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A Word A Day

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This is a bit of fun.

Just working and writing as If this event was just one thing that I can do.

But what else can I do but sit and write and dream about what I would do if I was not sitting and writing and sitting?

This is not all that I can do, not all that I can do, but if I just keep sitting and writing it is easier to just sit and write, then try and do something else as this is the time where it is easier to just do what you are doing, then stop and start something else.

No one wants to say but stopping is harder than starting as you have to need to know that you have to stop but some don't.

Know that they need to stop they think they know a battle is never fought by stopping and some don’t know that retreat is sometimes the only option and going back is a smart idea.

The idea that you just have to keep going is easier than stopping and starting is stupid as If that Is all that it is.

This is a jumble, a stop and start as I start and never stop as starting and stopping is harder than stopping and starting.

So I’ll just be here sitting and writing and writing and sittings as I hope for the day that I can stop.

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Patience is thin.

Thin as a bord, thin as a spine, thin as a life. But it takes those things, doesn’t it? It takes and takes until it’s thin, as for some it started to think and round and plenty but as time goes on it becomes thin. People are always looking for a way to make things thin. Cars, phones, computers, competitors, children, Patience.

Why stretch it too far, why accelerate what we all know will happen regardless of whether you help it or not. 

Some people just want to make everyone go as mad like them. As thin as them. Want to watch the world tear and snap under the pressure. They don't understand why you would like to stay round and plenty, why would you not love to live without the pressure of that final push, that feeling that you stretched too far this time, that you stretched yourself a bit too much. 

But all they know is how to be thin. How to be on the brink. And i don’t think anyone's taught them how to be anything else.