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I Love Myself

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Ringo found a box in front of his door one Sunday evening. It couldn’t have been the postal service, as they never deliver on the holy day of the week. However the find was of no surprise to the drummer. His manager Mister Epstein had called him earlier to expect this particular package and to gather it up as soon as possible. Knowing the contents of the papered box, he scooped up the cardboard cube covered in brown paper and locked it in a safe, only he had the key for. It’s where he kept his black book of other ladies phone numbers from around the world, pictures with those ladies and George.
The drummer took a moment to examine a picture of George naked on the bed. The lead guitarists looked so cute with a huge smile and his penis slightly erect. They had just made love when he took this. There had been so much passion in that moment. He laid the picture on the box and closed up the safe to forget about it.

The next day Ringo was the one answering the ringing phone, he half expected to know who the caller was.
“Hello.” The oldest Beatle answered the phone in the hallway.
“Hello handsome.” Teased George’s voice from the receiving end. Ringo could feel the blood of embarrassment rush to his face. His wife Maureen was home and his children were in the other room. Trying to remain calm the man of the house took a deep breath.
“How are you?” asked the blue eyed man trying to slow his racing heart. This was just another phone call from his bandmate. Nothing odd. George just sounded so sexy on the phone.
“I’m good.” Answered the youngest Beatle. “Brian told me the package arrived from Spain. Did you get it?” Ringo knew what his friend was talking about and this only increased the humiliating emotions he was experiencing.
“Yes I got it.” He whispered nervously, looking around to make sure no one heard him. Not the most oblivious of a maid nor the most innocent of child naivete, should hear this. Even though the conversation was vague, Starr could put the pieces of what they were saying together and that was frightening enough.
“So when do you want to try them?” inquired Harrison. He was talking about what was inside the box. Ringo was paralyzed with fear, he hadn’t dared opened the package he received on a day no customary organization would deliver. Mind you transporting such items were still illegal using the postal service. These foreign goods had to be transported by a private party, paid well for the confidentiality.
“I don’t know!” he snapped sharply. It wasn’t his intention, he just felt so on edge.
“What’s wrong, Rich?” George’s voice went from flirtatious to concern. “Aren’t you excited to try them?” the smaller man felt bad. The package was a gift which was paid for by his friend and lover on the phone, but he couldn’t shake the panic that gripped inside him.
“Nothing.” He responded exasperated. “I’m just not ready.”
“Well no hurry.” Assured the man on the phone. “Have you looked at them?”
“I can’t even find the time to open the bloody thing!”
“Rich!” said a female voice. It was his wife calling out from the other room. “your language.” The small man placed the receiving end of the rotary phone to his chest.
“Sorry love.” The blue eyed man responded to the female voice, then he returned to the phone. “Look I will tell you when I am ready to use them! I just can’t think about this now!”
“Its alright.” George said gently. “There is no pressure. I was just wondering if you saw them and what you thought. I wasn’t trying to upset you so.”
“I know.” The drummer stated apologetically. “I appreciate the loving and thoughtful gift…”
“You’re scared.” The young man interrupted. “It’s okay, just admit it.” This only angered the older man.
“Don’t you think I have enough on my plate already?” he found himself yelling. Suddenly there was a dial tone. George had hung up. The older man sighed heavily as he placed the phone back on its base. He found he wanted to cry, but tears had no place on the face of the man of the house. He sucked it up and gave no hint of his grief.
After dinner, he and his family were outside on the patio. The children were running on the grass, while he and his wife watched their offspring innocently play. His wife Maureen had noticed the tension in her husband’s face, but he shut down her questions with a gesture that she had learned, meant not to press. Then a man servant appeared.
“Mister Epstein has arrived sir “ stated the old man. Ringo looked up in surprise. He wasn’t expecting Brian of all people. George must have called him. God damn it! Why must this part of his life absorb so much of his time. Because it was important to him. He wasn’t really angry, he was afraid. He was afraid of the box, what was in it and what it was going to lead to. Now his homosexual manager was in his home, ready to talk about the contents of that damnable box.
“Send Mister Epstein to my study.” Answered the man of the house.
“He is already there Sir.” Responded the servant. “it seems he knew where you would want him.”
“Very good. Offer him a refreshment and tell him I will be there shortly.”
“Of course.” answered the employee, who nodded then left. Starr looked at his wife, who must have assumed the surprised visit from his manager was related to work.
“Do you think you’ll be touring again?” asked his loving wife. She gave him her beautiful wide eye look, with eyes that reminded him of George.
“I don’t think so “ he uttered.
“What’s wrong?” she asked. She knew her husband well.
“Nothing.” Ringo snarked at her concerns. “Brian is just here to discuss business, nothing to do with you.” He then stood up from his chair and left to meet his manager. Maureen found her alone with the children again.

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Ringo entered his study to see his manager waiting for him on the same couch George had laid down on, during his mad state. It seemed so long ago when he called this very man to help the youngest Beatle over come his problems and now he was the mad one now.
“Hello Richard.” The older man said softly. He had such a gentle demeanor, which Ringo found comforting under their normal circumstances. Like when it was just the lads, but here he was under the same roof as his family, it felt threatening.
“Why are you here?” he asked bluntly. The gentleman did not flinch from his clients reaction. George must have told their manager about his aggravated mood.
“George informed me you might be upset over the package you received yesterday.” Mister Epstein was confirming the drummers suspicions. Fucking George couldn’t let well enough alone! “Is something the matter Richard?” the older man could see the signs of stress in the blue eyes.
“No!” Starr snapped.
“I see.” said the counsel. “Then perhaps I should take my leave?”
“Don’t go!” cried the drummer suddenly. A painful shutter hit the smaller man, then he looked into the tall mans face and his heart sank. He tried to fight the tears, but his companion wouldn’t let him. Ringo didn’t see the wise man stand but he felt the familiar atmosphere of the ever comforting chest, with the long arms circumferencing the smaller body. Oh god he had needed this. He had been away from Brian and the lads for weeks and he had missed them.
His wife and children were a great help, but he realized how important these men were to him. They were a major part of his life and he found it hard to be apart for so long. At home he was taller than the rest of his family, being in Brian’s arms made him realized he did enjoy the smallness he felt when he was intimate with his mates. The older man stroked the brown hair of the younger in his arms.
“I’m sorry Bri.” The drummer muttered in the embrace of his taller companion. The host inhaled the smell of his managers cologne and allowed himself to be lost in the gentle demeanor of his guest. Before Ringo knew it, he was on the couch with the bigger man. Cuddling in the safety of the loving affection he didn’t even realize he needed.
“It’s quite alright.” The wise man soothed. “ I know it’s stressful living this double life.”
“Its pure hell!” Starr declared. “I feel more guilty about my affairs with George than I do with any of the hundreds of women I’ve slept with.”
“Because unlike the side women, you’re in love with George.” The small man nodded at this factual statement. He knew he loved George as much as he loved his wife. “Those other women don’t mean anything to you, where Maureen and George seem to matter equally.” The distraught man nodded. Brian was right. God, the man was always right about these things.
“Is it wrong to love two people this much?” the drummer asked meekly with those sad blue eyes.
“I can not tell you what is right and wrong.” Mister Epstein responded with a handkerchief to clean up the sweet face before him. Richard was so sensitive. He unlike the others, had a loving relationship with his wife. George was an extension of his love, where the others lacked this level of intimacy with their female companions. “What I can tell you is you are fortunate to have found the love you have. Both Maureen and George bring you happiness and you shouldn’t deny yourself either of their affections. Few people find this relationship with one person, let alone two.”
Ringo dried his eyes with his own handkerchief, grateful for the advice given.
“Thank you Bri.” He said trying to compose himself. “When I saw that box, I panicked. I can’t dare to open it.”
“what are you afraid of?”
“That George is going to want to use them on me.”
“George is in New York and you’re in England.”
“I just know where this is going to lead to… well, you know.” Brian knew indeed. The drummer has already admitted to his desires but also his anxieties over anal sex.
“Richard,” began the manager in a warm and loving voice. “as I explained to you before, what is inside that box is no commitment to any sexual act you don’t feel comfortable doing.”
“I know, but George is anxious to try them out…”
“That doesn’t matter. You will use them when you are ready and not a moment sooner. I’ll make sure George understands this, next time he and I talk.”
“No need.” Starr replied. “I can tell him myself.”
“If that’s what you want. Are you sure you have the temperament?” Brian was referring to the phone call Ringo received from George earlier that day.
“Yes.” The smaller man assured. “I’ll be more patient when I talk to George again.” He was still upset for snapping at George earlier on the phone.
“You know, “ Brian began cautiously, as the subject was sensitive. “you don’t need to have anyone with you when you try them.” Ringo looked up at the suggestion. “ You have a safe and quiet spot here in your study, with plenty of entertainment.” The taller man was referring to all the stag photos and film the band members were known for. “You don’t have to think of men when you try it. This is a toy, you could use it with a man or a woman. You can think about women or your sexual experiences with men. That is entirely up to you.”
The Beatle took a moment to absorb what he was hearing. It never occurred to him that he could get off with these devices he received while looking at women. He kept thinking about this only being applied with men. Of course he could enjoy these items with films and photos of beautiful women. Hell, why not?
“Thank you Brian.” The Host stated relieved. Suddenly the box seemed less of a threat and more of a curiosity. The guest smiled to see the mood of his client begin to relax.
“You know you can always call me when you start to feel these anxieties.”
“I know.” The younger man said deep in thought. “Just, sometimes I don’t even realize that is what I’m feeling.” Suddenly, he found himself in the arms of his manager again. A pair of soft lips graced the drummers mouth and the warm tongue penetrated his mouth, which felt so good. Breaking away, Brian gave him a smile.
“Give me a call after you try what is inside that box.” He stroked the sweet face in his mist. Then Starr returned the kiss and lost himself for a moment. Oh how he wished he could fuck Brian right now and there, but it was too risky. At this time of evening his wife or kids could bang on the door, disrupting the mood, and taking a long time to prepare to answer, would cause suspicion. “We should spend some time together while the others are away.” The manager suggested.
“Yes, I would like too.” Ringo agreed with a smile. The two kissed again, but the manager took his leave, so not to excite both when there was no time to fulfill such excitement.

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Maureen had went to bed at midnight. She had tried to stay up with her husband, but she found herself struggling to stay awake. The lonely mother of his children, longed for him to join her in their bed, but exhaustion overtook her. The young woman made a suggestive pass to the man she loved, but he seemed too preoccupied to notice. The wife left disappointed, again! Starr poured another drink after his female companion left. He wanted to wait until he knew she was sound asleep.
For a while he was reading a magazine about the great wars and all such sophisticated nonsense of manly importance. The blue eyed man was trying to feel more masculine despite what his true intentions were. He managed to sit through another thirty minutes, then he felt the compulsion to check on his wife. He scurried to the bedchamber, and there sleeping beautifully was his bride. He took a moment to reflect how lucky he was to have her. She was so good to him and he knew it. A pang of shame lingered in his mind. He hadn’t slept with her in months. Still the guilt wasn’t enough to change his course of action.
Ringo returned to his study, applied the locks and now he was truly alone. He laid a towel on the couch he was going to do the deed on. Then the smallest Beatle pulled out the projector reel from the closet. There was a selection of special moving pictures he had picked up from Japan. Then he went to the safe and unlocked his hidden treasures. The box was right where he abandoned his shame, with George’s picture facing up at him. He lifted the cardboard cube with the photo on it out of its hiding spot. He then grabbed the rest of his stack of snapshots of naked girls he had acquired from around the world.
It was a complicated procedure to just start a movie. The Beatle promptly set the wheel, screen and turned out the lights. He reframed from turning the sound on. There was no need to risk the noise and attract unwanted attention. The film began with a cute young woman bathing naked and touching herself. She tweeted her nipples of her small breast and Ringo found himself opening his robe and doing the same. Then she began to rub the black patch of hair covering her southern region. The drummer pulled his erect dick out and gave a few tugs. He was slowly getting into the mood to do this.
Turning to the box, he took a deep breath and forced himself to make up his mind. With a letter opener, he sliced along the seams of the square. Inside was lots of paper. The items really could have been stored in a smaller container, he had to fish out the product in a pool of paper and foam beads. Then he found one of the items he was searching for. It was wrapped in a black velvet bag, which inside, a long slender glass wand awaited him. There were four bags in total, each with it’s own glass device of a different size.
He found the smallest one, which was about the length of a finger and the girth was minimal. Taking the device to the washroom he proceeded to clean it. Nervously, the oldest Beatle inspected the item. It was solid, heavy and seemed to be of good quality. He found himself taking another deep breath. Much like the breathing George had shown him for the meditation the young man seemed to enjoy. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant and returned to the couch promptly.
The movie had another girl riding a man on his lap, as he sat in a chair. The shaft of the performers cock would disappear in a patch of black fur, then reappear. Ringo watched the contorted face of the woman, as she rode the dick to climax. The solo man squirted some of the lubricant out of the bottle and rubbed it on the glass wand. He was breathing heavily as he looked at it.
His rear had never been penetrated before and this would be the first time something went inside him. He realized he was over thinking and brought his legs up in a very undignifying position. It reminded him of his wife when she visited the ladies doctor. He applied some lubricant to the opening of his back end and then took a moment to reevaluate what he was doing. Was he really going to go through with this?
Then the film scene changed to a girlie show. Two pretty young models were kissing and making out. Oh my god is there anything hotter than two beautiful women fucking? He pressed the tip of the toy to his ass. He figured if he was going to go through with it he might as well do it with the lesbian show going on. The ladies were topless and licking each other’s titties, when he pushed the glass toy in a little bit of the way.
His hand trembled holding the fake dick in place. Starr took in more deep breaths. He thought of George and tried to figure out if he wished the youngest Beatle was with him or not. Yes and no was the real answer. He didn’t want to be alone but he was also glad no one was there to see this. His legs up in the air like a woman and a glass dick sticking out of his ass, how humiliating. Still a warm body and some kisses would be nice. It would also be nice if he could see what he was doing.
Taking in all his courage he proceeded to push the glass penis inside deeper. One of the girls in his movie had her face buried in the hairy bush of the other. Now was clearly the most opportunistic time to go through with this. He felt the full penetration of the object and it was painful. He closed his eyes and took deeper breaths. He rubbed himself looking at the film, but he felt he needed more variety.
He rediscovered the stack of snapshots of different women and began to go through them. A blond groupie from Berlin, posing nude in just her heels. Two girls he picked up in Spain, kissing each other. A masseuse he had in Tibet who had let him photograph her with her robe open, giving a very sensual tease. A black lounge singer he hooked up with in Paris, laid sprawled out on a bed in her negligee. A Canadian model he didn’t sleep with, but agreed to posed topless for him, looked away in the picture. All and more were available.
He rubbed his dick, but he wasn’t getting off the way he wanted to. Then he found the picture of George by the box and near it, sprawled sloppily on the couch cushion was a lose pile of photos of women, but one stood out. It was a picture of Maureen completely nude laying by the pool in a lounge chair. This was before they were married and he had only recently deflowered her.
She looked at him excitedly. Newly sexually free, she thirst for more of his dick. Hell, she couldn’t get enough of it. He fucked her right then and there after he finished taking the picture. Then he looked at the photograph of George and recalled how they had just fucked, then he pulled out his camera to immortalize the moment. Oh my god, he loved them both so much!
He noticed the pain in his rear began to dissipate. Propping the two pictures to where he could see both of them at the same time, the drummer slowly began to move the foreign object inside of him, in and out. He felt the certain spot he had heard so much of from the other lads. It was strange at first but he applied the pressure and it slowly turned into pleasure.
The exploring man put his focus on the two pictures. Both George and Maureen were getting him off. He began to think of being inside his wife, then being inside George. Then the thought of George leaning over him, replacing the glass toy with his own flesh and blood, penis. This was exciting him immensely. Then the thought of tasting his wife at the same time. Oh it was too arousing. His body convulsed at the idea, while he stroked his dick with his other hand. The mental suggestion of his two favorite lovers at the same time was quickly driving him to his edge.
Starr closed his eyes and his mind fluttered with images of the two people he loved most. Different sexual acts and poses with of each favored lover, flooded his mind as his cum flew from his dick, in a powerful release. His body trembled from the experience, it was rather intense, but not as scary as he thought it would be.
He pulled the glass item out, washed it and then closed it and the other items like it, back in the box then immediately returned it to the safe. He added the photographs with the box, then locked it promptly. He cleaned himself up, but left the reel out. His wife knew he watched dirty pictures, so he didn’t care if she or the servants found the film. It was all heterosexual and that’s what mattered.
The sky was still dark when he crawled into the bed next to his wife. Her arms were crossed over her chest. A self embrace from loneliness. He recognized this and cuddled into her locked position. Maureen slowly aroused from the foreign feeling of human contact.
“Richie?” She said in a daze. He kissed her sweet lips and proceeded to slip his hand up her gown and grope her soft succulent breasts. She smiled in excitement. It had been far too long since they had made love. However, he was already spent for the night, but not wanting to disappoint this beautiful woman, he burrowed under the sheets. He worked his head between her legs and for once in an incredibly long time, gave her all of his attention.