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At the start of Winter 2021, in a beautifully decorated ballroom in Seoul, in a private celebration for close friends and family, Jang Gyeoul and Ahn Jeongwon's engagement party slowly comes to an end.

For the rest of the 99zs, Minha, Jeongwon's mom and siblings and Gyeoul's mom and brother, the mood is happy but a bit emotional at the same, because in less than a week their dearest Jeongwon and Gyeoul will be away from them for a year.

"Dont worry, a year will fly by in no time." Junwan says. "It has to, it will." Seokhyung agrees.

"You know, I was thinking," Ikjun being himself tries to lighten the emotional mood with a joke, "its just you both thats going together now, but what if you guys will return as three instead?" It takes a moment for everyone to process what Ikjun said. "Ya Lee Ikjun!!!" Songhwa, Junwan and Seokhyung screams in chorus, while Songhwa smacks his arm, Iksun laughs at her brother being himself, Minha is shocked at Ikjun, Jeongwon glares at him and Gyeoul just tries not to be embarrased. 

"Ohmygod, I like that idea." Ikjun smiles at Rosa agreeing with his joke. "Gyeoul ommoni, would you like that too?" Rosa asks her future in-law, who laughs and agrees that it would be indeed. "Omma!!! " Jeongwon and Gyeoul simultaneously shouts and everyone starts laughing at the newly engaged couple's embarrasment.

"Jokes aside, go and come back safely." Ikjun remarks. "We will miss you both, but we can all have fun together again after you both return in a year." Songhwa adds. 


So like that the couple begins the year 2022 together in the US.

After spending some days together getting familiar with the city and their new home for a while, Jeongwon starts his study while Gyeoul resumes her fellowship at a US hospital, she got arranged with the help of Jeongwon and Ikjun.

On some days they have a quick, hearty breakfast together and on other days, they have dinner together over conversations about their respective things, and what everyone else is upto back home. 

Cuddling at night specially is Gyeoul's favourite thing, because faraway from home she feels safe in Jeongwon's arms and cuddling at night specially is also his favourite thing because that way faraway from home, he can let the love of his life feel safe in his arms. But as it goes, cuddling is of course not the only thing that happens on some nights.

On days off, they go out to spend their time exploring the city and Jeongwon being meticulous and Gyeoul being a foodie, they discover alot of good restaurants in which it usually ends up with Gyeoul blissfully munching away and Jeongwon admiring her.

And so the days goes by as they both go on with their fellowship and study respectively.


Winter ends and turns to Spring, to Summer and to Fall. Almost a year goes by like that. 


Gyeoul starts feeling sick but brushes it off thinking maybe last night's dinner, that Jeongwon was too tired to eat, was spoiled already. A few days later, she catches a flu for a few days and she thinks maybe thats the reason for her stomach bug but after she recovers she gets hold of some pregnancy tests, to confirm, when her suspicion gets the better of her. She texts Jeongwon that she has something to tell him right away, but since she is on her night shift she decides to wait till morning, to surprise him with the good news.

But the next morning Gyeoul faints and is awoken in the ER to a worried Jeongwon who rushed at the call of her colleague. The ER doctor sees her awake and comes over to her bed. 

"Congratulations to you both Dr Jang and Dr Ahn. Dr Jang is currently 4 weeks pregnant." the ER doctor comments, while Jeongwon is flustered and Gyeoul shyily keeps looking down at her hands. "And I recommend to make an appointment with the obgyn soon as possible to get further details." They both thank the doctor as he takes his leave. 

Jeongwon for a moment takes time to process what he just heard and he stares at Gyeoul, while she is back looking down at her clasped hands. 

"Gyeoul-ah, baby look at me." She slowly looks up cautiously. "Is this what you texted, you wanted to tell me?" She nods. "Gyeoul-ah, I am really happy, I really am." She starts crying. "No, why are you crying at such a happy moment." Jeongwon wipes her tears away and gives her a quick peck. 


At night as it is the next morning in Seoul already, Jeongwon calls Rosa. "Omo why is my son calling so early in the morning all of a sudden?" "Omma do I need a reason to call you at any time of the day." "You are right, you dont." Jeongwon happily hears Rosa laugh.

"Omma since we will be back in less than two months, I discussed with Gyeoul and we both think it will be a good idea to start planning the wedding now, dont you think so too?" Rosa thinks it is so sudden, but agrees because soon she will be able to witness the wedding of her youngest son, that she has been waiting forever for. "Omma dont worry, Gyeoul has talked to ommonim too and she is more than happy to have the wedding at any time we want it to be."

After Rosa and Gyeoul's mother confirms venues and a date for the wedding, and they send out small gifts and a personalized letter to their mothers with ultrasound photos.  "Gyeoul-ah, come back safely, Jeongwon-ah, bring back our Gyeoul safely. We will see you both again soon." both mothers happily call to say and agrees to keep this a secret from everyone else for now.


Incoming call from 99z group + Minha:

"Oi, Ahn Jeongwon, when are you both coming back, I miss my daughter Gyeoul." Ikjun is heard screaming from Songhwa's couch. "Gyeoul-ah, me and Chuchu miss you alot, when will you be back?"

"Gyeoul-ah, you will be back soon right? I miss you. I also miss fangirling together."

"Ahn Jeongwon, uri Gyeoul-ie, you will be back in three weeks right?" Songhwa asks. "Its already been a year so soon already?" Junwan asks.

And in typical Seokhyung fashion, he says that he heard from his mom, who heard from Jeongwon's mom, that they will be back in three weeks.


A year has gone by so soon and it is Winter again. 2022 becomes 2023 and three weeks later, they are warmly welcomed back by their mothers, siblings, the 99zs, Minha and everyone in GS.

A text is sent for the gang and Minha to gather at Songhwa's office for lunch and for a special announcement.

Gyeoul opens her bag to take something out. Everyone's eyes widen, "Gyeoul-ah is that...?" Ikjun starts. "Ya- Ahn Jeongwon is that what we think it is?" Junwan continues, as Jeongwon distributes the wedding invitations and Gyeoul hands one to her bestfriend. A moment after Gyeoul and Jeongwon places a small picture on the coffee table, the room erupts with loud cheers simultaneously from 2 females and 3 males. Gyeoul and Jeongwon can only laugh at the scene unfolding infront of them.

"Wait, am I a predictor of the future, should I start a business with that?" Ikjun starts. "I told you this guy is a pervert. Are you sure you both went away for a year just to study?" Junwan continues, while Songhwa smacks both of their arms. "Jeongwon, Gyeoul, congratulations, dont mind what these idiots are saying." "He is a pervert alright." Seokhyung laughs and continues, "Jeongwon, Gyeoul congratulations, I will schedule an appointment for you later." "Gyeoul-ah, I'm so happy for you, congratulations." Minha says hugging Gyeoul. "Minha unnie, thank you, I'm happy that I have you too by my side." 


As two they went to the US together for a year and returned back home as three. A little joke made by their cupid Ikjun turned into a happy reality.

A few months later, in the Summer of 2023, a baby Ahn Haneul is welcomed to this world by her loving parents Jang Gyeoul and Ahn Jeongwon. So like that two individuals together with their newborn little one starts a new chapter in their lives.