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The Beginning

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Chapter 1: It’s Just an Ordinary Day


Nine years had passed since Kaneki got adopted. Now he was working as a café waiter at Anteiku while studying law at Tokyo University. He graduated from high school at the age of 15 and had been working there for two years. He’s saving money for buying his own apartment. He didn’t want to burden Hiro and Komei despite his new family don’t mind it and he already got scholarships. His classmates called him ‘class rep’ for his role as class rep during his school days and still calling him that sometimes. He sometimes visited Tobias to learn computer programming from him and Alan. He also sometimes aided Tokyo MPD along with Shinichi to solve cases all around the city. He is well-liked in the police department and quickly became the policemen’s favorite, although he never bragged about it. He stayed as a humble and kind young man. His life was looking up. Overall, his future became brighter than before.

Today, it’s one of those normal days. It was the day where the policemen gathered around to discuss the development of their respective offices. Kaneki was riding his bicycle to Anteiku when he met Touka, his high school sweetheart, “Oh, Touka-chan! Long time no see! How are you?” Touka smiled gently at him, making him blushed furiously. Unknown to the couple, their friends were eavesdropping on their conversation, “Oh God! This is going to be fun!” Sonoko squealed in delight. “I hope he won’t hesitate this time,” laughed Connie. Suddenly, Jinpei and Hagi popped up, “Hey may we join you guys?” asked Jinpei, “Sure, why not?” said Sasha. They hid behind the trees as Kaneki and Touka began to talk with each other.

Alas, the conversation ended with Kaneki shyly told Touka that he wasn’t interested in dating someone because he wasn’t ready yet, causing Touka to slap him and left him in a huff, “Oh my, what a chicken,” Jinpei groused, “He’s even worse than Hiro-chan and Zero-chan combined.” agreed Hagi. Masumi moaned in disappointment while Sonoko grumbled. “Seriously, when will he confess? He’s such a chicken for sure,” Heiji added. Suddenly they heard someone clearing their throat, “Officer Hagiwara, Officer Matsuda, what are you doing here?” Hagi and Jinpei gulped and turned around to see the infamous Hatake-keibu of PSB. The man gave them a sweet fake smile while a dark aura surrounding him. Then, both Hagi and Jinpei got dragged away after they got caught skipping the office hour. The students were scared by Hatake-keibu, “Well, at least we aren’t the ones who get scolded,” laughed Kaito nervously. “I heard that he has an absolutely nasty temper and doesn’t take lame excuses and lies kindly. It seems like it is true,” said Heiji. Shinichi laughed nervously. No one felt strange about Hatake-keibu’s infamous temper. He was indeed infamous due to his merciless assault when it comes to handling incompetent officers. Suddenly, everyone heard Hatake-keibu’s scream of rage. It turned out that Naruto Uzumaki and Edward Elric, the troublemakers of Teitan High School had painted the police cars with slime and car paints. Soon, the other policemen joined him in chasing the troublemaker duo. They were angry, very angry. During the chase, Nakamori accidentally crashed into Kaneki, causing the young man to fall from his bicycle, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, young man!” Nakamori apologized, “It’s okay, Nakamori-keibu, it’s okay.” Kaneki smiled as he steadied his bicycle. Naruto and Ed stopped in their track and laughed while pointed their fingers towards Kaneki, “Oh, look at here, Mr. Goody Two Shoes has fallen!” laughed Naruto as Kaneki tried to stand up, “Mr. Goody Two Shoes?” asked Heizo in confusion, “That’s their nickname for him. They gave him that nickname because they are always envious of him.” said Komei as he chased the duo. Aoko was confused, “Why do they call him that?” “Yeah, basically, those two always make troubles wherever they go and Kaneki usually will be the one who stops them. And also, they are the dead last in the class. That’s why they’re so envious of him.” said Ran.

In the end, the duo got captured by an absolutely furious Hatake-keibu. Kaneki tried to pacify the situation. “Guys, it’s not nice to paint the police cars like that. Those cars are for duty,” Ed merely snorted. “As if. We don’t need advice from someone who is pretending to be nice,” he stuck his tongue to Kaneki. Naruto added, “Yeah, we don’t need it at all, police officers’ pet.” Everyone flinched in disgust at Naruto’s comment, “Excuse me, Kaneki is a thousand times better than you two. He graduated from school at the age of 15 with a bunch of achievements and is currently saving money for buying his own room at an apartment by working as a barista in a café while studying law. He is surely will have a bright future in law enforcement, while you? Absolutely nothing.” said Kogoro. Ed and Naruto snorted as Hatake-keibu released them from his kagune grip, “Oh, great, now Midori’s gonna be upset,” Megure-keibu groaned as he saw his car filled with slime. Naruto and Ed snickered as Shiratori and Kogoro got their suits covered in slime as they opened their respective cars' door with Kogoro complaining on how he washed his car yesterday to take his wife for a romantic dinner date, only to have his hard work ruined. “Honestly, do you have no regrets about what are you doing?” asked Takagi, his hands on his hips. “Nope, why should we?” said Ed, “Do you have any goal for life?” asked Chiba, “It’s easy,” said Ed and Naruto.


Naruto: We’re gonna be mighty wizards, so everyone beware

Kakashi: Well, I've never seen mighty wizards with such bratty attitudes (flicks Ed’s forehead)

Ed: We’re gonna be the main event like no wizard was before

Naruto: We’re brushing up on looking down, we’re working on our magic

Shiratori: Thus far a rather uninspiring thing

Naruto and Ed: Oh, we just can’t wait to be free

Komei: You've rather a long way to go young men, if you think

Naruto: No one saying do this

Megure: Now when we said that

Ed: No one saying be there

Komei: How rude

Naruto: No one saying stop that

Shiratori: Hold on a second…

Naruto and Ed: No one saying see here

Kansuke: Now see here!

Ed: Free to run around all day

Nakamori and Megure: Well, that's definitely out

Ed and Naruto: Free to do it all our way

Kakashi: I think it’s time that we have to arrange a heart-to-heart talk

Naruto: We don't need advice from grouchy old gramps for a start

Kakashi: Grouchy old gramps?! I’m gonna choke these brats!

Kansuke: Count me in, sir

(Takagi, Chiba, Shiratori, Sato, Komei, and Yui tried to hold Kakashi and Kansuke back)

Takagi and Chiba: Please don’t do that, sir!

Yui: Kan-chan, calm down!

Nakamori: If this is where the future is headed, count us out!

Kogoro: Out of service, out of this country

We wouldn't hang about

These brats are getting wildly out of wings

Naruto and Ed: Oh, we just can't wait to be free

Kaneki: I got a bad feeling about this…

(The high school delinquents forming a parade in the streets)

Ed: Everybody, look left

Naruto: Everybody, look right

Naruto and Ed: Everywhere you look we’re

Standing in the spotlight!

The policemen: Not yet!

Chorus: Let every creature goes for broke and sing

Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing

It's gonna be this year’s finest fling!

Naruto and Ed: Oh, we just can’t wait to be free

Oh, we just can’t wait to be free

Oh, we just can’t wait to be free!

Sato: (sighed) How immature…


Hatake-keibu pinched the bridge of his nose, “Brats these days…” he sighed. Meanwhile, Shinichi and his fellow students only reacted with deadpan expressions, while Kaneki laughed nervously. “How unruly. My parents gonna ground me if I do that. I prefer Makoto-san rather than them. Despite being a little clumsy, he is a mature and responsible guy and a respectful man.” Sonoko snorted. Ran smiled at her childhood friend. Despite being a rich kid, Sonoko is a responsible and independent person who values hard work. Kaito and Heiji just snorted at the troublemakers’ behavior. “We already made a masterpiece. Just look at it.” Naruto laughed and the policemen and the students looked at Naruto’s direction. A silver Mercedes Benz painted in slime and mocking words such as ‘old hag’, ‘scary witch’, and ‘bossy hag’ painted all over it. Everyone flinched except the Nagano trio and Hatake-keibu, “Well, that’s official. You’ve just dug your own grave,” said Yui in a deadpan voice. Not long after, an absolutely livid Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan appeared and shrieked like a banshee as she scolded Naruto and Ed. Kaneki then looked at his wristwatch, “Oh, no! I’m going to be late! See you guys tomorrow!” he shouted as he rode back his bicycle. “What a polite and mature young man.” Ginshiro mused, “Well, he’s our baby brother,” laughed Kansuke.

The policemen entered Anteiku, a simple but comfy café. They needed a break from the meeting. Unexpected for them, they encountered Kaneki who handed them the menu, “W-what? You’re the guy from earlier!” Nakamori exclaimed, pointing his finger towards Kaneki. Everyone was surprised as well, “Morofushi-keibu, you didn’t say that your brother is working here.” said Jugo Yokomizo. Kaneki suddenly sweated a lot. He was nervous as hell. He clearly didn’t expect that the policemen would come to his workplace. “Hey, hey we’re not mad, kiddo. We’re just surprised,” laughed Matsumoto. Koma then came and patted Kaneki’s back, “Don’t worry, sir. He’s just nervous, that’s all.” laughed Koma. Anya and Irimi then popped out and talked to the policemen. The gathering ended with everyone praising Kaneki for his hard work. They really liked his latte art. Koma huffed a sigh of relief, “What a day! You really become the topic of the day, kid!” he remarked. Kaneki had just finished cleaning the tables, “Uh, I think so… although I still don’t want to be the center of attention,” “Well, it’s easier said than done. You are famous because of your kindness. You also help Shinichi-kun in solving cases. Many people will come to see you,” Irimi smiled. Yoshimura cleared his throat, gaining his employees’ attention, “Tomorrow, you are allowed to take a day off. You guys work so hard for today, so I think a day off will do well for you.” said Yoshimura, “Thank you, Mr. Manager, I can’t wait to spend time with Toby-chan tomorrow,” said Anya. Kaneki smiled as he packed his things and said goodbye to his co-workers and Yoshimura.

Yui greeted Kaneki in the dining room, “Oh, welcome home, Ken-kun. I hope you were having fun,” “Yeah, I’m not keen in becoming a center of attention,” said Kaneki as he put his satchel bag down and took a glass of water. Yui just smiled and prepared the dinner. The dinner consisted of hamburger steak and clear tofu soup with red snapper sashimi. Kansuke and Komei were unable to come home at dinner time as they had some extra works to do. Yui sat down and smiled, “So, how’s your relationship with Touka?” “I’m still not ready yet, although my former classmates keep pushing me to ask her out. I’m still not ready yet for that, nee-san,” sighed Kaneki. Yui giggled, “Be careful. You have to be prepared if one day Mrs. Kirishima interrogates you,” Kaneki slightly shuddered, he certainly remembered how Hiro and Rei were interrogated by Mrs. Akai.


Three years ago…

"Well, this is the day, Ken. Today both me and Zero will meet Shuichi-san’s family.” Hiro wore his shoes and helped Kaneki tidied up his collared shirt. Today, Hiro and Rei will meet Shuichi’s family. Although they already knew about Masumi and Shukichi along with Elena and her daughters, they still didn’t know about Shu’s parents yet. They only knew through Jodie and James. Jodie described Tsutomu Akai as a cheery and friendly man while James described Mary Akai as a strict woman and has a no-nonsense attitude. “Expect yourself to be interrogated,” said Jodie when Rei and Hiro asked about Mrs. Akai. Hiro took a deep breath and got into his car with Kaneki in tow.

The group finally arrived at the Akai residence. Hiro had brought Date, Jinpei, and Hagi for mental support. They were astonished by the huge mansion in front of them. Then, the gates were opened and unexpectedly, Shiho greeted them, “Oh, you are here. Shu-nii is waiting for you two,” she said. The group was greeted on a large lawn with Shuichi, Masumi, Akemi, Shukichi, Tsutomu, and Mary sitting on the chairs with steaming hot teacups. “Bloody hell… we know that your boyfriend comes from a well-off family, but we never expected he is this well-off,” Hagi remarked, “Bloody hell indeed,” agreed Date.

The conversation went smoothly as Tsutomu cooed on how cute the trio was. But the mood was soon ruined when Mary stood up and slammed her hand on the table and glared at Hiro and Rei. “I want to ask you two. Are you really worthy to become my son’s mates?” “Oh come on, don’t ruin the mood, Mary. Don’t interrogate them like that. This is the first time we meet them,” said Tsutomu. Masumi piped up, “Yeah, besides, they already know aunt Elena for years. It’s not nice.” “I know what are two you talking about, Masumi. But I need to know more about them. They met under an unexpected circumstance while doing their undercover mission. I’m also aware that they know about Elena and Akemi for a long time, but I need to make sure of it,” “But aunt Mary, that’s just way too pushover…” Akemi said. But Mary didn’t listen to them. She just yelled at her son, “And you decided to marry these two men who you met during an undercover mission and didn’t even bother to think twice?! What are you thinking, Shuichi Akai?!” Everyone was scared by Mary, but Shuichi and Shiho were unfazed. They already got used to this. “It’s none of your concern, old hag,” came the retort. Zero Squad and Kaneki were shocked and terrified, but Shiho was amused, “I already made my decision. You don’t need to meddle in it.” said Shuichi, undaunted by his mother. “Oh, so you said I don’t need to meddle in it, huh? I’m your mother, young man. Don’t you dare make a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life…” Masumi, Tsutomu, and Shukichi soon pushed the guests away with an amused Shiho while Akemi tried to mediate her cousin and aunt, to no avail. The fight soon broke up with lots of punches and kicks. “Excuse me, are they always like this?” asked Jinpei. “Yeah, nii-san and Mum always do this whenever they argue. It’s really a big mess, so don’t be surprised if this happens again one day,” said Shukichi. Suddenly, Tsutomu got struck by lightning which was deflected by Mary before, terrifying everyone nearby. Kaneki shivered as Shukichi and Masumi tried to wake their father while Akemi prepared ice bags. Date, Jinpei, and Hagi hugged each other in fear while Shiho snickered. Tsutomu moaned on how his first child and youngest niece took after Mary in many ways. Hiro and Rei sighed. This was going to be a long day…


Kaneki shivered as he took a sip of his green tea, “Yes, I certainly still remember that day. In the end, Mary-san indeed gave her blessings and insisted that a big party should be celebrated for the wedding. She’s fussing over Hiro-niisan and Rei-san like a mother hen for a month.” Yui smiled gently at her brother-in-law and took the dirty dishes. “Well, it’s time to sleep, young man. Tomorrow is your day off. You don’t need to wake up so early. Good night,” Kaneki smiled and waved at Yui as he left the dining room, “Yeah, good night, nee-san.” Kaneki then brushed his teeth and went to sleep.

The next day, Kaneki woke up later than usual and began to help Yui to prepare breakfast. After that, he took a bath and ate his breakfast. After that, he went to the bookstore, looking for the latest work of Sen Takatsuki, ‘The Black Goat’s Egg’. It’s a coincidence that the author herself was present for a book-signing event. He got a signed copy from Takatsuki-sensei herself.  He later went to Tropical Land where he met Shinichi and Ran there. They had some fun at the park. Unfortunately, they stumbled upon a murder case with a bitter ending. “Why do people often get clouded in madness?” Kaneki asked as the culprit was being led away. Shinichi sighed at Kaneki’s question. He also had the same feelings as Kaneki. If only people were more logical…

Not long after, Kaneki spotted Shinichi who’ve just gotten shrunk laid unconscious on the grass. The panicked half-ghoul then scooped Shinichi and took him to his house. He then contacted Mouri family, professor Agasa, Tobias, and Kudo couple.


Mouri Residence

Ran’s phone ringing incessantly. Ran then went and picked it up after she finished dressing up, “Kaneki-san? What’s wrong with him?” Ran answered the phone as she got out of her bedroom, “Class rep? What’s wrong?” “This is bad, Ran-san. Something has happened to Shinichi-san!” Ran nearly dropped her phone as her parents looked at her with a confused look, “Ran, what’s wrong? Is it about your boyfriend?” asked Kogoro, “What happened to Shinichi?” Ran asked in a shaky voice, “Just come to my house already. I’ll explain the situation,” And with that, Kogoro drove his car quickly to Morofushi residence.


Morofushi Family House

When the Mouri family arrived, they saw Agasa, Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, Kanagawa, and Tobias were already there. They all looked very tense. That’s when Eri spotted a child with cowlick hair and big blue eyes wrapped in baggy clothes. Soon, the pieces fell into place, “What?! Shinichi?!/Shinichi-kun?!” The Mouris stared at Shinichi wide-eyed. Then, Kogoro stared at Kanagawa, “Hold on a second, Kanagawa-san?” asked Ran. Kanagawa sighed as he looked at everyone in the room, “Well, it’s about time, isn’t it?” Kanagawa tore off his mask, revealing a familiar face.

“What?! So you guys get involved in a case about an international syndicate and Kaneki already knew about all of it?!” Kogoro yelled, earning shushes from everyone in the room. “Yeah, it was supposed to be an undercover mission, but it went awry,” Daisuke Kanagawa, no, Hiromitsu Morofushi answered sheepishly. Komei sighed as he and Hiro took out tablets and activated them. A 3D hologram appeared and various data about an organization called Black Organization appeared. “BO is an international syndicate founded by Renya Karasuma. I once infiltrated the organization and earned the code name Scotch. However, four years ago, things went awry as my cover was exposed. I faked my death and has been living under a new alias ever since.” Yukiko then spotted a familiar face on the hologram, “Hold on a second. Is that Sharon?” she said as she pointed at the hologram data of a blonde woman. “Her current name is Chris Vineyard, code name Vermouth. She’s a master of disguise and Renya’s favorite agent. She’s the Delilah of the organization. Beautiful and cunning, she can convince anyone of anything. Truly a dangerous femme fatale.” said Hiro. Everyone tensed instantly. Then, they heard a knock and Hiro opened the door. It was Subaru Okiya and the rest of the Zero Squad, Okiya then tore off his mask, revealing his true face, “Zero, Shu, things only get worse now.” said Hiro. “Let me guess, is that Okiya guy a NOC too?” asked Kogoro, “Yes, his real name is Shuichi Akai, an FBI agent. Just like me, his cover also got blown. Only Zero’s cover still remains intact until now. Once we were known as ‘Whiskey Trio’.” said Hiro. “Hold on a second, is that Shinichi-kun?” asked Date, “I’m aware of it, Date-keiji,” Shinichi grumbled. “Well then, how did you get shrunk?” asked Jinpei. Shinichi then told his encounter with Gin and Vodka from the beginning. “We can’t just sit silent here, we need to do something. Shinichi, do you want to join us to America? You can be safe there,” Yusaku offered, “No, Dad. I need to find the truth no matter what,” Shinichi refused, “I need to uncover their crimes and bring them down for good!” “Easier said than done, kid. FBI, CIA, PSB, BND, MI6, and Interpol already tried to do it for 60 years and none of them has succeeded until now,” Kansuke retorted. Shinichi grumbled as he sat down back. “Okay, we need to take Shinichi-san into foster care. Is there anyone you can trust?” asked Kaneki. Date raised his hand, “I know someone who can be trusted,” he smiled.

And so, one Wataru Takagi was brought into the secret. Takagi first reacted in shock when he heard about the truth, “What?! You got fed poison but instead of dead, you got shrunk into a first grader kid?! And Furuya-san and Hiro-san get involved in a super-secret mission concerning an international syndicate?!” he exclaimed, earning shushes from everyone. Takagi then covered his mouth shut. “Yes, and we need you to take care of Shinichi for time being. You shall not tell this secret to anyone,” Agasa warned. Takagi then agreed and took Shinichi Kudo – now Conan Edogawa – back to his apartment. Kaneki became the designated babysitter, much to Conan’s chagrin. Everyone sighed in relief as Takagi’s car pulled off from the house. “I need to make some gadgets in order to make Shinichi’s investigation easier,” said Agasa. Everyone then bade farewell and went home. Shuichi and Rei stayed behind. “I need to contact my parents. They need to know about this,” said Shuichi. Hiro, Kansuke, Komei, Yui, and Rei nodded their agreement. Kaneki already went inside to go to bed. This was an unexpected turn in the mission. It’s a good thing he already graduated from high school… He just needed to finish college soon enough and graduated, then he would have a lot of free time.

“Mum, Dad. There’s something important I have to tell.” “What is it, Shuichi?” asked Mary on the phone. Shuichi then told his parents about Shinichi’s condition. Unknown to them, Shukichi and Masumi were eavesdropping on their conversation and later demanded Shuichi to explain the situation. Things were just getting worse…

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Chapter 2: A Slip-up and I Know Who You Are


Conan Edogawa was introduced to his new friends in class 1-A of Teitan Elementary School, “Now you can sit down,” Sumiko Kobayashi smiled. Conan then walked and sat on the empty bench as Kobayashi-sensei began her class. Conan grumbled silently as he began to write. He really wanted to take down BO, but it wasn’t going to be easy they said. He needed to be patient.


Tokyo Police HQ

Takagi had just finished paperwork when he was approached by Shiratori, “Hey, Takagi-kun, how is it going? Heard that you now have to take care of a foster child,” “Shiratori-san. Yeah, it’s really nice to have someone else to take care of.” Takagi smiled, “I see, have you asked Sato-san for a date? I’m sure you can use some homemade meal as your gift.” Shiratori asked with a mischievous tone. Takagi blushed furiously while the other policemen glared daggers at him. Takagi then quickly finished tidying his desk and rushed out of the room. Shiratori then glared at the policemen in the room and they scurried quickly back to their work.

“How was it?” Yumi asked Shiratori in the canteen, “Still no fruit at all.” Yumi groaned at Shiratori’s answer. “Seriously, those dirty men should leave Miwako alone! This can’t continue for a long time!” “Well, easy for you to say that, Yumi-san. You know that almost every man in this office wanted to make Sato-san as theirs.” Naeko sighed as she took a sip of her tea. Date and Shiratori shivered, Naeko was right. They couldn’t imagine their respective girlfriends being ogled around like a piece of meat. The mere thought of it made them disgusted to the core. Chiba who sensed their discomfort finally talked, “Well, we won’t give up that easily right? We should try harder.” Date then put down his chopsticks, “Chiba-kun is right. We can’t let this go on. We need to encourage Takagi more.” Everyone nodded at Date’s words. The Love Birds Mission is still ongoing and they won’t stop until it bears fruit.

Sato and Yumi had just exited the building with Naeko and Chiba when they met Takagi, Jinpei, and Hagi on the way out. “Well, that’s it for the day. We need some time to relax for sure,” Hagi stretched his arms, feeling cramped after all of that paperwork. Jinpei snickered at his lover. “Yeah, considering that you have to take care of Conan-kun, you need to spend some free time with him, Takagi-kun.” Takagi laughed nervously, “Yeah, I guess so…” “It’s not easy to take care of him, basically since he is actually Shinichi-kun who has gotten shrunk, he surely will do anything in order to find the clues about…” Jinpei then quickly covered his mouth in shock when he realized his mistake, but it was too late. Yumi, Chiba, Naeko, and Sato stared at him in disbelief and with jaws dropped. Takagi slapped his forehead and Hagi gulped in fear. Time to face the music…


Morofushi Family House

In the end, the quartet was brought into the secret after Sato demanded an explanation from Takagi and Matsuda. Kansuke furiously tore Jinpei a new one when he found out about the slip-up, “ARE YOU BLOODY INSANE?! YOU’RE MAKING MORE PEOPLE GET INVOLVED IN THIS TROUBLE!” Kansuke bellowed at Jinpei. Hiro and Komei took turns in explaining the situation. Yui tried to calm the shocked Kaneki with a glass of water. “Why are you keep hiding this thing? We can help you.” Sato offered, “You absolutely have no idea what are they capable of! They are very ruthless and merciless! Hiro-niisan almost dead because of them!” Kaneki snapped. Seeing Kaneki’s terrified expression, the realization sunk into everyone’s minds. Finally, the situation was resolved with Sato, Yumi, Naeko, and Chiba sworn to secrecy with Kansuke constantly glaring at Jinpei, making Jinpei hid behind Kenji in fear. Conan groaned at Jinpei’s recklessness, ‘Great, just great.’ he thought sarcastically as Kansuke kept glaring at Jinpei.


Kakashi’s House, Beika

Kakashi Hatake wondered while pouring himself a glass of wine. He had overheard Jinpei Matsuda’s slip-up and became intrigued. He knew that Takagi-keiji had taken a foster child into his care, but after Matsuda’s slip-up, he became suspicious. He needed to meet Conan Edogawa himself to confirm his suspicions and perhaps finding the key to defeat the organization for good… He smiled as he drank his wine, ‘This is interesting. Very interesting,’ he thought.


Kansuke, Komei, and Yui’s room, Morofushi Family House

The triad relaxed in their bedroom half-naked. Yui scratched Kansuke’s ears, earning purrs from the werewolf, “I can’t believe that Matsuda brat babbled out our secret. He’s really an idiot,” Kansuke grumbled. Komei sighed at his mate’s complaint. “Well, at least, we have gained more allies. That’s the silver lining, Kansuke-kun,” Yui nodded, “Yeah, and it turns out that Mr. Fangor and his family already know about BO for a long time. Ken-kun told me after he returned from work.” “Let me guess, did Tobias tell his parents about our current situation?” asked Kansuke, Yui nodded as reply, “Yes, and Rachel-chan happened to overhear it. She’s also sworn to secrecy,” “Well, it’s not surprising, considering that Hatake-keibu is actually Hiromitsu and Rei’s superior and Mr. Fangor’s best friend since they were kids. He already told Mr. Fangor about his mission a long time ago. And they can keep secrets of course.” the alpha of the triad said. “We must be more careful about this secret. Having them know about this is already bad enough. Shuichi-kun told me that his siblings eavesdropped on his conversation with his parents last night and now they also know.” Komei stated. Kansuke and Yui flinched at the revelation, “Well, only time will tell,” Yui replied.


Fangor Residence, Beika

Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul took a deep breath as he finished his work. BO has become more elusive than ever. He already heard about Shinichi’s current condition from Tobias, “Shinichi has gotten shrunk, it’s because of those men in black,”  Tobias’ confession is still ringing clearly in his head. He remembered how Loren nearly passed out in shock when she heard about men in black. He also remembered his last conversation in London with his shorm, “I am in a secret mission concerning an international syndicate. They all wearing black clothes like crows. You must swear that you won’t reveal this secret to anyone without my consent.”  Kakashi hadn’t made any progress yet, but at least his cover was still intact. He stared at the ceiling with his stalk eyes. He only could hope that things would look up. “Alan, are you okay?” Loren called from the living room. Elfangor was snapped from his thoughts and replied to his wife, <Yeah, I’m fine, Loren.>


Hamee Family House, Beika

Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan was confused and suspicious. She saw a child who eerily resembled Shinichi Kudo on her way home. She and Dak were very suspicious. Could it be Shinichi Kudo himself? Moreover, her great-granddaughter, Toby Hamee pointed out that the boy indeed looked and behaved like Shinichi. She will have her answers soon enough…


The Detective Boys decided to explore a supposedly haunted house. Much to Conan’s chagrin, the said house was Kudo Manor. The expedition ended with the children getting scolded by their parents and guardians, although they captured the bad guys who hid in there. As Hatake-keibu escorted the culprits out, he went to meet Detective Boys and thanked them for solving the case. He took a closer look at Conan and sniffed the air around him. His suspicions were true. Conan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo are the same person. He spared a glance on Takagi and spoke with a private thought-speech, <Meet me after this. And bring that bloody brat with you.> Takagi gulped when he saw Hatake-keibu’s cold gaze. This is not going to be a pleasant meeting…

Conan then got dragged into the PSB office where he met Hatake-keibu, Chief Aldrea, and her husband. “I know that you are Shinichi Kudo. No need to lie,” Hatake-keibu said, “How did you know?” Shinichi was shocked, “You think that you can fool a ghoul’s nose?” Hatake-keibu snapped, “Besides, you’re not so smart when it comes to disguising yourself,” he added. Shinichi threw in the towel and finally confessed, “How did you find out, Aldrea-kanrikan?” asked Takagi. “We found out because he looked eerily similar to Shinichi Kudo who we know. Toby-chan also said that this brat also behaved exactly like Shinichi Kudo,” said Aldrea. Takagi sighed as he slumped down in the chair. No wonder Aldrea-san knew… Her great-granddaughter, Toby Hamee is quite intelligent despite being a one-year-old Hork-Bajir. Aldrea glared at Conan sharply. With the height of 200 cm in her human morph, she could easily tower Conan in his current body without those black high-heeled shoes, “How did you get shrunk?” she interrogated, Conan and Takagi had no choice but to tell the truth.

Dak, Aldrea, and Kakashi’s faces paled rapidly when they heard about men in black, “Is that true?” Dak shook Takagi’s shoulders slowly. Takagi nodded. Kakashi sighed, “I knew those people did it…” “You know about them, sir?” “Of course, Takagi-keiji, I’m Hiro and Rei’s superior after all. Code name, Jagermeister, I’m a NOC too.” Conan then bolted up, “Please tell me more!” “Absolutely no. It’s too dangerous for a brat like you. They kill people mercilessly in order to keep their secret intact.” Aldrea retorted. She slowly demorphed back to her Andalite form, <You need to be careful and keep a low profile. We also need to find out who the hell made that drug. Maybe from that person, we can find a cure.> Takagi and Conan nodded at Aldrea’s suggestion.

Two weeks passed after the incident, Kaneki graduated from college with magna cum laude and a new student appeared in Teitan Elementary School. Her name was Ai Haibara. Conan instantly knew that she was actually Shiho Miyano, the biochemistry graduate student. So, after school, Conan cornered Ai, “You are Shiho Miyano, aren’t you?” “Very clever of you, Shinichi Kudo.” Ai smirked, “How did you know?” “Well, both me and Akemi-neechan overheard Aunt Mary and Uncle Tsutomu talking about you and from that, we found out. I got shrunk by a stocky man in black when I caught him having an illegal transaction at the town park two days ago.” “Please explain,” Takagi said. And so, Shiho began to tell her story after they arrived at Takagi’s apartment.


Two days ago…

Shiho had just walked from Anteiku. She needed to find out who made APTX 4869 and maybe finally gained a clue about her parents’ death. That’s when she spotted a stocky man in black who was having an illegal drug transaction. When the man caught the sight of Shiho, he captured her and forced a red and white pill into her throat and left her. Shiho felt her body growing hot. She couldn’t feel anything at all and her vision blurred…

"Why is Shiho-chan taking so long?” Shukichi was very worried. It’s been two hours and Shiho hadn’t returned yet. Masumi tried to contact her five times to no avail. Suddenly, a knock was heard. Yumi walked to the door and opened it. What she saw made her scream in shock, drawing everyone’s attention. Everyone then rushed to the front door and saw a shrunken Shiho in baggy clothes, “Who did this to you?” Masumi screamed in shock, “Man in black,” Shiho answered. Mary pinched the bridge of her nose. Great, now her niece has gotten shrunk too, “We need to talk.” said Mary as she lifted up Shiho and brought her inside.


Living room, Takagi’s apartment

“And that’s the whole story,” Shiho finished her tale. Takagi, Conan, Sato, Chiba, Naeko, and Kaneki were frozen in their seats for the entire tale. “So Yumi already knew about it?” asked Sato, “Yes, and she’s very upset about the whole situation. Shu-nii and Aunt Mary are the crankiest ones though,” said Shiho. “May I ask this, Shiho-san? What’s the relationship between BO and your family?” asked Chiba. Shiho trembled in fear at the question. Those men in black, they’re the ones who killed her parents back then, “They’re the ones who killed my parents 18 years ago. They made me and Akemi-neechan orphans and robbed away my chance of feeling my parents’ love. That’s why Shu-nii joined FBI in the first place. It’s for avenging my parents’ death.” Shiho sobbed silently. Everyone gasped silently. Sato walked forward and embraced Shiho to calm her down. The shrunken scientist sobbed into Sato’s embrace. Kaneki silently gritted his teeth in rage. He won’t let them escape no matter what. That’s his vow…


Conan’s bedroom, Takagi’s apartment

Conan called Ran after he ate his dinner, “Shiho also got shrunk, there’s one more victim.” Ran sighed as she rested her head on her bed’s headboard, “It seems like that everything is just getting more difficult, isn’t it?” she asked. Conan nodded, “Even worse, it turns out that the BO was the one who caused her parents’ death when she was an infant.” Ran gasped and sobbed silently when she heard the news, “I’m so sorry to hear that, I really am.” she said. Conan merely sighed and changed the topic of their conversation, “Anyway, how’re your parents?” “They’re fine. Dad tried to make some takoyaki this time and they tastes great. You should try some next time,” They talked until it was 9 PM.


One day, a pair of strangers appeared and kidnapped Conan when he was alone at the park. Kaneki and Takagi then fought Conan’s kidnappers by using their martial arts knowledge. The kidnappers fought them hard, especially the lady in brown jacket and brown hat. She and her partner were using Jeet Kune Do to fight them, but Kaneki managed to overpower the man with a judo throw after kneed him in the crotch. When he was about to face his next opponent, the woman merely smirked, “As expected from Ken Morofushi. You did well, kid.” A wave of recognition hit Kaneki as he realized who the woman was.

“Mrs. Akai, is that you?”

The kidnappers turned out to be Tsutomu and Mary in disguise. They disguised their scents by using a special gadget that masked the user’s scent by producing a new scent. Kaneki tore the couple a new one for scaring him and Conan while Takagi tried to calm the young man down. Mary was unrepentant while Tsutomu winced in pain and guilt. The couple then revealed that they wanted to make sure that Conan was in the care of the right person. Finally, Kaneki calmed down and apologized to Tsutomu and Mary.


Shuichi, Hiro, and Rei’s bedroom, Whiskey Trio’s House

Shuichi talked with Hatake-keibu on the phone, “Haise-kun indeed takes care of Conan-kun with very well. He is always in constant vigilance mode whenever he goes out. The same thing goes for Takagi-keiji too.” “Well, that’s a good thing to hear,” Shuichi then paused and snickered a bit, drawing attention from his submissives and making Hatake-keibu confused, “Shu, what’s wrong?” asked Rei as he and Hiro sat down on the bed, “Haise-kun, he kneed my old man in the crotch,” Hiro’s face went pale rapidly while Rei’s jaw dropped. Apparently, the disguise was too convincing. Hatake-keibu laughed so hard that his stomach got hurt, “Bloody hell…” Rei said.


Akai Residence, Beika

Tsutomu whined in pain as he placed ice bags on his crotch. Masumi was dumbfounded when she heard about the incident. Shukichi winced in sympathy while Shiho was amused, “That’s class rep for you. He’s always like that whenever he goes out in order to protect himself from strangers,” she snickered.

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Chapter 3: Join the Club


Heiji Hattori came to visit Tokyo with his girlfriend, Kazuha. They brought Kaito and Aoko along with them, “Hey, where’s Kudo? We don’t see him anywhere,” Heiji took a look around the train station. Ran fidgeting nervously on the inside, “Well, he’s at LA with his parents now, that’s why he is not here,” she lied.

When the group arrived at Tokyo MPD, they saw Conan. The boy kept sneezing. “Who is this kid?” asked Aoko, “Oh, this is my new charge, Conan Edogawa. He has been sneezing since morning. I’m afraid he gets cold.” Takagi smiled as he handed a tissue to Conan. “I have some herbal tea, wanna try? I heard they can relieve clogged nose,” Heiji handed a pack of herbal tea. Conan took it gratefully and handed it to Takagi. Suddenly, Arbron, Elfangor’s secretary popped into the office after Takagi left, <Yo, I overheard someone gets cold. I think this can help.> Arbron handed Conan a small cup and the boy drank the contents of the cup. Slowly, Conan felt warm and hiccupped. Kaito panicked and handed Conan a glass of water. The girls and Kaneki became angry when they found out that Arbron gave Conan Chinese Baigar. Before they could scorn Arbron, all of sudden, a woman interrupted them, saying that she wanted to meet police.

The deduction show was the intense one. As the mother of the victim was about to confess, Shinichi appeared out of nowhere. Date, Ran, Takagi, and Kaneki were shocked. How could he return to his old body? This is too dangerous!

After the deduction show ended, Shinichi felt a hot sensation in his body and rushed to the bathroom. Heiji and Kaito decided to tail him silently. What they saw shocked them, Shinichi Kudo and Conan Edogawa are the same person! “What is the meaning of this?” Kaito yelled. Aoko and Kazuha rushed to the bathroom and found the shrunken Shinichi. Kaneki and Ran sighed and decided to tell their friends the truth.

“Wow, wow, wow, hold on a second. So, yer brother was a NOC and he and the rest of yer family are tryin’ to take down an international syndicate. That’s crazy. Ya can’t be serious, right?” Heiji incredulously asked, “I also hoped that this is just a sick joke, but it isn’t at all.” said Kaneki. “How did ya find out?” asked Kazuha, “My brother told me the truth. Those people are dangerous. They kill to play keep. Alphabet agencies and Interpol already tried to take them down for the last 60 years, but those people are very slippery.” “Don’t worry. We can keep this secret. Ya can trust us, that’s friends for life do, right?” Kazuha smiled. Kaneki and Ran sighed in relief. “Yeah, that’s what shorm do,” said Kaneki.

The outcome of the incident was relieving. But the teens didn’t let Arbron got off the hook with ease. The girls reported Arbron’s doing to Sato and Eri. As the result, the women tore Arbron a new one and Conan got bedridden for three days. Luckily, Heiji’s herbal tea made him better. The group decided to keep in touch with video calls.


Elfangor’s Study, Fangor Residence

“I’m really sorry for what Arbron did to Shinichi-kun. I promise it won’t happen again,” Takagi sighed in relief. That was a close one. Elfangor had made sure that Arbron wouldn’t do that again. “Thank you, Mr. Fangor. I really appreciate that.” Elfangor then ended the call. The stakes were getting higher. He hoped that Aximili and Estrid managed to help Ai to create the antidote.


Agasa’s lab, Agasa’s house

“So, that Baigar made you return to your old body?” asked Rei, “Yeah, but only for a short time. And I don’t get another chance to test it again, Sato-keiji confiscated the Baigar.” Shinichi grumbled, “I really want to end this! This really frustrating!” “Do you want people around you and yourself turned into dead meat? Class rep already told you that they are very dangerous, they killed my parents and numerous people for their benefits,” Ai sneered. Kudo was surely impatient. Shinichi could only slump into his chair. Hiro only sighed in exasperation.


Two weeks after the fiasco, Kaneki tried to do an internship with various lawyer offices, but all of them rejected him. When Kaneki asked them the reason, they answered, “We don’t need a filthy creature working for us,” It broke Kaneki’s spirit. Even worse, Kuroda visited him not long after he came home and agreed with the lawyers’ statement, “A child like you will never get a bright future in law enforcement. You are only worthy as a street urchin,” Kuroda smirked sinisterly. Kaneki dropped the tea tray and fell onto his knees. A furious Komei walked towards Kuroda, “Get out of my house, now!” he yelled. Kuroda left with that smirk still on his face. Yui hugged the crying Kaneki and tried to calm him down.

Conan had caught wind about what happened to Kaneki through Genta and Koma when they visited Anteiku. Using his voice changer, he contacted his friends and told them about the incident. As the result, Kaneki got a group video call from his friends and the police officers that very same day, “That old fart is really a piece of shit! How dare he said such a thing to you! You are the best graduate of the university but those people rejected you just because you are a half-ghoul?! Are they already lost their mind?!” Sonoko yelled angrily. Shiratori sighed, “Well, he’s nothing more than a delusional racist old man,” Kaneki flinched at Sonoko’s yelling. After a long discussion, his friends finally decided to enlist him as Eri’s apprentice. Eri happily agreed and accepted Kaneki.

Kuroda sneered in his office. So much for bribing those lawyers into rejecting that brat! In the end, he finally got accepted as the apprentice of one Eri Kisaki. He knew all too well that Eri wasn’t the type of woman who will accept bribes. She has a strong moral compass and it wasn’t easy to intimidate her. To make things worse, her husband was one of Megure’s right-hand men! Kuroda groaned in frustration. His hands were tied, but there are always chances to bring that child and his family down. For now, he will bid his time…

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Chapter 4: Kobayashi-sensei got Kidnapped


A serial killer was on a rampage these days. His victims were usually school teachers, ranging from elementary to senior high school. The culprit always left one clue, a crimson clover drawing, hence the name of the case, Crimson Clover Serial Killer. Detective Boys decided to investigate the case. However, when they offered to help, Shiratori merely scoffed, “Children like you are still naïve. There’s no way you can capture a serial killer. Better go home,” “But we want to help!” Ayumi protested. However, all of it fell deaf on Shiratori’s ears. Kaneki decided to take Detective Boys away to distract them. Before leaving, Kaneki spoke to Shiratori, “Remember, Shiratori-keibu. A small child can do big things regardless of their age is,”

When the kids were at the park, they met a woman named Hisachi, a chief editor of a famous magazine. She was a slender woman with short light blue curly hair. She also had a blue rose tattoo on her right arm. She greeted the kids warmly, but Conan and Ai felt a strange aura from her. They decided to keep their eyes on that woman.

Genta and Mitsuhiko accidentally witnessed a murder scene where the serial killer acted again on their way home. The culprit’s face was obscured by a black hat and green hoodie. The terrified boys quickly hid behind a narrow alley. That’s when they spotted a blue rose tattoo on the culprit’s right arm.

“We saw the killer yesterday. He has a blue rose tattoo on his arm!” Genta exclaimed. Conan, Ai, Ayumi, and Kaneki were shocked. That Hisachi woman also had the same tattoo on her arm, which meant the culprit was Hisachi! They quickly rushed to the police office to tell Shiratori and Date about the culprit. Alas, once again, Shiratori refused to listen to the kids while Date’s face went pale. With a lot of effort, everyone finally managed to drag Shiratori with them. They quickly rushed to Teitan Elementary School.

When they arrived, they saw Kobayashi-sensei and Natalie got kidnapped. An unconscious Jodie lay there. The culprit quickly entered her car and drove away. Date quickly approached Jodie and shook her awake, “Wake up, Jodie-san!” Jodie groaned as she slowly woke up. Aldrea and Hiro passed by with the police car, “What’s wrong, Date? Is something happened?” asked Hiro, “Kobayashi-sensei and Natalie-sensei got kidnapped!” said the Detective Boys, “What?!”

Aldrea was furious when she heard that Shiratori dismissed the children’s claim about the serial killer, “You shouldn’t ignore clues and testimonies from the witnesses no matter what, be it from adults or from children! Now you’re reaping what you sowed, Shiratori-keibu.” Shiratori lowered his head in shame, “I’m really sorry, ma’am,” “Save that apology, you owe one to these kids.” Aldrea then jumped into the car, “Alright, Hiromitsu, full speed ahead!” “Roger, ma’am!” Hiro complied and the car sped up in the streets. Shiratori and Date followed soon after.

Unfortunately, they got trapped in a traffic jam, “Please move away from the road. This is a police car. Give us space to drive.” Aldrea talked through the microphone, to no avail. “It’s no use, ma’am,” said Hiro. Aldrea grumbled and sighed, “Alright then, you give me no choice,” Then she took out a megaphone and began to yell into it, “HEY! GIVE US SPACE TO DRIVE ALREADY! MOVE AWAY FROM THE ROAD! WE’RE CHASING A CRIMINAL HERE!” Finally, the cars moved away to give space, “Alright, thanks for the cooperation,” said Aldrea, still through her megaphone. The Detective Boys were stunned while Conan sweatdropped. Ai was unfazed by the commotion. The chase still continued hotly. The black car which contained Natalie and Sumiko drove faster than before. Aldrea was very annoyed and she asked to drive the car herself. Hiro just complied and switched seats with Aldrea. “Oh yeah, and by the way, I have a habit that can be said as, peculiar. Better cover your ears when I about to turn the car, okay?” “Eh, why?” asked Mitsuhiko, “Just do it already,” said Ai. After that, the car sped up once again.

Aldrea drove the car faster than Hiro did and managed to catch up with Hisachi. Shiratori and Date were not far from Aldrea, “Are they going to be okay?” asked Jodie nervously, “Just put faith in Aldrea-san. She can catch the culprit with ease,” Date replied. When the police car arrived at the sharp turn, Aldrea took a deep breath and began to shriek like a banshee as she drifted the car at high speed, distracting the culprit and making her lose control of her own car. The car crashed into a tree nearby. Luckily, Sumiko and Natalie were safe and sound. Conan who was still in the shell-shocked state slowly uncovered his ears, ‘So this is the peculiar habit she talked about,’ he shivered in his thought.

“Why are you doing this?!” Kaneki asked angrily at Hisachi as she was cuffed by Date. Hisachi just glared at him and sneered, “When I was a kid, I dreamed to become a doctor. But my elementary teacher just mocked me and humiliated me because I came from a poor family. The same thing happened when I entered junior high school. My homeroom teacher terrorized me to the point where I nearly killed myself! My parents collected the evidence of the abuse and reported it to the principal, but the principal just let that old bastard go. He only cared about money! When I entered senior high school, I stopped dreaming of becoming a doctor and set my aim to become an editor, but my homeroom teacher abused me psychologically! After I graduated from college and become a successful editor, I decided to take revenge on those people. My first victim was my old elementary teacher. I slit her throat when she was asleep. Next, I choked my junior high school teacher and bashed the old principal with an iron bat. Finally, I drugged my senior high school teacher with sleeping drug and strangled him to death. I found myself satisfied and couldn’t stop killing those so-called ‘educators’. That’s why I killed those teachers. I don’t and won’t ever regret my actions at all!” she laughed maniacally. Kaneki slapped the culprit angrily, “What a bullshit. Even though you were indeed abused by those people, that doesn’t and won’t justify your killings. Not all people are fit to be teachers. People who are fit to be teachers are following their call of life. Our jobs are the calls of our life and each of us has different calls of life. Not all teachers are bad. There are good and passionate teachers too. With doing all of these crimes, there’s no difference between you and your former teachers and former principal!” The murderer fell silent as Aldrea led her away. Shiratori also fell silent as he finished hearing Kaneki’s lecture, ‘This kid, he’s so much mature for his age.’ he mused. He then walked to the Detective Boys, “Kids, I’m really sorry for what I did to you. I should’ve listened to you, but I didn’t. I’m really sorry.” The kids just smiled at him, “It’s okay, sir. We forgive you,” said Ayumi. Natalie glanced at the culprit and sighed. “It’s such an irony. The victim of abuse ended up becoming a murderer. All because of people who only view jobs as the way to earn money,” she said as she hugged Date’s arm. Finally, everyone went home, but Shiratori stopped Kaneki and thanked him, “You’re right, Kaneki-kun. Little children are capable of doing big things. You’re such a wise young man.” Kaneki just smiled, “I'm glad you learned your lesson, sir,”


Dining room, Morofushi Residence

“So, that’s the whole story, huh? What an irony indeed,” said Kansuke as he picked daikon with his chopsticks. Kaneki just sighed as he ate his dinner silently. Love for money is the root of all evil as the old saying goes…


The living room, Takagi’s apartment

“How did you not get shocked when Chief Aldrea shrieked like that?” Conan questioned Ai and Hiro after they closed the case. “Well, my aunt also has the same habit. When she was a teen, people called her ‘The Queen of Racers’. Shu-nii inherited her driving skills,” said Ai in a nonchalant tone. Hiro laughed nervously, “Well, Mrs. Akai is my and Zero’s mother-in-law. We’re already got used to this,” Conan and Takagi only could sit with dumbfounded expressions plastered on their faces.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5: Some Time Alone, Jealousy, and Painful Past


“I have a dream, a song to sing…” Kaneki hummed as the song played from his iPod. He played guitar slowly as he stared at the sky. It was a peaceful evening. Conan already fell asleep while Takagi was still at the office. So, he’s on his own.

The next day, the girls went to hot springs at Gunma prefecture. They entered the hot springs after took off their clothes, “Oh, look Ran-chan. I see your chest has grown a little bit,” Ran blushed at Yumi’s comment. Everyone is already inside the hot spring except Aldrea. “Come on, Aldrea-san. What are you waiting for?” asked Sato. Aldrea finally entered the hot spring with a little bit of hesitation. Masumi just puffed her cheeks in annoyance, “It’s not fair. You guys have grown your breasts while I still remain flat.” Mary smiled at her upset daughter, “It’s okay. When I was younger, my chest was as flat as a wall.” “By the way, what’s your size, Aldrea-san?” Naeko and Natalie blushed at the question while Rachel snickered at the question. “Yumi, it’s not polite at all!” Sato chided Yumi. Aldrea just blushed and sunk further into the water, “Come on, don’t be shy, ma’am. We just want to know,” Yumi giggled while Sato glared at her. Aldrea began to mumble incoherently, “What? Please speak louder, ma’am.” Yumi held her hand behind her ear. Aldrea just mumbled silently, “It’s 120 cm…” “What? We can’t hear you, ma’am!” “It’s 120 cm,” “What did you just say?!” Yumi asked louder, <IT’S 120 CM! AM I CLEAR?! STOP ASKING SUCH QUESTION!> Aldrea snapped at Yumi. The girls, including Ai dropped their jaws while Mary facepalmed, “What?! That’s even bigger than Mama!” Masumi exclaimed loudly. Mary quickly covered her daughter’s mouth, but the damage was already done. The next thing they knew was that they heard about the Whiskey Trio’s love life and a sound of steaming kettle from the men’s side.


The male side, hot springs

Kaneki blushed heavily when he and the others accidentally overheard Aldrea’s bust size. Matsuda and Hagi dropped their jaws while Kakashi slapped his forehead in annoyance, “How huge…” Date muttered. Kaneki sunk himself further into the water, “I need some brain bleach…” he muttered. “Dak-san, is this reason for your overprotective behavior?” Chiba whispered lowly to Dak. Dak groaned while placing his huge Hork-Bajir hand over his face, “Yes. Those men always leer at my wife despite knowing that she’s already got married!” he groaned, “Well, join the club, sir. We feel the same here,” Kansuke patted Dak’s shoulder sympathetically. Takagi winced sympathetically at Dak’s complaint. Hiro and Rei were speechless, <Come to think of it, no wonder Dak-san always gets jealous whenever his wife is with another man,> Rei spoke to Hiro in private thought-speech. <Yeah, oh and by the way, do you remember our first night as a married triad? I remember how Shuichi pounded us brutally with his cock. None of us ever expected that his cock would be a huge one. And that knot, definitely a huge one too. And the way he fucked us that night, ugh. Totally brutal and merciless. He didn’t even give us time to adjust to his cock’s size. My back was really sore in the morning, I couldn’t even walk at all!> <Yeah, he’s really brutal for sure when it comes to sex…> “Hey, hey. There are kids here, ya know,” Kansuke’s rude intervention brought Rei and Hiro back to reality. When they saw around them, everyone was speechless, “Seriously, in the hot springs of all places?” Kakashi snarked with a deadpan expression. Shuichi groaned in exasperation while Kaneki already drowned himself fully in the water, fully embarrassed by the conversation and steaming like a hot kettle. “Oh, look at here, someone’s now steaming like a kettle,” said Komei. Hiro and Rei quickly apologized for the conversation while Conan only stared at them with a deadpan expression, ‘How insensitive, talking about your love life in a public place,’ he snarked mentally.


The bar

Zero Squad gathered at a bar and drinking together, “Hey, squad leader. Remember how we chased the man who nearly killed you a year ago?” asked Jinpei. Date put down his beer mug, “Of course, how can I forget?”


One year ago

Wataru Date was quickly rushed to the hospital. He became the victim of a hit-and-run when he was about to visit his girlfriend. Despite werewolves are well-known for their fast self-healing, it didn’t stop him from being rushed to hospital. Natalie was worried half to death. Luckily, Date was saved from death’s skinny fingers. After a week in the hospital, he was released. “Squad leader! Thank goodness you’re alive!” Hagi crying on Date’s shoulder and there was a lot of snot and tears. Date tried to pry himself from his friends to no avail. Takagi fainted in relief when he saw Date safe and sound. It was an intense week.

Not long after, the policemen spotted the same man who nearly killed Date nearly hit Natalie on the street with his car. An absolutely furious Date quickly rushed to help Natalie and ushered her into his car, but Mary stopped him, “I’ll drive for you,” she said. Date at first doubted whether he should let Mary drove the car, but finally, he let Mary drove the car.

The chase was an intense and hot one. Mary chased the car at high speed, but the driver was very tricky. He slipped through the crowd with ease. The chase continued hotly until they were separated by a highway. The culprit’s car was on the lower road while Mary and the others were on the higher road. There’s no way they could go through the gap, “Mary! Look out! There’s a gap! There’s a gap! There’s a gap!” Tsutomu screamed in panic. All of sudden, Mary shrieked like a banshee and drifted the car at high speed. Everyone covered their ears instantly. Takagi was the one who got the nastiest shock. Mary made the car jumped over the steel fences between the roads and successfully landed on the lower road, blocking the culprit’s path.

Date and the others were still rattled when the culprit was being led away by Shiratori and Kogoro, “Hey, Zero, Hiro. How could you didn’t get shocked when she did that?” “Well, she’s our mother-in-law, she was called ‘The Queen of Racers’ by her peers when she was a teenager.” Hiro answered, “Wait, WHAAAAAATTT?!” Everyone was shocked by the revelation. Mary just laughed at their shock while her husband sulked nearby, “Ohohoho, it was a glorious age for me. I was greatly feared by my fellow racers and I am still feared by them!” “Well, like mother, like son,” said Hagi sarcastically. Megure and Kogoro were frozen in their place, ‘Mrs. Akai, she kinda reminds me of Midori when she was younger,’ Megure mentally sighed.


The inn

Kansuke, Komei, and Yui entered their room. They slowly stripped their clothes and laid on the futon. It’s been such a long time since they had sex. They began with a simple thing. Yui felt a hot tongue licked her clitoris slowly. Behind her, Komei played with her nipples slowly. Yui silently moaned in ecstasy as Komei covered her mouth from behind. Five minutes later, Yui spilled her juices all over Kansuke’s face. The werewolf slowly stood up and licked the remains on his fingers and face, “It’s your turn, Komei.” Then, they switched positions. Now, Komei was licking Yui’s clitoris. It didn’t take long for Yui to orgasm for the second time. She panted for breath, “Let me take a break first,”

After having a break, Yui laid on the futon and Komei prepared to take her. It was slow and sensual. But it quickly turned faster and faster. Skin slapping against skin, moans could be heard. It was very fast and hot. Komei could feel that he’s nearing his end. He bit Yui right on her mating mark. Yui let out a scream as she reached her orgasm. She could feel her husband’s growing knot inside her. They were locked together for a while. Yui chuckled softly. She could feel that Komei slowly sucking her blood. Yui gave a slight nudge, making Komei hard again. Komei groaned as he felt his cock hardened again. He retaliated with nudging against Yui, making the ghoul whimpered. They continued slowly because Komei’s knot was still stuck inside Yui. Ten minutes later, they reached their orgasm again. Komei’s seed was trickling down on Yui’s thighs, “Hey, I haven’t got my turn yet,” said Kansuke from the corner of the room, “Well, you’ll get your turn soon, Kansuke-kun, after my knot shrink of course,” “Don’t forget that I will punish you after this,” the alpha smirked sinisterly. Komei silently prayed that the punishment won’t be a harsh one.

After two hours, the knot finally shrank down. There were claw marks on Yui’s back. Yui laid down to relax. Kansuke prepared the lube and laid Komei down. After covering his fingers with the lube, Kansuke began to search for the sweet spot. When he found it, Komei gasped for breath. Kansuke smirked and mercilessly hit the spot. Komei tried his best to not create any noise, to no avail. When he was about to cum, his orgasm was being held back by a cock ring. Komei whimpered in pain as Kansuke chuckled darkly, “I told you, didn’t I? You will get the punishment and this is the punishment. Bad boys are not allowed to cum,” Komei wanted to protest, but Kansuke slammed his hand onto Komei’s mouth and shushed him, “I will let you cum after you behave well,” Komei had no choice but to agree.

Komei moaned all night. Kansuke was an aggressive one when it comes to sex. Now he’s on all four, mounted by his mate who pushed into him mercilessly. “Alpha, please…let me cum!” Kansuke hummed a bit and pushed once more, sending electric shock into Komei’s body. A moment later, Kansuke finally took off the cock ring, relieving Komei and Kansuke’s knot grew and locked both men together, “Tell me why you and your brother have a knot, Komei,” Komei sighed at the question, “Our paternal great-great-grandfather was a werewolf and we are the only ones who inherited his genes.” “Nice one, ready for round two?” “Yes, but after your knot shrink, Kansuke-kun,”

Komei and Kansuke were having round two. Komei now was laying on the futon while Kansuke was all over him. Skin slapping against skin as the musky scent of sex filled the air. Komei was grateful that his baby brother was in the other part of the inn, otherwise, the poor teen would never get a peaceful sleep. Kansuke pulled Komei into his lap and slammed harder into him. Komei screamed Kansuke’s name as he reached his orgasm and bit Kansuke’s shoulder, sucking blood from the werewolf. Kansuke soon reached his climax and licked on Komei’s left shoulder where the mating mark was located and bit down gently, <Overgrown leech.> he fondly chided.

Yui slowly woke up just as Komei and Kansuke were separated from each other. She slowly sat down glanced at Kansuke. Kansuke understood the meaning of that glance. He embraced Yui and gently placed his hand on her cheek, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Yui nodded, “I’m still a little bit traumatized, but I think it’s not good for me if I stay in the past. Right, Kan-chan?” Kansuke sighed as he stared at his beloved wife. The painful memory was still fresh in his mind…


Four years ago

The Nagano Trio had a simple but happy wedding. In their first night, they got consummated in their relationship. Now, they are yearning for a child to complete their family. However, their happiness soon turned into sadness and grief…

It happened two months after they got married. Yui was working on some murder case data in the office when one of her coworkers offered her a cup of green tea. She gratefully took it and drank it. Thirty minutes later, Yui screamed in pain and began to violently throw up. Kansuke and Komei quickly rushed to help their wife. That’s when Komei spotted a red splotch in front of Yui’s skirt. Yui then got rushed to the nearby hospital. The result of the examination was devastating. Yui got poisoned and she was rendered infertile due to the effects of the poison. When Kansuke and Komei were allowed to see their wife, they saw Yui. But not the usually cheerful and kind Yui. She looked gloomy and devastated. Her dream of becoming a mother was destroyed. She cried for hours in her husbands’ embrace.

Kaneki was shocked and devastated when he heard about the news. He was staying with Jinpei and Hagi at Beika. He already chose to study in Tokyo in order to be closer with Hiro and his friends, hence the reason Komei entrusted Jinpei and Hagi to take care of Kaneki after Hiro went on an undercover mission. The half-ghoul blacked out as soon as he heard about the incident. Jinpei, Hagi, and Date were panicked when they saw Kaneki blacked out. They soon understood why Kaneki blacked out after they heard Yui’s sob from the phone.

Kansuke was furious when he found out who tried to poison Yui. He grabbed the culprit’s collar and yelled at him, “Why did you do that?!” The culprit just sneered at him, “She deserved it! She’s nothing more than a lowly monster who doesn’t even deserve to be a mother!” Kansuke was about to hit the culprit when Komei stepped forward and glared at the culprit, “Do you have any idea of what have you done? You destroyed a woman’s dream to become a mother. I will never forgive you for that. Never.” The culprit and everyone else except Kansuke was terrified by Komei’s icy rage.

After sending the culprit into jail, Kansuke and Komei decided to temporarily take a break in order to give their wife mental support. Kuroda was not happy with their decision. A week later, the Nagano Trio received a letter from Kuroda which stated that they were transferred to Tokyo. Kuroda also stated in his letter that he would be the one who supervised Kansuke and Komei in Tokyo and demoted their ranks. Having no choice, the triad agreed. Before they left for Tokyo, they burned down their house as the symbol of their new life journey and as a reminder that they would never return to Nagano. Yui only could shed tears as the house burned down to the ground.

In Tokyo, they rented a small apartment and began to work tirelessly. That’s when Natalie Kuruma entered their lives. She fully understood their struggles, having heard it from her boyfriend, Date. She took Yui and showed her life in Beika. Yui slowly stood up on her feet and regained the light of her life, although she sometimes still blamed herself for their misfortune. Komei and Kansuke also quickly rose through the ranks once more. Hagi, Jinpei, and Date occasionally visited them and wished them well. Four months later, they managed to buy their own house and Kaneki moved in with them. Not long after that, Hiro returned from his mission and Kuroda went missing. Kansuke sighed in relief when he heard that Kuroda went missing and he was succeeded by Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan, “Good grief. Now we don’t have to deal with that old racist jerk, it will be better if he is found dead rather being found alive!” Kaneki nearly choked on his tea while Hiro looked scandalized, “Kan-chan! It’s not nice!” Yui reprimanded her husband. Komei gave Kansuke a look, “Nah, he’s right, Yui-san. He’s such a racist old jerk! Heck, even nobody like him at all, literary! He gave us a hard time during our first days in the office, especially for Date, Zero, and Hiro!” said Jinpei. Hagi nodded at Jinpei’s words. Megure just poured himself some coffee, “Matsuda-kun is right. There’s no use talking about someone who is delusional and bigoted like him,” Hiro only sighed. Megure was right. They need to move on from their old life.


Kansuke went slowly as he laid Yui on her back. He didn’t want to rush. The pace slowly went faster and faster. Yui held onto him for dear life, “Kan-chan, please, faster,” she whispered. The pace became faster and ruthless. Both of them panted for breath as they reached their climaxes. Once again, Yui got knotted and this time, it was bigger than before. Yui sighed, she felt full and loved. Kansuke caressed her head gently. They got to round two and climaxed once again thirty minutes later. Kansuke bit Yui’s shoulder gently and laid down after his knot shrunk. He scooted Komei closer so that Yui would sleep between her husbands. They had a peaceful sleep that night.

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Chapter 6: Nightmare


It was an ordinary day. Hiro had just walked home from PSB office when he suddenly spotted a familiar Porsche. His face went pale. Gin then got out of his car and grinned, “Well, well. It’s been a long time, right, Scotch? I’ve heard that you have a baby brother. Let’s visit him with a nice surprise.” Gin then pulled the trigger of his gun.

Hiro woke up with a scream and in a cold sweat. Shu and Rei were woken by his scream, “What a nightmare,” said Hiro in fear.

The next day, Hiro spotted the same Porsche in his nightmare. Conan decided to plant a bug in the car. When the adults found out about it, they decided to follow the car, but not before they scolded Conan and Hiro.

A politician had been murdered. Conan, Ai, and Hiro managed to solve the case, but the culprit fled away. Hiro and Shuichi decided to follow Kenzo Masuyama, code-named Pisco back to his hideout by using crow morph. Conan, Ai, Tara, and Jodie were in Agasa’s car while Date and Kogoro were in charge of leading Megure and the others to Pisco’s hideout. Takagi, Kaneki, Chiba, Alan, and Tobias were in Alan’s car, waiting for news.

“Crap, we’re busted!” Conan realized that Gin had discovered the bug. Hiro and Shuichi were in wine cellar when Jodie called them through her earpiece. “Hiro, Shu! Are you okay?” Shuichi groaned in pain as he woke up. That’s when he spotted Pisco’s laptop and cracked the password. There, he found Elena and Atsushi’s data and copied it into his flash disk. He later contacted Jodie, “I’ve got the data. We’ll be back right away.” said Shuichi. He later woke Hiro and dragged him out of the wine cellar.

On the rooftop, the duo encountered Gin and Vodka. Gin was shocked, but then his shock turned into malicious glee, “Well, well, what we have here? Scotch and Rye.” Shuichi gritted his teeth. He took out his gun, “You murderer! You killed my aunt and uncle! I won’t let you hurt my family!” Gin’s grin grew even wider, “Oh, so Elena Miyano was your aunt? No wonder you are familiar with her. Her face reminded me of someone. Who was it again? Oh, right. MI6’s Mary Akai. They must be sisters for sure. You indeed look like your mother.” Hiro gulped silently as he prepared his gun. Gin was nonchalant and slowly approached the duo, “Then who are you, Scotch?” Hiro steeled his nerves and glared at Gin. He can’t die here. Not when he got a baby brother to watch. He had family and friends who were waiting for him. Suddenly, the earpiece crackled and Chiba’s voice echoed through the silence, “Hiro-san, is everything okay?” and Hiro was frozen in his place, ‘Crap,’ he cursed. Gin slowly took Hiro’s earpiece and replied to Chiba, “He’s okay. But no for long,” and threw the earpiece away.

Chiba, Takagi, Sato, and everyone else in the car were frozen in horror. Hiro had been caught! Kaneki started to hyperventilate. He couldn’t afford to lose his older brother! Alan quickly drove his car to Haido Hotel and contacted Date, Kogoro, and Agasa about the development.

Gin grinned, “So, your name is Hiro, right?” Hiro kept glaring at Gin, “Hiromitsu Morofushi. I am a PSB agent and I won’t let you hurt my family and friends!” Hiro fired a bullet towards Gin, but missed. His whole body was frozen in fear. Gin then stabbed his stomach mercilessly. “Hiro-kun! Hang in there!” Gin took the opportunity to stab Shuichi, but Shuichi’s reflexes were faster. He kicked Gin’s hand and the knife flew away from his hand. Vodka tried to help, but he was quickly knocked out cold by Shuichi. That’s when Shuichi’s badge fell from his pocket. Gin took the badge and grinned, “I see. So, you are an FBI agent, Shuichi Akai.” Gin then shot Shuichi right on his forehead and stabbed his gut. Shuichi collapsed for a moment but quickly recovered. Thanks to his status as a hybrid, he managed to survive the wounds. He gave Gin a kick on the ribs and quickly escaped with Hiro.

Hiro who nearly passed out due to the loss of blood slowly opened his eyes. Shuichi placed Hiro’s head on his shoulder and guided Hiro’s mouth to his nape. Hiro gently bit Shuichi and began to suck his mate’s blood, <I’m sorry, Shu. I was so scared. I don’t want to die early. I still have…> <Shhh… It’s okay. I know that. You still want to spend the rest of your life with us. You still need to watch over your baby brother, right? It’s not your fault,> Suddenly, Shuichi’s earpiece crackled, “Shuichi-san! Are you okay? How’s Gin?”  Tobias’ voice echoed in the narrow alley. “We’re fine. We are in a narrow alley now. I already got the data, please pick us up.” said Shuichi. The group finally found Shuichi and Hiro in the alley while Kogoro, Megure, and Date found a very dead Kenzo Masuyama.

Mary was livid when she heard that Gin nearly killed her firstborn and son-in-law. Gin and Vodka escaped while Pisco was dead, but the silver lining was they managed to get Elena and Atsushi’s data, “We still need to be careful. Now that Gin knows that you two are alive, you need to blend in the background,” said Tobias. Anya shivered in fear as she recalled how ruthless Gin was. She remembered the day she experienced a change of heart.


Four years ago

Scotch was panicked. His cover was blown. The higher-ups wanted him dead. With a shaky hand, he took out his cell phone and texted his lovers, ‘I’m sorry, my cover was blown. It seems like, the only way to escape is to the afterlife. I love you.’ After finished texting his lovers, Scotch took out his revolver when Jagermeister and Cider interrupted, “Hiromitsu Morofushi! Don’t you dare!” Jagermeister took the revolver away from Scotch’s hands. Scotch shivered as he looked at Jagermeister and Cider with teary eyes, “What are you doing, sir?! I have no choice!” “Don’t be ridiculous! We can escape together! Remember, you still have family and friends who are waiting for you! You still have a younger brother! If you commit suicide, you will break not only his heart, but everyone else’s too!” Hiro silently gasped and took out his silver sakura pendant. He remembered on how Kaneki smiled after he accepted the gift. He remembered his promise to come home soon. Hiro fell onto his knees and cried. Jagermeister patted his shoulder gently just as Rye and Bourbon arrived, “Hiro!/Hiro-kun!”

Jagermeister sighed as he stood up, “We need a plan. Hiromitsu can’t escape on his own. Someone must stay in the organization to cover his track,” “I can help you,” A voice answered. It was Curacao from the intel gathering unit. Rye prepared his gun while Bourbon shielded Scotch from Curacao’s view. Curacao raised her hands, “I have no intention to attack or hand you into the organization. I overheard your conversation, Scotch. When I heard that you have a younger brother, I felt a sense of envy. You are surrounded by your loved ones. I also want to be like that. I already grew sick with the ruthlessness of the organization. I want to become my own person, not some brainwashed robot. I can lend you a hand, but with one condition. You must help me to escape too,” Having no choice, the Whiskey Trio, Jagermeister, and Cider agreed. Cider took a closer look on Curacao, “Do you really want to keep your words?” “I do,” Cider only found honesty in her words and nodded, “We have gained an ally, this is good news,” “Well, if you say so, then we will escape with her, Dak-san,” said Rye.

Curacao really kept her words. She helped Rye and Scotch escaped while Jagermeister, Bourbon, and Cider remained in the organization. It was their own decision to remain in the organization. They need to gather intel after all. Curacao then was brought to PSB office. There, she met various agents from worldwide and Interpol agents. They offered her a new life and a new name. Curacao accepted the offer and thus, Anya was born that day.


“I don’t want to return to that place,” Anya whispered in fear. She was really scared and began to cry silently. Mary embraced Anya gently and caressed her head, “It’s okay, Anya. We won’t let that happen, we promised.” she whispered. Everyone was confused except Aldrea, Dak, Alan, Tobias, Kaneki, the Whiskey Trio, Jodie, and the Nagano Trio. “What did she know about those people?” asked Conan, “It’s a long story,” Tobias sighed, “Explain, please.” <Not here, Conan-kun,> said Alan. And so, Conan, Agasa, Ran, Kogoro, Date, Jinpei, Hagi, Takagi, Chiba, and Sato silently moved into another room to hear about Curacao’s tale from Elfangor.

Renya Karasuma was shocked when he heard about Scotch and Rye’s faked deaths and true identities from Gin. Not only that, Gin also revealed that the Hell’s Angel and Mary Akai were sisters and that Shuichi was Mary’s son. “How could they escape! There are traitors among us! Find them no matter what!” he bellowed. Bourbon, Jagermeister, Cider, Kir, and Absinthe were panicked on the inside, but they kept wearing their poker faces. They only could hope that everyone will be alright.

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Chapter 7: Pervy Detective


Shinichi continued to solve cases around him. One time, he encountered a case that reminded Sato of her late father. It all started with Kaya and Gabi who spotted an arsonist. The culprit was later caught by Colt, Falco’s older brother while trying to escape, but Sato was still sad that she had to lose her father when she was ten years old. The kids cheered her up after the case and it lifted her spirit up.

Sato helped Takagi in taking care of Conan. Usually, they would take turns in babysitting him. Kaneki would regularly watch over Conan after his work shifts ended. One time, he brought Conan with him to Anteiku because both Takagi and Sato were unable to babysit him. When he brought Conan over, Conan walked around the café and acting like a first-grader child to maintain his cover, annoying Touka who was serving customers. Kaneki then apologized to Touka for Conan’s behavior, attracting attention from Yoshimura.

“Kaneki-kun, could you please come with me?” asked Yoshimura. Kaneki gulped silently as he followed the manager to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Kuzen dropped the bombshell, “I know who the kid really is. He’s Shinichi Kudo, right?” “H-how did you know, sir?” “It’s easy, I noticed that Conan-kun was really observant for a child his age. He’s also looked quite intelligent and I think that I ever saw that face before. A couple of times to be exact.” “Yes, yes. That’s Shinichi Kudo. He was shrunk by…” “By the people in black? I already know it. I’m an Interpol agent after all,” Just after Kuzen confessed his true identity, Amuro entered the kitchen. After a quite long conversation, Kuzen was sworn into secrecy by Kaneki and Amuro.


Poirot Café

Kaneki and Tobias were waiting for Rachel and Masumi for some intel gathering mission. The BO hadn’t made any move yet, but they have to be cautious. Renya Karasuma was furious and he ordered an extensive searching of Akai and Miyano families. Tsutomu was currently moonlighting as a PI under alias Thomas Franz while Mary took the alias Bridgette Franz. When Kaneki and Tobias were waiting, a man in his mid-20s entered the café. He was a good-looking man, but he had a smug aura, and judging from his behavior, Kaneki can conclude that the man was up to no good. He was using an expensive perfume way too much and dressed overly glamorously. Even Shiratori-keibu with his well-off background wouldn’t even dress up like that, preferring to wear simple but neat clothes to go on dates with Kobayashi-sensei. He also never liked to flaunt his wealth in such a manner.

The man was very flirty towards the female customers in the café. He even tried to flirt with Azusa Enomoto, the kind-hearted and cheerful waitress of the café. Azusa was looked uncomfortable with the man’s flirty approach. But he simply didn’t care. He just kept pushing his luck on Azusa. “Hey, could you stop that? Do you have no shame?” Tobias interrupted. The man was annoyed when he got interrupted, but then, he turned to Tobias with the most annoying arrogant smirk, “Well, it’s up to me, of course, this young lady is very beautiful after all.” “You could be sued with sexual harassment, you know. Leave her alone,” Tobias retorted. The man laughed at Tobias, “Oh, really? Who do you think you are? A king’s son?” Tobias was visibly irritated by the response and was ready to punch the man in his face, but Kaneki stopped him. Just as Tobias about to protest, the door of the café opened, revealing Yui with Rachel and Masumi on tow. The shameless pervert’s eyes instantly landed on them and quickly rushed towards Yui, “Hello, pretty, what’s your name?” Yui was surprised and took backward steps, clearly disgusted by the man’s behavior, “Don’t be shy like that. My name’s Mustang. Roy Mustang. I’m a PI. You know what, we can be a wonderful couple,” Rachel and Masumi were disgusted while Tobias and Kaneki looked scandalized, “Excuse me, but I’m a married woman,” said Yui as she showed her wedding ring, it was a sapphire ring, crafted by the best craftsman in the city. “I already have a husband. Two husbands in fact. They won’t be happy if they find out that you are trying to flirt with me,” Mustang just laughed, “Just leave your foolish husbands already. Don’t waste your time with them,” Yui just slapped away Mustang’s hand. Masumi then stepped forward, “Leave Yui-san alone!” she yelled. Mustang laughed at Masumi, “Really? And what are you going to do, huh? Call the police? Just do it. Oh, and by the way, you don’t look pretty anyway. Who wants a girl with a flat chest?” Masumi was incensed by Mustang’s comment, but Rachel held her back. At this rate, everyone in the café became very disgusted. “Enough already! Leave my sister-in-law alone!” Kaneki yelled as he stood up. Mustang just laughed at him. That’s when Taka’aki entered the café and grabbed Mustang’s shoulder, “Pardon me for being rude, but I won’t let you making fun of my younger brother,” Mustang then turned around to see Taka’aki who looked unpleased, “Also, stop flirting with my wife,” Taka’aki finished. Mustang just laughed even harder, “That kid? Is your brother?” he jerked his thumb towards Kaneki, “That’s ridiculous! He laughed even harder.

That’s when he felt a strong grip on his shoulder. He saw an absolutely livid Kansuke Yamato right behind him. His laughter ceased instantly, replaced by cold sweat and wide eyes. “Y-Yamato-k-k-keibu…” “Kansuke-kun!” “Kan-chan!” Yui and Komei soon realized their alpha’s presence, “You’re late, Kan-chan!” Yui puffed up her cheeks in annoyance, “Sorry, had to deal with a purse snatcher three blocks from here. By the way, you look cute like this,” Kansuke apologized while poking Yui’s cheek playfully. Then he turned his attention to Mustang who was sweating a lot, “You were trying to flirt with my wife, didn’t you?” “W-w-what? M-m-me? No, sir. It’s just a misunderstanding. I had no idea that she is married…” “Nope, you clearly know that she is married, but you kept pushing your luck. Oh, and he made fun of Ken and Masumi too,” said Tobias flatly. And that’s more than enough to make Kansuke snapped and beat the crap out of Mustang. Mustang staggered away, trying to escape, but Masumi rushed towards him, “Hold it right there, you shitty pervert!” And the next thing that happened was Masumi kicked Mustang’s balls. Rachel cackled at the sight, “Nice one, Masumi, that’s a checkmate!” Kaneki and Tobias were horrified while Kansuke didn’t contain his glee at all. The pervert then passed out. Unknown to everyone, Ayato got out from behind the bushes quietly and stopped the recording. He had been recording the whole event since Mustang entered the café, “This is going to be a good warning for everyone,” he snickered as he sent the video to everyone in his contact.

Three days later, Mustang saw one Chihaya Hagiwara at the bus stop. He then approached her and tried to flirt with her. That’s when Sasha and Connie spotted him, “Wait for a second, why that face seems very familiar to me?” said Connie. Sasha then checked her phone and her eyes widened, “Connie it’s him!” Connie gasped at the video, “You’re the pervy guy from the video!” both he and Sasha exclaimed. Mustang’s face turned pale, “What are you talking about!” he yelled, “Stop lying. Ayato sent us a video where a nasty pervert came to Café Poirot and pushed his luck on Officer Yui!” Sasha snapped. Mustang gulped. Did someone record him? Chihaya loomed over him from behind, “Is that true, kids?” Sasha and Connie nodded at Chihaya’s question. Chihaya then broke Mustang’s right arm and judo threw him. Mustang came home with a broken arm and sore butt as the result.


Tokyo MPD HQ

Chiba greeted Takagi who’d just arrived at the office, “Takagi-san, have you seen the video?” “What video?” “A video where a PI tried to flirt with Yui-san. It’s been viral for three days,” said Chiba. Takagi shuddered at the memory.


Takagi had just finished his paperwork when he received a message from Yumi, ‘Yumi-san? What kind of message she’s sending to me?’ Takagi opened the message. It said: Beware of the nasty pervy PI. Got it from Ayato-kun. What Takagi saw in the next second had him dropped his jaw in the most unmanly way. A PI named Roy Mustang flirted with every single woman in Café Poirot and forced his hand on one Yui Uehara. The pervert ended up receiving Yamato-keibu’s wrath and got kneed in the crotch by Masumi Akai. Takagi quickly stopped the video and shuddered, ‘That was a close one,’ he thought.


“How could I forget about it, Chiba-kun? That man is surely nasty,” Takagi sighed. Chiba patted his back in sympathy. It was a nasty one indeed. That pervert better thinks twice if he wanted to sexually harass another woman next time. Sato-san won’t forgive him for sure.

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Chapter 8: Ticking Bomb


Seerow Hamee had just finished his daily patrol regarding bomb threats. He was about to get some rest when suddenly his car exploded. He was already fifty feet away from his car when the explosion happened. The explosion attracted the attention of people nearby, including the bystanders. Rachel nearly got hit by the flying flaming car door. It merely scratched her, but still, it was a dangerous one. Aldrea stared in horror as the car exploded, <SEEROW!> she screamed as Seerow nearly got killed by the explosion. Aldrea rushed and hugged her son tightly after the car exploded, afraid that she might lose him like what happened seven and three years ago.

Shiratori handed a riddle that was written by the culprit to Matsumoto and Megure, “It’s not mistaken again. It’s the same person who did the bombing seven and three years ago,” said Matsumoto grimly. Aldrea’s breath grew shaky. She was sweating a lot. Her hands were trembling, “That bastard! I’ll kill him if something happens to my Seerow!” Hiro and Date had to tackle her down with great difficulty. Conan who witnessed it all was confused, ‘What’s her deal with the culprit?’ As if reading his mind, Kogoro gave a hand signal to Conan, ‘We’ll talk about it privately,’ Conan reluctantly followed after Kogoro and Jinpei.

In the hallway, they met Hessat Halad, Seerow’s wife. She appeared as a middle-aged woman with soft wavy dark brown hair complete with violet eyes and a soft round face. No one would ever think that she was actually a Hork-Bajir in human morph. “Nice to meet you here, Mouri-keibu. How are Eri-san and Ran-chan doing?” “They’re doing fine, thank you,” said Kogoro. “Excuse me, why Chief Aldrea is very angry back there?” asked Conan. Jinpei and Kogoro stiffened at the question while Hessat looked like her soul was sucked by a demon, “That’s because… That man was the one who nearly killed Seerow-keibu seven and three years ago,” said Jinpei.


Seven years ago

Seerow, Hagi, and the rest of the team were defusing a bomb. It was supposed to be an easy mission, but after being defused, the bomb started to tick again. It was only three seconds left. Hagi quickly cast a protection rune around him and the rest of his team. The bomb exploded and the team was thrown out of the building. The rescue team was waiting outside with a gigantic air mattress. The team fell right on top of the mattress with only a few scratches here and there. Aldrea rushed to hug her son. That was a too-close call for her comfort, “Thank you so much, Officer Hagiwara. I owe you for this,” Kenji was stunned by Aldrea’s gratitude. Even the police officers nearby dropped their jaws in disbelief. Matsuda’s sunglasses slid down from his nose. The scary no-nonsense Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan thanked a newbie police officer?! It was an anomaly for all of them. She’s well-known to the police officers as a woman who always looked scary and took no excuse for slacking off. She’s greatly feared because of her militant personality, even by the ones like Juzo Megure and Hyoue Kuroda. Kuroda himself preferred to avoid her at any cost, clearly fearing her temper. The academy students claimed that her rage was more terrifying than the good old Hachizo Onizuka. Even her reputation as the fiercest policewoman was spread widely outside Tokyo, so it was a surprise indeed. Seerow sighed at his comrades’ expressions, “She rarely shows her gentle side in front of other people. If you are on her right side, she is a nice person actually, but if you are on her left side, well, better kiss your dignity goodbye.” he explained. The police officers gulped and nodded.


Three years ago

Seerow and Jinpei were in box seat 72 of Haido Ferris Wheel. After solving the riddle and defusing the bomb, they gave the riddle’s answer via e-mail to Megure. When the Ferris wheel started to move, the angry culprit decided to play his trump card. He activated the second bomb he prepared in the seat box when Jinpei and Seerow got out from the Ferris wheel. They nearly got killed by the explosion.

Jinpei woke up in the hospital with his friends waiting for him nervously. He was greeted by Hagi with a bear hug and a lot of tears, “Jinpei-chan! Thank goodness you’re alive!” Hagi cried into Jinpei’s shoulder. Jinpei slowly patted Hagi’s back. He had a bad feeling about Chief Aldrea’s reaction when her son woke up. He silently prayed that Seerow-keibu would be avoided from such fate.

Seerow woke up in the hospital with his parents fell asleep on the couch. Dak was the first one who saw him wake up. Aldrea and Hessat were relieved when they saw Seerow wake up from his coma. When Seerow wanted to return to his duty, Aldrea refused to let her son out of her sight, “Are you insane?! You nearly died twice, Seerow! Twice! I won’t let you return to duty until I say so!” Seerow sighed, he knew that there’s no use in arguing with his mother. As the matriarch of Hamee family, she was a strict woman. She carried her strict attitude to work and gained a reputation because of it. With her temper, she’s capable to make the scariest man cower in fear. Even some of the police officers and agents who worked with Aldrea had wet their pants at least once because they were terrified by her temper. No longer wanting to argue, Seerow finally agreed to his mother’s terms. It took a month for Aldrea to come out from her paranoid state.


Conan was silent during the whole story, “So that’s the reason, huh?” he said quietly. He could hardly blame Aldrea at all. She’s a mother and an agent at the same time. It must be devastating for her at the thought of losing her family member. Hessat nodded solemnly at Conan’s reaction. Suddenly, Chiba interrupted their conversation, “Sir! We already solved the riddle!”


Inside a lift, Tokyo Tower

Takagi, Conan, and Seerow were trapped inside a lift. They were in trouble while tried to disarm the bomb. The culprit had them trapped in the lift with a bomb. Aldrea was getting more and more panicked, “Seerow! Get out of there as soon as possible!” she screamed into the phone. Seerow was having trouble calming his mother down as Conan called him, “Seerow-keibu! We’ve already solved the riddle!” Seerow was astonished by Conan’s intelligence, but it was cut short by the sound of the ticking bomb. Seerow abruptly ended his call – much to Aldrea’s chagrin – and began to defuse the bomb.

“Who are you actually? Why you are able to solve such a difficult riddle like this?” Seerow asked Conan after he finished defusing the bomb. Conan was stunned for a while before quickly changed to his childish behavior, “I’m just a kid, sir,” he laughed nervously. But Seerow wasn’t someone who could be tricked easily. As a son of MI6’s agents, he knew too well when someone lied to him. Even his granddaughter, Toby Hamee could tell when someone was hiding something. That child clearly inherited her great grandparents’ intelligence. He shook his head, “No, you’re not. I know that you are beyond that. There’s no way a seven-year-old child could solve a riddle like this. I demand an honest answer,” he said firmly. Shinichi finally threw in the towel and confessed, “You’re right, sir. I’m Shinichi Kudo,” Seerow’s eyes widened in shock, “What?! How?!” he asked, “It’s a long story, sir,” Takagi sighed. Seerow nodded in understanding. He’s going to ask his parents about this.


Outside the Tokyo Tower

Aldrea spotted the man who tried to kill her son and his subordinates back then. In a fit of rage, she chased down the man without a second thought. Jinpei and the others tried to stop her by going after her, but it didn’t work as they got lost in a quiet and narrow alley. Jinpei groaned in frustration, “Oh, great! Now we got a shrunken teenage detective, a police officer, and a Hork-Bajir trapped in a bomb-installed lift!” Megure and Shiratori were frozen in shock, “Wait a second, Officer Matsuda, what are you talking about?” asked Shiratori. Jinpei groaned once again, “Of course it’s about Shinichi Kudo! He’s gotten shrunk by a bunch of nasty men in black and now he is trapped inside the tower with Takagi-kun and…” Jinpei then realized what he had done and covered his mouth in horror. Megure and Shiratori stared at him in disbelief. Dak groaned in annoyance, “I’ll go after Aldrea,” he said and he went off to search for Aldrea, leaving poor Jinpei to fend off Megure and Shiratori.

Aldrea cornered the culprit in the dead-end of the alley. She took out her gun in a fit of rage and nearly shot the culprit when she felt two big clawed hands stop her. Aldrea soon demorphed and saw her husband and son, in one piece. She then calmed down and lowered her gun. Her hands were trembling as her tears started to fill her eyes, <You’re really made me worried, Seerow! I thought you were dead!> she sobbed into Seerow’s hug, “Sorry for making you worried, mum.” Seerow apologized. The culprit tried to take advantage of the situation by running away but was knocked out cold by Dak with a punch in his ribs. After Aldrea calmed down, Seerow decided to drop the bombshell, “I already know who Conan Edogawa really is, and I need an explanation,” Aldrea was stunned for a moment before sighing, “I’ll tell you the truth, but not here,”


Anteiku Café, Beika

Armin and Bertolt were having a discussion regarding a group project when they saw a news bulletin on TV. They spotted a familiar face there, but they were not sure of it. Yet, the face rang the bell somehow…


A vague location

Chris Vineyard saw the bulletin on TV and she spotted a familiar face. She was shocked when she saw Shinichi Kudo on the TV. This is interesting for sure…


Ramen Ogura Restaurant, Beika

Hanji Zoe was having her lunch when suddenly, a news bulletin popped up on the TV. It’s about the dramatic rescue at the Tokyo Tower. She spotted a familiar-looking child with glasses on the TV. Hanji smiled meaningfully, ‘Good job you did there Shinichi Kudo,’ she mused.

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Chapter 9: The Shocking Revelation and Punishment


A secure conference room, Tokyo MPD HQ

The adults were glaring at Conan, they were unhappy. After Jinpei leaked out the secret, Megure swiftly contacted Komei and told him the whole truth while Seerow contacted the rest of his family. Both Akai and Morofushi families directly came to the office with Mouri family and Fangor family on tow. Hagi, Date, Chiba, Yumi, and Naeko also got dragged by Megure as well. Rachel was there too. They were utterly exasperated with Conan’s stunts, “You’re grounded, young man,” Yui firmly declared. Conan tried to protest but was cut off by Eri, “Your parents agree. Yukiko-chan especially got upset when she heard the news and she doesn’t want to hear any excuses,” Kaneki pinched the bridge of his nose. Great, because of Matsuda-san’s big mouth, more people found out about the secret now. Tobias patted his back sympathetically. Hagi and Jinpei were shivering in fear under their superior’s cold glare. Seerow-keibu definitely inherited it from his mother. “We better get the full story, young man, and no excuses,” said Megure. Kaneki sighed as he told the story from the very beginning complete with Akai family and Morofushi family’s affiliation with PSB, FBI, and MI6, saving Conan from further interrogation.

After Kaneki finished the story, Kakashi decided to drop the biggest bombshell, “Actually, I’m not being entirely honest to you all. I’m a triple agent. I actually come from MI6, just like my grandmother. I infiltrated PSB as part of our cooperation in order to investigate Hyoue Kuroda regarding his involvement with BO.” Crickets could be heard for a while before Takagi broke the silence, “WHAAAAATTTTT?! So, you are actually an MI6 agent?!” Sato and Rei quickly covered his mouth and shushed him. Luckily, the room was soundproof. Rachel just stared with wide white eyes, “Oh man, that’s crazy. You guys are actually spies for real,” she mused. “Yeah, spies for real. That’s why Ken didn’t tell you guys about Hiro-san’s undercover mission,” said Tobias. “An MI6 agent, no, two MI6 agents are among us all this time. This is unbelievable,” Shiratori muttered in astonishment. Megure’s mind went blank at the revelation for a while. The same thing went for the others in the room, except for the Fangors, the Akai family, the Morofushi family, and Hamee family. <Well, what are you going to do? Staring at us for the whole day?> Estrid snapped them out of their stupor. Megure was the first one who recovered, “We have to bring them to justice!” He quickly left for the door, but Dak stopped him, “Easier said than done, we already tried it for bloody 60 years to no avail and we are still trying,” said Mary as she stood up from her seat. Megure then remembered something, “Oh, right, I remember something. Roughly ten years ago, Nakamori-kun lost his wife. People said it was a car accident that killed his wife, but he didn’t believe it at all. One of the witnesses told Nakamori-kun that he saw a man with long silver hair wearing all black clothes and had a cold gaze of a murderer. That man was the one who drove the car. At that time, it was night and quiet, so only a few people witnessed it,” Aldrea grew pale as Megure finished the story, <It was Gin,> she muttered, “Huh?” <It was Gin, the most ruthless member of the organization. He’s the one who killed Ginzo’s wife ten years ago. Mrs. Nakamori must’ve been caught the members discussing something. That’s why Gin killed her,> she said. Everyone grew pale at the revelation, “Then we must tell Nakamori-kun!” <It’s not the right time yet, Juzo. We’ll tell him when the time is right. It’s too dangerous for now.> Aldrea placed her hand on Megure’s shoulder. She wasn’t going to risk her fellow police officer’s life just to uncover the heinous acts of BO. She then looked at Conan with her stalk eyes, <You better keep a low profile, Kudo. Otherwise, things will only get worse,> “But I have to find the leads as much as possible!” Conan protested. Aldrea’s patience snapped and she punched the wall behind her, creating humongous cracks on the wall, <LISTEN TO ME! Do you want everyone around you drops like flies one by one?!> she yelled. Her reaction was so strong that Conan shivered in his seat, not realizing that he wet his pants right in the spot out of fear. Conan shook his head rapidly, not wanting Aldrea’s wrath inflicted upon him, “You better obey her, kid. She made me wet my pants a few times when I was a rookie police back then,” said Kogoro. Conan gulped and nodded rapidly. “Oh, and by the way, Kudo-kun,” Ai interrupted, “You wet your pants just now,” she snickered. Conan slowly became fully aware of it. He blushed furiously in embarrassment as everyone stared at him, “Join the club, kid. You’re not the only one here,” said Tsutomu. Conan stared at him in confusion. Rei then went to explain, “She made Matsuda and Hagiwara wet their pants a few times when we were at the academy. Every student feared her so much, even more than Onizuka. Well, she never makes me and Hiro wet our pants, but she made us utterly terrified of her,” Date nodded in agreement, “She never makes me wet my pants either, but when I saw her angry for the first time, it scared me so much that I fainted in fear,” “Yeah, she once made me wet my pants in fear as well,” Alan added, “Don’t forget that she makes several agents wet their pants in fear too,” Shuichi piped up. Conan gulped in fear as Shiho continued snickering while Akemi scolded her sister for it. Shiratori then broke the silence, “Excuse me, ma’am. May I tell Sumiko about the truth? She needs to know the truth,” Aldrea spared him a glance, <If she can keep this secret, then I will allow you,> “Thank you, ma’am,” Shiratori bowed in gratitude.

At the end of the day, Conan received a stern lecture from his parents via video call. The Kudos were not happy when they found out about their son’s latest stunt. Takagi also grounded Conan for a month as punishment with Sato as his supervisor. To make matters worse, Kobayashi-sensei also watched over his every movement for a month to make sure that he didn’t go off on his own or doing anything dangerous. Armin and Bertolt were suspicious of Conan’s true nature, but they still hadn’t figured out who he really was. The aura around the kid was mysterious, reminding them of a certain high school detective whom they knew very well. They had no idea that they would get their answer soon enough…


Dak saw Conan confronted Vermouth, but the boy got tranquilized instead. Kaneki then rushed to save him and got shot as the result. Kakashi and Furuya ended up blowing their covers by accident. Then he saw Renya Karasuma summoned an army of demons. Then, everything blurred out.

Dak woke up with panted breath. He had seen a glimpse of the future. This wasn’t going to be good. Aldrea then woke up and saw her husband looked panicked, “Dak, what’s wrong?” she asked in a hazy voice, “I’ve seen a glimpse of the future, Aldrea. This won’t be good,” Aldrea became alerted when she heard Dak’s answer. They needed to prepare for the worst…

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Chapter 10: The Confrontation


Time had passed, Conan got a case where a game developer named Suguru Itakura had gone AWOL. During the case, he accidentally spotted Tequila. With the help of Megure and Date, he did a deduction show and outed the culprit. At the end of the case, he got the floppy disk from the policemen. When he found out about the BO boss’ phone number, Hiro strictly forbade him from contacting the number, much to his chagrin, but the adults and Kaneki were firm on their feet, even Agasa agreed with them as well. Ai and Estrid chided him as well for his recklessness.

It was the Halloween party. A murder had happened under everyone’s noses. Heiji took the role of detective. When the audiences and the suspects were astonished by Heiji’s deduction, Dr. Tomoaki Araide slipped away from the crowd. But his actions didn’t go unnoticed by Kazunobu Chiba who caught him snuck away silently. He gave Megure and Kogoro a code that he would be back soon and silently followed Araide, joined by Sato, Takagi, and Shiratori.

Jodie confronted Araide at the harbor. Araide smirked and removed her mask, revealing her true face as Vermouth. The battle ensued with Vermouth gained the upper hand with the help of Kuroda and Calvados. That’s when a soccer ball hit her hard in the face, “Conan Edogawa, detective!” the young boy declared. Jodie was surprised by his presence, ‘Isn’t he one of Sumiko’s students? Why he is here?’ she thought.

Chiba and his fellow policemen snuck into the harbor and saw that Jodie was about to be killed, but Conan prevented it from happening, ‘What is he doing here?!’ they thought in panic. Vermouth slowly came to her senses when Ai arrived and berated Conan for his reckless actions. Vermouth then proceeded to shoot Ai when Ran suddenly jumped out of nowhere and shielded Ai. Sato also jumped out of instinct, ignoring her comrades’ yelling. Vermouth was shocked when she saw Ran and Sato jumped out to shield Ai from her view, “Let her go, Angel!” she said, “Who would believe a monster like you?!” Sato snapped as she tightened her hug on Ran. Vermouth was stunned by her words. She gritted her teeth as she aimed at Sato. That’s when Kaneki shot her. The bullet merely grazed her cheek, but she instantly knew that the youth who shot her was dangerous, “Leave them alone!” he yelled and rushed towards Conan. Vermouth soon ordered Calvados to shoot the young half-ghoul. Calvados complied and shot Kaneki with quinque bullets, weakening him and made him collapsed onto the harbor’s floor. Takagi jumped out of his hiding spot and shielding Kaneki from further attacks, shocking Vermouth and Calvados. Bourbon then jumped out of nowhere, “Haise-kun! Hang in there!” he yelled. Vermouth was stunned by the revelation. So many things happened at once she couldn’t wrap her head around them. Calvados just sneered and aimed at Kaneki, but he was shot by Jagermeister, shocking Vermouth even further, “Jagermeister?! What are you doing?!” she shrieked in rage, “I’ve never been one of you. I am MI6 agent, Kakashi Hatake!” he snapped at Vermouth while aiming his gun at her, surprising both Vermouth and Kuroda who was hiding in his car. Kakashi then realized that he had just made a fatal mistake: revealing his true identity to the enemies. Vermouth then shook her head and proceeded to kidnap the tranquilized Conan, only to have Shiratori landed a punch on her face. Vermouth was thrown away while Shiratori picked up Conan. Vermouth groaned in pain as cars filled with PSB and FBI agents arrived and surrounded her and Calvados. Kuroda had slipped away earlier to avoid suspicions. Megure was the one who contacted PSB agents about the incident at the harbor. Calvados was instantly arrested at the spot. Vermouth quickly escaped with her rented car, but not before witnessing the exchange between the Whiskey Trio and Takagi, “Takagi-kun, is my younger brother okay?” Hiro asked, “Yes, he is, Hiro-san. Kaneki-kun is alright, I’ve already dug the bullets out of him,” Takagi smiled slightly. Vermouth was shocked once again, ‘That child is Scotch’s little brother?’ Her thought was soon abrupted by Aldrea who chased her with her motorcycle at high speed, followed by Kogoro, “Stop right there, you wretched woman!” she yelled. Vermouth managed to escape, but not without casualities. She received bullet wounds in her stomach thanks to Aldrea and Kogoro also shot one of her rented car’s tires. She decided that she would leave Shinichi alone for a while. It’s too dangerous now.

While the commotion happened, Heiji and Kaito slipped away from the party when they saw Gin and Vodka. The duo followed them silently but they got caught by Gin. Gin flashed a cold grin, “Well, well, well. It seems like the doppelganger is here. And he is bringing a friend with him,” he smirked and force-fed Kaito and Heiji with APTX 4869. He and Vodka quickly left as soon as the effects of the drug kicked in. Not long after, Kazuha and Aoko found the shrunken Heiji and Kaito laying on the grass. When the quartet returned to the harbor, they found Armin, Bertolt, and lots of their friends there. They were shocked as well. It turned out that Armin had noticed the commotion and went to the harbor with the others. There, they witnessed everything and were shocked when they found out that Conan was actually Shinichi, confirming Armin and Bertolt’s suspicions and Kaneki’s involvement in the whole mess. This was going to be a long night for them.


Kakashi and Aldrea were absolutely livid at Conan and Rei’s recklessness. And to make things worse, now they got two more shrunken teens and a bunch of witnesses in their hands. making things even more complicated. Touka was furious at Kaneki, “Why are you hiding this from all of us?!” she shrieked. Kaneki hung his head in shame while Touka continued to interrogate him. Armin and Bertolt tried to calm her down, but she wouldn’t listen at all. Finally, Hiro took the matter into his hands, “Touka, listen to me. This mission is very dangerous. Those people are playing for keeps. They won’t hesitate to murder anyone who knows their secret. That’s why I asked Ken to keep this from you guys,” Touka slowly calmed down at Hiro’s explanation and glanced at Kaneki. The half-ghoul was still looked guilty, “I’m really sorry, Kaneki. I absolutely had no idea about it,” said Touka in low voice. She was so ashamed of herself. Kakashi groaned in exasperation, “Great, just great. Now this problem is getting more complicated than before. And this is all your fault,” he glared daggers at Zero Squad, Conan, Heiji, Kaito, and Tsutomu, “What? Us?” said Tsutomu dumbly, completely unaware of his own fault. Kakashi’s patience snapped instantly, “BECAUSE OF YA IDIOTS WE’RE NOW IN A BIG TROUBLE! DIDN’T WE ALREADY TOLD YA TO NOT JUMP INTO ACTIONS WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT?! AND TSUTOMU-SAN, YA SHOULD’VE BEEN SUPERVISING KUDO TONIGHT! WHY DID YA DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME PROPERLY?! AND MATSUDA, BECAUSE OF YA BIG MOUTH, MORE PEOPLE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS SECRET!” Kakashi then took a deep breath and sighed, “I need some booze now,” and he left. Aldrea then took her turn in tearing them a new one and she did it fiercely to the point where no one was dared to speak against her. Heiji and Kaito even wet their pants in the process, earning laughter from Shiho, “Serves you right,” she said.


Alphabet agents’ HQ, Beika

The alphabet agents were introduced to Conan Edogawa and they were told about Conan’s true identity. Shinichi and his friends were surprised to see Hanji-sensei, their eccentric science teacher there. James and Ethan were astonished at the revelation. Megure also revealed that he saw Kuroda aided Calvados and Vermouth during their confrontation. The other witnesses confirmed it. Camel and Kazami argued about who would take down the BO first. An absolutely pissed off Kaneki then butted their foreheads with each other and scolded them like a mother scolded her misbehaved children. Almost everyone was dumbfounded by this. Apparently, the only ones who were able to put Kazami and Camel on their knees up until that moment were none other than Aldrea, Kakashi, and Levi. Mike sniffed the new visitors and Hanji introduced them to the agents. Then, Aldrea contacted Heiji’s father about his current predicament. Heizo in turn, asked Takagi to take care of his son as it would be dangerous if the organization found out that Heiji was still alive. Not long after, Heizo told his wife and close friend about Heiji’s current predicament. Shizuka was clearly worried about her son, but it was for the best. When Aldrea contacted the Kurobas, she found out that they had been told by the Kudos about the current situation, much to her relief. Megure then requested permission from Aldrea to bring Nakamori into the matter, which he did get.

Nakamori was confused at first, but when Megure told him about the truth of his wife’s death, he became furious and nearly took out his gun in a fit of rage, only to be stopped by Aoko. Aoko then slapped him to return him to his sense, “Dad, I know that you are still sad over mom’s death. But we can’t succumb to grief for a long time. Now we are in danger. Those people could kill us anytime they wanted to.” Nakamori then calmed down a little and apologized to his daughter for rarely spending his time with her. Then, he received a call from Toichi, “Nakamori-keibu, could you please put the speaker mode on?” Nakamori was confused but complied anyway. Toichi then dropped the bombshell, “I am Kaito Kid,” he said. Before anyone could react, Toichi told them a story about Pandora, a legendary gem that could grant its wielder immortality, “Renya Karasuma is searching for that gem, and I can’t let the gem fall into his hands or any people with bad intentions for that matter. Nakamori-keibu, I hope that you understand my true goal now,” Nakamori sighed and smiled, “Well, I guess, the game is still on, huh?” “Yes, until the Pandora is found,” Toichi replied and he later asked Takagi to take care of his son, “I know that my son will be troublesome for you, but I’m sure that you will take good care of him. Yusaku told me about how you take care of Shinchi-kun. I’m counting on you, Officer Takagi,” Takagi smiled and nodded, “Of course, sir,” Toichi then hung up the phone. “Are you sure about this? You have to take care of three rascals now,” said Kakashi, “Who did you call rascals, old gramps?!” Shinichi, Heiji, and Kaito yelled in annoyance only to be silenced by their girlfriends with death glares. Eren laughed at their current predicament, “Look at here. Now Kaneki is literary your babysitter!” He laughed so hard, only to be silenced by Mikasa, “Do you want to receive an ear twister from class rep, Eren?” Eren gulped and shook his head vigorously. Kaneki’s ear twister move was very painful as hell. He already got it several times and he didn’t want to get it now. “We need to think about new names for both Heiji and Kaito,” said Reiner. After a while, they came up with names for Heiji and Kaito: Amano and Thomas Edogawa. Together with Conan, they became ‘Edogawa Triplets’.


BO Headquarters, a vague location

Vermouth, Gin, Vodka, and Kuroda had just arrived from their mission. They were greeted by Renya, “How was it?” the old criminal boss asked. Kuroda tore off his mask, revealing his true identity: Nimura Furuta. Vermouth panted for breath as she clutched her wounds, “Scotch… he has … a younger brother…. And Bourbon…. he’s a rat….” Furuta stopped her in the mid-sentence, “Bring Vermouth to the infirmary, please,” he asked with a sickly sweet tone. Renya nodded and ordered his underlings to bring Vermouth to the infirmary. Furuta then gleefully revealed the information, “Bourbon is a rat. His real name is Rei Furuya, a PSB agent. I believe that he has a close bond with Rye and Scotch. And Jagermeister, his real name is Kakashi Hatake and he is a rat, like Furuya. Gin-san and Vodka-san encountered some nosy high school detective, but they already took care of him and his companion. Oh, and one more piece of information. I saw a young man at the harbor. His name was Ken Kaneki. He’s Scotch’s little brother,” Furuta finished with a sinister giggle. Gin was surprised, but then his surprise was replaced by a twisted glee. Renya cackled loudly as he took out his demonic relics, “Now, the child of prophecy has shown himself and the most dangerous obstacle of my plan will be eliminated!”


Renya: In the dark of the night, I was tossing and turning

And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be

It scared me out of my wits

A corpse falling to bits!

Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was me!

I was once the most powerful man in all Japan

(Oooh, aaah, oooh)

When the creatures rebelled, they made a mistake

(Oooh, aaah, oooh)

My plan makes each of them pay

But one little boy gets in my way

Little Kaneki, beware, your doom is near!

Chorus: In the dark of the night, evil will find him

In the dark of the night, just before dawn!

Renya: Revenge will be sweet

When the plan is completed!

Chorus: In the dark of the night

Renya: He'll be gone!

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

I can feel that my powers are slowly returning

Tie my sash and a dash of cologne for that smell!

As the pieces fall into place

I'll see him crawl into place!

Sayonara, little Kaneki! Farewell…

Chorus: In the dark of the night, terror will strike him!

Renya: Terror's the least I can do!

Chorus: In the dark of the night, evil will brew.

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

Renya: Soon he will feel that his nightmares are real.

Chorus: In the dark of the night

Renya: He'll be through!

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

Chorus: In the dark of the night, evil will find him

Furuta: Find him!

Chorus: In the dark of the night, terror comes true

Furuta: Doom him!

Renya: My dear, here's a sign

It's the end of the line

Chorus: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Renya: Come my minions, rise for your master

Let your evil shine

Chorus: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Renya: Find him now, yes, fly ever faster

Chorus: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Renya: He'll be mine!


Renya then turned to Furuta as the hellish minions flew away, “Good job you did there, now I have to find that brat no matter what. Tell Kanou to execute the next stage of our plan.” Furuta and Gin were gleeful while Vodka was a little scared, but nonetheless happy.


Dak felt a shiver of dread crawled in his spine, “They are coming,” “Who?” asked Annie, “Renya’s demonic minions. They are ordered to eliminate Kaneki-kun,” “But how can you be so sure?” asked Kogoro, “There’s a prophecy. The prophecy said that there will be a child who will rise against the darkness and bring the end of Washuu Clan and the evil old crow. That child will be a ghoul, but a human at the same time. I once saw Renya stared into his crystal ball. In the crystal ball, I saw Kaneki-kun’s face. I heard him ranted on how Kaneki-kun will be his destruction one day,” Everyone except Kakashi and Aldrea stiffened at the revelation. Hiro slowly wrapped his arms around Kaneki. Conan then realized belatedly how he had messed up everything. The demonic minions screeched as they reached the agents’ secret headquarter. Dak quickly activated the repelling runes around the building, destroying the demons in the process. Everyone sighed in relief as the demons turned into dust. But their relief was cut short by Dak, “We all need to be careful. I have amulets that can repel evil spirits and demons here,” He took out glowing amber amulets from his pocket, “Never take them off no matter what. It is very important. Don’t forget to give these to your families,” he said as he handed the amulets to everyone, ‘I have to give some of these to the Fangors and Rachel as well. Don’t forget about the Kurobas, Jii, Agasa, and the Kudos,’ Dak made the mental note. After finished giving the amulets, Dak gave one last piece of advice, “Be careful of Kuroda,” And with that, everyone went home.


In the next day, Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, and Sato were summoned to Kuroda’s office. Kuroda greeted them with a warm smile, “I’ve heard about your feats last night. It’s very impressive,” Takagi and his co-workers nodded formally. They already knew that Kuroda was up to something that wasn’t good. Kuroda then gave them a piece of shocking news, “From now on, you are the part of PSB and Officer Takagi and Officer Sato are promoted to the rank of inspector,” he declared. Takagi and Sato were taken by shock, but then quickly recovered, “Thank you, sir,” said Sato formally. Then the group left Kuroda’s office. They already smelled the big rat and they had to be careful from now on.

Amano and Thomas Edogawa were introduced into the class of 1-A by Kobayashi-sensei. She already knew about their current predicament and agreed to watch over the boys during their adventures with Detective Boys. Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko quickly became their new friends. Aoko and Kazuha decided to move to Teitan High School in order to keep in touch with the agents and their friends. Now, Takagi had to take care of three boys, but he didn’t mind it at all. He gladly took them home and took care of them. Kaneki now had to babysit them as well, but he didn’t mind at all. Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Bertolt, Reiner, Annie, Hikari, Arata, Touka, Ayato, Zeke, Heizo, Shizuka, Ginzou, and Ginshiro now were brought into the secret and they kept their lips sealed. After being told by Ayato and Touka about the organization, Hikari and Arata agreed to keep the secret. The alphabet agents and the policemen were preparing for the worst possibility ever. The battle had begun…