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There is something very fucked up with Simon. Some bizarre combination of physical and psychological and emotional. Not bad necessarily, just...fucked up. 

There must be something fucked up with Kieren too, something similar. That's the only explanation as to why they both like this. 

Simon's knees would be aching if he could feel the pain more, he knows that. He doesn't think it would be enough to get him to move from his position on the floor at the end of the bed, hands gripping Kieren’s thighs and face buried between them. 

His legs are wrapped around Simon's neck, spreading himself open and dragging Simon closer all at once. His heel digs into the bullet wound on his shoulder; Simon can tell from the pressure of it and the way Kieren’s heel slips against his skin from the black bile that seeps out due to the agitation. 

Kieren moans loudly as Simon eats him out, grabbing onto his hair and using it to grind Simon's face into his cunt harder. His mouth is warmed up from being against him for so long, the chill of his undead skin faded. Kieren misses it slightly, the stark temperature difference between them, but not enough to let him go to cool back down. He's also grateful that Simon doesn't need to breathe as much as before either. 

Kieren didn't realize just how attracted to Simon he was until he warmed up. Of course he thought he was charming and handsome and was madly in love with him before, and they had done intimate things and had sex, but being undead didn’t get him as worked up as he would get when alive. 

Now though, that he was warmed up and able to really feel again, he was hit with just how much he wanted to fuck Simon. Kieren had felt bad at first, like he was being selfish and greedy for wanting to fuck him and to have his mouth and hands all over him. It wasn't until they sat down and really talked things through and Simon admitted that he didn't mind the fact that he couldn't cum easily. How Simon wanted to fuck him too, but that it was a much deeper, primal desire. It was less about Simon's own release and more about being good for Kieren and making Kieren feel good and giving everything he had to Kieren and letting Kieren use him the way he wanted and- 

Kieren gets unbearably turned on by the whole thought of it. The amount of devotion and desperate desire to please that Simon has welled up in his chest is mind blowing. The fact that he doesn't care that he can’t have an orgasm, isn't sure if he would care if he could have any, makes it so much hotter. It's like the ultimate sacrifice, a body's natural form of chastity, a constant denial with little hope for release. 

It's so hot that it makes Kieren want to fuck Simon just thinking about it. Makes him want to cum as many times as he physically could on Simon's face or fingers or strap. Makes him growl low in his throat as his fingers tighten in Simon's dark hair and moves him up to get his mouth wrapped around his clit. 

Simon sucks on his clit the second it's in his mouth, dragging his tongue along the underside of it and making Kieren gasp and buck against his face. He brings up a hand and slips two fingers into him, groaning to himself from how easily he can push in. Kieren’s soaked with a mixture of his own slick and Simon's spit and it makes it easy for Simon to fuck him.

Kieren swears loudly and fucks himself back, groaning deep in his chest and digging his nails into Simon's hair when he's quickly able to push in a third. It stretches him out and he clenches down on them just to feel the tightness of his cunt around Simon's fingers. He angles his hips down to really get them in there and gasps when Simon curls them, rubbing them in hard circles against his walls. "Oh fuck," Kieren pants, head thrown back as he moves Simon's head to be able to fuck into his mouth and fingers easier. 

Simon moans against him as he lets himself be used as a devoted fleshlight, fingers pumping in and out of Kieren’s cunt and driving into that spot that makes his whole body jump. "Simon," Kieren groans as he feels himself getting close. Simon just whines in response, keeping his pace quick. 

Kieren groans again and tugs on Simon's hair sharply, getting him to look up from between his legs. "You're gonna swallow it, alright?" Kieren says as he shakes, fighting off his orgasm for just a few moments longer. Simon trembles and whines eagerly, wrapping his mouth around as much of Kieren’s cunt as he can while his fingers are in him.

Kieren moans loudly as he rocks against Simon's face, letting his orgasm hit him as he tenses up. He groans through his teeth as his head falls back and he shakes, and he can feel himself squirting and the way Simon presses his mouth to him hungrily. The sheets are going to be soaked and they'll have to wipe up the floor, but knowing that Simon is eagerly swallowing his cum and getting drenched in whatever he misses just makes Kieren come harder. 

Simon fucks him through every second of it and eagerly laps at him as Kieren comes down from his orgasm, legs trembling around his neck. Simon waits until Kieren is left panting and lax on the bed before he pulls his fingers out, leaning back until Kieren’s fingers tighten suddenly in his hair and keeps him in place. "Stay." 

Kieren sits up enough that he can look down at Simon, his white eyes wide and curious and so eager to be good. "God you're so beautiful like this, Simon. Your face looks perfect between my legs and dripping with my cum. You're so good for me," Kieren says while running his fingers through his hair, giving him the praise he knows Simon needs. "You're gonna keep being good for me. You're gonna keep your mouth on me and you're going to swallow all of my piss, alright?" 

Simon groans and shudders, his stomach already feeling sick from what he had swallowed. If he stopped now it would probably just hurt for the rest of the night. He'd just want to lay down and take it easy and wait for it to calm. Swallowing anymore would make his stomach churn and leave him bringing up its contents and black bile for hours, even into the next day. 

He eagerly opens his mouth fully and wraps it around Kieren’s entire cunt, easier now that his fingers weren't in him. He clings to Kieren's thighs, his body shaking as he waits. Kieren pets Simon's hair slowly for a moment. "You're so good, Simon," he says and takes a firm grip on his hair.

It's only a few tense seconds before Kieren is sighing and pissing into Simon's mouth. Simon swallows quickly, keeping his mouth as tight against him as he can and trying to catch every single drop. He can almost taste it, can almost feel the warmth of it on his tongue and down his throat and filling his stomach. It's a faint sensation of dead neurons trying to come back to life, but it's more than enough for him. 

Kieren’s done after a few seconds, his body relaxing into the mattress as he pets Simon's hair again. "You did so good for me, you're so perfect. You drank up all my piss and cum so good. Does it feel good, Simon? Being so full and knowing you did so well?" 

Simon whimpers as he nods, mouth still wrapped around Kieren and lapping up any piss and cum from his folds. He feels sick, his stomach fuller than it can easily take in his undead state. Even just a few sips of water was enough to leave him nauseous for a bit, let alone several mouthfuls or more or his boyfriends cum and piss.

 It was a beautiful feeling. He set a hand on his stomach and could feel how it was distended under his skin. He was so full, and he was so good, and Kieren was smiling at him and petting his hair and praising him. Any pain and discomfort was worth it to have Kieren look at him like that. It was this blissful paradox of joy and pleasure from the awful feeling. The pleasure was made better because of how awful it felt, and that it was all for Kieren. Sacrificing his own pleasure for Kieren’s gave him more pleasure than he could ever give himself in any typical way. 

"Come here," Kieren says as he tugs on Simon's hair gently to guide him up from his knees. Simon follows, climbing onto the bed with him as Kieren moves back to sit comfortably against the pillows. He leans up to kiss Simon, hands running down the back of his neck and across his shoulders, down his chest and resting on his stomach. He can feel the tension under his hands and traces down his cold skin slowly. “Feel good?” Kieren asks as he keeps caressing his stomach, staring at Simon’s face. 

“Yes,” Simon says, shuddering from Kieren’s touch. Even the light pressure makes the pain worse and leaves Simon breathing heavily. 

“Does it hurt?”


“Good,” Kieren says as he runs a hand back up Simon’s body, cradling his jaw in the palm of his hand when Simon presses into it. “So good,” he says as he drags his thumb across Simon’s lower lip. 


Simon shivers and presses into the touch, his whole body aching for it. If he could get properly hard he would have by now. He might’ve cum already, even. As it is, he just feels the deep ache in his chest that needs release, needs to be touched and relieved in some way. That’s why he greedily opens his mouth when Kieren pushes two fingers into him. 

Kieren takes his time to explore Simon’s mouth with his fingers. He traces along Simon’s bottom teeth, feeling out every bump from molar to molar, pressing down on them to feel the slight pain it brings. “Bite down,” he tells Simon. 

He does quickly, clamping down around Kieren’s fingers and hearing him hiss. He keeps the pressure hard and firm, able to feel the firmness of Kieren’s bones under his soft skin. The nerves in his mouth were more sensitive, something to do with the neurotryptiline’s administration and being able to talk properly. That’s why it feels so good to have Kieren touch him there.

“Stop,” Kieren says and Simon does, releasing all pressure and opening his mouth wide for him to access. Kieren can feel the ache from where his teeth dug into his warm skin, can see the outline of the bite marks when he moves his fingers. He twists his wrist and grabs Simon’s cheek between his thumb and the fingers inside his mouth, rolling the flesh between them and tugging outwards. 

Simon moans and presses closer to him, the pressure of Kieren’s touch feeling so good. He clings to Kieren’s hip with one hand, the other twisting the pillowcase into his fist. Kieren moves his fingers down, slotting them between his lower lip and gum as he drags them from one side of his mouth to the other. He moves over Simon’s teeth and runs down the backside of them, pushing under his tongue and down the hard gums to dip into the soft spot under it. 

The pressure under his tongue makes Simon gag, digging his fingers as his body clenches. His stomach rolls and it makes him shiver, swallowing as best as he can before Kieren’s flipping his hand over and grabbing his tongue between his fingers. It’s hard to hold onto the muscle, and Simon’s body naturally wants to get away from the restriction, but Kieren digs his nails into it to keep his grip. It sends a spark of pain through Simon, something that is hard to do elsewhere. It makes his stomach roll again, his body fighting against the fluid filling him up and the weird intrusion in his mouth. 

“Feel good?” Kieren asks and all Simon can do is moan. “Like having me play with your mouth?” Simon moans again, nodding his head and pushing closer to Kieren, trying to get more of him in his mouth. “Yeah, I thought so,” he says as he lets go of his tongue, dragging his nail against the top of it before curling them upwards to rub against the ridges of his hard palate. 

Simon shakes, the pressure in his mouth almost ticklish if he could feel more, but just feeling good in a way he isn’t sure he could explain to anyone else. He opens his mouth wider and pushes his head down further on his fingers, gagging hard when they slip against his soft palate.

Kieren groans when he can feel the texture change, pulling his fingers back from the soft tissue. “You want me to fuck your mouth, Simon?” he asks, running small circles over the roof of his mouth. “Don’t you feel sick after all the cum and piss you’ve drank? I know your stomach can’t handle that much liquid,” Kieren teases, his other hand pressing down on Simon’s swollen stomach and making him whimper. 

Simon nods, pushing his stomach against Kieren’s hand and shuddering from the pressure and pain it causes. He feels nauseous, his body fighting to keep the contents of his stomach inside while also rejecting them, especially with Kieren’s fingers teasing just on the edge of his soft palate. Simon’s eyes burn and he knows he wouldn’t be far from tears if his body could produce more liquids itself. 

“Yeah?” Kieren says, pushing his fingers just far enough back to make Simon gag hard, his whole body tightening up. Kieren pulls his fingers back out slowly, grabbing Simon’s face while the other hand moves from his stomach to between his own legs. “Beg me for it.”

Simon whines when his mouth is empty, swallowing the tension in his throat as he looks down at Kieren. “Please,” he starts softly, and Kieren raises an eyebrow at him while squeezing his jaw. “Please fuck my mouth, Kieren.” 

“More,” Kieren says firmly, the hand between his legs stroking up and down his still wet cunt. He likes it when Simon has to beg him, loves hearing Simon’s voice when it’s so needy and desperate and saying filthy things. 

“It feels so good when you fuck my mouth,” Simon continues. “It feels nice having your fingers in my mouth and pushing against me. I want you to shove them down the back of my throat. Fuck, Kieren, I want you to-” he swallows hard, words getting caught in his throat just thinking about it. 

“You want me to what, Simon?” Kieren’s hand is running over his hard clit slowly, knowing exactly what Simon wants but loving to hear him say it. 

“I want you to make me gag on them,” Simon says softly. “I want you to make me throw up on them,” he rushes out, almost like a confession. They’ve done this before but every time it feels scandalous, like it’s some awful thing they shouldn’t be doing. And in some way it is, it’s not the most normal thing to be an undead begging your living boyfriend to make you gag and throw up on his fingers after swallowing his piss. Simon faintly wonders if there’s other ways the other undead manage to soothe any burning desire they have, but not enough to give this up. 

Kieren grins and moans softly when he says it, teasing his fingers against Simon’s open lips. “Yeah? You want me to shove my fingers down that throat and make you puke up all my cum and piss? Is that what you need to get yourself off, Simon?”

Simon whines, nodding eagerly and clinging to Kieren as he feels his stomach churn just thinking about it. “Yes, yes. Please, Kieren? It feels so good.”

“I know it does,” Kieren says as he finally pushes his fingers back into Simon’s mouth, pushing his tongue down and burying them in the back of his throat. Simon heaves instantly, body seizing up from the intrusion and need to expel everything that was trapped in his stomach. Kieren pulls his fingers back, giving him a moment to relax. 

Kieren’s own hand is working fast over his clit as he groans, loving the way Simon’s throat clenches around his fingers. “Going to be good and puke for me, Simon?” 

Simon nods and gags again as Kieren pushes his fingers back down his throat, rubbing against the soft flesh there. His stomach hurts and he gags a second time, feeling his entire chest clench from his body wanting to throw up. Kieren pulls his fingers back again before he can. 

“Going to feel so good to get that all out of you, isn’t it? I know how uncomfortable it is, and you’re doing so good for me. You know I love seeing you like this,” Kieren rambles as he watches Simon nodding again. “I’m going to fuck you properly now, alright? I’m going to fuck that pretty throat of yours until you puke all over me.”

Simon groans deep in his chest before Kieren starts to fuck his throat. His fingers push as deep into him as they can before pulling back out, the quick thrusting against his gag reflex making Simon heave. He quickly feels the pressure building from deep in his gut as his body heaves again, the tension of the buildup palpable between them. 

Kieren’s touching himself quickly now, fingers sloppily rubbing over his clit in quick circles. “Yeah, come on, Simon. You’re so good for me. Just let go and puke up all that piss and cum in your stomach all over me,” he groans out. 

Simon can’t help it as Kieren’s fingers keep pounding down his throat, the movements making him dry heave again before he can’t hold it back anymore. It comes out in a big rush as Simon’s body tenses up, throat spasming around Kieren’s fingers before opening up. He heaves and suddenly the building pressure in his stomach is up his throat and out his mouth, and the thick black bile is pouring out of him and all over Kieren’s chest. 

Kieren moans loudly from the feeling, panting as he watches the way Simon’s body convulses and feels his muscles clenching and then the cool splash of his vomit. It coats his hand and runs down his arm as he keeps fucking Simon’s throat through it, making a loud and wet squelching noise. It washes over his chest and he can’t help but groan from the chill of it, the way it coats him. He looks between the two of them and adores the contrast between their light skin and the pitch black of the liquid. Another painting that Kieren would love to capture sometime. 

Simone heaves again and more black bile pours out of him, splattering against his face and rolling off Kieren’s chest onto the sheets. They bought black ones specifically for times like this, and the water resistant one underneath. It’s cathartic, the relief that comes from emptying his swollen stomach. His body shakes, not just from the convulsions as Kieren keeps making him gag around his fingers, but from the pleasure that races through him. He heaves over Kieren until there’s nothing left to come up, his stomach empty and aching and throat sore from the abuse, even as Kieren keeps going just to feel him twitch and gag. 

“God, Simon, you’re so beautiful,” Kieren groans out as his hand works quickly over himself. “You did so good for me, so good. Feels so nice to be covered like this, so pretty,” he gasps out, pulling his fingers out of Simon’s throat as he gets close. Kieren smears black bile up the side of Simon’s face as he reaches up and grabs his hair, pulling him into a kiss. Their chests slip against each other from the vomit and the kiss is wet and messy. Kieren can taste it, the rotten tang of the black bile in Simon’s mouth, against his lips, practically coating his entire torso. Simon kisses him back eagerly and Kieren is cumming hard, body shaking and clinging to Simon’s hair.

He gasps against Simon’s mouth as he trembles from his orgasm, panting heavily as his body slowly relaxes. His head falls back against the pillow as he catches his breath, groaning as he looks up at Simon and sees what a mess he is. He looks fucked out, hair a mess and black bile dripping from his mouth and smeared across his face, and a content smile across his lips. 

Simon leans down to kiss Kieren again, pressing their foreheads together as he lets him catch his breath. He runs a hand up and down Kieren’s side, moving around the black bile that had rolled down his ribcage. Simon feels exhausted and satisfied. His stomach will ache into tomorrow night, but it feels nice. It’s like having very drawn out aftershocks of an orgasm that goes on for several hours or days. 

Kieren strokes a thumb along Simon’s cheek, smiling back up at him. “You’re so good,” he says. “You feel good?” Simon just nods, pressing into his touch and Kieren laughs softly from how blissed out he looks. 

They rest like that until Kieren catches his breath and sighs heavily, relaxing onto the soaked bed sheets and shivering. Simon’s vomit hadn’t been particularly warm, warmed up mostly from the piss that Kieren had put into him. Even so, it grew colder the longer they sat like that, and Kieren shivers from the chill. “We need to clean up,” he says softly. 

Simon nods and stands up slowly, pulling Kieren up to swing his legs off the edge of the bed. He grabbed a towel and dried off as much of the black bile from his hands as he could before handing it to Kieren and then walking to the bathroom. He turned on the shower, adjusting it to the marking that Kieren had made to show where to turn the knobs to get it to the right temperature since he still couldn’t tell. 

When he comes back, Kieren is running a finger through his hair, sighing happily. He takes the hand that Simon reaches out with and stands up, shivering as the black bile slides further down his body. Simon helps him to the bathroom and stands there while Kieren checks and adjusts the temperature before getting in, pulling Simon in after him.

Kieren hums from the warm water and lets it slowly rinse the black bile off of them. He leans to kiss Simon again, running fingers through his wet hair to wash out the vomit that he knows got smeared in there. Simon sighs and leans happily into the touch, opening his eyes lazily to smile at Kieren. “Your turn to clean the sheets up,” he says and smiles wider when Kieren groans with a smile of his own.