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Hero-nim, your statue looks holy

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Clopeh is clenching his chest while panting hardly. Bullets of sweats are rolling down from his fore to his neck, his skin was as pale as snow, and his throat was dry due to exhaustion and anxiety. However, his expression is different from his appearance, Clopeh is smiling- no, he is grinning from ear to ear while chuckling. His shoulders were shaking uncontrollably, he laughed loudly while crouching below a desk. He could hear loud shouts outside the window, that shout is from the redhead who was looking for him, and he was hiding because he knew, that when that redhead finds him, he’s dead. 

“Sorry Cale-nim, this is the only way that the whole world will know how great your legend is. With this, everyone won't think you are weak just because of your body."

Clopeh whispered while grinning. 


He then crawled his way out of the room and ripped a teleportation scroll.  Clopeh breath heavily as he arrived at Henituse Territory, he knew that Cale is in the palace right now and is crazily looking for him, however, there is no way that redhead will realize he will be hiding in his own room.

Clopeh is a total freak, yet he knew he is sane. He stealthily sneaked into Cale's room. He set up the camera and video communication devices he had on his magic spatial bag. He can reign his task in this room without interruptions. The Molan father and son duo was with Cale, that is why he is confident enough to barged in here.

"Ah yes, a perfect place to hide."

Clopeh mouthed and sat at the sofa while activating series of devices altogether.

"Kekekekeke, I'm sure those posters have already reached the Eastern continent, finally, the fruits of my hard work. Don't worry Legend Cale, kekekeke."

Inside the glim room, a white haired man was busy clicking on the devices at hand while grinning at the sight he is seeing in front of him.




The first thing he heard when he woke up is that his face was all over the continent, and the culprit was Clopeh Sekka. He saw several and disgusting statues and a lot of posters with his face on them as he hurriedly went to the palace.

"H-human, there are too many statues and posters.. B-but you look great in them human!"

Raon exclaimed suppressing his laugh while covering his face with the poster he picked up on their way.

"U-uh,, you look great o-on them nya!" Hong exclaimed while turning his back on Cale.
"Cale, you look somewhat- holy and awkward on the statue." On commented while glancing on one statue,

"Pfft." Choi Han couldn't contain his amusement and accidentally slipped a laughed, but he immediately put a serious face as Cale glared at him.

"Oh my God, Young Master Shield looks so cool in the statue, He is so cool in the poster too!"

"I'm excited for the museum! I heard everyone can go inside the museum!"

"Yes! We can also see the recorded videos of fights of our hero, ah- I'm so thrilled!"

Cale wanted to faint as he heard the voices of the people from outside of the carriage they were riding. This is the end if his life, he will never get his slacker life. He remembered the call moments ago, asking if he wanted to be a model for a clothing store in the capital. He was speechless and angry, yet all he did was to stare blankly on the communication devices.

Ron, the one who attended him in his breakfast had an awkward smile on his face, Beacrox who was standing beside his father did not even glanced at him even once, he was clearly holding his smile.

Cale clenched his fists, his face showed how angry he is. His pale face turned into red while holding back himself from strangling Clopeh,- ah yes, its him, what is he expecting.

"I swear I'm gonna break his neck."

Cale turned his head to the window, but it was later on he realized that he will regret doing so. He saw himself- the statue was him. Like what he saw on those Greek statues, in his memory as Kim Rok Soo, his whole body sculpted with only just a cloth covering his lower body, that is what he is seeing. He groaned and palmed his face.

It was not holy at all!

"I want to cry."

Choi Han who heard of Cale's mumbling gulped with sweating bullets. He clenched the hilt of his sword and unconsciously closed his eyes.


When they reached the Palace, the servants and the knights are glancing while they were entering. Cale can feel their hot glazes, he wanted to dig a whole on the ground and bury himself there. He did not care about his footsteps anymore, he activated Sound of the Wind and rushed to Alberu's room. He slammed the door opened and immediately grabbed Alberu's hand.

"Your Highness, please do your best to take down those statues and those posters around the continent. Ah no- take care of the posters, I'll burn the statues myself, okay?" Cale huffed as he finished his sentence, and turned his back on the Crown Prince.

"Cale Henituse. Calm down." Alberu scoffed on the redhead who was sweating.

"What?" Cale snapped with Alberu's statement.

"There's no use of it, it already spread in the Eastern continent, by now, it may have reached in the Endable Kingdom too."

Alberu knew that by saying this, Cale will be enraged.

"Ha..?" Cale blankly asked him, Choi Han was signaling Alberu to not speak anymore. But Alberu continued to do so.

"Guardian Knight Clopeh Sekka passed documents about building a museum. He sent me signed documents from legal land owners. "

"I don't care about the museum, he can build it all he want, but those statues are another thing Hyung-nim.." Cale is on the verge of crying, he's clenching his fists when an audio message played behind him.

-"Young Master Cale, this is Witira, uhm,, we received your u-hm, statue, you look great with scales and fins! There are posters here too, we will keep it well. Call me when you receive this message."

Cale's mouth opened, before he could even talk, a video communication device rang, Raon accidentally accepted the call. It was Toonka.

"KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cale! My friend, what is this? KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Don't worry I hired a sculptor to create my statue next to you! KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THAT, WE WILL BE MATCHING!"

Toonka was doing the pose like the statue beside him. It was Cale wearing nothing but thin cloth covering his lower body, doing a finger-heart. Cale's entire body shivered, he look at Choi Han, who was sweating bullets avoiding his gaze.

"Choi Han." He called out, but Choi Han coughed and wandered his eyes around the room. Raon snickered beside Cale.

"Choi Han you traitor!" Cale exclaimed as he walked towards Choi Han who was looking at him nervously.

"C-Cale-nim! This is a misunderstanding! Cale-nim I didn't know he will use that pose to your statue Cale-nim!" Choi Han defended himself.

"What did I misunderstand huh?" He activated Dominating Aura to the maximum power, and glared and Choi Han, who had an anxious face.

"C-Cale-nim! Please calm down, it wasn't me! It's Your Highness! That's right! The Crown Prince pushed that pose, he said he liked it!"

"What?" Alberu had a shocked look on his face. He turned pale and walked backwards.

" It wasn't me Dongsaeng! D-dragon nim, Raon and the kids said it is a nice pose! Believe me, I would never agree to it! I know you want a slacker life right? I-I'm working my best for you to have it."

Cale look defeated. He felt betrayed, looking at the group of people he is with in the room.

"C-Cale we did not know Clopeh will create a statue out of that pose nya!" On exclaimed, explaining her side.

"T-that's right nya!"

"H-human! We don't really know about it! Don't get mad at me" Raon said anxiously as he watched Cale's face darkened. His jaw clenched, a bullet of sweat rolled down his cheek.

-C-Cale, you know were always here for you right? (Super Rock)
-You, you don't look bad in them though. (Sound of the Wind)
-Shut your mouth Thief, can't you see he's super duper mad? (Retrogressive Water)

"Haaa.." Cale sighed, breaking the silence of the room.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Cale laughed maniacally. Choi Han, Alberu, Raon, On and Hong who is hearing this shivered with the coldness of the wind.

"Haa, so this is what I get. That's right, everyone here is a traitor, I should not get help from them." Cale said to himself. Raon tried to approach Cale, but Cale laughed once again, he banged his head to the air and looked at the ceiling while laughing.


The wind was getting stronger, the wind lifted Cale and he rushed outside through the window.




Choi Han, Alberu and Raon rushed to the window, to only see Cale floating in the sky. He can see the capital below and the people who was looking at him.



The attendants and servant of the palace looked up to see their hero floating in the sky. Cale's brow twitch as he realized he is making a scene.

"Young master! Please sign my poster!" An attendant from the King's palace shouted as she wave the poster she is holding. The maid beside her pinched her elbow.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"This is my chance to approach the hero, I'm putting my lifeline here."

She answered as she saw the redhead hero descending from the sky towards their position, the maid beside her gasped.

"Oh my god! Where's my poster?!" She panicked when she saw Cale slowly descending. Cale slowly descend as he glare at the people who was looking at him in the window.


"Don't come. We're not friends anymore." He provoked the little dragon. He can't help it, he felt so betrayed and he don't want to talk to them this time. Then he descended to the ground, in front of the King's attendant.

"Oh my God, it's really him!" The maid squeaked while covering her mouth.

"He looked more handsome than his statue." The attendant stated, making Cale frown, he then smile at them, forcefully.

"Hi, may I know, where did you get those posters?" He asked while looking at them warmly.

"Y-yes Hero-nim! Hours ago, a wyvern was flying in the sky dropping lots of posters in  the capital, some flew by the wind, making its way to the palace." The attendant said while eyeing him, holding a poster and a graphite stick.

Damn that crazy bastard, he even use his wyvern, is this some kind of punishment?

"H-hero-nim.. Please sign my poster.." The maid asked him hopefully, he smiled and motioned his hands, the maid handed her poster and he grabbed it.

"M-mine too Hero-nim!" The attendant exclaimed.

"Yes yes." Cale chuckled as he write something in the poster, he then grabbed the other one and signed it.

"Thank you for the information, I will go now." He said and turned his back.

"T-thank you Hero-nim!" Both shouted joyfully and squealed. Those who were looking  at the two attendants rushed to them. Cale frowned and grabbed a top from his pocket.

"Please find Clopeh this instant." Cale ordered the wind elementals.

"Don't worry Cale! Were good at finding things!"

"Sea of fire! Chaos! Destruction! Hahaha this is nice!"

"We'll be back shortly!"

The wind elementals exclaimed and scattered. Cale clenched his jaw and loosen the collar of his suit.

"If I find you, you're dead."



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Clopeh twitched on his seat when a cold wind blow from his neck, he knew immediately. He has to move his location again.

"Damn wind elementals." He cussed as he tossed the video communication devices to his magic spatial bag, and grabbed a teleportation scroll. He ripped and move to his next hideout.

He arrived in a wide mermaid cave in the underground of Island 15, he found this cave while looking for the video communication device he dropped during the acting battle with the Whale tribe and the White Star, when Cale asked him to ride his wyvern again, he fell into the water and dropped the device, he must find it since he has been recording himself and the battle, he then arrive in this inhabited mermaid cave.

The cave is luxurious, it has a pool right in the crater of the mountain above, the moon can be seen in the middle of the pool when you look up during night time. The water is cascading blue and there are some corals below. This is where he spend most of his time while editing the recorded videos he had, and making new recorders for future recordings. It has been a year since they defeated the White Star, and Clopeh can feel it.

He felt goosebumps whenever he thinks of Cale, he knew, the adventure of his hero is not over yet.

"Kekekekekekeke, I swear I heard him saying that a Fake Hilsman, his Vice Captain was captured and guarded by Dragon-nim, was part of the Thames family." He shivered with the thought of getting new scopes for the museums.

He sat of the wet floor and played the water with his bare foot.

"Kekekekekk, what should I do next before the hero strangle me to death..?" 

He asked while looking at his reflection on the water. His emerald eyes sparkled and curved, his face flushed bright red as he touched his neck, he thought of Cale strangling him crossed his mind.

"Ah yes~, I can record him choking me."


Cale felt a cold wind touching his nape, he shivered and drag himself back to Henituse Territory, he is currently using Sound of the Wind. He frowned as he saw a group of people moving their old sculptures to an old carriage. He descended to the ground and walked towards the gate. The knights guarding the gate became alert as they saw the hero walking towards them. They stood straight and made a salute, Cale flinched with their gesture.

"Welcome back Young Master-nim!" A knight greeted him, the others did the same. Cale stopped in front of the opened gates, he nodded and asked,

"What is happening?"

"Ah, the Lord ordered the male servants to remove the old sculptures."

The knight replied as he glanced over Cale, there are about ten sculptures in front of the Henituse mansion. Cale wondered why his father is changing the sculptures that has been with them since the previous Henituse generations,

"Hm? Did he ordered new sculptures?" He asked curiously.

The knight looked at him and nodded vigorously, the other knight jumped beside the knight who was talking to Cale and exclaimed.

"The Lord ordered varieties of your statue Young Master! It will arrive in an hour"

Cale's mouth dropped, he froze on his spot, unable to process the information.

"W ha-what? My statue?" He asked.

"Yes, Young Master." The knights said in unison.


A voice behind him called his name out, he turned and saw his father. Behind his father are several beefy man who are busy carrying statues from the newly arrived carriage. His eyes widen at the sight and rushed towards his father who is also looking at him.

"Father, no! Why are you putting my face in front of the mansion?!"

He exclaimed to his father, Deruth, who is giving instructions to the servants.

"Hm? What about it? Isn't it beautiful? Look, I found a so called key chain and plushie of you in a store."

Deruth showed him a doll stitched with red and silver threads, and a silver looking face of him key chain. He then looked at his father’s face, his father is looking at him excitedly with sparkling bubbles around him. Cale gulped, bullets of sweats rolled from his forehead, his mind is going haywire because of what is happening, he then started to stepped backwards unconsciously, and started to laugh.

"Hahahahahahaha, ha... " He laughed maniacally and sighed at the end.

"Why am I here?"

Cale asked before touching his temples, he staggered and looked at the things his father ordered. He saw the same statue of him doing a finger heart, another one holding a shield that looked like his silver shield, a statue of him sitting on a stone with only a thin cloth on the lower body, another one who had the head bowing, while looking at the hands that are clasping money coins, another one statue of him with Raon on his shoulders. He then laughed weakly, looking at the statue being moved by the servants from the carriage.

"Hahahahahaha what the hell is that bullshit?"

He asked as his vision darkened, and his body started to fall, Cale fainted with the sight of a statue of him stuffing an apple pie on his mouth.


"Young Master!"

He heard several people calling his name but he just let darkness enveloped him.

'Ah, is this death?'

Raon was sniffing while punching Choi Han on the stomach.

"This is your fault Choi Han! Why did you showed that pose to that crazy Clopeh!"

He shouted while crying.

"He said were not friends anymore! Waahh!"

Raon wailed and turned his back on them to rummage through his spatial bag.

On is biting her nails while pacing back and forth.

Choi Han was still looking outside the window. Unmoving. He had a blank face.

"Crown Prince! Choi Han is not breathing!"

Hong exclaimed as he checked the black haired man. Choi Han was stoned to where he was standing while looking blankly in the sky, mumbling.

"It's not me Cale-nim. I swear."

He mumbled while still thinking of the statement Cale left them.

"Don't come. Were not friends anymore."

Choi Han wanted to cry, he didn’t know that Clopeh will use the pose for making Cale’s statue. All he did was to show it when the crazy bastard asked him, what kind of pose would suit Cale if ever he is going to model.

‘No, I shouldn’t have showed him that. Crazy.’

Alberu, who was sitting on a chair stood, slapped himself and approached Choi Han, he grabbed both of the man's shoulders.

"Listen Choi Han, this is a dilemma, Cale is mad at us, this is all Clopeh's fault."

He said, convincing Choi Han. Raon's ears perked, he flew towards Alberu and Choi Han.

"That's right! This is all Clopeh's fault!" Raon exclaimed while wiping his snout.

On looked at them unbelievably, she has an doubtful look on her face.

'Why are you guys lying to yourselves?'

Hong brushed his tail to his sister's tail and asked his sister with a worried voice.

"Noona, what should we do? What if Cale will hate us forever?"

Hong asked, Raon, Alberu and Choi Han heard his question and looked at them.


Raon waled and cried. Choi Han and Alberu sat on the sofa and look at each other with a serious glare, putting their hands on their chin.

"We won't make that happen."

"Yes, definitely, Your Highness."

Eruhaben, fluttered his eyelashes and rubbed his eyes as he groaned. He shifted his sleeping position to the left side of the bed. He muffled a sigh and tried to sleep again, however, he felt something strange in the room, he frowned and opened his eyes. Only to see Cale's face looking at him with an evil smirk plastered on its mouth (as to what Eruhaben sees) holding a golden plaque on its hand. He blinked twice,

"The fuck, is this some kind of bad omen?"

 Eruhaben asked while frowning and jumped out from the bed.

"What the hell?" He cussed, he felt cold shivers on his spine as he hurriedly left the room.

Sheritt looked at the huffing dragon as he arrived in the living room. The woman curiously looked at him.

"Ha.. Lord, you won't believe what I saw, there is some kind of creepy looking creature in my room. It looks like a statue with Cale's face!"

Eruhaben exclaimed with a horror face.

Sheritt's cheeks puffed, and she laughed loudly.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha, Cale's deputy butler, Hans, told the male servants to put one statue on your room Eruhaben!"

Sheritt stated as she crouched on the couch while laughing.

"What?" Eruhaben asked.

"Ha.. It's Cale." Sheritt answered, she look at Eruhaben's face and started laughing again.

Eruhaben had a complicated look on his face, he still had his bed hair and some dried saliva on the corner of his lips.

Sheritt who was laughing thought of Eruhaben sleeping peacefully only to wake up with a statue of Cale looking at him.

Eruhaben came back to his senses and called out,


“Y-yes, Dragon-nim?”

Mueller, answered nervously as he showed himself from hiding under the counter. He receive a vicious glare from the dragon, making him flinched.

“Where’s Cale right now?”

Eruhaben asked while massaging his fore. Mueller wiped the sweat that was rolling down his cheek and answered,

“Y-young Master Cale is in his room, h-he fainted a while ago, L-Lord Deruth said it was maybe because of the stress.”

“Haa… that unlucky bastard.”

Eruhaben clicked his tongue, Sheritt laughed with Mueller’s answer.

“Unfortunately, Clopeh roamed around the continent at dawn riding his wyvern, he was announcing the Grand Opening of Cale’s museum while scattering posters all over the place.”

Sheritt laughed once again,

“I thought he was joking! Look at this poster, the museum has Cale’s blooded clothes! Hahahahahhahah.”

Eruhaben grabbed and read the poster,




Eruhaben's brows twitch as he sighed, he covered his mouth with his hand as he heard Sheritt laughing while making her way to the kitchen. 


"What a crazy bastard." He commented on Clopeh, while suppressing himself not to laugh. 

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"I wasn't lying really! I knew Cale! He will not be happy with these statues and posters!" Archie explained himself as he stepped backwards, while looking at the group of people around him.

"Liar! You look ordinary, you don't know the hero!"

"Don't you just dare to call him by his name! You should put Hero on it!"

"Why are saying he won't be happy about the statues? Who are you to say that! Fart Uncle!"

The kids ranging from 7-9 years old talked back at him. He looked towards his comrades who where behind the kids, as if asking for help. However,

"Oh my God, who's that? How heartless of him to bully kids."

Luce, one of the Whale Tribe who was with him when they went to the capital to look for Clopeh, commented on him. The other man beside Luce, Herald, nodded vigorously,

"Right, right? I heard he's not from here, he is clearly an anti fan, you should burn him to death."

Herald stated while covering his mouth, with his statement, it stirred the hearts of the people who are listening.

"Oh my god, an Anti fan, no matter how great our Hero is, he still has haters?"

"Right? What is he even doing here?"

"Albeit he's here to insult and criticize our Young Master Silver Shield!"

"No way! Hey! Go home!"

"Get lost from here, don't pull a ruckus just because you are not a fan of our hero!"

"Which place are you from? Our hero saved both the eastern and western continent! How ungrateful of you to hate him!"

The citizens shouted at Archie who was wearing a disguise, this is the first time in his life he got scared. He glared at the companions he had, both of him had a laughing face. They are shooing him away.

'Damn it, how did this happen? I'm just here to find Clopeh to sign these documents!'

Archie grumbled as bullets of sweats rolled down from to his neck, he looked at the vicious gazes of the citizens at him. He gulped.

'I am not an anti fan! I'm telling the truth!'

Archie wanted to shout but he run towards an alley and find himself bumping in a large man.

"Damn it," He cussed and fixed his hat. 'Damn Luce and Herald, I'm going to kill you both!'

"Oh my! Pretty boy!"

The large man giggled as he move aside, Archie looked at the man, the large man was looking at him with sparkling eyes, he was wearing make up.
Archie shivered and thought why the hell is he so unlucky even during at his break.

*Prior hours before Archie was sent to the capital*

Archie was lying in his bed, slacking as he get a break from work. Right after they defeated the White Star and his company, this is the first break he had. He munched some sea grapes and rolled in his bed. (Archie getting slacker life instead of Cale, lol)

A knock from his door interrupted his rest, he frowned and got up from his bed. He swallowed what was he eating and opened his door. A man white navy blue hair greeted him, it was Queen Witira's second degree cousin, Luce.

"Hey Archie." The man greeted him.

"The hell is it?" He answered irritably, Luce is an irritating whale for Archie.

"Witira is calling for us."

"What? Isn't it my break?"  He scoffed and frowned.

"Uh, not anymore?" Luce laughed at his own statement, Archie clicked his tongue and went to Witira with Luce.


"What? Why would I need to go to the capital with them?" Archie asked while as Witira handed him a spatial bag.

"As I've said Clopeh must be in the capital  since he is creating a ruckus, and Young Master Cale is looking for him, he must have hide in the capital since Cale doesn't really like going to capital where there are a lot of citizens."

"I get it! But why me? And why would I go with them?!" Archie pointed at Luce and Herald who was smiling at him.

"Uh, they said they want to see the capital and Cale?"



*Back to current time*


“The fuck is wrong with you guys?” Archie asked as he smacked the back of Luce and Herald’s head. The men ended up following him while laughing, they are currently in front of the palace, asking for an audience with the Crown Prince.

“Hey, Archie, what does Cale Henituse look like?” Luce asked Archie. Right he was away when they battle with the White Star

“Right? We heard a lot about him at the academy but we don’t really know how is he like.” Herald added.  

“See him for yourself.” Archie replied.

“That’s right, you should see him yourself.” Alberu interrupted their conversation.

“Gahh! Your Highness, what’s with your face?” Archie turned his head only to see Alberu with large bags under his eyes, he looked haggard. Beside him is Choi Han who had the same look on his face. They look like they haven’t sleep for three days.

“Ahh, Archie. You are blessing in disguise! Hahahaha!” Alberu exclaimed with a tired laugh on his face.

“Help us look for Clopeh. We have been searching for him these past four days, since Cale-nim isn’t waking up from his slumber, ahh, yes, Clopeh, we need to find him.” Choi Han added with an glum face.

Archie’s brow arched,

“Huh? Young Master Cale is not waking up?”

“Yes, the priests said it’s his defense mechanism from the overloading stress. It has been fours days Archie, Raon is in his side, guarding him. And we are looking for Clopeh.” Choi Han said with teary eyes, Alberu also had the same eyes as Choi Han.

“Archie, help us.” Alberu and Choi Han said in unison with a hopeful look in their faces.



“Wahh! Human! Wake up already human!” Raon cried beside Cale who had a tired look in his face`even though he is asleep.

“Grandpa! Why is Cale not waking up these few days even though he did not vomit blood?” Hong asked as he wipe the snout on his nose.

Ron had vicious gaze while having a benign smile plastered in his mouth, he then picked up the crying gray cat. On was glancing between Raon and his brother who was crying, back to Cale who is sleeping. She touched Cale’s cheek.

“Cale, don’t worry we will kill Clopeh for you.” She whispered.

Bud, who was beside On, look at her shockingly. He arrived two days ago as soon as he received Raon’s message that Cale fallen to deep slumber. He looked at Cale with a pity face. Cale had a light blush on his cheek, while having bullets of sweats on his face. He stood up and check Cale’s temperature.  

“Uh, I think Cale’s having a fever.” He declared. Ron snapped his head towards Cale and hurriedly approach the young noble. He put his hand on Cale’s forehead.

“Tsk. It’s a rising fever.” Ron said, Raon and Hong eyes watered once again. Raon fluttered his wings beside Bud and descended towards Cale’s bed, Hong jumped beside Raon, while On turned to her human form and went with Ron to get medicine and towel.

“H-human! Waaahhh!”

“Cale nya! Don’t have fever nya!”

The two children drowned the room with their cries, Bud look at them with a worried expression as he contacted Choi Han.









Cale was huffing in his sleep, he felt shitty and cold. The pain on his head and chest are severe. He cough and groaned, feeling relieved with just a cough. His nose is stuffy, the reason why he can’t breath properly, he is also feeling nauseous, he wanted to vomit his stomach out. He cough again, and again, and again. He coughed like his itchy throat is going to rip, without minding the surroundings,  not like he can hear them but he is busy listening to his own heartbeat. He  hugged himself while trying to ease the pain he is feeling.

Of course, the people in the room who was seeing this began to panic and worry. Raon cried as he look at Cale who is shivering from his fever.

“W-weak human! Waaahhh! Don’t cough like that!” He exclaimed while patting Cale’s chest.

“Cale-nim..” Choi Han called out with a very worried face. Ron passed beside him and approached the sick Cale. He replaced the towel in his young puppy’s forehead with a new wet towel. Eruhaben, who was watching this clicked his tongue. Alberu is silently observing everyone in the large room.

“R-ron..?” Cale called his butler with a hoarse voice, he is panting, trying to catch breath with his mouth since his nose is very stuffy, his eyes flutter slightly as he try to find Ron in his sight. He saw a figure, but somehow his vision is blurry.

“Young Master? You’re awake?” Ron answered him with a worried question. Raon perked his ears and looked towards Cale.




The people in the room called him out, however, Cale, did not hear them. He only cared about the figure he is seeing in his vision. Cale who is scared with pain, the pain he is feeling in his entire body terrifies the hell out of him. He lifted his hand with a little strength, only to drop his own hand on his chest.

“I-It hurts.” He said with a distorted voice. Everyone flinched except Ron.

“I-It hurts e-everywhere... feels like d-dying..” He said. Tears are forming in the corners of his eyes, and light sobs escaped from his lips, filling the quite room.

Moments later, the room fell into silence. Ron fixed Cale’s blanket as he saw his young master had fallen asleep again.

“Do not worry. Young Master acts like that every time he is sick, I’ve been with him his entire life so I know it. Please leave the room so the young master can rest peacefully.” Ron said with a calm mind.

Choi Han who was consoling the children get up. Raon glanced towards Cale and to Ron. Ron smiled at him.

“Don’t worry Raon-nim, he won’t die because of a fever.”

Raon nodded with a fiery eyes. The grip on the top he was holding tightened and said,

“The elementals might have find Clopeh, let’s strike him now.”

Everyone turned their head to the little dragon, he saw a vicious gaze on Raon. Choi Han grabbed his scabbard and clenched his jaw.

‘Clopeh, just wait until we catch you.’






Rare photo of Archie running away from the citizens.


The photo from the poster guys. It took me days to finish this. It was posted in my IG and Twitter.

Chapter Text

“Ron.” Cale called his butler who was standing in front of the closed door. He had a dark expression in his face while holding the door knob.

“Young Master.” He said with a shrill voice, he looked at his young puppy and approached him. He sat at the chair beside the young noble’s bed and checked Cale’s temperature again.

“Ron, let’s do it. Bud and Beacrox knew about this too right?” Cale pleaded the old butler with his puppy eyes. Ron closed his eyes tightly.

“Young Master, you are very sick, we can’t afford to travel to Eastern Continent.”

“But, we can use teleportation scroll.” Cale pushed his desire.

“Young Master the travelling hours has only been reduced by one hour, we still have to travel 1-2 hours to reach the continent. Please stop being stubborn and take a rest, let Choi Han find the crazy Clopeh.” Ron exclaimed with the finality of his voice, he is feeling stressed because of Cale’s stubbornness. Cale coughed and pleaded once again.

“Ron..” He looked at his butler with pleading eyes. Ron gave him a ‘are you really crazy look?’ and sighed once more.

“Young Master you are scraping many days of my life.” he said with a defeat tone.

“Thank you, Ron.” Cale put a light smile on his face and coughed again. The butler offered him a ginger water to lessen the haptic sensation on his throat, Cale gladly drank it, but since he had a bitter taste on his tongue, he can’t taste anything.  

“Let us just wait until everyone leave the territory, for now, take a rest. I will order Beacrox to make porridge for the young master.”

“Don’t like porridge.” Cale commented with drowsy eyes.

“Then I will ask him to make chicken and vegetable soup.” Ron replied.

“Okay..” Cale said as he fall asleep again.

Neko Cale


Ron quietly left the room while holding the used towel and the basin with water. He saw Choi Han on his way down the hall, Choi Han had a serious expression on his face while looking at Ron.

“What is it? Do you want a goodbye kiss before you go?” Ron asked with a threatening voice. Eruhaben flinched with Ron’s statement and looked at Choi Han.

“Ew.” Choi Han commented and turned his back. Eruhaben cease himself from laughing with Choi Han and Ron’s conversation.

“How is Cale?” He asked Ron who was packing sandwiches in a container.

“He is asleep. He still has fever.” He answered as he wrapped the container with a checkered cloth and called On.

“Grandpa?” On called him out as she received the container.

“If ever your brothers got hungry let them eat this.” Ron said with a soft voice.

Raon approached them,

“D-did human said so?” Raon asked hopefully, Ron just nodded and smiled at the black dragon. Raon and the kids have a bright expression on their face as they chit chat with Choi Han. Eruhaben sighed and scratched his brow,

“Did he really said that? Raon told me that Cale is mad at them.”

“It’s just a little motivation for the battle, there is nothing wrong about it.” Ron said and turned his back on the old dragon. The old dragon stared at the back of the old butler for a long time.

“Eruhaben-nim?” Tasha called him out, he snapped his head towards the people who are already looking at him.

“Are not coming Goldie Gramps?” Raon asked while fluttering his wings in front of the teleportation circle. He sighed and shakes his head.


“If Mary is here it will end this tiring hide and seek game of Clopeh.” Alberu said.

“Hey Crown Prince, Mary is travelling all around the globe you know! We should not drag in this mess and let her enjoy her travel! Besides, we can handle Clopeh with ourselves.” Raon said while flying around, everybody agreed and nodded their heads.

“By the way, is that Mercy King  not coming with us?” Luce whispered at Archie, however, everyone there has sharp ears.

“Mercy king? Who is that?” Tasha asked Luce, the guy blushed at stuttered.

“The blue haired guy? With glasses, who smell like booze?” Luce scratched his nape as he answered.

“Ah, Bud Illis? He said he will stay here since he had something to discuss with Mr. Ron about the eastern continent.” Tasha replied.

Archie who was looking at Luce opened his mouth to answer but Herald talked first.

“Why are you looking for him? Is he your type now? You’re such a player.”  Herald commented, Archie gasped.

“Luce stop being a fuck boy!” Archie exclaimed with a terrified face. Luce’s face is now painted with red tint.

“The fuck you talking about? Isn’t it normal to look for him if we are going for war? We need more people, we don’t know how strong this Clopeh guy!”

“Don’t worry about it, that Clopeh is not that strong, beside I respect your preferences, but please restrain yourself right now.” Archie said with suspicious eyes.

“Right, and for your information, I am not a fuck boy!” He shouted with vigor, his voice echoed through out the halls.

Everyone had an awkward expression in their faces, and fallen into silence, not until Raon broke it.

“Goldie Gramps what is a fuck boy?”

Eruhaben released his Dragon Fear and spoke with a sinister voice.

“So someone has chosen death.”

Everyone gulped with the vicious aura he is emitting. As the teleportation circle closed with the people inside it, Eruhaben was nagging at Archie’s party that was sitting on their knees while bowing their heads.  




A terrifying laugh woke Cale up. He feel refreshed as if he did not have fever, but the surrounding around him feels heavy. It was dark and cold. He shivered as he felt a sharp drop on the temperature, it was like this, while facing the Sealed God last year. He felt as if someone was looking at him in the darkness.

“Wh- who are you?” He asked and stood.

He can hear the laugh again, it is far away, and is getting closer. He covered his ears and crouched, he closed his eyes. The laughter stopped. Cale opened hi eyes only to see White Star’s face in front of him. He gasped and activated his Sound of the Wind to get away from the man, however, it did not respond to him.

“You’re not fun Cale, this is my realm. I’m free to do anything here.” White Star said as he walked towards the sofa in the dark room.

“The hell are you here? You are already dead.” Cale said while trying to call his powers.

“You’re right.” White Star said as he sat down and varieties of fruits, and foods appeared all over the room, the sofa he was sitting turned into a bed, White Star is also wearing pajamas right now. Cale’s mouth gaped  opened.

“But hey,” White Star called him out. Cale glared at him.

“Isn’t being a slacker your dream?” White Star asked him with a mocking eyes and smile.

“Should I thank you? That I am getting your slacker dream right now? HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

Cale stared at him, displeased. White Star continued to mock him,

“LOOK AT YOURSELF! BEING SHACKLED! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” White Star laughed so hard, he looked like a psychopath in Cale’s eyes right now. Cale clenched his fists and clicked his tongue.

“Ahh, I really like your angry face.” White Star commented as he laughed again.

“Shut up fucker!” Cale shouted with all his strength, like a kid throwing a tantrum.

White Star stopped and looked at him, his eyes curved and he grinned like a Cheshire cat, he snickered,


Cale looked down only to see shackles in his feet, he gulped and traced the chains connecting the shackled together. In the darkness, the light suddenly lit up, and he saw the statues of him surrounded by the same chains he had on his feet.

“HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHA” White Star continued to laugh, Cale frowned his brows and his vision darkened because of the anger he is feeling, as if he is about to go berserk. (Cale go brrr)

“You think this is funny?” Cale said with a serious voice, but White Star continued to laugh at him.


“You’re dead bitch.”

White Star shut up and cleared his throat.

“I  know, okay? Anyway, good luck getting your slacker life. If ever you get it.” White Star said as he slowly faded.

“I will get it.” He said, but White Star just laughed at him.

Moments later, Cale woke up with bullets of sweats. He coughed and helped himself to sat up, he palmed his face and groaned as he remembered his dream.

“Fucking White Star and Clopeh, making my life miserable.”

Cale said with an angry voice as he looked at the entire empty room. On the other continent,

“I had an idea as how you guys found me. But, where is the hero? I was expecting he will be coming to meet me personally, I’m disappointed.” Clopeh said with a mischievous smile on his face.

Choi Han and Alberu gritted their teeth as they grabbed the hilt of their swords. Lock turned into his berserk mode and bare his fangs. The other people in the party prepared themselves to attack the white haired man who is sitting elegantly in a wet floor wit all the video communication devices in front of him floating around.

“Come.” Choi Han said with a cold voice while glaring at Clopeh.

Clopeh raised his brow and gave him a pretentious look.

“I would not like it if you are the one who will choke me. You can prepare all you want but I have no plans of attacking you guys, I will wait here until the Hero comes and greet me.”

“But you have plans of defending.” Alberu replied.

“Of course. I must look presentable as Cale Henituse pin me in this pretty ground and choke me!” He shouted with joy. Everyone shivered with what he said.









White Star laughing at Cale



Me after imagining Cale topping  pinning constrain Clopeh in the ground

Chapter Text

Ron sprinted all the way to the Hope and Loving Inn with the young puppy on his back. He sprinted like his life depended on it. Cale, was sleeping on his back while huffing his breath, his fever had gone up again by the time they departed the Henituse territory.

As Ron received a call from Raon saying  that they had found Clopeh, Cale forcefully pushed their way to the borders of the eastern continent to reach Hais Island 15 where Clopeh was found. Cale was desperate so without proper preparation on his clothes, he ripped a teleportation scroll before calling his old butler, Ron who was mad at the situation, scolded the red head, Beacrox who just entered shivered with the coldness of his father’s voice. His young master, who is still feverish was sitting on the bed while bowing his head as his father lecture him, he stayed silent the whole time. Bud, who was on the door peeking inside had an awkward expression and thought how Cale was really affected since he seems desperate enough to be scolded by the lord of the Molan household.  

“Haa.. young master please, take a look at yourself first before rushing things.” Ron said with a stressed tone, he motioned his son, who was holding a teacup towards the young puppy.

“Drink this, young master.” Cale lift his head and look at the cup,

“What is it?”

 Cale asked as he smell a foul scent from the drink inside it, he look towards Ron who was eyeing him with a wicked eyes, he flinched and immediately drank it. Cale almost vomited the liquid as he tasted a bitter and salty taste from it, but remembering how Ron looked at him, he better not throw it up or he can not go to Eastern continent.

Moments later, Cale immediately fall asleep as Ron prepared them for their departure.

“It works really good huh.”

Beacrox commented as he stare at Cale who was lightly snoring in the bed, collapsed.

“Of course, it is the best sleeping potion, it has been brewed by a witch you know.”

Bud replied while also looking at Cale. Ron rummage through a spatial bag he had with him and pulled out a thick clothing for his young puppy. Beacrox and Bud had a doubtful and funny look in their faces as they looked at the cloth Ron was holding.

“Is that his punishment sir?” Bud asked while glancing over Cale and the cloth.

Ron hummed and folded his sleeves up to his elbow.

“Where did you even purchased that?” Beacrox asked him.

“I made it tailored. I have 6 of them, 3 for adults, do you want one?” Ron asked, Beacrox shakes his head.

“No thanks, Father. I’d rather sleep naked.” (>///<, lemme see)

Ron shrugged at dressed the red head sleeping in the bed.


Ron stopped in front of the inn, Beacrox arrived next to him and lastly was Bud. Beacrox opened the door and Ron entered with Cale on his back. No one was inside the inn since Ron ordered prior to their arrival. Everybody might be in the back room.

They headed directly to the second floor and open one of the rooms present there. Beacrox helped his father carefully place Cale on the bed.

“Isn’t his fever getting worse father?” Beacrox asked with a worried tone. Ron scratched his brow and clicked his tongue.

“Such a stubborn puppy.” Ron commented.

Bud peeked inside the room,

“Uhm, I got a call from Eruhaben-nim, he said they are arguing with Clopeh right now.” Ron and Beacrox looked at each other and left the room where Cale is sleeping.




“Bastard, because of you Cale- nim is sick.” Choi Han said with an angry voice, he tightened his grip on his sword and clenched his jaw as he glare at Clopeh who had a mocking smile on his face while riding his wyvern.

As soon as Choi Han attacked Clopeh on his place, the white haired man immediately jumped to the water and swam underneath. They played run and tag and the water as the others tried to dismantle Clopeh’s locks on the video communication devices he had. When Choi Han get out of the cascading waves, he saw Clopeh siting atop a large wyvern. He had an angry look on his face.

“You had the guts to get angry yet this is all your fault?”

Choi Han said. Clopeh’s brow twitched and he stared at the Choi Han who was dripping wet with the water, he now ascended to the ground with Archie on his side. Rosalyn was not in their side right now since she is busy managing the construction of the new Magic tower.

Choi Han spitted some water and prepared to attack Clopeh on midair. However, Clopeh shouted,



He shouted with an extremely angry voice, his pale face was now painted red with annoyance. He ordered the wyvern to settle lower than their current spot.


“I AM THAT TROUBLE!” Clopeh shouted once more as the wyvern flapped his wings. He glared at Choi Han who was gritting his teeth, he huffed his anger and turned to Archie.

“Can you fly?” Choi Han asked without thinking the question.

“Huh? Do I look like a fucking bird?”

Archie retorted with a sour face. Luce who just got out from the water, and have heard their conversation chuckled. Herald was with Raon and the kids as they articulate how to dismantle the locked video communication devices (in the original novel, Clopeh invented his own devices right, did he just become a genius for Cale? HAHAHAH.)

“I mean, do you want to try flying?” Choi Han answered while clenching the hilt of the sword.

“When did a whale fly Choi Han?”

Choi Han groaned, grabbed Archie’s collar from his nape and the crotch point of the jeans he is wearing and lifted him up like a dumbbell.

“Right now. A whale will fly.”

Choi Han released his full force and and throw the white haired whale to the wyvern Clopeh was riding. Archie looked like a flying fish as Choi Han used him as a throwing ball to attack Clopeh, he was startled with Choi Han’s actions and couldn’t prepare, he harshly cussed at Choi Han.   

“Choi Han you bastaaaaaarrrrdddddddddd!!!!-”

Archie crushed to the wyvern’s  chest, and he hold with his dear life to the wyvern’s scales. The wyvern screeched as the impact was painful and the grip of Archie was unsettling the creature.

Clopeh was startled as the wyvern started to waver, Clopeh tried to find his balance on his seat once more as the wyvern tried to shake off the man on his chest, Archie, holding tightly not to fall. Archie looked at Choi Han who was also looking up to him.

“Choi Han you fucking jerk!”

Archie shouted angrily, he was on four. His hands were clutching the scales tightly as the wyvern , and his legs were buckled in between the torn scales he intentionally ripped to step on.  His legs slightly shook as they ascended higher from the ground, Choi Han looked like an ant on Archie’s eyes. His eyes started to tremble as he looked up and saw gray clouds, he then shouted,

“Crazy bastard, make the wyvern stop!”

“Shut up and get off pest!”

Clopeh replied as he hugged the neck of the wyvern he is riding, the wyvern wildly flapped its wings and shakes Archie off.

“Do you want me to fall in the water?!” Archie shouted back. Clopeh looked at him with disbelief.

“Did you hit your head as you crushed with the wyvern? Aren’t you a fucking fish? Get off and swim!” Clopeh shouted.

“Huh?” Archie looked up to him with a confused eyes.

“Huh?” Clopeh answered him. His brows twitched and frowned.


Clopeh shouted, Archie flinched, making him slip his step on the scale he was stepping. His body fall backwards and he lose his grip on the chest as the weight of his body was transferred midair. He started to fall. From that height.

“Ah yes, I am a whale.”

Archie realized that he is a whale and smile, however, he was too damn embarrassed as he remembered Choi Han’s face moments ago. He was looking at Archie with a confused face, with a -why are you still there stupid?- look.

“Hahahaha, I flied. A whale flied.” Archie mumbled as he dropped flat to the surface of water.



The wyvern descended to the ground as Clopeh calmed it down, Clopeh immediately get off the wyvern as he saw Eruhaben, Raon and the kids run towards him, he started to run to the opposite side only to bump at Choi Han.

“Crazy Clopeh!” Raon called him, however, before he could turn his head to the black dragon, two hands reached for his neck.

In front, Choi Han and at the back, Eruhaben (how to be you Clopeh). a very tight grip clenched his neck. His face reddened as he gasped for air, unable to talk, he can’t move due to pressure from behind. Dragon fear. Eruhaben activated it.

“Genius bastard. How did you invented those devices, I can’t just destroy them.”

Eruhaben stated with an amuse yet vicious voice. Choi Han looked at Eruhaben and glanced at Clopeh.


“It was an ancient lock spell, with varieties of conditions. We can’t just unlock nor destroy them.”

Eruhaben said, Clopeh gasped and laughed hardly.

“It will,” he stopped and coughed for air.

“It will only open for Cale-nim.” He said with a struggling voice, his face was starting to turn pale, bullets of sweats rolled down his face and saliva was trickled from the corners of his lips. Eruhaben let go of Clopeh’s neck and checked the devices again, while glancing at Clopeh.

“Unlock it with your life.” Choi Han as he tightened his grip again, making Clopeh’s breathing harder. Eruhaben looked at Clopeh with a pity look and glanced at Choi Han's hands gripping tightly at the white haired's neck.

“I-I, t-told y-ou, I-it w-will o-only o-open f-for C-Cale n-nim.” He said as if any minute from now he will faint, but he did not waver and bit his tongue to stop himself from fainting. He grinned while his eyes curved, as if mocking the man in front of him.

“I, I told you, h-he will come.” He said while looking at the angrier Choi Han, seconds later,



A shout echoed through the whole ocean. An opened teleportation circle is slowly fading and the huffing man who is seeing everything that is happening mind no manners as his anger raise to the highest level.

Cale, who shouted earlier, huffed as he choked with own saliva. He just woke up from Beacrox back and jumped off as soon as he saw Clopeh being choked by Choi Han and Eruhaben.

“Let him go, he is mine to kill!”

He shouted while his Dominating Aura was activated, he feel hot and dizzy, his fever has not go down yet but it is also because his own rage is eating the hell out of him. However,


He heard Bud and Beacrox laughed behind him. He turned his head to the two man,

“What so funny?” He asked them, but he heard no answer from both of them.

“Human, what are you wearing? And why are you here? Are you okay now?” Raon immediately bombarded him with questions. He tilted his head and looked on his clothes. His mouth hanged open and looked furiously at Ron. Ron just gave him a benign smile, and answered,

“Isn’t it comfortable? You were sleeping fine with it.”

“As expected to the hero, whatever clothes he wear, he still looks heroic, ahh~” Clopeh said in between his breath.

Cale’s cheeks burned with embarrassment and anger.


He clenched both of his fists and readied himself to attack Clopeh, not minding the gazes of the people looking at him.

Cale wearing black onesies with dragon horns, marching angrily towards the white haired man.

He looked cute and dangerous.





















Archie realizing he is a whale and can swim.


Choi Han, Clopeh and Eruhaben in one frame.


Chapter Text

“Cale-nim! Please take a rest, we will take care of him.”

Choi Han pleaded as he held Cale’s arm that was strangling Clopeh. Clopeh was smiling while coughing his heart out, Cale’s grip wasn’t strong as Choi Han’s and Eruhaben’s however, Clopeh feels in cloud nine right now, because Cale, the hero he admire is trying to kill him with just choking. He couldn’t help but giggled as he felt Cale’s warm hands on his neck.

“Shut up and go stand in the corner Choi Han, this is my problem.”

He gave Choi Han a death glare while motioning to let go of his arm, but Choi Han didn’t budge even a bit, however, he gave Cale the same glare. There was a spark of irritation in both of their gazes, Cale who was glaring at Choi Han, and Choi Han who have a bitter tongue glared back with the same intensity. Cale who was kneeling, stood and activated his Dominating Aura while still glaring at Choi Han, he let go of Clopeh’s neck, throwing him aside like some sort of trash. Clopeh dropped on the wet ground while panting, catching his breath.

“What is this Choi Han? Are trying to pick a fight on me?”

Cale said with a menacing and distaste voice, he huffed while feeling slightly dizzy.

“If picking a fight on you is the only way to stop you then so glad be it.”

Choi Han said, nervously, he wasn’t trying to pick a fight with Cale right now, but Cale is a stubborn individual who acts rashly without putting himself first. Choi Han really wanted to cry right now while looking at the pale man in front of him who was slightly shaking, giving him a glare, but none of that matter, Cale needs rest and he will give it to him.

“Young Master, you can continue with your mission here, but I believe you have not forgot what is our deal?”

Ron who was already beside Cale interrupted them, Choi Han saw how Cale flinched, he could see the horror in Cale’s eyes, the redhead whimpered and nodded like an obedient puppy. Ron had a calm smile on his face, but contrary to that, he is giving a scary aura. Luce and Herald shivered with the heavy and cold atmosphere surrounding them, but Archie beside them was not affected at all, he acted like he was used to it, he was picking his nose, ignoring everyone in that place, he was still feeling embarrassed to what happened.

When Archie cower to the ground like a mad fish, the first thing he saw were Luce and Herald’s teasing faces, they had a laughing look in their eyes with video recording devices in their hands (they borrowed one from Raon). Archie gritted his teeth with embarrassment and annoyance as he chase the hell out of Luce and Herald.

“Young Master Cale, before you torture him, can I at least let him sign these documents from Queen Witira, she’s gonna kill me if I go home without fulfilling my mission.” Archie said while rummaging through a spatial bag. Cale looked at him,

“You have a minute Archie.” The redhead said while scratching the back of his head. Archie immediately complied, ordering the fallen Clopeh to sign the papers.

“You still have 6 minutes of your time Young Master, continue with what you want to do, I will talk to this punk.” Ron said, Cale marched his way back to Clopeh who was irritated with Archie’s presence.

Cale is already in the verge of sleeping, his anger has cooled down, and he just wanted to remove everyone in his sight right now and take a good sleep. He stopped in front of Clopeh, with his hands on his waist, Clopeh was looking up at him with a pale and pretty face.

This bastard.

He said on his mind, but he’s too tired to deal with it, he wanted to sleep!

“Beacrox.” Cale said, he the heard an answer behind him.

“Yes, Young master.”

“You have it?”

“Yes, Young master, should I record everything you want to say?”


Cale then looked down on the white haired man and smirked.

“Clopeh Sekka, the heir of the Sekka Household, the Guardian Knight, and a year ago joined the hero’s journey to defeat the White Star, now, kneeling in front of the hero because of the hero’s rage.”

Cale said with a monotone voice. He glared at Clopeh as he continue,

“Why do you think I am mad?” Cale activated his Dominating Aura, Sound of the Wind and the Fire of Destruction.

The sky rumbled loudly, as if it was crying, the ocean waves violently crashed with the large stones in the ground, the wind harshly pierced each and everyone’s bare skin, the sound of crows cawing from afar, and the sounds of the sparks of bright red thunder hailing through the sky was the only thing that can be heard as Cale asked that question. Cale knew how Clopeh’s mind works, so this is the best punishment he will give to this man.

“Who am I?”

He bowed, giving Clopeh the coldest glare he could have. His voice was deep, cold and scary. He asked the man who was looking at him. Clopeh heard that question as if a whisper to his dear soul.

“C-commander,, H-hero…” Clopeh can’t speak his heart out as he look at the eyes of the man in front of him. This man, Cale Henituse, was looking at him, as if he could see through all his actions, his words, his emotions. He could see his own reflection in his eyes, which terrifies him, this man, this is the hero.

“That’s right! I am Commander Cale Henituse! The hero you always tattle about! Then why?!”

Cale exclaimed, the sky and waves roared once more, the wind passed everyone in that area like a storm, with the presence of death in the earth,  sending everyone into coldness and horror, they all cower in fear.

The blood drenched rock was activated.  

The ground was painted with blood red, the pressure from the fiery thunderbolts, and the fear they are feeling are pushing them down, as if their feet are being sucked by the ground. It feels disgusting, frightening, as if death is welcoming their raw souls. The wind howled as is sending them warnings with its coldness, the water near the ground turned blood red, as if someone has just been murdered. And, Cale, doing all these things, did not even waver a bit.

“Why are you making the hero do this?”

Cale added with a very cold voice, he stared eye to eye with Clopeh. His light brown eyes meet his green eyes without even a falter.

“You sent his highness, the Crown Prince legal documents of establishing a museum with all our achievements, I knew about that, you told me. Posters were thrown all over the kingdom, announcing your hosting on the grand opening, but I have an idea you will do that to promote the museum you are talking about,”

Every single word that Cale said sends shiver to Clopeh.

“I didn’t said anything about that.”

Clopeh flinched as Cale grabbed his chin forcefully, he stared at the man in front of him.

Anger, disappointment and coldness are seen in his eyes. Clopeh’s eyes shook as he understand what those emotions mean.


He shouted, everyone flinched with the sudden change of volume, Archie almost laugh because he was surprised too.

“You did not report anything about the statue. DID I GAVE MY CONSENT ABOUT THAT THING?” He asked Clopeh, Clopeh’s mouth gaped, trying to answer.


Cale said as he let go of Clopeh’s chin, he sighed, stood, and yelled as if directing to everyone who was involved with the statues


He said loudly, Choi Han, Alberu, Raon and the kids flinched with his statement, not only this, Cale roamed his sight to these individuals. They looked down, feeling guilty.


“Is this an act of treachery towards me?”

With his question, Clopeh’s eyes watered as his body began to shake, he clasped and bowed towards Cale.


Cale looked down on him, deactivating his ancient powers. He motioned his hands, and Beacrox stand beside him, who was pale and sweaty. Beacrox pulled a rolled paper, and read the writings on them,

“Cale Henituse, the sworn brother of the Crown Prince, First son of the Duke Deruth Henituse of the Henituse Duchy in Northeast Faction of Roan Kingdom, recognized as the Hero of the Western and Eastern Continent uses his authority and power to hereby temporarily suspend Clopeh Sekka, his ally and an aide to all his internal and external affairs--”


“Hold him.” Cale ordered Choi Han as Clopeh interrupted and tried to run towards him, Choi Han pinned Clopeh to the ground.

“CALE NIM!” Clopeh shouted while crying, his face was dripping with sweat, mixed with tears.

“Continue.” He ordered Beacrox as he grabbed the glass tumbler from Bud’s hands who was already beside him.

“Communication, and legal transactions from Sekka Household of the Paerun Kingdom to the Henituse Duchy are currently freeze until Clopeh Sekka settle his offense to Cale Henituse.”

Beacrox folded the paper, handed it to Clopeh

“This is signed by the Duke.” He said and stepped aside.


Clopeh said while struggling under Choi Han, but Cale ignored his sentiments and crouched towards the crying Clopeh.

“Have you not heard what he said?” He asked.

“What do you expect me to do Clopeh? I am disappointed, you didn’t ask for my consent and scattered statues with my face all over the Western and Eastern continent, should I be celebrating about that?”


“I don’t want to hear reasons and excuses.” He stood, looking down on Clopeh, who is crying his heart out,

‘He seems like he is really sorry. Good.’  

“Its is a temporary suspension.”

He said, enough to be heard by everyone. He was balancing not to fall right now, he feel nauseous and dizzy.  

“If you can take down all the numbers of those statues within the next two months, I might consider lifting the suspension, and I might even give you a special mission.”

Cale said with a smirk on his face, Clopeh’s ears perked as he looked hopefully at the redhead hero. However, Cale’s smirk vanished with his following words.

“If not, the you can rot in your hellhole and imagine your dreamy adventures in your sleep.”

He said with finality and walked away from Clopeh who had his head down.  Everyone had turned their gaze on Cale who is being accompanied by Bud, with the kids on his side, back to Clopeh who was still crying while holding the suspension paper.

Moments after that, Cale fainted with a high fever.

















Chapter Text

“Human, we're sorry human. Please don't ignore me anymore, let's be friends again huh? Here I give you my cookies and apple pies human!" 


"Cale nya! I found a gold coin in the Crown Prince's room nya! Peace offering nya!" 


"Cale, we're sorry."


"Cale-nim, I'm sorry Cale-nim, we won't do it anymore Cale-nim, me and Student-nim, Crown Prince bought you a limited book Cale-nim, it is the sequence of the previous one you are reading." 


Choi Han, Raon, On and Hong crowded Cale who was in the bed, sulking and still ignoring them. It has been 4 hours since he gave Clopeh his suspension order and these individuals keep on giving him things. 


He looked outside the window only to see darkness, he already had dinner since Beacrox prepared it right away after they arrived at the Henituse territory, his high fever didn't last long since the stress that had been piled up cooled down. 

It was already night, he looked at Raon, On, Hong and Choi Han who had pleading and teary eyes, they are all looking at Cale. Alberu returned to the palace when he received a call that an urgent meeting with his father arrived. Cale turned his head to Ron, who had a benign smile on his face. The usual smile. Ron felt high satisfaction as his young puppy obediently followed all his instructions when Cale still has his fever. Fortunately, Cale's fever had gone down, and he already looks fine. 


"Did everyone have already eaten dinner?" Cale asked Ron, Ron nodded. 


"Yes, young master." 


"Then send the children to their chambers and let them sleep already, I believe it is time to sleep. And Choi Han too." 


Cale said, but Raon jumped in front of him. 


"No! I will sleep here! I'm not going to sleep without you forgiving me!" 


"Me too, nya!" 


"Me too, Cale-nim." 


However, Cale's face frowned.


"You will sleep on your chambers." He said with the finality on his voice. Raon's eyes watered when Cale said that, he was feeling frustrated because Cale is not giving them any attention at all. 


"Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" Raon cried, and Hong followed. The children cried so loudly as if their throats are going to rip, Choi Han is also in the verge of crying. 

Cale had a tired look in his face and looked at Ron, who had a sorry look. 


"My fever had just gone down, won't you give me some time to recover? I'm telling you to sleep in your chambers so that you won't catch my fever or colds, we will talk tomorrow, so stop crying okay? Besides, it is already nighttime, you have to get some sleep in order to grow." 


Cale said with a calm voice, he was looking at the children who was looking at him too. 


"Then, you are not mad at us anymore?" Raon asked with a dirty liquid on his snout, Hong had the same look on his face. 


"I was not mad at you guys. I was frustrated. I'm sorry." 


"Waahhh, were sorry too human! We wont do it again! Waahh!" 


Raon wailed as he hugged Cale, Hong and On also jumped into him. Saying that they are sorry, Choi Han had a funny look on his face. He was crying and was smiling, Ron throws a piece of towel on his face. 


"Wipe your ugly face." Ron said, Choi Han glared at him. Cale motioned Ron to get the kids. 


"Now, now, young master needs to rest, you too. Let's go to your chambers to sleep okay?" Ron said as he fetch the kittens to his hands, Raon looked up to Cale as he move away. 


"You are not ignoring me tomorrow?" Raon asked with hopeful eyes. 


"Not ignoring you tomorrow." Cale said as he give Raon a pat on his head, Raon smiled.


"Okay! Good night human!" Raon jumped from his bed and fluttered his wings. 


"Good night Cale nya!" 


"Good night, young master."  


The children bid their good night on Cale. Cale just hummed, and then looked at Choi Han. 


"Make sure Clopeh does not come here within his suspension schedule, and check whether the statue number have gone down, it already spread so taking it down will confuse the citizens, it will be a hard time, not that I care. This is your mission" 


Cale said to Choi Han who was looking at him intently. The black haired swordsman just looked at him without speaking, Cale raised his brow.


"What is it?" He asked.


"Cale-nim, are we okay now? You are not mad at me anymore right?" 


"Yeah, yeah." Cale said as he fixed his blanket as he prepare to lay down, Choi Han had a satisfied smile, he bowed and was about to walk when Cale called him. 


"Fall is almost a month to end and winter is coming, in Korea we might celebrate Christmas." 


Cale said while lying on the bed. Choi Han looked at him. 


"I want the kids to experience celebrating their birthdays, and Christmas too. You too, I want you to celebrate your birthday too, and everyone else too." 


"Cale-nim.." Choi Han called him out, Choi Han had a stifling feeling on his chest. 


"But, I think Raon and the kids don't know about birthdays, and there is a big difference of time and year here,,, so I decided to throw everyone's birthday, a day after the first snow falls." 


Cale turned his back on Choi Han and continued to speak.


"So before fall ends and winter comes, make sure Clopeh's offense will be lifted, and all the statues will be taken down. I have a mission for the both of you." 


Cale said and closed his eyes, leaving Choi Han dumbfounded with his words, looking at the redhead who was already snoring. Cale fall asleep immediately after that. 





Clopeh shouted on one of subordinates, the man whimpered with frustration as he received Clopeh’s order.


Rock Sekka, Clopeh’s father sighed in frustration and defeat as he saw his son ordering and yelling their knights to gather all the statues they had dropped in every corner of the streets, but they can’t easily get them back since the citizens are questioning their actions. Asking why are they taking back the statues. Clopeh grunted and pulled his long white hair as a frustration, Cale gave him only two months and if fail this he won’t get his way with the hero anymore, Clopeh looked at his father with pleading eyes.

“Father, father, please help me get the statues back!”

He pleaded while clasping his hands, Rock’s brows furrowed in annoyance, he wanted to smack his son right now.

“You told me that Cale Henituse will be okay with those statues, but knowing you it won’t be that way, now look at what you have done. I can’t get my business right to Henituse Duchy because of this mess, Clopeh!”

“Father, we just have to get them back! Cale-nim approved the museum! I can just display them there as part of the decorations! He said if I can do it he will lift my suspension and give me a special mission!”

“Mission this, mission that, hero here, hero there. Clopeh you are always delirious with the hero! My friends think that you love Cale more than me!”


Rock rolled his eyes and stared at his son, he always knew that his son is crazy over legends and myths, he even tried to become a legend himself, and when he lost the battle with Cale and his company, instead of becoming one himself, he joined the journey of the hero of the continent. And he can’t say no to him! He is a pushover.

“Fine, fine. But this is the last time I will help you! If this happens again, I will be the one who will strangle you and hang you in our castle walls!”

He replied to his pleading son, Clopeh’s eyes sparkled as he jumped up from his seat, he clasped his hands, as if praying, he looked above and mumbled words.

“Thank you for the blessing living legend my Cale Henituse, I will get rid of the statues within a month and win your heart again. I will not disappoint you this time.”

He said, he even did a finger heart after he finished his wordy ritual. Rock clicked his tongue and left his son in the room who was almost kneeling as if praying to Cale like a god.













Statue 1

Cale Henituse with Raon Miru!!! The cloth is bothering me. 



Statue 2

Young master nim eating apple pie, hngggh, I LIKE HIS  POSE!


Chapter Text

“What are you thinking so deeply that you can’t hear me?”

Alberu asked Cale in front of him who was staring blankly in the pile of cookies. Raon beside him was stuffing chocolate chip cookies in his mouth, he tapped the table as Cale regained his senses.

“What, what is it Hyung?”

Cale asked him with sleepy eyes. Alberu clicked his tongue, the door of his room opened, and loud meowing of children echoed.



On and Hong approached Cale, they brushed their fur to the redhead, as if saying that they have arrived.


Choi Han entered holding 2 brown boxes.

“You’re here?”

Choi Han chuckled as he heard Cale’s excited voice, Alberu looked at him in disbelief.

“Wha- what? You ignored me yet you are excited the moment instructor-nim arrived? How unfair!”

Choi Han pat Alberu’s shoulder while shaking his head. He pointed the box who was already in front of Cale, the children crowded over him, bickering about something.

“It’s that box. Cale-nim ordered me to buy them.”

“What is it?”

“Cream puffs.”


Alberu scoffed at Choi Han’s answer. A light fragrance of vanilla and chocolate erupted in the room, Alberu snapped his head towards Cale who was holding a piece of fluffy bread on his hand, in Alberu’s eyes, the dessert looks sparkly and bright. He coughed to caught his brother’s attention. Cale looked at him, with a confused look.

“Hyung? Do you want one?” He asked Alberu, the prince nodded elegantly as he eyed the bread.

“Then you should buy. This is a limited product you know, I sent Choi Han to line up in the shop’s grand opening.”

“What? You asked me if you want one!”

“Yes, but I did not said I will give you.”

What? This crazy bastard-- haaa..

Alberu massaged his temples with the stress, what do he expect from this! He was about to reply when Raon jumped in front of him.

“Hey Crown Prince! Buy one piece!”

Raon offered him a deal, the black dragon was munching on a creamy vanilla filling, he gasped with the child’s offer. He looked at his instructor who was already beside Cale eating a chocolate one. On, Hong and Cale were already eating, they had happy expression in their faces.

“Hahahah.. I’m going crazy.”

Alberu said as he pulled 2 gold coins from his pocket and gave them Raon, Raon then give him one vanilla cream puff.

He scoffed and took a bite from the dessert, as he started to discuss with Cale.



Cale dropped his body on his bed, and then he rolled like a ball until he was about to fall in the floor.

“Young Master please stop doing stupid things that will worry others.”

Ron said with a vicious voice, he is as already stressed because of the piling letters his young puppy was receiving, and Cale was doing things giving his heart real scare.

“I don’t do stupid things.”

Cale answered as he sat up fixing his pajama and scratched his head. Ron squinted his eyes and smiled forcefully.

“Young Master, did you forget that 2 weeks ago you used the railings of the stairs to go down the 1st floor, saying that you are too tired to walk on the stairs? You sprained your ankle after that Young Master. Beacrox almost fainted when he saw you sliding down the railings like a person who has nine lives.”

Cale gulped as he shifted his gaze towards the floor.

“Now, go to sleep so you can put the minds of the people on this house a rest.”

“Okay.” Cale obliged as he laid on the bed,

“Raon-nim said he will sleep with Sheritt-nim.”

“Hmm.” Cale replied as he glanced with the sleeping kittens on the elegant small bed, just beside his bed.

“Good night Young Master.” Ron said as he closed the door, Cale yawned and drift off to sleep



“Don’t be such a pest and give Cale-nim back!”

Clopeh shouted as he tried to approach Cale’s statue behind Fredo’s back. Fredo shakes his head, disagreeing with the Guardian Knight’s statement.

“Just give it to me, besides, my son won’t mind if I had one here.”

“How dare you call Cale-nim your son, you are not even blood related.”

“Blood doesn’t matter. Feelings do.”

Fredo said as he clenched his chest, as if feeling the beating of his heart. Clopeh’s face disgruntled, he made a disgusting expression.

“The feelings aren’t mutual you know.”

“Ha! Coming from you, crazy bastard who is suspended!”

“My king! Please refrain from cussing at people’s faces.”

Melundo had a worried look on his face, Fredo looked at him and just shrug, Melundo palmed his face and looked at Solana, who ignored him and continued to clean Cale’s statue.

“Come on White Snake, just give it to me, or I will buy it! How much is it?” Fredo asked Clopeh, the white haired knight gasped as he pointed to the Vampire King.


Clopeh shouted, Fredo flinched his brows knotted.

“That’s not what I meant!”

“I heard it loud and clear!”

The two of them bickered, Melundo gave up and left with Solana, they left their King with the Guardian Knight in the garden. Clopeh hardly pushed the King as he approached the remaining statue that he needed to retrieve. Fredo stumbled and fall on his butt, however, he grabbed Clopeh’s ankles, making the white haired man fall flat on his face.

A loud thud was heard in the garden as Clopeh’s face slammed into the hard grassy ground.

“You bastard! How dare you!” Clopeh shouted as he kicked Fredo in the face.

“How dare you kick a King’s face!” Fredo gritted his teeth as he scratched Clopeh’s legs with his long and thick nails. He grunted as he felt a warm liquid gushing out his nose, and Clopeh shriek as he felt a painful wound on his legs.

“King or not, my King is only Cale-nim! Give the statue back!”

Clopeh pushed Fredo’s face with his feet, crawling towards the statue. Fredo groaned and crawled too. As they reach the bottom of the statue, they bickered once again.

“This is mine! This is my kingdom! Everything here is mine, including this statue!”

“Don’t be such a baby! This is clearly mine! I made it with my money!”

“That’s why I will buy it!”

“No fucking way!”

Clopeh and Fredo played a tug of war while holding Cale’s statue. The servants in the palace are looking at them, fighting over Cale, the statue.

“You dare claim Cale-nim! Fucking blood sucker!”

Clopeh pulled the statue towards him.

“This is a right! I am a father! Crazy lunatic!”

Fredo pulled the statue on his side.





Fredo shouted with anger as Clopeh insulted his ability to turn into a bird, he struggled with the statue holding with his both hands, the same thing Clopeh was doing, however, an average minding his own business stone made him tripped on his feet.  Both of them was surprised, letting go of the statue they were holding. The statue left both of their hands as both of their heads crushed with each other.

The statue flew higher than intended and crashed on the castle walls, a loud shatter echoed throughout the garden.

*plop* *plop* *plop*

Clopeh who was holding his bleeding forehead stared at the falling parts of the statue that was already broken, falling to the ground. He was holding his breath, his mouth gaped open due to shock as he watch the statue shattered even more as it fall. He heard loud gasps from the surrounding, but his mind was blank.

Fredo gulped with the sudden development, he saw Melundo closing a curtain from one of the windows in the second floor, as if telling him to deal with the current problem.

Clopeh crawled towards the broken pieces,

“C-Cale - nim!”

He panicked as he tried to fix the broken parts, he tried to stick them together, but it won’t.

“No! This is a bad omen! Cale-nim! I’m sorry!”

He bend towards the ground, raise his head and clasped his hands, as if praying, asking forgiveness.

“Cale-nim, I’m sorry!”

He stated once more, tears were flowing freely from his eyes, clenching his chest.


Fredo called Clopeh out, he panicked when he saw the Guardian Knight cried over the statue.

“Hey, it’s just a statue, don’t exaggerate. W-we can make them again.”

He tried to console Clopeh, but Clopeh snapped his head towards the King of the Endable Kingdom.


“How dare you call it just a statue! This is all your fault! Look what you did!”

“C-calm down, I will pay you!”

Fredo stepped back as he saw Clopeh’s aura burst harshly out of him, Clopeh glared at him intensely.

“No payment can measure Cale-nim’s greatness, blood shall spill.”

“W-wait! I can’t fight you! I just established my relationship with the Roan Empire!”

“Then prepare to die.”

That day, Fredo hides and ran in the corners of the Endable Kingdom, avoiding the white haired Guardian Knight who looks like will chase him until the pits of hell.



















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Chapter Text



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Chapter Text


Clopeh motioned his hand while calling the Vice Captain of the Henituse Knights Brigade, Hilsman. Hilsman turned his head towards Clopeh who was hiding behind a large trunk of a tree, Hilsman had a shocked and confused look on his face as he stealthily approached the white haired man.

“Sir Clopeh?! What are you doing here? If the Young Master sees you, your suspension will not be lifted!”

Hilsman whispered towards Clopeh who was looking at him.

“Vice Captain, please give this to the young master. Tell him I already finished retrieving all the statues.”

Clopeh give him a letter wrap in an expensive envelope, with gold prints, Hilsman took it and glanced his head left and right to look if someone is eyeing them.

“Yes, yes, but please leave the territory immediately Sir, the young master will kill me if he knows you had stepped here.”

Clopeh nodded as he ripped a teleportation scroll.


Rock massaged his temples as he tried to concentrate on the documents in front of him, however, his son who arrived just 30 minutes ago was disturbing is peaceful yet busy office.

For god sake! Why is he even here?

Rock faked a cough and looked at his son, who was on the floor doing something stupid.

“Clopeh, please do your rituals in your room and not here. You are disturbing my work.”

“Father, your office is where the sun shines brightly, reflecting my eyes as if it were mirrors of my soul, I can feel the energy of the nature, where Cale-nim is loved. This is the best place to glorify such great legend.”

Rock sighed with defeat as he slumped on his chair.

I’m so done with this brat.




Cale frowned as he look at the letter Hilsman was holding, he then looked at the Knight who delivered it to him. He clicked his tongue and put down the book he was reading.

“I see.”

“It’s not like that Young Master! I just saw it in the Duchy’s gate!”

Hilsman defended himself as bullets of sweats broke out from his forehead as he noticed that the young master in front of him is giving him a death glare. Cale sighed as he harshly grabbed the letter and opened it.



Cale crumpled the paper as soon as he finished reading it, he palmed his face and sighed heavily.

What the hell is this? Why is there a finger heart? Why? Why? Haaaa,, this lunatic.

“Human! Let’s go human!”

“No way.” He bluntly replied when Raon suggested that, the black dragon pouted and answered.

“I’m curious with the museum!”

“Me too nya!”

“Yes, let’s go Cale nya!”

Cale gave them an annoyed look,

“If I know you want to go because of the desserts and the golden safe.”

The children shut their mouth and averted their gazes, they looked at Choi Han as if asking for back up, Choi Han just chuckled. Cale frowned as soon as he saw these reactions.

“Somebody’s becoming a spoiled brat.”

He commented as he grab a random paper and wrote something, Raon’s ears perked, he grumbled and fluttered his wings.

“We learn from someone who is also a spoiled creature.”

Raon replied at Cale wearing a smug face, Cale’s mouth gaped open with shock and disbelief. The kid talked back at him. He cleared his throat.

“You are getting manner lessons from Eruhaben-nim.”

He declared as he continue to write on the paper, but he was startled when someone with a vicious voice talked behind him,

“You should probably join us since you always cuss with the presence of the kids.”

Eruhaben said while leaning on a wall, he was glaring on Cale, Cale gulped and nodded as he stared at the weird lines on the paper, it was done when he was startled. He shrugged his shoulders, ignored the spilled ink and called Hans.

“Deliver this to the Sekka household.”

Yes, young master.”








Clopeh’s hands trembled as he read the few lines on the reply delivered by Hans, his breath stopped and his lips trembled, he was stoned to where he was standing while his father was calling him out.

“Clopeh? What’s the matter?”

He ignored his father, and kneel, he then shouted like a madman.


The loud shout reached until the borders of the Paerun sea, the birds cried and flew from the branches of trees, the knights flinched on their positions, the servants was surprise that they looked around the surroundings to examine what was the noise.

“What’s that? A new specie of bird or something?”

A coachman asked the man next to him, the man scratched his neck and shrugged.

“Clopeh? Clopeh! What is it? Why are you kneeling? What did the young master say?”

Rock asked his son who had his shoulders shivering, he kneels in front of him and tried to console his son.

“It’s fine, we can asked him again to forgive us, let us go to the Duchy tomorrow.”

However, Clopeh began to laugh.

“Kekekekekekeke, father we really are going tomorrow.”

Hmm? Rock had a confused look on his face, Clopeh raised his head, his emerald eyes were sparkling with delight and excitement as he clenched the letter and shakes his father.

“Look! Look! Cale-nim said to come tomorrow at noon!”

He exclaimed happily while laughing with teary eyes. Rock’s eyes focused on the letter his son gave him, it has very few lines, as if an order, not a letter, really, it even has spilled ink on it, but his son was jumping in joy. He can’t helped it, he was relieved too. Finally, he can continue his business negotiation with the Henituse Duchy.



“Look father, there’s even his signature!!! Let’s hire a professional forger!”

Clopeh exclaimed, leaving his father stoned on his place, kneeling. Rock stayed in that place for who knows how long, contemplating whether to tell his son it’s just spilled ink or not.

I don’t know anymore.



















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Chapter Text

“Human! Human! Wake up!”

“Wake up Cale nya!”

“Cale, Cale wake up!”

Raon, On and Hong exclaimed as they jumped into Cale’s bed, the redhead groaned and curled his body, covering his head with the blanket. He squeezed his eyes and tried to sleep again.

Raon huffed and flied as high as he can, he then descended at a tremendous speed, curved and smacked his head to Cale’s back.


Cale jumped, and falls on the bed, half opened eyes stared at the floor, he came to his senses.

“Wh- what?” He looked at the children on atop of his bed and asked with a hoarse voice. Raon frowned and glared at Cale.

“You promised!” Raon complained, and pouted, Cale scratched his chin and sighed.

“Okay, okay, I’m up.” the redhead got up and stretched his arms.

“Take a shower nya!” Hong hovered on his feet and tried to push him.

“Take a bath Cale! We will be late nya!” On tried to push him too. Cale slouched and put a tired look in his face, Raon flied and stopped in front of his face.

“You said you were up!”

“I am, I am okay? I’m going to bath now.”

Cale said with a defeated voice and made his way to the bathroom.

“Don’t you dare sleep at the shower again!”

Raon shouted outside the bathroom, Cale’s brows frowned as he decided to remove his pajamas and prepared himself to bath.

“Again? There’s no way I will sleep here.” He mumbled to himself.

Hong on the other hand was staring at the door of the bathroom.

“Noona, if you get drowned in a bath tub will you die?” On flinched with her brother’s question, Raon perked his ears to the cat siblings, and answered Hong.

“Yes, you will die! But don’t worry! Weak human is actually bathing right now! I heard him humming!”

“That’s good youngest!” Hong exclaimed happily and added,

“Because last time he slept under the shower naked nya.. I was really sad, he then had a fever after that.” The red kitten made a sad face and his sister tried to console him.

“Don’t worry, if he sleep on the shower again, Grandpa will scold him a lot! The crown prince also said that he will throw Cale to work if he get sick because of his laziness again.”

Hong nodded and calmed himself, Raon  rummaged through Cale’s closet and chose clothes for his human. The siblings ran towards him and suggested some of the clothes they saw.

Cale ended up wearing a dirty white long sleeves, topped with maroon waist coat, paired with a dirty green thick leather belt and dark trousers, Raon dropped a black frock coat on his shoulders.  He casually brushed back his red locks and licked his lower lip, his eyes squinted when he saw in the reflection that the children behind him were eyeing him.

“Am I too pretty for you guys can eye on me like that?”

He asked while smirking, On nodded her head excitedly.

“Cale, when are you going to get a girlfriend?”

“Yeah! Or maybe a boyfriend!”

“We support you nya!”

The children hovered over him, he gave them a disgusted look.

“Not happening, you guys are my boyfriends and girlfriend.”

He stated upon clicking his tongue, he picked up the kittens and grabbed the dragon to face the mirror, they looked at their own reflections.

“Aren’t my boyfriends and girlfriend cute?”

Raon, Hong and On giggled and laughed.

“Including everyone? Your boyfriend and girlfriend?” Raon asked with pouted lips.

“Hmm, nope. What a hassle.” He said with finality.

Raon’s wings fluttered with the redhead’s reply, the kittens wag their tails as satisfaction. Cale smirked with the reactions and motioned them to go outside. The children excitedly left the room, Cale sighed and slumped his shoulders,

“haaa… why do I have to go to the opening? This is absurd. That fucki-”

“Did you not get enough lessons from Eruhaben-nim, Young Master?”

Cale jumped as he was startled.  He looked at the reflection in the mirror and saw Ron standing behind him with a benign smile, but to Cale he looked vicious.

“The young master should stop cussing, the children may copy you again.”

Cale shut his mouth and avoided Ron’s gaze, he then nodded.

Fucking Clopeh, should I just kill him?

Cale entangled his thoughts about killing Clopeh as they departed from the territory.  


“I heard that the young master is coming!”

“Wait, really? So its true? I thought he won’t because he clearly said that he hate social gatherings!”

“Doesn’t matter, I will have his autograph no matter what!”

“I heard the sword master will be coming too!”

“Is the necromancer coming too?”

“Unfortunately, she is on vacation, no one really know if she will show up or not.”

“When is this line gonna move? Do you think we can still see them? We have been here like, 5 hours! We saw Commander’s allies pass by us yet!”

Cale slouched and massaged his temples as soon as he stepped out in the carriage which was parked very (very 10x) far away from the white and red colored marbled stones places in the exterior of the museum. It was probably a 2 story building, assuming the size, Cale calculated it measures about 8,500 meter squared and about 20 meters in height. It was really wide, enough to accommodate thousands of people. Surrounding the wide museum are statues of dragons, whales, elves, wyverns, tiger, cat and many more, as if presenting his beast tribe and allies. There was a turtle fountain in both sides, surrounded with red-yellowish flowering bushes, floating video recording devices are scattered all over the area, as if they were slightly large bubbles.

Noisy talks and retorts can be heard from the golden gate, lined up citizens were excited to see the artifacts and the hero himself, they were holding guidebooks, magic sticks, gold painted shields, posters and photo cards, some were balancing the flying kites with his face and allies’ faces painted on them. Cale sighed heavily and turned his back before he could stepped in to the secret passage Clopeh made just for him.

“Hm? Human! Where are you going? Should I turn off the invisibility magic now?”


“Young Master?”

Cale walked back to the carriage and stepped in, he ordered the coachman to go.



“Cale nya!”

Choi Han and the kids cried out as they ran towards Cale who was already sitting.


He ordered to the coachman, the coachman has a confused look in his face and asked,

“Um, where to Young Master?”

“Anywhere, get me out of this perimeter. Now.”

The coachman flinched with Cale’s fast reply, he was about to drive when a hand stopped his arm. It was the old butler, beside him is his son who was intently looking at him, the coachman nodded and left the seat.

“Where are you going human?”

“Cale-nim, is it possible that you wanted to arrive I front of the gate?”

Choi Han and Raon asked Cale who had a shadowed face.


Ron, Beacrox, Choi Han, Raon and the kittens hummed in confusion as the redhead answered them.


Cale shouted with fearful eyes and pale expression. The horror was in his face, he wanted to faint right in this moment, if he had the dagger in his possession he will stab himself right now. His voice echoed throughout the entire area. It was heard. Seconds of silence, in that span of time everyone was quiet, coincidentally, his voice rang in everyone’s ears, adding fuel to their desires and excitement.

Clopeh even clapped and jumped from where he was standing as soon as he heard Cale’s voice. The citizens shouted with joy as soon as they realized that the hero has arrived, Cale’s allies and company (we can actually labeled them simps too) rushed over the gates as soon as they heard the young master’s voice. Cale shivered as he felt hot gazes everywhere, he tried to activate his Sound of the Wind but a soft yet strong hands wrapped around his waist, it was holding into him tightly as if never letting him go.

“Cale, I need money for my lair, you’ll give me the secret safe the crazy bastard is talking about right?”

Someone whispered behind his ears, a comforting and warm smell of vanilla peirced his nostrils, he knew who it was.

“Eruhaben-nim, I had a lot of money. We don’t need the safe.”

“But I want it.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said I want it.”

Cale scoffed in disbelief and snapped his head towards the gold dragon. Eruhaben was smiling like a benign old man, like Ron! Vicious! Scary!

“Where did you learn-”

“I learned it from the best.”

Eruhaben cut his words and stare right into him, while tightly holding his waist, Raon and the children were already near them, Choi Han had a confused look in his face, while Clopeh was on the gates, holding and swaying a banner.    

He was about to answer Eruhaben when a loud banging of drums echoed the street, confetti were thrown by the citizens who made way in his appearance. The people cheered for him, calling him nicknames.







Among the cheers, the marriage proposal to Eruhaben stands out the most, most of the shouts for him are from the young ladies in the continent. Cale, Choi Han, Ron, Beacrox and even the children looked at him shockingly.

Eruhaben scratched his brows as if it was irritating however he was smirking.

“Stop smirking Eruhaben-nim, you’re actually enjoying this right?”

“Cale your irritated face is the best.”

Cale frowned as he was dragged by Eruhaben to the museum, he could only mentally covered his hearing, as he lazily let himself be carried by the gold dragon. The people continued to cheer as Cale and the group entered the museum, it was really pretty and fascinating. The place shouts gold and jewels, but to Cale, everything is a sore to his eyes, specially Clopeh who was grinning.


“How do you hide a body?”

Witira snapped his head to the young master when Cale asked that question in their circle. Toonka laughed and Archie had a weird look on his face.

“Young Master Cale, did you actually kill him?”

“Nah, not really. He was annoying so I kinda hit him.”

Everyone had a confused and satisfy looked on their faces as they heard Cale answered. After that, Clopeh walked around with a black eye on his face.








































The museum's floor plan, kinda rushed this one coz I was doing a practicum on CAD.


The guide (LOL)



He has a lot of money just for this. 

Everyone tried to make Cale-nim's signature, guess who win LOL.




















The End.