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Lucky Lucy

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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox, but Nintendo does.


Lucky Lucy


Corneria City Spaceport, Planet Corneria, Lylat System

While the worlds of Katina and Fichina both had a potential future of becoming colonies for Corneria's people, the fourth planet of the Lylat System was home to eighty-five percent of the system's total population, all the same. However, a time of peace and prosperity was slowly coming to an end as the Cornerian people were cautiously expecting an attack from the planet Venom.

No civilian knew this better than Fox McCloud, at least as far as he was concerned.

Once a student at the Cornerian Flight Academy alongside his friends, Slippy Toad and Lucy Hare, Fox trained to eventual become an ace pilot of the Cornerian Army before he would later decide to join his father's mercenary Star Fox Team, but then a mission the Team undertook to Venom led to the death of Fox's father, James, at the hands of the exiled scientist turned emerging emperor, Andross. After that, Fox was persuaded by the sole remaining member of the old Star Fox, Lucy's own father, Peppy, to form a Star Fox of his own early, which led to Fox and his two friends to drop out to form the new Star Fox Team alongside the experienced Peppy and a onetime hoodlum named Falco Lombardi.

However, while Fox and his teammates had personal challenges to deal with themselves, it was still public knowledge on Corneria that Andross's army on Venom was growing and would one day be propelled to lay siege to the entire Lylat System, and the Cornerians, being a peaceful civilization, were reluctant to launch a preemptive strike on Andross's own planet.

Pushing such thoughts aside, though, Fox instead focused on what would be the core of his team, the Great Fox spaceship, resting in its assigned hanger at the Spaceport.

"I still can't believe your old man had to get a mortgage of eighty years for this, Fox." Falco commented dryly as he and the whole team marveled at their soon to be completed mobile base.

"I hate to say it, but Falco isn't wrong." Said Slippy. "Unless we find some insurance loopholes, or whatever, I'm not sure we'll be able to pay this off by the time we're all Peppy's age." Turning to the disgruntled Rabbit, he added sheepishly. "No offense."

Showing the palms of his hands, Peppy said. "I admit in a long-term kind of thing, James could have planned better, but so long as we get high paying jobs, we should be able to pay up eventually." Turning to his daughter, he asked. "Do you have any opinions on this, Lucy?"

Showing a small frown, Lucy replied. "Well, aside from the possibility that we might have to find other clients than the Cornerian Army to pay up the mortgage?"

"Aside from that, yes." Fox himself said with a groan. While he knew that was a possibility, he hoped any other clients would at least be clean in some form or another.

Lucy shrugged with a smile. "I thought the robot that comes with this ship was pretty nice."

The five all shared a knowing laugh at that, and then made their way to the Great Fox before Lucy stopped Fox for a quick chat. With concern in her eyes, she asked. "Seriously, Fox, are you okay?"

Scratching the back of his head unsurely, Fox answered. "I guess I'm getting tired of waiting for Andross to finally attack. I don't want him to attack, yes, but I want to take the fight to him still."

"I know, Fox, but General Pepper won't be happy if you take things in your own hands. All we can do right now is be prepared."

Nodding in acceptance at Lucy's words, Fox then said. "All the same, Lucy, I trust you'll listen both to me and your dad on these missions. I don't have to remind you that it was a hassle talking him into letting you be on the Team."

Showing a small half-smile at her father's protectiveness towards her, Lucy replied jokingly. "Well, I'm sure you would've needed my astrophysics knowledge at some point, anyway."

Even as he smiled, though, Fox informed her. "Still, when either of us say "do a barrel roll", we expect you to do it, okay?"

Smiling with a nod, Lucy then left a kiss on Fox's mouth as she said. "Loud and clear, Fox."

The two then rejoined their teammates for the Great Fox's starting voyage.


I originally planned on three separate Star Fox one-shots featuring Fox McCloud in the Cornerian Army, or on the Star Fox Team dating either Lucy Hare or Katt Monroe, but then I decided to keep it at one for the sake of argument as a kind of experiment. While I have seen some fan art depicting Fox/Katt, as of now, I am not one hundred percent sure how they could be realistically paired up when Katt is crushing on Falco Lombardi still. At least with Lucy, there is a usable childhood friend angle, even if it has not been discussed in canonical works.

Nothing against Krystal, but typical pairings do not have to be used all the time, and, to be honest, I always felt a bit unsure about Fox showing interest in a female character who is apparently far younger than him. Still, that is something to play around with later on.

Truth be told, I originally wanted to get into Star Fox fanfiction when I was first starting out writing fanfiction, but Star Fox Zero's apparent reboot threw me off, but I also thought Ratchet & Clank was getting rebooted at the time, too, and thankfully, Rift Apart came along to prove me wrong, so we will see what the future holds, I guess. 

A bit shorter than I initially thought it would be, but at least I think I did good with this one-shot.