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Do Not Disturb

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Ginny Weasley was drunk.  


Normally, the youngest Weasley avoided getting too wasted at public events such as this, but Harry and Hermione’s formal engagement announcement had pushed her over the edge. It wasn’t necessarily that she wanted Harry back; she was proud for her two friends.  Truly, she was.


What happens when you want them both to yourself, though?   


Ginny and Harry’s breakup had been amiable, and the redhead had handled it much better than the other Weasleys when Harry and Hermione had finally gotten together. Honestly, in Ginny’s eyes, they were perfect for each other. They invited her over whenever she was home on the off-season, attended her home games, and generally welcomed her into their lives.  


It’s not my fault they made me fall for the both of them.


Harry had become much more attractive during his time with Hermione.  The beaten-down hero who had fallen for Ginny had grown up, literally and figuratively, after settling down with the brilliant witch, and, once again, Ginny was proud. She wasn’t what Harry needed to be his best, and if Hermione Granger was the one to inherit the job, who was Ginny to complain?


Hermione, on the other hand, had grown into herself. The war had taken a toll on the Muggleborn witch, but she had come out stronger on the other end. Ginny’s idiot brother had let Hermione go for reasons he hadn’t explained, but there was no animosity left behind. Hermione had finished her studies at Hogwarts, returning with Harry, Ginny, Neville, and Luna for their final year. She had immediately landed a job at the Ministry, and soon after that, she and Harry had fallen together. It just seemed natural.


But gods be damned, did she want to fuck them both…


Tomorrow, Ginny would be catching an international portkey to America to play a season across the pond; that, and the fact that she had just enough alcohol in her system, emboldened her to call out to Harry as he made his way to the front door of the muggle hotel they were all staying at tonight. Hermione was making her rounds, saying goodnight to her parents, while Harry walked outside to catch some fresh air.


“Harry! Wait up!”


The bespectacled man turned around and smiled at his friend. “Ginny! I thought I had missed you. What--” Harry’s nose crinkled in amusement. “You’re wasted!”


“Not even close,” Ginny smirked.  Totally pissed.   “Where are you off to? Leaving your own party so soon?”


Harry shrugged. “Just a bit knackered. Grading essays, Quidditch know. Hogwarts.” Harry had been teaching DADA at the school for the past year, taking a year off after he and Hermione got together and going to get her parents from Australia. At twenty-two, Harry was the youngest professor the school had ever had. Hermione was in talks with the headmistress about taking up the Transfiguration position permanently after Christmas hols; working at the Ministry just wasn’t what she had thought it to be.


Ginny nodded. “You up for something else tonight?” she asserted before her liquid courage ran out.


“Um, what did you have in mind, Ginny?” Harry seemed surprised by the change in subject.


Turning around and seeing Hermione walking towards them, she stopped talking. She waited until Hermione stopped beside Harry before continuing. “I, uh…” Shite, Ginny, spit it out! “I was wondering…”


Hermione’s eyebrows furrowed. “What is it, Ginny? You know you can talk to the two of us about anything.”


Inhaling, she decided to just go for it. “I was wondering if you’d like to come to my room for the night.”  Ginny’s eyes closed as she felt heat creep up her neck, turning her face as red as her hair. “I mean, I’ll be gone tomorrow for a year...It’ll never have to be mentioned again, especially to anyone else...I just…” Finally opening her eyes, she saw a silent conversation taking place. She took the opportunity to ogle her companions.


Harry’s green eyes searched for something in Hermione’s dark chocolate orbs. He ran his hand through her somewhat manageable curls hanging freely around her face, the other running though his own raven locks.


Ginny had spent enough time around the both of them that their movements, their relationship, was as familiar to her as it was to themselves. The only part of their lives locked away from Ginny was their bedroom, and here she was, asking for a key.


She suddenly realized how mortifying and utterly ridiculous her request had been. It would be better for her to blame the firewhiskey and just go to her room for the night, leaving first thing in the morning and letting this blow over.  She took a deep breath and moved forward to let them out of the embarrassment of turning her down, stopping when a hand gripped the back of her neck and pulled her into the most intense kiss of her life.


Instinctively, she leaned into the kiss, immediately knowing which of the two had initiated it. Harry was a decent kisser, but, Merlin, Hermione’s lips were something else!  Soft, malleable, so easy to nibble...Ginny’s tongue quickly found an opening and pushed its way inside Hermione’s waiting mouth.  


“We might want to move this little party towards the elevator.  Come on, ladies.” Ginny backed up and looked into Harry’s amused eyes and nodded dumbly. She held up her keycard.  


“Let’s go to mine. There’s plenty of room.”


Hermione Granger was not as innocent as others thought or made her out to be. To Harry, this was no surprise. When the two got together, he had discovered that domineering streak she was so famous for carried over into the bedroom, and he loved it. (Apparently, this was also why she and Ron had not worked out…) Harry relished giving Hermione control, and she thrived in the role.


The two had also discussed Ginny Weasley at length. The brunette had inquired shyly one night about Harry’s feelings for Ginny, and the two had realized that both Harry and Hermione had been fighting feelings for the redhead. They had planned on approaching Ginny the next time they had an opportunity, but she had announced her travel plans, a week after Harry and Hermione’s engagement, no less.. Hermione had been moping since Ginny had announced that she was going to be moving to America for a year. They had figured they had missed out on that opportunity for now.


Now, though, Hermione was enjoying Ginny’s firewhiskey-soaked tongue fighting with her own as they traveled up to the top floor of the hotel they were staying at. Harry had booked the entire floor for family and friends, and he was glad now he had. When the elevator stopped, the three made their way to Ginny’s room (it was closer), and pushed their way in. Harry, the most sober of the three, remembered to stick the “Do Not Disturb” placard on the door to ensure their privacy. Most would likely assume Ginny was resting for her trip.


Rest was the last thing on Ginny Weasley’s mind. Hermione took advantage of the redhead’s slight ( slight ?) inebriation and pushed her back onto the bed. Ginny sat up slightly, sobriety peeking its ugly head up for a moment as the brunette climbed up the taller girl, straddling her.


“Hermione…?  You’re good with this?” Ginny, while extremely turned on, was slightly confused and hesitant.


Harry eased onto the bed, leaning down to kiss Ginny on the forehead. “Gin, we’ve been planning this for a while now.” He grinned down at his ex-girlfriend’s befuddled look. “We’ve wanted you in our bed more than you’ll ever know.”  With that, Hermione took Ginny’s lips again, and Ginny, now assured of her place in her friends’ figurative bed, moaned at the feverish urgency she felt in the older witch. She went to sit up again, but Hermione smirked and pushed her back.


“That’s not how this works, Gin. Lie back like the good girl you are.” Ginny’s eyes bulged slightly at Hermione’s bossy tone, an inflection not unfamiliar to the youngest Weasley, but this time, her knickers felt drenched at the control Hermione wielded. Hermione moved her right leg until it rested between Ginny’s thighs, and Ginny moaned at the pressure she felt. Harry looked to Hermione for direction, knowing how his fiancee liked things.


“Harry, go ahead and undress her; I want to watch you two for a while.” Hermione moved back and began unbuttoning her top as she watched Harry begin to do the same for Ginny. Pulling the redhead up, Harry leaned to meet her, kissing her thoroughly enough to pull another moan out of Ginny. As he undressed the muscled Quidditch player, he noted the differences in her and his fiancee, and he determined that while vastly different, the two women in the bed were the most attractive women he had ever had the pleasure of speaking to.


He slowly unfastened Ginny’s bra, sighing at the familiar sight of her breasts. They weren’t quite as full as Hermione’s, but the freckles that dotted the area between them drew him in once more, and he felt Ginny tense a bit as his tongue traced a path from one nipple to the other.


“Undress for us, Harry,” Hermione demanded quietly.  “I want to see you fuck her while I ride her face.”


Harry’s dick twitched as Hermione smirked in his direction. Gods, he loved this woman, and, as he looked down at the writhing witch under him, he realized he still loved her as well. He had to ask, though.  “That sound good to you, Gin?”  He looked up to see Hermione smile at him.


Ginny nodded.  “Fuck yes. I’ve wanted this for too long.  Come here, Hermione,” she begged, waving her hand blindly at the other witch.


Climbing to her new lover, Hermione reached down and bit down slightly on Ginny’s nipple, earning a hiss from the redhead. “Hold on, love. Let’s let Harry catch up.” Hermione loved watching Harry undress; seeing his lean body wound up, ready for her, did her in every time, and she unwittingly began touching herself as he unbuckled his belt. “Ginny, you’re missing the show.” She pulled the redhead up and let her lean against her chest, enjoying the feel of Ginny’s long red hair on her nipples.


Harry stood up straight after disposing of his pants and saw the two women in his bed watching him. The sight was almost too much, and he had to stand still for a minute, or he would have dramatically embarrassed himself.  He knew that keeping his head was going to be hard once he joined them on the bed again. Especially when Ginny opened her legs and beckoned him to her as Hermione played with the younger witch’s breasts.


As her fiance kissed Ginny’s legs and thighs, Hermione kissed her lips, enjoying the intimacy of the gesture. Harry’s tongue took a surprise swipe at Ginny’s clit, drawing a gasp from her and a grin from Hermione. The older witch looked down and asked, “Are you still on the potion?”


Ginny nodded, thankful she had stayed on the contraceptive.  She wanted to enjoy this night to its fullest.


Once Harry had positioned himself, Hermione gave her one last kiss and moved to situate herself above Ginny’s face, groaning when she felt the impatient witch begin kissing and sucking on her thigh. Adjusting herself so that Ginny could access her pussy, Hermione gasped when she felt the redhead’s tongue on her clit. She leaned forward just as Harry pushed into Ginny, kissing him heatedly. Ginny’s moans vibrated through Hermione deliciously, and she reached down to continue playing with the youngest Weasley’s breasts. 


Harry was in heaven. He was happy with Hermione, as she was with him, but Ginny had always been a missing piece to their puzzle. He didn’t want to even contemplate Ron’s reaction should he ever find out about this, but, in all honesty, Harry didn’t care if Ron liked it or not. 


He groaned as Ginny’s pussy clenched around his dick, begging for him to cum and bring her along with her. Somehow, Hermione had matched his pace, riding Ginny’s face to the same rhythm he had set. Harry reached up and grasped Hermione’s full breast, enjoying the feel in his hand as he kissed her. He reached down with his other hand and rubbed a circle around Ginny’s clit, knowing she was as close as he was.


“You close, love?” he mumbled to Hermione’s mouth.


At her nod, he pulled back a bit and began fucking Ginny mercilessly into the bed. Her moan, while muffled by Hermione, still echoed throughout the room. With it, Hermione stiffened, her orgasm hitting her out of nowhere. Ginny lapped up the brunette’s juices, her own pussy pulsating with the beginnings of her own orgasm. Harry grinned at his two lovers, enjoying the sight before him before he fell over the edge himself, filling Ginny with his seed.


His knees weakened, and he allowed himself to sit on the floor. Hermione moved down to lay her head on Ginny’s legs and run her fingers through his hair.  


Ginny was in the same position, convinced this was all an elaborate alcohol-infused dream. However, she could still taste Hermione’s cum on her face, and she knew if she checked, Harry’s own release would be evident in (on, around…) her pussy.  Hermione reached up and grasped Ginny’s hand.


They all lay there in silence for a few minutes, just taking in what had just happened. Then: “Ginny?”


Ginny didn’t move, but she answered Hermione all the same. “Yes?”


“Do you have to go to America?” Hermione’s voice sounded small, nothing like the vixen she had been just minutes before.


“I signed a contract. I’m obligated for at least a year.  Why?”


Harry chimed in, “Well, we were sort of hoping this wasn’t just a one-night thing. If that’s ok with you, that is.”