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For You, My Dearest Friend

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Killua was leaning on a railing, admiring the night sky. He could feel himself overcoming with nostalgia. The starry night sky reminded him of his time on Whale Island with Gon. A different, yet similar experience.


A shout of his name broke him out of his reverie. He turned around, a grin replacing his soft smile.

“Yo, Gon. Long time no see.”

Standing tall in front of him was his best friend. He was still the same old Gon he knew back then. Amber eyes glistening with excitement and that stupid big grin. Definitely still the same even if he looked a bit different after all these years.

Gon had finally ditched that horrendous green outfit of his. Ah, he spoke too soon. He still wore those same green boots. Well at least, now his outfit isn’t as much of a sight for sore eyes. Killua sighed, shaking his head in amusement.

“Huh? Is something wrong?” Gon sent a questioning look at Killua’s reaction.

Killua shook his head in response. “Nothing-“ Killua stopped and blinked in Gon’s direction. “Wait, did you get taller?”

A proud smile appeared on Gon’s face. “Yup! Glad you noticed.”

Killua sighed fondly, “Anyways, why did you want to meet me tonight? I thought we were going to meet up with Leorio and Kurapika tomorrow.” Curiosity lacing his words.

“Eh? Is it wrong for me to do that? I just wanted to see you first. I really missed you, you know…” His eyes filled with something Killua couldn’t put his finger on.

Killua blinked in surprise and took a double take. Ah, no. It can’t be that. Surely he misread the emotion Gon was feeling.

“Ah, I missed you too of course. It was just something out of the blue. Cause you just called me and told me to come here.” Killua looked away and stared at the sky.

Gon scratched the back of his head, before smiling sheepishly. “Sorry about that.”

Gon pulled Killua away from the balcony and into the small cafe.

“I hope you don’t mind that I already ordered for us both.” Gon turned his head to look at Killua.

As they sat down, Killua noted a few things on the table. There were two glasses of drinks and a piece of crumpled paper.

“So, I’ve been thinking..” Gon’s eyes darted around the room, landing on anything that wasn’t Killua.

A single thought went through his mind. Why would Gon be nervous? Did he run into the phantom troupe? Did he piss some big shot wannabe? Killua shrugged those thoughts away. Ah, he should stop overthinking. Gon would tell him if that was the case.

Trying to lighten up the atmosphere, he retorted, “Wow, I’m surprised that you used your brain.” A grin forming on his lips.

Gon rolled his eyes, ignoring his remark. Well, at least he looked a bit relaxed now. He took one deep breath before staring at his hands on the table.

“All those years being apart from you… I realised that you are someone precious to me. You aren’t just my best friend.”

Gon looked up from his hands, his eyes burning with emotion. He gently clasped Killua’s hand, holding it as if he was holding something fragile.

Killua widened his eyes. This wasn’t happening right? He could feel his head spinning, heart thumping at the insinuation. His throat suddenly felt dry, as if he hadn’t been drinking the soda in front of him.

“Killua… I really like you. Go out with me?” Gon looked expectantly at him, a soft smile on his face.


He gulped, staring to and fro at their hands clasped together and Gon’s face. Sighing, he fixed the strained smile on his face.

“I… I like you too.”

Ah, his feelings be damned. He couldn’t break Gon’s heart. Even if this was a one sided relationship, at least Gon is happy. He would hate himself if he hurt Gon.

If it were him from a few years back, he would have been overjoyed. Ecstatic even. But over the years, going on adventures with Alluka, he was able to sort out his feelings.

What he thought was a crush, were only confused feelings. Considering that it was for his first friend. He never knew what it felt to have a friend. That lead him to believe that the platonic feelings he had was something romantic.

As long as Gon smiled with no worries like that. As long as his best friend was happy. He would fulfil every one of his wish as long as it was in his power.

Surely, it is normal to make his dearest friend happy no matter what, right?