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Give Me Your Hand

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Connor was sitting at the dinner table drawing in his sketchbook. Kevin thought he was an amazing artist. Connor could draw all day if he had the time. Sometimes he would draw cute characters and sometimes just doodles and page fillers. All of it was beautiful.

Kevin was reading a book and went to sit on the opposite side of the table from Connor. He was very much in the world of the book.

Suddenly he felt a hand touch his and made him look up from the book. Connor was looking at him with a smile on his face. Kevin couldn't help but smile back.
"What's up, Con?" he asked the boy.
"Give me your hand," he said, tugging slightly on Kevin's left hand. Kevin was a bit confused but he put the book down on the table so he could keep it open with only his right hand. Connor took Kevin’s left hand on his and brought it to his side of the table. The table wasn't very big so Kevin could just keep his hand straight and reach the other side. He followed what Connor was doing. He was curious now.

The ginger reached for his pencil case in search of something. He pulled out a white pen and turned back to Kevin.

"Can I?" he asked while still keeping Kevin's hand on his.
"Can you what, Exactly?" Kevin questioned, still a bit confused.
"Can I draw on your hand, silly? It's a white gel pen. It will wash off very easily so don't worry," Connor explained.
"Oh. Uh- yeah. I guess you have my hand already so go for it," Kevin said. They had never done anything like this before.

Connor grinned and got to work. The pen felt a bit funny on his skin, but not in a bad way. Connor holding his hand gently on his own was a very pleasant feeling. He continued his book. Now with only one hand. Every once in a while gazing over at Connor working his art magic. He looked so cute when he was this concentrated on something.

Connor saw Kevin staring at him.
"Don't look at me like that. I'm trying to draw," he let out a little laugh.
"But you're so pretty when you concentrate so hard," Kevin replied. Connor blushed at his comment. Kevin continued his book and soon felt Connor place a little kiss on his hand.

"Done. What do you think?" Kevin could hear the excitement in Connor’s voice. The boy let go of his hand and Kevin could now take a better look. He saw beautiful patterns of circles and lines form a cute circle on the back of his hand.

"It's very pretty, Con. Thanks!" he said now looking back at the brightly smiling artist.

"Do you want me to sign it?" he giggled. Kevin reached his hand back and Connor took the pen once again and scribbled his signature just over Kevin's ring finger.

He looked so proud of his creation. Kevin was more than happy to be able to have some of his boyfriend's art on his skin even just for a little while. Until he would have to wash his hands the next time.

"You're a great artist, Connor," he said and Connor blushed.

He reached for the pen and offered it to Kevin now. "Do you want to do something?" he asked, reaching his hand in Kevin's direction now.
Kevin took the pen and looked at Connor.

"I'm not an artist. I can't draw anything," he said carefully. He didn't want to embarrass himself in front of the mission's greatest artist.

Connor waved his other hand in response. "That's completely okay. You could write something too. I love your handwriting," he said. "I could teach you some drawing at some point, though."

Kevin shot him a smile. "Sound fun! Maybe later today?" he replied and started thinking about what to write. Connor started talking about what kind of drawings he could teach Kevin. Kevin thought there was nothing cuter than listening to his boyfriend talk about art. The stuff he is passionate about. He loved it. He loved Connor. That's it!

He gave the pen a quick shake because that's what he saw Connor do and he took the boy's hand in his. On the side of his hand, he simply wrote.

"I love you
~ Kevin"

They had been dating for a while now but they hadn't said their 'I love you' s yet. But at this moment, it felt right to say. So he wrote that and added little hearts around it.

He was a bit nervous about this. He knew Connor loved him too but was it still too early? No. This is happening now.

"There you go. Do you like it?" he said and let go of Connor’s hand. The boy found the text and the hearts. He read the text and let out a little squeak, putting his hand to his mouth. The noise made Kevin giggle. Connor looked up at him. Tears in his eyes. He grabbed the pen from Kevin's hand and took his hand in his. He quickly wrote something on Kevin's forearm.

Kevin took a look and smiled brightly.

"I love you too
~ Connor"

Connor put the pen down and rushed to the other side of the table and sat down on Kevin's lap. He quickly grabbed Kevin's face and pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss that was full of emotion.

“Uhm. Guys,” they heard Elder Thomas’ voice from the living room area a few meters away from them, interrupting their makeout session. They pulled away from the kiss and looked in the direction of the voice. Thomas and a few other Elders were looking at them. Kevin realized they hadn’t kissed in front of the others yet. Kevin and Connor got up from the chair. Kevin winked at Connor and took him by the hand.

Connor followed Kevin to Kevin and Arnold’s bedroom.
Kevin closed the door behind them and pushed Connor gently on his bed. He climbed on top of the boy and looked him deep in the eyes.

"Oh wow," Connor breathed under the taller one of the two. He still couldn't quite wrap his head around the fact that he had been blessed enough that the famous super Mormon Kevin Price liked him.
Yes, they had been dating for a while but it wasn't for a super long time.

They also hadn't been in this position before. But he couldn't complain.

Connor tried to speak but didn't know how to. He got lost in Kevin's dark brown eyes. He felt the blush creeping up to his cheeks.

"Con… you look so pretty right now…" Kevin said in a low voice. Almost a whisper.

"I - I love you," was all Connor could get out of his mouth. It was all he could think. The words felt so right on his lips.

Kevin, still hovering over Connor, leaned down a bit before stopping about halfway.
"I love you too, Connor," he said looking at Connor’s lips before leaning down some more and pressing their lips together.

Hearing his name coming out of Kevin's mouth in that context sent shivers down Connor’s back. He ran his fingers through Kevin’s beautiful brown hair.

Kevin took Connor’s hand gently in his and brought it to his lips.

He let go and Connor got up on his elbows

“What has gotten into you,” Connor laughed.
“What do you mean?” Kevin asked, grinning.
“Why are you suddenly like this?”
“Like what?” Kevin teased leaning in and kissed Connor’s cheek. Connor pushed Kevin to the side

Kevin sat down next to Connor on the bed.

“I’ve wanted to tell that to you for so long,” he said looking down at his hands. Connor was thinking hard about what to say.

"Why now?" is his question. Kevin raised his gaze to meet Connor’s eyes.

"Well, back at the dinner table when I had the pen in my hand, I was thinking what I could write and it came to my mind and it felt like the right moment. And apparently, it was," he laughed to himself in the last part.
Connor nodded. "It really was the right time. I think we both were just waiting for it."

"Someone had to just do it first," Kevin said, taking Connor’s hand in his and looking at the text he had written. The gel pen had already started to come off during their makeout session. But he could still see the text. On his own hand as well.

Maybe from this moment on, their relationship will be something even bigger and more meaningful.