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The Beginning

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Chapter 1: It’s Just an Ordinary Day


Nine years had passed since Kaneki got adopted. Now he was working as a café waiter at Anteiku while studying law at Tokyo University. He graduated from high school at the age of 15 and had been working there for two years. He’s saving money for buying his own apartment. He didn’t want to burden Hiro and Komei despite his new family don’t mind it and he already got scholarships. His classmates called him ‘class rep’ for his role as class rep during his school days and still calling him that sometimes. He sometimes visited Tobias to learn computer programming from him and Alan. He also sometimes aided Tokyo MPD along with Shinichi to solve cases all around the city. He is well-liked in the police department and quickly became the policemen’s favorite, although he never bragged about it. He stayed as a humble and kind young man. His life was looking up. Overall, his future became brighter than before.

Today, it’s one of those normal days. It was the day where the policemen gathered around to discuss the development of their respective offices. Kaneki was riding his bicycle to Anteiku when he met Touka, his high school sweetheart, “Oh, Touka-chan! Long time no see! How are you?” Touka smiled gently at him, making him blushed furiously. Unknown to the couple, their friends were eavesdropping on their conversation, “Oh God! This is going to be fun!” Sonoko squealed in delight. “I hope he won’t hesitate this time,” laughed Connie. Suddenly, Jinpei and Hagi popped up, “Hey may we join you guys?” asked Jinpei, “Sure, why not?” said Sasha. They hid behind the trees as Kaneki and Touka began to talk with each other.

Alas, the conversation ended with Kaneki shyly told Touka that he wasn’t interested in dating someone because he wasn’t ready yet, causing Touka to slap him and left him in a huff, “Oh my, what a chicken,” Jinpei groused, “He’s even worse than Hiro-chan and Zero-chan combined.” agreed Hagi. Masumi moaned in disappointment while Sonoko grumbled. “Seriously, when will he confess? He’s such a chicken for sure,” Heiji added. Suddenly they heard someone clearing their throat, “Officer Hagiwara, Officer Matsuda, what are you doing here?” Hagi and Jinpei gulped and turned around to see the infamous Hatake-keibu of PSB. The man gave them a sweet fake smile while a dark aura surrounding him. Then, both Hagi and Jinpei got dragged away after they got caught skipping the office hour. The students were scared by Hatake-keibu, “Well, at least we aren’t the ones who get scolded,” laughed Kaito nervously. “I heard that he has an absolutely nasty temper and doesn’t take lame excuses and lies kindly. It seems like it is true,” said Heiji. Shinichi laughed nervously. No one felt strange about Hatake-keibu’s infamous temper. He was indeed infamous due to his merciless assault when it comes to handling incompetent officers. Suddenly, everyone heard Hatake-keibu’s scream of rage. It turned out that Naruto Uzumaki and Edward Elric, the troublemakers of Teitan High School had painted the police cars with slime and car paints. Soon, the other policemen joined him in chasing the troublemaker duo. They were angry, very angry. During the chase, Nakamori accidentally crashed into Kaneki, causing the young man to fall from his bicycle, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, young man!” Nakamori apologized, “It’s okay, Nakamori-keibu, it’s okay.” Kaneki smiled as he steadied his bicycle. Naruto and Ed stopped in their track and laughed while pointed their fingers towards Kaneki, “Oh, look at here, Mr. Goody Two Shoes has fallen!” laughed Naruto as Kaneki tried to stand up, “Mr. Goody Two Shoes?” asked Heizo in confusion, “That’s their nickname for him. They gave him that nickname because they are always envious of him.” said Komei as he chased the duo. Aoko was confused, “Why do they call him that?” “Yeah, basically, those two always make troubles wherever they go and Kaneki usually will be the one who stops them. And also, they are the dead last in the class. That’s why they’re so envious of him.” said Ran.

In the end, the duo got captured by an absolutely furious Hatake-keibu. Kaneki tried to pacify the situation. “Guys, it’s not nice to paint the police cars like that. Those cars are for duty,” Ed merely snorted. “As if. We don’t need advice from someone who is pretending to be nice,” he stuck his tongue to Kaneki. Naruto added, “Yeah, we don’t need it at all, police officers’ pet.” Everyone flinched in disgust at Naruto’s comment, “Excuse me, Kaneki is a thousand times better than you two. He graduated from school at the age of 15 with a bunch of achievements and is currently saving money for buying his own room at an apartment by working as a barista in a café while studying law. He is surely will have a bright future in law enforcement, while you? Absolutely nothing.” said Kogoro. Ed and Naruto snorted as Hatake-keibu released them from his kagune grip, “Oh, great, now Midori’s gonna be upset,” Megure-keibu groaned as he saw his car filled with slime. Naruto and Ed snickered as Shiratori and Kogoro got their suits covered in slime as they opened their respective cars' door with Kogoro complaining on how he washed his car yesterday to take his wife for a romantic dinner date, only to have his hard work ruined. “Honestly, do you have no regrets about what are you doing?” asked Takagi, his hands on his hips. “Nope, why should we?” said Ed, “Do you have any goal for life?” asked Chiba, “It’s easy,” said Ed and Naruto.


Naruto: We’re gonna be mighty wizards, so everyone beware

Kakashi: Well, I've never seen mighty wizards with such bratty attitudes (flicks Ed’s forehead)

Ed: We’re gonna be the main event like no wizard was before

Naruto: We’re brushing up on looking down, we’re working on our magic

Shiratori: Thus far a rather uninspiring thing

Naruto and Ed: Oh, we just can’t wait to be free

Komei: You've rather a long way to go young men, if you think

Naruto: No one saying do this

Megure: Now when we said that

Ed: No one saying be there

Komei: How rude

Naruto: No one saying stop that

Shiratori: Hold on a second…

Naruto and Ed: No one saying see here

Kansuke: Now see here!

Ed: Free to run around all day

Nakamori and Megure: Well, that's definitely out

Ed and Naruto: Free to do it all our way

Kakashi: I think it’s time that we have to arrange a heart-to-heart talk

Naruto: We don't need advice from grouchy old gramps for a start

Kakashi: Grouchy old gramps?! I’m gonna choke these brats!

Kansuke: Count me in, sir

(Takagi, Chiba, Shiratori, Sato, Komei, and Yui tried to hold Kakashi and Kansuke back)

Takagi and Chiba: Please don’t do that, sir!

Yui: Kan-chan, calm down!

Nakamori: If this is where the future is headed, count us out!

Kogoro: Out of service, out of this country

We wouldn't hang about

These brats are getting wildly out of wings

Naruto and Ed: Oh, we just can't wait to be free

Kaneki: I got a bad feeling about this…

(The high school delinquents forming a parade in the streets)

Ed: Everybody, look left

Naruto: Everybody, look right

Naruto and Ed: Everywhere you look we’re

Standing in the spotlight!

The policemen: Not yet!

Chorus: Let every creature goes for broke and sing

Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing

It's gonna be this year’s finest fling!

Naruto and Ed: Oh, we just can’t wait to be free

Oh, we just can’t wait to be free

Oh, we just can’t wait to be free!

Sato: (sighed) How immature…


Hatake-keibu pinched the bridge of his nose, “Brats these days…” he sighed. Meanwhile, Shinichi and his fellow students only reacted with deadpan expressions, while Kaneki laughed nervously. “How unruly. My parents gonna ground me if I do that. I prefer Makoto-san rather than them. Despite being a little clumsy, he is a mature and responsible guy and a respectful man.” Sonoko snorted. Ran smiled at her childhood friend. Despite being a rich kid, Sonoko is a responsible and independent person who values hard work. Kaito and Heiji just snorted at the troublemakers’ behavior. “We already made a masterpiece. Just look at it.” Naruto laughed and the policemen and the students looked at Naruto’s direction. A silver Mercedes Benz painted in slime and mocking words such as ‘old hag’, ‘scary witch’, and ‘bossy hag’ painted all over it. Everyone flinched except the Nagano trio and Hatake-keibu, “Well, that’s official. You’ve just dug your own grave,” said Yui in a deadpan voice. Not long after, an absolutely livid Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan appeared and shrieked like a banshee as she scolded Naruto and Ed. Kaneki then looked at his wristwatch, “Oh, no! I’m going to be late! See you guys tomorrow!” he shouted as he rode back his bicycle. “What a polite and mature young man.” Ginshiro mused, “Well, he’s our baby brother,” laughed Kansuke.

The policemen entered Anteiku, a simple but comfy café. They needed a break from the meeting. Unexpected for them, they encountered Kaneki who handed them the menu, “W-what? You’re the guy from earlier!” Nakamori exclaimed, pointing his finger towards Kaneki. Everyone was surprised as well, “Morofushi-keibu, you didn’t say that your brother is working here.” said Jugo Yokomizo. Kaneki suddenly sweated a lot. He was nervous as hell. He clearly didn’t expect that the policemen would come to his workplace. “Hey, hey we’re not mad, kiddo. We’re just surprised,” laughed Matsumoto. Koma then came and patted Kaneki’s back, “Don’t worry, sir. He’s just nervous, that’s all.” laughed Koma. Anya and Irimi then popped out and talked to the policemen. The gathering ended with everyone praising Kaneki for his hard work. They really liked his latte art. Koma huffed a sigh of relief, “What a day! You really become the topic of the day, kid!” he remarked. Kaneki had just finished cleaning the tables, “Uh, I think so… although I still don’t want to be the center of attention,” “Well, it’s easier said than done. You are famous because of your kindness. You also help Shinichi-kun in solving cases. Many people will come to see you,” Irimi smiled. Yoshimura cleared his throat, gaining his employees’ attention, “Tomorrow, you are allowed to take a day off. You guys work so hard for today, so I think a day off will do well for you.” said Yoshimura, “Thank you, Mr. Manager, I can’t wait to spend time with Toby-chan tomorrow,” said Anya. Kaneki smiled as he packed his things and said goodbye to his co-workers and Yoshimura.

Yui greeted Kaneki in the dining room, “Oh, welcome home, Ken-kun. I hope you were having fun,” “Yeah, I’m not keen in becoming a center of attention,” said Kaneki as he put his satchel bag down and took a glass of water. Yui just smiled and prepared the dinner. The dinner consisted of hamburger steak and clear tofu soup with red snapper sashimi. Kansuke and Komei were unable to come home at dinner time as they had some extra works to do. Yui sat down and smiled, “So, how’s your relationship with Touka?” “I’m still not ready yet, although my former classmates keep pushing me to ask her out. I’m still not ready yet for that, nee-san,” sighed Kaneki. Yui giggled, “Be careful. You have to be prepared if one day Mrs. Kirishima interrogates you,” Kaneki slightly shuddered, he certainly remembered how Hiro and Rei were interrogated by Mrs. Akai.


Three years ago…

"Well, this is the day, Ken. Today both me and Zero will meet Shuichi-san’s family.” Hiro wore his shoes and helped Kaneki tidied up his collared shirt. Today, Hiro and Rei will meet Shuichi’s family. Although they already knew about Masumi and Shukichi along with Elena and her daughters, they still didn’t know about Shu’s parents yet. They only knew through Jodie and James. Jodie described Tsutomu Akai as a cheery and friendly man while James described Mary Akai as a strict woman and has a no-nonsense attitude. “Expect yourself to be interrogated,” said Jodie when Rei and Hiro asked about Mrs. Akai. Hiro took a deep breath and got into his car with Kaneki in tow.

The group finally arrived at the Akai residence. Hiro had brought Date, Jinpei, and Hagi for mental support. They were astonished by the huge mansion in front of them. Then, the gates were opened and unexpectedly, Shiho greeted them, “Oh, you are here. Shu-nii is waiting for you two,” she said. The group was greeted on a large lawn with Shuichi, Masumi, Akemi, Shukichi, Tsutomu, and Mary sitting on the chairs with steaming hot teacups. “Bloody hell… we know that your boyfriend comes from a well-off family, but we never expected he is this well-off,” Hagi remarked, “Bloody hell indeed,” agreed Date.

The conversation went smoothly as Tsutomu cooed on how cute the trio was. But the mood was soon ruined when Mary stood up and slammed her hand on the table and glared at Hiro and Rei. “I want to ask you two. Are you really worthy to become my son’s mates?” “Oh come on, don’t ruin the mood, Mary. Don’t interrogate them like that. This is the first time we meet them,” said Tsutomu. Masumi piped up, “Yeah, besides, they already know aunt Elena for years. It’s not nice.” “I know what are two you talking about, Masumi. But I need to know more about them. They met under an unexpected circumstance while doing their undercover mission. I’m also aware that they know about Elena and Akemi for a long time, but I need to make sure of it,” “But aunt Mary, that’s just way too pushover…” Akemi said. But Mary didn’t listen to them. She just yelled at her son, “And you decided to marry these two men who you met during an undercover mission and didn’t even bother to think twice?! What are you thinking, Shuichi Akai?!” Everyone was scared by Mary, but Shuichi and Shiho were unfazed. They already got used to this. “It’s none of your concern, old hag,” came the retort. Zero Squad and Kaneki were shocked and terrified, but Shiho was amused, “I already made my decision. You don’t need to meddle in it.” said Shuichi, undaunted by his mother. “Oh, so you said I don’t need to meddle in it, huh? I’m your mother, young man. Don’t you dare make a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life…” Masumi, Tsutomu, and Shukichi soon pushed the guests away with an amused Shiho while Akemi tried to mediate her cousin and aunt, to no avail. The fight soon broke up with lots of punches and kicks. “Excuse me, are they always like this?” asked Jinpei. “Yeah, nii-san and Mum always do this whenever they argue. It’s really a big mess, so don’t be surprised if this happens again one day,” said Shukichi. Suddenly, Tsutomu got struck by lightning which was deflected by Mary before, terrifying everyone nearby. Kaneki shivered as Shukichi and Masumi tried to wake their father while Akemi prepared ice bags. Date, Jinpei, and Hagi hugged each other in fear while Shiho snickered. Tsutomu moaned on how his first child and youngest niece took after Mary in many ways. Hiro and Rei sighed. This was going to be a long day…


Kaneki shivered as he took a sip of his green tea, “Yes, I certainly still remember that day. In the end, Mary-san indeed gave her blessings and insisted that a big party should be celebrated for the wedding. She’s fussing over Hiro-niisan and Rei-san like a mother hen for a month.” Yui smiled gently at her brother-in-law and took the dirty dishes. “Well, it’s time to sleep, young man. Tomorrow is your day off. You don’t need to wake up so early. Good night,” Kaneki smiled and waved at Yui as he left the dining room, “Yeah, good night, nee-san.” Kaneki then brushed his teeth and went to sleep.

The next day, Kaneki woke up later than usual and began to help Yui to prepare breakfast. After that, he took a bath and ate his breakfast. After that, he went to the bookstore, looking for the latest work of Sen Takatsuki, ‘The Black Goat’s Egg’. It’s a coincidence that the author herself was present for a book-signing event. He got a signed copy from Takatsuki-sensei herself.  He later went to Tropical Land where he met Shinichi and Ran there. They had some fun at the park. Unfortunately, they stumbled upon a murder case with a bitter ending. “Why do people often get clouded in madness?” Kaneki asked as the culprit was being led away. Shinichi sighed at Kaneki’s question. He also had the same feelings as Kaneki. If only people were more logical…

Not long after, Kaneki spotted Shinichi who’ve just gotten shrunk laid unconscious on the grass. The panicked half-ghoul then scooped Shinichi and took him to his house. He then contacted Mouri family, professor Agasa, Tobias, and Kudo couple.


Mouri Residence

Ran’s phone ringing incessantly. Ran then went and picked it up after she finished dressing up, “Kaneki-san? What’s wrong with him?” Ran answered the phone as she got out of her bedroom, “Class rep? What’s wrong?” “This is bad, Ran-san. Something has happened to Shinichi-san!” Ran nearly dropped her phone as her parents looked at her with a confused look, “Ran, what’s wrong? Is it about your boyfriend?” asked Kogoro, “What happened to Shinichi?” Ran asked in a shaky voice, “Just come to my house already. I’ll explain the situation,” And with that, Kogoro drove his car quickly to Morofushi residence.


Morofushi Family House

When the Mouri family arrived, they saw Agasa, Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, Kanagawa, and Tobias were already there. They all looked very tense. That’s when Eri spotted a child with cowlick hair and big blue eyes wrapped in baggy clothes. Soon, the pieces fell into place, “What?! Shinichi?!/Shinichi-kun?!” The Mouris stared at Shinichi wide-eyed. Then, Kogoro stared at Kanagawa, “Hold on a second, Kanagawa-san?” asked Ran. Kanagawa sighed as he looked at everyone in the room, “Well, it’s about time, isn’t it?” Kanagawa tore off his mask, revealing a familiar face.

“What?! So you guys get involved in a case about an international syndicate and Kaneki already knew about all of it?!” Kogoro yelled, earning shushes from everyone in the room. “Yeah, it was supposed to be an undercover mission, but it went awry,” Daisuke Kanagawa, no, Hiromitsu Morofushi answered sheepishly. Komei sighed as he and Hiro took out tablets and activated them. A 3D hologram appeared and various data about an organization called Black Organization appeared. “BO is an international syndicate founded by Renya Karasuma. I once infiltrated the organization and earned the code name Scotch. However, four years ago, things went awry as my cover was exposed. I faked my death and has been living under a new alias ever since.” Yukiko then spotted a familiar face on the hologram, “Hold on a second. Is that Sharon?” she said as she pointed at the hologram data of a blonde woman. “Her current name is Chris Vineyard, code name Vermouth. She’s a master of disguise and Renya’s favorite agent. She’s the Delilah of the organization. Beautiful and cunning, she can convince anyone of anything. Truly a dangerous femme fatale.” said Hiro. Everyone tensed instantly. Then, they heard a knock and Hiro opened the door. It was Subaru Okiya and the rest of the Zero Squad, Okiya then tore off his mask, revealing his true face, “Zero, Shu, things only get worse now.” said Hiro. “Let me guess, is that Okiya guy a NOC too?” asked Kogoro, “Yes, his real name is Shuichi Akai, an FBI agent. Just like me, his cover also got blown. Only Zero’s cover still remains intact until now. Once we were known as ‘Whiskey Trio’.” said Hiro. “Hold on a second, is that Shinichi-kun?” asked Date, “I’m aware of it, Date-keiji,” Shinichi grumbled. “Well then, how did you get shrunk?” asked Jinpei. Shinichi then told his encounter with Gin and Vodka from the beginning. “We can’t just sit silent here, we need to do something. Shinichi, do you want to join us to America? You can be safe there,” Yusaku offered, “No, Dad. I need to find the truth no matter what,” Shinichi refused, “I need to uncover their crimes and bring them down for good!” “Easier said than done, kid. FBI, CIA, PSB, BND, MI6, and Interpol already tried to do it for 60 years and none of them has succeeded until now,” Kansuke retorted. Shinichi grumbled as he sat down back. “Okay, we need to take Shinichi-san into foster care. Is there anyone you can trust?” asked Kaneki. Date raised his hand, “I know someone who can be trusted,” he smiled.

And so, one Wataru Takagi was brought into the secret. Takagi first reacted in shock when he heard about the truth, “What?! You got fed poison but instead of dead, you got shrunk into a first grader kid?! And Furuya-san and Hiro-san get involved in a super-secret mission concerning an international syndicate?!” he exclaimed, earning shushes from everyone. Takagi then covered his mouth shut. “Yes, and we need you to take care of Shinichi for time being. You shall not tell this secret to anyone,” Agasa warned. Takagi then agreed and took Shinichi Kudo – now Conan Edogawa – back to his apartment. Kaneki became the designated babysitter, much to Conan’s chagrin. Everyone sighed in relief as Takagi’s car pulled off from the house. “I need to make some gadgets in order to make Shinichi’s investigation easier,” said Agasa. Everyone then bade farewell and went home. Shuichi and Rei stayed behind. “I need to contact my parents. They need to know about this,” said Shuichi. Hiro, Kansuke, Komei, Yui, and Rei nodded their agreement. Kaneki already went inside to go to bed. This was an unexpected turn in the mission. It’s a good thing he already graduated from high school… He just needed to finish college soon enough and graduated, then he would have a lot of free time.

“Mum, Dad. There’s something important I have to tell.” “What is it, Shuichi?” asked Mary on the phone. Shuichi then told his parents about Shinichi’s condition. Unknown to them, Shukichi and Masumi were eavesdropping on their conversation and later demanded Shuichi to explain the situation. Things were just getting worse…