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Kaeya’s New Armor

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Kaeya and Diluc are a couple of adventurers looking for various enemies to fight and loot to take. To improve their abilities, they constantly enhance or buy weapons and armor. Kaeya personally loves the different kinds of armor he owns and loves trying on new ones, he not only prioritizes safety but also style. Meanwhile, Diluc loves weapons more, not caring for armor as long as they’re durable and can protect him from harm. As much as Diluc barely cares about armor for himself, he does appreciate the armor chosen by his lover, who always looks beautiful in whatever he wears.


One day, while they just finished fighting a great serpent that plagued a village, they went to the local market to buy some new armor and weapons. They found a promising shop filled with an exquisite collection and it wasn't even too expensive - not that it was a problem for Diluc mind you. Anything Kaeya wanted, Diluc made sure he'd get it. Unfortunately, this time the redhead is very reluctant in buying Kaeya this specific item.


The merchant waves at them, showing the two his wares. "Please, take a look at my items, fresh from Fontaine! And to save our small village, I will grant you a discount of 80% off everything in the shop!" He says, gesturing to his items on display. 


For a few moments, they look around, inspecting some things that they find interesting. What caught Kaeya's eyes though was an outfit set that looked like it belonged in a brothel, it didn't matter to him, what matters was that the design was intriguing and unique and he'd look so damn good in it. 


"Excuse me, sir, but what’s that?" Kaeya asks, pointing to the outfit.


"Ah! That, my dear, is armor." 


The said armor barely looks like it covers anything if anyone were to wear it. It has an exquisite design with golden patterns and linings to complement the royal blue see-through cloth for the bottom part of the 'armor' that covered what seemed like black underwear. The top part has a sleeveless, skin-tight black crop top with a boob window and some golden cuffs attached to puffy sleeves with the same design as the see-through cloth as the accessories for the arms, as well as a gold choker to complement the black top. 

This truly is something you'd find in a high-class brothel. 


"Are you sure? Doesn't look like it" Kaeya said.


"Aha! But it is! You see, it's a special kind of armor inspired by the Fontaine King's concubines."


"So, how does that make it armor?" 


"The concubines aren't your average concubines, they've been trained as bodyguards as well. Delicate-looking creatures but deadly when their King is threatened. Their armor was just a bit like this one, which enabled flexibility, skill enhancement, speed, and not to mention the charming effect." The merchant winked.


With that, the star-eyed male did not even hesitate. "I'll take it!" 


Diluc's eyes widened and eyebrows furrowed in surprise and protest.


"Kaeya, wait, are you seriously going to wear that in public?" 


"Of course I am! Plus I'm gonna fight with it to see how well it works. Plus don't you think I'll look great in it?" 


Kaeya raises a suggestive brow at Diluc. The redhead only shakes his head, unable to say no to his lover's request. 


"Alright, alright." 


Kaeya giggles in glee, kissing his lover on the cheek in gratitude only to be returned with an annoyed sigh. 


After Diluc chooses a new weapon to buy, they pay for their purchases before leaving the village. 


On their next adventure, they are commissioned to defeat a drake in a nearby mountain village. This time, Kaeya had worn his brand new armor, much to Diluc's distaste. Sure, he looks exquisitely sexy in that outfit but he couldn't help the glare he'd give to the people they pass as they openly stare at his lover's barely covered assets. 


As they fight the drake, both are surprised to see that Kaeya's new armor did work. Kaeya has never fought so flexibly and with this much speed before, it was somewhat amazing that even Diluc had been a little impressed - if only his lover's ass didn't threaten to spill out. Not to mention the fact that Diluc was very much distracted by the way Kaeya was fighting as if he was dancing, the way he moves so fluidly like water but as sharp as ice was ethereal to Diluc. He couldn't doubt that Kaeya looks more beautiful than ever in it and that bothers him even more.


"Here you go, Mayor!" Kaeya exclaimed, dropping the decapitated drake head on the bearded man's desk.


"W-well done, esteemed adventurers!" The mayor congratulated them although a bit distracted. His eyes shifted from the drake head, Kaeya's boob window, and exposed legs, then on the floor, trying not to meet the glare of fiery red eyes that silently threatened him.


"Uhm… here's your reward, m-my good sirs." He hesitates, holding a bag of gold coins.


Kaeya's eyes light up at the thought of counting the gold coins back home. The thought of the new things he could buy invaded his mind as he took the bag and thanked the mayor before practically skipping out of the office, Diluc trails behind him, making sure the mayor still has his eyes on the floor and not on the blue-haired beauty's person. The mayor let out a shaky sigh as the two left his office and now sported a half-hard erection. 


As they pass through the town square to get to the market, Diluc continues to glare at the men and women looking in their direction. Kaeya knows the effect he has on the people especially with his new outfit and he loves the attention he is receiving. Unfortunately, Diluc does not share the same feeling. He is seething at this point, jealousy and possessiveness invades his very being. He hates the attention Kaeya was getting. 


"We're leaving," Diluc growls.


"Hm? But I thought we were going to the mar-"


"Now!" Diluc whispers harshly as he took Kaeya's wrist and almost drags him out of the village. 


The journey home was a quiet one. It was uncomfortable for both Kaeya and Diluc. He didn't exactly know what caused Diluc to act this way. Meanwhile, the redhead feels that if he spoke while he was in this mood, he'd say something wrong or worse. The last time he had been uncontrollably furious, he had almost killed Kaeya and it's something he promised to never do again. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if anything had happened to Kaeya. 


The silence between them went on for the few days of their walk back home. Kaeya couldn't find it in himself to ask Diluc what's wrong, knowing Diluc would just grunt and not reply. Although Diluc is angry, Kaeya knew that he still took effort in taking care of him and making sure he was at least comfortable - giving him his jacket during the night, making sure he is well-fed, or checking back on him to make sure he isn't leaving him behind. Still, the silent treatment is causing Kaeya to worry. 


Finally, they had arrived back home, the Dawn Winery, Diluc's late father's manor. Kaeya sighs as he takes off his shoes before entering, followed by Diluc. He feels the courage to finally ask Diluc what is wrong now that they are home but almost jumps out of his skin when Diluc suddenly drops the bags on the floor which isn't normal for him since he'd always bring the bags upstairs. Kaeya walks closer to Diluc, hands reaching out to touch him.


"Diluc, are you okay? Please tell me what's wro- ah!" 


Diluc suddenly grabs both of Kaeya's wrists and pushes him hard against the wall, knocking his breath away. Before Kaeya could process what was happening, Diluc's lips harshly pressed against his own. He gasps at the sudden act, allowing Diluc to slide his tongue deep within Kaeya's warm mouth. 


By the time the fiery man pulls away, Kaeya had saliva dripping from the sides of his mouth and swollen lips. Kaeya's eyepatch falls off at one point, half-lidded mismatched eyes with tears threatening to fall, stares back at Diluc. Both are gasping for air, faces flushing from the heat and the intensity. 


"Diluc... w-what has gotten into you?" Kaeya asks, breathless.


The redhead did not answer. Instead, he attacks Kaeya's neck with his mouth, licking and sucking at the soft skin causing Kaeya to let out a sudden gasp. He could feel hands travel down to his ass, lifting him up. He wraps both of his legs tightly around Diluc's waist, tugging at his hair in the process as Diluc leaves marks on his neck. The redhead carries him to the bed and roughly sets him down. The look Diluc has on his face is as if he could burn the whole house down with just a glare. The fire in his eyes is becoming unsettling for Kaeya, almost terrifying since the only time he has ever seen something similar to this expression is when they had that terrible fight. 


Diluc growls as he looked down on the man beneath him, taking in his vulnerable form and that stupid armor. The ugly feeling in his stomach only grows the more he remembers the eyes staring at his beloved. He wanted to tear their eyeballs out of their sockets. 


The armor. It was because of the armor. That stupid fucking armor. He grits his teeth as he growls, stripping the armor off of Kaeya, deaf to his protests and the sounds of cloth ripping. 


"Diluc! Wait- stop!" 


Kaeya tries to stop Diluc from literally ripping his clothes off but ends up with both of his arms above his head by one of Diluc's hands while the other continues to tear the clothes apart. Before he knew it, he is stark naked underneath Diluc who stares at him like a predator stalking its prey. Diluc pulls away only to remove his shirt before diving back in to take Kaeya's mouth into his own. He tries to push him away only for the grip on his wrists and waist to tighten possessively. 


Kaeya is no match for Diluc in strength, both he and Diluc know that. Diluc has only ever used his strength against Kaeya once in his life and it ended badly. If he would have to use his strength against the slimmer but toned bluenette, it would usually be with his consent. Diluc would become unsure of it, only to be reassured by Kaeya that it was okay. However, this situation was different. Diluc was gripping him so tight that it hurt. His eyes are similar to those seen by their enemies and it’s currently directed towards Kaeya - eyes fogging with anger and the intent to hurt. It was scaring Kaeya. 


"Diluc- mmmff! Hah… Please stop!" Kaeya pleads but they fall on deaf ears. 


His eyes widens as Diluc takes out his cock from his trousers, already sporting a raging erection. Diluc hisses and grunts as he rubs his cock as he spreads Kaeya's legs wide, separating the two ass cheeks apart and revealing Kaeya's tight, pink hole. 


Kaeya's lips quivered in fear and panic as the man above him starts to align himself. He was going in without preparation or lubrication. 




Kaeya's heart thumps hard in his chest. He tries to kick Diluc away, only for Diluc to forcefully keep his legs open and hands above his head.


"You're mine. MINE!" Diluc growls. 


As Diluc is about to force himself inside Kaeya, he stops. The sound of painful sobbing reaches his ears. A sudden wave of clarity enters his being as he loosens his grip on Kaeya. He looks down at lover who is sobbing his heart out in fear. Terrified eyes of gold and azul stares back at him. 


"Please… Diluc… Please stop." He begs.


The sound of Kaeya's distressed and panicked cries is enough to bring Diluc out of his jealousy-induced anger. He gasps, immediately loosening his grip as he looks at the man underneath him in horror. The love of his life, staring back at him with widened, fearful eyes. His whole body is trembling as he continues to whimper and sob. He slowly and carefully places his arms around Kaeya's shaking body to hold him close, nuzzling his face in Kaeya's neck.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Diluc whispers, almost chanting. 


Kaeya whimpers, still frightened. 


"Diluc, I'm sorry for whatever I did. I'll do anything just to make it up to you, just... not like this.


Diluc feels disgusted with himself. He had promised to never let anything bad happen to Kaeya but here he is, hurting him a second time. 


"Kaeya, I- I don't know what came over me. Oh, gods, I'm so sorry." 


"Diluc, you almost-" 


"I know and I regret everything I did. I'm sorry, I promised no harm would ever come to you but- gods, please forgive me, Kaeya. I went and lost my control." Diluc tightens his hold on Kaeya as guilt consumes his whole being.


"Why, Diluc? What did I do wrong?" Kaeya cries on his shoulder.


"It- I got jealous. People were looking at you because of that armor and I felt angry. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. It's all my fault, not yours. You did nothing wrong." 


Kaeya slightly pushes himself away from Diluc to look into his eyes but refuses to meet his gaze. He holds Diluc's face to turn to him, eyes no longer filled with rage and jealousy but rather shame and regret. Kaeya caresses his cheek, wiping away a few tears from Diluc's face. Kaeya sighs heavily, closing his eyes as he hugs Diluc back. 


"You scared me, Diluc. Don't ever do that again. I had thought that I had done something horrible… Like last time-" 


"No, you did nothing wrong. I'm the one at fault…even back then it was my fault." Diluc softly says, the hint of guilt evident in his voice.


"I had lied to you back then." 


"You told the truth and I had acted irrationally and stupidly. I had promised to never let my anger out on you again and yet I did. All because I was jealous. I'm sorry." 


Kaeya remains silent, only hugging Diluc tighter as he lets out another sob. Now, both are crying in each other's arms. One cries with guilt and the other cries with relief and forgiveness, hearts both aching for each other. 


For what felt like hours, they held each other in silence, taking comfort in each other's embrace. Finally, Kaeya looks up at Diluc, smiling softly . 


"I forgive you, Diluc." 


"I don't deserve your forgiveness, Kaeya. I was stupid. I'm sorry, you can wear that armor whenever you want. I promise I won't say anything." Diluc says. 


Kaeya giggles a bit at his lover's cute, guilty face.


"I can't really wear it anymore, Diluc..." 


"Huh? Why not- Oh..." Diluc glances at the floor where the torn pieces of armor lay. 


"...I'll buy you new ones then." He grimaces in embarrassment. 


Kaeya kisses his cheek and chuckles. "You always do, Diluc. Thank you, but... maybe that armor wasn't really the best. If it wasn't for your kind gesture of giving me your coat at night, I would've frozen to death." 


Diluc suddenly holds him tightly, almost pushing both of them deeper into the soft bed, knocking Kaeya's breath away with a soft 'oof'


"I won't let that happen. You're not freezing to death on my watch." 


A warm, giddy feeling enters Kaeya's heart as he blushes. He kisses Diluc's forehead and nuzzles back into his embrace. 


"Hmmm… I love you, Diluc.


Diluc feels his heart flutter. Archons, bless Kaeya's heart for easily forgiving Diluc, even if Diluc still thinks of himself as undeserving. He doesn't deserve Kaeya, and yet he'll gladly be selfish enough to keep his love for himself. He'll do anything for Kaeya and Kaeya will do anything for him. They were meant for each other, they both believe that. Diluc is just stupid enough to forget. 


Diluc notices Kaeya's soft and steady breathing on his chest, who still holds onto him like a koala. He repositions them into a more comfortable position before covering them both with a blanket. He pecks his lover's lips, who gives him a soft, sleepy sigh in return. 


"I love you too, Kaeya." He replies, slowly drifting to sleep with his arms tightly holding Kaeya close to him.