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Athena's Vengeance

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Logan enters his hotel room, exhausted after another day of law school classes. He came to Seoul from New York to further his education and escape his family name. That’s why he uses a disguise around campus, baggy clothes, motorcycle jacket, dark glasses. Anything to quiet the suspicion that an heir of the Lee family has forsaken the family business empire and opted to put criminals in jail. Being a prosecutor was the only thing he could do to atone for his parents’ sins. If he could be forgiven at all.


He takes his shoes off in the entrance of the room and feels his body sag from tiredness. The day was a never ending hell. 


But at least he got to see her


No, he thinks to himself. Let’s not think about her. She’s his professor. A distinguished prosecutor. Married. The word is stuck in his brain. 


But these eyes, another voice in him supplies unhelpfully. They spark of intelligence and courage. She has a fire when she talked about how the penal system is manipulated by the elite and our responsibility to punish them, while protecting the innocent. Even when it’s at the risk of our own life, she had said and her eyes found his in the crowd. 


He felt the flame of her passion for justice and he was marked forever. 


He puts his bag and helmet away and sinks into the plush sofa. He’d better find a less luxurious hotel soon if he wanted to stay hidden. 


He closes his eyes and feels waves of sleep coming. Images of long brown hair crowning a beautiful face, pink lips talking about prosecution bias and what happens when gang crime is fueled by the rich, in order to keep the police on the streets and not on their shady business. She was explaining the lengths she was going to publish her upcoming book, a deep look into gang-aided illegal adoption and teenage trafficking. How she had a gang member followed and how she learned about the meeting of some prominent businessmen with an orphanage director and a few criminals who were used as ‘muscle’. She wanted to find evidence of their wrongdoings to justify prosecuting and making them pay. She kept investigating, even if it’s a matter of time until the criminals learn her name and try to scare her off. She didn’t mention any name in class, but Logan knew who she was referring to. The same people who gave Sol A to his parents for a price, the same people who he’s becoming a lawyer to punish. 


Why does she do itthen? Logan thinks. She must have a personal reason too. Why would a wealthy mother of two risk her life and career to punish some lowlifes? She must want revenge. The fire in her eyes can’t lie. 


A text message illuminates the screen of his phone, stirring him out of his semi conscious musings. He grabs it and opens his secretary’s update.


Sec. Hong: We intercepted their phones and found an order from the boss. 


As he continues reading, cold fear rushes through his veins. He doesn’t realize it yet, but the course of his life just changed forever.


A hit has been placed on Professor Shim Su Ryeon