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What would happen if Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu swap bodies?

Well, it was the same face, to begin with. There was nothing wrong right? They can just switch places.

If only Ye Qiu is in China but he's in Los Angeles.

How the hell would they switch when they are not even in the same country?


Although they both live in different worlds, the two have properly maintained their connection throughout the year.

Ye Xiu was able to continue playing because of one condition that he will study in his spare time.

Ye Qiu on the other hand made sure to play the game GLORY in his spare time.

He would even help his brother in Wild Boss from time to time. And how many times did they have a date in-game? 

Yup, since they both are living far from each other the only times they would get to play together is in GLORY. Or maybe if Ye Xiu was in the mood to study, the two would video call through Skype. And just talk about things.


When Ye twins mystifyingly switch bodies and Ye Qiu experince first hand his precious twin brother's mistreatment.

The timeline occurs around end of Season 7 to Season 8.