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The black sky that watches over Vale was usually illuminated by the endless stars, and the broken moon of Remnant. Tonight though, the white of the moon was replaced by the bone white of grimm, and instead of stars, there was the blood red eyes of the swarm. The gods surely could not see through the thick blanket of living fear, masking their view from wherever they lay perched beyond the sky, and without even their eyes,

Weiss was alone.

It had only been three minutes since she had used the last of her aura to send Ruby up Beacon's broken clock tower, there was no reason to worry. Ruby was going to be fine.

Ruby had been accepted into Beacon two years early for her display of martial skill in live combat, worthy of someone beyond her years. In her time at Beacon she had time and time again proven she deserved to be here, that Ozpin was right about her. In Goodwitchs class she had yet to lose a match, and she had gone up against the entire body of first years twice at this point in the semester.

As far as Weiss was concerned, there wasn’t a soul on Sanus who was capable of beating Ruby in combat, so even in her tired state she had to be fine.

She had to be fine, because no matter how much Weiss pushed and shoved against the cold stone of Beacon's pavement, she could not convince her body to get up.

Tonight had pushed her body to its physical limits, and after those limits were exceeded, Weiss pushed her body even further. Now she was nothing but a sweaty, sore, and bruised pile of flesh. Stranded on her knees in front of Beacon tower.

So Ruby had to be fine, because Weiss couldn’t help her if she wasn’t.

The only thing she could feel was the burning of her lungs, as she silently begged her body to get up. The only thing she could smell was ash, blood, and rose petal. The only thing she could hear was the piercing screechs and constant growls of grimm above, as well as the deafening raspiness of her breath, as it struggled for air.

Despite these omnipresent and unwelcome sounds, without the constant tick and tock of the now broken clock tower, it felt as if the silence would consume her until nothing was left.

So Ruby had to be fine, because if she wasn’t what would she fill that silence with? What would she want to hear again if not her voice, the grating way it would ask for something she knew she shouldn’t have, the smug way it knew it would get it anyways. The firm way it could call herself, Blake, and Yang to attention. The slow and tired way it would speak with Pyrrha after a sparring session. The mischievous giggles it would haunt the halls of beacon with as her and Nora got up to no good. The light and airy giggles and hums it would let out to the tune of whatever song was stuck in her head as she baked. The soft and low way it would speak truer than anyone else was allowed to hear, as it told Weiss stories of a childhood long past, as it told Weiss fears of grimm and leadership, as it told Weiss that she loved her.

Black started to appear at the corners of Weiss’s vision, and a figure that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere approached what was left of it. Qrow, Ruby's uncle.

She had met Qrow once before and she had hated him. Hated his all too familiar reek of alcohol. Hated how confidant he was in his lazy and uncaring attitude. But that was before she and Ruby had started dating, before she had seen in him the light of Ruby's stories of her childhood. Before those stories acted as a comfort for the both of them. In Ruby the comfort of familiarity, of sharing a piece of her past with someone trusted. in Weiss, the comfort of a promise of a family she had never had, in being trusted.

So Ruby had to be fine, or who else would fulfill the promise of affection that was so new to her.

Ruby had to be fine. Qrow was here now.

All of a sudden Weiss felt nervous, her heart started to beat just a tad faster than before, and that's saying something. Ruby had told Qrow the two were dating a few months back, but they hadn’t met in person since.

Qrow had no issue voicing his distaste for anyone wearing the Schnee crest, and Weiss at the time of their first meeting, was fine with that vile in his voice whenever he had to address her, at the smugness in his eyes as he looked above her. She was fine with it, because she had learned early on in life that if she cared about the opinions of those who hate her, she would crumble under their weight, and wouldn’t be able to recover.

But after nights of Ruby excitedly regaling her of tales of her idol hunter, Weiss had inadvertently grown to respect him through Ruby’s words, even if she suspected the tales might have been embellished. Sure he had initially set the bar in hell, but Ruby had raised it to a sea level town for him.

So her distaste for him was no longer the issue, the issue was now in fact his distaste for her. He had already met Winter, and was apparently not a fan, and Winter wasn’t dating one of the nieces he seemed to treat like daughters. Weiss didn’t even think she was good enough for Ruby. So how was she supposed to convince Qrow she was good enough for Ruby?

Qrow finally reached her after his slow approach, and looked down into her fading eyes. Crimson sent shivers down Weiss’s spine, reminding her of all the times she had earned Yang's deserving fury. A rough hand reached out and touched Weiss' shoulder, breaking her free from her thoughts. Stopping her spiral and bringing her back to reality.

Blue pierced crimson, trying to read Qrows tired face, trying to find the answer to her question in his weary face. He had to know if she was okay, if he didn’t know he wouldn’t be wasting time on her. She found nothing but a tired expression she could not read. Blank determination bearing down on her from the Hunter's old and damaged face.

As his grip on her shoulder tightened, She allowed herself to fall into the silent comfort she did not expect to receive from the man, letting herself fall into the sleep her body demanded. One final thought drifted her to sleep like a lullaby, reassured by the man's presence.

Ruby was fine.