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Dance On The Moon

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One world, Two lands
One golden land, the other bronze
A world hidden from human kind
A world where fairies and elves live
The two are separated by nobility.

Fairies are seen as royalty, luxurious and full of power. Their wings are seen as a blessing from the gods.

Elves are known for being wretched, lower class and only existing to serve fairies.
They’re creators, workers and all of their labour is to serve the fairies.

The two live on very close but separate lands, the fairies live on the richer, healthier and beautiful land. While the elves live on a land that’s all forest but is slowly becoming very polluted.

Fairies come into elves land only to make deals and to buy things. Elves are forbidden to go into the fairyland, only personal workers, governors and event workers are allowed to go there on special occasions.

This world is called Ethernia
The elves land is called terrace
The Fairy land is named Eden, and this is where Arisa and Kasumi’s story begins….