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The Rengoku's Family

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A cute five year old Nezuko ran down halls of the Rengoku home. She was looking for her brother, Tanjiro, and Kyojuro who where coming back from the Butterfly mansion.

Turning the corner she actually bump into someone looking Nezuko smiled widely. "Grandpa!"

Standing right in front of her was Shinjuro fondly staring at the little girl. "Nezuko, please be careful you could hurt yourself." He help his adopted granddaughter from the floor.

"Sorry, I just heard that big brother and Kyo are back home!" Nezuko giggled, she jumped up excitedly. "Do you know where they are?"

Shinjuro chuckled. "Their in the living room with Senjuro." He held his hand out towards the girl. "I'm actually going there want to tag along?"

Nezuko took his hand ane began pulling him, "Hurry grandpa, I wanna see them!"

"Okay, I'm coming." Shinjuro laughed letting Nezuko guide him by the hand.

True to his word the three were in the living room having tea while chatting. Nezuko released Shinjuro hand running towards the two. "Tanjiro! Kyojuro!"

"Nezuko!" Tanjiro called out as she jumped into their arms.

She smiled at them. "Your back!"

"Of course we are Nezuko, we always keep our promise." Kyojuro chuckled loudly petting the girl's hair making her giggle. She noticed Kyojuro hold something behind his back.

"Kyo, what's behind your back?" Nezuko asked. Kyojuro wink at Tanjiro and slowly reveal what he was hiding, it was a red medium box with a white bow in the middle.

Kyojuro handed Nezuko the box, "Go ahead and open it."

She gently pull the string and open it, a gasp escape her lips. "A doll!" Taking it out of the box Nezuko held the toy so they could all see.

The doll had long raven hair, blue eyes, fair skin and rosey lips. She wore a white fabric flower pattern kimono with white tabi socks and black getas. In her hair were two different color flowers and a small red hairpin.

"Wow, she looks so life like." Nezuko push back a strand of the doll's hair she turned towads Kyojuro hugging him, "Thank you so much Kyo!"

Kyojuro gently hugged her back, "I knew you like it," he turned to Tanjiro, "and I believe Tanjiro also has a gift for you too."

Smiling nervously Tanjiro pick up a pink box that Nezuko didn't noticed and open it. Again the little girl gasp, inside the gift was a beautiful dark blue dress.

Nezuko touch the clothing,"It's so soft yet light." She set the doll beside her and took out the dress spearing it out on the tatami mats.

"You three spoil Nezuko too much." Senjuro sigh playfully.

Kyojuro and Shinjuro frown turning their heads at Senjuro, "Didn't you bought her candy just last week along with some chocolate?" Shinjuro said eyeing his second son.

The boy's left eye twitch, "And didn't you father bought her a fourth kimono just two days ago?"

Knowing the three are just going argue about the topic Tanjiro got up and motion Nezuko to follow. She picked up her doll walking over to her brother the girl peek over her shoulder.

"My gift was better."

"Father you bought Nezuko a new set of shoes."

"My granddaughter said she liked them."

Tanjiro rolled his eyes as the two walked into the kitchen. Taking the apron he told Nezuko to go play outside and will call her with the others when dinner is ready.

Thanking her brother, Nezuko put on her shoes and walk to the yard with her doll. "I should give you a name, how about Suki?" She moved the head as if the doll was nodding, "Okay Suki it is!"

The sounds of kids playing right outside the house caught her ears. Seeking pass the Rengoku family and her brother, Nezuko walked out the wooden front door gate.

Five kids were playing with a colorful ball. Two girls about Nezuko's age and two boys who looked like about two years older than her.

The ball rolled over to her direction picking it up Nezuko waved it to the group. "Hey, can I play with you too?"

The boys blushed, "S-Sure..." one of them mumbled shyly. One of the girls on the other hand glared and snarled at her, everyone in the area knew who Nezuko is.

The little girl is the only female in the Rengoku household she is the sister of Tanjiro a every well loved boy whom is Kyojuro’s lover.

Luckily the neighborhood accepted the two lovers and Nezuko also Kyojuro’s family.

Though it came clear that some of the little girls didn't like Nezuko and she couldn't understand why.

She respects everyone both young and old.

Always polite.

Plays fairly with the other children.

Never bully others.

That's how Nezuko became likable by everyone and how she gain friends with half of the kids.

Even with all that the little girl couldn't understand why some of them didn't like her but Nezuko never told her brother, grandfather, uncle or Kyojuro.

She was too scared what they'll do.


Coming from her thoughts Nezuko glance over to one of girls smiling at her, "Come on we're going to play catch!"

Holding her doll close Nezuko smiled, "Okay!" She didn't noticed the wicked smirked on the girl's face.

"Kyojuro have you seen Nezuko?"

Tanjiro looked at his lover and family with concern. "No, I thought she was with you." Kyojuro responded glancing over to his brother and father but they also had the same confuse look.

"Maybe she's playing with the neighboring kids, I heard the front door gate open." Senjuro revealed.

Normally, Nezuko would ask permission to go play or come back telling where she went. But today she didn't and it was getting late, Tanjiro turned to look at Kyojuro who understood.

Standing up the two began walking towards the front when they heard hiccups and sniffles.

The moment the person appeared did Tanjiro yelled, "Nezuko!"

Hearing his yelling Senjuro and Shinjuro ran towards them, their mouths hung open at what the saw.

The little girl clothing was covered in mud, branches and leafs stick out of her hair, face covered in dirt dush and cheeks stained with dry tears. Nezuko had scratches on her arms and one on her face by the cheek.

Tanjiro rush over to his sister kneeling in front of her, "Nezuko, what happened?" He asked in a concerned tone, but Nezuko didn't reply.

Instead she started sobbing jumping into her brother's arms.

Shinjuro and Senjuro bend down scanning Nezuko for any other injuries. Kyojuro kneel in next to Tanjiro asking the same question but adding in why she didn't have her doll.

Nezuko lifted her head, "I-I was playing with a group of kids a-a-and...." she hiccup as fresh tears began forming, "A-A girl in the group took Suki, my doll!"

Their eyes widen.

"The two boys and another girl tried to get her back then s-she push me into a bush that was wet and r-ran off!" Nezuko cried.

Tanjiro hugged his sister closer. He hate seeing Nezuko cry even before their parents were killed by a demon.

So did Kyojuro he hate seeing the two cry especially Nezuko who he saw as sister/daughter.

He wasn’t the only one.

When Kyojuro introduced Tanjiro and Nezuko his family automatically like them ( took awhile for his father) and began doting on Nezuko.

Almost immediately Nezuko began calling the two her uncle and grandfather which was embarrassing at first though they quickly became fond of it.

And now, seeing her sobbing was really tearing their heart, and wanted nothing more to see her happy again.

Gently pushing her away Tanjiro wip her cheek with his thumb, "Nezuko do you know who that girl was?"

Shaking her head Nezuko wip her eyes, "No, but the boys said her name was Gia."

"Gia? That's Tanki's daughter," Tanjiro remember, "Doesn't he live three blocks from he-"

His nose smell a murderous scent on both his sides. Turning his head Tanjiro met three dangerous burning glares, "Oh dear."

Their faces immediately softened when Nezuko's glance at them. "I'm so sorry Kyo! I should've been more careful with Suki!"

"It's okay Nezuko," Kyojuro patted her head. "Don't worry about it, I'll buy you another one."

Nezuko shook her head. "I don't want a new one! Suki is special because you got her for me!"

The Rengoku's eldest son had to clutch his heart at her words then recovered fast, "Well if Suki is that special we should go bring her back."

Shinjuro and Senjuro nodded, "And have a talk with Gia's father about her bad behavior."

Tanjiro picked up his sister turning to the three. "If your all going, I'll go too."

"You don't have too Tanjiro, we can handle it." Kyojuro calmly spoke.

"That's what I'm worry about," Tanjiro mumbled putting on his zōri, "Come on Nezuko let's go get Suki."

The little girl nodded tearfully wrapping her arms around Tanjiro's neck. Senjuro wanting to cheer her up held out a small lollipop, "It'll be alright Nezuko."

She took it muttering a thank you, Nezuko really hopes she'll get Suki back with no problems.

Oh how wrong she was.

Tanjiro sighed as they entered the estate, currently a maid was escorting them to where the family were at.

She glaze over her shoulder coming to a stop, "I'll go in and accounce your here." Walking in and closings the door.

Nezuko tugged Kyojuro’s haori, "Kyo, grandpa, I thought Tanjiro told you to leave your swords behind?"

The boy spund his head around and saw the weapons by their waist, "You two! Really?!"

The door opened causing Tanjiro to turned back, the maid bowed. "Tanki and Gia will see you now."

Thanking her they walked in sitting down across the father and daughter. "Rengoku! Kamado, welcome!" Tanki immediately bowed as well as Gia.

"W-What brings you here?" Tanki felt the murderous glare of the Rengoku family making him nervous.

Shinjuro regained his composure first. "We're here cause it seems your daughter had stolen a gift my eldest son gave to Nezuko just earlier today."

Tanjiro smiled sweetly, "And Nezuko really wants it back."

Kyojuro cross his arms. "So please give it or I might have to behe-"

Tanjiro smacked his lover across the head, "What my partner means is to kindly ask your daughter to return the doll."

Tanki blinked a few times before turning to Gia. "That doll you have is Nezuko's!?"

"So? I bet she has hundreds of another dolls." Gia snarled, she point a finger at Nezuko who was hidding underneath Tanjiro's checkered haori. "I don't know why your making it a big deal it's just a doll!"

"No it isn't!" Nezuko shouted cawrling out, "Suki is my first doll that Kyo gave me! So give her back!"

The nervous father waved his hands nervously, "M-Maybe it's a mistake, my daughter won't steal."

"Can you bring in the doll," Senjuro tone of voice change firmly scaring the man.

"S-Sure but do you really want to see it?" Tanki chuckled shakily.

"I wasn't asking." Senjuro's voice deepen glaring at the man. Tanki called in the maid from earlier quickly demanding her to bring the doll and sure enough returned with Suki.

"Suki!" Nezuko snatch her from the woman's hands, "Your okay."

"You have your doll now, so get lost spoiled brat." Gia scoffed.

"How annoying these pest are." Tanki whispered thinking no one heard him.

However a certain Sun Breather did.

Tanjiro calm demeanor changed as he shot in front of Tanki and yanked him up by the collar.

"Why don't you say those words a bit louder so we can all hear." He growled.

Eyes became dark. "Go on, I dare you."

Tanki body quivered in fear. "I'm s-sorry and apologize for the trouble my daughter has caused."

Gia gasp in disbelief. "Daddy!?"

"I’ll be sure to give her a proper punishment!" He said with a trembling voice. Gia was going to complain again until she saw the two swords by Kyojuro and Shinjuro waist did she shut her mouth.

"Sweetie, p-please apologize to N-Nezuko." Her father pleaded with watering eyes.

Gia got down and gave an apologetic bow. "F-Forgive me N-Nezuko for my foolish b-behavior."

Nezuko glared at her though she knew better than to hold a grudge against someone. "You are forgiven however that doesn't mean we're be friends."

Done, Tanjiro drop the man and walked over to the others who had left.

He gave the father and daughter a smug smirk. "Thank you Tanki, I hope you have a wonderful day." And closed the door.

Tanjiro took a deep breath. "Such a headache." As he walked to the gate entrance where he spotted his sister and the three waiting.

Kyojuro spund his lover. "That was marvelous Tanjiro! The way you man handled that idiotic man!"

"Kyojuro please don't shout so loud." Tanjiro blushed giggling.

Kyojuro grin dipping Tanjiro into a kiss.

Senjuro and Shinjuro covered Nezuko's eyes in order to protect her innocents. "Eh? What's going on grandpa, uncle?"

"Nothing Nezuko." Shinjuro cough clearing his throat.

"It's better that you don't know." Senjuro groan seeing that two were now being lovely dovely in front of them. "Or hope you never will."

After a few more seconds Tanjiro and Kyojuro happily smiled at the three. "Let's go home."

They walked calming back home with Nezuko in her grandfather's arms playing with her doll while Shinjuro talked with Senjuro and Kyojuro holding Tanjiro's hand.

"I hope our dinner didn't get cold." Tanjiro muttered.

Senjuro walked up to them, "Don't worry Tanjiro I'm sure it'll be a least warm."

Kyojuro nodded, "If not we can reheated while you take a bath with Nezuko."

Hearing her name Nezuko looked down at her clothing and agree with Kyojuro; she glance up at Shinjuro. "Sorry if I got you dirty grandpa."

The older man just smiled, "It alright little one beside we're more worried about your scratches."

"These are nothing grandpa! I did learn from the best from Kyo." Nezuko smirked proudly.

Tanjiro chuckled. "Really? What else did Kyojuro taught you?"

A playful grind appeared on sweet Nezuko's face, the next words that left her lips made Tanjiro freeze.

"To not take shit from others!"

Shinjuro and Senjuro also froze sweating they glaze at the two whom stop walking.

Kyojuro flinch when a frim yet soft hand clutch his shoulder, he peeked behind. His face meeting Tanjiro's calm smiling one, the flame piller knew that face.

"Shinjuro, Senjuro, can you come back home in five minutes?" Tanjiro continue to smile, sending a warning to the two. "Me and Kyojuro are going to have a little talk."

Seeing Kyojuro’s pleading face both clear out with Nezuko leaving behind a cloud of dust.

Once they were far away did Nezuko asked why they left, "Don't worry Tanjiro is going to have a talk with Kyojuro that all." Senjuro assured the little girl.

"Okay," Nezuko's eyes lit up spotting her favorite candy, "Konpeitō! Can I have some grandpa?"

Shinjuro hummed a yes buying a small pouch.

Together they went about the stores and stands ignoring the screams of a enrage Tanjiro and Kyojuro begging for mercy.