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Disclaimer: I do not own any other non-original concept (includes Characters of different mangas, videogames, and animes, well as worlds of mangas, videogames, and animes mentioned within this story). Rights go to their original creators.


Adrian Birkin is an 18-year-old angry nerd, who in the past enjoyed watching anime/cartoons, playing video games, and reading manga/comics. More time passed and Adrian grew and developed an enormous critical sense for the world of fiction, as he saw that there was no longer any sense in life to waste his precious time dedicating himself to such hobbies that do not add any value to his life and that nothing would influence the events of your world, wars would continue, heroes would not show up to save the day when injustices were done ... in short, the fiction is merely an escape from reality for Adrian, who was seen in the mission bring people to the reality around.


Adrian decided that the best way to open people's eyes was if he became a digital influencer, where through his analysis of fictional series he would apply real-world logic against the logic of these worlds, to show how clueless these worlds are to try to convince people to lose their interest and invest their time in living reality as it is.


More he is doing it out of pure revenge, to discount their frustrations he had in his childhood to reach their teenage years, precisely because he was once one of those people who suffered from Chunnibyou, known as "Syndrome eighth grade", common among young people attending the eighth grade. It causes a personality disorder, which creates young people who believe they are adults, or who believe they have special powers.


This made Adrian feel disillusioned after he became aware that that magical world he thought existed was just a creation of his mind.


At that time he didn't understand why he was a reason for jokes to his classmates who all the time, mocked him for thinking he could fly, throw energy rays from his hands, cross-walls… but after suffering several accidents that put him many times at the hospital and talking to his parents, Adrian finally realized that as stubborn as he was, he couldn't escape reality anymore.


Knowing that in the world there are people like him who grew up with Chunnibyou and would go through the same disappointment he went, knowing this he found himself obliged to try to help these young people, so they do not pass through the same things he went and grow up and not become unhappy and frustrated people like him who for a long time ignored reality.


He created a channel on youtube where he analyzed video game series, anime, mangas ... Where revisited the works to show his followers how were these works in his time, his discouragement feeling increased as he saw how series such as Ranma ½, High School DXD, DBZ... among other series he enjoyed in his childhood. they were works very badly worked.


In this works he realized no character development happened, logic was thrown through the window, absurd situations were simply created by, the most absurd motives possible just to try to cause some intentional reaction in his audience, not to mention the abuse of Plot induced Stupidity.


He showed his audience how games like Fate Grand Order, Honkai Impact 3rd, Guns Girl Z... among other games that were supposed to be fun games were just slot machines to steal as much money as possible from your wallet. Adrian still remembers how he wasted the precious money he collected just to buy skins, clothes... superfluous things you could get by playing a single-player game.


Many other reasons led Adrian to hate the world of fiction, among all reasons that made Adrian hate fiction is to see how it can dumb down a person, causing him to confuse reality with fiction and seeing characters who should be the archetypes of wisdom and intelligence act like complete idiots, this created a sense of revolt in Adrian what not accept such a contradiction, since the logic indicates otherwise, you know, intelligent people should act as they were proposed to act and not the opposite.


Despite all his efforts to bring his wisdom to people, all he managed was to become a laughing stock, and the audience that followed him watched only to see their reactions and outbursts of anger that bordered on ridicule, making them think he was just acting.


After all, what kind of people did things like break video games, set things on fire... What people don't know is that Adrian is this person in real life, though Adrian didn't read the comments, because he was so blind with rage for if import and he didn't care if he was being ridiculed, after all, he was trapped in his bubble of reality where he believed he was doing the right thing and decided to do of this his routine to discharge his anger.


But one day all this changed when Adrian woke up after a night of sleep in another place that wasn't his room but you know the worst part? Our protagonist not only realizes that your room and your bed are not only gone, but he is falling towards a place full of natural pools with bamboos.


After landing in one of the pools and getting out of one of them, Adrian soon realizes that there is something strange with his body, his center of gravity is altered, his hair has grown, but the strangest thing was that his voice also changed.


"Because my voice is thin now? “Adrian's surprises don't stop appearing when he realizes that something strange has also happened to his chest and takes off his shirt to look and is surprised at what he sees next.


“Why do I have breasts now? As long as I can remember I wasn't born with breasts and they weren't there before!”


Adrian goes back to spring that fell to see his reflection in the water, when he looks at the reflection he sees the face of a beautiful Asian woman with Blue Purple hair and blue eyes, which only makes her fear that there is something wrong with their body.



"I wonder…" Adrian opens his pants to confirm a suspicion and what he feared most happened.


"Where's my fucking dick !? This cannot be real! I can only is dreaming, this is the only explanation.” Adrian's ramblings are interrupted as he heard the voice of an Asian Old wearing what looks more like a Chinese military outfit.


Hello sir, I can help you?


Adrian turns to see who interrupted him and see a person reads looked very familiar, but he does not remember where he saw this person before.


"I would be grateful. if you could tell me where did my dick be! It's because they brought me here, wherever this place is! Adrian responds to the person with such hostility due to not being prepared for being going through an unusual situation that is out of his control, after all, he shouldn't be here, much less is talking to a stranger.


The person right away notices how Adrian is emotionally shaken and tries to do his best to try to calm him down. "


"There is a way for you to return to his true form, as to this place and called Jusenkyo where has cursed springs, if the person falls into one of these pools cursed to transform in the victim who drowned in one of the springs and whenever it gets wet with cold water it returns its cursed form.


When Adrian heard the mention of Jusenkyo, he immediately starts to remember the identity of this person, who was none other than the Jusenkyo Guide himself. 


“It can only be a lie! Because?! Of all places, I would have to come, stop soon in the world of Ranma ½!!!" Adrian growls showing his displeasure after hearing what was said.


Now the nervous one was the guide who noticed that the person next to him was having an angry outburst.


“Is it now what I do to calm you down? Looks like I made things worse! Maybe if I bring him to the Amazon village it should help him adjust to this new reality. the guide thinks


“I understand your young situation and it's a pity that someone like you had the misfortune to fall into the cursed springs and now be cursed to live like this forever, but don't worry things will get better come with me to the Amazon village.


Hearing it, he became even angrier at this person when he mentioned the Amazons of the world of Ranma ½, unconsciously releasing an aura full of intent to kill, an aura so powerful that it was felt throughout Jusenkyo.

Amazon village.


We see an elderly woman named Cologne training a young woman who was her great-granddaughter Shampoo, but the training stops when she,  feels an amount of great ki being released.


"It's been a while since 280 years since I've seen anyone release so much ki, the last time I saw someone release so much ki was in the last war my people had with the Phoenix People and the Musk Dynasty."


“The three leaders of our respective peoples fought a fight to the death that destroyed almost the entire valley, but in the end, the three ended up dying in combat, after so much death and tragedy our people and the other peoples of the valley reached an agreement to peace of not attacking any of our peoples, after so many tragedies and deaths.”


 Cologne finishes telling the story to his granddaughter about this event which marked quite her life, becoming what it is today, all thanks to their leader who sacrificed himself to save his people.


"So what do we do now great-grandmother?" Question Shampoo your great-grandmother.


“Shampoo rally all of our people's Amazons to go immediately to the cursed springs, I'm afraid this person doesn't realize he's drawing undue attention to himself which will alert his presence to other peoples in our region who if they discover  the existence of this person will use it as a weapon to start a new war!”

Musk Dynasty


We see a young prince named Herb who was unsure which woman he would choose to be his royal wife inside his palace until he felt an enormous amount of ki coming from the valley.



"Whoever this person is, she is releasing an impressive amount of ki!"


"Now I have no more doubts, I already know who I will choose to be my wife who will give strong heirs to the next generation Musk."


"Mint and Lime come up here!" Herb speaks out loud to get the attention of his subordinates.


Mint and Lime hear their prince call them in an urgent tone and run quickly to where their prince is. Arriving at the place they see that their prince is as anxious as ever.


"Yes, we are here our lord!" Both shout at the same time.


  “‘Mint and Lime I want you to take the best fighters with you to immediately go with me to the cursed springs and capture the person who is creating all this commotion.


"Yes sir as you wish!" Both speak at the same time.

Phoenix People


We see in a castle the current leader of the Phoenix People planning on how to bring back the lost glory of his people after the great war of Jusenkyo,


that he reads brings back horrible memories, as it was in this war that he lost his mother but something interrupts your thoughts.

"What is happening?" Saffron is surprised when he senses that something or someone is releasing an enormous amount of ki.


"Someone has, a death wish! Excellent, this might be the perfect sacrifice I was looking for to be reborn as a true Phoenix!” Thinks Saffron who immediately calls Kiima one of her most loyal servants.


“Kiima! Gather our best warriors to the site of the cursed fountains, I want them to come with me to help me capture someone. "


"Okay, sir, as you wish. “Answers Kiima.


Cursed Springs


“Calm down young! You're only making things worse by drawing undue attention to yourself!” Shouts Guide Jusenkyo who was getting nervous about the situation that Adrian is creating.


“How do you want me to calm down after you tell me I'm forever cursed! And you even told me would take me to that village of crazy Amazon women!” Adrian yells at the person in front of him.


“I don't think you understand the gravity of your situation! The spring you fell is not just any spring! This spring was where the former leaders of the peoples who live in Jusenkyo died, who long ago fought to decide who would be the owner of this valley, that's why this spring and calls of the drowned ruler's spring.” The Jusenkyo Guide speaks in a serious tone and makes yet another warning.


“If they find out that someone like you has fallen into this fountain, as well as the fact that you were cursed right away in a fountain that never curses anyone even when people jumped to be cursed. I assure you that you can say goodbye to your normality going forward!”


“WTF?! Adrian after hearing it decides to calm down a bit, though still shows is very angry by getting into this situation decides to hear everything that the guide has to say.


"Now listen!" Shouts the guide one more time to see if Adrian is listening. "The peoples of this region for 280 years do not go to war anymore, but all this can change due, to your existence that threatens to bring another war with a lot of death and destruction!"


“Then come with me to my house so I can hide you until the dust settles because now they are surrounding this region so that no one can enter or leave here. "


Adrian does what the guide says. After a walk, he arrives at the guide's house who gives him hot water to get him back to his true form and Adrian goes to a mirror to see if he has changed shape.


"I'm glad I got back to my real body, I don't know how long I could stand being trapped in that body that feels very alien, I wonder how women manage to walk normally with huge breasts that bounce as they walk." Adrian comments later going through an unpleasant experience in a female body, but that wasn't the only thing he noticed.


“I also noticed that in this body I tend to lose my temper much more easily than in my original body, I never thought that female hormone could affect my mind so much, or did I fall into one of the sources that affect the mind? "


"Well I'm already a person with an unstable temperament, but now I feel that in this new body, emotions are much harder to control leading me to make reckless decisions!" Adrian reflects on his actions that led him to find himself in this situation.


“When I think about it, I see that my temper got the better of me, now I'm in a worse situation than Ranma because even though he's a stupid person he wasn't stupid enough to get into a type of situation where your reckless decisions are the reason for starting a war between peoples that will only bring more death and destruction!”


The guide notices a change in the expression of Adrian, who was previously an impulsive person who didn't worry about the weight of his actions.


But after he returned to his original form he became a completely different person who is more aware, but at the same time, he is more unmotivated and lost in thought.


"Well, you shouldn't be surprised, after all this isn't the first case about cursed fonts messing with people's minds." The guide thinks when analyzing the young person's behavior.


“I think I'll give him a tranquilizer. After going through such a stressful situation as this, putting him to sleep should help. Calming your mind. “Thinking about this, the guide goes to the kitchen and makes some herbal tea to give Adrian.


After a while, the guide goes to the young man.


"Hey boy, take this!" Yells to get Adrian's attention.


Adrian thanks you. "Thank you very much."


after taking Adrian begins to fall asleep until he lost conscience.



World Original


When Adrian wakes up from his sleep, he notes that he was in his room, when there was he had slept before stopping in the world of Ranma 1/2, this cheers him up.


“So I was in the end right! Everything I just went through was just a dream, now I have no reason to worry.”


After this we see Adrian going to the bathroom to take a shower, when he turns on the shower and the water comes in contact with his body, a change happens, which scares him a lot.


“Nooooo!!!” Adrian screams after seeing that his biggest fear has come true and his life will never be the same again.




About the appearance of the character in his male form he has the look of Shinichi izumi from Kiseijuu. As well as the same he wears glasses. 



I hope you're enjoying my new project, this is my first experiment in writing a story focused on humor and adult content with lots of ecchi moments and implied sex scenes, unlike my other stories that focused on a more dramatic theme, this one is more focused on the theme of the Ranma ½ and Angry Nerd universe that I'm getting inspired to create this story, where we'll see our MC who is based on the character from the Angry Nerd series go through situations similar to Ranma and Ryoga in every universe he visits.


As Ranma without any intention, he will be involved in conflict situations to be in place at the wrong time, attracting undue attention to yourself what will draw the attention of many people who just want to recruit you to their schedules, turn him into a lab rat, while others just want to dissect him or turn him into a slave. If that wasn't enough some entities will put you through the worst kinds of embarrassing or dangerous situations just to use it as entertainment material.


As for the fictional universes that our MC will visit, they diverge from the canonical history of the main universes, where not only will we have a different plot but we will also have familiar characters who have a different personalities from their canon counterparts, other characters I'll keep the same personality. The reason for this is because I want to make a non-standard self insert where my SI will always find itself in an unpredictable situation that will make it make mistakes by relying too much on its meta knowledge, the nightmare of any self-insert, what believes, that the knowledge of the future will help you get rid of your problems, the more that will work against him here, and the characters are not as stupids as the  SI assumed that they are.


I have an announcement to make, both this story and go to an apocalyptic world with the power of the gamer are stories related to each other that take place at different times, but so many events and happenings are all linked to each other where the actions of each character influence both the events that occur in the past and those that will occur in the future where we will see both Adrian and Henry crossing the same path of each other at some point in history to face some threat together, the difference would be in the change of povs of each character.

Another reason I decided to create a connection with this story is to expand the story of my multiverse, where I will introduce new universes that in the future I will create new stories and I thought the best way to introduce these universes is through a new character which will serve as a guide to introduce you to my new ideas.