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Mingi fumbled with his keys as he tried to get inside. It was mid-winter and his fingers were freezing off. Usually he would've worn gloves, but during his hectic morning he forgot about them. When the door finally unlocked, Mingi was so relieved to go inside and warm up. Today had been one of the coldest days of the year and Mingi was convinced he wasn't made for this weather.   

The past few weeks had been a mess. All of Mingi's classes had decided to give tests the week before Christmas break and honestly it was a lot. He had barely been able to study for any of it and he was procrastinating everything. The last time he put off all the studying to the last few days, his grades weren't the best.  He needed to really start doing something for the tests this time.   

It wasn't that mingi didn't want to study, he just couldn't get himself to do it. The moment he takes his time to study, his mind just keeps wandering to all the other things he could be doing instead. Maybe it would work if someone studied with him.   


Mingi:  your classes done yet?  

Yunho:  yeah  

Yunho:  why?  

Mingi:  want to study together for the tests next week?  

Yunho:  sure, your place?  

Mingi:  if that's alright with you?  

Yunho:  of course, I'll be there soon  

Mingi:   :)  


Mingi had met Yunho when he entered college two years ago. The two had quickly become inseparable after getting to know each other. Yunho was kind, funny and one of the smartest people Mingi knew. The only problem being the crush mingi had developed in the time of the last two years. His friends had told him to confess a million times, but Mingi was too afraid of ruining their friendship.  And so, he had decided to live with this crush on his best friend.   



Mingi heard a rustle at the door, Yunho must be there. A while ago Mingi gave him a spare key, he came over often enough anyways. The door closed again a few seconds later.   

‘I'm upstairs,’ Mingi yelled, getting his best friends' attention. He heard Yunho coming upstairs and put his laptop to the side of his bed.   

‘It's fucking freezing outside,’ Yunho exclaimed as he threw himself onto the bed next to Mingi.   

‘I know right,’ Mingi showed Yunho his red hands.   

‘You forgot your gloves?’  


Yunho grabbed Mingi's cold hands with his warm ones. Mingi flushed. Stupid crush. Yunho's hands almost made Mingi's hands disappear and his hands weren't even that small. The warmth was pleasant, even though Mingi's hands were starting to sting from the change of cold to warm.   

‘What were you working on?’ Yunho motioned to Mingi's laptop.   

‘Maths, but I don’t get it.’ he slid his hands out of Yunho's grasp and grabbed the laptop, showing the questions. Maths had always been his weak spot, no matter how many times it was explained to him, he just couldn't get it right.   

‘Okay so it really isn't that hard. Can you give me something to write on?’   

Mingi got a notepad and handed it to Yunho, who started to write down the steps on how to solve the question. He made it look so easy. Mingi had been working on the same question for 15 minutes.   

‘Okay so,’ Yunho showed the solved question to Mingi. ', I wrote down all the different steps, could you try the next question while following my example?’   

‘I think so.’   

Mingi tried to solve the question and with Yunho's example it actually worked. Mingi grinned, he had been struggling with this for a while, but was able to do it now.   


Meanwhile Yunho had gotten his books from his bag and placed them on the bed. Mingi's bed was quite big and definitely more comfortable to work on than at the tiny desk in the corner of his room.   

Mingi had moved in to this house last year. During his first year of college, he stayed in the college dorms, but he quickly found out that wasn't for him. Being born in a quite wealthy family, his parents helped pay for the house, he couldn’t be more grateful. The place was comfier and cleaner than the college dorms.   

‘You're still cold?’ Mingi didn’t want to admit it, but Yunho was right. It was hard for him to stay warm during the winter, even if he layered an insane amount of clothes.   

‘I guess,’  

‘You guess? You're shaking, Mingi.’   

‘It's not my fault my body doesn't want to heat up.’   

Yunho sighed. He scooted closer to Mingi, the sides of their legs touching.   

‘Here, take some of my warmth.’  

Mingi was all too aware of how close the two were sitting now. He had barely any place to move his arms and every time Yunho moved he could feel the change of warmth. His focus was gone again. Yunho was literally just working on his biology, but Mingi couldn't stop staring at him. He couldn't stop noticing how Yunho's sweatshirt would ride up a little whenever he reached forward to grab a book, the way his pushed his hair back when it would get in his face and how his breathing got heavier when he was focused. Mingi was absolutely gone for his best friend.   


‘Mingi, stop staring at me and do your work,’ Yunho looked up from his book and at mingi. ‘, That’s why I’m here right? To study.’ Mingi's face got red from embarassment.   

‘Y-yeah, I'm sorry,’ he couldn’t believe Yunho just caught him staring at him like that. ', I'm going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?’   

‘Just water is fine.’ Yunho was already focused on his work again.   


Mingi didn't get much done for the rest of the afternoon. He was zoned out or on his phone for most of the time. Yunho, however, was still studying hard. It annoyed Mingi, how easily Yunho could concentrate on what had to be done. He wished he could do that.    

‘Enough studying,’ Mingi grabbed the books from Yunho and put them away. He was bored and wanted attention. ‘, let's play Mario kart.’   

'What? No, mingi, the tests are next week,’ Yunho said as he tried to get his books back from Mingi.   

‘You'll get good grades even if we play a round of Mario Kart.’ Mingi scoffed. He put down Yunho's book on the desk and sat back down on the bed. Yunho was sulking, wanting his books back. He looked cute as he pouted. Yunho's lips looked soft and Mingi wanted nothing more than to kiss him.  

‘Your sweatshirt is too small.’ Mingi mentioned as he pulled on the fabric. Yunho looked down at the piece of clothing and shrugged.  

‘Is it that bad?’   

It was bad, bad for Mingi's heart.   

‘It rides up when you stretch.’  

‘How'd you even notice that,’ Yunho put his arms up and the sweatshirt went up too. Mingi turned his head, not wanting to stare again. ', you're right though.’ Mingi wondered if Yunho's skin would feel warm, the other never seemed to be cold.   

Yunho yawned. ‘I know you wanted to play Mario Kart, but can we rest a little first? I'm pretty tired.’  

'Of course. I'm actually kind of tired too.’ Mingi  admitted.  

‘A nap will be good then, wouldn’t want us to overwork ourselves. Right?’ Yunho lied down, closing his eyes. Mingi laughed. Overworking himself? He was quite sure he couldn't even do that.   

Mingi lied down as well, turning on his side. Yunho looked peaceful, pretty even. Mingi fell asleep fast.   



When Mingi woke up again, he was warm. Really warm. It had gotten dark and he could barely see a thing. He was laying differently though. He was cuddled up with Yunho, one of his arms around the others waist and laying against his side. Yunho's waist was smaller than Mingi had expected. He looked up at Yunho, who was still sleeping. It didn't seem to bother him that Mingi was this close to him or maybe he just hadn't noticed.   

Mingi didn't want to wake Yunho up, so he tried to stay as he grabbed his phone from his nights stand. The brightness almost blinded him when he turned on the device. He turned down the brightness. His social media feed wasn't anything interesting.   

The room was silent except for Mingi and Yunho's breathing. Mingi felt at peace, he felt comfortable. Living alone got lonely at times and having Yunho over immediately made him feel better. He wondered if there was a future where they could live together. The though flustered him, imagining a future like that while Yunho didn't even know how he felt.   

‘Are you comfortable?’ Mingi jumped up from Yunho's sudden question.   

'Fuck you scared me, I thought you were still asleep.’ Mingi let go of Yunho and sat up straight.   

‘Noo, lay down again. Now I'm getting cold.’ Yunho whined. He pulled Mingi's arm to get him to snuggle up against him again.   

When Mingi was laying down again, Yunho put his arms around him. Mingi was glad it was still dark, Yunho couldn't see how badly he was blushing now.   

‘You're flustered.’ Yunho stated. How did he know?   

‘I'm not.’Mingi protested.   

‘Then why did I feel your heartbeat go so fast?’ Alright he had a point there. Mingi hated how Yunho was always right.   

‘So, what if I am flustered?’ Mingi asked, voice soft.   

‘Why would you be flustered around me. We're best friends.’   

Those two words made Mingi's heart ache. Of course, they're just best friends. Nothing more and they won't be anything more either.   

‘Yunho?’ Mingi was about to enter dangerous territory.   


‘Do you like anyone right now?’ He'd never talked about relationships with Yunho, he didn't have a reason to. Now was a different story though.  

‘I do,’ Mingi looked up at Yunho. He could barely make out his features in the dark, but Yunho's smile was obvious. ‘He's an amazing person. I've known him for quite a while now.’   

Mingi hadn't expected the answer. He felt hurt. Yunho couldn't stay single forever, he knew that, but still the thought of Yunho spending time with someone else hurt him.   

‘I'm glad you've found someone who you like.’Mingi said.   

‘I just wish he would realise it though,’ Yunho sighed. ‘, I know that he likes me, but he doesn't want to confess.’   

‘Does he know you like him?’   

‘Well, he should, I've been dropping hints here and there for the past year, but he's oblivious as fuck.’   

‘That sucks, Yunho. I hope he real-’  

Yunho cut him off with a groan. ‘Oh my god idiot. Mingi it's you.’  


‘I like you, not someone else, you.’ Yunho was looking at Mingi, his grip around him tightening.   

Mingi was confused, how had he not noticed. Had Yunho really been dropping hints? He buried his face in Yunho's side, he was embarrassed. He felt stupid. Mostly he felt the urge to cry, from relieve, from happiness.   

‘I like you too Yunho,’ Mingi sniffed, he was actually going to cry. ‘, I like you a lot.’   

Yunho let go off Mingi. ‘Hey look at me.’  

‘I can’t it's dark.’   

‘You're such a baby sometimes.’ Yunho laughed. Hearing Yunho laugh made mingi smile, he loved hearing his laugh.   

‘I'll turn on the light.’ Mingi got up, immediately missing Yunho's warmth.   

‘Shit that’s bright.’ Yunho covered his eyes with the blanket.   

Mingi went back to lay next to Yunho so he wouldn't lose his warmth. Being this close felt different now that they both had confessed. He wasn't scared of being this close anymore. Yunho was looking at him, a fond smile on his face. Their faces were so close that their noses almost touched. The silence that fell wasn't uncomfortable.   

‘Mingi, can I kiss you?’ Yunho asked and Mingi still blushed.   

‘Of course.’   

Yunho closed the gap between them, softly pressing his lips against Mingi's. The kiss was short, but sweet. Really sweet. Mingi had the biggest smile on his face.   

‘You're so cute.’ Yunho kissed him again, longer this time. Their lips moving together. Yunho's arms travelled down, holding Mingi at his waist. Kissing Yunho after all this time satisfied Mingi, but he craved more. The sweet kissing quickly turned more serious as Mingi coaxes Yunho's mouth open with his tongue, his hands sneaking under Yunho's sweatshirt.   

Mingi had thought about this happening more than he'd like to admit. He'd dreamed about out making out with Yunho, having sex with him. He couldn't believe this was all happening now.   

‘You're thinking overthinking again. I can feel it,’ Yunho mutters between kissing. ', Stop thinking, let me take care of you. If that's alright?’ Mingi nodded, of course that was alright. It was more than alright.  

Let me take care of you. Fuck those words did something to Mingi.   

Yunho broke their kiss to look at Mingi. This is what feeling starstruck must be like, Mingi thinks as he looks at Yunho. Yunho's hair is messy, eyes dark and his lips are plump from kissing. He looked beautiful.   

Yunho kissed Mingi on his lips quickly once more before peppering kisses all over his face until he stopped at his neck. Yunho started kissing Mingi's neck, sucking ot it, surely leaving a mark. A hickey. Mingi moaned at the feeling and gripped at Yunho's waist. It had suddenly gotten way hotter in the room.   

‘Off,’ Mingi said, pulling at Yunho's sweater. Yunho sat up and slipped his sweater over his head, revealing his torso. Yunho's body was literally perfect, he wasn't too toned, but not too skinny either. Mingi was admiring him. Mingi's hand travelled lazily over Yunho's body and he could feel the other shiver under his fingertips. Yunho's skin felt warm, almost hot, in contrast to Mingi's cold fingers.   

‘Do you really want to do this Mingi?’ Yunho was asking for consent. Mingi's heart could combust right now. He liked, no loved, Yunho so much.  

‘I'm one hundred percent sure.’  

Mingi slipped his own hoodie off and threw it somewhere in his room. The cold air hitting his body was uncomfortable. Yunho noticed Mingi shivering and grinned. He threw one of his legs over Mingi's body and pinned him down to the bed. Mingi's head hit the pillows as he looked at Yunho in surprise.   

Yunho was kissing Mingi again, hands caressing his face. Mingi's hands were roaming around Yunho's torso, toughing everywhere he could. The two were so close now, both of their exposed upper bodies touching each other. Mingi felt like he was melting under all the touches.  

When Yunho started kissing Mingi's collarbone, he was sure he was going to die. He was so sensitive. Yunho's teeth scraped over his skin and an inaudible noise left Mingi's lips. He felt his dick twitch in his pants. Yunho did the action again when he noticed how Mingi reacted to it, get yet another moan out of him.   

Mingi loved all the kissing, but fuck he wanted more. His hands travelled even more down, undoing the tie in Yunho's sweatpants. Mingi noticed that he wasn't the only on getting hard and gave a knowing look at Yunho. Mingi's hand slid down Yunho's sweatpants, palming the other trough his boxers. Yunho let out a deep groan and bit at Mingi's skin.   

‘Fuck, that was hot.’ Mingi gasped. He continued palming Yunho's dick as he felt the other getting harder. Yunho's dick felt so big in his hand, Mingi could only think about how it would feel in him.  

‘Yunho, please touch me.’ Mingi whined, writhing underneath Yunho.   

Yunho pressed kisses against his torso. 'Touch you where, mingi?’ Mingi moaned as Yunho kept placing kisses lower and lower on his stomach.  Yunho sat up again, looking down at Mingi. His gaze was filled with lust, but love too.   

‘Please touch my dick Yunho. Please?’ Mingi desperately moaned. He wanted the other so badly.   

Yunho undid his pants and pulled them down with his boxers in one go. Mingi's hard dick sprung free. When Yunho touched his dick, it felt so good.   

‘Do you have lube anywhere?’ Yunho asks, lightly stroking Mingi's dick. Mingi pointed to de drawer next to the bed. He could barely talk, Yunho touching him like this already made him moan uncontrollably. Yunho reached over to the drawer, letting go of Mingi and fished the bottle of lube out of it together with the condoms that were lying next to it. Yunho squirted some of the cold lube on Mingi's dick and he let out a high gasp. Yunho started stroking Mingi's dick at a steady pace, smearing the lube all over. Mingi was trembling underneath him.   

‘Fuck,’ Mingi was barely even audible trough his moans. ', fuck Yunho that feels so good.’   

Yunho continued stroking him, occasionally going over the head teasingly. Pre-cum had started leaking from Mingi's dick and getting mixed with the lube as Yunho kept touching him.   

‘Mingi?’ Yunho asked almost sweetly. Mingi looked up at him, face flushed and sweaty. ‘, Can I fuck you?’ The question was nowhere near anything sweet. The way Yunho asked it was so lewd, but so hot.   

‘Yes, please.’ Was all Mingi could get out while feverishly nodding.   

Yunho leaned down, kissing Mingi again. He deepened the kiss quickly, almost shoving his tongue in to Mingi's mouth. This kiss was messy and when Yunho pulled back Mingi was even more breathless than before.   

‘You're going to be my death Yunho.’  

‘I'll gladly be.’  

Yunho slipped his own sweatpants and underwear off and fuck he was even bigger than Mingi thought he would be. Mingi's imaginations were running wild.   

‘Let me prep you first.’ Yunho said as he popped open the bottle of lube again, coating his fingers. When Yunho pushed his first finger against Mingi's hole it felt cold and unfamiliar. It had been a while since Mingi had last slept with someone. Yunho slowly pushed in his entire finger. Mingi letting out moans and whines the entire time. Yunho worked his finger in and out of mingi at and agonizing pace and Mingi motioned him to go faster.   

It didn't take long for Mingi to be stretched. Yunho rolled the condom onto his own dick and lubed up.   

‘I'll just ask one last time for sure. Are you okay with this?’ Yunho spoke. Mingi grasped his hand, squishing it ever so slightly.   

‘Yunho, please fuck me.’   

It was all that Yunho needed before pushing in to Mingi. Yunho felt so big going into Mingi, he felt like he was going to burst. A deep moan came from Yunho as he pushed in until he couldn’t go further. Mingi felt so full, Yunho filled him up so well. His breathing was heavy and the air was still only getting hotter around them. Yunho waited a little while to move again, letting Mingi's body adjust to him. Mingi was tight and hot around him, so hot.   

‘Mingi, can I move?’ Yunho groaned. He was holding Mingi's waist while he was in between his long limbs. Mingi nodded at him, moaning when Yunho started to move. The starting pace was slow and Mingi kept moaning for Yunho to go faster.   

As Yunho started to go faster the sounds of skin slapping together and moans filled the rom. They both were so loud, but neither of them cared. Yunho gripped onto Mingi's waist harder, fingers digging in to his skin. That would bruise. Mingi was gripping the sheets tightly, holding himself every time Yunho thrusted back inside.   

Yunho suddenly hoisted Mingi's legs up higher, giving him space to go deeper. He slammed back inside Mingi hard and deep; a tear rolled over Mingi's cheek. Everything was so much, but it felt so good.   

‘Fuck Yunho, do that again.’  

Yunho wiped away Mingi's tear and held him tight, sliding out and ramming right back in again. Yunho set a pace of going fast and hard and the bed was squeaking under them.   

Mingi felt himself getting close. ‘Yunho, can you touch me again?’ Yunho complied wrapping his hand around Mingi's dick while still trusting in and out of him.   

Both of the sensations at the same time made Mingi come fast. Cum decorated his stomach and Yunho's hand. Yunho pulled out, even though he hadn't come yet.   

‘You're not finished though?’ Mingi asked, looking at Yunho who was taking his condom off.   

‘I don't want to overstimulate you; I know how sensitive you are.’ Yunho threw the condom away. ‘, I can help myself.’ He smiled at mingi.   

Mingi objected. 'But I can help you.’  

‘Mingi you're already worn-’  

'Please.’ Mingi pouted and fuck Yunho couldn't say no.   

‘Okay.’ Yunho gave in.   

Mingi sat up on his knees, facing Yunho. His wobbled a little his legs weaker than expected, but Yunho held on to him, keeping him up straight. Mingi laughed at him sheepishly.   

‘How can you still be so adorable in a moment like this?’ Yunho asked, pressing kisses on Mingi's cheek.   

Mingi wrapped his hand around Yunho's leaking dick, squeezing it a little. Yunho let out a loud moan. ‘I don't know, am I really that cute?’ Mingi asked in a low voice. Yunho just groaned in response. Mingi didn't even have to touch Yunho that long before he came, making the sheets even messier.   

The both of them laid down, Mingi in Yunho's arms once again. They were tired, sweaty and sticky. The whole bed was a mess and Mingi had failed horribly at studying, but he was happy, happier than ever.   

‘Yunho, I love you.’ Mingi said tiredly, looking at Yunho. And Yunho blushed, even after the two had fucked he blushed from a comment like that.   

Yunho snuggled up into Mingi. ‘I love you so so so so so much.’ He said while planting kisses on Mingi's head.   

‘Do you want to be my boyfriend?’ Mingi innocently asked and Yunho smiled at him. The biggest purets smile.   

‘Of course.’ He pressed a kiss on Mingi's lips.   

‘Maybe we should get cleaned up though,’ Mingi mentioned, looking kind of icky at the messy sheets.   

‘Good idea, shower first?’   

‘Shower first.’ Mingi agreed.   

The shower ended up being a messy second round and the two weren't cleaned up and sleeping until deep in the cold winters' night.