using a bunch of skills remarkably unpredictable, he went with the flow of just simply dodging and avoiding and in which after throwing a counter.

Ye Xiu had always thought him that simplicity is the best and most efficient way to fight.

The match was long enough of exchanging heavy blows.

Everyone was tense as the match grew even more suspenseful and exciting. It was a match that lived with the Magician against the Battle God.

As their health and mana decrease simultaneously, the game is neither. No one can drop by and say who would win.

Vaccaria and One Autumn Leaf parry their weapons, the witch then used Lightning Chain that was dodged and countered with Dragon Breaks the Rank.

Wang Jiexi cannot comprehend what was the difference. Or whatever is wrong. There was something odd in the match. No matter how much their 'Senior' fight so hard, there was an inexplicable feeling he can't shrug off. That feeling of as if it was the first time he had ever fought the man but also based on their interaction, it was so much like the Senior Ye he knows but also not. It was mystifying. Before he even continue what he was thinking, he decided to just play the game.

But in the end, because of some hesitation and thoughts, the last laugh was still with Ye Qiu on which One Autumn Leaf's health dropped to 1.2 percent.

Ye Qiu didn't know but the adrenaline was rushing into him. It even take him a few minutes before leaving the booth.

He smiled and said to himself, 'I won. I didn't embarrass you Gege. Hehe.'

The whole stadium was in an uproar as the game had a 10 minutes break before the Team Match.


Ye Qiu was left in the booth, Mucheng was gesturing to him but he just nodded saying, "Go ahead."

Although Su Mucheng was doubting, she didn't mind and just left him alone.

Ye Qiu was absorbing the events that happened.

Or mostly the shitty team match that played right into his eyes.

Although he played a great battle mage, he knows and understands that games are not his forte. Accepting what you can and cannot do is a great mentality.

One thing he hates the most is those people pretending to know that they can do the job
but at the last minute would say they need help because the truth was they don't know how to or worse they would just drag the whole project with them.

That was a sign of incompetence of immature people who don't know their position. Being weak is much better than being pretentious.
If you know that you cannot do the job, accept that you cannot and grow from that.

Ye Qiu knows that even though he can do the job, Ye Xiu is better at him in these games. And even if he can display a good operation of the class.
Ye Xiu can do much better.

He was not someone who played in the Pro League and mastered this game for years, no matter how much he played in his free time, no matter how many times he might win against his brother or receive personal training from the Battle God himself. He knows his position in this game.

He breathes in and out, to stable himself. Although he did not perform well enough to be in the shoes of the Battle God but to hell he care.

No!!! He won't accept it. He was so sure, that he didn't embarrass his brother at the Group Match. He won that by himself. That was almost 1v2. But he won.

Yet, the team match...

That team match was FUCKING disaster!!!!!

He is a LEADER through and through. He's been the current Deputy Chief Executive for years now. And he can be damned if he didn't notice those shits rebelling on him. He had sent numbers of board directors to their own grave whenever they would forget who the subject is.

Those monkeys never do what they planned. There was fucking plan for Pete's sake.

They were openly sabotaging him. And Ye Qiu was stunned because he didn't know that the team his brother playing for was frankly so hostile and going against him.

When will he learn it? When they had forced his kind-hearted brother to leave?

Because he knows how stubborn his brother is, he'll choose this self-sacrificing path just like the way he is.

No matter how shameless he is, Ye Qiu knows that his brother has always been soft inside.


He smirked thinking,

'Glory isn't a single-player game, right Gege?', so we should discard all those rebels on your team. You should learn how to walk your talk. You need a team. Not this garbages.

'Sorry but you just have to play the good obedient me for the time being. Enjoy California to your heart's content.'

'Don't worry A'Xiu, after you return. Everything will be back to normal. To the GLORY you wanted and loved so.'

He stands up leaving his booth without wearing his mask or removing his jacket. A few stadium workers were looking at him. He certainly looks like a Pro player but they've never seen him before.

He walks slowly gritting his teeth, going to their preparation room. Before he reach the preparation room, he saw Mucheng in the lounge in between the preparation rooms holding their things.

He smiled and said, "Mucheng, can I borrow your phone for a bit?"

"Okay." Su Mucheng was still confused because the man was speaking to him formally and she just knows that this was not her brother Ye Xiu. But since he was already going to make a call, she let him be.

Ye Qiu went to the restroom to call his Personal Assistant, "Shuiren, fetch me at City B Stadium. I need you in 10 minutes."

"What? 10 minutes? Wait! Ye Qiu Ge? What are you doing here in City B? How about the project? Aren't you supposed to be in California? You're gonna get scolded by Uncle!"
Shuiren, Ye Qiu's second cousin who is also his personal assistant, someone he knows he can trust the most out of all of his cousins was currently driving the car on the way home when she received a call. She's fortunately near the area already so it would only take a good five minutes to U-turn and fetch her overbearing cousin.

"I'll explain later. Move."

"O-okay. Be there."

Ye Qiu went back, only to come across the team members that not only didn't follow the instructions but also undermined the entire game.

When did these arrogant youngsters alienate my brother?

Mucheng will be the answer, and I will make sure she will say it. And then your life will be forfeited, scums.

Their faces were full of mockery, not mentioning it was already repelling, they even dared to make facial expressions.

'Go! Enjoy yourself! Your days in GLORY is counted.' Ye Qiu thought while maintaining his posture the way his brother was supposed to be.

Before his mind even went darker, the phone in his hand vibrated and he saw a message from a familiar number, saying she is already in the venue.

Ye Qiu went to the lounge where Su Mucheng was and he saw her with Tiny Herb.

"Mucheng, let's go."


"Good evening Senior Ye Qiu.

"Good evening God Ye."

"Good evening Senior."

"Sorry guys, Mucheng and I had plans so we're going ahead."

"O-oh... Okay"

"Are you going back to City H already?"

"They are." Ye Qiu looked at Excellent Era members that passed by them.

"We're staying since Mucheng and I are planning to watch a movie."

"Oh! What kind of movie are you going to watch?"
They were all talking while walking out of the stadium. Tiny Herb will be going back to their dorms while the two were just going to walk?

"The Purge." Ye Qiu replied coldly as he take a glimpse at Su Mucheng. From that moment, Mucheng knows who is this man. How come? Isn't he supposed to be in California?

She knows as the twins had a call for a long time on her phone just a few weeks ago. And they all even play the game together because Ye Qiu told them he was not sure if he will be able to play as his focus will be on the project for the whole while.

"Yuppped!" Su Mucheng smiled happily making the Tiny Herb think she was excited to watch. The title sounds familiar but no one knew what movie was that or how did Mucheng found that but given it was Mucheng, they just passed the conversation.

When they reached outside, Wang Jiexi asked, "Senior, good game by the way, would you like to hop on with us?"

"Nope, thanks! Gege and I will manage." Su Mucheng answered rapidly.

"Ah- Good game too. We'll win next time" Ye Qiu tried to imitate his brother's personality.

"You sure Mucheng?"

"Yes, Sis Su?"

"Oh, looks like our transport is here." Ye Qiu said when he saw a familiar car.

"Huh? Is that the one you call awhile ago, Ye Qiu?"



"Okay, See you, Senior."

"See you all too."

Tiny Herb watched as the duo left, Su Mucheng hold the man's arms like it was the most normal thing in the world. There was no hesitation but there were also no romantic flowers at all.

Before the two had walked in a distance, they heard Ye Qiu say, "It's time to purge this team."

Su Mucheng giggled and laughed even unladylike.

Ye Qiu, Su Mucheng, and Shuiren came to the private space Ye Qiu would often stay.

The two girls were sitting in front of him to explain things.

No matter how much Su Mucheng would want to believe that this was the real Ye Qiu, she knows that body figure like the back of her hand. That although the twins are identical, Ye Xiu's figure is just that of a pro gamer while Ye Qiu is a very healthy young man, she can even contend that he had a pack of abs. Something impossible for the Ye Xiu she knows.

On the other hand, Shuiren also wanted to know. Because as his personal secretary and cousin, she knows Ye Qiu would never wear those kinds of clothes. It also became a part of her job that if Ye Qiu was not in the mood to buy his clothes, she'll be the one to pick. But considering that kind of overbearing attitude, she only knows one person.
If there's another, the world will cry.

Ye Qiu was still trying to contact his phone for a long time. It should be morning there, he was hoping that his brother would see his phone and answer the call.

"I'm telling this to you two because I trust you two."

"Okay" The two answered simultaneously nodding at him.

"But I need you to believe in this."

"Don't worry cous! My lips are sealed promise. Did you finally snap and leave the project?" Shuiren replied while raising her hand.

"Me too." Mucheng smiled raising her hand too.

"I'm Ye Qiu."

"........" Isn't that given already? The two girls were looked at each other confused. Even Mucheng didn't know how to reply because she already knows that maybe this man is Ye Qiu. What she wanted to know is where is her brother Ye Xiu.

"But it seems that I'm in Ye Xiu's body."




"What? Is this like those dramas? Body Switch I think? Really?" Mucheng wasn't able to handle and snapped asking questions in a Huang Shaotian mode.

"...Cousin Ye Xiu? Your twin who you always complain about not going home?" Shuiren is calmer and accepted it better than Mucheng.


"Wait! Then where is Gege?" Mucheng asked.

"If we switched bodies then he's..."

"in California." Shuiren continued.

"No no no! Why didn't you call him earlier? What if something happens to him?" Mucheng panicked, they've never been away from each other for the last ten years. And he knows first hand that Ye Xiu didn't have home surviving skills.

"He'll be fine Mucheng. That's why I'm calling him already. You know he studied finance too right?"

"But how did that happen? Do you have any inkling of what happened? What's the last thing you remember?"

"You know how big the project was Shuiren, I was too busy left and right when I was there. Meeting a bunch of Americans that seriously I wanted to stop. Attending different parties."

"And then?" Mucheng asked, she was also getting invested.

"I dunno. All I know is that I was just too tired. I went back to my pad, took a shower, and then go to sleep. The moment I woke up I fell from my supposed king-size bed that turned into a single bed."

"That's when you came earlier and asked me about the game."

"You should have already told me, Qiu-ge."


"What is it Shuiren?"

"Remember Auntie Jin and Uncle Jiu?"

"Yes. What about them? It's been a long time since we met them. Should we ask them? They're also twins."

"No no. I don't know if you know it but back when I was in middle school, I would always stay in Auntie Jin's place for summer because mom and dad will be gone right?"

"Yeah. And so?" Ye Qiu agreed while asking her to continue.

"There was this one time, it was really really creepy back then but I just took it as a one-time thing. But it happens three times so even if I wanted to shut up I also got curious so the memory stuck to me."

"happen what?" Su Mucheng asked.

"Well, the first time it happened. We were planning to bake cookies and then Auntie Jin made a mess in the kitchen like she didn't know how to do it at all. But we all know how much of a good cook she was right?"

"I remember she was so nervous when I reminded her or even before we start baking. Then after a few hours, Uncle Jiu came and they kind of had an adult talk. I was left with the kids to play though. After an hour they came back and Auntie Jin just started cleaning the kitchen and bake normally like she just forgot how to do hours before."

"What? There was something like that?" Ye Qiu asked. He didn't know but his heart pulse went up. It feels like a personality change but he knows that their Uncle Jiu was the one who always made a mess in the kitchen.

"Yup. But I'm not yet done. I'm just remembering things okay." The two nodded and listen to her story.

"The second time it happen, I was in my second year. I went to their house because Auntie Jin asked me to visit the kids as they've been lonely after their friend went to a different place. As soon as I came, Uncle Jiu with a suitcase was running towards her, and then they walked off just like that, leaving the kids too."


"The third was Christmas the same year, Father and I passed by to Uncle Jiu's place so we decided to see him as per father's decision, only to see him half-naked screaming. He dressed up and run to his car and left without looking at us at all with the girl looking confused as well."


"After that, I asked my father of course. And father just sighed and shook his head saying, 'There are mystical things only twins will know.'"

"Are you saying that..."

"Yup. I think, they were also experiencing what you two are experiencing right now." Mucheng was just silent the whole time. She can't believe it was real. She always thought those things only happen in fiction. But now, she was part of a secret. Some twins experience those things.

"Hmmm. Based on what you say, they returned the moment they saw each other personally."

"I think so. In their case, there would be a big problem since their different gender. Remembering it now, if they were changing souls like you two. Then Auntie Jin had suffered greatly. I mean... Uncle Jiu is a casanova until now, at the age of 39."


"Okay, so now I should just go to California and we'll be back to normal right?"

"I think so..." Ye Qiu smiled. That means they would not get back to each other's bodies anytime soon if he didn't choose to go there. And given how hectic his schedule. Ye Qiu smirked. Looks like he will be able to carry his plan.

"Now. Mucheng."


"Earth to Mucheng!" Ye Qiu lightly shouted to the oranged woman while tapping her shoulder.


"Now, answer me. What are those monkeys of your team doing to my brother? Why are they isolating him?"


"Someone had the guts Cous?"

"Yeah. Some team was bullying my twin brother. I experienced it first hand."

"*sigh* You see, you know Ye Xiu's gimmick of not showing his face right?"

"Yep. I don't even know why he did that when the family had long accepted his chosen profession."

"...fine! I won't hide anything so help him Qiu-Ge."


"Ye Xiu doesn't have commercial value ...."

"Pffft!!!" Shuiren laughed before Mucheng even finished.

"Sorry but, commercial value? They're identical y'know. And as much as I know, the last time Ye Qiu accepted a modelling job, that face was valued over hundred million" Shuiren explained her side while pointing at the similar face of his cousin.

"Shuiren stop!"

"Well, Ye Xiu doesn't like modelling, his only focus is in GLORY matches so the management was going against him. They were encouraging the team to isolate him more. Even if I tried to help by getting more modelling and advertisement. They just won't leave him alone. It's been happening since Season 5."

"...." The two raised their eyebrows as they learned about it.

"So that's why they're sabotaging him?"

"You don't know but Gege's received criticism because of the team declining. They were all blaming it on him."


"Wow. That is some kind of drama. Are you sure, you guys are just E-sports pro gamers?" Shuiren asked to lighten the mood.

"So it was all because of their greed not being able to tap on the gold mine that was my brother."


"How dare they!"

"Your hands!!"

Before Ye Qiu slapped the table hard, Su Mucheng warned him leaving the hand hanging in the air.

"Mucheng, would it be alright if I stayed here for the time being?"

"What do you mean?"

"That means there's a probability, you will have to give up this season. We need to clean up."

"Should I call Mr. Gu?" Shuiren asked.

"Yeah. Contact him and ask him to buy all the remaining shares of Excellent Era."

"What's happening Ye Qiu?"

"Don't tell brother, but I've bought EE's shares ever since back then on a proxy. And as the team is not profitable, I was able to increase my share slowly. I already have 60 percent."

Su Mucheng gasped holding both her hands "That means..."

"Yeah. That means, it's time to purge."

"Thank you Qiu-ge." Su Mucheng smiled as she hugged the man.

"Gege is also my brother, my twin. I wouldn't let anyone just step on him." Ye Qiu smirked as how he started to plan those diagrams in his head.

After making the plans, Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng returned to City H.

The day after the match, Su Mucheng was awoken by a call. It was around 8 AM, yet since it was a day off she overslept a bit.

The call was from someone in her contact.

Brother Ye Qiu*

She gets up and immediately went to her bathroom to fix herself a little. She then went to Ye Qiu's room. Fortunately, he was already awake. He was sitting on the bed using his laptop.

Ye Qiu had brought his technology necessities after coming back to City H.

Mainly his laptop.

He thought of buying a phone for personal use but it would ruin his brother's image if he used one. A laptop on the other can be explained by just getting a card reader in nearby.

Ye Qiu was busy completing all the plans for the clean-up he would do on this team. He had already received the email from Shuiren that Mr. Gu will be coordinating with them.

And as someone as domineering as Ye Qiu, he had given Mr. Gu a due date of the end of the month. Before the playoffs start. There are only four remaining games of the regular season.

Meaning, he would need to make a move to show everyone the fun, fun games these monkeys did on his brother.

Knowing that Ye Qiu is supposedly in L.A., doing things should all pass by Shuiren. It is a bit irritating but he already emailed the woman to check the Security company owner that manages the CCTV inside Excellent Era. He needed footage that will reveal how the management isolated his brother.

And of course, how to ruin the career of these so-called pro players. He also took specialized small cameras that he will set in the training rooms. Maybe he will even get a clear view of those scoundrels talking bad behind him.

When Ye Qiu was so occupied with making his plans, his door opened and a Su Mucheng on her bed dress came in rushing, holding her phone, talking to someone.

And that someone was probably with 99.9 percent certainty the owner of his body.

Su Mucheng made sure to lock the door as she flopped herself into the bed.

Ye Qiu took the phone on the loudspeaker as the other greeted him, "Ye Qiu."

"Gege! What did you do?" Ye Qiu whined first before he even got lectured by his brother.

"No! That's my question! What the hell did you do? Why am I here? How was the game last night?"

"I dunno! Aren't I supposed to be the one to get mad Gege? I woke up in a very uncomfortable single bed! In summer, where an aircon is not functioning and there was only a little fan. What the hell!! You never told me your team mistreated you."

", the aircon is just-"

"Gege, you do remember that yesterday is a match day right?"


"What the fuck is with your team? Why did you never tell me? They were fucking sabotaging me, rolling their eyes off me. Now explain!"

"Before that, I know you already know. Mucheng must have already told you the situation. But that's not what should we be talking about. How the hell did we switch bodies?"

"I also don't know."

"..*sigh* okay, why don't you just come over here so we can switch places already. I cannot go home with your schedule. And that Secretary Geng! I can't even buy a pack of cig."

"Fine. I'll try to take a holiday off. I'll tell you tomorrow." Ye Qiu assured the other on the line but he was smirking with Su Mucheng.

"Mucheng, take care of him so he doesn't make any commotion there."

"What do you think of me, Gege?"

"Don't worry Xiu-ge. Ye Qiu is the best, he even won an almost 1v2 in the group match yesterday. Anchor's Vaccaria." Su Mucheng replied.

Ye Xiu was pleased on the other line but still teased his brother, "What the best? I'm the best! Of course, he should! Who do you think is his training partner for the last 6 years? If he cannot even win something like a group match, then all the times I PK-ed him would be wasteful."

"Shut up Gege! Don't change the topic! What the hell are you going to do with those assholes?"

"A'Qiu don't mind them that much. We cannot do anything since that's the path they chose. And I decided to stay with Excellent Era through thick and thin."

"...what the fuck!!! You!! How many times have you PK-ed and bullied me in the arena and real life? And you're letting them walk all over you? I ain't allowing any of those shit!"

"Ye Qiu. No. That's why I never told you, I've been preventing it to happen. You making a move against the team. Because I know you can. So, please? I don't want EE to go through with any scandal or the like."

"Hmmm. I'll think about it. Let's talk about it when we meet." Ye Qiu replied lying through his teeth.

"Okay. Make sure to contact me when are you coming. I don't like your work at all! It's too stressful."

"....that sounds like Zheng Xuan's quote Gege!" Su Mucheng said in the background, laughing.

"Yeah. Okay, I'm hanging up. I want to sleep already."

"Okay, Good night Gege" The two chorused. And Ye Qiu added in the end, "Sweet dreams."

After hanging up, Ye Qiu looked at Su Mucheng.

"Why did you say that? Aren't you going to stay?" The girl asked.

"Of course, we should wait until tomorrow. And tell him that Cui Li did not allow me to take days off. Wouldn't that be more convincing?"

"Pfft. You know what, Qiu-ge? Your mind is webbed different from Ye Xiu."

"Well, I'm not as kind as my brother. I survived the ruthless corrupted corporate world when my father tossed me there at the age of 18. Until now! I've faced those kinds of snakes on daily basis. They won't even handle a candle to everyone I've faced so far."

"I feel bad lying to Ye Xiu but if it will be the answer to this situation, I will help you."

"Good! No one should ever try to make an attitude on us, to begin with. Tch."

Su Mucheng laughed visualizing the near future.

Chapter Text

Monday comes, meaning Ye Qiu will be experiencing the training regime first hand. In which, he was warned by Su Mucheng greatly. Ye Qiu already stopped expecting for the team after getting first hand experience. He was only doing it because it was his brother's position.

But before everything, he needed to talk with his brother to report.

Su Mucheng left her phone with him and went to get breakfast for both of them. He remembered when he went to their manager and it only made his blood boil.

Ye Qiu went to the manager bringing all the patience and humbleness he had left in his body.

"Manager Cui, I'd like to talk with you."

"What is it Ye Qiu?" The man with the eyeglasses raised his eyebrows.

"I would like to take a dayoff this week--"

"What dayoff? When the team is not even doing great? You had the nerves to take a dayoff?" The man smirked at him, mocking his inability.

Ye Qiu wasn't able to answer and just listened to his manager's rattling.

Never in his entire life has someone talked to him in that voice. 

Not even his father! 

Ever since his brother ran away, his father had been warned by their grandparents about the upbringing of the twins.

The entire family doesn't want the other twin running away, either.

Ye Qiu forced himself to just smile and said while gritting his teeth, "Okay."

He left the room banging the door without any ounce of respect.

How dare that man! I'll make sure he gets what he deserves!


A few minutes and the ring stopped and the other line was connected.

"Hello? Ye Qiu?"


"Thanks God! So when are you--"

"What the hell is wrong with that Cui Li? How dare he? Do you know what he said to me? 'How dare you asked for a dayoff with the results of the game? For fucking sake, is it my fault that those monkeys are not listening to me?' Bullshit. You stayed in this kind of team? Everyone wanted you leave and everyone disrespects you? Seriously? I thought at first, maybe the management shows you a business attitude but what is that? There's no business, he only looked at me like an insect when he was the fucking insect! What the hell GEGE!! You let them do that to you? Seriously? Arrrghhh!!"

Ye Qiu said, mimicking the manager's voice fuming, he didn't let his brother talk. 

At first he just wanted to act, but now, he didn't know if he was acting mad or if he was really seething over the situation. 

That was his twin! 

He made sure to be an obedient child all these years, doing his brother's share in managing their company, just to support his brother's passion.

Something he admires.

Because his brother found something else that would pour his everything out.

Ye Qiu had always acted like he didn't care, but the truth is he loves the way his twin plays GLORY.

So he made sure to support that purity in the shadow...

Only to see those people rudely disrespect him and his love for GLORY.

"...." Ye Xiu quietened on the other hand, the Glory Textbook didn't know how to explain things to his brother which is clearly mad on the other line.

"*sigh*" Ye Xiu sighed on the other line and said, "Calm down A'Qiu."

"Calm down? How can I calm down? Huh How can I-"

"Calm down! Okay, let me explain it okay?"


"Manager Cui Li and I had never been on the same side ever since he came."


"Just-just don't be mad. I'll ask Old Tao after I return. Will that be fine?"

"hmmm. okay you promise."


"But since I won't be able to come there, what should we do?" Ye Qiu asked about the problem straight away.

"Well, looks like I need to give up this season.."

"No! Why would you give up?"

"It's because you'll be the one fighting, I won't be able to come to Playoffs."

"Who told you? If you can carry this pieces of shit to playoffs each year, do you think I can't?"

"Heh. So my brother will carry the team, do you think you can?"

"Well, the next matches are mostly doable, I think? I've been studying it since I came here."

"Hmmmmm?" Ye Xiu smirked, hearing his brother interested in GLORY.. Something he'd been trying to do ever since the beginning. Looks like it only needed him to experience the thrill.

"The remaining opponents are Void, Lightly, Royal Style, and Samsara. Void might be a little tricky but they didn't have a heavy attacker. Lightly, is not to talk with I think we'll be able to destroy the team just with false presence of Excellent Era. Royal Style on the other hand was already on a decline and the team is much worse than EE since they didn't have you. The last was upcoming strong Team Samsara, that's the only team I'm not confident to beat with a team of half assed. I'll try to get as many points as possible though."

" that really you Ye Qiu? my baby bro.. is studying Glory Pro Teams..." Ye Xiu said, almost crying on the other line, he was so proud to hear his brother's conclusions.

Because even though he had influenced his brother in playing GLORY online, Ye Qiu didn't give a single fuck on the Pro League. No matter how much he would teach him about the Pro's playstyle, Ye Qiu just never got interested in the league itself, or even the match proper.

"Shut up Gege! I'm just preparing myself here. I don't want to get surprised again like the match in Tiny Herb. Do you know how bewildered I am? The plan was for them to go left plank, but those monkeys, literally went to the right."


"The plan was for them to protect the Cleric, and then they went and gave up the Cleric at the start of the match."


"Cat got your tongue?"

"Anyway, I remembered there was always a 2 week preparation for the playoffs." Ye Xiu remembering timelines of Glory matches

"Oh, there is?"

"Yup. So it's either you'll visit me for early summer or fetch me to play for playoffs."

" yah Gege! I'll make sure you'll go to playoffs."

"Haha. Okay I hope so."

The two talk about a few more things for a few minutes. About teams and about businesses. Ye Qiu didn't probe too much into his brother's relationship with his boss. He knows clearly where the line is. All he needs to do is make his actions show his words.


It's the fourth day already trying to maintain the act of being his steady calm twin brother. But even if it's been days, Ye Qiu still can't get used to the remarks he would hear. 

On the first two days he even had it on him to make it a joke on his brother's morning call. But now, he has long stopped. Because he didn't know how long his patience was thinning every second he lived and saw those monkeys.

Right now the team decided to just boycott practice for an hour without even telling him. And just finally, when he thought of canceling practice, the members of the team came.

"Where are you all? It's been an hour already."

"Oh, we eat breakfast outside Captain." Liu Hao answered snickering at the word 'Captain' clearly mocking him.

"Yes Captain, can't we just start this already?" He Ming asked, sitting in his chair arrogantly.

Ye Qiu looked at them, deadpan; the rest just laughed behind his back, knowing the looks so much.

Su Mucheng by the side, knows it differs.

That was not Ye Xiu's face of 'had given up' on their attitude.

That was Ye Qiu's face thinking about how to torture these monkeys.

She was planning to stand up and go to him when Ye Qiu just acted 'sad' and then went to start explaining things for their next match.

Su Mucheng rolled her eyes at those guys and just started noting down the things Ye Qiu explained.

Although Ye Qiu can analyze and strategize, he still makes sure to contact his brother and explain to him about the strategy, in which the basis is all the things his brother would tell him all these years.

After the team discussion is a personal training on which most of the members would not even try to take seriously. On the side, Ye Qiu's lips slightly formed a smirk.

Those things would surely be caught on all the hidden cameras he placed inside the training room; not even Mucheng knows.

He would definitely release it in Summer.

Don't even count the time they made him wait. When those things came out, everyone would sympathize with his brother.

The fans will be the one to bully them in a way they would never live to see the sun.

So even if Ye Qiu is losing his footing, he just reminds himself that this would all come to fruition when the time comes.

The day ends with Su Mucheng asking him to eat out, usually Ye Xiu wouldn't even care, and just wait for his sister to come and give him his take out share as he bury himself in helping the guild, playing GLORY.

But this was Ye Qiu, so as the gentleman he is, he accepted and even said, that he'd treat her.

The two went to a private restaurant to eat when Ye Qiu remembered that he was supposed to be getting an email from Gu today. He decided to borrow Su Mucheng's phone to check on it.

Su Mucheng lent it immediately, not even asking why.

Ye Qiu opened his email in which he saw a mail that made him smile.

Dear Chief Ye Qiu,

I've received the orders from Ms. Shuiren. I also made sure to properly investigate the situation of the Team. I deeply apologize for my lack of attention to the matter that's been happening for a few years. I would also like to tell that Mr. Tao Xuan confirmed about the dismissal of the said, 'God Ye Qiu'. From now on I swear, I will focus on managing properly so please give me the chance to atone for my mistakes.

As I've been told by Ms. Shuiren, I tried negotiating with the rest of the board directors. Currently Mr. Tao Xuan only had 10 percent of the shares; the remaining was subdivided to several other board directors. I have brought in a total of 15 percent from two other BODs. I will make sure to buy the remaining 15 percent from others until Wednesday next week, leaving only Mr. Tao Xuan.

I hope this email will be able to give you a bit of peace. Again, I apologize for my unbothered attitude towards the team for a long time.

I hope for your positive response and have a nice day ahead!

Best Regards,
Gu Tolei
CEO of Eins Technology, Branch of the Golden Leaf Co.

Just a little more and he will be able to buy the entire team already. He showed the email to Su Mucheng, who asked him why he was smiling. She also smiled and raised their pseudo wine glass (just an apple juice) to have a toast.


After going back, Ye Qiu went to his room and played GLORY on trumpet again. He'd been doing it ever since they switched bodies.

He had been looking for that shameless old man that his brother called Old Wei, back then. Although their bickering keeps on getting more and more shameless, he knew that the two got along well in a bad way.

It was back in Season 5 when they encounter a dirty old warlock while playing in Heavenly Domain and his brother pinpoints that the player behind them is a former pro.

That was the beginning, but he would still from time to time see the shameless looking avatar in the heavenly domain. That meant, he was still playing all these years.

If he cannot give up, then Ye Qiu decided to just drag him into the new excellent era.

Because after his plans commenced, there would only be Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu remaining.

That means, they won't be able to play in the league, not with their team not meeting the official headcount.

In the four days that he had been playing without his brother by his side, he started losing motivation to play the game. But since it was for the future of his twin, he decided to hold on and continue looking around Heavenly Domain.

He wasn't so sure of the avatar's name for the warlock; he just remembered it was something windward.

If it was his brother, Ye Xiu would definitely be able to find him in one or two days.

But Ye Qiu knows how big the place was.

Since he didn't know the name, he just decided to put a price on his avatar's name yesterday, wishing the man would be shameless enough to hunt an unknown battlemage.

Ye Qiu thought that he would need a few more days, but now that he was in the leveling area pretending to kill some monsters, a ragtag group started Wild PK-ing him.

He tried fighting and all, when he suddenly got trapped inside Hexagram Prison. He smiled, knowing the possibility that this ragtag group was the one he was looking for.

After receiving attacks, he survived with his health below 30 percent. 

He shouted, "Old Wei! Come out."

The attacks stopped as they looked at the battlemage. Wei Chen who was hiding from afar, thought that the voice was familiar.

Familiar to the point he thought of that shameless old BattleGod.

"What shameless thing did you do using that alt?"

"So it's really you, Old Wei!"

"Sorry but you need to die! That price on your head will be our night's food!"

"I'll give you more if you want. I'm the one who put my price after all."

"What??" The gang Wei Chen brought shouted.

"Why would you put a price on your head!"

"I'm not Gege but can we talk properly Old Wei?"


"Yes! I meet you 2 years ago, I'm the brother of that shameless man your talking, do you still remember?"

Of course Wei Chen remembered. 

Because the mysterious 'Ye Qiu' brought a brother in GLORY. As if one Ye is not enough.

"What do you need?"

"Can you come out so we can talk? I have a proposal to you." Ye Qiu throwing his lance while making sure to hack the location of the other on the line. 

It's one of the things he made sure to learn in the IT subjects he took in college. The basics were explained as tracking, but since he was interested, he made sure to learn about it thoroughly.

Wei Chen was thinking if he would come out, but seeing the man is acting really different from that shameless God, he went out while ordering his gang to encircle him.

"It's you! Finally! I've been looking for you, so it was Windward Formation."


"I need your help."

"What can I get if I help you?"

"I'll pay you of course!"

"What is it?" Wei Chen asked.

"You see, Excellent Era will be purged this Summer. So I'm here to recruit you officially."


"What? What do you mean purge?"

"You'll know when the time comes. But will you-"

"Nah! I already retired."

"But you haven't stop playing?"

"No is a no. Why the hell will I go back to the league. I'm old already."

"Who cares? My brother is also old when it comes to the league but does that stop him in aiming the crown?"

"That is your brothe-"

"Or is it, that you're afraid you'll only lose again?"

"What the-"

"How long are you planning to runaway? How long are you planning to just play this game with your regrets hovering in your minds? How long would you wake up thinking of the what if's you should have taken?"


"I'm giving you a perfect reason to accept my proposal. That is to help my brother."

"No. I won't get-"

"Heh, So your location is in W-City, a small internet cafe called Timeless."

"What the fuck! How did you know!"

"Hmm, there's still 2 months before summer, I'm sending a few friends I have, expecting your positive answer. Hehe."

And Ye Qiu logged out immediately, since he had already sent the location to his Secretary, Shuiren.

She already knows what to do since not only Ye Qiu was able to reign in the upper class business society; he also had connections in the underworld of China's society.

That way, Windward Formation can use the reason for being threatened as a shameless excuse to join his brother's team.



Days passed and the next match was a home game against Team Void.

On the day of the match, Ye Qiu made sure to have a video call with his brother for the last meeting of his plans for the match.

Trying to save and carry this team of monkeys, Ye Qiu was stressed as the match happened. He sighs watching the group match unravel in front of him.

Even though they were sabotaging him bluntly, they also know to lighten it up in home matches.

But the way they 'accidentally' trip or make a 'mistake' is not fun at all.

It's like watching Noobs instead of Pros.

All just to be of burden to his twin brother.

Fighting just a match is taxing; he experienced it last match. He thought he was okay, but the next day he felt so tired that he didn't want to leave his bed at all other than when he needed to go to the bathroom or eat.

Glory Pro matches are not only physically but mostly mentally depleting.

And his brother suffered all these years because of these snakes.

As if a realization hit him, Ye Qiu thought of how he was able to win against Ye Xiu in recent years.

'The toll must have been really bad on him.'

'Damn! If only I've been interested in the league, wouldn't I know it immediately?'

'This shits! I will make sure you all won't be able to play GLORY after this season!'

Fang Fengran who is a sharpshooter that played the second match of Group Arena, went back to the team's side.

And the last one to play is Ye Qiu.

Again, the team is on the verge of earning a 9-1 record as Su Mucheng is the only one who won the individual match. And the group arena is also almost half-player behind.

Void's second player is the Assassin, Li Xun.

Ghost Lantern's HP is only 37 percent. He is an assassin that can still perform a few sneaky attacks just to bring One Autumn Leaf's HP down for the Void's third player to finish him.

Su Mucheng tapped on Ye Qiu's shoulder signaling him that it was his turn.

Ye Qiu snapped from his thought and looked deadly at his twin's teammates.

He stood and went to his booth, not even acting lazily or mysteriously like his brother.

Instead of going in the corridors and backstage, he went to the nearest stairs, which will be visible to the audience.

He didn't care!

He was wearing a face mask and it was night. Even if there are lights, after this season, his brother will be showing his face nonetheless.

Not only Excellent Era, but also Team Void was caught off guard as the audience started cheering loudly.

Is that their God? Their one and only God Ye?

He would often just use the backdoor to the booth and the dark hallways not even getting close to any light that would recognize him.

The host was taken aback, but he still managed to announce the last player from EE.

Third Player, Ye Qiu

Battlemage - One Autumn Leaf.

The Group match started with Excellent Era's fans cheering like it was the end of the world.

Even if he was wearing a face mask and it was dark, that's the first time God Ye used the booth entrance in front.  

Even if it was just a figure, it was more than enough to invigorate their spirits.

As One Autumn Leaf appears, the shouts and cheers shake the whole stadium. The remaining Void members felt like running away. There's this invisible force that permeates the stadium from the fans.

All because, their God showed just a tiny bit of his figure.

'What's wrong with Senior Ye? Did he eat something?' Wu Yuce asked his Captain.

'I also don't know maybe someone pissed him off?' Li Xuan replied unbothered.

Li Xun knew that even if Ghost Lantern still had 37 percent, his meager life had already been relinquished in front of the Old God.

So instead of trying to fight the battlemage, the assasin decided to attack with the goal of activating Life Risking Strike.

The assassin moved silently through the forest, watching each of his moves, carefully, gaining distance towards the Battlemage.

Ye Qiu had something different from his brother.

It's his ears that were trained from not only playing piano casually but professionally as he joined a few concours back in college.

He even competed internationally when he was 20. The same year his brother won his third Championship, Ye Qiu won first place in Asian Amateur Concour. It was the last concour he participated in before he started managing their business full time.

His love for piano, mostly classical songs, is also undeniable that even though it has been years since he competed, he never even once stopped playing. He would play whenever he was stressed or happy or just anything.

As soon as One Autumn Leaf appeared, he didn't bother to find his opponent, as he knew that characteristically, assassins would give their life to kill their target.

So on that comprehension he presumed that the opponent would be moving towards him meticulously. Ye Qiu just made the right movements focusing everything on his hearing.

He wasn't able to do it in the last match as his class opponent is very upfront. But now it was a class that dwells on the dark, giving him the chance to do so.

Traversing the path he stopped as he confirmed the sound of wind coming from the west change. It was a very tiny change that a normal player wouldn't be able to pick up.

It was a change of as if there was another element added on that side. Knowing so, Ye Qiu had guessed that his opponent would be coming that way.

But since the other was still out of his range, he decided to continue focusing on listening.

He picked up that the change in the sound of the wind went rougher as time passed. Analyzing so, the reason might have been based on the positioning of his opponent.

The wind passing a body or an object produced a little bit rougher, and it was lighter if there was no obstruction.

Ye Qiu came up with the theory that the change might be because of the movement of Ghost Lantern.

If he was behind trees, boulders or any kind of object, the sound of the wind that came every 2-3 seconds was normal. But as he walked away from the west, the opponent also moved. And in that movement, where the wind will pass him, the sound lowers by one-sixteenth of the scale.

To normal people, they will not be able to hear the difference in that sound, but Ye Qiu can.

Li Xun saw the side of One Autumn Leaf in an open space.

He moved slowly towards him, not making any mistakes on his part. Changing his hiding from a boulder to a tree cautiously.

Just another step and he will be able to execute the attack.

The fans saw the upcoming assassin and they all held their breath.

Would their God fall for another assassin again?

One Step.

Ghost Lantern had just put his right foot, not even for a second, when One Autumn Leaf jumped towards him with his lance, cold heartedly.

The assassin was attacked and comboed as Li Xun wasn't even able to Quick Recover.

Ye Qiu was so mad after his realization that he stopped caring and acting like his brother.

He would never accept it if the real reason he won those games against his twin was not because of his skill, but because his twin was too mentally exhausted on his team.

The fight between the brothers should always and always be fair.

Why didn't he notice it before?


And he turned those feelings towards the control of his left and right hand.

Not minding the sudden burst of APM, he exhibits.

Under a minute, Li Xun's avatar died. Although he tried to counter attack, One Autumn Leaf's remaining health as 97 percent is not a good sign at all.

Li Xun went back to his team as he said, "Sorry, Captain. Looks like Ye Qiu is in the groove tonight."

"Saw it. Good job, rest for awhile."

Wu Yuce gave him a towel and a bottle of water asking, "Are you okay?"

"I've fought with Senior Ye before, but his playstyle tonight carried something different."


"It's as if I'm fighting a madman."

"It's just your imagination. God Ye is still one of the most prominent God-level pro player. It's normal to feel out of place whenever he show that kind of spectacular performance."

"I guess so."

The next match occurs between Li Xuan's phantom demon, Crying Devil and Ye Qiu's One Autumn Leaf.

As soon as Crying Devil appeared on the map, Li Xuan observed his surrounding. He examined which part of the map he was on.

Ye Qiu didn't try to be considerate of waiting for his opponent this time.

He was fighting a shadow class again, so he initiated the attack instead. He was running through the field, not even minding his pace.

He won't fall for this man's limits.

As soon as the two saw each other, Ye Qiu ran through and Li Xuan felt the demon coming to him when he should have been the 'Devil'.

'Is this the aura of the first person of Glory?' Li Xuan remembers back in Season 3 when he was just a casual player.

The player at the top of the pyramid was this guy.

Why now?

Why is he showing these kind of emotions and movements?

What the hell is happening!

He wanted to shout.

He tried trash talking his Senior, as they parried their weapons.

Crying Devil: Senior, you're too agitated. Did something happen?

One Autumn Leaf had no intention whatsoever of letting him go.

Crying Devil can't even cast a limit, all for him being a Ghostblade. Li Xuan is the one who wanted to cry after seeing the reply which is...

One Autumn Leaf: None at all :)

Li Xuan first tried to get away from the battlemage at first, after seeing an opportunity he casts,

Ice Boundary!

One Autumn Leaf executes a Z-shake avoiding the icicles.

Doing so, a space was then created between the two. Or so Li Xuan planned to, but Ye Qiu's mind is not even thinking about the match or the league. He just wanted to vent his frustration at the possibility of what his conclusion might be.

Crying Devil jumped back as he cast a line of Dark Boundary between the two avatars.

As a Ghostblade, he felt a bit of relief thinking that the Battlemage needed to change his path if he wanted to avoid the line. Li Xuan started chanting for the next limit. He was so sure that God Ye would not make a mistake of getting into the boundary.

If it was Ye Xiu, he wouldn't. Going to the Dark Boundary for most pro players is just suicide.

But Ye Qiu did not follow that common sense. He dashed towards the dark boundary.

Everyone was taken aback, even Li Xuan. He then changed his chant into a Sword Soul and started throwing a few attack skills.

Moonlight Slash!

Ghost Movement!

Full Moonlight Slash!

Most of the audience was breathing erratically. No way, their God would make that kind of noob mistake.

And when all was lost, as the skill reached One Autumn Leaf, Ye Qiu heard the sound, and by the wind he simply dodged.

Li Xuan was shocked seeing as the man was fending off his sword inside a Dark Boundary!

Jaws were down, eyes were widening. That was their God Ye. Fighting blindly!

Double Stab!

Falling Flower Palm!

Although they were inside his boundary, Li Xuan didn't feel the advantage.

At the same time the dark boundary ceases and Ye Qiu's screen returns, he sees that Li Xuan has just recovered from his attack.

At that moment, he used Vanishing Steps quickly as he performed Dragon Breaks the Rank!

Ye Qiu won the Group match as the cheers in the stadium erupted once more.

One Autumn Leaf was so tyrannical tonight that even the audience felt the chill.

As he was coming down from the booth, the fans cheers grew even louder. He's wearing a mask but his eyes are so cold it can even freeze the whole City H.

No one had the right to ever meddle with the twin's fights! 

No one!



The team match was another lost. Ye Qiu doesn't even have the energy to get mad at those monkeys. He decided to just walk out.

On the way out, Ye Qiu saw the Void's team going to their conference. The team stopped at him and said,

"Good game Senior!" Although, Ye Qiu was still gritting his teeth after another team match that failed. He smiled lazily at them, saying,

"Oh! Ghosts! Good game!" Before they even continued, he added,

"I'll just buy some smoke. If you saw Mucheng, just say I left already."

"*smile* Okay, Senior!"

Ye Qiu left the group walking out. As he saw a bench in the corner at the back, he decided to sit down and breathe.

This is much more taxing than facing snakes in business society. Especially when all he can do is act calm and take a silent approach.

He sighs as he closes his eyes, swearing he will definitely put those people in their right place when the time comes.

And of course, those monkeys would disturb his peace as they passed him.

"Captain, you're tired already?!"

"Captain, aren't you getting old for this industry?"

"Just one match and you're this tired already?"

"Really, some old God is already washed up. But still can't accept the fact."

Ye Qiu's ears moved as he felt the provocation of these monkeys. He looked at them, expressionless. How the hell did they have the guts to say that?

He stood up, making the team flinched, but before he even spoke, Shuiren came in between.

"Ye-ge!" Shuiren, who heard everything, was so pissed! That was the first time she saw his overbearing cousin powerless...

Does that mean, that was how Ye Xiu, the older brother, was treated on this team.

Fuck! Just fuck! How dare they do that to the older twin of Ye!

Shuiren held Ye Qiu's shoulder as she tried to communicate through the eyes.

'It's not yet the time.'

But seeing how irritated he was, she just knew, someone needed to snap at these guys.

So she did it, instead of him.

Team Void who were going out with Su Mucheng saw the event furled in front of their eyes.

A woman tried to hide their Senior on her back and then in a snap, she...


"How dare you blame Brother Ye?"

"You!" Liu Hao who got slapped really hard, looked deadly at the girl.

"Just because my cousin is not fighting back doesn't mean you can step all over him!"

Ye Qiu who cleared his mind, saw his surroundings, his peripheral view of other people.

On one side, there was the Team Void; on another, there was a few backstage workers. He definitely saw one, taking a video.

Shuiren shouted a few more,

"You don't have the right to blame my cousin-ge when you can't even fucking beat your opponent in individual or group matches! You worthless shits!"

"You're just a girl! How dare you!" Liu Hao was on the verge of slapping the girl, but she didn't wince at all, rather she said,

"Go! Why don't you continue slapping me! For everyone to know how much of a shit you really are! Mr. Worker, did you caught that in camera? Team Void did you see that? This man who not only blame his inferiority in my cousin had the guts to even hurt a normal person! How dare you called cousin-ge washed out when all you can do is drag the team match down!"

Excellent Era members looked around, although there's only a few people at the back, this will definitely blow in Weibo. They gritted their teeth as they decided to just leave.

Shuiren of course, did not let it go and shouted,

"Just you wait! After 'he' comes back and I reported to 'him' everything you've done on our Ye-ge, he will purge your entire team!" Ye Qiu knew that Shuiren was definitely acting. So he decided to go with her as he dragged her arms looking like he was trying to stop her from making a scene.

He dragged her until they also left the scene as he nodded to Su Mucheng.

He went with Shuiren as they stayed in one of the penthouses they had in City H.

After eating their dinner, Ye Qiu stayed in his room managing his stocks and trying to contact his brother, who might only have woken up.

It was around 9 PM when Shuiren bang his room's door as she intruded, smiling widely, holding her phone, calling his name.

"Ye Qiu cousin-ge!"

Ye Qiu knew something was going on, so he looked at her curiously as she went and sat beside him, showing her what's on her phone.

*a video of the backstage of City H stadium with the scene that happen awhile ago.*

But what really picked his interest was the hundreds of comments that protected his brother. The same people that once blamed him and sided with those snakes!

And most importantly, is the bashing that Excellent Era's members received.

Su Mucheng on the other hand, even like the said video fueling the fans. They tagged Excellent Era for the official statement.

Knowing that his brother didn't really use his Weibo account, it would be a miracle if he'd know about this. She smiled, helping the situation get worse.

Excellent Era's PR was bewildered by the video that was posted after the game. Late night of Saturday, they received a bunch of complaints left and right.

After talking to Liu Hao and co, they decided this time to put in the blame on the girl.

Ye Qiu never talked back or even accepted interviews. So they can just push it on them.

But the management still warned them to lie low in the upcoming matches.

Excellent Era☑️ @Excellent_Era_Official

In the recent video that blew up, we would like to explain that all you see is the scene where the girl who claims to be a solid Ye Qiu fan shouts at Excellent Era's member. According to our vice-captain @Liu_Hao, the girl came up out of nowhere when the team was discussing  the match and started claiming that the team was talking bad on Ye Qiu. She also blamed the entire team for failing her God Ye. We would like to apologize to all the fans if that is what it seems, but the team had been doing the best they could in every match. The preparations and training have always been high level and consistent. However, in a game there would always be a winner and a loser. All we can do is continue to move one step at a time and fight for  Glory. The one who had the hardest time would always be the players, so please be a little lenient to them and don't resolve it with physical harm.

The two cousins who were checking the Weibo comments saw the official statement making; both of them frowned.

"How dare there them!" Shuiren shouted. He looked at Ye Qiu beside her, who remained quiet all through it, but his eyes showed neither. She knew by then, he was so mad that he could only laugh sarcastically.

Let's see, Shuiren forwarded the post and added a status.

Hong Shuiren ☑️ @Shui_ren
Haha! Wow! Just wow! I'll repeat it again for everyone to witness! After 'he' comes back, Excellent Era will be purged! Mark my words!

Excellent Era☑️ @Excellent_Era_Official

In the recent video that blew up, we would like to explain that all you see is the scene where the girl who claims to be a solid Ye Qiu fan shouts at Excellent Era's member.


After posting this, another fight and war came to Weibo. Shuiren turned off her phone as she saw her cousin getting uninterested already.

She left the room giving Ye Qiu space and time. Even she cannot take that coldness from him.

Chapter Text

Tuesday night, three nights after the match with Void leaving Excellent Era in the 9th place; 

Ye Qiu had been making sure that he will be able to carry the team in the next match. He is confident this time as it's only been days after the Weibo war exploded last Saturday, the next game against Lightly made Excellent Era's fans had a high expectation, hoping that the team would finally get their first win in a while. It had been a few matches since the team last won, they even lost in their home game in Void which was really disappointing.

The incident surely affected the team making them to lie low their bullshits this time around. He knew as the members keep on coming on time. They must have received some instructions from the management.

Even though it was only against an invisible team, and with those conditions, Ye Qiu is not fucking trusting them and expecting anything in their return. It's good if they did not fucked up but he also doesn't care at all. 

Just remembering how he almost win against Void last time but got undermine in the end irks him too much. Unfortunately, a very tight six (6) pro players had a lot more advantage against two. And although he had played with Su Mucheng in the past, that doesn't mean they had great synergy. They had it in a term of, siblings under the same master but he knows that Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu's synergy is better, the same compared to his and Ye Xiu's.

The last three matches against Lightly, Royal Style, and Samsara will have a great impact as the team is on the verge of losing the chance to get in playoffs.

The last place for the playoffs had a very tight competition as 301 Degrees, Thunderclap, and Excellent Era keeps on shuffling in the final matches. 

Currently, in the tenth place was 301 Degrees with 228 points, Excellent Era on 9th place with 230 points and Thunderclap on 8th place with 231 points.

This next match will be a chance since Thunderclap which is leading with 1 point will be facing against Team Samsara. The team had already established themselves after Zhou Zekai was captained in Season 5. That team had started maturing in these last three seasons and everyone can agree that their seed is starting to fruition.

Ye Qiu was busy analyzing the matches of Lightly as his thoughts consume him. Something that may have run through the blood was being 'workaholic'.  Both twins had the single thought of 'wanting to finish the things on their hands before ending the day'.

Although he properly takes care of himself, one of Shuiren's jobs is also to remind him. No matter how much self-control he had unlike his twin, there will be days that he had more works than sleeping.

It was around 9 PM when he decided to grab some dinner outside when he passed by a conference room with its door slightly open. As the light can be seen on the gapped, Ye Qiu also heard voices from within. He stopped and listened to the people behind, it was the manager and that piece of a garbage vice-captain.

"Manager! When can we kicked that old man out? This time it was my reputation that was harmed. That fucking washed out!"

"Heh. Don't tell anyone, but we already found a successor."

"Really? Who?"

"It's Sun Xiang. That kid will definitely win the best rookie this season and we had talked with him. He will start training as a Battlemage this summer."

"Then does that mean.. this is that old man's last season here?"

"Of course not! We will be cornering him on the coming Winter Transfer, that way he will need a year before coming back if he ever still wanted. Because with his pride I bet he won't accept being a training partner for the new handler of One Autumn Leaf. With Su Mucheng's contract, he won't be thinking of going to other teams and there's no way other teams will take him in in the middle of the season. He will either come back on Season 10 where his APM had totally left him or it will lead him into disappearing in this circle forever. I had talked with the Boss regarding this and he already give a head sign, leaving that man with no chance at all."

"Haha. He deserves it." Liu Hao laughs loudly.

Ye Qiu walked out of the building going to Mcdonald's to grab some food when some thug bumped into him.

"What the-" Before the thug shout at him, the thug backs out after seeing his eyes. 

It was cold and deadly.

"Watch where you're walking next time" The thug shouted as he run away from Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu entered the fast food and as he was the one in front of the cashier, the Miss jolted before asking in trembling voice, "W-what i-is y-your order Sir?"

"Spaghetti with spicy chicken and fries. Drinks is Sprite"

"O-okay, Sir. Here's your number."

Ye Qiu took the receipt and walked to one of the stalls facing the glass and road. The reflection of his face was the answer to people avoiding him or getting scared of him. 

How dare them to do that to his twin!

Those fucking snakes! I will make sure they will be the ones leaving this circle forever.

Sun Xiang.

Before forgetting, he marked the name on his mind. Another person he needs to look out for. He'll try to make a contact with him. Of course, there's a possibility that the other was just being used, given that Excellent Era's snake attitude. He'll judge him for himself.

Somewhere in W City where Wei Chen is ~

Wei Chen was in the middle of cursing left and right playing GLORY in the Heavenly Domain when the boy in the reception called for him.

"Boss Wei! Someone is looking for you!"

"Boss Wei!!"

"What the fucking shit you are! This father is busy!"

"But boss!!"

Wei Chen removed his headset and looked at the boy of the computer shop who brought a guest. An intimidating guest with tattoos? The man is the same height as him but he felt threatened. That face is worst than that brat in Tyranny! He just didn't want to throw his wallet but all of his property.

The man is clearly just around his age but he looks so much part of a mafia or some kind of organization. He thought about what he did in the last few months. With all the gambling he did, he was not new to the underworld of W City as he did knew a few boys part of gangs.

But the only thing he had done was that illegal gambling, he never touched drugs or anything! Fuck! He even lost most of the time than win, there's no way that he offended someone.

Wei Chen was looking at the man, they were having some kind of staring contest when he decided to give up. He still loved his dear life, that thing slightly showing on the side pocket of that man is surely some kind of weapon.

"What do you need?"

"I just wanted to confirm, are you Wei Chen?"

"No. Am I the one you're looking for? I think it was my father that had debts on you. Not me! If you're asking, I've long lost him, dunno where that old man is."

"Hmmm. So you are not Wei Chen?"

"As I said-"

"Wei Chen that plays Glory with a Warlock called Windward Formation?"


"C'mon, make my life easier! Tch! Why the hell am I the one assigned in this! Fuck!" The man mumbled as he kicked the nearby computer chair and leaned on the table.

"Boss Wei! Did you offend someone in GLORY?"

"Fuck! I don't even give my address in GLORY! You know that!"

"Boss Wei! It's karma! Someone hired to kill you. Goodbye Boss Wei!" One of his minions said as they started waving their handkerchief or tissues while fake crying but still not moving from their places.

"Who asked you to come here?" Wei Chen asked bravely.

"Do you think I know? I'm only here following orders from above, bitch!"

"You're a bitch! Your sister's a bitch. Your mother's a bitch!"

"Fuck you! Do you want to die?"

"Fuck you too, do you think you can come out here alive?" Wei Chen threatened back and the boys stand up acting as they will support him.

"Fu--" Before the man continue to bicker a loud slap was heard from his head! There a man with blonde hair who was looking so clean but smaller than this man by a few centimeters was looking coldly on the other clearly warning him with his eyes.

"What the--Reid!" The man looked at the one who had just come and slapped his head. 

"Go Ang! Why are you bickering with our target! Shut up! I'm sorry about that Mr. Wei Chen."

"Oh-oh! So, who asked you to come here? What can I do?" Wei Chen nodded accepting the apology while still asking curiously about their intentions. The one called, 'Reid' answered smilingly, "Nothing. Our job is just to stay beside you."

"Who the fucking hell asked to be protected?"  Wei Chen asked in a bewildered voice but before the other answer, his minions clamor on him like little chicks.

"Wait, Boss Wei don't tell me you are a hidden heir?"

"What? Boss! You promised us!"


The minions who almost sold him awhile ago started asking him left and right as they act friends with him again shamelessly.

"Oh shut up! I'm not! Who's on drugs to ask you about that?"

"I also don't know but we were only to told you this phrase, 'Old Wei, please do join my brother's team'. According to them, we are to say to you that phrase three times a day until the end of summer which is August." Reid explained while the other man clicked his tongue still complaining


"Fuck!!! That Fucker!" Wei Chen cursed after a few minutes of thinking and realizing the conversation he had with the brother of that shameless Battle God.

Sun Xiang was so frustrated with his team members after they lost another match against Samsara. Although he did win the individual's match. In the end, he still lost.

This team will not be able to make him win. This team will only drag him down. Even if how skillful and strong he was, his avatar who only had a silver weapon and a mismatch of orange equipment will not help him at all, his members that were on the level of an elite guild, and basically his poor little team will not be able to support his ambition. If he didn't get out of this team his talent will only be wasted.

He was fuming in anger because no matter how much he tried to lead them if he was leading useless players then it will only result in nothing. He remembered the offer of that old but prominent team, Excellent Era


"Sun Xiang right?"

"Who are you?"

"Good evening. I'm Cui Li, the manager of Excellent Era." The man with the glasses introduces himself properly while handling his calling card. Sun Xiang was not new to this, after the first half of the regular season conclude and as Season 7 reach the final stages, he already started getting offers from different teams. So seeing this man's actions did not surprise him.

"What? Are you here to recruit me also?"

"You are right Mr. Sun Xiang. Looks like you already had some offers from other teams huh."

"State your offer." He said arrogantly. He already knows that his worth is more than just rookie.

"We are offering you twice your salary in Conquering Clouds and all kinds of benefits. Of course, we will also handle the transfer fee."

"How about my avatar? As far as I know, Excellent Era had never include Berserker in your main lineup. And just so you know, Hundred Blossoms had already offered more than twice my salary, the All-Star Account Blossoming Chaos and a minimum of Vice Captain position."

"Well, Sun Xiang do you really think you will be able to win with middle level or playoffs team with your avatar that only had a silver weapon and just two or three silver equipment? With your teammates not even better than Excellent Era's elite guilds?"

"Even so, there are better teams what do you think makes your team better?"

"More than the salary, the position, or account, I know you'd rather like a grander Glory. You are not a man that only likes money. You want the fame that will mark the history of GLORY. And although Excellent Era is currently on the decline, there's no other team with three championships in the Alliance yet. My question is have you ever thought of changing classes?"

"Just state it. Stop fooling me with your words." Sun Xiang said immediately, he just wanted to know what is the offer of this old powerhouse team.

"Okay, then would you like to play the legendary, 'One Autumn Leaf'? We are on the look for a successor as Ye Qiu' had started declining already. Although you are a berserker, with your talent you can be the next Battle God in no time. We are doing this for GLORY. For Excellent Era to return to its rightful throne, and we needed a hero that will bring the team to its peak once again. Ye Qiu' had played for 7 years already. He is old."

Sun Xiang was speechless after hearing the offer.

One Autumn Leaf.

He was hooked just hearing it.


'If he can man One Autumn Leaf then he will be able to fight toe to toe with other great pro players.' Sun Xiang thought to himself.

Because his talent is on the same level as that Magician. Even though there was Golden Generation or Zhou Zekai, they were never called Unhindered Rookie. The only difference was he was playing a very weak avatar.

"I'm leaving but I will be waiting for your positive answer." The manager said while tapping his shoulder as he passed him.

End of Flashback

It happen when Conquering Clouds meet Excellent Era around a month ago. Although he was hooked on the idea but he also thought that it was just a wild proposition. But based on the last five weeks that Excellent Era's management keep on contacting him after he called them once asking about things, he was sure they wanted him. 

Even though Excellent Era had started to decline, their team is still always on the playoffs, the members are better and if he will man the legendary One Autumn Leaf with its complete set of Silver equipment and the support of those great members he will shine greater than what he gets from this team.

They promised to get him by this Winter Transfer, given that he will class change, Excellent Era must have only thought of biding their time until he practiced the class.

If only he can play One Autumn Leaf.

He was going to his room thinking about this when he was stopped by a certain man cowering. He was not even sure of the name but he was sure that it was the guild leader.

"H-hello Captain."


"Uhm. I have matters to discuss with you if possible."

"What is it?"

"There was this avatar that kept on harassing the entire guild just because they were looking for you. I didn't want to tell you because we can handle the man just fine. But then he kept on saying personal things about you that I thought it's better to talk with you, maybe he was a friend of yours before?"

"Personal things? Like?"

" was kind of stalkerish so.."


"Like your full name, your mother's name is Xiao Li, your father's name is Sun Jiugen, your birthday on December 2nd, where you studied, and so on. At first, I didn't mind it but it's been two days, it's getting more and more personal and he kept on shouting it in the World chat."

"What the fuck?"

"I-I'm sorry Captain."

"I'll check on it later."

"Okay Captain, Thank you."

Sun Xiang just nodded and went back to his room It's been three days since the last time he went online as he just often practices on some low-level tech that his team acquired. And he was busy preparing for the next match.

He used his Battlemage alt opening GLORY, he check on the World chat and the man was online.

Who the hell is this man!

World Chat

Soaring in the Sky: Did you know that Sun Xiang hates eating green peas? It was because when he was 8 years old his cousin used it as bullets on their childish fight. Until to this day, he shivers at the sight of it.

Crying Fox: here it goes again! hahaha! Whoever you are, do you hate the upcoming rookie this season?

Dark Moonlight: don't tell me this is an alt of one rookie from Season 7 that hated Sun Xiang. hahahaha

Scarlet Prince: trauma on green peas? Pwahahahaha

Cookies and Cream: trauma on green peas? Pwahahahaha +1

Almighty Kitty: trauma on green peas? Pwahahahaha +2

Lonesome Creation: trauma on green peas? Pwahahahaha +3


XXX: trauma on green peas? Pwahahahaha +62

Sun Xiang was so mad so he click the name and private chat the said player before the message got buried by all these players laughing at him.

Private chat with Soaring in the Sky

Lazy Black Dragon: Who the fuck are you! Stop stalking me! Piece of shit!

Soaring in the Sky: Hahaha. Who the fuck are you too! I'm talking about Sun Xiang. Are you Sun Xiang huh? Lololl.

Ye Qiu replied acting like that shameless old man who kept on messaging him to get his orders back.

At first, it was him trying to find Wei Chen but now, whenever he would go online that shameless dirty warlock kept on pestering him about the two gang members beside him. He only asked Shuiren to contact a few acquaintances on that side to pester Wei Chen but knowing that it was really effective, he just leave the chat with the older man gleefully.

Now that the man Excellent Era was planning to used to replace his older brother come to him, it's time to test him.

Private chat with Lazy Black Dragon

Soaring in the Sky: If you really are Sun Xiang, why are you using battlemage? Aren't you a berserker? Haha

Lazy Black Dragon: Even if I used a different class, you don't have anything of it! And stop stalking me you shitass!

Soaring in the Sky: What if I said I don't want to? 

Ye Qiu replied baiting the man and checking if the other was really Sun Xiang. Looks like he already started training a Battlemage. Let's see if you can still live after this. If you're Sun Xiang then it's good but if not, then this game of humiliation will continue until the real Sun Xiang come out and PK him. He already knows based on the interviews he watched that the rookie had an attitude so this will be the test. He opened the world chat started putting another nonsense again. Some of the things are true, some are also just trash talk.

World Chat

Soaring in the Sky:  Next, did you know that Sun Xiang choose Berserker because his attitude is so simple to the point all he wants to do is go berserk mode?

Lonesome Creation: You really are a Sun Xiang stalker/hater haha!

True Focus: a Sun Xiang stalker?

Brighter than your Future: Don't tell me...

Soaring in the Sky: I'm just testing some waters. And I do not like her.

Soaring in the Sky: *him 

Soaring in the Sky: Oops, with his hair and attitude like that, I thought he's a girl in her monthly schedule.

Flowing Water: Hahaha.

Supporting Knight: Hahaha. +1

Timeless Deity: Hahaha. +2



After watching the World Chat on another series of laughing, Ye Qiu saw a private chat of the rookie. 

Private chat with Lazy Black Dragon

Lazy Black Dragon: Fuck you!

Lazy Black Dragon: Fuck you!

Lazy Black Dragon: Fuck you!

Lazy Black Dragon: Let's bring this to arena! PK me if you had the guts.

Ye Qiu smiled after seeing the chat from the said Unhindered Rookie which is very easy to tease on. Still so green but dreaming to take over my brother's position. I'll bully you to my heart's content. Fufufu.

Soaring in the Sky:  Sure, why not? Room 2389 Password: 23089

Sun Xiang saw the reply and went to the arena. This man is definitely just another fan who just wanted to get his attention but to purposefully used a lot of gossips and news just to fight him.

I'll kill you the most horrible way. 

Or so he thought, he was so confident in the match because even though it's only been a month since he started playing Battlemage, he had PK-ed in the arena as a training. And in the more than a month he played, he knew that he can definitely play Battlemage.

[Soaring in the Sky(YQ) vs. Lazy Black Dragon(SX)]

Ye Qiu saw as Lazy Black Dragon comes to the arena. He smirks after hearing the voice.

"I'll teach you noob! I will kill you to the point you'll never play again!"

"Please teach me O almighty Battlemage!"


The match started as Sun Xiang maneuvered his avatar to attack Soaring in the Sky. With his mood and madness, he run coming towards the other Battlemage.

Ye Qiu parried the attack easily as he speak, "Who's the noob this time? Haha"

The other line was just silent as Ye Qiu continue to easily parry the attack or micro dodge Sun Xiang's attempt to attack him.

On the other side, Sun Xiang was gritting his teeth. Although he also had some losses in the arena and he only played battlemage for a few weeks, he was so sure that he had the talent in this area too.

But all his attacks are being read like a child and as if the opponent was not yet contented with just showing the difference between their skills, he would throw a bunch of trash talks that irritates him.

"Is that all you can do?"

"Look carefully, your right is open again."

"Are all other pro plays different class when they wanted to lose?"

"Haha. That roll is so ugly. Why are you even playing Battlemage?"

After Soaring in the Sky jumped sideways avoiding Lazy Black Dragon's Double Stab, Ye Qiu activated Circle Swing making the other battlemage jumped back trying to break out of the area of effect.

It's only been 30 seconds after the match started and Lazy Black Dragon' health is already around 60 percent while the other avatar's HP was still in 90+.

Sun Xiang was gritting his teeth. He had never felt this kind of powerlessness in the entire season.

But he was the unhindered rookie! There's no way he would die in the hand of a casual. Even if Battlemage was not his class, he was a professional. There's no way he would allow it.

He will be the next Battle God!

Although Ye Qiu decided at first to kill the man mercilessly, watching and fighting against a noob is really different. He didn't like it in the past but his brother's position is in line this time. He needed to nip the bud before the greed and the ego of this man bloom from no return.

Ye Qiu had only initiated an attack for two times, Sun Xiang's HP decrease all because of counterattacks.

There's a big difference between fighting for the pace of the game and taking an opportunity to retaliate. The first one was on full offensive mode, while the second was a 'defense-wait-counter' mode.

This man is not a battlemage yet, Ye Qiu believes that he did have a chance in playing the class but at the moment, he is nothing but a chick in front of a full-grown tiger, even a dragon.

Lazy Black Dragon continues to take the offense, Sun Xiang was really mad as the opponent mostly just avoids and counter him. 

For him, that was just playing dirty or even to the point of not having pride at all. If you didn't have the drive to control the pace of the game and just watch from behind then that kind of playstyle is from those small-time players that don't have a future in GLORY.

Although he knows he can finish it in around a minute or so, as Ye Qiu was on defense the fight last a bit more, but after he felt enough of all the trash talk he said, he charged towards the opponent.

Soaring in the Sky double jumped back dodging Sun Xiang's Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart, although he got grazed a bit he used Quick Recover and run towards the opponent thrusting his lance using the Vanishing Steps that his twin brother first ever thought him.


"Ye Qiu, make sure to learn these steps! You are always to use this at all times since if you got used to this movement then it will be easier."

"Tch. Do you think I don't know! I'll master those steps in no time."

"Haha. Seriously, you don't really want to play Pro with me?"

"Shut up Gege! Who do you think will manage the company if I also run to play the game?"

"Right right! Just be a good filial son A'Qiu"


End of Flashback

Ye Qiu's hand flew on the keyboard as his APM exploded. It's time to put this rookie where he needs to be. No one can beat you in the Alliance? Then it's only because, brother hasn't faced you one-on-one yet.

Sun Xiang upped his APM after the opponent did so. He gulped seeing the changes in front of him happen in a blink of an eye. He cannot even blink as the man would appear out of nowhere.

As Soaring in the Sky strike and stormed a combo, taking the offensive pace Lazy Black Dragon can only do was defense. The other battlemage cannot even avoid or dodge properly.

At one moment it was just Sky Strike, at the next second Sun Xiang can see himself getting Double Stab, Dragon Tooth.

As he jumped back, he can clearly saw the chasers forming at the back of the other Battlemage, Three... Four...Five chasers.

And before he lost his last life, he heard the voice from the other line.

"Hah. You're the one who wanted to replace that old brother of mine? Haha. With that performance? If you cannot even beat me then don't even dream of manning One Autumn Leaf" With that Ye Qiu thrusted his lance towards Sun Xiang and Lazy Black Dragon's HP deflated to zero.

Sun Xiang after recovering from the loss will never accept it. So that man's target is really me.

Based on the last he said, he is Ye Qiu*'s younger brother. Did Ye Qiu* already know that Excellent Era was planning to replace him and he asked his brother to PK with me.

As they returned to the arena before the battle, the two were just looking at each other, Ye Qiu started by saying,

"You are talented in this game but you are still green. And don't blame your loss to my brother like those monkeys undermining him. Gege is old in this profession but you can ask all the remaining Gods he is still sitting at the highest throne of Glory. Don't try to be too greedy of the path that is not yours or else you'll be like the rest of that damn team!"

"Did Ye Qiu told you to find me!" Sun Xiang shouted only to heard a snort in the back.

"Gege never asked me but as his younger brother who sacrificed everything just for him to be able to play his passion of his, I will not allow anyone to step on his dreams."

"What does that relate to me?! It was EE that offered! I did not-"

"That's why I'm warning you, if you cannot even beat me then you don't have the qualifications of manning One Autumn Leaf."

"Just because I lose once that doesn't mean you'll win again!"

Instead of replying Ye Qiu click the battle again. Sun Xiang was surprised at first but he never backs down on the challenge.

The next round was much merciless. Ye Qiu didn't even once trash-talk him and went on full offensive battle mode.

1 minute 48 seconds. 

Under two minutes.

"That was just-" Before Sun Xiang even bicker the prompt for another battle appear again.

Although a bit shocked he accept it.

1 minute 42 seconds

1 minute 47 seconds

1 minute 36 seconds

1 minute 55 seconds

1 minute 29 seconds

1 minute 41 seconds

1 minute 33 seconds

1 minute 19 seconds

Ten matches

All was under two minutes, the only one that is not was the first one on which the other is clearly just playing around him.

"Why? Why play Battlemage when you're path should have been that of a Berserker. Your attitude, your playstyle, your positioning. Maybe because you are originally a berserker that's why but why would you insist on a destiny that was not yours?"

"..." Sun Xiang was left speechless. He cannot utter a single word.

"Is it because of the illustrious background of the three-time champion, battle god, legendary avatar One Autumn Leaf? But you do know that all those titles are for my brother right? That even if you succeed him, your entire pro career will be labeled as a successor. That whatever track you walk you will be nothing more than that. Do you think you will be able to shoulder it? Do you think that if you come to the Excellent Era and replace my brother you will become a hero that saves the dynasty? Excellent Era is declining but not my brother."

"The manager told me that Ye Qiu* is already old!"

"No! They were planning to use you to kick my brother because he doesn't have commercial value. All these years the members had been sabotaging my brother. I'm here because I cannot watch it anymore after learning about it. Although it was a betrayal from the management, my brother had always love that fucking shit of a team."


 "Tell me Sun Xiang, what is it really that you want? To be a leader of those arrogant greedy kids? You have an attitude, but based on our fights I do know one thing. You're like my brother. You wanted a GLORY that can never be erased, where your name will be etched."


"So instead of replacing my brother, bring Cross Knife to the God Level domain. Treat your avatar as a friend, a non-replaceable precious partner of yours, not just a card you can change if you wanted to. You won't be the first God-Level Berserker but if you won enough Championship it will compensate."

"Do you think I will be able to bring him with my Team like this? Because of my team, I cannot even fight other great pro players."

"Come to Excellent Era after Summer."


"I will intervene. I will save my brother. I will make sure all those people that tried to take his GLORY will be punished properly. By the Alliance and by the law."

"L-law? What do you mean by law?"

"That's how grave of what they did to my brother. Think about it. Sun Xiang. If you want to challenge me you can always check on me around this time. And let me fight against your Berserker tomorrow I bet you can fight better or maybe at least last more than two minutes? Fufu."

"Fuck you! Whoever you are fuck you!"

Ye Qiu smiled as he logged out leaving the other party alone.

Sun Xiang was so devastated after the ten matches that he lost, even when the other had logged out already. He stayed there dumbfoundedly looking at nothing.

His pride has taken a great damage. Tomorrow is Friday, he didn't know if he will be able to prepare for their next match with his mental situation.

20 minutes and he stand up from his computer chair, went to his bed lied down, staring at his ceiling.

That news, if it's true and he really accepted Excellent Era's offer wouldn't he be the villain chasing the old God?

Although he didn't really like people and always comes out headstrong and arrogant, even if he didn't care about other people and always did everything just to reach his goal. Sun Xiang didn't like being on the negative side of people, despite his attitude he is still a righteous young man who's only a goal-focused person.

He hasn't win the best rookie of the season. Tang Hao a good friend of his is also a great contender for the best rookie. Even if he was praised as the unhindered rookie, he was just a powerless player in front of that man.

The next day, Sun Xiang woke up with his head ringing a bit especially after not being able to sleep properly last night. The scene of him being a helpless Battlemage kept on repeating on his mind waking him up every hour or so.

Conquering Cloud's members saw their Captain being silent all day but the atmosphere around him is chilling. Even on lunch break he only eat some biscuits and continue training hard.

Tonight, he'll get back on him.

Sun Xiang made sure to prepare his mind and his account car. He will be using a berserker alt this time.

The reason he lost is because Battlemage is not his class. If he had played Berserker, there's no way he will lose disgustingly. He would have put a fight.

Ye Qiu went back to his room after training immediately. Same as before he was still acting like the steady, calm and sympathetic older twin of his. Helping the guild but also checking if he can find a talent he can seduce on playing professional Glory for Excellent Era.

He was guiding the guild towards a Wild Boss when a chat popped up,

Brighter Sun: You're online! PK! same room and pw.

Ye Qiu smirked knowing that the man become interested. It was a gamble on the attitude of the other. It's either the young one will get too disheartened or will push through with his actions. And it seems like, he won this.

Really, there's only one way to break an arrogant person and that is to beat them on the things they are best to.

He maneuvered the battlemage jumping back avoiding the Wild Boss attack, he then instruct the guild behind him.

"Ruined Dreams buy me 30 seconds"

"Got it, brother Sky."

Soaring in the Sky: You changed to berserker? Later, I'm stealing a Wild Boss or you can help me if you want.

Brighter Sun: Why the hell would I help a different guild!

Soaring in the Sky: Well, then wait. Ooops. Looks like it will take time, Herb and Blue are here. Later then.

Brighter Sun: What the fuck! Is that Wild Boss more important than PKing with me? A pro player?

Soaring in the Sky: Haha. It's the same since I'm just going to bully you again.

Brighter Sun: Shut up! I lost because I did not used my main class!

Soaring in the Sky: Bye if you won't help then. But the sooner the Wild Boss was down the sooner we can start.

Brighter Sun: Fuck! Coordinates?

Soaring in the Sky: 178.64.12 :)

And that's how Ye Qiu was able to trick the hard-headed aspiring best rookie of the season in helping him to steal the Level 60 Wild Boss Ocean Returner Gunliya.

Ocean Returner Gunliya is a distinct kind of Wild Boss that appears in Rising Sky Straight.

Wild Bosses can either use different skills from several classes or a specific one which will only be based on their class.

The Wild Boss this time was a Launcher. A beautiful woman with a blue skin, red eyes and black tatoo on the left part of the face holding a huge hand cannon. She was wearing a white fluttering blouse topped with black cropped vest and hand accessories from her wrist near to the elbow. The lower part was a slightly ripped black fitted pants paired with a thigh high boots with belty designs.

Sun Xiang came to a messy Wild Boss fight with Excellent Dynasty, Blue Brook, Tiny Herb, Howling Heights, and Thunderclap.

It was just a Level 60 Wild Boss but there are too many guilds. That's the reason why that man said it would take time. Killing Wild Boss is easy with a guild, the difficult part was fighting wits with other guilds.

Ye Qiu saw that a lone Berserker without a guild insignia was coming to their formation. The guild players besides him started talking,

"Is that man suicidal?"

"Why is he coming towards here?"


"Ready yourself, on my signal kill him if he came on our area."

Ye Qiu maneuvered Soaring in the Sky stepping in front and said, "It's fine. He's an ally."

"Leader." The other who heard it lowered their guard down.

A few minutes ago, Excellent Dynasty was the one fighting with the Wild Boss, at that time it was only Thunderclap's Guild that are here. The moment Ye Qiu noticed the three guilds coming he instructed them to withdraw for a bit.

Thunderclap's elite won't be able to handle the boss and if they didn't withdraw awhile ago, they will be the one trapped by the three guilds instead.

"So you come?"

"Fuck! This is much chaotic!" Sun Xiang replied.

"Well, with us two now. This will be much easier."

"Tch. We'll fight after this! You're not running away."

"Fight? Does bullying counts?"

"Fuck off!"

Ye Qiu smirked and started looking all over the place to check if there are any hidden pro players and also decide on what tactics they should implement. It's the final section of the regular season. Pro players rarely went online according to his brother at this times. But there are still some who had screw loose like his old twin that always runs to the game even if its playoffs or whatever.

Team Chat

Soaring in the Sky: After the Thunderclap had bite the dust. Team A go with Brighter Sun and attack Blue Brook Guild.

Soaring in the Sky: Platoon 2 and Team 6, disperse Howling Heights, make a way for Team A and B.

Soaring in the Sky: Team B and Team 5 went for the Wild Boss.

Ruined Dreams: Leader, can we finish Blue Brook with just 6 of us?

Soaring in the Sky: Don't worry about the berserker, he's strong.

Soaring in the Sky: Move!

Ye Qiu then messaged Sun Xiang as he didn't add him in the team chat.

Private Chat with Brighter Sun

Soaring in the Sky: Move with Team B and wreck Blue Brook's formation. Finish it as soon as possible if you want to PK already.

Brighter Sun: Don't order me.

Soaring in the Sky: Team B are all elites. Expecting you'll finish it before I  finished Herb Garden.

Brighter Sun: I don't need your guild's elites!

Soaring in the Sky: Just do it.

Brighter Sun: Tch.

And all the players moved towards their direction. The area become a wild chaotic PK zone.

The Wild Boss that was surrounded by the guilds was then attacked by a Excellent Dynasty's elite team.

Platoon 1 is composed of two teams, Team A and Team B. All are elite players with noticeable skill handling. Platoon 2 and 3 are also composed of two teams each but only the team leaders are on the level of elites. The difference was that, the team was called on numbers, from Team 3,4,5,6.

Ye Qiu did not assigned a man towards Herb Garden as he will be the one going towards that guild as it was the nearest from the Wild Boss he will be able to also give a backup on the Team B and Platoon 2. 

If only they also tried to get the aggro of the Wild Boss it'll be much easier to steal it but everyone was doing a wait and steal tactic so he decided to just move believing that since Sun Xiang was using his main class, he can manage one guild on himself.

Mostly guilds backed by Pro Teams send their pro player but the players only used their overwhelming difference in skills than tactic.

But after Ye Qiu stayed in EE for almost two weeks now, his trust has taken a great toll. Him positioning himself on the center is also to act as post to everyone. So he can act up the moment some mishaps occur.

Blue Brook which was the farthest from the Excellent Dynasty pull back after seeing that EE attacked Howling Heights. The team leaders were thinking of letting the three teams fight first before they take action, especially as the Wild Boss health is still more than half.

However the guild did not notice the 6 players that passed by Howling Heights area that turned into a lawless PK zone.

Herb Garden which was planning to withdraw for a moment was welcomed by a tyrannical Battlemage holding and spinning his lance nonstop killing all the players on his sight.

It was normal to see a good Battlemage in the Excellent Dynasty, that was the guild backed up by the professional team of the Battle God.

But seeing an overpowered battlemage only means one thing.

That man!

Instead of preparing for the next match tomorrow decided to strike terror on the Heavenly Domain. 

The whole guild leaders knew that of all the professional players, the most frequent comer in Heavenly Domain was an old God from the first server in different alts. As the Glory Textbook, they rarely see him using Battlemage but it seems he had eaten something today to make him descend from the realm using his class.

As the players started dying left and right. Excellent Dynasty had hold onto the Wild Boss' aggro properly decreasing the HP consistently.

Ocean Returner Gunliya was gritting her teeth trying to get away from the clutches of the guild. Attack after attack, skills after skills. Her HP below 20 percent she started thinking, about her life.

'Why? Why is it so hard?'

'I just wanted to get back to my homeland.'

'But every time I get the chance, hundreds and thousands are upfront stopping me.'

'Just another step! Even if I fight till the end, why is no one willing to listen to me?'

'Is it because they cannot understand my wailing, my words?'

'Is it because of my color?'

'Or is it because of the cursed mark on my face?'

'Everyone of them only sees me as a nuisance.'

'This curse that will never be erased. Am I fortunate to always be given a chance or am I just doomed to always died mercilessly?'


'No matter how many times I died, after I've spent the time of the stabs and guns I've received I will revive again. All these years, I never lost hope. Even if I suffered a lot or died a thousand times, I only wanted to see my family... '

'Just one glance...'

'My son, Luan..'

With combined strike of Excellent Dynasty, they were able to win the Wild Boss. Blue Brook was rendered helpless by a heavy attacker Berserker while Howling Heights was dispersed and only a few remaining.

Herb Garden was much pitiful as they were single handedly crushed by an OP battlemage. Instead of helping Howling Heights, Ye Qiu speed up the death of the Wild Boss that was only a few percent of enraged mode.

After the combo and handling of the elites, the Wild Boss Gunliya died. Ye Qiu picked up the loot and passed it to one of the guild elites. 

A blue bracelet however took his interest and decided to just take it. No one said anything as it was just a blue equipment and some of the guild elite that was working in Excellent Era also knew that the Battlemage was indeed the Captain.

Although Ye Qiu did have experience in fighting Wild Bosses, Ye Qiu has never fought with this one.

Even if Ye Xiu brought him often in game that doesn't mean he always plays GLORY. Whenever he was out of the country nor when he had a lot of deadlines and projects, then he won't. He knows his priorities as the Chief of their company.

But he also had a collection of different equipment on his original account that was to his liking. This one will be an additional, he thought as he saw a Berserker looking at him after closing the prompt that shows the equipment.

Ye Qiu knew what he wants, thus he left the group and went to the arena to start a PK match against the Unhindered Rookie with his main class this time.

Chapter Text

Ye Qiu woke up, doing his morning rituals and packing some things. It was Sunday after their game against Lightly where Excellent Era miraculously destroyed the opponent with the score of 10-0 in their away game.

How easy it was? To win just because the eyes of everyone was focused on them and they shouldn't be sabotaging the game?

Normally, Ye Qiu would be playing GLORY by this time of the morning. He already opened the game and was checking on his new messages when Su Mucheng asked him if he wanted to go with her in City B for her modeling.

If it was Ye Xiu, the answer would definitely be a no.

But this man right now is Ye Qiu.

There's no way he would say 'no' to the chance of leaving this sh*tty building. And the constant messages from a certain dirty old man and an additional of an arrogant kid that looks like got attached to him after losing using his main class of Berserker.

Windward Formation: You motherfucker shameless sibilings! Take back your shitty order from whoever gang it was!!

Brighter Sun: Today is rest day, let's PK! I'll bring Cross Knife. Let's fight!!

Yeah! Ye Qiu decided to close the GLORY and went to Su Mucheng saying he will go with her.


It was around 2 30 PM when Su Mucheng went to his side. Ye Qiu was just surfing the internet using her phone for the last 3 hours, it was repititively boring and he didn't know if he will be glad that he was able to avoid those people in GLORY or those monkeys but now he can see himself growing impatient.

"Ge, the director said, there some mishaps and one of my dress would be late to come. They asked if I can extend the shooting until 6 PM." Su Mucheng said,

Ye Qiu looked at her, he thought it will be done at 3 PM but now, he needs to wait for another few hours.

"What do you think? It's B City, maybe you want to go somewhere?" Su Mucheng added.


"You can leave, bring my phone. I'll just contact you with one of the make up artist?"

"Ah!" Ye Qiu smiled with an idea coming onto him before continuing, "Nope, its your phone. I'll leave it here. Just fetch me."

"Where?" The orange haired woman asked curiously seeing that smile that turned into a smirk on the latter half. His brother is definitely planning somehting.

"Isn't this place near that Witch's place? I'll go to them and maybe check a few players? Maybe I'll be lucky to fish a talent for our plans." Ye Qiu said with a suggestive tone.

"Oh! You sure? Won't you get busted?" Su Mucheng was worried though.

"Don't worry, there's no way I'm getting busted." Ye Qiu said.

"Okay, then go. Don't forget it is Big-Eyed Wang okay? Gege never called him other than that."

"Hmm. I know, don't worry I got this." With that Ye Qiu left the place and went to Tiny Herb's building. He took the cab so there's no way he would get lost, it was only a fifteen minute drive though.

Wang Jiexi was in the middle of training with the trainees when his phone vibrated. It was a ringtone indicating someone is calling him. Although he didn't want to answer, he saw the name making him curious on why the woman was calling him.

Su Mucheng: Hello Captain Wang.

Wang Jiexi: Mucheng? Is there something you want?

"Is Captain talking with Goddess Su?"
"Wait, they have each other's number?"
"Why do you think?"
"Do you think they are--"

Before Wang Jiexi speaks, he looked at the trainees and some of the roster members that decided to stay on their day off warning them. And they did shut their gossiping. He sighed before clicking the loudspeaker.

Su Mucheng: I know it was your day off so are you free now?

At the same time everyone looked at him.

***Phone Conversation***

Wang Jiexi: What do you mean Su Mucheng

Su Mucheng: Aw is Captain Wang busy today?

Wang Jiexi: Stop talking in roundabout way.

Su Mucheng: You see..

Wang Jiexi: C'mon already, what is it?

Su Mucheng: I'm sorry.

Wang Jiexi: What?


Wang Jiexi: Don't you hang up on me, Su Mucheng!

Su Mucheng: Tch. You see, I brought Gege with me in City B for my modelling just so he will get some sunshine or exercise y'know, but my photoshoot was extended 'till 6 PM.

Wang Jiexi: And then?

Before Wang Jiexi heard the answer from the other side, his Vice Captain came with a woman from the reception following. The said woman then said, "Captain Wang, someone was looking for you in the reception." 

As if on confirmation on who was that man, he heard the reply from the other line,

Su Mucheng: And then he got bored, so he decided to go to Tiny Herb because he wanted to play GLORY. *Ms. Su, the director was calling you* Oh! I'm being called. I'll just fetch Ye Qiu-Ge later. Byebye

"What? That shameless old man is coming here?" Fang Shiqian shouted.

"Uhm. Vice Captain Fang, the man on the reception was-"

"Big eyed Wang!" The door opened wide as Ye Qiu came in without a cent of shame as if the place was his to begin with. Ye Qiu was doubting if that act is like his brother but who cares. He's already there and done the action. And even if they made some connection, he's wearing his brother's face, no to be exact he's wearing his entire body.

"Senior Ye."

"Aren't I a good senior, I was in City B and the first thing I remember is that didn't big eyed Wang and shameless Fang are raising their children here, so I thought why not drop a visit or some?"

"Old Ye! Who told you to come here! Get out! Get out!" Fang Shiqian hysterically shouted

"How can you have that kind of attitude O' Great Healer? I thought Clerics are supposed to be divine kind hearted people?"

"Argh! You're pulling my aggro!" Ye Qiu felt satisfied with that because it only means his acting is good.

"I just wanted to play GLO- Oh, there's a seat here. Hello, hello. Let's sit together okay?" Ye Qiu asked  Gao Yingjie, ignoring the cleric. The shy little kid just said, "A-Okay Senior."

"Senior, Since you're here. Why don't you PK with a few of my trainees." Wang Jiexi ask, if this man is going to stay here, there's nothing wrong with using him as a training partner

"Seriously Big Eyed Wang using me as a training partner, you sure they can handle getting obliterated? Aren't they still young? But I guess it's okay, I also intended to check your little chicks and if I will be able to grab a few of your trainees" Ye Qiu tried sounding as much as his brother. As the twin of that shameless man, he had 25 years of experience around him, there are even times that they will really switch places when they were young just to play around their nannys.

"Motherfucker! Old Ye get out!"

"Stop Shiqian, if they wanted to go with you then maybe. But if we had plans with him then its another matter altogether."


Ye Qiu did not mind inserting a little bit of his playstyle here and there. He won't be meeting Tiny Herb after this, the next would be if the team played on the playoffs but since Ye Xiu will be the one playing by then, all is gone. It can be reasoned that as an older player he was just trying a few diversity he can add on his game style. Or maybe he was just playing the said trainees.

He had fought Euphorbia the BattleMage, Kind Tree the Witch, Red Leaves, the Sharpshooter and a few others.

First was with Gao Yingjie where Ye Qiu only commented, "So this here your successor? GG Little Gao right?"

"Yes Senior."

"Good job. You're quite skill already."

"Thank you Senior."

With Euphorbia, he noticed about the hot headed too upfront playstyle of the man.

"I don't know if you're just confident or plain arrogant."


"You're basics are solid, you're skills are good but don't confront someone you still cannot fight. I'm not saying you should fight dirty but atleast try to think one step ahead. Not just bulldozing your opponent." Ye Qiu said while puffing a smoke. He knows how to smoke back in his college days and acting like his brother without cigarette is just plain giveaway so he was smoking, but he make sure that the one he use where the good brand with less side effect.

"One more time, I'm not too good with this map.."

Before Ye Qiu answered, Liu Fei intercepted saying, "No! It's my turn!"

The Battlemage was not able to retaliate as the Sharpshooter had already entered the Arena and the match started.

Liu Fei lost but there's nothing wrong with losing against the Battle God. Even though, she's a bit prideful, compared to Xiao Yun she wouldn't do that to someone she acknowledges better than her. Not to a legend like Ye Qiu.

She even used here own charm to ask Ye Qiu, "Senior, is there any advice you can give to me?"

"Don't hesitate. Some of your attacks are really good, you just need to follow up. There was a part in the middle where you used Rapid Firing instead of Burst Firing. You're also a Sharpshooter, just because Xiao Zhou had already matured and almost mastered his own Sharpshooter Style doesn't mean you just need to follow his lead. You're still new. You can still create your own style, you have the talent for it."

"Uhm.. My-my own style. What part should I focus on Senior?"

"Hehe. That is for you to find out. Seriously Big eyed Wang, is this favoritism I'm seeing? Little Gao's playstyle is already above Pro-level here, and he hasn't debuted but your little Sharpshooter still needs some help. What kind of mother are you? If Old Lin knew about this..."

"Senior. Liu Fei was being trained by Li Ji."

"Oh! Okay! It's your team. Next." Ye Qiu played a few more matches with different trainees even a few in the regular like Rangoon Creeper, the Ghostblade. It was around 5:30 when the next player come up.

"A-Ahm.. Senior.. Please take good care of me.." Qiao Yifan had just returned after his visit to his family. He went back as soon as he received a message from his best friend that they were having a PK match with the Ye Qiu.

"You are..."

"Q-Qiao Yifan."

"Okay. Best game."

"Best game, Senior."

Ashen Moon entered the arena. And Ye Qiu felt something wrong in the entire match. The kid was good but not pro level. He was average. There's a fine line that separate a normal player, and an elite guild player, and a Pro Player. Qiao Yifan is just on the elite guild player.

The match ended with the youngster's lost but before he switch with others, Ye Qiu invited him with another match. He need a confirmation. What was that? There was something he cannot explain. The kid was average but also not.

Of course, that move garner the attention of the rest. Ye Qiu did not fight the same player twice in a row.

But the man just basically asked a rematch.

The match had ended with the lost of the younger one again and he was looking hopefully for any kind of advice he can get. Qiao Yifan will be debuting this coming season 8 but he knows that compared to everyone else his growth was stagnant.


"Ah, right. You're okay. Are you really debuting next season?" And as if the question made the rest think that Ye Qiu was probably shocked knowing the kid was debuting because everyone knew that even if Qiao Yifan works hard, it's as if he didn't fit with the group. They were all hoping that he will change after the debut or so.

"Y-yes Senior."

"Oh." Ye Qiu just hummed and continued to click the replay of the match.

"S-Senior, d-do you have any a-advice for me?"

"Oh. Well, solidify your basics."

"T-thank you Senior." Qiao Yifan replied but he felt weak on the nonchalant reply not similar towards the others.

"Senior, it's my turn. Let's compare notes." Wang Jiexi said.

"What? You're not a trainee, why would I fight you?"


"Oh, how come we didn't notice it's almost six. I think Mucheng will be coming anytime soon"

"Senior just-" 

"Captain Wang, Ms. Su Mucheng is looking for you."

"Oh, thought so." Ye Qiu smirked as he rapidly stand up and took his dummy account card and head outside.

Ye Qiu leave the  Tiny Herb with his mind on that kid. He took a copy of all the fights and Wang Jiexi allowed him since he did have the right in it being used as a Training Partner.

It was around 10 PM when they returned back to City H. Ye Qiu went online immediately, trying to contact his brother. Fortunately. his brother was indeed online.

Ye Qiu: Xiu-ge!

Ye Xiu: Yow!

Ye Qiu: Are you free?

Ye Xiu: Yup! On my rest day. I'm trying to explore US Glory. I bought an account and card reader.

Ye Qiu: Don't bully that server too much.

Ye Xiu: Haha

Ye Qiu: Can we VC? I wanted your opinion on a match I have.

Ye Xiu: Sure.

As the two connected on an online meeting, Ye Qiu started telling Ye Xiu about his observation on Ashen Moon as he played the VOD of the match.

"Ge, I'm so sure there was this something I cannot explain. He was good with positioning and all but his attacks are just not it."

"Change it to first person view Ye Qiu." Ye Xiu was also intrigue on his brother's opponent as he knew Ye Qiu wouldn't get interested if it's really nothing. He had thought his brother for the last years. He trained him, himself. Their playstyle are almost identical as their faces.

"Okay." The other replied and change the view and Ye Xiu realizes what was wrong after the first match. He the said, "Just as I thought. He got a pretty good grasp with the overall situation. His observation skills are really good. This kid had talent, a rough diamond that needs to be polished. But because of his class, he cannot even display even a tiny speck of his talent."

"Oh! That's it! That's why I felt there's something wrong in him. His class is not appropriate"

"His best to be a support. A Ghostblade. Phantom Demon that builds support and control the environment from behind."


"Why are you laughing Ye Qiu?"

"Uhm, nothin?"

"I'm not believing! Where did you find this talent even?"

"Secret Garden Society. Haha" Ye Qiu said but his mind had already compromised that this kid will be the next in his list he wanted to recruit. Before Ye Xiu replied, he continued with, "Ge, can you play on the Chinese Server there?"

"What do you want?"

"Can you fight with him? I kind of pity the kid. He's debuting next season but still lost on what to do. And that play is not even a pro level."

"You're lucky I bought both fully leveled account on a Chinese Server and American Server."

"Okay, I'll chat the kid and pretend you're still me. I fought him twice but all I was able to tell him was solidify his basics which is mainly because, you know! I'm not really great at other classes and the Textbook Glory was still you to begin with."

"Okay. I'll PK with him."

"Hehe. Okay!"

Ye Qiu opened his brother's QQ account, he knew the man was called Qiao Yifan and since he still didn't know his email he just tried to search the name. Luckily it appeared instantly with a parenthesis of his account name.

Private message with Qiao Yifan (Ashen Moon)

One Autumn Leaf: Hi Little Qiao!

Ye Qiu wait a few minutes for the other to accept message. Qiao Yifan was training and working hard, the best he can, when he received a message request notification from is QQ account.

You received a message request from One Autumn Leaf.

One Autumn Leaf: Hi Little Qiao!

Qiao Yifan (Ashen Moon): Senior Ye Qiu?

One Autumn Leaf: Yeah. Want to PK? Let's meet at the Arena!

Qiao Yifan (Ashen Moon): Sure Senior!

One Autumn Leaf:  Room 1215 Password: 1512

Qiao Yifan (Ashen Moon): Thank you Senior.

As the two avatars entered the room, a Launcher was on the audience watched by two people inside Excellent Era. Ye Qiu have asked Su Mucheng so the two were in one of the Training Room even if it was late at the night. But everyone had already gotten used with a certain someone always doing overtime so no personnel tried to check on them.

The match ended the same way on the afternoon. On which Ashen Moon was obliterated, Ye Xiu seeing it on the other side of the Globe also noticed it first hand. Now he knew why his brother insisted. Watching and playing against are not really the same. The kid had huge potential.

"As I thought so."


"Has anyone ever suggested that you switch classes?"

"..." Qiao Yifan was shocked on what he heard but listen to what the older says.

"I've watched the replay of our matches but as I thought so. Assassin don't fit you, did you choose it yourself or did someone just gave you that? You won't be able to use your full potential with that class."

"...." Qiao Yifan listened. He listened carefully, appreciating the man. That someone finally give his time to guide him, properly. Because the team didn't really care for him that much. Not with his batch mates nor the older ones.

"Try Ghostblade. A Phantom Demon. With your high observational skill, overall grasp of the surrounding, you're best suit to build support."

"But I-"

"Don't be afraid. I know it will be hard on you especially since you are planning to debut next season but the outcome will definitely be worth the risk. You're young, you can still make it."


"Muster up some courage."

"Yes Senior" Qiao Yifan cheered on the other line.

"Chat me if you have any concern." 

"Thank you Senior!"

That night somewhere in City B young lad smiled seeing the light on the tunnel. He's been with Tiny Herb around Season 5, he didn't know how the situation become but now he felt the light in his heart seeing a tiny hope on the path he take.

The next day~

After their daily training, Qiao Yifan immediately left Tiny Herb's building. He went out  to buy a new account card by himself. He can always get one in the building but he decided that it will be the best if the account was not by any means connected or traced to Tiny Herb.

It only took him half an hour to return to Tiny Herb. He went directly to his room and left the card on his safe drawer and went back to training room.

He still had to show his face especially as Yingjie will get worried, which the other indeed, depending on his reaction.

"Yifan, where did you go?"

"Just bought something."

"Let's train together"


Around 7 PM, a few others started leaving to take their dinner and went back to their dorms to rest. Yifan had always been the last one to go but this time he went with Yingjie.

"Are you planning to train after this?" Gao Yingjie asked

"Yea. But I'll stay on my room."

"Oh! Are you going online?"

"I was planning to reflect on things from the start." Qiao Yifan whispered which unfortunately heard by a few others named, Xiao Yun, and the rest of their batchmates.

"Pfft. You should, especially if you want to debut next season with us."

"Xiao Yun." Gao Yingjie looked at Xiao Yun as if warning him but then the other retorted

"But Yingjie, even God Ye doubted he should be debuting next season."

"...." Qiao Yifan did not answer back. He was already used to this. It's been five months since some of his co-trainees started isolating him. 

Especially after the incident where they had performance test on which his grade was almost the same as the last just barely adding a little improvement.

At that time, his best friend Gao Yingjie had been decided as successor of Vaccaria. They're still young but his best friend's future had been planned and designed into its best course.

And since the two of them entered Tiny Herb at the same time, the comparison was just like day and night.

Thus leaving him to hear all kinds of judgmental comments on his back. Then come two months ago where they had another quarterly presentation where he lose and the gap widen, making the bullying grow.

He shook his head, he can't afford to get negative. The start of his career, after debuting there would likely be no more opportunity for him. His debut carried all of his dreams. He just need to accept everything the other said.

Qiao Yifan finished cleaned up and said to Yingjie, "I'm going Yingjie."

"Yifan..." He heard his best friend whispered but he didn't mind and went back to his room.

One rainy evening of Tuesday~

"Have you heard about the scrap picker?"


"He's being hunted by Blue Brook or so it seems!"

"Looks like he pick a fight on them."

"Well, I heard that he was being recruited by Wind Howl."

"Are you serious?"

"I heard it was Misty Rain?"

"He'll fit better on Wind Howl, they play dirty there right!"

"Even so, to be scouted by Pro Teams, that's like a dream!"

"But he rejected them I heard!"

"What a waste."

"Well, he's a loner he'll never really fit on a team you know"

Ye Qiu had heard of the rumors in the past two weeks he'd been playing in his brother's body. And one of the most popular was the said Ninja called 'Deception' which picked his interest and curiousity.

So now that he's a bit tired with the shitty team that started disregarding his command again, he decided to scout the said scrap picker too. Maybe he'll be lucky to pick something else.

He started playing a blademaster spy alt under Blue Brook  that was hunting the prey. Of course playing a different class was also a burden for him. He's not Ye Xiu who can just play all classes beautifully. He can only do the basics, nothing else. If he met some elite players, he'll die sooner than expected.

Ye Qiu had known the said scrap picker before. He remembered about him a few months back before they even swapped bodies but back then he never noticed about his skill at all. 

But now that the said player is being recruited by other teams then maybe he can have a head start and steal the man like the one from Conquering Clouds and the kid from Tiny Herb.

He was on the area of Blue Brook trying to get information as much as he can silently until he just decided to ask them directly.

"Do you know about Deception?"

"You know him?"

"He took one of my weapons in the past. I heard rumors that we're going to hunt him. Do you know any?" Ye Qiu asked at a Warlock that was talking with a Paladin.

"Oh so you had grudge against him" The paladin said.

"Find Light Feather, he's the lead."

"Do you know anywhere I can start?"

"He's often on the grove or ask that bar in the west wing" The warlock answered while pointing on a bar a few meters away from them.

Ye Qiu went and found the said leader. He joined with the same reason as everyone.

The team found Deception an hour or two after a tip from someone that he was seen on a Wild Boss fight.

Instead of attacking head on, Ye Qiu stayed back watching and observing the man. He's not dumb to play this elite players with a class he never really played.

He was there for information. Nothing else. And what he got is really a fruitful time. Especially seeing as the ninja was really skilled almost or low level Pro player.

Ye Qiu then voiced out his thought, "He's really good. I wonder why he's not yet scouted?"

"Well he got already but he rejected them."

"So that's why he doesn't have insignia." Ye Qiu replied continuing the casual talk,

"He's a lone player. Never seen him work with someone."

"Hmmm" Ye Qiu hummed as his head starting to think about all the possibilities. Before he even lead to a conclusion, he was attacked by a group of witch from Herb Garden. He tried fighting back but as someone who didn't really like blademaster nor never also fight as one properly, it took him a hard time just to avoid the attacks.

Then on the unfortunate timing he got blown to where Samsara's guild was fighting with the Wild Boss. And of course with his nonexistent prowess of playing other classes he died on the crossfire of the the Wild Boss, Samsara, and another guild he didn't really noticed.

Ye Qiu did not mind as first and foremost he already got to see what he wanted to. Now, he just need to put everything to place.

Using one of his Battlemage dummy account, Ye Qiu lead Excellent Era 's guild for a Wild Boss fight on Thursday night.

It was against Herb Garden and Blue Brooks. Fortunately the Pro players are not like him(or his brother) that in need to come online, helping the guild to farm materials. Most of the Pro player don't have responsibility to play online game, it was left on the elite of their guild department.

One thing he learned after their switch was his brother's excessive overtime on helping the guild to farm rare materials whether it was on the normal server or the Heavenly Domain server. 

The chart was there, how useless the guild department of the team is. And the evidence that without his brother, the guild will break down faster than a biscuit cracker. He also discovered that even the said department was in cahoots with the management that also isolated him. The leader even had the guts to order him to help on his own job. 

The first time he learned about this, he clenched his fist thinking of all the stress his twin suffered. Well! It will end after this season. He's fucking gonna overhaul this whole team, from the bottom!

After remembering about the guild matter, Ye Qiu made sure to take note of it. Now he's goals had been bulleted, his note is getting another update.

☞Find replacement for the members
>Wei Chen* (half-done)
>Sun Xiang* (done)
>Qiao Yifan* (on the process)
>Deception** (testing)
☞Tell the whole world about Excellent Era's disgusting management.
☞Fired all of the members
☞Go into Playoffs, no matter what!
☞Look for possible guild players he can also take. (Try contact former Excellent Era members from the dynasty)

Compared to Blue Brooks and Herb Garden, Ye Qiu being there to command the people made the entire Wild Boss easier than it is. But the last laugh still was on Excellent Dynasty. The Boss is being won already, as the health had reach the low red bar health. It was only a matter of time when Ye Qiu noticed a lone ninja sneaking on the battlefield picking and rushing as fast and as silent as he can.

Ye Qiu commanded the guild flawlessly until the Boss fell down while taking note of Deception's position. After the Wild Boss fell, the ninja started running stealthily away from the fight.

Ye Qiu left the Boss's material to one of the elite that was there and took flight on the direction of the ninja. He follow the trail and luckily the man was not far, though he was indeed hiding not far away from the Wild Boss but inconspicuous enough to make everyone not notice his presence.

Ye Qiu grinned as he slowly walked towards the man, he then started the attack on Deception, testing the said Ninja.


Mo Fan was irritated after being drag into a Wild PK. He had already earn big for the day when some battlemage just started PK-ing him. He was already on the way to logout, only a few seconds and he will be out of battle already.

He tried his best to fight against the man but with all the equipment that he was carrying his speed had already greatly slowed down. 

And he cannot afford to die tonight especially after he just upgraded his weapon. It was hard to find a perfect orange weapon for him. It took him a year to find one.

Mo Fan cannot think where he will find an orange weapon again. Especially a weapon that was just so right for him. It's only been 1 week since he got the weapon, there's no way he can die in Heavenly Domain where the drop percentage of Wild PK is too high.

But Mo Fan knew how much disadvantage he had. Not just the equipment he had, the battlemage was strong. 

He's monstrously strong.

"Fuck!" He cursed realizing how much of a monster is the battlemage in front of him. And the man was just playing him. The other looks like they don't even want to play him properly. His positioning, his attacks, everything was being defended or countered easily.

Mo Fan made sure to time dropping some of the equipment he picked awhile ago, the moment that he received an attack from the battlemage.

With Deception knocking up, he jumped back more to make a huge space as he throw the equipment on the face of the battlemage.

With the the equipment gone, he lightened up and was able to make use of the space and run.

The other continue to chase after him for a few more minutes until the battlemage out of nowhere give up and let him go.

After the ordeal, Mo Fan made sure to bring Deception somewhere safe and log out. The night is done for him.


Ye Qiu smiled while putting down his headset looking for Deception running away from him. And he made the decision, he's still green but he can make do. Let's just hope he's still of age.

The next day, Ye Qiu checked on Ye Xiu. He needed his brother this time. Hehe. How he loved time difference.

Ye Qiu: Good morning lazy sunshine!

Ye Xiu: Ye Qiu, what do you want?

Ye Qiu: I know you're free now, do you want to go to Heavenly Domain with me Ge?

Ye Xiu: And why is it again? Don't tell me you found another stray cat?

Ye Qiu: Haha. No.

Ye Xiu: Then? I'm busy.

Ye Qiu: I know for a fact that your meeting today will only start at 2 PM. You're free on the morning.

Ye Xiu: I'm still busy Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu: Bet, you're just rampaging in the American Server. Stop tormenting the poor Server.

Ye Xiu: Atleast you know, now. I'm going.

Ye Qiu: I want to hunt someone. I need your help.

Ye Xiu: What?

Ye Qiu: I'm planning to hunt this person but since I can only play in the evening, you can continue the hunt in the evening there, which is basically morning here. Hehe.

Ye Xiu: Seriously, Ye Qiu. I'm still exploring the American Glory.

Ye Qiu: Please?

Ye Xiu: 2 hours per night. Other than that no promise.

Ye Qiu: Hehe. Thank you Ge! Love you!

Ye Xiu: Don't be too much on whatever you do with my body ok!

Ye Qiu: Gotcha!

Ye Xiu: Go go! You need sleep !!

Before he sleep, Ye Qiu made sure to order the Entire Excellent Dynasty that if they ever saw Deception make sure to tip him as soon as possible. Or anyone in the lead, making everyone curious but no one asked any questions at all.

After the twins have agreed to hunt a certain scrap picker with Ye Xiu not even asking the reason why(just basically accepting whatever his twin brother wanted), Deception is now currently being hunted by two Gods roaming the Heavenly Domain day and night.

Mo Fan was pissed off. 

Last night he lost more than half of the equipment he picked because of a certain Battlemage.

After sleeping a good night, he thought he will be able to play peacefully today.

Only to find another battlemage on which he was 100 percent sure the same man that Wild PK him last night.

Mo Fan had never felt hopeless until now. He died practically 3 times in just two hours in the same hands of the Battlemage.

On the last time he revive, he decided to take it easy and just hang on some friendly part(mostly market places). He stayed there for around 20 to 30 minutes  before finally going to his job after hearing that there was a Wild Boss spawn. Which means, messy Wild PK, players, and equipment.

Only to fucking find the same man leading Excellent Dynasty.

He made sure to hide but the man instead of focusing on the Wild Boss directly went to him and fucking killed him for the fourth time.

Never in his entire 2 years career of playing he met such a fucking dedicated person with a huge grudge on him. He decided to not revive and just logged out. Surely, that battlemage wouldn't be online on the night. He'd been awake since last night.

And contrary to his belief, the fucking thing continue to happen day and night. Sometimes he will be lucky he wouldn't see the man on the night and will be able to scrap pick peacefully.

But every single fucking day, there was never a time he did not died on the hands of the Battlemage. Whoever the hell he was. He knows that the man is quite high rank in Excellent Dynasty's guild.

Even with different alts, there was no way that a fucking monstrously Battlemage exist identically. He had already lose a ton of experience on just one week.


He's not even fully levelled anymore. He needed to work hard to get back every single day to Level 70 since he dropped by every other day.

It was Saturday night and Excellent Era was facing their second to the last match of the regular season. Royal Style.

As the match against Lightly last week went really good in front of everyone's eyes, Ye Qiu knows that this time the team winning is another miracle altogether. Of five days they trained, two of them the rest had a few mishaps and excuses not attending the training. And Royal Style is not a low tier team. They can put an attack whenever they can. 

The match as what Ye Qiu predicted went really awful on the team.

The Individual has only won by Mucheng giving them only 1 point. Of course he was able to get the 2 points on Group Arena.

However, the Team Match was planned and executed masterfully. Sabotaged almost masterfully that everyone will be able to buy the fucking excuses of those fucking shits. 

Those fucking monkeys lightly undermine the team again. Only because Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng was there.

They smiled at each other after the match.

Almost. They almost lost if they didn't enforce the rare combo they did against Ye Xiu, they will likely lose.

"Ms. Su Mucheng, the last part where you and Captain Ye Qiu execute that combo was really beautiful. How long did the two of you practiced to make that move" The reporter ask Su Mucheng about the move where One Autumn Leaf completely retreated and Dancing Rain went forward and the two changed their style completely. The one on the main attack is the Launcher while the support become One Autumn Leaf. As such, Dancing Rain was facing two opponents while Ye Qiu was against the third player.

The two attacked their respective opponent/s of the remaining 3 players of Royal Style until One Autumn Leaf and Dancing Rain jumped switching their position. So when they thought they were able to get onto the weakness of a launcher, they were then faced by a furious Battlemage.

It was perfect.

In front of the eyes of everyone. But it was a rare move that the two made while fighting Ye Xiu in the early days when they would fight on a 2v1 match.

It was because Su Mucheng have more experience playing. She'd been playing since Season 1 and as someone who focused on Glory they had a huge gap before.

"I've known Ye Qiu for a long time. As much as he trust his back onto me, I can fight confidently as long as he got my back."

Ye Qiu watch on TV as his partner in crime replied on the post match interview. The match that ended into 8-2, leaving Excellent Era with a total of 248 points on the 8th place with Thunderclap and 301 Degrees still on their end with 246 and 241 respectively.

Chapter Text

The last match of the regular season is coming up, but there's still a huge chance that Thunderclap will replace the team's position. The remaining places were almost secured by the other, only the 8th place.

Ye Qiu chooses to believe that those guys will only make the team challenge worse. And if they did, then it was already forfeited before the game even began, and no effort from Su Mucheng and him could fight a good strong team like Samsara.

Instead of focusing on the last match, he decided to just let it be and concentrate on the kids he was recruiting, whether it was on Heavenly Domain or the Normal server.

9th Server ~

Using another dummy account, Ye Qiu met up with Qiao Yifan on the 9th server, even introducing himself.

One Inch Ash, a Ghostblade which is already at Level 30. Faster than normal, he bet the account was being passed to Leveller in the morning when he was training.

He attacked the man on Wild PK after seeing it. The other reacted nimbly and used Ice Limit on him.

Ye Qiu smiled and said, "Wow! You're quite good."

"Who are you?" Qiao Yifan asked

"Well, my brother is busy preparing for matches and training his team so he told me to check on this, One Inch Ash if I had time."

"Uhmm... Senior Ye's brother?" Qiao Yifan guessed since there's only one person he told about One Inch Ash and that was the man who suggested him of the class. Other than that, it was on the Leveler, which is a third-party company that had rules regarding the privacy of their customer.

"Yup!! So how long have you been playing GLORY?" The man who attacked him started making a talk, so he just answered since it seems the Battlemage isn't dangerous at all. "I started training 2 years ago."

"Oh! I've been playing the game ever since Season 2! My brother thought me this GLORY thing."

"I-if your Senior Ye Qiu's brother, why didn't you debut?"

"I like playing it as a hobby, but not into a career. I have a day job. My brother told me that you're in the Normal Server so he really can't come every time and just told me to guide you as I can."
"Ah! Thank you very much."

"Nah! I don't play Ghostblade so most of the things I knew are just theories and things that Ge thought me, but maybe you can make do with that."

"Uhm, I'll be in your care Brother Ye."

"No problem."

"So you want to dungeon together? Or should we just go to the arena?"

"I wanted to level up as soon as possible.."

"Don't rush it. If you're playing to start over, make it worth it. Let's PK on the Arena first, I want to know what you already know about the class."

"Ok, Brother Ye."

The two went to make a private arena and started the match. Ye Qiu fully used his dominant style, not hiding anything or copying his brother's. There might be traces of Ye Xiu, but it was explainable, as that was the man who thought him to play.

The two played and Ye Qiu would tell the younger one a few things here and there.

"Stop! That part, where you used the limits after I attacked." After the first match, the next ones became coaching matches where Ye Qiu would shout saying 'stop' to point at the man.


"I'm not a Ghostblade so I don't know if what I'm saying is correct but I'm just saying it based on my opinion, in the end it's still on you on which to pick. But I hope you got something okay?"

"Yes, Ye-Ge." Qiao Yifan responded with all the gusto. Even though he was a trainee at Tiny Herb, it was rare for someone to coach him. Yes, there were times when he was still starting, but nowadays, it was already a miracle when some seniors PK with him with the mind of teaching him, not playing against him to boost their egos. 

He was beyond doubt that there was a gap between him and the rest of the trainees when it came to skills. 'If only he can do better' is what he always wished for.

"That part where you used a limit in coordination with the map was not bad at all since it will take me a good time to reach you again. Your timing is also impeccable but I disagree with the choice of limit you used. It'll be best if you use another one. Silent Limit only seals the skills of the enemies within it. But not physical attacks so if I did not use my skills but just continuously swing my lance automatically and used my hand speed to cross I will reach you in no time and the Boundary will lose its effect. You see, I think to maximize its efficiency, Silence Boundary should be used in overlapping with another Boundary."

Qiao Yifan listens carefully to the other line, even as writing a few notes, especially the part where the other explained about the Limit.

"Ah, then is it better to use the Ice to trap you? I was planning to encircle you after that and corner you with another limit." He inserted a solution he thought of.

Ye Qiu agreed and added, "Yes, since I won't be able to crossover and there would even be a chance to damage me. With the time I was dodging the ice, you will be able to corner me more."

"Okay, thank you Brother Ye. I'll take note of that."

"Of course. But remember I'm only telling you from my perspective. I don't play Ghostblade but Gege had thought me how to counter or fight all of the other classes. So the moment you used the Silent Boundary on me I already know that I will be able to counter you and you will lose." Ye Qiu said and continued,

"That part needs to be revised. If I say you cannot beat me with that attack then you should be more innovative- no! the right term should be shrewd! You are a Ghostblade, Phantom Demon even, that class fights using mind scheming. Not really dirty play but always making strategy concerning everything on your field. And that's where your talent shines, I think Ge had already told you that you have great sense with it comes to field awareness."

"Yes, Senior Ye did tell me that I have talent with that..."

"There are lots of Boundaries, and as a support, you need to be able to master them in order to help your team. Right now, you're questioning your talent but if you cannot believe in yourself then trust in my brother. He said you have talent, then you did have."

Qiao Yifan remained silent on the other line, but he was only biting his inner cheek to make sure he didn't cry. Somewhere out there, two individuals believed in him.

"Instead of fast-pacing, the level make sure that you master the combinations of those boundaries first. When is the perfect time to use one, which boundaries are compatible together or such." Ye Qiu added.

"I got it Brother Ye. Sorry. I was rushing things. I will practice my Boundaries more." Qiao Yifan answered resolutely.

"But you're placing is really good you know! That means you will be formidable when you get to the point where you can properly throw the best limits there is. You are still young, you have all the time in the world."

Qiao Yifan stuttered but still raised a question, "Uhm, Brother Ye, do you know any training or exercise that I should take?"

"Hmmm, Nope. Only experience is the answer. That's where I will come from. We go to 5-man dungeons then you support me. If you make a wrong limit, the chances of us dying is high enough we'll lose exp."

"Okay Brother Ye, Should we find a Cleric then?"

"No no no! We don't need a Cleric or anyone else. It will be just the two of us."

"Got it, thank you again, Brother Ye."

"No problem. Gege left you in my hand. You should at least be presentable when you meet him on the Heavenly Domain. Let's go!"

And the two left the Arena to go to a dungeon. This cycle of coaching matches and dungeoning continues for quite a while. Yifan decided to only leave leveling his character once a week and bond with One Inch Ash, studying each and every nook of what the character could offer.

The more he used the account, the more he realized that this was the right class for him. He felt his wings spreading out. It's only been a short time, but he already noticed that he was growing.

Heavenly Domain ~

After logging out from the 9th Server, Ye Qiu used his dummy account to play on the Heavenly Domain this time. It was around 11 PM already as he told Yifan that he needed to go to sleep as he has a job tomorrow morning.

He was helping the Guild as his brother would do so. But before he even finished a dungeon with the guild elites, he received a message from a certain Berserker.

Brighter Sun: Woi! Let's PK!

Brighter Sun: I can see you're online!

Brighter Sun: Don't ignore me!!!

Soaring in the Sky: Hello to you too, Little Sun.

Brighter Sun: Let's PK! This time I'll beat you! I'm not the same as yesterday. I'll win!

Soaring in the Sky: yes yes, but can we do it later? I'm still in the dungeon Little Sun

Brighter Sun: What the hell are you doing to some dungeon!!

Soaring in the Sky: Well, the more helper the better?

Brighter Sun: What?????????

Soaring in the Sky: I'm talking about Excellent Era's Guild incompetency when it comes to gathering materials, so from time to time I get to help.

Brighter Sun: What a waste of time.

Soaring in the Sky: Seriously Little Sun, You've been pestering me into PK, you are also a waste of time. I do it because it's for Gege, what do I get from you then?

Brighter Sun: You get to fight strong players

Soaring in the Sky: Already have Gege for that.

Brighter Sun: Hmph!

Soaring in the Sky: I should be collecting training fees from now on.

Brighter Sun: What do you want?!

Soaring in the Sky: Maybe some materials or helping me with dungeons or wild boss.

Brighter Sun: What the fuck! You want me to work as a lowly guild worker?

Brighter Sun: Bitch I'm more than that! 

Brighter Sun: Do you know I'm currently the number one nominated as Best Rookie! It was not as big as Han Wenqing's salary but I earn a lot of money! I'm paid thousands to play games, not even counting my salary on modeling!!

Soaring in the Sky: And so?

Brighter Sun: And so I don't deserve to be used like a FUCKING peasant!!!

Soaring in the Sky: I'm a Deputy Chief Executive of a company! I earn millions in a month, do I get to have a say? No, right? So if you want me to PK with you, make sure to bring materials or help in the Wild Boss fight!

Brighter Sun: are?

Soaring in the Sky: I am! So get your ass here at Bone Dragon Abyss, North Entrance.  We need material from the dungeon and it seems like we're repeating it.

Brighter Sun: Fine.

Ye Qiu smiled after seeing the last message sent by the arrogant kid. It was not every day but he also enjoys bullying playing with the guy.  He just knew he can train someone like Sun Xiang, especially after he had humbled down his growing ego.

As the day passed, Ye Qiu didn't get highly strung on the upcoming 38th and last match of the regular season. They have discussed most of the 'supposed' strategy which he will completely destroy.

This is his last match.

There's no way he will not make it fuuuu~n.


"Vice-Captain Liu Hao, aren't your movements in the last scene are a bit wild and strained?"

"Oh, that is because Ye Qiu had to change the tactics on the last second so it was hard not just for me but everyone to adjust."

"That's not--"

"Ms. Su Mucheng, do you know about the said strategy?"

"Yes I -"

"It was not Mucheng's fault that she also made a mistake, the new tactic was not something we often do and it took a lot from us just to perform what Captain asked."

And the post-match interview ended, with Liu Hao using his flowery words to point out, that it was not their fault but it was their Captain's fault, everything.

End of Flashback

Ye Qiu had first learned about that post-match interview manner on Tiny Herb's match, the image of his brother had been tarnished for so long by misdirecting opinions and deceiving people by their pretentious answers hiding their own dirt.

Of course, after experiencing the on-hand mistreatment of his twin, he decided to compile all the post-match interviews of Excellent Era.

And guess what?

The manner goes way back to Season 5. For three years, 38 matches every regular season and 5 or 6 playoffs attendance. It started on lightly pushing it on his brother's fault until it is overgrown to blaming him with every loss he didn't want to.

This time, he will give them what they want.

Ye Qiu grinned wickedly as he walked through the corridors of City S' stadium. He saw from afar that his Manager was talking to the rest of the team.

Maybe reminding them how they should faceplant on playing the team match.

Just you wait. Fufufu~

Let the show begin.

"Manager Cui Li, can I talk to you for a second?" Ye Qiu said to the now alone manager

"What is it Ye Qiu?"

"Mucheng and I plan to eat out later with some of my cousins. I would not be coming back together with the team, neither she is."

"Focus on the game first. How can you have the audacity to think about celebrating when the match hasn't started yet!!" The eyeglasses freak reprimands Ye Qiu.

"I just informed you." Ye Qiu said bluntly and passed by the manager without looking back, even when the other started speaking nonsense again.

"Good evening everyone! We are here now at City S stadium to watch the last match of the Regular Season between Excellent Era and Samsara."

Ye Qiu heard as the host started introducing them and starting the match proper.

Individual's Challenge 1st Round: Chaotic Cloudy Mountain vs Dancing Rain

The first one is the Individual Challenge. Samsara was a little bit shocked seeing that the first one was Dancing Rain, she rarely starts matches. She would often be in the third slot when it came to Individual matches.

On their end, it was Lu Buoyan's Chaotic Cloudy Mountains. Even the player himself was a bit tense because of the mismatch. Grappler is a short-range class while Launcher is a long-range class.

So it's either he finds her first or she finds him.

He was thinking of possible scenarios he could use when Lu Buoyan felt the tap on his back. A simple tap from their Captain. He smiled and calmed down, going to his booth.

Before Su Mucheng went to the booth, he passed by Ye Qiu who was playing his mysterious twin brother, and greeted him, "Yo!"

"Mucheng, you cannot lose."

"Hmmm." Su Mucheng nodded.

"Make sure you win. No matter what. We need this point you know that right?"

"Don't worry Ye Qiu, even if it means I went wild I'll make sure to grab this point."

"Good luck. If you finish it within 5 minutes, I'll give you my credit card for a day. You can go shop with Yunxiu if you want?"

"Really?! You promised, K?"


The two smiled at each other and Ye Qiu put on his mask again. He did not go back towards his team's area, but to a woman who she has fully well known.

"Here are the tickets, Qiu-ge. Are you sure you want it on Samsara's side?"

"Of course. It's better to hide in plain sight. Is everything accounted as well?"

"Yes of course. And I also brought the bag, there are two jackets in there and the wigs you asked for."

"Thanks, Shuiren. I cannot wait to watch the disaster they will make. Heh. Ye Qiu said smirking while Shuiren just laughed with him.

The two were talking when they heard a loud cheer from the stadium. They looked at each other and peeked into the ongoing match where the Launcher was trashing the Grappler cruelly. Their HPs have already had a huge gap, with Chaotic Cloudy Mountains at 60 percent while Dancing Rain still at 87 percent. And it's only been 2 minutes 17 seconds.

Ye Qiu smiled. She'll win at this rate, the health continues to go down, while Su Mucheng just ignores a few trash talk from the other line, only sending a smiley, a deadly smiley.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountains was able to take a route where he could get nearer towards the launcher, but he couldn't get the chance to pounce on her. Su Mucheng did do what she said.

Even if it means going wild, huh~

Ye Qiu cannot help but form a sardonic smile on his lips. The plan is going to be perfect.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountains: Aren't you too feisty tonight, Senior Su?

Dancing Rain: :)

On the clock of 4 minutes 12 seconds, the Grappler's health had already been reduced to a mere quarter and Su Mucheng was still more than half.

Su Mucheng focused on everything. It was for his brother. This time she needed to be much stronger if she wanted to protect him.

As she was running towards a pillar vertically with the Grappler on her hots, Dancing Rain threw her weapon diagonally as she somersaulted. Upon picking up her weapon in the air, Gatling Gun was used against Chaotic Cloudy Mountains to maneuver her aerial fire.

Continuously, creating a large space between them. With that move, the launcher was on top of another pillar while the opponent was on the ground.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountain was not expecting the skill. He never knew a launcher could do that trick, especially since she was carrying a heavy weapon. If she was a spitfire or sharpshooter then he would accept it, she did throw her weapon away to lighten her load, but still the Goddess of the Alliance was able to do that.

How did she do it is something everyone will be talking about in the upcoming days.

Before Lu Buoyan can even think of another way to counter, a beam comes towards him and he knows what's next. Even if he tried to fight, he knew it was already a defeat, he only had 22 percent, and the last attack was a Satellite Beam.

4 minutes 59 seconds.

That's how fast, he was killed.

What happened to Su Mucheng?

She was too destructive tonight as if it was the end of the world, and she turned into some kind of alien.

Lu Buoyan went back towards their area and he saw everyone looking at him, making him apologize at the instant, "Sorry Captain."

"No." Zhou Zekai answered him with a determined look, "What Captain meant is that it was not your fault Lu. That's the first time I saw Senior Su that savage, and she was really strong. Good job lasting for a long time." Jiang Botao added while Zhou Zekai also nodded.

Du Ming stood up and said, "I'll avenge you, Lu."

"No." Zhou Zekai said, and Jiang Botao continued, "Don't think about his loss. Keep calm and just do your best."




"Is there something wrong with the match-up?"

The audience started murmuring after seeing the names on the TV about the next match. Samsara looked and saw a name they never - no! in the entire Alliance rarely see on the Individual's match. Just this season he had never played in this part of the match.

The man would always be anchoring in the Group Arena.

They tried looking at the host, but there was nothing. As it was their home, they would be the first ones to know if there were technical problems.

Individual's Challenge 2nd Round: Moon Luring Frost vs One Autumn Leaf

Du Ming glance at his captain and the vice captain even at their Senior Cleric. But he didn't get any reassurance at all.

Everyone knows, no matter how much Excellent Era declines, that man is still one of the most prominent Gods of Glory.

Excellent Era's side was also shocked. That man made a move. They're not sure why, but it was different from their usual line-up.

Su Mucheng stayed in her booth for a few more minutes until the next match was announced. After leaving her booth, a man wearing Excellent Era's jacket and a face mask met her on the side stairs going to the booth.

It was Ye Qiu, wearing a face mask. While everyone was buzzing about the possibility of technical errors, the answer was shown in front of them.

The two tagged each other's hand and the man continued to the booth while the Goddess of the Alliance passed by Samsara's Area, smiling innocently. Fuck!

"Well, Sorry Lu but I think I'll just do my worst." Du Ming said

"Good luck~" Lu Buoyan teased to the teary-eyed teammate, knowing he was not the only one who would get trashed tonight and how lucky he was he faced Su Mucheng instead and lasted almost 5 minutes.

Du Ming dragged his feet towards his own booth.


One Autumn Leaf appeared at the same time as Moon Luring Frost and the stadium howled, even if it was Samsara's Stadium. Ye Qiu, the Battle God will be playing an Individual's game. Not only that, he appeared again!!!

Is he finally opening towards them?

The fans of Excellent Era scream their lungs out cheering for their God.

Excellent Era's members looked at Su Mucheng when she returned to their area but she ignored their looks completely and sat down watching the match.

Moon Luring Frost: Hello Senior. You rarely come out here?

One Autumn Leaf: Is that so?

The two still hadn't met, but they were only a few blocks away. Everyone was holding their breath as the two avatars were walking in the same direction, but yet to meet. They will definitely be in a few seconds if this pace continues.

Suddenly, One Autumn Leaf stopped. Everyone was sweating and even more so was Du Ming who's controlling the Moon Luring Frost. He was cautiously doing his best traveling the path.

Ye Qiu stopped after hearing the steps. It was a very tiny sound, focusing himself as he tried to locate the direction of it. He bid his time listening to it and confirming that it was indeed going towards him. Just a few seconds and the proof was then laid on his front line as he saw the opponent.

When Du Ming saw the Battlemage, he had already disappeared on him. One Autumn Leaf's speed is too fast for everyone to follow. Attack after attack, he was played by the battle lance as it continuously swung on him, ending him knocked up.

Evil Annihilation dances together with its master as they dominate the opponent, throwing skills after skills.

Moon Luring Frost tried to Quick Recover, but before the man even did so, the other had already reached him not giving him any chance at all.

The Blademaster's attacks were dodged precisely, and no matter what he tried to achieve, the Battlemage would have a counterattack.

One Autumn Leaf has never been a tyrant. He had relaxed and remained calm and steady in the recent years, the once Battle God had matured and retired the Individual's Game to the youngsters concentrating on the Group Arena and the Team Match.

Until today. It was as if telling the whole community,

I'm still alive. I'm still here.

The match was a demonstration for everyone. That the Battle God was still sitting on his throne.

The precise control over the class, the strength of his attacks, a calculative mind, even his fast hand speed he has it. HE STILL HAS IT ALL!!

From the start to the end of 1 minute and 23 seconds, Du Ming was left with no chance. And with the end of the match, the audience started chanting "Ye Qiu" roaring over their God.

Ye Qiu left his booth after the match but did not return to his team's area, rather vanishing towards the hallway. For a while, the crowd wouldn't calm down until the host announced the next match.

Individual's Challenge Round 3: Empty Waves vs Total Darkness

Both are Spellblade and both are Vice-Captain. It was a fight to know who was better. Excellent Era cheered for their Vice, especially now that he was following two one-sided matches favoring their team on someone else's home game.

Ye Qiu grinned, the possibility that Jiang Botao would be the last player for the match of the individual was something he considered.

If Liu Hao succumbed to the cheers of the audience and won, it would be another point to secure their place for the playoffs. If he loses, then he will be humiliated for all to see, even getting dissed by failing Excellent Era's fans, which is absolutely perfect.

Ye Qiu snorted after seeing the result. So in the end, Liu Hao chooses to side with the management. But even so, the boos he received from fans were hilarious.

He cannot help but smirk while hiding in the shadows.

"O-oh, looks like Vice-Captain Liu Hao was out of the game tonight."

"Yes, completely different from Vice Captain Jiang. That move is beautiful, don't you think so Coach Li" Pan Li commented together with Li Yibo. The other then added,

"Indeed so, he was steady despite the previous overwhelming individual matches of the best duo, compared to Liu Hao which was disrupted by the pressure of the crowd, I think."

"Yes, this time we can see perfectly the difference between the two Spellblade. Liu Hao had a few great skills on his arsenal but Jiang Botao used his perception of the field. He's also not easy to get agitated."

"The difference lies between their mindset." Li Yibo said and the other commentator concluded, "Right. Looks like the match ended with Samsara getting this point for them."

Ye Qiu who was standing by one of the dark halls heard the perfect commentary on humiliating the monkey. He grins, imagining the aftershock of this match.

Well, he wouldn't be here anymore. He'll be busy managing their company in L.A. And all the trouble will be left to his brother. He laughed before hearing the stadium make some noise. Looking from afar, he saw from the TV the announcement of the Group Arena.

Group Arena: Snowy Summit vs Dancing Rain 

"Wait, wait!! Is there really nothing wrong with Excellent Era? I mean, Su Mucheng is starting again!" Du Ming asked their team.

"We don't know, I think it was a strategy of Senior Ye."

"Wouldn't she be too tired already? If she played now, wouldn't they remove her from team match?"

"They can also add her, there was no rule that a player cannot play for all three, but the said player will be too tired because the three had different paces." Fang Minghua also added his opinion.

"Individual needs you to focus all your strength in killing the enemy with all you can, Group Arena is mind game of conserving your energy while defeating as many as one can, while Team Match is coordinating with others to win. The three had their own paces. So it will ruin a player's condition if they played in all of three."

"Playoffs." Zhou Zekai said.

"Captain, do you mean that they will do it even if there was a high chance of ruining their games just to be able to come to the playoffs?"


"But with this, we can guess that Su Mucheng will only be the sixth man. That means, we need to plan the team match's pace faster."


Snowy Summit is a Blademaster played by Cao Zeng, the last senior player they had. He debuted in the Winter of Season 3 and was playing the last season before he retired.

Compared to Dancing Rain which is very popular, the Blademaster is just another regular pro player of Samsara. He doesn't have fame similar to the Goddess. But he loves the game, the same as everyone who played Glory professionally.

Su Mucheng stood up from her seat and went towards the booth, again, smiling at the host and even waving her hands to the fans.

The match started and ended without too much affair, the two went and fought, and as a long-range fighter, Su Mucheng ensured that the blademaster wouldn't be able to attack her extremely.

However, a match is always uncertain. Dancing Rain won, but she spent 37 percent after a mistake and let the opponent get near her.

At 63 percent, Su Mucheng needed to fight against the next opponent. She relaxed her body and adjusted for the next one.

Group Arena: Dancing Rain (63%) vs. Cruel Silence

Wu Qi is a Season 5 debut, he had been in the pro for almost three years and is a part of the main roster of Samsara.

As an assassin, the fight between the two is really interesting. It was a match on whether a class suited to long-range could win against the one with the means to cut all distance to a short one.

Cruel Silence used Shadow Move, the moment the two were in sight. While Dancing Rain immediately implemented Anti-Tank Missiles as she flees from the opponent getting near her.
Cruel Silence was only able to miss one of the three. The second cut his movement while the blast knocked him back. But the Assassin did not stop with that as he used Teleporting Stab, instantly appearing on Dancing Rain's back, depleting her life to 49 percent.

Su Mucheng quickly leaps forward, running away from the assassin that appeared on her back, a launcher doesn't have that much leeway to fight at short range. She decided to throw a few Cannonballs while evading Cruel Silence.

The assassin though affected by the attack and HP dropped to 72% had already hidden his presence, biding his time for another chance.

Su Mucheng felt a bit of relief when she thought that she was able to lose the assassin. She looked carefully at her surroundings to check where the man would be hiding.

It was too late when she saw the shadows already lurking behind her. Cruel Silence used Assassination followed by Leaping Blade. The launcher was on the air with health only 20 percent, as she executed Charged Artillery.

Wu Qi was not able to dodge the attack as his health had clocked at 52%.

As the Launcher started falling from the air slowly by aerial firing, the assassin then used Diving Arrow, shortening the distance between the two followed by Heart Piercing Stab killing Dancing Rain in the air.

The match ended and the host looked on the TV again to announce the next match. But even he blinked a few times and looked at any kind of signal from the alliance's technical workers.

Group Arena: Cruel Silence (52%) vs One Autumn Leaf

Wu Qi heaved a sigh of relief after beating his opponent. He knew for a fact that Su Mucheng was in the groove tonight. And it proves as the woman was able to take away almost 50 percent of his health.

He closed his eyes for a minute to reset. He needed to at least bring down the next opponent by a third of his life to help his Captain have a better chance.

On the other hand, the stadium went to another pandemonium. Even the players of Samsara stood up after the next player was announced.

Su Mucheng who was slowly walking out of her booth could feel the trembling from the ground. She smiled while hopping as she descends the stairs and a man wearing a red jacket and a face mask welcomed her tagging her hands in the air, again? It looks like some kind of deja vu.

"What the!"

"Captain, what do you think is Senior Ye planning?"

Zhou Zekai just shook his head. Even he had no clue at all.

"God Ye!!!!"

"Ye Qiu!"

"Ye Qiu!"

The chant continues as the man walked towards the booth. Wu Qi saw a nightmare appearing on his monitor, his next opponent.. is none other than One Autumn Leaf.

"What do you think about the strategy of Excellent Era this time? Coach Li?" Pan Li asked for his co-host's insight as a former Pro player.

"Even I cannot be certain, but the best reason must be that the best duo would like to sacrifice their condition just to be able to win this match with staggering points. They must've been thinking somewhere around 10-0 or 9-1." The other responded with his own theory, regarding the said event.

"Seriously, God Ye is doing some incredible moves on this last match."

"Yes, I believe so."

"Well, I think everyone needs to watch this since it's rare for the main core to ever play three parts of the competition." Pan Li said to the camera for all the audience watching to pay attention to the match.

"Right, back in Season  2, there were still some who did play as there's only a number of pro players. I think it's most common in the first season." Li Yibo mentioned

"Oh! That was quite a knowledge, thank you for sharing that with us Coach Li."

"But still, Cruel Silence has still half of life. He can still use Life Risking Strike to help the next player of Samsara, who we do know for a fact that was always Captain Zhou who anchored the Group Arena. If God Ye made even a tiny mistake here with this match, Group Arena is still either." Li Yibo commented on the match scene.

"But seriously, how do you think God Ye will prepare for the Team Match? The 15-minute break difference after the Group Arena will not remedy his pacing right?"

"That's something we need to wait for. But for now, let's go back to Cruel Silence and One Autumn Leaf. It looks like the two had already met and started throwing their attacks."

"Oh! Yes Yes, Cruel Silence had already made a move against God Ye, as he moved on the shadow. "

After meeting with the Assassin, Ye Qiu didn't slow down. He continuously worked his APM up, not minding his pacing at all.

What he needs is to win this Group Arena! That's all. Even if it is mercilessly killing his opponent. He concentrated on the game as he thought,

I will win even if it's going against the standards.

The moment Cruel Silence had seen an opportunity, he used Life Risking Strike only for One Autumn Leaf to swing his lance, deflecting the knife that was directly on his throat.

Cruel Silence had been knocked back and started throwing all his skills. The Battlemage won't leave him alone and the pace keeps on going up. Wu Qi knew that he was already losing in terms of speed.

"350, 365, 380 APM."

"God Ye is not pacing at all, do you think he's confident enough to win this match with complete brute force? I've never seen him like that even before. But his APM is rising as fast as a rollercoaster ride." Pan Li remarked, feeling the excitement of the match. Speed matches have always been thrilling to watch.

"Yes, and Cruel Silence cannot keep up at all... 400!! We clocked at 400 APM everyone! It's been a long time since we saw God Ye ever shown his speed towards the mass." Li Yibo responded the same way as his co-commentator. Even if his from Tyranny and had a huge belief in antagonizing Ye Qiu, it was his job to do so.

"Right, in the recent years he would often clock below 300 but steadily as he focused on making different strategies for teamwork. It looks like God Ye is proving that he still maintained his speed."

"It feels like God Ye is showing us a display of his strength."

"Is it a declaration for the new generation? Maybe?" The two converse, expressing their own opinions of the said God.

"And Cruel Silence went down! Wow! It hasn't even been two minutes." Pan Li shouted for the end of the third match.

"Yes, and One Autumn Leaf's Health is still at 93 percent. Looks like the fate of this Group will be left on the Great Gunner God, Captain Zhou Zekai."

Zhou Zekai stood up and nodded at Wu Qi. They both know, that although he was able to win against Su Mucheng, he was hopeless in the face of the Battle God.

Group Arena: One Autumn Leaf (93%) vs Cloud Piercer

The stadium went into another mayhem as the battle between the Great Gunner and Battle God kicked off.

The match was upheld in a very direct confrontation map. It was an ancient colosseum that barely had any structure.

One Autumn Leaf met with Cloud Piercer and the two went to fight head on.  The Battlemage came wielding his weapon and the Sharpshooter with his two guns. 

Zhou Zekai is quiet by nature and didn't really like too much attention on him but the way he fought is entirely the opposite. He is strong headed and never backs down. He wouldn't be called as a one man team of Samsara if he cannot carry his team properly. And everything was reflected in his skills. He carried himself just fine to become a God only two years after debuting bringing a low mid tier team to a regular playoffs team.

When One Autumn Leaf used Double Stab followed by Sky Strike knocking the Gunner up in the air, Cloud Piercer used Random Firing to target the battlemage as he moved in the air.

Ye Qiu managed to dodge a few but was also grazed by some. Same with Zhou Zekai, when it all looks like he was at a huge disadvantage he was still able to counter and make a move against the opponent. 

Ye Qiu knew from the beginning that he cannot lag in this fight. It was a match like that with the Witch. A fight with a God-level Tier player so his focus had never waned even once. Before, he still had the time to think of his plot but at the moment, his attention was all on the Sharpshooter.

The clock continued to move and everyone in the stadium were on for an spectacular match. 12 minutes and the life of both is still half. No one's gaining the higher up at all.

They continue to exchange heavy blows, dodging and counter attacking each other's attacks. Dragons and bullets shooting on the field as the fight commenced and the colosseum started getting ruined more and more.

Ye Qiu felt his heart beating faster and faster. He had never felt this kind of excitement ever. Not even when he won contracts worth millions.

Is this the reason why Gege played GLORY for a long time? He felt himself attaining freedom away from the worldly matter. He won against Vaccaria, a great God-Tier player but it's different maybe because the stake is greater this time. If he lost then everything's over.

21 minutes, the match was going to its finale, both already reached the red bar on their HP line . Cloud Piercer was standing on one of the ruined pillars of the audience side of the map while One Autumn Leaf was just a few meters away from him.

As the Sharpshooter used Curve Firing, the Battlemage used Z-Shake to avoid the bullets while launching Tyrant's Destruction sweeping the ankle of the gunner and kicking him into the air. Cloud Piercer maneuvered his positioning in the air. Being in the air is more of the upper hand for him but he knew that there were still battlemage skills that Ye Qiu can use.

Zhou Zekai watched as One Autumn Leaf pulled back his spear and started accumulating magic power on its tip forming Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, he decided to make it his move.

As the Dragon nearly clamps him, he uses Aerial Firing to dodge the mouth of the Dragon and execute his last attack, Barett Snipe.

Ye Qiu saw the bullet coming to him but he knew he needed to continue the attack or else the long ending lag would make the bullet hit him. Although his brother did taught him and he had tried to do so. It's been a long time since he executed the attack, his hands flew through the keyboard and mouse as he controlled the dragon to raise its head to devour the gunner.

He knew for sure that he won't be able to fully avoid the bullet that was coming to him so he decided to move just a tiny bit from his position, that way he won't at least be hit on the head, barring the chance of greater damage.

And he did it. 

GLORY. The word appeared as he realized he won. He won. With his health being only 0.23%,  he won. Haha.

Ye Qiu breathed as he watched the replay happening.

Everyone in the stadium was cheering for the two. The yelling of the fans from both sides is so loud that it can shake the stadium.

Because the fight is indeed breathtaking. Even if it was Samsara's lose, the fans did not dissed their Captain that was leaving the booth. They clapped for the two fighters because they deserve so after a magnificent match they've shown.

“That was a very fitting fight between the Battle God and the Great Gunner.”

“Yeah, I’m having goosebumps all over my body Coach Li.”

“Because it was indeed. But with this point, it’s 4-1 in Excellent Era’s favor. There’s a high chance they will win this game and solidify their seat in the playoffs.”

“Oh right! It’s currently a battle between them and Thunderclap right.. Hmmm, here according to the other news, It was 2-1 but Blue Rain seems to be winning the Group Arena.”  

The host commented a few more as both teams went to their respective game preparation room for the 15 minute break before the team match.

Su Mucheng was inside the preparation room while Ye Qiu was nowhere to be found at the moment. However, the team believed that the man would just appear at the last second, as normally as possible. Excellent Era thought he was just smoking in some hallways and even though he made a few moves it will be much easier to trample him after those matches. He's definitely tired and the team match will not be something he can win with that kind of pacing he did.

A few minutes before the start of Team Challenge, Su Mucheng excused herself to go to the restroom, not minding the voice of her teammates.

She went out and saw Shuiren in the restroom. The woman was holding a bag of clothing change. Su Mucheng was laughing inside her as she put on long black hair with bangs. After which she put a black eye contacts and wore a pair of eyeglasses. The Excellent Era jacket was thrown to the bag as she don-ed an image in front of the mirror she didn't recognize.

She smirked and walked away from the restroom, going towards the Samsara's side of the stadium when she was far away from Excellent Era's side, she started laughing maniacally. Even now, she cannot believe the stunt Ye Qiu thought of doing.

"Sorry, I'm late."

"Oh? don't worry, the team match is just starting" The man in white T's with eyeglasses, blonde wig, and auburn scarf replied.

"Haha, I hope they win."

"Yeah, let's hope they win."


The two laughed. They didn't need to mind their neighbors as they were paid by just being there. They don't even know anything about the game at all.

"Hello everyone! So we are here for the team match. Let's all welcome from Samsara." The host said as his hand gestured to the TV and the list of names started appearing.

Samsara: Cloud Piercer, Empty Waves, Laughing Song, Moon Luring Frost, Chaotic Cloudy Mountain, S:Cruel SIlence

The players of Sasmara stand up and wave towards their fans as they go on the stage.

On Excellent Era's hand, 

"Where's Su Mucheng?"

"We don't know Manager. She said, she will just go to the restroom but she isn't there."

"Seriously! The match is going to start. Where are the two of them!"

"We can just go to the stage, we're used to shaking hands without the Captain."

"Yes, Vice Captain Liu Hao is here."


"Now, for Excellent Era's members" The host said after a few greetings towards Samsara's players.

And the moment of truth came, the TV show a list of names...

Names that made the whole audience silent. Because two certain names were not there!

Excellent Era:  Total Darkness, Qi Breaker, Woven Shadow, Emotionless Magic, Successive Strike, S: Lightning Saber*

There was no Dancing Rain or One Autumn Leaf. The duo that took the 4 points of the match were both not in the list.

Excellent Era started to shudder. That man! What the hell is he thinking!! How dare he!! They all looked at their Manager who already went towards the Alliance referee and complained that there was something wrong with the list.

The team match was delayed as the host also came towards them, even Jiang Botao and Zhou Zekai were called. And the rest of the Excellent Era lead with Liu Hao as the Vice Captain.

"Excuse me, there's something wrong with Excellent Era's list." Manager Cui Li complained.

"No. That is the one on the list."

"That's impossible! Do you think the team will go without our best duo?" The manger argued leaving the Alliance's referee to sigh.

"Maybe there are some technical issues." The host who was also there said as the camera focused on them.

"First, I want to ask where are the two from Excellent Era?" The referee replied with seriousness written on his face.

"Captain Ye Qiu did not come back after the Group Match while Su Mucheng went to the restroom around 10 minutes ago but we cannot contact her anymore." Zhang Jiaxing replied calmly, informing everyone.

"We need to follow what was submitted to us, no matter whether they were here or not for the clarification, the form was passed to us by Captain Ye himself. You can see it if you want." The referee showed the original form and it was indeed filled up with the same names. 

"This is insane! Do you think we'll believe this?" Liu Hao gritted, he needed to get his revenge on that man. The referee was offended and said,

"Don't shout at me! Do you want me to disqualify you?" With the threat from the referee Liu Hao was only able to keep his silence.


"Uhm, ref?" Jiang Botao added a few comments, "Since you are sure that it was God Ye who submitted the form, did you notice anything different about him or did he say anything?" He said in a very polite way of asking someone. The referee nodded towards the attitude of the other Vice Captain, heaven and earth different from the other team's vice captain.

"Well, I did ask him if he was sure with this but then he said and I quote, 'They're used to me changing strategy in the middle of nowhere. This time was just like all those times'' The referee answered, looking towards the Excellent Era's side. Even he felt something was wrong when the man said that with a very sentimental voice of someone who had already given up.

He's been a referee for two years and that was the first time he heard a man's voice so resigned as his eyes were full of nothing but surrendering to the fate he had.

It was God Ye. Although new, he knew the man and looked up on him. He was one of the legendary pro players in the Alliance. What happened for him to become like that?

By that, he swore to himself that he will check on all of the videos of Excellent Era after this match. Maybe he'll know something.

The members of Excellent Era shivered after hearing what the man said which was clearly left for them. They all thought the same thing, 'Does that mean that man was forsaking them?'

"Anyway, even if the two were here, the six of Excellent Era that were listed will be the one to fight. No substitution allowed since all of you look fine to me. Whatever hidden issues your team has, that is your problem." The referee said bluntly. The host was still there and the camera was still on their view. That means it was caught and will be accessible by everyone. The audience were even shocked as they started murmuring about their own theories.

The best duo abandon their team. It was a comment that will be on social media for the rest of the day or the days to come. A thought that will hunt many people and fans making most of them research for the reason why.

Su Mucheng and Ye Qiu were snickering on the side of Samsara and as they started cheering the opponent.

"Just start the match!"

"Samsara for the win!!!" Which in turn was followed by Samsara's real fans. No one can do anything but continue the match.

Excellent Era gritted their teeth and went to their own booth, while walking He Ming asked Liu Hao, "Vice Captain, what are we going to do?"

"What? What are we going to do? Of course, the same as before. Without the two we'll lose the match easily. It's Ye Qiu's fault. He left us all alone. We're just going to point out that we never knew his plans of leaving the whole team match on us."

"Wouldn't that reflect on our names also?"

"No. Because, Ye Qiu never accepted interviews. It's his fault."

"Let's at least try our best so we can defend our name. What strategy are we going to do?"

"We'll target the Cleric first. Me and He Ming will try to hold Zhou Zekai, you three kill the Cleric fast, one of you defends our Cleric while the other attacks."

"Okay. What about Vice Captain Jiang?"

"I'll pay him back after you kill the Cleric. We'll switch."


Everyone agreed but at the same time they all were on the same page that the team match wouldn't last that long. 

"Coach Li, what do you think about this move that Captain Ye did?"

"Even I don't know but it looks like we need to look at the Excellent Era more. For God Ye to forsake the same team he brought dynasty with. Is there some hidden internal conflict that we don't know of?"

"Yes, it looks like. Even the whole Excellent Era was shocked, I do hope they will be able to fix it. Going back to the game, I doubt that they will be able to win against Captain Zhou's team without a God level Tier player in their Rank but let's see," The two commented as the topic continue to circulate not only in the stadium but as well as the social media that was raving about the match online.

Ye Qiu was eating some popcorn with Su Mucheng as they watched the greatest show in history for the time being.

Greatest. More likely the sinking ship that was called Excellent Era or is it Rotten Era? 

The match which was already at the two minute mark was on the way to get finished the earliest of the season.

Excellent Era's members tried to fight but clearly they were all lost. He smirked, how's it? How does it feel to have a sudden change in strategy? 

"Ge, did you see that? They look like some flies ready to get swatted."

"Haha. They deserved it. What do you think will happen if Gege knows?"

"Dunno, but I'll tell you on him."

"It's okay. I'm back on the L.A. by that time the troubles are on you."

"I'll deny everything," Mucheng said, sticking out her tongue to the man.

"Woah! That was a good one. Go kill that Spellblade!" Ye Qiu said after seeing Zhou Zekai used his Random Firing towards Liu Hao. Now that there was no One Autumn Leaf or Dancing Rain, Samsara chose to target the Vice Captain rather than the Cleric. They used Box-1 against the opponent team and their strategy was clearly working out as most of Excellent Era's members' HP is already almost half.

Without a threat, the match progressed rapidly as the rest of EE didn't know how to fight cooperatively at all.

It was ugly. Full of errors and there's just no other comment that can salvage whatever is left of the team. There were no tactics and they were just basically playing on the other's hand.

Ye Qiu smiled hearing the boos of Excellent Era's fans, the cheer of Samsara's and even the side commentaries which is absolutely perfect.

"Well, it looks like this match was with Samsara's Coach Li."

"Yes, without Captain Ye or even Ms. Su Mucheng, it was impossible to contain someone like Zhou Zekai."

The match ended anticlimactic, there was just nothing to say. It's basically a match of a higher team against a mid-lower tier team.

It was so easy to the point that even Jiang Botao asked his Captain a confirmation, "Zhou, looks like we won?"


"Seriously what's wrong with Captain Ye. I'm glad we won but I doubt it's our win to be discussed." Du Ming said and Lu Buoyan agreed "Yeah. I think so."

They went to the center stage to shake hands with their opponents who wore a complete sour face. Because with this match, everyone will know that the rest of the Excellent Era is nothing. 

After being obliterated for a mere 5 minutes, there's just no other explanation to this conclusion. Conclusion that even a 6th grader will be able to see.

Su Mucheng and Ye Qiu were now inside an ice cream parlor when the woman decided to take a photo. The two decided to eat out after knowing the result of Thunderclap's match which is 2 points behind them. 

"Are you going to post that?" Ye Qiu asked,

"Hmmm, I think so." Su Mucheng replied while Ye Qiu continued to ask,  “Only the ice cream?"

"Yup?" The woman tilted her head with a questioning look on the other.

"Take a photo of me. As long as not my face, just the chest till the hand," Ye Qiu smirked.

"Heh? Do you plan on doing something again?"

"No? Of course not. You are the one going to post it in Weibo Mucheng"

"Haha. Seriously?"

"Yeah, go ahead." And Su Mucheng took a photo and showed it to Ye Qiu.

"Here. What do you think?"

"Selfie would be good, you should be seen in the photo as well."

"Hmm. kay" And the woman did what the other said. After taking a few photos he showed another one to Ye Qiu, "What about this?"

"That's perfect! Can I?"

"What will you  do?"

"Just some status." Ye Qiu smirked and Su Mucheng just knew they were on the same waves to add another ton of fuel to the fire.

The two left the ice cream parlor as the woman turned off her notification and even her mobile data as the two continue to walk around the city leaving the post for the fans everyone to go wild.

Dancing Rain ☑ @su.mucheng
Celebrating our win and ticket to the playoffs. :)
**two cups of ice cream.jpg**
**selfie of Su Mucheng with Ye Qiu only showing his hands both holding ice cream.jpg**

Chapter Text


After eating out Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng went to the hotel Shuiran had reserved for them for the night before their flight to Cali.

It was a hotel suite owned of the Ye Conglomerate. A two rooms and a living and a kitchen.

The two did their night routine and Ye Qiu was talking with Shuiren in the living room about a few things concerning the company when Su Mucheng came in laughing holding her phone.

She went towards the two which looked curiously at her.

"You should check Weibo Qiu-ge." The woman said gigling while going to the kitchen taking a canned drink she brought.

Ye Qiu looked at Shuiren and the woman already get it easily tap her tablet to open the Weibo app.

#Best Duo leaving Excellent Era?

xx1: Shit happened!
xx2: Not just shit but I've never thought EE was this weak without the duo. The team were all but a burden to the two.
xx3: Shut up! ow dare they left the team? Traitors! Just because their Gods and Goddess. How disappointing!
xx4: Yeah yeah!
xx5: Let's be real here, Su Mucheng and Ye Qiu is not like that! There must be some kind of internal affairs that pissed off the God Ye and Goddess Su!
xx6: Right! So @Excellent Era come out! Explain what happen! What did you to our best duo for them to left the match just like that!
xx7: EE answer us!!


Su Mucheng's photo


@chuyunxiu V: That's delicious! Congrats on going to playoffs. You two's hardwork had paid off!

@swordsainthst V: What the hell did happen! I just watch the reply. Did you two get bullied by the rest? But still, that strawberry ice cream. Does old Ye likes strawberry? Haha. That's girly! Congrats on going to playoffs. 

@wangjiexi V: Congrats and see you in playoffs.

@LiXuan V: Congrats!!


Ye Qiu smirked. He already know that it will definitely be a big deal but imagining his brother's face after knowing this made his mood even better.

"You should sleep earlier Mucheng, we have early flight tomorrow."

"Yes!" Su Mucheng said as she went to her room.

She turn off her phone to avoid all contacts from her team. Completely ignoring the messages and emails she received


Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng had  flew to City B early in the morning for their flight. The two was in a vacation mode not minding the ruckus they had made in the GLORY world.

It was around 3 pm, American time when they arrived at the LA airport. They went directly to Ye Xiu's pad, or more likely the place where Ye Qiu's body was currently living. 

As they came to the hotel room, they realized that Ye Xiu was not in there. Since Ye Qiu knew the password, they were able to come in.

Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng looked around to see the room. Su Mucheng even wander in the rest room since the suite was really luxurious. 

Ye Qiu on the other hand, noticed a big difference.

A gaming computer which he was sure he did not own. In just a few weeks his brother had discovered another part of GLORY. Something Ye Qiu was so sure not surprising especially considering how much of a GLORY addict his twin was. But imagining how much Ye Xiu must have destroyed the server made him shook his head. Ye Xiu will never change. No matter where he was in the world, he will always be a man who pursued GLORY. Culture and ethnicity will not hinder him to play.

When Su Mucheng went back she saw Ye Qiu smiling while looking at a computer game connected to a reader.

"Did Xiu-ge bombed US Glory?"

"That's not a question, Mucheng. How much did he went overboard is the queston."

"Let's open! I want to know!!" Su Mucheng said flopping beside the bed looking at the computer.

"Okay." Ye Qiu answered as he sat down and opened the computer.


The two looked at each other shocked on whatever they were reading through forums and checking the US Glory site.

They cannot help but smile.

The Battlemage they both know that was currently being shown in a video stream of the US GLORY forum is someone they knew so well.

1070 matches with 1070 wins and 0 lose.

Ye Xiu seemed to buy a fully leveled account without an arena record and went made his name resound in the US Heavenly Domain.

It was around half hour when Ye Xiu returned with his face clearly tired of doing business.


"Xiu-ge!" Su Mucheng stood up and run to Ye Xiu to hug his brother.

"You okay? Looks like you just got mobbed?" Ye Qiu teased his twin.

"I'm going back since you're here. Did you know how we can go back?"

"Actually, I heard from Shuiren that this thing happen also to auntie jin and uncle jiu." Ye Qiu started telling his speech to his brother. And Ye Xiu wanting to just go back gave in, not even asking any curiousity and just asked in point, "Oh, so how do we return?"

"It was said that the older should show affection to the younger, either a hug or a kiss." Ye Qiu said seriously looking at Ye Xiu with his eyes saying nothing but the truth as if he would have won a FAMAS award.

"Ye Qiu. Stop playing around." Ye Xiu replied with his crunching as he knew his twin was definitely lying. Only to be taken aback when the other answered back in a pissed off tone.

"But I'm not ge. Do you think I want to stay in your body and play the merciful you? Ha. Why would I want to be in your place which is too kind to fight back towards those snakes? Seriously Ge, that is not how we are raised!" Ye Qiu said with his voice trembling clearly with anger.

Ye Xiu sighed as he looked at his brother walking towards him, he hugged Ye Qiu thinking it will be finished. 

Waiting for it to take effect. He was counting the seconds to turn into a minute when he felt a damped kissed on his cheek.

"Hehe." As he opened his eyes he saw his twin smiling wearing the same exact business attire he wore in the morning.

Ye Xiu was back into his body. And then he looked around, seeing Mucheng trying to stop her laugh while clearly filming the scene.

"Hahaha. You two are so sweet. Even though you only need to touch each other-oops" Su Mucheng said while giggling.

"Ye Qiu."

"Hehe. Love you ge."


"Ge, Qiu-ge paid my silence. Haha." Su Mucheng laughed when Ye Xiu looked at her shaking his head.

"So we saw how much you've bombed US GLORY, do you want to transfer in the league here Ge?" Ye Qiu teased his brother.

"No, but it was fun. I've heard before about launching GLORY outside the country but I've yet to witness it. Playing here opens up my view. There was much more of GLORY." Ye Xiu replied as his lip point towards.

The other two smiled looking at their older brother. Ye Xiu will always be the Ye Xiu who loves GLORY from the bottom of his heart. 

"Maybe in a few years now, there would be a World Tournament so Ge you need to hold on and take care of yourself. Lest, you just want to retire and never experienced that?" Ye Qiu said, fully thinking of investing a few more in GLORY development.

"I know." Ye Xiu said silently.

"Right Xiu-Ge I hope we can also play for the World together." Ye Xiu smiled at Su Mucheng and also imagine that moment.

The three decided to take tomorrow's day off as they travelled to a few scenery around. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had already booked their flight back the day after so they only had a day to sightsee the city.

The next day, Ye Xiu bought the two to the park after eating out at a high class restaurant. They only had a little time as the the two choose to watch Ye Xiu play US GLORY instead of sleeping. 

It was past 2 PM after they have eaten when Su Mucheng asked if they wanted to eat some ice cream. Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng looked at their older brother playing with kids years younger than him.

The two learned that Ye Xiu beat the three youngster, thus making them imprinted into him. They laugh especially as Su Mucheng reminded the time when the whole Golden Generation followed Ye Xiu back in Season 4 asking him for PK and advices.

"Ge, eat on time and go to sleep early. Stop helping the damn Guild. Take care of yourself, don't let anyone bully you okay?" Ye Qiu said looking at his twin holding his hand while saying his goodbyes as Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu was going back to China.

"I know. Don't worry about your Ge that much."


"Don't worry. I'll take care of him." Su Mucheng winked at him, the two already had an agreement with the plans.

"I'm leaving my account to you, you can play but don't stain his battle record." Ye Xiu said while smirking handling his US account card.

"Hmph!" Ye Qiu said, he's not like his Gege who would sacrifice his sleep just to play GLORY. He always had his schedule managed for the best result and outcome of his health and his business.

But maybe he'll try to play whenever he had off, remembering the account card still in his wallet. Well, there's still 2--3 kids plus an old man that was trying to reach him in GLORY.

"See you. Take care of yourself, A'Xiu."

"Yea. you too." Ye Xiu smiled at his twin as Su Mucheng waved at them telling them they were called already.

Ye Qiu watched his twin's back slowly getting out of his sight, he remembered the last thing he did in China and he cannot help but smirk imagining his Ye Xiu's reaction for all the troubles he did.

"Good luck Ge. I'll see you soon."

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng returned Tuesday morning in Excellent Era. After knowing that the two were back, Ye Xiu was called by Tao Xuan to talk.

"So you're finally rebelling? Why did you do that?"

"What do you mean?" Ye Xiu replied with a flat-voiced.

"Hah! Stop acting clueless Ye Qiu! Because of you,there was a lot of scandal going on with EE right now. Do you know how much bad feedback we received because of what you did? You even dragged Mcuheng to all this mess. What will you do now!"

"Train. We had to prepare for the playoffs."

"You! Why don't you fixed the trouble you did! You go upfront and talk with the media."

"Old Tao, how many times I told you? I won't show my face."

"Ye Qiu!"

"If you had nothing else, I need to go back to prepare for the playoffs."

"You!!" Ye Xiu walked out of the room, clicking his tongue, already thinking of checking whatever did his twin brother did.

"Mucheng." As usual, it was only Mucheng in the training room for the time being.

"Yes ge??"

"What did he do?"

"Uhm.." Su Mucheng stuttered looking away from him. Looks like his two younger siblings really did a mess.




Troubling Rain: Old Ye Old Ye Old Ye! C'mon it's been long what is really the matter? Did you really left the team match? You're not old ye. There's no way Old Ye will give up GLORY. Who are you!!! Get out of Old Ye's body you alien


Cloud Piercer: Senior :(

Empty Waves: Senior, Captain would like to ask why did you left the team match, if something happen, please don know that you can talk to us. I hope that you're okay.


Dessert Dust: What happened?


Windy Rain: Senior are you okay? I cannot contact Mucheng also, please reply you atleast okay.


Swoksaar: Senior, I hope you're okay and if something happens with Excellent Era, know that Blue Rain will always be open for


Vaccaria: I know a few herbal tea for calming mind. Would you like to sit sometime so we can talk? I'll help you senior.


Ye Xiu was so dumbfounded on his friend' messages on QQ. He cannot help but feel that something did happened. And with Tao Xuan's mood he felt that he really need to know what happened.

He opened the browser and went to official GLORY Forums since he never really opened his Weibo account..

What happened to the BEST DUO to thrown the match game with Samsara?

Is there some hidden issue with the BattleGod and his team?

A sign of Ye Qiu finally leaving Excellent Era?

What would happen to One Autumn Leaf if Ye Qiu left Excellent Era?

Did Excellent Era treat Ye Qiu badly?


Ye Xiu's jaw slacked after seeing the multiple titles of the forum. He immediately went and downloaded the last match of Excellent Era vs Samsara which seems to be the problem and issue all along.

Although he was proud of his brother bringing the team to playoff but he was also curious as to how he did it.

He was even more shocked when the first match was Su Mucheng's. At first he thought there was nothing different but when One Autumn Leaf appeared on the next match he felt his world started to crumble. When was the last time he even appeared in Individual's Match?

He felt complicated. 

Especially when he saw how great One Autumn Leaf was. He deserved to shine more than anyone else. And he knew that his twin did it. Something he was so sure that should be wrong but felt so right.

When One Autumn Leaf stood gloriously at the end of the Group match after winning against Cloud Piercer.

It was perfect.

When was the last time he saw his own avatar fight without being held back. When was One Autumn Leaf fly so freely?

His feelings was too muddled that even if his twin brother threw away the team match, he cannot help but feel that it was the best thing to do.

He sighed as he close the video and search for the right videos he needed to study for the playoffs.


It's been days. Ye Xiu was too exhausted. Everyday, Tao Xuan would call him and lecture him with just anything. There was also Cui Li who kept his time and the guild.

He wouldn't be in this situation if only Ye Qiu behaved. Or so he thought but every time he saw One Autumn Leaf, it reminded him of the magnificent he was when his twin was controlling it.

What was the difference?

A question that will always popped in his head but he clearly knows what's the difference. His twin decided to cut all the loses. As much as Ye Xiu also hates losing as Ye Qiu, he can never do that to Excellent Era. 

The way Ye Qiu choose himself to be more important than the Team itself. The way Ye Qiu choose to left Excellent Era behind.

When he saw all the news in forum and internet, he felt conflicted but after watching the last match against Samsara, clearly at first he did not expect his brother to really throw away the team match just to get four points. But his decision was the reason why Excellent Era was able to go to playoffs. It was not right but never was it wrong.

He smiled thinking, even though he envy on Ye Qiu's attitude towards the team but that doesn't mean it will change his decision to  maim Ye Qiu when he saw him back once again. The way he did for the tournament, it was disrespecting the GLORY he played, and he did it using his body. Using his identity. Looks like Karma is really around.

The match became too controversial that even though after they won the first match against Tiny Herb, everyone was still questioning about what happened in the last match and since he didn't attend the press conference there was just mess and comments everywhere.


Excellent Era vs Tiny Herb Match 1

Su Mucheng was deployed in the Individual's match and won a point for the team, but the rest although they had upped their performance, the other two still lost, the way they play to lose had already been ingrained in their actions. No preparations can changed a habit forged by time.

On the group match, he faced against a Wang Jiexi with his HP around 75% and the match was brought to end with his last attack, and a counter of the Witch, leaving Vaccaria with 8%, with 1-4 in Tiny Herb's favor.

Then there was team match.. 

He was so sure they would lose because of the team playing underhanded against them, and he already prepared for the counters he will do when the others did not listen to him. However,

The team decided to play according to his plan, which was too perfect to be true.

It looks like there was atleast a good thing with all the scandal. It's been a long time since the last time that the team listen to his orders.

With the renewed hope, One Autumn Leaf exploded, together with his longing for an intense fight for the last month, Excellent Era won the Team Match. 


They won. The next match, they would be able to breathe even by little. The next two match will be on City B, with Tiny Herb's home since they place first in the regular season.

There was still a tiny bit hope left.


Although Ye Xiu had gotten used in the behavior of his team, as a player he had never given up on any game. That's why on the second match, he still hoped. His perseverance of playing GLORY to achieve the top was always there. The light might have dimmed but will always still be there.

And really, how much it's true that the greater the expectation the greater it will hurts in the end when it did not happen.

He did his best.

But no, there was nothing like doing his best when he was being held behind. His arms and legs were all tied up, chained.

Then the dreams he had was once again slipping out of his hands.

He watched as Vaccaria used Lightning Chain to sweep the last remaining health of his One Autumn Leaf and the team match ended once again, with his loss.

Calm as he is, he stood and left his booth feeling the disappointment creeps inside him. Ye Xiu was not even sure if he was disappointed on himself not being able to reign the team or he was disappointed on the way his team betrayed him and died without even fighting hard enough to take the crown.

One last look as the season ends for them and summer comes too soon, he saw the huge difference between the scores.


The playoffs end quite anticlimactic with total score 13-7 of two matches. Half, cannot even considered as close fight, he smile awkwardly leaving the stadium.

Semifinals goes and on, Ye Xiu just watched from City H. Even when his sister tried to invite him to watch live, they choose to just stay in the building. Train in the morning like a habit and watch the fight on the night.

He never thought of going even if it was Finals but his sister was too much to handle.

"C'mon Xiu-ge, please? Let's go and watch? Please? No matter who wins it will be monumental. If Tiny Herb wins then Huang Shao would never stopped bullying Wang Jiexi  being the reason of them not making three Champion. But if Zhang Jiale won, he'll finally leave the curse of being second. Hehe."


"Please please please? Yunxiu is also going."

"Fine. but only on the last match. Okay?"

"Yes! Thanks Ge."

Su Mucheng smiled and Ye Xiu shook his head. He can never say no when Mucheng was pouting like that.


The sound was loud as the light started playing. The stadium is full, cheers left and right. Everyone was excited for the upcoming Finals.

"Old Ye! You come! you come! I thought you won't come. I've been contacting you since forever! You owe me PKPKPK. You don't know how worried I was b ....." Huang Shaotian started tugging Ye Xiu as soon as the two from Excellent Era came.

Su Mucheng left Ye Xiu's side and directly went to Chu Yunxiu to start gossiping.

Ye Xiu was now encircled by his friends saying their own pieces.

"Senior, are you okay? I won't be asking what happened on the last match but I hope you're already feeling well." Yu Wenzhou said while taking Huang Shaotian off him.

Ye Xiu sighed and saw another puppy face on his left side,


Zhou Zekai said while looking sad and intently on him.

Ye Xiu felt sorry for the kid because of what Ye Qiu did. He smiled and said, "Xiao Zhou sorry 'bout last time kay? How about we PK after the match? We can even eat ramen later, your treat of course." Ye Xiu said trying to make up to the kid not knowing how the whole background turned silent and started smelling sour as the other looked at Zhou Zekai attempted on eliminating the said guy who was clearly flying into the sky towards a different world.

Zhou Zekai nodded immediately after hearing what the older man said and even walk towards him smiling, clearly blinding Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu felt looking at the stars too bright for his eyes, when Zhou Zekai reach his side he also smiled towards the kid and patted him on the head.


Ye Xiu looked at the side seeing Su Mucheng holding into Chu Yunxiu while the rest of his friends were either glaring at Zhou Zekai or mumbling things while smiling. Smiles which clearly never reached their eyes.

Ye Xiu shrugged his shoulders, not minding the situation and looked at the host who already announced that there were only 15 minutes left before the start of the match and intorduce another set of performer.

He was so intent on watching the troupe dancing that he did not notice the sound from his behind.


Ye Qiu: Here.
Su Mucheng: We're at the back, Corner A. Do you know where is that?
Ye Qiu: I'll find it.
Su Mucheng: Remember Tiny Herb's match? Near that, you'll turn left though.
Ye Qiu: Got it.

"Who were you texting Mumu? E'm talking to you.." Chu Yunxiu said.

"Hehe, do you have your extra phone with you?"

"Yupped? Why?"

"Because we're going to watch some drama. Hehe."


"Looks like he's here."

"Who?" Chu Yunxiu looked at the way where Su Mucheng was looking and fuck, there's only one thing to do. She took her phone immediately and started recording.

A man, wearing high end 3 piece suite paired with a designer shoes and branded watch with a trolley at the back walking towards them.

But what is more shocking was the face of the man.

A face never known by the public but everyone loves. It was the familiar face that was clear and clean. But it was a different feel. It has a dominating aura instead of his usual mocking calm and kind-hearted face.

It was the same face of their Senior.

The Senior that everyone was dying for.

Su Mucheng nodded while Ye Qiu smiled leaving his trolley speed-walking towards his brother.

"Gege.." His face glowed and brighten as a smile reached his eyes. The same expression that everyone never thought of seeing in that face.

Ye Qiu did not wait for his brother to realize what was happening and threw himself towards him. Ye Xiu was so speechless that he didn't know what was happening.

He just instinctively catch his twin and hugged him tightly like always.

"Ge! I'm home. I miss you so so so much!" Ye Qiu said while still on his arms and as if Ye Xiu was thrown by a cold water pushed Ye Qiu away to see him eye to eye and asked,

"What are you doing here!"

Ye Qiu pouted when his twin broke the hug he was enjoying. "Well, it's been what? A year? I just came back and I heard that you were in our hometown so I thought why not see you."

"You-" Before Ye Xiu can even speak, Ye Qiu took the chance and kissed his twin on the cheek and started purring on Ye Xiu once again. "Miss you Gege."

Everyone felt out of place after the said moment.

Complicated feelings that turned the background even quieter than ever.

"Cough cough."

"So you're? Senior Ye's t-twin?" Li Xuan asked trying to mediate the said dead atmosphere.

"Are you guys' Gege's FRIENDS??" Ye Qiu asked sounding innocently to everyone but Ye Xiu.

"Yes yes, we never thought Old Ye had a twin. Seriously, Old Ye. You've really hidden so well." Fang Rui said

"Hmmm" Ye Qiu tilted his head looking at them.

"What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck. Old Ye! I thought we're best friends! Why I never know you're a twin. Why Why Why? I felt too betrayed. I thought all the memories we had on the first server and I was the closest to you but I never knew this. Old Ye!" Huang Shaotian seems to find his mouth once again and started rumbling.

Ye Qiu already knew that Huang Shaotian is such a character but that doesn't mean he won't get surprised after hearing the said man chatter.

And by impulse, he hid behind Ye Xiu's and as if Ye Xiu knew what to do his hand was raised automatically, protecting his baby brother.

Zhang Xinjie was looking at the man. He had imagined Ye Xiu in a suite like him once but the image never come close to seeing it in real life.

"Sorry about that Senior Ye's twin. Shaotian is like that." Yu Wenzhou said as he pulled Huang Shaotian back once again.

Ye Qiu nodded once and carefully looked at the man.

"Senior.. Uhm???"

"What Captain would like to say is that, what should we call you Senior Ye?" Jiang Botao asked politely as he translated his Captain.

Ye Qiu once again looked at the two from head to toe as if measuring how much is their net worth and if it's worth it.

"Ye Qiu." An intimidating voice that came from one of the remaining pioneers of GLORY.

"Oh. Old Han. This is my twin brother.." Ye Xiu stopped thinking how should he introduce his own brother when he was using his name all these years.

Old Han. He remember that name. Ye Qiu was so sure, he had heard that name for as many times as he can. He even thought once that his brother had something with the man.

The man who looked so much like a mafia leader. But as a person who had experienced in dealing in the black market, Ye Qiu would never afraid. He had seen worst faces.

"Ye Qiu." He raised his hands introducing himself to greet the man who was clearly bewildered after hearing the other walked towards him and offer handshake.

Han Wenqing took the hand and Ye Qiu gripped harder which the Tyranny Captain fought back and raised his eyebrows.

"Gege, had told about you before. You're his long time rival right?"

"Is that so." Han Wenqing said indifferently and Ye Qiu smirked saying, "You can call me Ye Qiu. The real Ye Qiu. Brother had been using my name as stage name since we cannot always be together but I guess you didn't call him that name offstage right?"

And as if time had stopped. Ye Qiu knew he just threw a bomb in their faces.

Everyone doesn't know his brother's name.


"Old Ye! You! You're name."

"Senior. :("



The place started getting wild after the revelation. Although there were only pro players and they all knew that it was okay to use stage name but for THE Ye Qiu to be a stage name. A friend they all thought they knew when they didn't even know his name.

"Ye Qiu---Your name." Han Wenqing asked Ye Xiu deadly looking at his eyes.

"Old Han, I.."

"What? Gege? You never told them your real name? Guess they don't really matter. Yosh. since I'm not in this industry you can still call my brother like before since it's clear you guys don't really matter to him to share his real name." Ye Qiu said smirking while going to his trolley taking his jacket.

And another silence echoes. Silence that keeps on repeating.

After seeing the reaction of his twin brother's friends he was now sure that a few of them did have intentions to his adorable twin. So he will do his best to be a hindrance. His brother's purity should never be tainted.

He went back towards his twin and put the jacket, "Gege, here, you might get cold." He said while still innocently smiling as if he was not an overlord who rules business and see people from the top.

"Your name."

"Fine fine. Old Hand don't bully the old me." Ye Xiu replied nturning his head away from Han Wenqing who had clearly stared him looking deadly.


"Ye Xiu." Ye Xiu whispered and felt embarrassed after all his friends stared at him like a kid who was caught doing bad things.

"Ye Xiu. Okay."

"Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu.Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu.....akdfdhf" Huang Shaotian started chattering once again.

"Senior Ye Xiu." Zhou Zekai said lightly.

"Ye Xiu.."

"Senior Ye Xiu"

"Stop! Don't misuse it too much." Ye Xiu interrupted shouting lightly at all the pro players who are like a broken CD that kepts on repeating his name.

"Almost nine years and they only now knew your real name. Guess you don't really like to them huh." Ye Qiu added another oil to the fire.

"Ye Qiu. You! What is the real---" Ye Xiu looked at his twin warning him but interrupted when Ye Qiu holds his arms pointing to the stage.

"Oh it's going to start ge!" Ye Qiu said using the start of the match to divert his brother's attention.

"Don't think you will be able to hide after this. You owe me a lot of EXPLANATION."


The Final's match started and most of the pro players that came to watch had taken their seat. Ye Xiu had been surrounded by his friends like what always happen whenever he would ever come to watch another match. But there was a difference this time, because there was a certain younger brother beside him.

Ye Qiu was clearly not interested in the match but more of trying to be the line between his brother and the other. But since he's only one, the other side had been taken and his brother had been talking with the other's because of the match.

As time passed, he keeps getting annoyed. He cannot let this vermins touch his brother, his brother is too pure and naive. And there was also Shuiren who kept on messaging him for the party tonight by another business partner.

He hasn't focused to the match even though it has progress too much until the end of Group Match with the score currently 2-1.

It was currently the last match, a Witch he had fought before and a Spitfire who looks and attacks so flashy.

"Hmm. Zhang Jiale huh." He murmured after seeing the brochure on his hand. Although there was discussion as the match continues it was not enough to cover the sound he had voiced. 

"Ye Qiu? Don't tell me you're interested?" Ye Xiu asked teasing him and even though most of the players are watching, their ears have pointed towards the source of conversation.

"Nah, I just think he was really a good Gunner. It's flashy but he was good."

"You think so?" Ye Xiu was surprised, it was rare for his brother to be interested onto something nor someone.

"Yeah, but sadly he will lost."

"Brother Ye, how can you say that? The game is still on anyone's favor?" Fang Rui said

"Who's your brother. Nevermind, well his HP is lower."

"The HP is not that too far from Vacarria's Brother Ye." Li Xuan added pointing the 3 percent difference of Vacarria and Dazzling Hundred Blossoms at 72 and 68.4 percentage.

"Ah, Brother Ye, there are still a long match and even though he has lower HP, his MP is still higher than that of Vaccaria. I think that's why most of us hasn't decided who'll win. As long as the count has yet to end, there should still be a chance." Xiao Shiqin also added.

Everyone nodded and started saying their opinion all at the same thinking to impress the twin.

Ye Xiu then looked at his twin, he is a Master Tactician and he also believes the same as others. As long as the match haven't ended, GLORY can be anyone's. But Ye Xiu also knows that Ye Qiu is different, he had been playing with him for as long as he knows and had taught his brother all he knows and Ye Qiu's playing is discretely unique from others.

He had his own playstyle. He can pass as a second copy of his playstyle but Ye Xiu knows well, his brother had an entire different rhythm, thoughts, tactics, even offense and defense.

The other could have played and be one of the God's playing in the GLORY if only Ye Qiu ever played in the League, there won't be a single Battle God.

They watch as the battle continue and both the player fiercely attacking and defending each other.

Ye Xiu then asked turning his head only to Ye Qiu, "What do you think Old Zhang's I mean, the Spitfire's chances of winning?"

"He will lose if they passed 50 percent with his HP lower than that of the Witch. He was good but not enough."

"Hmm. I think there was still chances for him though is it really that small?" Ye Xiu asked, he was a Master Tactician and intelligent for his own, but Ye Qiu is the real genius. If he work hard enough he can always pinpoint on things and he is very meticulous.

"Yeah. He had already done 3 miscalculation ever since the HP had fall down in 80 percent. 6.32, his gun is 3 degrees lower making the bullet only grazed Vacarria. It also given the other chance to dodge the last bullet. 7.48, he used Burst grenade instead of Seeker Grenade while jumping back to counter the Lava Flask, 8.25 his coordinate at 267.378 is wrong, he should have run a few more feet to the right, 277.378 should be the perfect place to launched his attack since the witch would have no choice but to fly over the boulder to attack him.-- Oh he should have throw the grenade instead of firing that MP consuming skill" Ye Qiu was mumbling by himself talking to his brother, completely forgetting the other's presence which had already silent after listening to his thoughts.

The rest of the pro player felt like their heads would be going to burst. Who would see those tiny shit? No one mention awhile ago. And what the fuck how could someone remember those tiny details? Even the coordinates and the time. Everyone had the same thought,

'Twin of monster is another monster.'

Ye Xiu they know was atleast not that meticulous or perfectionist to point out those details immediately even Zhang Xinjie would need time to do that. Although they all know that the master tacticians would be able to read those when they watch a replay. A replay. Not on the current moment..

"Brother, do you think he's tired or feeling unwell?" Ye Qiu asked after seeing that the mistake kepts on piling.

"No he's doing his best."

"He was not built to be main attacker to begin with. His playstyle I think it feels like there was something missing."

"A partner was it?"

"Right! Does he not have a partner? I bet he will be a good duo or something."

"He doesn't. And it's an individual match A'Qiu."

"Hmmm. According to this brochure he was atleast an accomplished man, 2 times second placer? Wait, if he lose today won't he be the same as you A'Xiu? The difference would be three time Champion and three time second place... Do you think it was his subconscious making all those tiny bit errors?" Ye Qiu asked as if a child finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle he'd been working hard for.

"A'Qiu, did you start learning psychology or something?" Ye Xiu asked smiling at his brother.

"Oh shut up, Gege!"

The match ended with 2-3 with the twin's correct foreboding. There would be a 15 minutes break before the Team Match happen so most had breathe even other audience had taken off their seat to buy something.

The pro players once again surrounded the twins and started talking, impressing and clearly desiring his brother, Ye Qiu being annoyed because of the constant noise that had also seems to drag him ever since the Group Match ended said, "Let's be honest do you all have intentions to my brother?"

He said with clear voice that reverberate throughout the surrounding. Even Ye Xiu gapped after hearing those words from his twin.

"You all should stop yapping and trying to impress Gege. I would not allow any of you who cannot even beat me to have my Gege. You don't deserve him." Ye Qiu said shielding his brother's innocence from everyone.

Ye Xiu was taken aback but then reacted on smacking Ye Qiu's head, "What the hell are you even saying Ye Qiu. Seriously?"

"But Gege-"

"Ye Qiu, I think you should cool down, you started imagining things, they are all just my friends." Ye Xiu sighs explaining to his brother that seems to take his friends actions innocently.

"Yes Brother Ye, we are all just friends."

"Yes, just friends."


"Yea yeah. we're just friends, don't think any of it. I've been friends with Old Ye since Server 1. And we are just best friends. Old Ye and I are best friends forever until we grow old with each other."

The pros started commenting and Ye Qiu lowered his arms and then smirk saying, "Anyone who can win against me on a best of 3 distinct games, I'll accept that you deserve my brother I will even support you when facing our parents."


"Well well well, how long are you going to stay here Brother Ye? Do you want to come with us tonight, we can PKPKPK. I'll teach you how to play GLORY, we can have a few matches if you want?" - Huang Shaotian

"Yeah yeah, Brother Ye, if you want we can play some cards as we party to end?" - Fang Rui

"You look more built than that twig, do you go to gym or workout?" - Han Wenqing

"Mind if I ask, what do you work for? Or are you still in University?" - Zhang Xinjie

"By the way do you have any hobbies of doing?" - Yu Wenzhou


Ye Qiu laugh, see this thugs clearly hiding but subtlety showing their true natures. He smirked and said, "Well, I do run at the morning and go to gym as much as I can. I go to shooting range or doujo in weekends Mr. Han. Mr. Yu, my hobbies is learning. I like studying different things from Agricultural to Engineering to Medicine. And for your question Mr. Zhang, I finished my Masterals a few years back and currently working as the CEO of Golden Leaf Corporation. I also model whenever I liked and have free time, but they are mostly in Paris."


Silence occurs that was only cut because of the announcement that Team Match will be starting.

"Heh. Don't think it will ever be easy. I will not give my Gege to any of you." Ye Qiu said while ushering Ye Xiu to go back to their seat while sticking his tongue out on the guys.

Chu Yunxiu and Su Mucheng together with all other pro girls were laughing at the side watching the whole thing. There had been a bet on which ship will ever sail fro the last years. And it was the most prominent topic in GLORY Girls.