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Drabble 1

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"Kitora!" Konami wailed, "I was so worried!"

"Senpai- senpai, I can't breathe," Kitora wheezed as Konami crushed her in her arms.

"Imagine," Konami said, pulling back far enough just to grab Kitora's face between her hands, "if they hadn't found a way to fix this! What if they had turned this perfectly round and beautiful face into- into a square! Oh god, your poor nose would have-"

"Senpai, really I'm fine," Kitora said tiredly as Konami pulled her into another bone crushing hug (and how does a high school girl have so much strength in those arms, Kitora wondered). Konami wailed once more and Kitora could do nothing but sigh. This was gonna take a while, she thought before giving up and lightly patting Konami's back.