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Some Mahjong

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In the midst of festivity, Ping walked around as Li casually asked him to play Mahjong together "Quite festive isn't it?" Ping then answered "It might be too festive," with his complaint noise. Li replied, "I finally meet my son again, of course, it needs to be festive." Ping was just silent and crossed his arm while mumbling another complaint. Li is a bit ticked off this time "How about some Mahjong, it sure is a quite an interesting game." Another silent moment again as Li continued "why don't you like me?" Ping sighed and answered, "Look, I don't not like you, it just been quite a day for me, if you want to play Mahjong fine let's play few games." As they went and play some Mahjong.

After the first game which of course won by Ping, Li said "So what was he like when he was a kid?" Ping a bit caught off and looking at Li "Hmm, he was pudgy for sure and sure is quite a handful," he then looked at a Panda Baby and pick him up to the side, or more exactly try to pick him up, as Li helped him pick up the baby and put on Ping's side and said, "You know, you seem to be quite close with these kids even though you only met them for a day." Ping chuckled a bit as he said "What can I say, they remind me of Po." 

Ping continued "So, what happened to him in the past?" Li is a bit saddened and sighed "Well, my old village used to be great before a massacre happened, his mom was killed in that massacre and he was separated from me." Ping was only able to be silent since he didn't know what to say about a tragic event like that. Li then said "Ping, I know you don't like this but I have to say it, I'm not a master of Chi," Ping chuckled a bit as Li who is confused said, "Is there anything funny?" Ping then said rhetorically, "I already knew that the moment I get to meet all the Pandas, I mean have you ever seen anyone who is rolling around the mountain as a Master a Chi?" Li then said, "So why don't you tell Po? You know that you can tell him right, I thought you didn't like Po going to his village." Ping said firmly, "I do, but I also think that this is the wisest choice, everytime he fights a bad guy, he is always willing to put himself upfront without thinking any of the consequences, it happened with Shen and I bet it will happen with Kai if you didn't bring him here." Li said, "So a fatherly instinct so to speak?" As Po passes them and waved his hand to them "Hey!" Ping and Li quickly waved and put a fake smile at them while the little Pandas turned the Mahjong.

As Ping and Li saw their Mahjong is already ruined, Li said, "Oo well I guess that's a sign from the universe for us to stop." Ping then said in a bit of sarcastic tone "Right." Li then continued with a more serious tone "what happened when he will find out?" Ping then answered, "It depends." Li replied, "On what?" As Ping said, "On how serious it is. When Monkey lied to him about some trivial things he doesn't get that mad." Li then said, "Thank you Ping." Ping replied, "For what?" Li answered with a bit of giggle "Well you're the one who raised our son, and for the game." Ping just walked off with his annoying mumbling. Li then started to smile while looking at Ping as he never really close with anyone in the village.