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Hazel eyes looked into the mirror, almost glassy from pent-up tears of frustration. Hermione was upset, angry, and just genuinely fed up. Eighth year had only just begun, and she was already bursting at the seams from all the fake niceties she’d been expected to perform. All she wanted was to not be the ‘Brightest Witch of Her Age’ for five measly minutes, so she could just fucking breathe. 


Harry had decided to become an Auror after much insistance from the ministry, although he hadn’t needed much convincing. Ron somehow turned his Order of Merlin, First Class into an audition for professional quidditch teams. Said quidditch aspirations and traveling had made it so he felt he “ wasn’t ready to be tied down ” and made him focus on “ ‘how young he was ”.  A whole bunch of shit is what she’d called it. He wouldn’t have even been on the Gryffindor Quidditch team if it wasn’t for her!


He’d told her on multiple occasions that he’d wanted to have sex, in their short two-month stint of a relationship, but she wasn’t ready. She wanted to wait, she wanted it to be special. Clearly that was overrated since he’d been shagging every girl that looked his way since he broke up with Hermione. 


She looked into the mirror again. The bathroom in the Head Students’  quarters provided her the semblance of privacy she needed to get a handle of her frustrations before stepping out into the crowded corridors. With an unsteady determination she raised her hand, pressing a scarlet red lipstick to her lips and watching as the color made her face blossom. She scowled at herself in the mirror, wiping off the alarming color and replacing it with her everyday chapstick. Hermione Granger; Brightest Witch of her age, the prude who won’t put out, uncomfortable wearing lipstick? Shocking




Head Girl duties were boring. At another point in time, she would have loved to be the person in charge of a bustle of students in the Hogwarts corridors, but she wasn’t that person anymore. With a sigh, she sat at the Gryffindor table, putting food on her plate in half haste because she just wanted to go back to her room. 


“Hermione!” A high pitch voice called, breaking her thoughts. Why did so many people always feel the need to spill her name from their mouth? She looked up at the younger Ravenclaw making way to stand across from her. With a forced smile on her lips, she looked up from her plate, resisting the urge to throw her fork across the table. 


“Yes?...” She didn’t know their name. She didn’t care to know their name. She just wanted to eat her dinner.


“I hadn’t gotten the chance to tell you how excited I was to find out you were coming back this year! You’re just such an inspiration -” Why did everyone say that? It made her want to rip out her hair. “- and I’m just really happy to meet you personally.” the girl tucked a strand of wispy strawberry blonde hair behind her ear, looking at Hermione as if she was the sun. 


Hermione was not the sun. Hermione was nineteen and miserable. Hermione was annoyed. 


She spoke none of those things aloud, instead grinning with dead eyes at the younger woman.


“You’re too kind, I’m glad my presence could be so impactful. It’s a pleasure to meet you, -” extending her hand as she awaited the Other's name. 




“- Violet.” 


Violet squealed, running back to her small pack of friends saying something along the lines of ‘she said my name!’, and other annoying little praises. Hermione’d lost her appetite, as she usually did, and grabbing a tart and wrapped in a napkin before exiting the Great Hall without as much as a goodbye to the others at her table. At this rate, she was just going to have to eat in the Head’s quarters if she ever planned on having a full meal for the rest of the year. 


Short stocking-clad legs walked the long corridor to the portrait for the Head’s dormitories, internal grumbling that may have been audible when she rounded the corner and ran into a tall figure that grasped at both her arms to keep her from toppling. She knew that cologne; she smelled it every morning when she stepped into the bathroom for her shower after him. Head Boy, rock in her shoe, Draco Malfoy.


“Granger.” His amused voice only added to her annoyance. Today clearly wasn’t her day. 


“Malfoy, please get out of my way.” He was the only person she didn’t feel the need to keep her facade for, and even though she’d never tell him, it was refreshing. 


“You bumped into me, need I remind you.” He said, a dark chuckle on his lips as large warm hands released her arms. She glared up at him, chewing at the inside of her cheek as she debated wether to hex him right then and there. 


“Sod off, Malfoy.” she went around him, bumping into his bicep with her shoulder, leaving only a glare up at him in her wake. She already saw enough of him with rounds and the shared living quarters, she didn’t need to waste her time with him in the corridors. 


“See you tonight, Granger.” His voice sounded almost pleased, and it sent a slight chill down her spine. She chalked it up to the fact that the imprint of his warm, strong hands could still be felt through her jumper, and the fact that she’d steadied herself on the hardness of his abdomen. She was only human. 




It was late. Hermione was ready for bed for the night, but she stayed in the common room of their quarters with a book on her lap because she’d gotten tired of looking at the taupe of her bedroom walls. 


Malfoy had just gotten back- typical; and she was in and out of her thoughts and the words within the book on her lap. She knew why he was always so late; he didn’t bring his girls back after rounds, instead using his privileges as Head Boy to go to their dormitories or using a secluded alcove in the castle. She hated it. Everyone around her was having sex and enjoying their ‘youth’, but she got stuck with the ‘impeccable heroine’ image and the no boyfriend to boot. 


She knew she wasn’t ugly , or even remotely unattractive- she wasn’t blind. Yet still, her list of suitors was rather short, and she just wanted to live a little. Waiting for Ron had been her decision years ago; one she’d grown to regret immensely but could do nothing about. Getting off on her own every night and being everyone’s plain jane heroine was tiresome. She wanted to feel sexy and wanted, and fucking come on someone else’s fingers for once. 


The thought made her audibly groan, throwing her head back on the couch just as the sound of the showerhead turned off. No one could blame her if she thought of how Malfoy’s body would look with fresh water droplets running down his shoulder blades. Just because she didn’t like him didn’t mean she didn’t notice the pull of his robes on all the right places. 


Hermione sighed, closing the book in her lap and placing it on the table in front of her. Her legs brought her to the bathroom door, leaning against the wall next to it with her head tilted to the side as she debated if this was truly the best idea. She knew it wasn’t, but she was tired of making good decisions. 


Draco looked startled to see her standing at the door, grey eyes widening slightly as they took in her awaiting small frame. He ran a confused hand through his still damp platinum locks. 


“You need something, Granger?” brows furrowing together as he made sure to step aside as if she’d been waiting for entrance to the steamy bathroom. 


“Yes, actually,” she said rather matter of factly, both arms crossing over her chest in some attempt to feel less exposed as if she wasn’t the one accosting him. “I have a question.”


“What makes you think I'll answer it?” a low laugh rumbled from his chest as it was his turn to sidestep her and turn to the kitchenette behind her. Such a prat, was her first thought before rolling her eyes and turning to watch him move around the space as she spoke. 


“You’re an arse, but that’s beside the point since you’re the only person who sees me as more than just the ‘Golden Girl’. It won’t kill you to not be yourself for two seconds and answer my question.” 


“That’s a little bit confusing don’t you think, Granger? But do go on- what can I do for you?” Draco said, that same amused tone tinged in his voice that made her want to punch him all over again. 


“You’re clearly a bit of a… popular commodity amongst most of the girls. As are some of your stupid Slytherin friends, so using your two brain cells and that thing between your-” stupidly muscular and incredibly sexy, she thought “- legs, why exactly are guys like you not trying to get between my legs.” 


Draco laughed, and she couldn’t help but white knuckle the counter she had walked up to to stop herself from pouncing on him. This was no laughing matter. 


“You know what, forget it.” She wanted the ground to swallow her whole, spinning on her heel because she had every intention of locking herself in her room and not leaving for the rest of the weekend. Starving and dying of embarrassment seemed like a pretty good solution to all her problems right now. 


“Granger, stop -” he was still chuckling lightly when he went to take a tight grip on her wrist, stopping her movement in her tracks regardless of how hard she attempted to tug until she turned to face him instead. “- you just caught me by surprise, relax.” 


“Let me go, I said forget it.” Her voice had gone up a few octaves, cheeks warm and hot and probably tinted a deep scarlet. 


“This is why- you’re more wound up than a fucking jack-in-the-box, Granger. No one wants to go after a girl who seems as impenetrable as a vault in Gringotts.” Draco said, a glint in his eyes she’d never seen before, or at least one she’d never bothered to look for. 


“I’ll have you know, Gringott’s isn’t impenetrable, Malfoy.” huffing as she took her wrist back from him as he’d softened his hold. She could tell he had his own question about her statement at the tip of his tongue, but he’d clearly persevered as he went back to the topic at hand. 


“You’re hot, but you just look like a little bit of a prude,” he shrugged, a half-smirk tugging at his lips as he watched her eyes flare and her cheeks flush at the anger that bit at her mind. 


“Excuse me, -” she was positively livid, taking two strides towards him before jamming her pointer finger right into the middle of his chest. “I’ll have you know, I am not a prude.” 


“Oh, really? So you’re just a pro in the sack, am I right?” His tone was overtly condescending, and made her want to scream. 


“You prat!” she gasped, two hands coming up to shove at his chest, although that did little to nothing to move him from his firm position on the floor. 


The moment her hands made contact with his chest, it was as if his own hands had a reaction of their own, wrapping around her waist and pulling her against him, eliciting a gasp from her lips. 


“You’re telling me a man’s held you this close before, -” the hand not around her coming up to cup her cheek before sliding back to tangle in the mess of her curls. “- looked down at you with intention and made you his?” 


Her eyes couldn’t help but stare up, lost in a pool of velvet grey for a few seconds before her glare returned. Of course the answer to his question was no, but that didn’t mean she appreciated his goading or the way his aftershave was wafting in her nostrils and making her dizzy. She definitely didn’t appreciate the fact that up this close, Draco’s skin looked smooth as porcelain and she did not appreciate how the soft look of his lips made her forget how to breathe. 


“That is obviously none of your concern, Malfoy. Let me go.” This was the second time she’d uttered that sentence today, but it was the first time deep in her chest- or possibly the ache between her legs- that she hadn’t meant it. Had he heard the nervous tremble in her voice, despite the nerves wracking up her spine?


“You really are gorgeous, love. All that anger in such a cute body, and no way to expel it. What a shame.” he tsked, bowing his head to run his lips along her jaw. She almost whimpered, eyes fluttering closed just from the tiny bit of anticipation she couldn’t help but feel. It was human instinct. 


But just like that he was gone, leaving the phantom of his hold once again on her body and standing feet away from her in the blink of an eye. 


“You’re an arse.” she just croaked out, grinding her teeth as she tried to get back to a semblance of herself. She knew that was probably not possible given the splotchy redness that had formed down her neck up to the exposed part of her chest in her tank top. Gods, she was flustered. 


“I’ve been called worse.” he winked, a smirk on his face as he backed away from their shared common room and turned for his room. She could have told herself she imagined it, but she’d seen his own pink tint forming at his pale cheeks. 


When she’d gotten to her room, she let out a sigh, pressing her back against her closed door. If there was one thing she was sure about, it was that it’d be a long night. Or at least, a long night of trying to get off with her hand shoved deep in her knickers with grey eyes and soft pink lips on her mind. 




She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t get herself off, and both things were a fucking travesty. Hermione groaned audibly into her pillow, removing silken fingers from the fork of her legs and wiped them off unashamedly on the fabric of her shorts. A fist came to punch at the side of her head repeatedly because why was this her life. 


She was already upset, all the time, at everyone, and she was sexually frustrated and single and fucking miserable. It was as if now, to add to all her frustration, she had the biggest attraction to the biggest thorn on her side to walk the Hogwarts halls. This thorn was also only a few doors away from her, possibly naked. She sat up immediately- did Malfoy sleep naked? 


Another groan left her lips, and she moved to throw her legs over the side of her bed, stark feet touching the floor as she made her way out of her room. Some water would help, surely, if only not to quench her thirst than just to give her something to do for a minute. 


As she poured herself her glass, her eyes continued to flicker to the opposing room to her right. Her lip caught between her teeth at the thought that the person of her desires was right behind that door. Carnal desires only, of course, but her stomach did flutter at the thought of him calling her ‘gorgeous’. Something about the compliment coming from his lips made it different. He wasn’t just any other guy, he was Draco Malloy. He had no reason to compliment her other than meaning it.


Her fingers flexed around the glass in her hand, bringing it up to her lips to take a gulp as if it was firewhiskey and would give her the courage she needed. She took in a shaky breath before placing her cup down on the counter, small measured steps taking her to Draco’s door before she placed two barely there knocks on the stained wood. 


Hermione’s breath was caught in her throat, brown eyes blown wide as she waited one, two, three seconds before she turned on her heel and made a step to walk away. He was probably sleeping— who was she kidding. 


She let go of the breath she was holding one second too soon because the door opened behind her, and she froze, not daring to turn around and face him with the flush that was coming to her cheeks. 


“I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry,” she said with her bottom lip once more caught between her lips, having turned back to face him. She was taking in his wide-awake expression. 


“Were you thinking about me?” The question came unprompted, eyes growing wide once more when he stepped into her space, towering over her with stormy eyes and an unreadable expression on his face. 


Hermione didn’t say a word, looking up at him with a nod because she’d already decided tonight was a night for bad decisions. If possible, his eyes got darker, pupils blown wide as his arms repeated their earlier actions. They wrapped around her waist and caused a muffled oomph to leave her lips. It was welcome, expected, anticipated -- she clenched her thighs together because this was what she wanted. 


Her arms came to wrap around his shoulders, looking up at him as if to say ‘what’s next?’, but her eyes didn’t have enough time to convey that message because the moment storm grey eyes met hers, he’d met her lips with a vengeance. 


It wasn’t loving or sweet or gentle— it was passionate and harsh and an immediate clash of tongues and teeth. It was positively the best kiss she’d ever had, and if it hadn’t been for the tight hold of his arms around her waist, her knees would have buckled.  


He groaned against her lips, pouring some unknown want and need into her body she didn’t know he possessed, letting his tongue explore every hidden crevice in her mouth without a second thought. The grip around his shoulders tightened— as did the one around her waist— and before she knew it, her feet were off the ground and wrapped around his waist. 


“Fuck…” her head slammed into the wall behind her as Draco pushed her against it, lulling her head to the side as he left hot red kisses on the smooth skin of her neck. She couldn’t help but think about how amazing this felt and how powerful she felt feeling the soft press of his hardening length against her. Something about knowing that she, Hermione Granger, had gotten Draco Malfoy hard that made her want to grin like a prize had been won. 


“Granger,” the grovel of his voice in her ear made her snap out of it, the pool between her thighs only growing from the soft rutting against her middle he’d begun. “I’m so fucking hard for you.” 


A moan left her lips at his words, the hands at his shoulders coming up to hold his face and smash their lips together causing them both to groan. She felt like she was on fire— like she’d been a candle waiting to be lit by his touch, and now she was burning. 


“Please.” The whimper left her lips like a prayer against his, gasping for breath as he led them to his bed. His room smelled like him, bergamot and sandalwood and a unique musk that she’d only ever smelled when he passed by. Her head was dizzy, eyes fluttering as she lay in the middle of his bed surrounded by him before he climbed over her body, pressing a kiss at the underside of her now exposed navel from the way her shirt had ridden up. 


“So pretty…” The praise made her head swim, focusing on the small kisses on her abdomen as he bunched up the shirt to the underside of her breast until he was tugging on the seam and pulling it over her body. 


Hermione felt shy, for just a second, curls framing the sides of her face as she looked down at him from where she was propped up on her elbows. But she couldn’t really because he was muttering small praises as he kissed the now exposed skin. “Malfoy…” 


Draco just hummed, sucking small lovebites around the skin of her breast, her back arching into his mouth as small moans and gasps left her lips. She shuddered when his mouth latched onto one of her nipples, his hand coming up to roll the other between his fingertips. His name once more fell wantonly from her lips, and he visibly shivered in response, sucking on the small bud with no reprieve.  


“Oh my god.” Her hands found themselves gripping the sheets, clenching and unclenching around the fabric with harsh breaths because she was positively aching. She needed him, needed him to touch her in the fork of her legs; she was near her breaking point and not against begging if need be. 


“Good girl.” He said, his lips going from one nipple to the next.. She took a shuddering breath, attempting to ground herself as he sucked on the bud before letting it go with an audible pop. “Tell me, Granger, does that feel good?” He murmured, looking up into her eyes and waiting for an answer. 


She nodded, bottom lip once again caught between her teeth as she watched him sit up and remove his own shirt. Her eyes glazed over, gasping as she took in the smooth and toned skin of his body. No wonder everyone was obsessed with him— he was crafted by the gods. 


“How about this?” His voice was pure grovel, and the tenor of it made her thighs clench. Before she could ask what he was referring to he showed her, removing her shorts from her body with a haste and taking the looseness of her body as an opportunity to spread her thighs for him. 


Her cheeks flushed pinker, trying to focus on his actions and not on the fact that she was almost stark naked in front of him. Her shyness made for leave as soon as it came, within seconds Hermione’s head was thrown back with a loud moan falling from her lips. “Fuck.. Malfoy.” 


His name felt like sin on her lips, but she couldn’t help herself. One long slightly calloused finger had pushed her knickers to the side, sliding over her silken slit like it belonged there. She’d never let anyone touch her, not Ron, and especially not Viktor, so this was new, and it felt fucking amazing. 


He’d let out a loud groan as he ran his finger up and down along her slit, muttering something under his breath that her ears didn’t catch. Distracted by the feeling of her arousal coating the rough pad of his finger as he rubbed her clit, loud mewls left her lips with every swipe of his finger. 


“Merlin, you sound so fucking precious.” Malfoy’s eyes were searching hers, watching her as each circle of his finger made her body arch into his touch. It was torturous, the way his finger just barely touched the bundle of nerves before swiping it lightly and returning down her slit to gather more of that pooling nectar. He did it over and over again, pulling louder moans from her with each stroke.


“Malfoy, please…” she needed more, needed his fingers, needed his cock, needed something . A feral sound left him, eyes shutting closed as he heard her begging with his name pooling on her tongue. One lonely finger pushed into her, curling slightly and pulling in and out of her before he added another, the stretch making her catch her breath. 


“Such a tight little cunt, Granger.” the sound of his voice was strained, almost pained as his fingers curled against that spot that made her see stars. Her hand moved to grip at her thighs, catching the hand he had gripping it as her knees spread wider for him. His hand felt large and rough against her own, and she gripped it for dear life, hand clenching and unclenching over his, the tightness at the bottom of her belly increased. Profanity left her lips high pitched and needy, hips lifting from the bed to meet the thrust of his fingers. 


“Are you gonna be a good girl and come for me?” his words were coaxing her over the edge, whimpers leaving her lips as his fingers fucked into her with a vengeance. He was hitting that spot inside her over and over again, making her cheeks flush and small curls to mat onto her forehead from the beads of sweat forming. 


Draco!” she screamed his name like she meant it, coming on his fingers and riding the waves of her orgasm with heavy pants as his fingers slowed. 


His body climbed up hers with small kisses up her body, from the insides of her thighs to the space between her breasts before he was face to face with her again. 


Her lips were parted, taking in shallow breaths as she looked up into his eyes. Has he always looked like this? Soft blonde locks falling over his forehead, pointed features softening with the moonlight shining through his window. “You’re gorgeous, Granger.” Repeating his earlier statement as he pressed his lips along her jawline.


Hermione didn’t know what to say, how to feel , as she brought her hands up to tangle in his hair and pull lightly. She opted to say nothing, using the grip on his hair to slot their lips together and let another moan dance between their fevered kiss. 


He didn’t stop kissing her as he moved, his hands roaming down her sides to grab her hips as he sat back on the bed and brought her with him. It was almost seamless, the way he maneuvered their bodies. Hermione was straddling him, knees on either side of his hips as she ground down on his length.


She moaned into his mouth, eyes rolling back as she moved her barely covered cunt over his clothed cock. The aftershocks of her orgasm only made her growing arousal that much more enjoyable, sweet sensitive torture. He felt long and thick against her lower lips, his bulge pressing between her slit and spreading her slightly. 

Malfoy’s hold on her hips tightened, swearing through their swollen moving lips as his fingers bruisingly moved her over his lap. She could feel how she was affecting him, and it was addicting, only encouraging the roll of her hips.


She’d never had a man this close before, but she was relishing every second— her fantasy’s had never come close to feeling this good. Hermione wasn’t thinking about anything other than the moment she was in, and it felt euphoric. Like she was free. 


“I…” a confession felt heavy on her tongue as she pulled away, hands still tangled in the soft locks of his hair. “I’ve never…” the hands at her hips softened, though they didn’t move much to her relief before she continued. “I’m a virgin.”


Malfoy’s eyes surprised her, tender as they looked into her own. She knew he was far from a virgin, and knew she shouldn’t care if she was since she’d come up to his room . But his eyes said unspoken things, one of the hands at her hips sliding around the curve of her back, making small circles with his thumb. 


“Granger.” Gaze unflinching from hers as he spoke. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” he pressed soft kisses on her jawline, right as a small sigh of relief left her parted lips. “I’ve… It doesn’t matter. Just… we don’t even have to do anything else if you don’t want to.”


His voice was low, private between the two of them, and she wasn’t sure if that was the reason she felt a slight twist of emotion in his words. “I want to!” the words came out blurted and awkward from her lips, but she was met with a teasing smirk and more kisses pressed into the plumpness of her cheeks. 


“Whatever you want.” she just blushed, rolling her hips over his once more in response instead. He groaned into her ear, shivers running over her in waves because every sound he made was felt tenfold between her legs. 


The hands in his hair pulled slightly, looking back at him with a glint in her eye. “Tell me if you don’t like something?” The question made her mouth feel dry and nervous, but in true Gryffindor fashion, she didn’t show it. She reluctantly pushed herself off of him and onto her calves, knees inches away from his as twitching fingers made their way to the seam of his joggers. 


She thought she was being slicker than it probably looked, pushing his pants out of the way just enough to grab the base of his length and free it from its confines. She realized her mouth wasn’t nearly as dry as she thought because somehow at the sight of his cock her tongue turned to sandpaper. He was big, the kind of big girls made both fantasies and horror stories about when they spoke about their respective crushes. It was both unnerving and exhilarating and she couldn’t help but lick her lips. 


Hermione didn’t dare make eye contact with him, although she could see his mouth slightly parted and panting from her peripheral. She used the sight as motivation, moving her fist over his length. Her eyes finally flickered up to meet his, watching his blown black eyes stare straight back at her as he took a shuddering breath. 


“Like that?” She questioned, voice soft as her bottom lip caught between her lips and she continued to stroke him slowly. 


“Yeah, ju-just… faster. ” head falling back as he spoke. Her heart was racing, fist speeding its ministrations over his cock with determination. 


She drank in the expression of pleasure strewn across his face, lip caught between her teeth as she experimented with her grip. Squeezing lightly at the base, then easing as she stroked upward and over the head. Her thumb slid over the slit and dragged the small dot of precum with her as she stroked back downward. 


“Fucking salazars rod.. .”  his eyes had been squeezed shut, and she watched as he forced them open to look at her. Malfoy’s hands found their way to Hermione's face and curved behind her head and into her hair. Before she knew it, her lips were back on his and she was breathless. 


Her hand didn’t stop it’s ministrations, stroking his cock with newfound motivation and using his small movements and sounds as the tutorial she needed. She didn’t think the sound of Malfoy moaning would elicit any response from her, but she was sure it was quickly becoming her favorite thing. 


She could feel the pulsing of his cock in her hand, just as their kiss was broken and their foreheads met in soft pants. 


His eyes were screwed shut, the tint of his pale cheeks spreading to his neck as he bucked into her hand. The hold he had on her face didn’t seize, holding her close as he got closer and closer to the edge. Her heart was hammering in her chest, their actions, his reactions and their proximity shooting a sense of thrill and power and freedom down her spine. 


Granger.” Her name flowed like forbidden honey from his lips, his storm grey eyes swallowing her into the abyss when they met hers. She was still falling deep when his eyes rolled back and profanities left his lips, the warm sticky substance of his climax shooting onto her belly and dripping into her hand. 


The hand that had been previously holding her head went to move the one she had stroking his cock to stop her. 


“You’re going to kill me if you keep going.” a dark chuckle leaving his lips as his eyes stayed trained on hers. He didn’t break eye contact as he accio’d a washcloth, when he wipes her fingers and stomach clean, or when he brings those very same fingers to his lips with featherlight kisses on the tips. 


She sucked in a breath, reminding herself that this was Draco Malfoy and not some made up version of him she was having a very detailed dream about. Was he like this with all the girls he hooked up with? Hermione wasn’t sure why, but being just one of the many made her stomach drop. 


“I should… I should go.” she cleared her throat, finally breaking eye contact because this was too intense, it was too intimate


Her words broke the spell, she could tell, the way his face turned to stone and his eyes looked away just long enough to steal away any remnant of emotion that had been there. Malfoy just nodded, and it was like the clock of time unfroze. 


In minutes she was dressed and his joggers were back in their place. It was as if nothing had happened, and they were just casually in his room for no reason at all. Except not, because as he awkwardly sat at the edge of his bed watching her, and she stood at the entrance, the smell of sweat and come and sex was thick in the air. Her hair was still wild, and his was still matted with drops of sweat to his forehead. She could still feel the phantom of his touch between her legs, and feel the way his breath brushed her lips when he was at the edge of a precipice of pleasure. 


There was nothing casual about it, even though her logic was trying to push that notion to the forefront of her mind. 


“Um… Thanks?” the words tumbled awkwardly from her lips, her hand coming to hold her forearm across her body. By the way his eyebrows shot up into his hairline, she knew this wasn’t the right thing to say but it was too little too late. 


“Sure, Granger. It was my pleasure.” The sour chuckle that left his lips at the end of his statement wasn’t lost on her, even if he tried to deceive her with his common expression of nonchalance. 


Hermioned just ducked her head before she turned, a blush of embarrassment making its way to her cheeks as she finally got past the boundary of his bedroom door. She wasn’t expecting the hand at her wrist, but she froze as her breath caught in her throat. 


It was slow, the transition from her position to having his lips once again hovering over hers. But her heart was hammering all the same, hands coming to press against his chest as their lips finally met. Lips moved slowly in unison, all desperation and passion lost in place of soft caresses and affection. It made her mind fuzzy. 


But the kiss was short, not long after it started it was over, and she let out a shuddering breath as she straightened out once more. 


“Goodnight, Granger.” steel grey eyes looking back at her, waiting, gauging, but she was too flustered to think. Instead she nodded, avoiding his eyes by looking up at the ceiling.


“‘Night, Malfoy.” The words came curried as she turned on her heel and made way to her room without a second glance behind her. She wasn’t sure what she’d just incident tonight, but something told her this wouldn’t be the end of it.