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The Warmth of Their Love

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Himiko skipped down the alleyway. She had just left Izuku's apartment after celebrating His, Toru, and Mina's acceptance into UA. Now she was on the prowl for a place to sleep and maybe a snack. She had some pocket money, and Seven-Eleven was nearby.

The blonde killer stopped as a red feather drifted past her. Several more feathers joined it until she realized they were swirling around her cutting off her ability to run anywhere. Then she saw the number three hero appear before her. Hawks frowned and pulled his feathers away, and held his hands up. "Hey, calm down. We don't have a lot of time, but I gotta warn you."

Himiko crouched as she drew her blade. She had no confidence about going against Hawks, but she wasn't gonna go down without a fight. "Agh, listen, kid, I'm not gonna fight you. I'm here to warn you. The HPSC is after you."

"Yeah, I can see that chicken foot. You're not gonna take me down without a fight." Himiko shot back.

Hawks rubbed his eyes and put all his feathers away. "Listen. The HPSC wants you for one of their fucked up black ops programs. You need to get into a villain reform program before that happens. I'd suggest this one. Nezu from UA watches over it, so you'll be safe from the HPSC coming after you."

Himiko looked at the feather with a folded piece of paper on it as it floated towards her. "How do I know you're telling the truth? This could be a trap."

Hawks leveled her with a serious glare. "It's not. If you don't go there, Izuku Midoriya, Toru Hagakure, and Mina Ashido will be held over you. The HPSC will threaten to destroy their careers before they have a chance to take off. The best way to avoid that is to get somewhere safe before they can grab you."

Himiko clenched her fist. "If you fucks try to hurt them, I'll-"

"I won't. I'm tired of doing their dirty work, so I'm trying to help you. Take the note and get into the program as quickly as possible. Let those three know or don't. It doesn't matter."

Himiko took the note, and the feather flew off as she unfolded it. There was an address and nothing else. When Himiko looked up, Hawks said. "I'm out of time, kid. Go, I'll stall them best I can."

Hawks flew off before Himiko could say anything in response. She looked at the address one more time before taking off to get as far from the alleyway as she could.


Himiko was tucked in the shadows of an ally near the address Hawks had given her. The building across the street was the Tazu Reform Center. She had been scoping out the place for a week now while she looked online. She was fairly certain it was safe... now, she just needed to talk to Izuku and his girlfriends. Himiko sighed and rubbed her temples. That was the hardest part of all this, wasn't it?

Himiko pulled her phone out and opened up the group message. Her fingers typed out the message, but her thumb hovered over the send button. If she did this, then there was no going back... could she risk it? Would it be worth it to tell the people she loved the whole truth? Could she tell them everything and hold nothing back? Himiko chewed her lip before muttering. "Sometimes you gotta take a risk to get a big payoff."

Himiko hit send and stood up. She needed to get somewhere safe near Izuku's home so she could mentally prepare for this conversation.

Izuku sat on his couch and looked at his phone. Yesterday Himiko had sent them a message saying she needed to talk about something important. It had become pretty standard that if Himiko wanted to spend a lot of time with them, they would just go to Izuku's place since Nemuri was gone most of the time. Mina and Toru were in the kitchen getting tea and snacks together. Izuku would be helping, but it was leg day for his training schedule, and they felt like jelly. 

As he sat and waited for Himiko to arrive, he thought about the blonde girl. They all thought she was odd when they first met, but the trio had grown close to her and enjoyed her company. They knew something was up, though. She acted like she wanted to get closer, but she kept things at arm's length. The way she avoided people she didn't know and her dislike for crowds all piled on the worry. They assumed her home life must be complicated since she never seemed to go in the same direction when she went home. Then she disappeared after they had found her covered in blood that one night.

The time without her felt... hollow and dull. It was like something crucial was missing, and then she came back missing an eye and with scars on her arm. They fretted and worried, and her explanation did not make them feel better. After that day of her coming back, the trio sat in Mina's room and talked about something that had been bothering them.

That time without her had hit them hard and made them think. It wasn't until Himiko came back that they realized just how much they missed her. They talked for a couple of hours and concluded they didn't want to risk losing Himiko again.

The doorbell pulled Izuku's attention back to the present, and he looked over as Toru opened the door and let Himiko in. Mina came out with the tea and snacks as the three girls joined Izuku in the living room.

Himiko smiled as she sat down in a chair while the others sat on either side of Izuku. "What's up with you, Izu?"

Izuku grumbled. "Leg day. I sat down, and now I don't know if I can get up."

The girls giggled, and silence washed over them, and after a moment, Mina asked. "What did you need to talk about, Himiko?"

Himiko bit her lip and stared hard at her cup of tea. The trio could tell she was steeling her nerves. "I-" she took a deep breath and sipped her tea. "I've kept a lot of stuff about myself from you three... I've thought about telling you but. But I don't want you to hate me."

Toru gripped Izuku’s hand. "We could never hate you, Himiko. You're our friend."

Himiko chuckled, but none of her bubbly happiness was there. "You don't know what I've done."

Mina opened her mouth to say something but Himiko looked up and cut her off. "I've killed people."

The apartment went silent, and Himiko stared at the three people she loved as they processed what she said. Izuku was the first to speak. "Why did you do it?"

The question struck her. Himiko hadn't expected that. She was expecting them to deny it or be disgusted. "I... you know my quirk. If I drink blood, I can turn into that person."

The three teens nodded, and Himiko continued. "My parents hated my quirk and what it did to me. They were disgusted by me just being me."

Himiko sipped her tea to calm her nerves. "I love blood. Seeing people I love bleed makes them look perfect to me, and it's almost as good as getting to be them. Most of the people I killed were people I loved. I would get close and open up, and they would hate me, and I would make them bleed and become them."

Himiko looked over the three of them and smiled as she saw them processing the information. They were doing a good job of not showing their disgust on the outside, but she knew it was there. Everyone was disgusted by her. This would be the last time she would get to see them.

"Why didn't you ever kill us? There were plenty of times where it was just one of us with you." Mina asked suddenly.

Himiko and Mina's partners looked at the pink girl who stared at Himiko. The blonde was stunned. She had expected disgust and revulsion. She thought they would kick her out right away.

Himiko blushed a bit and put the cup of tea down before saying. "There's a warmth that comes off people when they love someone. I like that feeling even when I'm not the source of the love a lot. Not as much as making people bleed or being them, but I like it." Himiko pulled her knees up to her chin as she averted her eyes from them. This felt really embarrassing to say to them.

"I thought about killing you three and becoming you, but... the love you have for each other was so warm. Whenever you three were together loving each other, I felt so much warmth, and it felt so nice. I was hardly the source of your attention, but I felt so nice being around you three."

Himiko took a deep breath and sighed. "Whenever I thought about killing one of you, I realized that the warmth would get colder and colder until it was gone. The beauty and wonder of you three looking perfect while covered in blood and the thrill of getting to be you... just wasn't worth losing out on the constant warmth of your love."

Himiko glanced at them to gauge their reactions. They looked like they were processing; she was kinda glad that Toru was visible. It made this a little easier. None of them looked horrified yet, but she was sure it was just a matter of time.

Izuku took a deep breath and said, "You kept this from us for so long... Why tell us now?"

"I um... I ran into Hawks after you all got accepted to UA. he said the HPSC was after me. He said I needed to go to a villain reformation program to stay safe. I thought that- that you deserved to know the whole truth. I-if you don't want anything to do with me, then this will be the last time we see each other."

The trio looked at each other, and Toru said. "I think the three of us need to talk about this for a moment. Can you wait here, Himiko?"

Himiko nodded as a knot formed in her stomach. She watched them get up and walk into the kitchen, making her curse internally. They'd be able to stop her if she ran for the door and she really wanted to run for the door. Opening up like this was terrifying, and she just wanted to run because the thought of them hating her now and wanting nothing to do with her was just too much.

After a few moments, the trio came back, and Izuku said. "Himiko... you've done a lot, and it's a little scary to know that this whole time we were friends with someone who's killed people... but."

Mina grabbed his shoulder and picked up for him. "But we're your friends, and we don't want to lose you again. You need to make up for everything you've done, and we'll support you in that effort."

"Yeah," Toru said, stepping closer to Himiko. "We care about you, and we can tell you aren't totally bad. You had to scrounge up the courage to tell us, and you at least sound like you want to change. If you put in the work, we'll be there to help you."

Himiko's eyes pricked with tears, and she sniffled. "I- what the hell!"

The trio jumped a bit as she stood up. "How are you three so supportive? You should hate me and be disgusted... it. Why?"

Izuku stepped up and pulled her into a gentle hug. "Because we care. We want to save you, and we can tell you want someone to save you. So let us do that, ok?"

Tears started to trail down Himiko's cheeks, and she sniffled as Mina and Toru stepped up and hugged her as well. "I-I love you guys. Y-you guys are too good."

Toru smiled as she pulled back. "Come on. What's the first step for this reform program? Also, how are we gonna deal with the HPSC?"

Himiko sniffled. "I-I need to confess and turn myself in. I-If I plead for reform. They'll interview me and decide if I can... then I j-just need to insist on the Tazu Reform Center. I s-should be safe there."

Izuku hummed. "I know someone who could help. He's a detective. If we talk to him, he may be able to make sure Himiko gets into Tazu."


Naomasa looked over as a familiar face entered the police station. "Midoriya, it's been some time; what are you doing here? You didn't get into trouble again, did you?"

The detective eyed the three girls with Izuku, who smiled. “Hello detective Tsukauchi. I didn't get into any trouble, but... well, we could use your help."

Himiko stepped forward, and Naomasa felt a bit uneasy around her. She gave him a dangerous vibe. Himiko took a deep breath and said, "My name is Himiko Toga, and I'd like to confess."

The room quieted, and Naomasa shifted his weight to his other foot. "Confess to what?"

Himiko looked back at Izuku, Mina, and Toru, who nodded to her. Himiko steadied herself. "I'm here to confess to thirteen murders. I can give you descriptions of each victim and where I killed them."

All eyes were on Himiko, and the officers were tense. Naomasa looked at Izuku and saw the desperation in the boy's eyes. The detective pulled out a pair of cuffs and said. “Himiko Toga you’re under arrest.”

As officers took Himiko to be questioned, Naomasa looked at Izuku and said. "Come with me. I need an explanation."

Izuku nodded, and he and his girlfriends followed Naomasa to the detective's office. Once they were alone, the trio told Naomasa everything. How they met Himiko and befriended her and how they were trying to get her into the Tazu Reform Center.

"So yeah, I was hoping you could help us," Izuku said, finishing up his explanation.

Naomasa rubbed his eyes. "This won't be easy... but fine, I'll see what I can do. I make no promises. If what she said is true, then we'll be fighting an uphill battle just to keep her out of high-security prison. Are you prepared for that struggle?"

Izuku looked at Mina and Toru, who nodded. Izuku turned back to the detective and said. "Yes, sir."

Naomasa sighed and nodded. "Alright then. Let's get started."


Naomasa hadn't been joking when he said it would be hard. The teens couldn't do much, but they did everything they could to help Himiko's case, and after weeks of struggling, she was approved to enter a reform program. Naomasa pushed for and succeeded in getting her into Tazu.

Izuku asked Nemuri to pass a message onto Nezu, who was heavily involved in Tazu. The dean of UA was happy to hear that someone was getting another chance at life and would make sure no one interfered with Himiko's rehabilitation.

On the day of Himiko's move-in, Izuku, Mina, and Toru brought some things to put in her room to help remind her of them. Toru hugged Himiko tight and said. "We'll be sure to visit as much as we can, ok."

Himiko laughed. "Please do. It's gonna be cold without you three around."

During the whole ordeal, the trio had spent as much time around Himiko as they could and grown closer to her. Now they were going to have to leave her here. It would be hard with school starting soon, but they'd do their best to visit.

Mina hugged her next and promised to tell her all the best gossip from UA. Himiko giggled as the pink girl let her go, and she smiled at Izuku, who tugged her into a tight hug. "I'm glad I met you, Himiko."

Himiko felt a lump in her throat, and she buried her face in Izuku's shoulder. "I'm glad I met you three. You're all wonderful. Visit soon, ok."

Before Izuku could release her, Mina and Toru turned the hug into a group hug as they promised to visit as soon as possible.


Things were not easy for Himiko at Tazu's. The place was wonderful, and the staff cared about her and the others. The part that wasn't easy was speaking to Dr.Akiko, Tazu's resident therapist and the one in charge of the reform center.

Dr.Akiko smiled as Himiko sat across from her. The doctor was a middle-aged woman with silver eyes and short gold hair. Himiko thought it was just colored, but Akiko had proven that her hair was actually gold. The doctor's quirk gave her gold hair, which would tarnish when someone lied to her. Which led to Akiko usually wearing hats when she was out.

"How are you today, Himiko?"

Himiko shrugged. "Fine. The blood I get to drink is cold, so it's kinda gross. Tsubaki got onto me because I tried to microwave it."

Akiko laughed. "I imagine she did. I'll see about getting you some warm blood. Though I have to ask, why didn't you bring this up sooner? You've been here for a couple weeks now."

Himiko fidgeted on the couch before saying. "I wasn't sure if it was safe to complain. I kept them to myself."

"But you feel safe here now, correct?" the doctor asked as she crossed her legs.

Himiko nodded. "You let me see Izu, Mina, and Toru when they come, and I like the people here. They're not bad."

Akiko smiled. "Ah yes, your trio. Those three seem to care about you quite a lot, and you seem to care for them just as much."

Akiko tried not to chuckle as Himiko blushed and wrung her hands together. "Y-yeah, I love them. They're the best."

"And yet, as far as I know, you haven't told them you love them. At least not in the way I know you mean."

"I... Well, of course not." HImiko said defensively. "Th-they're dating. They've been dating for years. I can't just... you know."

Akiko titled her head. "No, I'm afraid I don't know what you mean."

Himiko grumbled and said, "I can't just try to insert myself into their relationship. I know they care about me, but... I'm a murderer. I've hurt and killed people. I don't have a right to be with them like that. They've already done way more for me than I deserve."

Akiko hummed and scribbled in her notepad. Himiko pouted at it, knowing the doc was gonna bring up this conversation again at another meeting. "Himiko, while it is true you've hurt and killed, you've also shown growth in your character, and more critically, I think regret for your actions. Have I told you about why I started this program?"

Himiko shook her head. "No. The others said you knew a villain and tried to help them."

Akiko nodded. "Yes. I knew a villain back in the day. She was misguided in life. She took a wrong turn at some point and got lost. There was no one willing to help her, so she became a villain while trying to find somewhere to belong."

Akiko sighed and slouched a bit. "Our meeting was less than stellar, but I persevered and attempted to help her get back on track. I thought it was working, but then she had a bad day, and she couldn't get in contact with me. I was at a seminar on villain psychology and was speaking at the time. While I was talking about our society and how parts of it play a role in making villains, she went out and committed crimes and got arrested."

Himiko saw the regret and sadness in the doctor's eyes as she said. "Her name was Tazu Takao, also known as Wraith. Despite showing regret for her actions and wanting to change and despite my vouching for her, she still ended up in a maximum-security prison. I started this program to take in more severe cases and make sure people like Tazu who want to get better have a chance to get better."

Akiko smiled. "Those three that you care for so much see and know how much you're trying to change,  and they do come here a lot. I'd say you may have more of a chance than you think."

Himiko nodded, and their session continued.


Dr.Akiko ran down the halls as she tried to keep calm. Himiko had been doing so well, but then the news broke about the USJ, and Himiko had found out before Akiko could get to her. Now the girl was attempting to leave.

Akiko got to the lobby as several of her staff blocked the exit, and Himiko growled. "Move! I'm going to them now, and you fucks aren't gonna stop me!"

Seeing a lack of weapons in Himiko's hands, the doctor felt relief wash over her. It wasn't the worst possible scenario. "Himiko, please calm down."

Himiko's yellow eyes shot over to Akiko, and the woman suppressed a shiver. Himiko's murderous gaze was probably the scariest she's had to deal with. Akiko held her hands up and kept her distance as she said. "It's ok, Himiko. Please just calm down and think about this. If you force your way out, the police won't give you a second chance. Just go back to your room, and I will work with you on getting info-"

"No! I wanna see them! I need to see them and make sure they're ok! They're in class A a-and the news said-"

"I know Himiko. I saw it too, but you trust them, right? I'm sure if we just wait you'll hear from them soon. Please, Himiko, don't throw away the chance they gave you." Akiko said as she approached slowly.

Himiko's eyes shifted back and forth before the tension left her body, and she let Akiko take her hand and lead her back to her room. Once they were inside, Himiko grabbed her phone and started to unlock it. Akiko watched as the girl's eyes watered, and she grit her teeth. Himiko threw her phone at her pillow and curled in on herself.

Akiko sat on the bed and tentatively placed a hand on Himiko's shoulder. "Himiko. Is everything ok?"

Himiko sniffed as the tears started to roll down her cheeks. "I-Izu and M-Mina are in the hospital, and I can't see them because I'm stuck here!"

Akiko grimaced and grabbed Himiko's shoulder. "I make no promises, but I will try to get permission to let you see them but understand if I don't, you need to stay here and wait for them to be able to come to you."

Himiko looked up at Akiko with hope shimmering behind the tears as she nodded in understanding.


Mina stirred and awoke, feeling pressure on her arm. She cracked her eyes open and looked over to see a pair of blonde buns. Himiko was shaking slightly as she rested her forehead against Mina's hand. Someone was rubbing Himiko's back gently.

Mina looked over to see Toru in her visible state. The invisible girl saw Mina and smiled before gently shaking Himiko and whispering. "She's awake."

Himiko's head shot up, and she looked at Mina as tears streamed down her cheeks. "You're awake."

Mina groaned. "You're here. I wasn't expecting to see you yet."

Toru smiled and squeezed Himiko's shoulder as Himiko squeezed Mina's hand. "She apparently tried to leave Tazu when she heard about the USJ."

Mina would have chuckled at Himiko's blushing face, but everything hurt, and her mind was feeling sluggish, but it suddenly snapped into place, and panic gripped her as she asked. "Where's Izuku? Last I saw that big guy had him."

Toru placed a hand on Mina's arm and smiled softly. "It's ok, Mina. he's next to you."

Mina looked past her girlfriend and saw Izuku stirring as he woke up. His eyes fluttered open and locked with hers. A smile bloomed across his face, and he said. "H-hey."

Toru and Himiko looked at the boy as he started to register everyone in the room. "Himiko... how are you here?"

Himiko sniffed. "I got permission." her cheeks flushed as she said. "After I um tried to break out and run to UA."

Izuku chuckled. "I'm glad you're here and that you got permission first. It's good to see you."

Himiko bit back her tears and grabbed his hand. "You all are infuriating, you know. I was so worried when I saw the news and then-then when Toru told me what happened."

Toru hugged Himiko as the girl tried not to break down. "We're sorry for worrying you, Himiko. We'll do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Himiko stuck around talking to them for about an hour before Akiko showed up, saying her time was up. Himiko gave each of them a hug and demanded they come to see her when they were better. After getting promises from all of them, she stood and left as guards flanked her and Akiko led the way.


Izuku sat on Mina's bed in the dorms. Mina herself was at her desk finishing up some school work, and Toru was on the floor splayed out on a pile of pillows and blankets as she played on her phone. There was a conversation they needed to have. They all knew it, but they had put it off, and then the USJ happened, but after the hospital visit, he felt like they needed to talk now. Himiko had been so torn up about what happened to them that she nearly ruined her chance to be free just to make sure they were ok.

"We need to talk about Himiko."

The girls stopped, and Toru sighed. "Yeah, we should... she was so torn up at the hospital and. And it hurt so much to see her like that."

Mina swiveled her chair around and stared at the floor. "She trusts us and cares about us a lot... I'd say just as much as we care for each other."

Izuku nodded. "I've tried not to think about it because there's so much she needs to do... if she was here with us. Would you both want to?"

The girls looked at each other, and Toru spoke first. "I have thought about her... you know, joining us. Whenever the four of us hang out, I have to remind myself that she's not one of my partners. I'm just comfortable around her, and sure when she revealed everything to us, I was shocked, but... but I didn't feel repulsed or like I cared for her any less."

The invisible girl sighed. "I just wanted her to get better so she could spend time with us again."

Mina smiled and leaned over to squeeze Toru's shoulder. "I've felt like that too. I was kinda cautious of her at first, but the more I got to know her, the more I realized how easily she fit in with us."

Mina looked at Izuku. "How do you feel, Izu?"

Izuku looked between his girlfriends before staring at the bedsheets. "Honestly... I could hardly believe the two of you loved me and wanted to be with me like this. The idea of even one person loving me in a romantic way used to be crazy. Now I have you two."

He smiled as he looked at them. "I thought it would be enough. I had not one but two amazing people in my life. What more could I need? Then I met Himiko and grew closer to her with you two. Sometimes I would be sitting with you two and feel like something was missing. I realized when she went missing and came back that it was Himiko. I want her to be with us as much as possible."

Mina chuckled. "That girl came stumbling into our lives and made us all fall for her, huh?"

Toru giggled and nodded. "Yeah, she did... What do we do now, though? Do we tell her or..."

"We could wait until she gets released from Tazu," Mina said as she looked over to Izuku to see what he would say.

Izuku scratched his chin before saying. "Maybe telling her now would be good. We're all pretty sure she feels the same, so telling her now would give her something to look forward to. A greater reason to stay in Tazu's and something concrete that she would have on the outside waiting for her."

"I'm good with that," Mina said.

Toru nodded. "I want her to know. She deserves to hear it sooner rather than later."

Izuku smiled. "Good. Then next time we see Himiko... we'll confess to her."

Mina giggled and said. "I'm feeling kinda giddy about this. Like when Toru and I decided to confess to you."

Izuku blushed and groaned as his girlfriends got up and pulled him into a hug as the three tumbled onto their backs.


Himiko squirmed a bit on her bed as Izuku, Mina and Toru sat across from her. They had come to visit and, after speaking to Akiko quietly for a couple minutes, had secured a few minutes of alone time. Typically when Tazu patients had visitors, they were relegated to certain areas of the facility.

"Um, what did you guys wanna talk about?" Himiko asked, trying not to let her nerves show.

Mina grinned and looked at her partners, who nodded. She looked back at Himiko and said. "We love you, Himiko, and if you want to, we would welcome you into our relationship."

Himiko felt a blush start to creep up her neck, and she looked at Toru, who had made herself visible. She smiled and said. "We talked about it a few days ago. We had all realized at some point that having you in our life made things better, and when you went missing, it was like there was a hole in our hearts, and then it all became clear when you came back."

Izuku picked up where Toru stopped, and his smile pulled at the edges of Himiko's lips as her eyes started to water. "We know it's kinda sudden, and we can't be together much yet, but we wanted you to know sooner rather than later."

Himiko looked between the three of them. She felt a wave of warmth seeping its way into her bones. They were all looking at her like... like how they looked at each other. She watched their faces slowly turn concerned, and she felt something streak down her cheeks. Himiko touched her face and realized she was crying. Izuku spoke quietly. "Himiko... it's ok. You don't need to say anything-"

Himiko lunged across the distance between them and tackled the three of them into a hug as she sobbed. They embraced her and let her emotions settle. Once she could speak, she pulled her face out of Izuku's chest and sniffed. "I-I'm sorry. I just uh... I panicked. I'm sorry for tackling you."

The trio chuckled, and Mina said. "It's ok. It's an understandable reaction."

Himiko rested her forehead against Izuku's chest and said as a blush crept up her cheeks. "I- thank you. You three are the best and..., and I love you guys."

Toru squeezed the blonde and said. "We love you too, Himiko."

The four young adults spent some time coming to terms with how this relationship would work, and before they left, Izuku and the others promised to visit again as soon as possible.


Akiko grunted as Himiko pulled her into a tight hug. It had been a couple years, and there had been some close calls, but the young former villain was finally cleared to leave Tazu. Himiko would be on parole for another six months, but once that was done, Himiko Toga would be totally free. "Thank you, doctor Akiko. For everything."

Akiko smiled and patted the girl's back. "Don't worry about it, Himiko. Just please make sure that if you ever show up again, it's because you're visiting a patient and not becoming one again."

Himiko giggled as she separated and grabbed her bag. "I promise..."

Akiko watched the girl nervously look around the front lobby. "They're outside. Go and start your new life."

Akiko watched the girl smile and thank her again before leaving. Himiko headed outside and found her three partners standing around a car. Apparently, shortly after graduating, the three of them all got driver's licenses after getting their official hero licenses.

Izuku smiled and was the first to hug Himiko. She squeezed his midsection, and her smile grew as Mina and Toru joined in. the girls kissed her cheeks, making her blush, and then Himiko's face turned tomato red as Izuku gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Toru whined. "Eh, no fair! You said no kissing her on the lips till we got home."

Izuku winked at his invisible girlfriend as he released Himiko. "Logical ruse. I wanted to get the first kiss in before you two hogged Himiko all to yourselves."

Himiko squeaked as Mina pulled her into another hug. "We wouldn't hog her. At least we weren't going to, but we are now."

Izuku rolled his eyes and walked over to the driver's side of the car. "Come on. Let's get our girlfriend home."

Himiko's heart skipped a beat at the statement. Their girlfriend. She was dating the three people she loved, and now she would get to live with them. She looked at Toru as the invisible girl laced her fingers with Himiko's and said. "Come on. Let's go home."

Tears trickled down Himiko's cheeks as she smiled. "Yeah, let's go home."