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Happy Endings

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It began so innocently. Link did his standard windmill movements on his bad shoulder, to try to get his bones to make the familiar CRRRK noise that signifies that whatever’s been out of whack is back where it’s supposed to be.


Rhett had on more than one occasion leant over and given a cursory back pat or rub through his shirt to tell him, in so few words, to take it easy and rest up. He’d followed the motion with those words enough for Link to hear them even if he didn’t speak the suggestion anymore.


He knew better than to suggest something to Link when he was in pain and working on it already.


Until about three months into Rhett getting regular massages himself with a specialist and a prescription, nothing had changed. 


Then Link’s shoulder acted up again. All the casual reading about vertebrae compression and impingement syndrome kicked Rhett’s interest into gear. He offered to try his hand at relieving the tension.


“Relax,” Rhett requested softly and gave Link a pleasant frown. “I know what I’m doing.”


Link sighed and conceded that any help was better than none.


He’d already seen a physical therapist about it earlier in the month. They said the same thing: relax. “You’re too tense,” is the usual refrain. 


It wasn’t exactly something Link could help. Certainly not with the state of the world.


So, rather than spend twenty minutes on the phone trying to find an opening in his schedule to book a follow-up at the spa, he relented. He tilted his head as if to say have at it and rolls his chair over to Rhett.


“I’m tellin’ ‘ya: I’m good at this. Sometimes Jessie wants it over sex,” he advised, honestly.


Link hesitated, then, only for a moment. He knew Rhett was probably exaggerating, but it felt like one of those prophetic Rhett statements that were speaking a little too much truth beneath the tease.


“Please keep your hands where I can see ‘em,” Link said in a lilt that he knew was comical enough to drop the subject without too much back and forth.


Rhett chuckled and confirmed this to be the case.


Then his hands were on Link and the rest was forgotten.


Luckily, Link was able to set that ground rule before his brain fuzzed out. Not as good as sex, per se, but damn if he weren’t moaning and groaning like it were.


Link tried, he really tried, to keep the noises to a minimum, but it was impossible. Every time he thought he had the last of Rhett’s long fingers grazing the bundled nerves pinching along his rotator cuff, they would swipe back down and begin their journey anew. 


Time seemed to expand and contract, Link couldn’t tell if he’d been under Rhett’s thumb for minutes or an hour. He did come to, briefly, when he let out an especially deep moan and Rhett snickered.


He attempted to catch his breath to tell him not to poke fun, but then Rhett doubled down and he made a whimper-y noise that colored his skin a light coral.


“How’s that?” Rhett whispered, at one point, and Link was sure his noises must have sufficed, since he never gave a formal answer.


Eventually, by the end of the massage, Link was putty in Rhett’s hold. He was propped upright with Rhett’s left hand, while his right finished loosening the nerves under Link’s right armpit.


At some point, Rhett had slipped his hands under his shirt to reach the area better. It felt so nice that Link hadn’t bothered feigning any protests to his warm touch.


It all felt increasingly intimate.


Link could tell this was around when things should wrap. Even with his sense of time lost, he knew Rhett had moved enough different places that he’d covered all the bases of where it might hurt. So, Link expected him to be making his final movements. 


For some reason, perhaps years of using massages for his own ulterior motives, as he knew Rhett did plenty of as well, Link felt a panic set in that Rhett was going to touch him elsewhere.


It’s the first time he noticed that, like with many massages, he’d grown semi-hard. He hoped for whatever reason, Rhett didn’t move his hands close enough to notice.


While he waited with bated breath, Link blinked until he could see straight again. Even a cursory test of flexing his right arm indicated that the muscle had been loosened enough to feel almost entirely better.


The difference was enough to override his odd, sensual thoughts, and he wanted to share. “Dang, man, you really did get it feeling much better,” Link observed, still wiggling the shoulder around. 


Rhett breathed out a happy laugh and then after a few slow passes over the upper shoulder and Link’s spine, he settled his hands on the sides of either arm and tapped both at once to indicate he was finished. Link made a show of further maneuvering his unlocked shoulder with glee. 


“Wow, that was great,” he said, still buzzed.


“Here,” Rhett offered and handed Link his hydroflask. “Drink some water, flush everything from your system.”


Link nodded and sipped. “This was like the real deal,” he said, after, commenting on Rhett’s technique. “You really do know what you’re doing!”


“Told you,” Rhett teased, turning back to his computer. “Oh, shoot, it’s nearly dinner. We gotta head out,” he surmised.


Then they did.


If Link didn’t think about it, for a while, it’s as if nothing out of the ordinary had even happened.




Then Link did start to think about it. 


Not even two weeks later, he got over confident trying to swing a golf club at an off-brand Big Bird costume (long story, weird script) and he nearly pulled something in his shoulder again.


Rhett’s earlier, familiar loosening massage did its job to help, the worst of the original injury hadn’t gotten agitated, but it hurt. It hurt and Link had already slept funky on it, to start, so he was in a mood.


This time, Rhett asked without words, when they returned to their office. Just widened his eyes and tilted his head at Link’s right side. Link groaned in frustration as he took off his jean jacket. Resigned to it.


Rhett had him relaxed in minutes. His whole right side stung from his presses, but when Rhett tried to relent due to the severity of some of his moans (a couple squealed their way up to a high pitched, OOOOWF!), Link shook his head.


It was the most they’d done to acknowledge what is going on in the moment. Otherwise, they continued leave all talk of the massage until after.


Or they started to.




After the second massage, a habit formed.


Any time Link so much as twisted his neck to pop a joint, Rhett was offering up his hands. Link readily accepted. 


His shoulder had not been this flexible for his entire adult life, that he could recall. 


Last week, he did a backflip into the pool and felt nary a twinge.


“Thanks,” Link said, one such time, and pulled his zippered sweatshirt off. It had been unplanned, like always, reliant on the physical exertion of the day’s schedule. He’d worn a sleeveless tank that day. 


It was a little more immediately intimate, but nothing much else changed.


Except that was the first time that proceeded many, many times. Before either of them knew it, Rhett was massaging Link almost once a week, and they’d still barely spoken about it.




Then things crashed, like they always did, hurtling at something going a hundred miles an hour does usually require brakes. They’d long worn those off each other, in the metaphorical sense, when it came to stopping while they were ahead. 


When it came to getting too much of a good thing.




Both their wives had been made aware of the practice, so it wasn’t out of the blue that Rhett received a text from Link about massages on a Sunday. It asked if he were busy (no) and if he could spare the time for a quick readjustment (sure).


Rhett had already had a half a glass of whisky, but one of the boys volunteered to drop him off and pick him up after for the chance to drive his car. 


Jessie made a crude joke about happy endings that he hoped was missed by his chauffeur on their way out the door (it was).


When he arrived at Link’s house, he suddenly was worried Jessie had the right idea. 


Link answered the door in a robe. 


Rhett’s eyes were glassy with drink, so he blinked twice to be sure. Link had on a full-length robe and his hair was all fluffed out. “Hey,” he said.


“Hey?” Rhett asked, wondering if he even had to make small talk. They both knew why he was there.


Link must have thought the same thing because he only waved him in and started walking through the house with purpose. “Do you want water? A drink? Anything?”


Rhett considered asking for another round, but opted against it. He swayed on his feet enough at the sight of Link’s barefeet.


Eventually, Link made his way towards his bedroom and Rhett ambled behind him like this was all very ordinary. When they got to the room, Link started explaining his state of undress. 


“I tried takin’ a hot shower,” he said, frowning. “I was cleaning something out of the crawlspace and didn’t even get in before I twisted it some kinda way,” he went on.


Link windmilled his arm, but Rhett’s eyes paid more attention to Link's bare neck than he normally did. He almost reached out to grab Link’s side to tell him to stop moving it, but held off.  


“And I figure here’s the best place to do it, ‘ya know?” Link said, blushing. “'Course, now that I’m here it seems a little weird. You in my bedroom. I don’t know. You tell me.”


Rhett cleared his throat. He had nothing to add. “Um, no, this is fine. What’s that?” he asked.


“Oh, this?” Link nodded at what had been tossed on the bed, earlier. “This is what Christy used for when she had injuries in college. Coconut oil,” he said. “To massage.”


They hadn’t used oil before.


Rhett used oil on Jessie when he massaged her, so he was familiar with the sensation and would actually prefer it to what he and Link had been doing. It wasn’t the first time the thought occurred to him, but they’d always been at work and Link had to put his clothes on afterwards, and keep them on the rest of the day. 


“That okay?” Link asked, bashful, when Rhett hadn’t responded.


“Oh, yeah,” Rhett assured him. He took the bottle from the bed to show him as much and squirted a drop in his palm. 


As he rubbed his hands together, Link dropped the robe off his shoulders and walked to hang it on a hook next to the bathroom entrance. Link only wore a pair of tight boxer briefs underneath.


Rhett’s hands were already oiled, so he didn’t know what more to do or say. Part of him wanted to check if Link felt okay wearing so little, but obviously he wouldn’t have disrobed the way he had if he were uncomfortable.


Rhett blushed harshly and tried to focus on where Link had moved to lay face-down on the bed. 


“You can be hard with it. There’s nobody home, so nobody is gonna come running if I scream a bit,” Link told him with a charged grin.


“Scream a bit?” Rhett asked, incredulously. “You want me to hurt you?” he wondered. “Does this hurt you?” He thought over their interactions to search for whether that was something he hadn’t picked up on about these exchanges.


Link laughed. “No, no,” he answered. “It’s just that I tend to get a little rowdy when you do the underarm part and I think you need to back off to keep me quiet. But it feels so much better to have it loosened up for the week. I can take the discomfort. It’s not too bad, even,” he went on to say as well.


Rhett shrugged. He took Link’s words to heart, but he was still unlikely to push him hard enough to hurt him. It wasn’t in his nature.


He looked down at Link’s prone form flattening on the bed. He’d never had this much open skin to work with and he didn’t really know where to begin. 


Habit, the small amount they had built up to this point, won out and Rhett went through his usual motions. Quickly, this didn’t seem all that strange at all. It felt no different than a hotel or spa room he’d been massaged in, himself, dozens of times over the years.


Towards the end, when he’d taken his good old time to really work over Link’s lower back where it pressed up against his arm muscle, and most of the tension rested, Rhett did lean in a little extra hard per Link’s request. 


He specifically set aside the last portion of his time, no matter how long it would end up being, to working on the tension in that sensitive area mentioned, Link's side below his armpit. 


Rhett pushed in small circles, feeling the muscle heat and begin to release, then pushed a pair of knuckles up where the wisps of hair began in Link’s underarm. Link winced and groaned again.


The groans and the moans and everything in between had long been made normal, to Rhett’s ears. The time to have giggled and poked fun was several massages ago. 


In fact, Rhett hardly noticed when Link continued his low groaning steadily, the harder he pushed. Then when he returned to the place where the largest point of tension was held, he used his knuckles right from the start, and nearly cracked the joints in his hand with how firmly he pressed.


Link made a noise, a very loud groan, loud even for the ones he’d been making, and shuddered.


If Rhett hadn’t heard Link make similar noises in a myriad of different ways, in the past, he might have recognized that Link orgasmed.


As it stood, Rhett assumed Link was simply enjoying his attention on that bundle of nerves a little more vociferously than he had been the rest and continued, grinning.


He wasn’t aware that Link had gotten hard, much as he had in many a massage previous, with or without Rhett present, and Rhett’s ministrations made it so that the focus put on his lower back pushed Link into the mattress at just the right angle to basically rub him off without ever having to touch his dick.


Link didn’t know how to tell him what had happened or why he’d felt helpless to allow it to, in the moment, so instead he just sat there in wet boxers, and waited for Rhett to finish, too.


Somehow, Link was able to hop up and cover any wet spot sufficiently and beg Rhett off, once he finally stilled his hands. 


Link’s shoulder felt amazing for almost a month.




At first, Rhett thought he was imagining things, but soon, he noticed that it’d been longer than usual since Link had requested a massage. In fact, he realized, the most recent one was the after-hours one at his house. It had felt odd in the initial moments, but afterwards, Rhett had chalked it all up to nerves, the booze, and Jessie’s teasing.


Now, when he thought back to that night, he wondered if he’d been too hard on Link. He wondered if he’d driven him away by pressing so hard that he cried out the way he had. But Link had told him to be rough, so he put it out of his head and waited for the other man to give him more to go on.




Link had told Christy and she thought that Rhett probably had no idea what was going on. It was a pretty safe estimate, most of the time, if they both could agree on anything it was usually that.


But this was especially true.


Rhett takes consent very seriously and Link felt plagued that he’d somehow stolen an orgasm from his friend’s unwitting hands.


Christy assured him that accidents happen. But they should talk about it.


Especially if he were to get another massage. So, for a while, Link... didn't.


He could tell Christy loved how uncomfortable the topic made him. She ended it with a scathing dare that made him blush the whole ride into work. “Next time you want him to jerk you off, just ask him, Link. Fifty bucks, he'll have his hands down your pants before you even finish the question.”




Link invited himself over when the wait got too difficult. He’d avoided massages altogether, in the meantime. He’d come close to booking one at his local spa to avoid the awkwardness, but he was worried Rhett would find out and be so disappointed.


So, channeling a young Rhett in his boldness, hoping he wouldn’t be turned down, Link latched on to the fact that Rhett mentioned he was making sloppy Joes during a water break and it’d genuinely been years since he’d last had one. He asked to join. 


A part of him felt as though he were daring Christy’s vision to be a reality when he did it. It was so absurd that to even consider it felt funny to think about. 


That same night he found himself in Rhett’s backyard, wiping his messy face with a napkin and looking out at their beautiful dining area, as the stars tried to shine through the haze of the warm summer night. One by one, the McLaughlins excused themselves and filtered out to attend to their own assorted plans. Once again, Link was left alone with Rhett.


“How’s your shoulder?” Rhett asked, casually, watching as Link stretched out pleasantly, full from the food. It was a stretch, (kind of literally and) figuratively, to think it had anything to do with his shoulder injury. 


Link’s brow furrowed. The fact that Rhett seemed to be anticipating him asking about a massage somehow made him want to avoid the topic. He’d wanted to bring it up on his own terms and since Rhett had done so, it was suddenly not the time.


Rhett, however, had other ideas. “Want me to work on it?” he hedged, seeing Link’s discomfort both for what it was with an aching shoulder. His inability to get the subject changed only added to things. “C’mon, gimme five minutes, you’ll feel so much better.”


Link’s shoulders crumpled because he couldn’t deny that. It was too true.


Rhett stood up. Link didn’t want to leave the clean-up to his friend after such a delicious meal, so he got to his feet as well. They both picked up the leftover plates and brought them to the kitchen.


Link noticed then that he’d worn sweats. They were not the most forgiving of clothes to have on. Rhett began to lead them to the bedroom and it felt tantamount to a come on for him to speak out loud the possibility he would be getting hard, so he stifled it. 


He stepped into Rhett’s bedroom and popped off his t-shirt. Quickly, he made his way to the bed and laid flat, so Rhett couldn’t see the growing erection already bobbing between his legs for a second. He wasn’t sure why he’d gotten so excited this early, but he concluded that his body was anticipating another accidental orgasm was possible. 


He’d always been a little overexcited when getting massaged. 


Around the third or fourth pass down his middle spine, Link groaned and wiggled into the bed. The experience so far was quite ordinary, now that they were back to doing it, and some of the oddness carried over from before seemed to dissipate. Rhett certainly hadn’t noticed, from the way he was acting, showing no hesitation in his movements at any place on Link's back.


Eventually, Rhett came to the place where so much of the tension was relieved last time. After only working the tense muscles for half the time, they loosened and this time he followed the tendons up to the front of Link’s chest, against the bed, along his deltoid.


It was a little awkward, at the angle he was at, for Rhett to massage him properly so his hands skirted the edges where his torso was raised from the mattress. The sleepy feeling of a good massage had begun to take hold. Rhett had found a sweet spot below Link's clavicle where the muscles met the base of his throat. He welcomed the attention with a loud groan and he felt Rhett’s hand creep further under his chest. 


It was subtle, but the pressure of his hands on Link’s back helped leverage his shoulder up to take his presses more firmly. At one point, as he felt Rhett’s hand grip his solar plexus, Link moaned again, and before he fully understood what was happening, Rhett started to flip him upright.


His body was so relaxed that it went with the momentum easily and was suddenly laid flat on his back without even so much as blinking. 


Link groaned and squinted at the bright overhead lights, caught off guard, and watched as Rhett’s attention returned to his shoulder. Link wondered what he was doing, but already could call up several excuses. Rhett had researched how to massage and they said this was all interconnected, so he had to get the front even if it was the back of his shoulder that was hurting. Rhett used to be able to get his front and side all the time, when they did this in his office chair. It was Link who had switched the venue and made it more one-sided.


He regretted it with how good Rhett’s calloused hands felt smoothing the tension up to his neck and down. He groaned again. He peeked down to see if his erection was noticeable enough to worry. To Link’s delight, the movements in pressing him down into the bed had eventually softened the appendage slightly so that it looked like a normal enough bulge in the pair of sweatpants he had on.


Of course with Link’s luck, as soon as he registered a distinct lack of erection, he looked up and saw Rhett’s face. His tongue was out, bitten in concentration, and held softly between both rows of teeth.


Knowing he was the center of Rhett’s attention, and seeing it displayed so indisputably across his face, his celebration was short-lived. He felt himself start to harden even before he could see it happen.


Sure enough, on the horizon, past his stomach and Rhett’s glowing focus, Link watched his dick stand up again, hard, begging to be handled with the same care as his chest. He rutted upward slightly on instinct.


To his mortification, the temporary luck of Rhett being distracted enough by his shoulder ran out completely, and he watched as Rhett turned to see his hips move. There's no way he could miss Link's prominent erection as it continued to tent his pants.


Rhett smiled, just this side of a smirk, and Link closed his eyes and prepared himself for the jokes. Instead, Rhett’s hands merely continued their movements. Link couldn’t believe it. He peeked and saw Rhett moving to his other shoulder for a moment and then over to the edge of his ribs near where his rotator cuff also glanced.


Link had nearly relaxed fully, glad that Rhett had matured to the point that he could see Link get hard and not giggle. He appreciated his friend’s calmness.


He sighed as he felt Rhett’s hands dip back down to where they often went on his lumbar, but varied based on this new angle, from the front. Link twisted a bit to allow him better access to his right side and hip, where he presumed his attention would linger. Rhett’s hands eventually palmed the length of each hip bone, one at a time, digging deeply into the muscles above and below where they met his pelvis.


In order to grasp the left side as firmly, Rhett slipped his hands slightly under the sweats Link had on. Normally this would feel like crossing a line, but Link had been massaged wearing less while more aroused, last time, so he groaned and nodded when Rhett asked, “This okay?”


That other time had worked out okay. Rhett didn’t care that he was hard, then or now. Not much else was getting through his subconscious at the moment.


He almost groaned, “Yeah,” but then he nodded instead. He nearly screamed when he felt Rhett’s hand dip further and grasp his erection, next. He began pulling it, in an instant, like it was simply another muscle to be worked and relieved.


Link did gasp, despite not screaming, and his mouth hung wide open as Rhett kept one hand on Link’s shoulder and continued to stroke his hard-on in his sweats. 


Link’s body felt like it was being milked of tension. It was as though every muscle in his body, currently taut, was being rubbed back and forth in time with Rhett’s motions, and he immediately gave into the sensation. It all felt so incredibly natural, he couldn’t remember his initial objection, the second it began to generate friction between his legs. He groaned louder.


He shook in place, his eyes fluttered open and closed again and again, he was so overwhelmed by the sensations. Eventually, Rhett’s movements quickened and Link felt his core engage as he began to curl in on himself with the edge of his orgasm upon him. He felt his dick leave his sweats, Rhett pulled it free, and a towel appeared from the edge of the bed and draped over his waist as he watched Rhett’s methodical hands spur his dick’s gushing precome over the edge into spurts of semen. 


Rhett covered the end of his dick with the towel as soon as it began and Link gasped, watching Rhett’s hand hover over him as he spilled load after load into his folded palm. Some dripped, but not enough to make it hard to wipe. Rhett folded the small hand towel once and did so.


Then he tucked Link back into his pants. “Better?” Rhett asked, softly. It was clear that he was equally as nervous about Link’s reaction as Link had his own, earlier.


“Much,” Link assured him. Link sighed and laid his head back.


Immediately the spell felt broken, but in a welcome kind of way where Link could practically hear them both compartmentalizing at the same time. 


They stood up and left the bedroom. Rhett offered him dessert, he politely refused, but there was no awkwardness. It was as though this was simply a new facet of the massages that Link simply hadn’t exactly anticipated.


When he returned home, he pulled out three twenties and laid them on the counter. Christy looked at them, shuffled them together, but said nothing. Link couldn't tell if she didn't understand or wanted him to be more explicit, so he relented at her lingering unsureness. “Rhett jerked me off tonight. You were right,” Link said, voice trembling. He hoped levity would make any potential reproach minimal. Technically, Christy had told him to do this and he was merely paying up. He didn't tend to carry fifties.


“That good, huh?” she teased and set each bill out separately to emphasize the overpayment.


“Those hands,” Link admitted, closing his eyes. He shook his head. “You know he’s good with those hands.”


They both laughed at the understatement. 




Next time they drank milkshakes as an impromptu dessert, still at Rhett’s place, still alone. 


Link turned over of his own volition this time and was hard already. He hummed as anticipation rushed through his body and he keened when Rhett finally took hold.


He came so hard that he felt his jizz travel high enough in the air to SPLAT when it landed on his chest. He’d also swear he heard Rhett suck a finger before he started cleaning him up, but Link’s eyes were shut tight, lost to the euphoria.




Around the fifth or sixth time, Link got used to it enough to open his eyes sometimes during, and witness his best friend’s graceful movements in action. He looked up at Rhett a few times in awe. He’d known this was intimate before, but seeing the look of determination on his face once more drove Link wild. 


He came so soon that Rhett massaged his legs after, since these sessions tended to last longer than five minutes, but by the time he worked on the back of Link’s left knee, they could both see Link was hard enough to be jerked off a second time. 


He came later on that time and he’d swear Rhett was edging that orgasm right up until the end.




Three or four months passed without much having changed in their dynamic besides the added pleasure Rhett gives Link when his shoulder hurts.


By this point, Link has grown hard more than once just from the thought of Rhett touching him. It was Pavlovian, in his opinion, that he associated hand jobs with Rhett. 


One such afternoon, when his gaze had lingered too long on the way Rhett was peeling a banana on camera (innocent enough though it was) and he’d already had to adjust his boner under the desk before he stood back up, things came to a head.




Link made it back to their office, rubbing his shoulder on instinct, even though it felt just fine.


“Shoulder bothering you?” Rhett asked, knowingly, with a small smile. He had also caught Link’s gaze several times in the monitor. As though he didn’t know that unfurling a banana like a burlesque dancer was going to get Link’s attention.


The same horniness that had him stiff in his pants kept Link from filtering the honesty. “No,” he blurted out.


“Oh,” Rhett let out, disappointed, to Link’s ears. For whatever reason, that made his dick throb.


Link’s eyes flitted down briefly to the source of the ache and Rhett, staring attentively already, caught it instantly. He smirked and tongued his bottom lip. “Oh, just a muscle cramp?”


Link looked up, dizzy with the lie. Unless that was true. If it were considered a muscle, then it was. If an erection constituted a cramp? He wasn’t any good with anatomy to know for sure.


“I could take care of that for you if…” Rhett hedged, looking down at Link’s bulge in his jeans. 


Link nodded.


Rhett slipped his hand down to unbutton him. He had his dick in hand the next second. Then they were back and off to the races again. Link came harder than he ever had standing up and almost fell to the floor as a result. Just before his knees give, he grabbed for a chair and collapsed in it as semen spurted everywhere.


Rhett chuckled immensely at the sight and teased Link that they'd need to steam the carpet.




They had to start locking their door because of the hand jobs. 


They’d become so frequent they bordered on daily.


It became such habit that if he knew the door was locked, Link would simply take his dick out while working and wait on Rhett to notice and reach over. He would happily compete with whatever had Link’s attention on screen because he always won out.


One morning, the very first time it seemed to wane, Rhett would have none of it. After Link's attention lingered on the computer even after he upped his speed, he pushed Link back away from his desk. 


They both glanced down at where his dick stood, still rock hard, between them. 


Rhett fell to his knees and took it into his mouth. 


Link didn’t get distracted again after that.




After a few weeks of on-demand blow jobs, it became nearly routine. Though, things progressed again when Rhett blew Link at work, on the couch, for the first time. 


The first time on the couch, fourteenth time with everywhere else altogether. 


Link loved a midday hummer more than most. He loved the pep it added to his step, the care in his stare, all of it. Some people flagged after an orgasm, but Link often seemed more alert than ever once he got over his initial post-haze bliss.


It was following one such rosy come-down that he realized that Rhett was hard where he sat in front of him. Link tried to think back and consider if Rhett was always hard or if this were a new development. 


He suddenly felt a touch ungrateful that this had escalated so thoroughly and he’d not so much as reciprocated a single lent hand to his friend.


He’s in a bit too dizzying a state of shock to do anything about it, at first, and then they’re called away for a set-check before he could dwell any longer.


Later that night, when they’ve both returned home, Link revisited the memory. He considered how attentive Rhett always was with his every need, when he helped him out, and the vision of his face in deep concentration draws Link’s hand down his pants to release his erection.


When he touched himself, however, he didn’t feel much relief at all. Link started picturing getting on his knees to help Rhett feel better and he finally got himself close to the edge as a new rush of arousal broke through. He owed Rhett for that orgasm, among many.




Link arrived early the next day and waited patiently for Rhett to get in.


He’d been in not a half an hour before the other man strolled through the door. Link gave a courteous hello and feigned some interest in how Rhett’s afternoon and evening went, but before long his nerves got the best of him. Link walked over and casually locked the door.


It was so out of their normal routine that Rhett didn’t even pick up on it. He settled at his desk and opened his email client, leaned back in his chair, and tried to wake the rest of the way up. His arms stretched out wide as he yawned. He went right back to tapping at his keyboard, replying to something about a vendor promotion they both had to sign off on, completely distracted.


Link didn’t wait for a window or an opportunity. In his mind, he would need to forge his own path. Rhett was not as compliant as he was when it came to nearly anything and a part of Link had been picturing the other man recoiling in horror when Link attempted to pleasure him in turn.


When Link dropped to the floor, he wondered if Rhett thought he was looking for a pencil or tying his shoe, since his eyes didn’t even stray from the monitor. Emboldened, Link moved from his place in the middle of the floor and pushed under Rhett’s desk.


The taller man laughed, thrown off by Link’s antics, and didn’t seem to know what to make of it. “Link, what’re you…” he started to say, but Link had finally swiveled around to kneel before him. Instinctively, Rhett pushed back somewhat so Link’s head could pop out from under where he was knelt.


He didn’t finish the question since he knew better. He only nodded.


That part was still part of some unspoken rule. A vow of silence. The unaddressed nature of their give and take. Link’s hands were on his belt before he could make the same mistake twice. 


Rhett’s dick was not hard in the least, but Link kept at his length, stroking it right in front of his face, and tried to will it to stiffen for long enough to return the favor and suck it into his mouth.


Unlike Link, Rhett was unable to keep silent during this process. “Oh-Ohhh,” Rhett moaned, aroused as Link traced his dick with his tongue and lapped the precome oozing from his slit. “Link, oh god,” he groaned again, after he came.


After that, they got more vocal.




It wasn’t long before Rhett was back over at Link’s house, brought on by a flexed arm emoji only, which used to be their signal for massages. In a way, it still was. Different parts tended to be massaged, however.


Link had Rhett’s dick grasped tightly in his hand as he watched the other man finish disrobing. 


“I get so sick of waiting,” Rhett admitted, fondling Link’s erection when his hands were finally free of his shirt and jacket.


Link smirked because he knew the feeling. Now that he’d started reciprocating, it did feel like an eternity to wait for a chance at Rhett's body.


“Technically, we could both do it at the same time,” Link advised. He stroked Rhett slower as Rhett took him into his hand. Instead of ending things there, Rhett then leaned forward and swallowed Link’s hard-on in one gulp. “Oh, I meant - I…”


Link trailed off as Rhett got busy. Rhett was so good at blowing him that Link sometimes zoned out for indiscriminate lengths of time under his tongue. It felt like he became a sentient lollipop that Rhett simply couldn’t get to the center of, no matter how hard he tried. 


“Not that it’s not good…” Link started. “But now, I’m sick of waiting, too,” he explained.


Rhett laughed around his dick. He refused to stop, it seemed, so Link took matters into his own hands. 


His own mouth, to be more specific. With Rhett’s mouth still on him, he pushed them back against the bed. He straddled Rhett's face then shifted so that his body went in a one-hundred and eighty degree circle so that he only had to stretch a little to see Rhett’s dick bounce into view.


“There we go,” he said to himself and began stroking Rhett’s thick, stiff cock where it swayed before him. “There’s my favorite li’l guy.”


Rhett laughed around his dick, mouth stuffed full, but highly amused.


Rhett was indeed smaller, Link never shied away from reminding people, but to call his dick little was still a joke. It was as thick as the soppressata Link chose for the charcuterie board he put out with dinner, that night. He’d even made a lewd comment and handled it obscenely for good measure, to draw the comparison. Link did the same with Rhett’s actual meat, in hand, then licked his lips as he sunk his mouth down around the length.


They stayed like that for ages, edged one another right up until one had to tap out in order to take a breather. The other, whoever was conceding, would then pick up their pace to lengthen the pleasure and add to the experience even more. 


When they did finally come, it was one right after the other, in tandem.


That was the first night they slept together.




The following morning, woken up with their limbs entangled and drool running steady down their faces, they realized that they hadn’t been able to stay awake after their simultaneous orgasm and rested where they fell. Come was still drying on a patch of skin near Rhett’s thigh and Link stretched away from where Rhett’s toes rubbed against his ears.


“Stop it,” Rhett crooned, trying to avoid letting Link know how much it tickled the underside of his foot when he tilted his head that way. It didn’t matter that Link was trying to kiss his ankles, sweetly. 


“Can’t I try and wish you good morning?” Link asked.


Their families were on separate outings for the remainder of the weekend. Jessie on a work appointment and Christy was at a cabin with friends until the following Tuesday.


Link was lonely, but Rhett was there. It was a good morning. He was hard again.


“Would you rather pick up where we left off?” Link suggested, as he nodded at Rhett’s morning wood. “I could eat.”


Rhett squinted his eyes. “I’m surprised you’re okay to hop right back on. You don't wanna shower first?” Rhett asked.


“Oh, sure, yeah,” Link agreed and rubbed a big palm along Rhett’s thick thigh. “Race you there!”


Rhett made a grunt, annoyed at Link’s impetuousness and that with the head start Link gave himself he couldn’t win (which Link knew). Rhett hated to play a losing game.


“Hang on, watch your step, man!” Rhett called to Link’s retreating, bare ass. “You’re gonna slip and break something and then we’re gonna have to explain what we were doing playing grab ass in your bathroom!” Rhett grumbled more to himself than to Link.


Link still overheard. With the abundant silence, Rhett’s voice carried.


Link scoffed, audible all the way from where he sat away from the shower stall where Link was. Rhett could hear the echo and knew Link must have already entered the large glass enclosure. “Ha!” he yelled. “Like we haven’t done that before!”


Rhett grumbled more and righted himself. He readjusted his aching hard on and resigned himself to whatever this shower experience was about to be.


When he stepped into the bathroom, he met eyes with Link as he cut on the water. “It gets hot fast, I like to wait until it feels normal on my hand, you know?”


Rhett came up behind him and laughed. He couldn’t help his instinct and leaned forward to hold Link from behind long enough to squeeze a brief hug into his back.


“Oh,” Link moaned. “I can feel your dick, hang on,” Link said. He turned on the overhead water as well, the steam now overtaking the small area and misted the mirrors in the larger room.


Link spun around to adjust the water to something a little less scalding. When he glanced back, Rhett was still nearby. “Better?”


Rhett hummed, reaching out to grip Link’s waist, he pulled Link close to him. 


“Your shoulders look so big from behind,” Rhett purred into his ear. The hair on the back of Link’s neck was wet, but he’d swear it tried to stand on end anyway. Gooseflesh broke out across his upper body. “How’s that shoulder feeling?” Rhett asked.


It was a tease at worst and a genuine question at best. Link was so lost in the sensation of Rhett overcrowding him that he couldn’t contemplate much beyond the truth. “Feels good,” he answered.


“Good?” Rhett asked, moving even closer, flush with Link’s back. “Good ain’t great.”


Link breathed in slowly, feeling the touch of Rhett’s arms snaking around his ribs slowly until the hard-on that he teased him about earlier was undeniable against the upper curve of Link’s ass.


“Good ain’t half bad,” Link said, gulping audibly. “Last I heard.”


“Right,” Rhett agreed. “You know…” Rhett began and curled his grip on the front of Link more possessively, and ghosted a hand down to the weeping erection in front of them both. 




“There’s another massage we haven’t tried. Heard it’s pretty reliable about relieving tension in your back,” Rhett suggested as he gripped Link’s dick firmly and started pulling upwards with a slow and steady rhythm. “Lower back,” Rhett added.


Link moaned in his hold and pushed his lower back against Rhett. He was taller, like he’s always been, and made a point to widen his stance and push his dick against Link’s ass again. “Much lower back,” he added further clarity.


“Oh?” Link expelled, his breath caught between gasps and nothingness. His lungs felt pinned to the inside of his chest.


“Yeah, gonna start with just a few fingers, that all right?” Rhett asked.


Link mumbled an okay and held the wall when Rhett left him there for a moment. He dripped water as he grabbed a towel and left the bathroom, but returned shortly after with a bottle of special silicone lube that Rhett knew they kept in the nightstand.


It’s the same one he used for pool sex.


“I want this to be relaxing for you,” Rhett advised. He put on his masseuse voice, like he’d used more regularly in the beginning, during their early trysts. This was the first time in a while it had returned. 


Link couldn’t help but fall into their old, original pattern, and nodded along ready to follow instruction.


As Rhett uncapped the small bottle, Link took in his friend’s large form before him. His face was blotched and soaked with the endless rush of hot water. Rhett’s own erection continued to bob and strain between them. 


“You can… we can… if you want... yeah,” Link agreed.


Link looked up at Rhett. His eyes fought to stay open against the steady stream of water that ricocheted up at random points into his field of vision. 


It was already hard to make out Rhett's features clearly with his glasses off. 


He reached out and pulled Rhett’s face into his grip. He pulled him close enough so he could see Rhett’s eyes. He felt Rhett’s head dip in his hold like he was trying to lean down and bump their foreheads together for some unknown reason (Link couldn’t think of why Rhett would be that close to him face-to-face). Link held his gaze as his neck straightened. 


If Link had been leading up to say something, his mind blanked. He nodded briefly and turned, so Rhett could easily press his slicked fingers in and massage.


Rhett did, slowly, leaning down so that he could wedge his hand between Link’s soaked cheeks. Quickly, his fingers found what they were groping for and slid in, easily nestling into Link’s natural crevice. 


“This feel good?” Rhett asked, his tone dipping even lower in register.


Rhett’s body lingered, covering much of Link's where it still could. His arms could easily reach, so he stayed looming behind him, still close enough to reach around and tug at his erection at the same time. When he moved to do so, Link rerouted his hand. Nervous he would come too quickly and too aroused by the feeling of Rhett holding him like this while they touched each other, Link placed his palm over Rhett’s hand and drew it up towards his chest. Rhett gripped Link’s left pectoral gently, squeezed it and then pinched the nipple where it protruded.


“Oh, Rhett,” Link cried out. “Yeah, this feels…” Link’s words stopped out as he felt Rhett lean down and kiss the back of his neck where it met his shoulders.


The feel of Rhett’s wet beard dragging across his skin made Link freeze. His heart thudded in his chest. His knees felt ready to give out.


They’d never kissed. It felt so intimate that every nerve ending in Link’s body felt alight just from the ghost of the touch of Rhett’s lips to his skin. 


“Rhett…” he pled and braced the shower wall with both hands. It pulled them slightly out of the main overhead stream and Link wondered if that, Rhett's mouth, or the sensations brought on by Rhett’s index finger were what caused him to shudder. 


He felt Rhett nod against the back top of his head and push back in again, harder. 


Within seconds, Rhett’s pace picked up to his normal, pseudo-professional locomotion the likes his other massages by hand or mouth had in the past. Link slapped his hand where it was pressed on the slick shower wall. “Rhett!” he cried.


Rhett took this as a sign to press harder and did. He hooked his fingers at an angle that he knew should be around where to find purchase and soon enough Link felt like Rhett had full control of his body paired with the small handhold he had on his ass and hip. “Oh!” Link yelled, still, as he tried to break the spell.


Link's body was in ecstasy even as his mind raced to get him to intervene.


Eventually, the general lack of response and heavy lean made Rhett feel the need to check-in and when he pulled Link’s head back gently so that it rested against his right front, on his shoulder, he glanced down. 


Rhett took one look at Link’s startled expression and paused his touching. “Link?”


“Rhett?” Link said, his head lolling to the side.


Rhett’s eyes were easier to read without the water directly pouring down over them and instead only getting a steady pour from the wall-mounted head. Rhett looked beleaguered at Link’s discontent and begged him to continue.


“Rhett, is this real?” Link asked him, vulnerably.


Rhett stared down at him, stumped. “Did I give you the impression this was fake?” 


Link panted, his breath felt shallow with the amount of steam in the air.


“My hand is halfway up your ass right now, right?” Rhett asked, plainly, trying to make his point. He was clearly attempting to keep the edge from his voice and only barely succeeded.


“Yeah, but…” Link said and rolled his eyes. “It’s a massage.”


Rhett tutted a laugh. “Well, yeah, but…” he rubbed inside of Link at just the right place to make Link’s whole body arch forward off of Rhett's front. He braced the wall again and cried out in pleasure.


Link breathed heavily as Rhett slowed his movements.


“Link,” Rhett mumbled as he moved his body closer to Link's again and leant his chin against the back of Link’s head, where it turned down. Link watched the water encircle his feet in tiny currents then drip down toward the side drain. 


“Rhett?” Link said again, his voice lower, and his head still down. “Is it real?”


Rhett hugged him from behind, his hand had to bend with his arm to stay in place, but it did. He sighed and considered how to prove to Link that was the case. “Link, what would any one of the guys we went to school with would say was ‘my move’ to get girls to wanna let me feel them up?” Rhett asked him, softly.


Link didn’t know what that had anything to do with these massages, but he replied with the answer he knew, “Give ‘em a massage?”


“Right,” Rhett said, thrusting his hand into Link with motion anew.


“Ah!” Link cried, suddenly feeling pinned in place. Rhett’s hand’s motions begged him to understand his response exactly how it was meant to be taken.


“And what am I doin’ right now?” Rhett hedged, his own breath coming out in thick taunting pants.


“Massage,” Link gasped out.


“Oh,” Rhett said then let out a short cackle. “I was gonna say feeling you up. But yeah...”


Link suddenly noticed that Rhett's other hand was back to groping his nipple as it had earlier. 


“That too,” Rhett agreed.


Link gasped again, taking in Rhett’s meaning fully. “So, you’re… serious?” Link asked him, his voice going up indicating he wanted to check one last time.


Rhett flexed his fingers enough to add a third, pointedly, while a fourth sat waiting to join, still wedged behind.


The unspoken indication being that Link should know this meant he was.


Link gasped again, then canted his hips. The way Rhett’s hand hit inside him made him scream with joy. A sudden wave of passion crested through him, his whole body tensed with drawn, pent up arousal at attaining clear-cut knowledge that Rhett was interested in him. Very interested in him.


And had been for quite some time, it would seem.


Link thought back to the first time he got a massage from Rhett and ground his hips back. “You dog,” Link cried out. 


“What?” he croaked, he stepped further from the stream of water and almost released his hand from inside of Link on instinct. 


“You heard me, you’re a fucking dog,” Link said again.


“What?” Rhett repeated again, too.


"Using the same pick-up tricks on me as you used on girls,” Link scolded. “You couldn’t just —” Link’s word cut as Rhett rammed his fingers back in sharply, at that same specific angle, right where Link was most sensitive. His knees very nearly buckled, then.


“You think I do this to all the girls?” Rhett asked, his deep voice echoed on the tile and seemed to surround Link.


Frantic to escape the booming tenor and looming presence, Link yelped and twisted slightly, which dislodged Rhett’s hand finally. He pushed Rhett back under the steady stream of water and grabbed the bottle of lube from the window shelf where Rhett had set it down. He slicked his hand and kept a firm, steady gaze locked with Rhett as he then took a hand and forced him to stand against the wall.


Link didn’t say another word, at first, as he groped Rhett’s ass and then found Rhett’s own wet opening. He stroked the area a few times, gently, then thrust two fingers in starting with the index and felt around. Rhett gasped, holding the wall tight, the noise sounded close to laughter with the amount of enjoyment that was evident in its tone.


“And how do they respond, Rhett?” Link whispered, harsh. “They do this?”


He crooked his fingers sharper than he might normally to make sure his point was not missed.


Rhett whimpered, suddenly, and Link felt a surge of dominance rush through him. He nearly humped the back of Rhett with the newfound determination, but instead only thrusted his wrist back and forth, telling Rhett wordlessly what else he’d like to do given the chance.


“O-Only,” Rhett eked out, between stilted breaths. “Only one, but —”


Link see-sawed his hand in and out of Rhett. He took pleasure in seeing the larger man squirm before him. 


“B-But, uh, she’s the one who kept tellin’ me I had to learn to share.”


Link chuckled. Jessie.


“How’d you make out?” Link joked, throttling his speed up some so Rhett keened further. 


“Pretty good,” Rhett crowed, trying his best for a casual tone amidst the sweltering steam and Link’s persistent movement.


Link added a third finger and twisted his grip again.


Great! pff -pretty great,” Rhett amended.


There was a brief silence where the gush of water was all that echoed in both their ears. Then Link took in the view of Rhett’s entire back side, from head to toe, and once again he ached to be touched. “Turn around,” Link commanded.


Rhett turned, looking down meekly enough that it felt like he was cowering before Link despite his size. 


Something in Link snapped. The playfulness of the day so far, mixed with the teasing back and forth, it was all standard fare, but seeing Rhett look shy before him felt brand new.


Even at their most sordid moments, Rhett had looked collected, cool, and in control. Link presumed this was, in part, since he had initiated most of those interactions. 


They stared at one another for only one more long, poignant second with the rush of water and faint panting of breath the only things audible in the room. 


“I can share, too, you know?” Link asked, a soft tease to his tone.


Rhett blinked, close enough that some water wicked off of his eyelashes and brows as he kept looking down. He nodded.


“That’s what we agreed,” Rhett explained. “You’d already been sharing with me, with Jessie. I wasn’t — I didn’t reciprocate the way I could have. Should have.”


Link looked up at him, his face still close enough to rest his forehead on Rhett’s if he leaned in even an inch or two more. 


“Then, I guess things just got out of hand. Or, well —” Rhett said and glanced down to Link’s lower half. His eyebrows quirked.


“Yeah," Link agreed. Then, he went on, "You better buy Christy some fancy chocolates or a massage of her own.”


Rhett blinked more, to keep the water from collecting too long in his lashes, again, as it continued to pelt down on them both.


“Why’s that? She got something to share?” Rhett questioned with a smirk, already judging the news as good, from Link’s closeness and the ongoing consent their wives had given leading up to this point.


“Yeah,” Link shot back.


Rhett laughed and put his arms out on Link’s shoulders. He didn’t pull Link in to him. The smaller man willingly leaned forward and rested his head on Rhett’s chest as they embraced under the still warm jets of water. 


Both took the renewed opportunity to wet their hair out of their eyes, in the places it had begun to dry out and frizz, outside of the water, in the thick haze of the shower stall. 


Link looked away and took a deep breath. 


“Here?” Rhett asked as he wasn’t sure the answer. 


“No. In bed.”


“Okay,” Rhett replied. 


Link reached for the showerhead. He took time to aim it in all the right areas and clean off. Rhett stepped back under the centered overhead stream and watched, occasionally stroking his still-hard dick at the sight. Then he took his turn, but not before squirting a quick dollop of shampoo on both their scalps before he rinsed off himself. 


Then he moved to rub the shampoo into both their scalps. It wasn’t the first time they'd shampooed one another's hair. They led interesting lives even before so much of it was filmed or prompted.


The intimacy of the exchange still struck them both deeply and they stood with their eyes closed, Rhett first shampooing Link and then Link shampooing Rhett. Then they took turns and rinsed off.


Link leaned forward, eventually, and cut the water off. 


When he turned back around, he fought the instant rush of cold that tried to dissipate the thick steam that still lingered in parts of the glass shower enclosure. He watched Rhett’s pale rear dart hastily, in front of him, and shake with his movement as the cooling air of the bathroom spurred him on.


They both reached for towels to finish drying off. Even though they weren’t needed much for modesty, Rhett's combined chill and need to borrow Link’s brush to quickly run it through his hair made it instinctive. Rhett tucked his towel around his midsection after he was done and Link followed suit. Rhett took a minute to make sure his hair was free of any tangles.


They made it to the bedroom before once again facing each other. The silence of the room lingered long enough that Rhett nearly laughed it off. Before he could do so, Link stood on his tip toes and kissed him, flat on the mouth, hard enough to startle him.


Rhett’s towel dropped.


Link undid his so that it did the same.


Their kisses were tentative at first, it being the first real, deliberate time they’d done so. After a few seconds of hesitation, Link breathed a sigh so delicate that it made Rhett’s mouth open into a smile. The kiss quickly deepened until they were making out against the edge of the bed. 


Even their open-mouthed tongue kisses held more tenderness than Link anticipated. 


Perhaps Rhett could read the slight trepidation in his face, unsure about what the kiss meant and why they had waited this long, and he swooped back in for another before he could voice any concern. Rhett gave his tongue over as collateral, and wordlessly they twisted their bodies until they were nearly flush. Faced front to front, a shared, crackling energy and interest ping-ponged back and forth between them. 


When they pulled apart, although plenty had felt spoken, Link realized he still hadn’t voiced his full request. “Rhett?”


Rhett was lost in the sensation and didn’t know Link had been trying to slowly move away until his head was suddenly gone from his clutches.


Rhett opened his eyes to see Link reaching back to the side drawer for a different bottle of lube (they were all very happily married) before he turned around, squirting a small amount on his hand. 


He leaned in and captured Rhett’s lips. 


Rhett poured himself into the second round of kissing. Clearly eager to indicate that he was going to follow whatever further instruction Link had begun to give before he splashed more lube on his hands and took Rhett’s erection into his palm. Rhett teetered forward, held at bay by Link’s hands trying to do their best to transfer all of the fluid on them onto Rhett’s cock. 


“Yeah?” Rhett muttered when he realized that Link might have been waiting on an actual response.


Their mouths stayed flush, but Link left space enough for him to voice his desire, at last. “Break me in two,” Link asked, breathy and nervous. His skin felt tight and his head pounded while his blood rushed this way and that. His arousal felt like it might have peaked whatever scale he’d measured it by previous to that moment. 


Rhett slammed his face down against Link again, in immediate response, not wanting to mince whatever reaction Link was anticipating. He intended to do just that, the message declared proudly.


Then Link felt himself being pressed back further and further until his back hit the headboard. 


Rhett towered over him and instead of switching his position like he thought Rhett might, to take him harshly from behind as he had in so many fantasies yet unspoken, Link found himself looking at Rhett face-to-face.


He was still crowded, pushed to a point where his joints snapped and his ankles had to decide between staying under Rhett's arms or over his shoulders quickly. His knees cracked as he went with the former of the two options.


“Take your half,” Link begged.


Rhett growled with arousal, pushing down the energy and instinct that arose and told him to ram his dick right into Link. He felt around with one hand for his new favorite place, only having been there once before, officially, despite trying to tease the idea during at least one prior sixty-nine that he can remember. Nothing compared to actually getting to ease his fingers back inside Link for real. 


“My half,” Rhett stated back and determined that Link liked to be spoken of in such a way since he brought it up. A hot streak of arousal ripped through him when he saw Link’s eyes fire up in response to hearing the words drip off his tongue. 


Rhett repositioned, one hand desperately trying to tuck his long hair behind his ears, without a hair tie or clip, and out of the field of view of his downturned head, the other used to situate himself as neatly as possible to slowly begin the slide home. 


Link groaned, dramatically, back arching gracefully when it finally began. 


“Oh-Oh,” he sang, unexpectedly. His voice carried until similar pitches of praise rang out between them. 


Rhett wasn’t close enough to kiss again, yet, which Link supposed played a role in how desperate he was for Rhett to slide all the way in. Link grabbed at his arms. He lathed kisses on Rhett’s right forearm and start of his shoulder where it laid against Link’s head, propping Rhett’s body up as it bent forward. 


Eventually, Rhett did get far enough in that the kisses traveled back to his face. They made out frantically until Rhett began to pull back out.


Link screamed, again, then. He felt completely outside of his body. He heard the noise echo in the empty room (and the empty house, from the distance it seemed to travel), and grunted as a way to take more air back into his emptied lungs. 


“Fuck!” he yelled, after, his whole face red and blushing. “Fuck, Rhett, harder, go back! Fuck harder! Harder!” Link begged, his tone desperate and wrecked.


They stayed close together, parting only to kiss, Rhett took Link’s request to heart and began snapping his hips at a pace that made Link’s entire body shake with pleasure. 


As he devolved past the point of words, Link panted harshly enough that he could tell the exhaled air was going right into Rhett’s open mouth, as Rhett’s did the same into his own. He didn’t care.


Link was positive Rhett could spit in his mouth and he’d thank him, at this point.


“Harder! Oh! Yes! Fuck, break me! You can do it, you can! You can break me! Break me! Break me! Break! Break!” Link cried out in one long string of passion, finally finding words as his orgasm crested.


Rhett’s sweat still dripped down Link’s front, as both panted with the exertion, and Rhett growled, “Mine,” as he came, second.


“Fuck, Rhett,” Link breathed out, as he still tried to even his breathing. “I thought you might actually do it,” Link told him, smiling wanly when Rhett looked over, blissed out and delirious in his own right, at the result of their union. “Split me in half.”


Rhett laughed as best he could while he still panted.


“How’s the shoulder feeling?” Rhett asked, earnestly.


Link gave him a long, suffering look and then burst out laughing. "Never better."