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El inglés no es mi primer idioma y todavía lo estoy aprendiendo, todos los errores son míos. No tengo nada.

He saw her walk down the aisle, saw her radiant, beautiful, saw her blush as she walked into the arms of a stranger, dressed in white, in her own way her dress was loose, she wore little makeup, her lips highlighted with a wine color identical to their shared glass at Fin's non-wedding, would it be different if he had come back earlier? Would it be different if 14 years earlier he had knocked on her door and not Kathy's? Would they have? Would his son be the candy-curled boy wearing suspenders and a suit matched to the man at the altar? Would he have saved her from the attack that now adorns her body with scars that run deeper into her soul?

For 10 years he has carried the burden of a sacrifice imposed on him by his religion, the loyalty given by the navy, the resentment and the oath not to become his father, so if he was faithful to all that why did he feel so miserable as he watched her smile at the words of a judge, swearing eternal love in vows armed by a tea drinking lover of literature,  why he could not help his soul to break every time she saw the tears of happiness fall down her face with every word that the man who would be her husband in a few minutes swore to her before her son, friends and some colleagues to protect them, she was supposed to be happy for her, but she could not help but break more when she saw her sign, when she saw her abandon her name because she wanted to have something from a person who loved her for the first time completely in her life, from the person who had chosen her every day without hesitation. He had chosen her, that was the difference between him and Rafael Barba.  He had the guts to gamble everything for the woman he had loved for 23 years, and now he would have to live without her, without her love, now he felt what Olivia had felt during the years of partnership, "complicated" the word that describes them perfectly, or rather him, he is sure that during the attempted divorce with Kathy if he had been brave and declared his love to her she reciprocates, her face when she found out that Eli was on his way had told him everything, he saw her heart break and inside him something also broke, he loves his son but he can't help but think that this child that ironically Olivia had helped give birth to could be theirs.

The ironies of life are curious he turns to look into Noah's piercing blue eyes and Eli's brown eyes, in another life the four of them would be a family,, proper, it would be them celebrating their new vows, it would be him she was kissing and then wiping her lips across the lipstick she left on the corner of his mouth.

In another life he would not be the stranger at the courthouse at the wedding of the love of his life, in another life Olivia and Elliot would be partners for life not just for the job but for a love that he knows she feels but it is different, a love that the pain caused turned it into a bittersweet memory that will be with her forever but is outweighed by the love for the man that even though he recognizes she can rebuild herself he held every piece and helped glue them together.

the end.