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Bakugou and Midoriya need therapy, they get it

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Aizawa blinked tiredly at Nezu, the mouse usually making sense but today making slightly less sense.


"Since Bakugo and Midoriya have gotten into trouble for a fight recently, I and All Might decided to look over the paperwork for their middle schools and such prior to coming here, to see if them fighting is a common occurrence." Since this is all All Might can really do, without his quirk. Some things are better left unsaid and unthought, Aizawa is sure of that much.


"This is not a rare occurrence. The teachers never punished Bakugo, but they did note he had quite a habit of seeking out Midoriya, shouting insults at the kid, destroying property, and even one report states 'One of Bakugo's friends sought me out and informed me Bakugo told Midoriya to 'Swan dive off a building.'," Nezu lifts his gaze up to Aizawa for a moment, before looking back at the papers. "All these paint a clear picture that Bakugo has rather intently caused harm to another student, a student who at the time was deemed quirkless." And you want to put them in therapy.

"And you think talking their feelings out to a stranger will help?"

"Since the therapist will be sworn to confidentiality, they might be more inclined to open up than they would be to someone else. Plus this would allow us to get to the bottom of Bakugo's conflicting desires to be a hero and causing harm to others."

"Uh-huh." Aizawa sighs. "Bakugo won't come quietly. Midoriya might agree if he believes it will help him become a better hero, but Bakugo only confessed his feelings to Midoriya and All Might."

"I am aware of that. And I have a plan. You tell the class that in a month a special training camp will be coming up, and explain to those two that unless they both go to this therapist we selected once a week for 4 weeks, they will not be allowed to join the special camp. They both want fervently to become heroes, so I doubt either of them will pass up on the chance for more training to become a hero."

"You intend to coerce them?"

"No no. I intend to use their desires to push them in a direction of health."

Aizawa sighs, mulling the idea over in his head. Midoriya would agree no matter what, but hanging the camp over both boys heads will make them significantly more likely to actively try in the therapy. Aizawa has no doubt this won't change how they approach heroism and it won't change how they act in the role of Heroes (and if it does, it'd only be for good). It will most likely just change how they interact with the rest of the class. He opens his eyes and looks at Nezu.

"I'll breach the subject with them. But do you mind if I make it a whole class thing for the first one? Then in private I can explain that they need to go to it for the whole month."

"Do whatever you think will make this work out for the best. Camino Ward was a major emotional strain for them all, as well as the training camp before it. Perhaps it's irresponsible of us to plan one so soon after, but I've called a few hero agencies in the area and they've all agreed to lend assistance with patrol and security as well as training."

"Then all the major issues will be easily taken care of."


Aizawa steps into class, silently thankful for Iida's capacity to control the entire class with ease.

"Hello students. I have to inform you of a few mandatory policies. For the entire class, you are required to go to one session this month with a therapist the school has selected. This is because the media and parents are very concerned about the Camino Ward situation, and we understand it may be traumatizing for all of you. For those of you who were more deeply involved in the situation with Bakugo, you will be required to attend to. Bakugo, Midoriya, see me after class for more info about your therapist and meetings. These sessions won't be all bad though. Principal Nezu has set things up so that you will have a second training camp that will be a little more relaxed and much more secure. Hopefully, that one scripted villain attack every season will not impede our schedule this time. The training camp will begin in a month, and you will not be eligible to participate if you refuse the therapy."

Aizawa breathes out a small sigh of relief when the entire class seems to accept his words, relaxing ever so slightly. Midoriya will happily agree to 4 sessions, if only to keep the peace, but Bakugo will need to feel his path to heroism is on the line if he doesn't do this.

Later comes way to fast, the class filing out and leaving Midoriya, Bakugo, and Aizawa himself.

"For you two, Principal Nezu did a little investigating after that little incident you two had." Deku winces, while Bakugo just stares straight at Aizawa. "So he's informed me that you both must go once a week for the entire month if you want to be on the camp."

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Aizawa listens and waits as Bakugo rants and blows steam about heroes not needing "pansy ass fucking feelings talks" and such. Midoriya to his credit, looks like it's the end of the world. Not in the face, but in the eyes.

"Bakugo, stop yelling. Principal Nezu has ordered it. Even if I could change this, I wouldn't. I do not know the content of your 'friendly discussion' with Midoriya and All Might, but the fact it coincided with excessive violence in your end tells me you do need this therapist, whether you like it or not." he hands the two the file on their therapist.

"An expert in childhood trauma?" Midoriya mutters.

"Yes, you are only 14-15, you are still children, and Camino Ward was a lot of trauma for all involved." Aizawa hopes against hope that Bakugo won't see through this white lie. Sure, that's one of the reasons for this therapist, but the other is the middle school and prior events between the two. He knows better of Midoriya. As dumb as that kid sometimes is for charging headlong into danger, Midoriya can read into things much better than Bakugo can. Bakugo isn't an idiot either by any means, very hyper aware of dangers and his powers in a fight. Book smarts versus situational awareness. Midoriya has some situational awareness too, but he's much more "nerdy" compared to his counterpart.

"Kacchan, it won't be that bad. Maybe they can help."


Midoriya sighs, muttering "At the very least, you have to go if you want to go to that training camp."


"Yea, cause at the very least, it'll allow me to go to the training, and I always need more training."

Bakugo simmers down slightly, huffing. "Fine, I'll go. But don't expect this shrink wrap to work or anything."

"Wouldn't dream of it." A man with less patience would have expelled you both. Aizawa sighs. "You both are dismissed now. Get going." Bakugo is the first one out, Midoriya following pace. Aizawa frowns slightly, sighing. I hope this helps even a little bit. I'd rather not wake up at 2:30 am again over a fight of yours.