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After eating out Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng went to the hotel Shuiran had reserved for them for the night before their flight to Cali.

It was a hotel suite owned of the Ye Conglomerate. A two rooms and a living and a kitchen.

The two did their night routine and Ye Qiu was talking with Shuiren in the living room about a few things concerning the company when Su Mucheng came in laughing holding her phone.

She went towards the two which looked curiously at her.

"You should check Weibo Qiu-ge." The woman said gigling while going to the kitchen taking a canned drink she brought.

Ye Qiu looked at Shuiren and the woman already get it easily tap her tablet to open the Weibo app.

#Best Duo leaving Excellent Era?

xx1: Shit happened!
xx2: Not just shit but I've never thought EE was this weak without the duo. The team were all but a burden to the two.
xx3: Shut up! ow dare they left the team? Traitors! Just because their Gods and Goddess. How disappointing!
xx4: Yeah yeah!
xx5: Let's be real here, Su Mucheng and Ye Qiu is not like that! There must be some kind of internal affairs that pissed off the God Ye and Goddess Su!
xx6: Right! So @Excellent Era come out! Explain what happen! What did you to our best duo for them to left the match just like that!
xx7: EE answer us!!


Su Mucheng's photo


@chuyunxiu V: That's delicious! Congrats on going to playoffs. You two's hardwork had paid off!

@swordsainthst V: What the hell did happen! I just watch the reply. Did you two get bullied by the rest? But still, that strawberry ice cream. Does old Ye likes strawberry? Haha. That's girly! Congrats on going to playoffs. 

@wangjiexi V: Congrats and see you in playoffs.

@LiXuan V: Congrats!!


Ye Qiu smirked. He already know that it will definitely be a big deal but imagining his brother's face after knowing this made his mood even better.

"You should sleep earlier Mucheng, we have early flight tomorrow."

"Yes!" Su Mucheng said as she went to her room.

She turn off her phone to avoid all contacts from her team. Completely ignoring the messages and emails she received


Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng had  flew to City B early in the morning for their flight. The two was in a vacation mode not minding the ruckus they had made in the GLORY world.

It was around 3 pm, American time when they arrived at the LA airport. They went directly to Ye Xiu's pad, or more likely the place where Ye Qiu's body was currently living. 

As they came to the hotel room, they realized that Ye Xiu was not in there. Since Ye Qiu knew the password, they were able to come in.

Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng looked around to see the room. Su Mucheng even wander in the rest room since the suite was really luxurious. 

Ye Qiu on the other hand, noticed a big difference.

A gaming computer which he was sure he did not own. In just a few weeks his brother had discovered another part of GLORY. Something Ye Qiu was so sure not surprising especially considering how much of a GLORY addict his twin was. But imagining how much Ye Xiu must have destroyed the server made him shook his head. Ye Xiu will never change. No matter where he was in the world, he will always be a man who pursued GLORY. Culture and ethnicity will not hinder him to play.

When Su Mucheng went back she saw Ye Qiu smiling while looking at a computer game connected to a reader.

"Did Xiu-ge bombed US Glory?"

"That's not a question, Mucheng. How much did he went overboard is the queston."

"Let's open! I want to know!!" Su Mucheng said flopping beside the bed looking at the computer.

"Okay." Ye Qiu answered as he sat down and opened the computer.


The two looked at each other shocked on whatever they were reading through forums and checking the US Glory site.

They cannot help but smile.

The Battlemage they both know that was currently being shown in a video stream of the US GLORY forum is someone they knew so well.

1070 matches with 1070 wins and 0 lose.

Ye Xiu seemed to buy a fully leveled account without an arena record and went made his name resound in the US Heavenly Domain.

It was around half hour when Ye Xiu returned with his face clearly tired of doing business.


"Xiu-ge!" Su Mucheng stood up and run to Ye Xiu to hug his brother.

"You okay? Looks like you just got mobbed?" Ye Qiu teased his twin.

"I'm going back since you're here. Did you know how we can go back?"

"Actually, I heard from Shuiren that this thing happen also to auntie jin and uncle jiu." Ye Qiu started telling his speech to his brother. And Ye Xiu wanting to just go back gave in, not even asking any curiousity and just asked in point, "Oh, so how do we return?"

"It was said that the older should show affection to the younger, either a hug or a kiss." Ye Qiu said seriously looking at Ye Xiu with his eyes saying nothing but the truth as if he would have won a FAMAS award.

"Ye Qiu. Stop playing around." Ye Xiu replied with his crunching as he knew his twin was definitely lying. Only to be taken aback when the other answered back in a pissed off tone.

"But I'm not ge. Do you think I want to stay in your body and play the merciful you? Ha. Why would I want to be in your place which is too kind to fight back towards those snakes? Seriously Ge, that is not how we are raised!" Ye Qiu said with his voice trembling clearly with anger.

Ye Xiu sighed as he looked at his brother walking towards him, he hugged Ye Qiu thinking it will be finished. 

Waiting for it to take effect. He was counting the seconds to turn into a minute when he felt a damped kissed on his cheek.

"Hehe." As he opened his eyes he saw his twin smiling wearing the same exact business attire he wore in the morning.

Ye Xiu was back into his body. And then he looked around, seeing Mucheng trying to stop her laugh while clearly filming the scene.

"Hahaha. You two are so sweet. Even though you only need to touch each other-oops" Su Mucheng said while giggling.

"Ye Qiu."

"Hehe. Love you ge."


"Ge, Qiu-ge paid my silence. Haha." Su Mucheng laughed when Ye Xiu looked at her shaking his head.

"So we saw how much you've bombed US GLORY, do you want to transfer in the league here Ge?" Ye Qiu teased his brother.

"No, but it was fun. I've heard before about launching GLORY outside the country but I've yet to witness it. Playing here opens up my view. There was much more of GLORY." Ye Xiu replied as his lip point towards.

The other two smiled looking at their older brother. Ye Xiu will always be the Ye Xiu who loves GLORY from the bottom of his heart. 

"Maybe in a few years now, there would be a World Tournament so Ge you need to hold on and take care of yourself. Lest, you just want to retire and never experienced that?" Ye Qiu said, fully thinking of investing a few more in GLORY development.

"I know." Ye Xiu said silently.

"Right Xiu-Ge I hope we can also play for the World together." Ye Xiu smiled at Su Mucheng and also imagine that moment.

The three decided to take tomorrow's day off as they travelled to a few scenery around. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had already booked their flight back the day after so they only had a day to sightsee the city.

The next day, Ye Xiu bought the two to the park after eating out at a high class restaurant. They only had a little time as the the two choose to watch Ye Xiu play US GLORY instead of sleeping. 

It was past 2 PM after they have eaten when Su Mucheng asked if they wanted to eat some ice cream. Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng looked at their older brother playing with kids years younger than him.

The two learned that Ye Xiu beat the three youngster, thus making them imprinted into him. They laugh especially as Su Mucheng reminded the time when the whole Golden Generation followed Ye Xiu back in Season 4 asking him for PK and advices.

"Ge, eat on time and go to sleep early. Stop helping the damn Guild. Take care of yourself, don't let anyone bully you okay?" Ye Qiu said looking at his twin holding his hand while saying his goodbyes as Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu was going back to China.

"I know. Don't worry about your Ge that much."


"Don't worry. I'll take care of him." Su Mucheng winked at him, the two already had an agreement with the plans.

"I'm leaving my account to you, you can play but don't stain his battle record." Ye Xiu said while smirking handling his US account card.

"Hmph!" Ye Qiu said, he's not like his Gege who would sacrifice his sleep just to play GLORY. He always had his schedule managed for the best result and outcome of his health and his business.

But maybe he'll try to play whenever he had off, remembering the account card still in his wallet. Well, there's still 2--3 kids plus an old man that was trying to reach him in GLORY.

"See you. Take care of yourself, A'Xiu."

"Yea. you too." Ye Xiu smiled at his twin as Su Mucheng waved at them telling them they were called already.

Ye Qiu watched his twin's back slowly getting out of his sight, he remembered the last thing he did in China and he cannot help but smirk imagining his Ye Xiu's reaction for all the troubles he did.

"Good luck Ge. I'll see you soon."

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng returned Tuesday morning in Excellent Era. After knowing that the two were back, Ye Xiu was called by Tao Xuan to talk.

"So you're finally rebelling? Why did you do that?"

"What do you mean?" Ye Xiu replied with a flat-voiced.

"Hah! Stop acting clueless Ye Qiu! Because of you,there was a lot of scandal going on with EE right now. Do you know how much bad feedback we received because of what you did? You even dragged Mcuheng to all this mess. What will you do now!"

"Train. We had to prepare for the playoffs."

"You! Why don't you fixed the trouble you did! You go upfront and talk with the media."

"Old Tao, how many times I told you? I won't show my face."

"Ye Qiu!"

"If you had nothing else, I need to go back to prepare for the playoffs."

"You!!" Ye Xiu walked out of the room, clicking his tongue, already thinking of checking whatever did his twin brother did.

"Mucheng." As usual, it was only Mucheng in the training room for the time being.

"Yes ge??"

"What did he do?"

"Uhm.." Su Mucheng stuttered looking away from him. Looks like his two younger siblings really did a mess.




Troubling Rain: Old Ye Old Ye Old Ye! C'mon it's been long what is really the matter? Did you really left the team match? You're not old ye. There's no way Old Ye will give up GLORY. Who are you!!! Get out of Old Ye's body you alien


Cloud Piercer: Senior :(

Empty Waves: Senior, Captain would like to ask why did you left the team match, if something happen, please don know that you can talk to us. I hope that you're okay.


Dessert Dust: What happened?


Windy Rain: Senior are you okay? I cannot contact Mucheng also, please reply you atleast okay.


Swoksaar: Senior, I hope you're okay and if something happens with Excellent Era, know that Blue Rain will always be open for


Vaccaria: I know a few herbal tea for calming mind. Would you like to sit sometime so we can talk? I'll help you senior.


Ye Xiu was so dumbfounded on his friend' messages on QQ. He cannot help but feel that something did happened. And with Tao Xuan's mood he felt that he really need to know what happened.

He opened the browser and went to official GLORY Forums since he never really opened his Weibo account..

What happened to the BEST DUO to thrown the match game with Samsara?

Is there some hidden issue with the BattleGod and his team?

A sign of Ye Qiu finally leaving Excellent Era?

What would happen to One Autumn Leaf if Ye Qiu left Excellent Era?

Did Excellent Era treat Ye Qiu badly?


Ye Xiu's jaw slacked after seeing the multiple titles of the forum. He immediately went and downloaded the last match of Excellent Era vs Samsara which seems to be the problem and issue all along.

Although he was proud of his brother bringing the team to playoff but he was also curious as to how he did it.

He was even more shocked when the first match was Su Mucheng's. At first he thought there was nothing different but when One Autumn Leaf appeared on the next match he felt his world started to crumble. When was the last time he even appeared in Individual's Match?

He felt complicated. 

Especially when he saw how great One Autumn Leaf was. He deserved to shine more than anyone else. And he knew that his twin did it. Something he was so sure that should be wrong but felt so right.

When One Autumn Leaf stood gloriously at the end of the Group match after winning against Cloud Piercer.

It was perfect.

When was the last time he saw his own avatar fight without being held back. When was One Autumn Leaf fly so freely?

His feelings was too muddled that even if his twin brother threw away the team match, he cannot help but feel that it was the best thing to do.

He sighed as he close the video and search for the right videos he needed to study for the playoffs.


It's been days. Ye Xiu was too exhausted. Everyday, Tao Xuan would call him and lecture him with just anything. There was also Cui Li who kept his time and the guild.

He wouldn't be in this situation if only Ye Qiu behaved. Or so he thought but every time he saw One Autumn Leaf, it reminded him of the magnificent he was when his twin was controlling it.

What was the difference?

A question that will always popped in his head but he clearly knows what's the difference. His twin decided to cut all the loses. As much as Ye Xiu also hates losing as Ye Qiu, he can never do that to Excellent Era. 

The way Ye Qiu choose himself to be more important than the Team itself. The way Ye Qiu choose to left Excellent Era behind.

When he saw all the news in forum and internet, he felt conflicted but after watching the last match against Samsara, clearly at first he did not expect his brother to really throw away the team match just to get four points. But his decision was the reason why Excellent Era was able to go to playoffs. It was not right but never was it wrong.

He smiled thinking, even though he envy on Ye Qiu's attitude towards the team but that doesn't mean it will change his decision to  maim Ye Qiu when he saw him back once again. The way he did for the tournament, it was disrespecting the GLORY he played, and he did it using his body. Using his identity. Looks like Karma is really around.

The match became too controversial that even though after they won the first match against Tiny Herb, everyone was still questioning about what happened in the last match and since he didn't attend the press conference there was just mess and comments everywhere.


Excellent Era vs Tiny Herb Match 1

Su Mucheng was deployed in the Individual's match and won a point for the team, but the rest although they had upped their performance, the other two still lost, the way they play to lose had already been ingrained in their actions. No preparations can changed a habit forged by time.

On the group match, he faced against a Wang Jiexi with his HP around 75% and the match was brought to end with his last attack, and a counter of the Witch, leaving Vaccaria with 8%, with 1-4 in Tiny Herb's favor.

Then there was team match.. 

He was so sure they would lose because of the team playing underhanded against them, and he already prepared for the counters he will do when the others did not listen to him. However,

The team decided to play according to his plan, which was too perfect to be true.

It looks like there was atleast a good thing with all the scandal. It's been a long time since the last time that the team listen to his orders.

With the renewed hope, One Autumn Leaf exploded, together with his longing for an intense fight for the last month, Excellent Era won the Team Match. 


They won. The next match, they would be able to breathe even by little. The next two match will be on City B, with Tiny Herb's home since they place first in the regular season.

There was still a tiny bit hope left.


Although Ye Xiu had gotten used in the behavior of his team, as a player he had never given up on any game. That's why on the second match, he still hoped. His perseverance of playing GLORY to achieve the top was always there. The light might have dimmed but will always still be there.

And really, how much it's true that the greater the expectation the greater it will hurts in the end when it did not happen.

He did his best.

But no, there was nothing like doing his best when he was being held behind. His arms and legs were all tied up, chained.

Then the dreams he had was once again slipping out of his hands.

He watched as Vaccaria used Lightning Chain to sweep the last remaining health of his One Autumn Leaf and the team match ended once again, with his loss.

Calm as he is, he stood and left his booth feeling the disappointment creeps inside him. Ye Xiu was not even sure if he was disappointed on himself not being able to reign the team or he was disappointed on the way his team betrayed him and died without even fighting hard enough to take the crown.

One last look as the season ends for them and summer comes too soon, he saw the huge difference between the scores.


The playoffs end quite anticlimactic with total score 13-7 of two matches. Half, cannot even considered as close fight, he smile awkwardly leaving the stadium.

Semifinals goes and on, Ye Xiu just watched from City H. Even when his sister tried to invite him to watch live, they choose to just stay in the building. Train in the morning like a habit and watch the fight on the night.

He never thought of going even if it was Finals but his sister was too much to handle.

"C'mon Xiu-ge, please? Let's go and watch? Please? No matter who wins it will be monumental. If Tiny Herb wins then Huang Shao would never stopped bullying Wang Jiexi  being the reason of them not making three Champion. But if Zhang Jiale won, he'll finally leave the curse of being second. Hehe."


"Please please please? Yunxiu is also going."

"Fine. but only on the last match. Okay?"

"Yes! Thanks Ge."

Su Mucheng smiled and Ye Xiu shook his head. He can never say no when Mucheng was pouting like that.


The sound was loud as the light started playing. The stadium is full, cheers left and right. Everyone was excited for the upcoming Finals.

"Old Ye! You come! you come! I thought you won't come. I've been contacting you since forever! You owe me PKPKPK. You don't know how worried I was b ....." Huang Shaotian started tugging Ye Xiu as soon as the two from Excellent Era came.

Su Mucheng left Ye Xiu's side and directly went to Chu Yunxiu to start gossiping.

Ye Xiu was now encircled by his friends saying their own pieces.

"Senior, are you okay? I won't be asking what happened on the last match but I hope you're already feeling well." Yu Wenzhou said while taking Huang Shaotian off him.

Ye Xiu sighed and saw another puppy face on his left side,


Zhou Zekai said while looking sad and intently on him.

Ye Xiu felt sorry for the kid because of what Ye Qiu did. He smiled and said, "Xiao Zhou sorry 'bout last time kay? How about we PK after the match? We can even eat ramen later, your treat of course." Ye Xiu said trying to make up to the kid not knowing how the whole background turned silent and started smelling sour as the other looked at Zhou Zekai attempted on eliminating the said guy who was clearly flying into the sky towards a different world.

Zhou Zekai nodded immediately after hearing what the older man said and even walk towards him smiling, clearly blinding Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu felt looking at the stars too bright for his eyes, when Zhou Zekai reach his side he also smiled towards the kid and patted him on the head.


Ye Xiu looked at the side seeing Su Mucheng holding into Chu Yunxiu while the rest of his friends were either glaring at Zhou Zekai or mumbling things while smiling. Smiles which clearly never reached their eyes.

Ye Xiu shrugged his shoulders, not minding the situation and looked at the host who already announced that there were only 15 minutes left before the start of the match and intorduce another set of performer.

He was so intent on watching the troupe dancing that he did not notice the sound from his behind.


Ye Qiu: Here.
Su Mucheng: We're at the back, Corner A. Do you know where is that?
Ye Qiu: I'll find it.
Su Mucheng: Remember Tiny Herb's match? Near that, you'll turn left though.
Ye Qiu: Got it.

"Who were you texting Mumu? E'm talking to you.." Chu Yunxiu said.

"Hehe, do you have your extra phone with you?"

"Yupped? Why?"

"Because we're going to watch some drama. Hehe."


"Looks like he's here."

"Who?" Chu Yunxiu looked at the way where Su Mucheng was looking and fuck, there's only one thing to do. She took her phone immediately and started recording.

A man, wearing high end 3 piece suite paired with a designer shoes and branded watch with a trolley at the back walking towards them.

But what is more shocking was the face of the man.

A face never known by the public but everyone loves. It was the familiar face that was clear and clean. But it was a different feel. It has a dominating aura instead of his usual mocking calm and kind-hearted face.

It was the same face of their Senior.

The Senior that everyone was dying for.

Su Mucheng nodded while Ye Qiu smiled leaving his trolley speed-walking towards his brother.

"Gege.." His face glowed and brighten as a smile reached his eyes. The same expression that everyone never thought of seeing in that face.

Ye Qiu did not wait for his brother to realize what was happening and threw himself towards him. Ye Xiu was so speechless that he didn't know what was happening.

He just instinctively catch his twin and hugged him tightly like always.

"Ge! I'm home. I miss you so so so much!" Ye Qiu said while still on his arms and as if Ye Xiu was thrown by a cold water pushed Ye Qiu away to see him eye to eye and asked,

"What are you doing here!"

Ye Qiu pouted when his twin broke the hug he was enjoying. "Well, it's been what? A year? I just came back and I heard that you were in our hometown so I thought why not see you."

"You-" Before Ye Xiu can even speak, Ye Qiu took the chance and kissed his twin on the cheek and started purring on Ye Xiu once again. "Miss you Gege."

Everyone felt out of place after the said moment.

Complicated feelings that turned the background even quieter than ever.

"Cough cough."

"So you're? Senior Ye's t-twin?" Li Xuan asked trying to mediate the said dead atmosphere.

"Are you guys' Gege's FRIENDS??" Ye Qiu asked sounding innocently to everyone but Ye Xiu.

"Yes yes, we never thought Old Ye had a twin. Seriously, Old Ye. You've really hidden so well." Fang Rui said

"Hmmm" Ye Qiu tilted his head looking at them.

"What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck. Old Ye! I thought we're best friends! Why I never know you're a twin. Why Why Why? I felt too betrayed. I thought all the memories we had on the first server and I was the closest to you but I never knew this. Old Ye!" Huang Shaotian seems to find his mouth once again and started rumbling.

Ye Qiu already knew that Huang Shaotian is such a character but that doesn't mean he won't get surprised after hearing the said man chatter.

And by impulse, he hid behind Ye Xiu's and as if Ye Xiu knew what to do his hand was raised automatically, protecting his baby brother.

Zhang Xinjie was looking at the man. He had imagined Ye Xiu in a suite like him once but the image never come close to seeing it in real life.

"Sorry about that Senior Ye's twin. Shaotian is like that." Yu Wenzhou said as he pulled Huang Shaotian back once again.

Ye Qiu nodded once and carefully looked at the man.

"Senior.. Uhm???"

"What Captain would like to say is that, what should we call you Senior Ye?" Jiang Botao asked politely as he translated his Captain.

Ye Qiu once again looked at the two from head to toe as if measuring how much is their net worth and if it's worth it.

"Ye Qiu." An intimidating voice that came from one of the remaining pioneers of GLORY.

"Oh. Old Han. This is my twin brother.." Ye Xiu stopped thinking how should he introduce his own brother when he was using his name all these years.

Old Han. He remember that name. Ye Qiu was so sure, he had heard that name for as many times as he can. He even thought once that his brother had something with the man.

The man who looked so much like a mafia leader. But as a person who had experienced in dealing in the black market, Ye Qiu would never afraid. He had seen worst faces.

"Ye Qiu." He raised his hands introducing himself to greet the man who was clearly bewildered after hearing the other walked towards him and offer handshake.

Han Wenqing took the hand and Ye Qiu gripped harder which the Tyranny Captain fought back and raised his eyebrows.

"Gege, had told about you before. You're his long time rival right?"

"Is that so." Han Wenqing said indifferently and Ye Qiu smirked saying, "You can call me Ye Qiu. The real Ye Qiu. Brother had been using my name as stage name since we cannot always be together but I guess you didn't call him that name offstage right?"

And as if time had stopped. Ye Qiu knew he just threw a bomb in their faces.

Everyone doesn't know his brother's name.


"Old Ye! You! You're name."

"Senior. :("



The place started getting wild after the revelation. Although there were only pro players and they all knew that it was okay to use stage name but for THE Ye Qiu to be a stage name. A friend they all thought they knew when they didn't even know his name.

"Ye Qiu---Your name." Han Wenqing asked Ye Xiu deadly looking at his eyes.

"Old Han, I.."

"What? Gege? You never told them your real name? Guess they don't really matter. Yosh. since I'm not in this industry you can still call my brother like before since it's clear you guys don't really matter to him to share his real name." Ye Qiu said smirking while going to his trolley taking his jacket.

And another silence echoes. Silence that keeps on repeating.

After seeing the reaction of his twin brother's friends he was now sure that a few of them did have intentions to his adorable twin. So he will do his best to be a hindrance. His brother's purity should never be tainted.

He went back towards his twin and put the jacket, "Gege, here, you might get cold." He said while still innocently smiling as if he was not an overlord who rules business and see people from the top.

"Your name."

"Fine fine. Old Hand don't bully the old me." Ye Xiu replied nturning his head away from Han Wenqing who had clearly stared him looking deadly.


"Ye Xiu." Ye Xiu whispered and felt embarrassed after all his friends stared at him like a kid who was caught doing bad things.

"Ye Xiu. Okay."

"Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu.Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu.....akdfdhf" Huang Shaotian started chattering once again.

"Senior Ye Xiu." Zhou Zekai said lightly.

"Ye Xiu.."

"Senior Ye Xiu"

"Stop! Don't misuse it too much." Ye Xiu interrupted shouting lightly at all the pro players who are like a broken CD that kepts on repeating his name.

"Almost nine years and they only now knew your real name. Guess you don't really like to them huh." Ye Qiu added another oil to the fire.

"Ye Qiu. You! What is the real---" Ye Xiu looked at his twin warning him but interrupted when Ye Qiu holds his arms pointing to the stage.

"Oh it's going to start ge!" Ye Qiu said using the start of the match to divert his brother's attention.

"Don't think you will be able to hide after this. You owe me a lot of EXPLANATION."


The Final's match started and most of the pro players that came to watch had taken their seat. Ye Xiu had been surrounded by his friends like what always happen whenever he would ever come to watch another match. But there was a difference this time, because there was a certain younger brother beside him.

Ye Qiu was clearly not interested in the match but more of trying to be the line between his brother and the other. But since he's only one, the other side had been taken and his brother had been talking with the other's because of the match.

As time passed, he keeps getting annoyed. He cannot let this vermins touch his brother, his brother is too pure and naive. And there was also Shuiren who kept on messaging him for the party tonight by another business partner.

He hasn't focused to the match even though it has progress too much until the end of Group Match with the score currently 2-1.

It was currently the last match, a Witch he had fought before and a Spitfire who looks and attacks so flashy.

"Hmm. Zhang Jiale huh." He murmured after seeing the brochure on his hand. Although there was discussion as the match continues it was not enough to cover the sound he had voiced. 

"Ye Qiu? Don't tell me you're interested?" Ye Xiu asked teasing him and even though most of the players are watching, their ears have pointed towards the source of conversation.

"Nah, I just think he was really a good Gunner. It's flashy but he was good."

"You think so?" Ye Xiu was surprised, it was rare for his brother to be interested onto something nor someone.

"Yeah, but sadly he will lost."

"Brother Ye, how can you say that? The game is still on anyone's favor?" Fang Rui said

"Who's your brother. Nevermind, well his HP is lower."

"The HP is not that too far from Vacarria's Brother Ye." Li Xuan added pointing the 3 percent difference of Vacarria and Dazzling Hundred Blossoms at 72 and 68.4 percentage.

"Ah, Brother Ye, there are still a long match and even though he has lower HP, his MP is still higher than that of Vaccaria. I think that's why most of us hasn't decided who'll win. As long as the count has yet to end, there should still be a chance." Xiao Shiqin also added.

Everyone nodded and started saying their opinion all at the same thinking to impress the twin.

Ye Xiu then looked at his twin, he is a Master Tactician and he also believes the same as others. As long as the match haven't ended, GLORY can be anyone's. But Ye Xiu also knows that Ye Qiu is different, he had been playing with him for as long as he knows and had taught his brother all he knows and Ye Qiu's playing is discretely unique from others.

He had his own playstyle. He can pass as a second copy of his playstyle but Ye Xiu knows well, his brother had an entire different rhythm, thoughts, tactics, even offense and defense.

The other could have played and be one of the God's playing in the GLORY if only Ye Qiu ever played in the League, there won't be a single Battle God.

They watch as the battle continue and both the player fiercely attacking and defending each other.

Ye Xiu then asked turning his head only to Ye Qiu, "What do you think Old Zhang's I mean, the Spitfire's chances of winning?"

"He will lose if they passed 50 percent with his HP lower than that of the Witch. He was good but not enough."

"Hmm. I think there was still chances for him though is it really that small?" Ye Xiu asked, he was a Master Tactician and intelligent for his own, but Ye Qiu is the real genius. If he work hard enough he can always pinpoint on things and he is very meticulous.

"Yeah. He had already done 3 miscalculation ever since the HP had fall down in 80 percent. 6.32, his gun is 3 degrees lower making the bullet only grazed Vacarria. It also given the other chance to dodge the last bullet. 7.48, he used Burst grenade instead of Seeker Grenade while jumping back to counter the Lava Flask, 8.25 his coordinate at 267.378 is wrong, he should have run a few more feet to the right, 277.378 should be the perfect place to launched his attack since the witch would have no choice but to fly over the boulder to attack him.-- Oh he should have throw the grenade instead of firing that MP consuming skill" Ye Qiu was mumbling by himself talking to his brother, completely forgetting the other's presence which had already silent after listening to his thoughts.

The rest of the pro player felt like their heads would be going to burst. Who would see those tiny shit? No one mention awhile ago. And what the fuck how could someone remember those tiny details? Even the coordinates and the time. Everyone had the same thought,

'Twin of monster is another monster.'

Ye Xiu they know was atleast not that meticulous or perfectionist to point out those details immediately even Zhang Xinjie would need time to do that. Although they all know that the master tacticians would be able to read those when they watch a replay. A replay. Not on the current moment..

"Brother, do you think he's tired or feeling unwell?" Ye Qiu asked after seeing that the mistake kepts on piling.

"No he's doing his best."

"He was not built to be main attacker to begin with. His playstyle I think it feels like there was something missing."

"A partner was it?"

"Right! Does he not have a partner? I bet he will be a good duo or something."

"He doesn't. And it's an individual match A'Qiu."

"Hmmm. According to this brochure he was atleast an accomplished man, 2 times second placer? Wait, if he lose today won't he be the same as you A'Xiu? The difference would be three time Champion and three time second place... Do you think it was his subconscious making all those tiny bit errors?" Ye Qiu asked as if a child finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle he'd been working hard for.

"A'Qiu, did you start learning psychology or something?" Ye Xiu asked smiling at his brother.

"Oh shut up, Gege!"

The match ended with 2-3 with the twin's correct foreboding. There would be a 15 minutes break before the Team Match happen so most had breathe even other audience had taken off their seat to buy something.

The pro players once again surrounded the twins and started talking, impressing and clearly desiring his brother, Ye Qiu being annoyed because of the constant noise that had also seems to drag him ever since the Group Match ended said, "Let's be honest do you all have intentions to my brother?"

He said with clear voice that reverberate throughout the surrounding. Even Ye Xiu gapped after hearing those words from his twin.

"You all should stop yapping and trying to impress Gege. I would not allow any of you who cannot even beat me to have my Gege. You don't deserve him." Ye Qiu said shielding his brother's innocence from everyone.

Ye Xiu was taken aback but then reacted on smacking Ye Qiu's head, "What the hell are you even saying Ye Qiu. Seriously?"

"But Gege-"

"Ye Qiu, I think you should cool down, you started imagining things, they are all just my friends." Ye Xiu sighs explaining to his brother that seems to take his friends actions innocently.

"Yes Brother Ye, we are all just friends."

"Yes, just friends."


"Yea yeah. we're just friends, don't think any of it. I've been friends with Old Ye since Server 1. And we are just best friends. Old Ye and I are best friends forever until we grow old with each other."

The pros started commenting and Ye Qiu lowered his arms and then smirk saying, "Anyone who can win against me on a best of 3 distinct games, I'll accept that you deserve my brother I will even support you when facing our parents."


"Well well well, how long are you going to stay here Brother Ye? Do you want to come with us tonight, we can PKPKPK. I'll teach you how to play GLORY, we can have a few matches if you want?" - Huang Shaotian

"Yeah yeah, Brother Ye, if you want we can play some cards as we party to end?" - Fang Rui

"You look more built than that twig, do you go to gym or workout?" - Han Wenqing

"Mind if I ask, what do you work for? Or are you still in University?" - Zhang Xinjie

"By the way do you have any hobbies of doing?" - Yu Wenzhou


Ye Qiu laugh, see this thugs clearly hiding but subtlety showing their true natures. He smirked and said, "Well, I do run at the morning and go to gym as much as I can. I go to shooting range or doujo in weekends Mr. Han. Mr. Yu, my hobbies is learning. I like studying different things from Agricultural to Engineering to Medicine. And for your question Mr. Zhang, I finished my Masterals a few years back and currently working as the CEO of Golden Leaf Corporation. I also model whenever I liked and have free time, but they are mostly in Paris."


Silence occurs that was only cut because of the announcement that Team Match will be starting.

"Heh. Don't think it will ever be easy. I will not give my Gege to any of you." Ye Qiu said while ushering Ye Xiu to go back to their seat while sticking his tongue out on the guys.

Chu Yunxiu and Su Mucheng together with all other pro girls were laughing at the side watching the whole thing. There had been a bet on which ship will ever sail fro the last years. And it was the most prominent topic in GLORY Girls.