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The Beginning

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Chapter 10: The Confrontation


Time had passed, Conan got a case where a game developer named Suguru Itakura had gone AWOL. During the case, he accidentally spotted Tequila. With the help of Megure and Date, he did a deduction show and outed the culprit. At the end of the case, he got the floppy disk from the policemen. When he found out about the BO boss’ phone number, Hiro strictly forbade him from contacting the number, much to his chagrin, but the adults and Kaneki were firm on their feet, even Agasa agreed with them as well. Ai and Estrid chided him as well for his recklessness.

It was the Halloween party. A murder had happened under everyone’s noses. Heiji took the role of detective. When the audiences and the suspects were astonished by Heiji’s deduction, Dr. Tomoaki Araide slipped away from the crowd. But his actions didn’t go unnoticed by Kazunobu Chiba who caught him snuck away silently. He gave Megure and Kogoro a code that he would be back soon and silently followed Araide, joined by Sato, Takagi, and Shiratori.

Jodie confronted Araide at the harbor. Araide smirked and removed her mask, revealing her true face as Vermouth. The battle ensued with Vermouth gained the upper hand with the help of Kuroda and Calvados. That’s when a soccer ball hit her hard in the face, “Conan Edogawa, detective!” the young boy declared. Jodie was surprised by his presence, ‘Isn’t he one of Sumiko’s students? Why he is here?’ she thought.

Chiba and his fellow policemen snuck into the harbor and saw that Jodie was about to be killed, but Conan prevented it from happening, ‘What is he doing here?!’ they thought in panic. Vermouth slowly came to her senses when Ai arrived and berated Conan for his reckless actions. Vermouth then proceeded to shoot Ai when Ran suddenly jumped out of nowhere and shielded Ai. Sato also jumped out of instinct, ignoring her comrades’ yelling. Vermouth was shocked when she saw Ran and Sato jumped out to shield Ai from her view, “Let her go, Angel!” she said, “Who would believe a monster like you?!” Sato snapped as she tightened her hug on Ran. Vermouth was stunned by her words. She gritted her teeth as she aimed at Sato. That’s when Kaneki shot her. The bullet merely grazed her cheek, but she instantly knew that the youth who shot her was dangerous, “Leave them alone!” he yelled and rushed towards Conan. Vermouth soon ordered Calvados to shoot the young half-ghoul. Calvados complied and shot Kaneki with quinque bullets, weakening him and made him collapsed onto the harbor’s floor. Takagi jumped out of his hiding spot and shielding Kaneki from further attacks, shocking Vermouth and Calvados. Bourbon then jumped out of nowhere, “Haise-kun! Hang in there!” he yelled. Vermouth was stunned by the revelation. So many things happened at once she couldn’t wrap her head around them. Calvados just sneered and aimed at Kaneki, but he was shot by Jagermeister, shocking Vermouth even further, “Jagermeister?! What are you doing?!” she shrieked in rage, “I’ve never been one of you. I am MI6 agent, Kakashi Hatake!” he snapped at Vermouth while aiming his gun at her, surprising both Vermouth and Kuroda who was hiding in his car. Kakashi then realized that he had just made a fatal mistake: revealing his true identity to the enemies. Vermouth then shook her head and proceeded to kidnap the tranquilized Conan, only to have Shiratori landed a punch on her face. Vermouth was thrown away while Shiratori picked up Conan. Vermouth groaned in pain as cars filled with PSB and FBI agents arrived and surrounded her and Calvados. Kuroda had slipped away earlier to avoid suspicions. Megure was the one who contacted PSB agents about the incident at the harbor. Calvados was instantly arrested at the spot. Vermouth quickly escaped with her rented car, but not before witnessing the exchange between the Whiskey Trio and Takagi, “Takagi-kun, is my younger brother okay?” Hiro asked, “Yes, he is, Hiro-san. Kaneki-kun is alright, I’ve already dug the bullets out of him,” Takagi smiled slightly. Vermouth was shocked once again, ‘That child is Scotch’s little brother?’ Her thought was soon abrupted by Aldrea who chased her with her motorcycle at high speed, followed by Kogoro, “Stop right there, you wretched woman!” she yelled. Vermouth managed to escape, but not without casualities. She received bullet wounds in her stomach thanks to Aldrea and Kogoro also shot one of her rented car’s tires. She decided that she would leave Shinichi alone for a while. It’s too dangerous now.

While the commotion happened, Heiji and Kaito slipped away from the party when they saw Gin and Vodka. The duo followed them silently but they got caught by Gin. Gin flashed a cold grin, “Well, well, well. It seems like the doppelganger is here. And he is bringing a friend with him,” he smirked and force-fed Kaito and Heiji with APTX 4869. He and Vodka quickly left as soon as the effects of the drug kicked in. Not long after, Kazuha and Aoko found the shrunken Heiji and Kaito laying on the grass. When the quartet returned to the harbor, they found Armin, Bertolt, and lots of their friends there. They were shocked as well. It turned out that Armin had noticed the commotion and went to the harbor with the others. There, they witnessed everything and were shocked when they found out that Conan was actually Shinichi, confirming Armin and Bertolt’s suspicions and Kaneki’s involvement in the whole mess. This was going to be a long night for them.


Kakashi and Aldrea were absolutely livid at Conan and Rei’s recklessness. And to make things worse, now they got two more shrunken teens and a bunch of witnesses in their hands. making things even more complicated. Touka was furious at Kaneki, “Why are you hiding this from all of us?!” she shrieked. Kaneki hung his head in shame while Touka continued to interrogate him. Armin and Bertolt tried to calm her down, but she wouldn’t listen at all. Finally, Hiro took the matter into his hands, “Touka, listen to me. This mission is very dangerous. Those people are playing for keeps. They won’t hesitate to murder anyone who knows their secret. That’s why I asked Ken to keep this from you guys,” Touka slowly calmed down at Hiro’s explanation and glanced at Kaneki. The half-ghoul was still looked guilty, “I’m really sorry, Kaneki. I absolutely had no idea about it,” said Touka in low voice. She was so ashamed of herself. Kakashi groaned in exasperation, “Great, just great. Now this problem is getting more complicated than before. And this is all your fault,” he glared daggers at Zero Squad, Conan, Heiji, Kaito, and Tsutomu, “What? Us?” said Tsutomu dumbly, completely unaware of his own fault. Kakashi’s patience snapped instantly, “BECAUSE OF YA IDIOTS WE’RE NOW IN A BIG TROUBLE! DIDN’T WE ALREADY TOLD YA TO NOT JUMP INTO ACTIONS WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT?! AND TSUTOMU-SAN, YA SHOULD’VE BEEN SUPERVISING KUDO TONIGHT! WHY DID YA DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME PROPERLY?! AND MATSUDA, BECAUSE OF YA BIG MOUTH, MORE PEOPLE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS SECRET!” Kakashi then took a deep breath and sighed, “I need some booze now,” and he left. Aldrea then took her turn in tearing them a new one and she did it fiercely to the point where no one was dared to speak against her. Heiji and Kaito even wet their pants in the process, earning laughter from Shiho, “Serves you right,” she said.


Alphabet agents’ HQ, Beika

The alphabet agents were introduced to Conan Edogawa and they were told about Conan’s true identity. Shinichi and his friends were surprised to see Hanji-sensei, their eccentric science teacher there. James and Ethan were astonished at the revelation. Megure also revealed that he saw Kuroda aided Calvados and Vermouth during their confrontation. The other witnesses confirmed it. Camel and Kazami argued about who would take down the BO first. An absolutely pissed off Kaneki then butted their foreheads with each other and scolded them like a mother scolded her misbehaved children. Almost everyone was dumbfounded by this. Apparently, the only ones who were able to put Kazami and Camel on their knees up until that moment were none other than Aldrea, Kakashi, and Levi. Mike sniffed the new visitors and Hanji introduced them to the agents. Then, Aldrea contacted Heiji’s father about his current predicament. Heizo in turn, asked Takagi to take care of his son as it would be dangerous if the organization found out that Heiji was still alive. Not long after, Heizo told his wife and close friend about Heiji’s current predicament. Shizuka was clearly worried about her son, but it was for the best. When Aldrea contacted the Kurobas, she found out that they had been told by the Kudos about the current situation, much to her relief. Megure then requested permission from Aldrea to bring Nakamori into the matter, which he did get.

Nakamori was confused at first, but when Megure told him about the truth of his wife’s death, he became furious and nearly took out his gun in a fit of rage, only to be stopped by Aoko. Aoko then slapped him to return him to his sense, “Dad, I know that you are still sad over mom’s death. But we can’t succumb to grief for a long time. Now we are in danger. Those people could kill us anytime they wanted to.” Nakamori then calmed down a little and apologized to his daughter for rarely spending his time with her. Then, he received a call from Toichi, “Nakamori-keibu, could you please put the speaker mode on?” Nakamori was confused but complied anyway. Toichi then dropped the bombshell, “I am Kaito Kid,” he said. Before anyone could react, Toichi told them a story about Pandora, a legendary gem that could grant its wielder immortality, “Renya Karasuma is searching for that gem, and I can’t let the gem fall into his hands or any people with bad intentions for that matter. Nakamori-keibu, I hope that you understand my true goal now,” Nakamori sighed and smiled, “Well, I guess, the game is still on, huh?” “Yes, until the Pandora is found,” Toichi replied and he later asked Takagi to take care of his son, “I know that my son will be troublesome for you, but I’m sure that you will take good care of him. Yusaku told me about how you take care of Shinchi-kun. I’m counting on you, Officer Takagi,” Takagi smiled and nodded, “Of course, sir,” Toichi then hung up the phone. “Are you sure about this? You have to take care of three rascals now,” said Kakashi, “Who did you call rascals, old gramps?!” Shinichi, Heiji, and Kaito yelled in annoyance only to be silenced by their girlfriends with death glares. Eren laughed at their current predicament, “Look at here. Now Kaneki is literary your babysitter!” He laughed so hard, only to be silenced by Mikasa, “Do you want to receive an ear twister from class rep, Eren?” Eren gulped and shook his head vigorously. Kaneki’s ear twister move was very painful as hell. He already got it several times and he didn’t want to get it now. “We need to think about new names for both Heiji and Kaito,” said Reiner. After a while, they came up with names for Heiji and Kaito: Amano and Thomas Edogawa. Together with Conan, they became ‘Edogawa Triplets’.


BO Headquarters, a vague location

Vermouth, Gin, Vodka, and Kuroda had just arrived from their mission. They were greeted by Renya, “How was it?” the old criminal boss asked. Kuroda tore off his mask, revealing his true identity: Nimura Furuta. Vermouth panted for breath as she clutched her wounds, “Scotch… he has … a younger brother…. And Bourbon…. he’s a rat….” Furuta stopped her in the mid-sentence, “Bring Vermouth to the infirmary, please,” he asked with a sickly sweet tone. Renya nodded and ordered his underlings to bring Vermouth to the infirmary. Furuta then gleefully revealed the information, “Bourbon is a rat. His real name is Rei Furuya, a PSB agent. I believe that he has a close bond with Rye and Scotch. And Jagermeister, his real name is Kakashi Hatake and he is a rat, like Furuya. Gin-san and Vodka-san encountered some nosy high school detective, but they already took care of him and his companion. Oh, and one more piece of information. I saw a young man at the harbor. His name was Ken Kaneki. He’s Scotch’s little brother,” Furuta finished with a sinister giggle. Gin was surprised, but then his surprise was replaced by a twisted glee. Renya cackled loudly as he took out his demonic relics, “Now, the child of prophecy has shown himself and the most dangerous obstacle of my plan will be eliminated!”


Renya: In the dark of the night, I was tossing and turning

And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be

It scared me out of my wits

A corpse falling to bits!

Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was me!

I was once the most powerful man in all Japan

(Oooh, aaah, oooh)

When the creatures rebelled, they made a mistake

(Oooh, aaah, oooh)

My plan makes each of them pay

But one little boy gets in my way

Little Kaneki, beware, your doom is near!

Chorus: In the dark of the night, evil will find him

In the dark of the night, just before dawn!

Renya: Revenge will be sweet

When the plan is completed!

Chorus: In the dark of the night

Renya: He'll be gone!

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

I can feel that my powers are slowly returning

Tie my sash and a dash of cologne for that smell!

As the pieces fall into place

I'll see him crawl into place!

Sayonara, little Kaneki! Farewell…

Chorus: In the dark of the night, terror will strike him!

Renya: Terror's the least I can do!

Chorus: In the dark of the night, evil will brew.

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

Renya: Soon he will feel that his nightmares are real.

Chorus: In the dark of the night

Renya: He'll be through!

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)

Chorus: In the dark of the night, evil will find him

Furuta: Find him!

Chorus: In the dark of the night, terror comes true

Furuta: Doom him!

Renya: My dear, here's a sign

It's the end of the line

Chorus: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Renya: Come my minions, rise for your master

Let your evil shine

Chorus: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Renya: Find him now, yes, fly ever faster

Chorus: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Renya: He'll be mine!


Renya then turned to Furuta as the hellish minions flew away, “Good job you did there, now I have to find that brat no matter what. Tell Kanou to execute the next stage of our plan.” Furuta and Gin were gleeful while Vodka was a little scared, but nonetheless happy.


Dak felt a shiver of dread crawled in his spine, “They are coming,” “Who?” asked Annie, “Renya’s demonic minions. They are ordered to eliminate Kaneki-kun,” “But how can you be so sure?” asked Kogoro, “There’s a prophecy. The prophecy said that there will be a child who will rise against the darkness and bring the end of Washuu Clan and the evil old crow. That child will be a ghoul, but a human at the same time. I once saw Renya stared into his crystal ball. In the crystal ball, I saw Kaneki-kun’s face. I heard him ranted on how Kaneki-kun will be his destruction one day,” Everyone except Kakashi and Aldrea stiffened at the revelation. Hiro slowly wrapped his arms around Kaneki. Conan then realized belatedly how he had messed up everything. The demonic minions screeched as they reached the agents’ secret headquarter. Dak quickly activated the repelling runes around the building, destroying the demons in the process. Everyone sighed in relief as the demons turned into dust. But their relief was cut short by Dak, “We all need to be careful. I have amulets that can repel evil spirits and demons here,” He took out glowing amber amulets from his pocket, “Never take them off no matter what. It is very important. Don’t forget to give these to your families,” he said as he handed the amulets to everyone, ‘I have to give some of these to the Fangors and Rachel as well. Don’t forget about the Kurobas, Jii, Agasa, and the Kudos,’ Dak made the mental note. After finished giving the amulets, Dak gave one last piece of advice, “Be careful of Kuroda,” And with that, everyone went home.


In the next day, Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, and Sato were summoned to Kuroda’s office. Kuroda greeted them with a warm smile, “I’ve heard about your feats last night. It’s very impressive,” Takagi and his co-workers nodded formally. They already knew that Kuroda was up to something that wasn’t good. Kuroda then gave them a piece of shocking news, “From now on, you are the part of PSB and Officer Takagi and Officer Sato are promoted to the rank of inspector,” he declared. Takagi and Sato were taken by shock, but then quickly recovered, “Thank you, sir,” said Sato formally. Then the group left Kuroda’s office. They already smelled the big rat and they had to be careful from now on.

Amano and Thomas Edogawa were introduced into the class of 1-A by Kobayashi-sensei. She already knew about their current predicament and agreed to watch over the boys during their adventures with Detective Boys. Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko quickly became their new friends. Aoko and Kazuha decided to move to Teitan High School in order to keep in touch with the agents and their friends. Now, Takagi had to take care of three boys, but he didn’t mind it at all. He gladly took them home and took care of them. Kaneki now had to babysit them as well, but he didn’t mind at all. Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Bertolt, Reiner, Annie, Hikari, Arata, Touka, Ayato, Zeke, Heizo, Shizuka, Ginzou, and Ginshiro now were brought into the secret and they kept their lips sealed. After being told by Ayato and Touka about the organization, Hikari and Arata agreed to keep the secret. The alphabet agents and the policemen were preparing for the worst possibility ever. The battle had begun…