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Garden of Shadows AU

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ACT ONE: “Garden of Shadows” |Main Storyline | Killermare

Status: Completed

  • Chapters 2-11
  • Chapter Three: Mild NSFW (Knifeplay, begging) *Killermare*
  • Chapter Seven: Extreme NSFW (Tentacle sex, overstimulation/forced orgasm, Heat *Killermare*
  • Chapter Eight: NSFW (Foreplay, stripping) *Killermare*
  • chapter eleven: Extreme NSFW (forced orgasm, gags, blindfold, bdsm)


In a Multiverse where Ink and Error retire together after falling in love. Dream is now the new leader of the Star Sans and protector of the multiverse. 

With Error no longer a threat, Dream focuses his effort in pacifying the other big threat to the multiverse, his brother Nightmare. In an attempt to cure his brother of his curse of negativity, Dream uses a rather volatile serum from a rather lewd AU. 


ACT TWO: “Soulbound” | Prequel to act one | ErrorInk storyline

Status: Completed

  • Chapters 12-19
  • Chapter Seventeen: Extreme NSFW (Consensual Somnophilia, Fisting) *ErrorInk*  


After a long endless rivalry, the protector and destroyer, Error, saw each other more and more as friends as time went on. Both saw a probable reason to the others fight. This revelation sparked their friendship and that eventually evolved into something more. So in a sign of truce; the two both retired from their respective jobs and then proceeded to fall in love.

However as their new relationship began, Ink felt more and more like their relationship was a lie, simply because he didn’t have a soul and relied on his paints to give him emotion. 

So with fierce determination, Error set out scouring the multiverse in search of something Ink thought he’d never have again.




NSFW INTERMISSION | Chapters 20-24

Status: Completed

“My hearts go out to all you sinners” -Jevil

  • Chapter Twenty:(Maid play, praise kink, Orgasm denial, E-stim. Killermare
  • Chapter Twenty-One: (Aftercare/comfort sex, breast play, lactation, praise kink. Killermare
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: consensual mind control, master/slave play, dirty talk, tentacle sex, cum inflation. Killermare
  • Chapter Twenty-three: (Rope bondage, autofellatio, Facesitting). ErrorInk 
  • Chapter Twenty-four: Heat, detachable limbs, overestimation, safeword/safe tune usage. Killermare

ACT THREE: “Trust in Lust” | Sequel | Lust/Violet storyline | Underlust Sansby & Papyton

Status: In Progress 

  • Chapters 25-?
  • No NSFW content; 


Recruited shortly after Ink’s retirement, Lust/Violet quickly felt like an outcast. After finding out about the multiverse and working alongside alternate versions of himself, he thought very low of himself. As most of the multiverse saw him as a nothing but a dirty slut.

And after the horrible situation he’d found himself in at Nightmares’ mansion raid his confidence has been shot. He felt he didn't   belong in the Star Sans’, he felt he was only a burden on them.

How will Lust overcome these obstacles when it seems like the entire multiverse is against him?

ACT FOUR: *title TBA* | Chara & Asriel storyline | genocide timeline

  • No NSFW content
  • No, I'm not shipping Chara & Asriel.


ACT FIVE: “Mad Time Trio” | characters TBA

  • No NSFW, however there will be violent and darker themes for this arc.


ACT 6: Paperjam Storyline

  • No NSFW content



Chapter Text

Dream was pacing back and forth on a small arched bridge positioned over a small golden river inside the doodle sphere. The sound of the calmly rushing water was the only sound heard in domain of the protector. 


The protector that wasn't there. 


Dream had assumed command of the Star Sans's in Ink's absence while he was on a 'vacation' of sorts with Error; his enemy turned frenemy, turned friend, and now lover. The two had been rivals for years and Error had been a scourge upon the multiverse since his creation. However through honest pushing on behalf of Ink, the two were able to realize the futility of there endless fighting and had begun to see each other as friends. Something Dream had never imagined would happen given Ink's soulless state. But love truly did work in mysterious ways and the two stubborn skeletons realized their feeling for one another and ended there rivalry. 


However there was a catch. That being the two would BOTH give up on their respective roles of the protector and the destroyer. Meaning Ink entrusted Dream with protecting the doodle-sphere as well as the multiverse and the two lovers all but retired. 


But Dream was happy for the two of course. Ink was Dream's closest friend and to see him happy made him happy too. And with him now being the guardian of positivity AND the new protector of the multiverse, Dream was also relieved that one of the multiverse's biggest threats had been pacified. But Dreams work wasn't done, as there was still one large threat that still loomed over the multiverse.


That being his brother, Nightmare. 


The god of negativity and his goons Ink had dubbed 'the bad Sanses' were still running rampant across the multiverse. And their attacks had increased significantly, no doubt intentional on his brothers part in the absence of their greatest ally. Nightmare was also quick to pick up on Ink's absence as well and was quick to put the two together. He'd probably guessed Dream was now at the helm against him as he was relying more on his goons to do his dirty work. He almost rarely showed himself in combat and was taking a more backseat/strategic role.


Dream groans from a self inflicted headache as he sat over the edge of the bridge he was on, the tips of his feat brushing the cold water below. He was getting desperate, a small part of his soul firmly believing he could save and pacify his twin, just as Ink had done with Error.


Dream did a double take in his mind. Okay maybe that last thought came out wrong, but he didn't care. He wanted to redeem his brother and had concocted a plethora of different plans that he vainly hoped would work. All ending in failure: Peaceful negotiations? Fail. Giving his brother a DT injection to hopefully remove his curse? yeah that just pissed him off. Trying to coax one of his goons to turn? Total fail, they were all loyal to him to a fault. All other attempts to either end the conflict or purge his brother of his curse all ended in failure and he was running out of options. He didn't want to go down the violent road like Ink would have done, but that was slowly looking like the only possibility. Even some of the other Star Sans's were urging him to be more aggressive.


But Dream still had one more card to play before it came to that. 


Dream was staring up at the paper covered sky when a white portal opened in a grassy island in the middle of a pond. Dream stands and walks over the small bridge where Swap Sans exited, along with other Star Sans members; Nova from Outertale, Fresh, and Violet (Lust Sans) all were recruited shortly after Ink's retirement. The latter of the three hopefully having what Dream was looking for. 


Dream stops in front of the four skeletons, the group all standing in a circle on the little island. "Do we have it?" Dream asked.


Blue nods his head and his head turns to Violet, who removes a small clear cylinder containing a glowing pink liquid inside. "S-sure do hun." Violet says nervously, holding the liquid to Dream with only two fingers as if the liquid was radioactive to him. Dream understood violets nervousness and repulsive behavior towards the liquid Dream now held in his hand.


A vial of Lust serum. One of the only things in the multiverse as potent, if not more potent, as DT. just one drop was enough to send even the most celibate monsters into an almost unbearable heat. And a full dose could yield permanent side effects. Side effects violet knew all to well, which was why he was hesitant to provide the dangerous serum. 


Fresh watch's Dream intently, the lenses of his glasses forming question marks, a prelude to what he's about to say. "Yo, you totes sure this'll work brah?"


Dream holds the vial in a reverse grip as he presses on a small button on the top, causing a long thin needle to eject from the bottom. 


"Yeah, I'm sorry Dream but I don't think this'll work. Nightmare doesn't want to be 'cured.' Blue adds.


"No I'm not sure." Dream presses the button a second time and the syringe retreats back into the vial. "Love and lust is one of the most powerful positive emotions, it may be the only thing left that could break the curse." 


Nova takes a step forward. "Even if it works there's no guarantee he'll be the same Nightmare you knew when you were kids. That was over 500 years ago." 


"I know," Dream nods solemnly. "But I have to try, if not for him then for the multiverse. If there's a chance we can end this without violence I have to take it. My brother is the king, take him off the board, and his goons will likely scatter."


Dream turns and walks back across the bridge, his friends in tow. He walks over to Inks open small hut which might as well be Dreams at this point. 


"How are you gonna find him?" Blue asks.


"I'm not, he'll come to me." Dream summons his staff and uses it to summon a portal on the floor in front of him. 


Nova steps forward beside Dream, ready to follow behind him. "Want us to go with?"


Dream shakes his head. "No, this I need to do alone." 


Nova reluctantly nods and steps back. Dream pockets the vial and turns around to face his friends, his feet on the edge of the portal. "Wish me luck." 


Dream leans back and falls back first into the portal, which closes the instant he passes through.

Chapter Text

Nightmare stood gazing out towards the ground below well over fifty stories down. Standing in the small balcony in the highest tower in the castle which was both his office and bedroom. He eyes the storm brewing far off on the horizon with the crack of the lightning indicating the storms slow approach. 


While Nightmare didn't have eyes in the back of his head, he didn't need any to know Killer was in the same place he'd been twenty minutes ago. Nightmare turned back inside and used a rope to close the balcony off with a thick black curtain. The room would've descended  into complete darkness if not for the chandelier dimly illuminating the room with green light.


Walking back towards his desk, he again took note of Killer standing guard beside the one exit and entrance into his private quarters. And while his eye lights weren't visible at the moment, nightmare knew Killer was watching him intently. Always vigilant, always on guard. Even though there was nothing to really guard Nightmare from, and it's not like the king of negativity needed protection. But then again, he wasn't going to tell Killer that. Even if he did he'd just keep watch from the other side of the door instead. 


Out of all the others Nightmare had recruited, Killer was undoubtedly the most loyal out of them all. He was also the first Nightmare ever recruited, lost and torn from endless genocide, Killer had all but given up until Nightmare came into his life. Strong, powerful, and fierce. Killer pledged his service to Nightmare in any way his new boss saw fit. And he wouldn't have it any other way, he'd given him a reason to continue, to fight, the least he could do is return the favor.


"Storms coming?" Killer asked as Nightmare sat himself down behind his desk.


"Which one?" Nightmare asked opening a closed book on his desk and turning to the marked page. 


Killer knew this was Nightmares way of mentioning the ongoing conflict with his brother, which had ramped up in recent months. Ever since Ink and Errors absence, Nightmare had increased the number of raids. But what still puzzled killer was Nightmares sudden reluctance to join the fighting. He'd all but confined himself to his dreary castle, giving orders from the rear while Killer or one of the other senior members such as Dust, Cross, or Horror to carry out Nightmares orders.


"Yeah about that...I'm not quite sure I understand the plan boss." Killer finally moves from his guard position and slowly approaches the desk on the other end of the room. "Sure we carry out your orders, but you never backed away from a fight before. Now you barely even leave the castle."


Nightmare looks up from the book he's reading and glares up at Killer. Was he insinuating he was being a coward? No that wasn't Killer, the loyal soldier he was, he was likely more concerned for him than anything else. So loyal he was the only one to get away with calling him *boss* over the other titles such as king, lord, and master.


"If my theory is correct in that my brother is now in charge. His primary goal will be me. Or trying to *save* me as he would foolishly put it. It's simple, gradually take myself out of the equation, and my brother is forced into an uncomfortable situation. And with increased raids it will also put pressure on him to make a move. He'll get sloppy and when he does he'll lose." 


Killer smiles as Nightmare had payed out his plan as if Killer should've already known it. He was relieved that this change hadn't effected Nightmare like he'd believed. "Sorry for doubting ya boss, just worryin' about'ya is all."


Nightmare gave a *hmm* in response as he tries again to read his book. "Your concern is hardly warranted Killer." 


"Yes, it is Nightmare." Killer responds defiantly.


"No it's not-"


Killer leans forward without thinking and places both his hands on the table. "Well To me it is." Killer exclaimed a little to loudly than his usually calm and composed voice.


Nightmare looks over his book at the two hands on his desk, then up at Killer who had met his gaze and swiftly removed his hands and placed them behind his back. "S-Sorry boss, for overstepin I-"


From nightmares seated position he had caught the ever so slightest glimpse of the white of Killers eye lights accompanied by a slight tint of blue appearing on Killers cheeks. Nightmare slowly stands from his desk and slowly begins walking around, his eyes fixated on Killer.


Killer himself resisted the urge to tense up as Nightmare slowly stood from his seat. Oh crap he doesn't know does he? Killer felt the subtle warmth on his face and he hoped that he hadn't given it away. He took his eyes off Nightmare to help dissipate the growing blush on his face. It would have worked, if Nightmare hadn't walked up beside him and was all up in his personal space.


"Uhhh I can go if I'm bothering..." Nightmare then places one of his open palms against Killers chest. Pressing gently against his shirt. "You?!"


The blush Killer had been able to conceal exploded with a vengeance, his entire face below his eyes erupted an embarrassing shade of blue as Nightmare's own eyes watched his hand slowly trailed down Killers chest, feeling each and every rib. 


Well shit, if he didn't know then, he certainly does now.


"B-Boss?" Killer exclaimed, his body completely frozen as his voice subconsciously raises an octave in an attempt to feign ignorance.


Killer notices Nightmares four tendrils on his back slowly circle around the two. Because when his body finally listened to him and he moved to take a small step backwards, one of the tendrils blocked him. 


When Killer looks back over to Nightmare, he has his knife in his hand that he'd grabbed from the inside of Killers jacket.


"I'm not a fool either Killer," Nightmare says softly, his eyes fixated on the tip of the knife he now held in his hand. "I've noticed you haven't left the castle much either."


One of Nightmares tendrils then gave Killer a gentle nudge forward from behind, forcing Killer forward and mere inches from Nightmare. "In fact...I've rarely ever not seen you these past few weeks."


Nightmare then takes the knife and slowly and methodically begins running the blade down Killers ribs the same way he'd done with his hand, gently and slowly as to not cut him.


Killer failed to suppress a gasp as Nightmare used his other hand to grasp Killers jacket to keep him in place. The sound of the blade clicking off each rib and onto the next made Killers face burn even hotter. Not to mention the smooth and gentle voice Nightmare was giving him alongside his usual cold and neutral expression.


"Your loyalty outweighs all others here. You've fought valiantly for me, bandaged me, bled for me..."


Nightmare applies the slightest bit of pressure on the knife as it slides off the tenth and final rib, leaving behind the tiniest cut. Killers arms were shuttering at his sides, both desperately wanting to move and not to move at the same time. His words striking every cord in Killer as they were all true. The numerous battle scars across his body. The many hours he spent caring for Nightmare whenever he was injured. But nightmare had done the same for me, he'd done the same for all of them.


Nightmare then holds the knife in a reversed grip and gently presses the edge of the blade in the center of Killer's target like soul in the middle of his chest.


Killer was subconsciously relieved Nightmares office was in a tower and isolated high above the rest of the castle. Because if they were anywhere else, the castle's other occupants would've heard Killer moan loudly as the metal tip of the blade touched his soul. One of his arms finally decided to move and reaches up to grasp Nightmares arm holding the knife, but not making any effort to stop him.


"Would you die for me? Should I request it." Nightmare whispered as Killer continued to moan and gasp as Nightmare used his fingers to slowly spin the knife clockwise like a fork.


Killers mouth shuttered open, his eyes gazed up at the ceiling, feeling one of Nightmares tendrils wrap around Killers other hand. 


"Y-yes...stars yes!" Killer gasped as he felt the overwhelming pressure of the blade against his soul reach it's peak. The feeling of being at Nightmares mercy was completely intoxicating.


Killer finally takes his eyes off the ceiling and looks at Nightmare, his face not even six inches away from his. It was then that he saw Nightmare giving him the ever so smallest smile. It was so small and weak anyone other than killer would've missed it because he never smiled.


"Then say it." Killer felt another one of Nightmares tendrils snake itself around his throat. It didn't apply any pressure yet. Not until Killer opened his mouth, then the snake like appendage tightened it's grip enough to momentarily take his breath away in a startled gasp. "Say what you want to say."


Killer could barely form a coherent word through it all; the pressure and pleasure of the cold steel knife, the tight grip on his throat, those cold cyan eyes with that subtle smile, all combining to send Killer to a realm of ecstasy he hadn't felt in his entire existence. The only noise coming from his mouth were moans of pleasure and heavy panting as he felt his breathing become restricted. 


"Lov...I lo-" Killer tries to say it. Those three little words but before he could, Nightmares smile disappears in an instant. He winced as the blade drops from his hands and lands with a clang on the wooden floor. The tendrils holding Killer fall off of him and go almost limp as he watches Nightmare stagger backwards, using one of his hands to support himself on his desk.


The immense pleasure Killer felt was gone in an instant and replaced by terror as he lunged forward to support Nightmare should he fall. 


"Night are you okay?" Killer asks urgently, accidentally calling him 'night' as if it were a childhood nickname. Killer was still reeling from the experience moments prior as he was still panting heavily, almost as much as Nightmare was now, who looked like he'd just ran a marathon.


Nightmare nods his head, choosing to sit down on top of his desk to catch breath. He also took notice of Killer's hands in his. "I'm's positivity...hurts."


Killers hollow sockets widen realizing what Nightmares statement actually meant. He might as well of told Killer that he loved him too. He had felt positive emotion because of him. 


However Nightmares expression didn't match his as he regains his strength in order to stand again. He walks over to the window again. "I'm sorry Killer, but I can't...we can't."


Killer blinked as he watches Nightmare peak outside to see the rain pounding waterproof curtain. He closes the curtain fully and closes the sliding glass door to muffle the noise. 


"What are ya talkin about?" Killer asks, trying to reach out and touch Nightmare, but he evaded him.


Nightmare then points at his still blushing face, which still had a faint cyan hue under his eyes, or his one eye. "This...I can't do this! 


Nightmare sighs in defeat, slumping back down in his leather desk chair. Killer again asks the same question he'd just asked. Nightmare shakes his head. "You know what I'm talking about Killer, what my curse does. I can't physically can't do positive emotions. You saw...the moment I began taking pleasure my body physically rejected it like the plague." 


Nightmare rubs his forehead with one of his tendrils, still reeling from a now splitting headache. "I can't love you the way you want me to."


"Then don't, I don't care about that. As long as I'm with you I don't and won't ever care. You’ve given me everything." 


Nightmare looks back up at killer and gives him another smile, this one more tired, but another smile nonetheless. "Sometimes I forget your a murderous psychopath." 


Killer chuckles as he leans his back against the desk, using his foot to kick his knife off the floor and into his hand. "Tch, sometimes you make me forget that too."


Nightmare smile grows to the biggest Killer has even seen from him. But then it disappears almost as quickly as the first and Nightmare looks off to the side with a blank expression. Almost as if he was starting to stare off into space.


Killer tilted his head in confusion. "You okay boss?" He couldn't still be suffering from positivity still right? 


Nightmares blank explores soon then changes to a squinted scowl as he mutters a name under his breath just loud enough for Killer to hear. 




Nightmare hops off his desk and walks into the center of the room. Killer tries to help support him, thinking he's still fatigued, but Nightmare shakes him off.


"Should I call up the guys? We can go with you."


"No don't bother, from the negative energy I'm receiving from him, he's alone and I know exactly where he is too."


Nightmares uses his hands and summons a swirling black portal on the floor. He steps forward and stands atop the portal as if it were a shallow pond. Nightmare eyes meet Killer's who was giving him a rare genuine smile, not quite as rare as Nightmare's but still. Nightmare could also again see Killer's white eye lights that made him look almost like a classic sans if not for the black streaks under his eyes.


"No goodbye kiss?" Killer quips. Nightmare just rolls his eyes, deciding to cater to Killers humor this once and not slap him with one of his tentacles. 


"Kiss me when I get back." Nightmare responds coldly 


The black portal then immediately pulls Nightmare into the portal, the portals gravity seemingly having waited for their conversation to end. 


The portal closes and Killer stared at were the black vortex used to be. He turns and begins organizing and sorting the papers on Nightmares desk for his inevitable return.


If only he knew.

Chapter Text

Dream tucks the vial of lust serum his pocket as he walks up the steep mounds of a desolate meadow plain. He closes his eyes feeling the cold autumn wind blow against his face, blowing dead leaves into the air. The sky is grey and clouded, not allowing an ounce of sunlight to touch the ground. 


In the place of the vial that was in his hand, he summons a shining golden rose in his hands as he crests the hill. He looks down to the ground a few feet in front of him and can't help but shutter at what he sees. He kneels down and rests the glass rose atop an old tree stump. What was once the great tree of feeling, the mother that give him life, was nothing more than a large stump in the ground no larger than a dinner table. 


Dream sits on his knees as he reaches over and puts a hand on top of the cold, dead wood. 


"H-Hi mom." Dream's voice was hollow and emotionless as he can't take his eyes off the stump. "I uh...know it's been a while since I've visited. But hey better late than never. Even if it's been over 500 years."


Dream results to fidgeting with his hands as he blanks on what he should say. "I know you can't really hear me. You've been gone for a long time...But I just want to let you know that I'm okay."


Dream turns around and sits back against the stump, the same way he'd done so many times half a millennia ago. "I finally 'left the nest' as they say. Again better late than never, right?” Dream tries to muster up a smile but can't thing of a single reason why he'd even want to.


"Did you know there's an entire multiverse out there? yeah, me neither. Oh who am I kidding you probably knew."  


Dream takes a moment, feeling his face burn as golden tears begin to well up in his sockets. He takes a finger and quickly wipes them away. 


"Nightmare's fine too. He'll be here soon." Dream turns his head and looks down next to him. Where his twin used to sit directly beside him. He rests his hand in the half dead grass as if his brother was there to hold his hand. 


"I'm not just the guardian of positivity anymore. I'm actually the protector of the AU's now. An entire multiverse relies on me to protect them." 


Dream’s knuckles begin to rattle as he clenched them into fists. 


"But then again, how am I supposed to protect them when I couldn't even protect you." The tears come again, this time Dream doesn't bother trying to wipe them away. "I had one job as the guardian of positivity and I couldn't even do that." 


Dream gradually breaks down into hiccups and chocked sobs as digs his fingers into the dirt beside him. "I couldn't save you, I couldn't save Nighty!" 


Dream pounds his fists into the ground until he made small craters beside him. His tears falling off the bottom of his chin and falling into his lap.


"I'm a fail-ure!" Dream sobs. He turns back around and tries his best in wrapping his arms around his mother's stump in a hug. "I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry!"


The grass surrounding Dream begin to wither as the guardian of positivity succumbs to negativity. The sky darkens even more as Dream lets out over half a millennia's worth of sorrow in one long gut wrenching sob. Sobbing which continues for over a minute until he stands to his feet. He's able to stop his weeping with a series of forced deep breaths. 


"But I'll keep fighting, I won't fail the multiverse like I failed you. I'll protect them with my life...even if it kills me.


"Be careful what you wish for, Dream." 


Dream looks ahead of him, and on the other side of his mother's stump, his brother emerges from a swirling black portal which quickly disappears behind him. 


"I had a feeling you'd pull something, especially today of all days. Five hundred and sixteen years to the day." 


Nightmare stops in front his mothers stump equidistant to Dream who still stands on the other side. For a brief moment, the two stand there, starring at each other. Nightmare waiting for Dream to attack first, while Dream waited for his brother to do the same. When neither make a move Dream opens his mouth to speak "We don't have to do this brother."


Nightmare rolls his eyes, or eye. "We've played this song and before Dream. I'm not stupid, you've bottled up your negative emotions for years until now. Don't tell you practically summoned me here for the same speech you've given me a hundred times already.


"I'm sorry Nighty." 


"You’ve said that before too," Nightmare takes a step forward, his tentacles ends sharpening into pointed ends. "So why don't we cut the crap and just-"


Nightmare for the first time in a long time is rudely interrupted as Dream doesn't even raise a finger, only stairs down at the tree stump in between them. "Did you hate me?"


Nightmares goopy tendrils relax and Nightmare blinks at brother's question. "W-what?"


"Did you hate me? Back then, when we were kids. When you would read to me, climb the tree with me, watching me play with the other kids." Dream looks up at his brother, his face again looking like he was about to cry again and Nightmare knew it. He could practically feel the negative energy radiating off of him. "Was all that real, or where you just pretending?"


Though Dream didn't show it, he was surprised when Nightmare didn't answer right away. He instead looked at the ground beneath him until he eventually answered.


"I didn't hate you Dream." Nightmare says coldly. "But I wanted to. They loved you, idolized you, manipulated you, all because of what you represented; love, joy, and hope. all the 'good things' that I couldn't give them so I was 'evil' to them. You were the only one that ever cared for me. Oh course I didn't hate you."


"But don't you want to be happy?" Dream asked, a pair of tears escaping his eyes.


Nightmare looks up from the ground and gives Dream an offended glare. "I am happy."


"No you're not, because you physically can't. Just because I'm the guardian of positivity doesn't mean I can't feel negative emotions." Dream points to the tears stains still clearly visible on his face. Tear streaks that almost made him resemble Killer. "But you physically can't because of your curse. And I know you can be happy because you just told me yourself." 


Dream walks closer towards his brother, walking around their mothers stump. Dream doesn't show any hostility so Nightmare allows him to take a few more steps closer.


"I don't care if you hate me, I just want you to be happy. 


"Who said I want to be happy?" 


"What about love then? Don't you want to feel love, to be loved?"


Nightmare let's out forced exhale as his clenched fist relax as he stuffs them into his pockets. Nightmares thoughts momentarily drift to what he'd just been doing moments before coming here.  "You have no idea."


Unbeknownst to Dream, Nightmare just answered yes to his question. But that's not what Dream heard. All he had heard was Nightmare's distant stubbornness before he'd push him away again. And he couldn't let that happen. He didn't want to.


But now he felt he had no other choice. He had to act, if not for his brother, than for the protection of the multiverse.


"I know brother, and I'm sorry." In one fluid motion, Dreams hands, that had previously mimicked his brother's by being concealed in there pockets, draws the syringe. He then plunges the needle directed into his brothers sternum before he even has a chance to blink. By the time Nightmares defenses kicked in, the syringe had emptied its contents into him.


"Ugh, you Bastard!" Nightmare let's out a grunt of pain from the syringe. He uses one of his tendrils to slap his brother in the face which sends him flying. Dream tumbles in the grass, but his body stops before he can go rolling down the hill. 


Nightmare reaches up and rips the needle out of his chest, examining it before slamming it into the dirt. He uses his tentacles and launches them at Dream who is still recovering on the ground. The four snake like appendages coil around Dreams body, limiting him into the air. One coils around his throat and immediately constricts, leaving Dream gasping for air. 


"Like I said said before Dream! Nightmare boomed as he looks up and watches his brother choke. "Same song, same dance! Now how's about we fin..." 


Nightmare takes a moment to catch his breath, he takes a few deep breaths. "About we finish...this-what?" 


Nightmare continues to pant, reaching up his chest where he was injected. Why was he suddenly feeling so weak? He wasn’t experiencing any positive emotions, in fact he was furious moments ago.


The tentacles entrapping Dream relax and Dream lands back on the ground onto his feet. He looks to his brother who continues to pant like a dog, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.


"What did" Nightmare demands  breathlessly. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME DREAM?!" 


Nightmare tries to take an intimidating step forward, but ends up stumbling backwards instead. His entire body began to feel heavy and hot, really hot. His cheekbones reflected this with a blush what Nightmare didn't notice was pink instead of the cyan color that matched his eye light. The eye-light that was also illuminating a bright pink. 


"What did..." Nightmares vision becomes blurry as his tendrils lie limp on the ground, until he too joins them, falling and landing directly on his back. 


"Nightmare?!" Dream yells and jumps to his feet. He runs over and kneels down beside his fallen brother. Lifting up his brothers limp and heavy head, he noticed how extra 'goopy' his brother was. The black tar like liquid that stuck to his body now dripping onto Dreams gloved hands as he held him. 


Dream tries to get his attention by lightly tapping at his chin. Panic quickly taking over his voice as his brother doesn't respond, only continuing to pant as he starred off aimlessly into the sky.  "Brother wake up, Nighty?!"

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One week, six days, and twelve hours. That's how long it had been since Dream returned to the doodlesphere, dragging his unconscious brother through the portal and screaming for help. Blue, Fresh, and Fell were all understandably hesitant at first seeing the king of negativity in their base of operations, but quickly came to Dreams aid. The four skeletons lifted Nightmare and carried him to Ink's golden tent, laying him on Dreams bed.


And that's where he's been ever since, with Dream having neglected all other duties besides carrying for his brother. Dream knows he should help more, him being the protector and all. But he just couldn't bring himself to leave Nightmare's side. Not only that but he was also certain that no one else was gonna volunteer to care for the one of most powerful beings in the multiverse, especially one of Nightmares reputation. Lust in particular was very wary, opting to be wherever Nightmare wasn't. But other than him all the others at least were understanding, almost all of them knowing what it was like to care for a brother. 


Dream ran a white washcloth in his fingers above a large bowl of cold water. He folds the now damp towel and rest it on top of Nightmare's forehead. 


Nightmare's let's out a cold shutter at the cold cloth. His body from the shoulders down was wrapped up in a thick purple blanket, one of the many changes he's done with his tent, which might as well of been Nightmares tent now. Swapping the blue and gold aesthetic for a gold and purple one, he even added a bookshelf since he knew his brother liked to read. Dream had thought he'd have to replace the sheets given how much goop was running of Nightmares body like a leaky facet. However the goop seemed to de-materialize the moment it's detached from Nightmare's  body.


Dream removes one of the gloves from his hand. He then reaches over the bed and rests the back of his palm against Nightmares face. Nightmares head instinctively tries tilting away from Dreams cold hand.


Still warm. 


The fever Nightmare had contracted from the injection hadn't gone down in the slightest. Nor the pink blush that almost covered his entire face. The guardians never got sick, so seeing Nightmare so weak and vulnerable made Dream soul ache with worry. 


Dream sighs, cradling his head in his hands as he leans forward on his wooden stool. Dreams eye lights drift over to the tents entrance where Blue moves the purple drape out of the way. 


"Hey Dream, you okay?" Blue notices the dark circles under Dreams eyes.  Blue places his hands on his hips and tries to give Dream a motherly stare but It still comes off as more concerned than anything else. "Did you get any sleep last night?!"


Dream lazily looks over to his brothers sleeping form to tired to even raise an eyebrow. 


"I'm fine Blue." Dream lied, and Blue knew it. Dream couldn't recall the last time he'd slept more than two hours. Hell he'd rarely left his brothers side other than to get food or supplies like cold water or clean rags. 


Not even on the attack against Nightmares stronghold still raging on. The siege fell had dubbed, Operation Nightfall


"Updates from the siege?" 


Nightmare had been able to keep his home and subsequent headquarters hidden for so long using his immense magic to shield it. But with Nightmare incapacitated, the Star Sans were able to locate it within a few days. scouting it out revealed almost exactly what Dream had hoped for. 


In the days following Nightmares absence, a huge power vacuum had occurred. Many members of Nightmares forces either trying to grab power, or took it as a good enough reason to leave. Over half of Nightmares forces were either dusted in the violence or just straight up left. Those that remained were rallied behind the big four and Nightmares closest; Dust, Cross, Horror, and finally Killer, the head of them all.


Killer rallied all who remained with one goal in mind.




Blue nods his head "we've broken through." 


Dream looks to his bow leaning against the bed frame beside him. But can't bring himself to do it. He looks back over to swap with a tired, yet determined glare. 


"Good, ensure they don't rally and drive them off."



"Our numbers are falling!" Dust loudly exclaimed behind Killer. Killer was leaning off the balcony in Nightmares old office, starring down at the raging battle from below. The fighting had gone passed the walls and had moved into the courtyard outside the main keep. The sounds of projectiles and Gaster Blasters were heard all the way up to Killers position. 


The last week had been a roller coaster for Killer. The first day of Nightmares disappearance led to confusion among everyone in the stronghold. Killers paranoia had increased on the second day, nightmare had never been gone that long. 


On the third day was when all hell broke loose. Killer had come to the rageful conclusion that Nightmare was dead. So too did almost everyone else. infighting had erupted before Killer even had time to manage some semblance of grief for his thought to be fallen King. 


That grief was in the form of rage which Killer took out on all those who rose up. Some he'd fought along side by side with for years he'd dusted in a matter of a day. He was silently grateful his closest friends in horror, Cross, and Dust hadn't done the same and close to side with him. It was a small comfort for him.


That comfort didn't last longer either because by day five was when the Star Sans's attacked. Killer and the others were completely unprepared due to the losses they had taken in only forty-eight hours. But Killer rallied those that remained in the name of Nightmare and they had repelled the initial attack. Then a second came, and a third, forth, fifth. Now with there numbers and resources exhausted, the Star Sans had finally pushed through like a flood. 


Killer rammed his fist against the metal railing so hard it bent. He scanned the battlefield looking for any way to turn the tide. And if not, well he'd be damned if he wasn't going out swinging.


That's when he sees a portal open near the now ruined gateway door. And Swap!Sans running out of the portal with Fell. Seeing Blue, one of 'the big three' next to Ink and Dream caused Killers soul to almost vibrate from sheer rage.  Killer hadn't seen Dream throughout the entirety of the siege. This caused Killer to think whatever fate befell Nightmare, he had taken his twin with him.


Killer motioned killer to him, not taking his eyes of Blue. "With me, we'll reinforce the courtyard." If Killer couldn't kill Dream, then the blue bastard would have to do. 


Dust grabbed killers shoulder and the two used a shortcut and in an instant the two we knee deep in the chaos. The large and rather empty courtyard had become a war zone. The once flat ground was now littered with holes from explosions caused by blasters, and large bones stuck up from the ground like trees.


Killer instantly spots Blue who he had teleported directly in his line of sight. Which was the only way Dream could see Killer sprinting towards him. 


Blue planted himself on his back foot and summoned a long blue femur bone to use as a weapon. He blocks high Against Killers berserk downward slam with his knife. Their faces mere inches from each other where Blue could see the liquid hate oozing from his eyes. 


"You ready to have a bad time you little shit?!" 


There fight lasts for well over a minute. And to the others is a flurry of red and blue as the two match each other blow for blow, parry to parry. The two were evenly matched in terms of melee combat, the two relying on it, Blue due to personal preference like classic Papyrus, and Killer because his determination and hate fueled soul severely limited his magic. 


However Killers ruthlessness and his emotional drive slowly made it clear why Killer was Nightmares best fighter. Every blunt force hit blue got on Killer, he'd match with three of his own. 


blue was eventually momentarily saved when one of his own, BlackBerry comes his aid and joins the fight. While Cross teleports in to support Killer. Two-on-Two. All while the battle around them begins to slowly tip in favor of the Star Sans.


When the order to retreat was given by Dust. Killer was determined to go out taking someone with him. He quickly drove off his engagement with blackberry and crossed over to Blues fight with Cross. A few more swift parties followed until Killer pulled out a second knife concealed in his sleeve and went for Blues face, slicing him vertically above the left eye. 


Blue wailed in pain, falling to one knee. Blackberry and additional help from Fell got Killer away before he could deal the killing blow. 


That's when Killer felt Horror grab him by the shoulder which was followed by dust who grabbed his other shoulder.


"I got him, let's go!" Dust yelled back to Cross who had opened a portal behind them. 


"What?! What are you doing? Let go of me!" Killer screamed and kicked his legs as the two forcefully dragged him towards the white portal. This isn't how he wanted this battle to end because he wanted to end, to die serving his king even if he was no longer here. But Killer couldn’t break free of Horrors firm grip as dust used his own magic to cover there escape by summoning a massive wall in front of them.


"NO!" Killer wailed as the four disappear from the battlefield in a flash of white light and the portal blipped into non-existence.


A sudden silence followed the departure of Nightmares cohort. The fighting had ended and Blue and the Star sans looked around them in victory across the war torn courtyard.


Blue had only gotten back to his feet from sheer adrenaline, he breathed a deep sigh before falling his knees. he was completely exhausted from the fight he'd just endured. Blue magic was leaking from the cut to his eye. Blackberry and several others such skeletons included Fresh, Outer, and Classic gathered around him. 


"Easy there bud." Classic helps Blue to his feet. "You good?"


Blue nods his head, looking around at all his friends surrounding him in support.


"I feel awful." Blue comments


"Ha, you look awful too." Blackberry motions to Blues eye socket. "Guess you could say we match now.


Blue can't hold back a laugh. Classic nods to Fell and the two stay behind to garrison the area while the rest gradually take there leave though a portal to celebrate. 




That celebration turned into an all out festival in Underswap for two days and still going. Not a single member of the Star Sans had fallen during the siege which was an absolute miracle so they were partying like the multiverse was ending. 


Well almost everyone.


While Fresh and Dancetale sans were likely having a dance off somewhere, Dream remained behind in the Dootlesphere. 


Dream sat in his stool beside Nightmare’s bed reading one of the many books he'd gotten for his brother outloud, not that Nightmare could do much reading, or anything. But maybe Nightmare appreciated it if he could hear him in his unconscious state.


Dream couldn't focus and he eventually put the book down which ended up dropping lazily on the floor under him. He should be happy, right? The last big threat to the multiverse had been dealt with. Sure many had escaped, and some would be hard to track down due to being able to hide in plain sight like Yandere!Blue. But with them no longer being a unified force, the multiverse could rest easy for now.


If only Dream could do the same.


Dream gets off the stool and sits on his knees beside the bed. He reaches over and takes hold of his brothers hand. His condition having made only small improvements. His blush had died down, so too his fever. Nightmare was also no longer breathing from his mouth anymore, He just lay there sleeping peacefully now. 


"Are you mad at me?" Dream asked his sleeping brother. "Are you just waiting for me to leave?" 


Dream was getting agitated, he felt as if he hadn't felt positive in such a long time and he hated it. 


"You always did ignore me." Dream grip on his brothers hand tightened. "Like talking to a brick wall. Which I might as well be doing right now." 


Dream tries to hold his anger in but over two weeks of this came exploding out of him. He stands up and kicks the bucket of water beside him, spilling its contents on the floor. 


He steps away from the bed and starts pacing back and forth. 


"You're all I have left you know that?!" Dream screamed to nobody. In his emotional vulnerability, Dream failed to notice the black goop covering Nightmare's body beginning to thin and melt off, exposing a white Skelton underneath. "Our mother is gone, the villagers are gone, our world is destroyed. It's just me and you Nightmare! I don't want to be alone anymore Nighty, even if you still hate me, so please don't-" 


When Dream finally peaks over to the bed. His anger immediately leaves his body seeing what's in the bed. The last bit of goop trickled off Nightmare's chest, and laying in front of Dream was a sight he thought he'd never see again.


Nightmare lay in the same position he'd been previously. Wearing the same purple and gold attire he had worn all those centuries ago. His right eye splintered and cracked from the curse’s initial transformation.


Dream was about to burst towards the bed when Nightmares knuckles, which were clenched into fists relaxed and opened up. 


Dream cupped his mouth with one of his hands, the shock of what he was seeing left him both speechless and motionless. 


Nightmares body then slowly sat up from the bed, the cracks on the right side of his face began to glow with vibrant pink magic before fading, taking the scars with them as if the curse never happened. Then Nightmares eyes slowly opened, his once Purple, then cyan eye lights, were now a glowing bright pink. 


Time seemed frozen for Dream, meanwhile Nightmare slowly looks around the room taking in the decor, furniture, until finally meeting Dreams gaze with an expressionless stare.


"Nighty, is it you?" Dream whispered in a high pitched voice, tears already starting to fall down his face.


Nightmare silently blinks at his twin. His eyes then partially narrow before doing something unexpected to Dream.


He smiled at him.


Nightmare swings his legs off the bed and stands to his feet. He looks towards his twin with a smug, and playful smirk. He begins walking slowly over to Dream who remained fixed to the floor, his mind and body waiting for a response from Nightmare since he hasn't spoken a word yet.  


When the two are face to face Nightmare slowly reaches up with his palm and gently rubs his thumb across Dreams face, wiping away a golden tear. All while proceeding to bring his face even closer, his mouth slowly opening.


Dream wasn't quite sure what he was doing. Was he going to kiss him? No if anything it looked like he was going to say something finally so Dream leaned his head to the side so Nightmare could whisper to him.


Instead of breaking the silence, Nightmare quickly inhales and blows a small puff of pink mist in Dreams face. 


"What the-" Dream reacts promptly by staggering backwards and rapidly fanning his face with his hands. Not knowing what Nightmare had just done. Dream summons his staff to his hand and instinctively takes a defensive pose.

Nightmare just cups his arms behind him as Dream immediately began to feel the effects of the mist. 


Dreams breathing became heavy, dropping his weapon to the ground. His vision became blurry and the world around him began to spin, causing him to lean backwards against the bookshelf and slide to the ground. 


Dream gasped as he felt himself beginning to lose consciousness "brother, w-what did you..."


"Shhhhh," Nightmare had leaned down in front of his brother and placed a gentle finger in the center of Dreams lips. Dream's head then fell forward and he completely passed out. 


Nightmare stands back up and walks to the exit of the tent. He peaks outside for anyone before turning back to gaze at his sleeping twin.


"Night-night Brother dear."

Nightmare walks out the tent which is followed by the sound of a portal opening and closing moments later.

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Dream groaned through the utter blackness as he began to regain consciousness. He heard voices calling to him that he couldn't quite make out through the ringing in his nonexistent eyes dulling all other sounds.


Dream eyes try opening his to who he assumes is Blue sitting over him and calling his name. 


It's only when the sharp sensation of cold water being splashed in his face that Dream finally comes too. Sitting up rapidly and scanning his surrounding, his fight or flight instinctively kicking in. 


Sure enough, Blue was standing over him with the fresh scar on his face having partially healed. Dream also saw he was surrounded by his other friends. Fresh, Fell, Classic, and even Lust who was standing outside the tent from the supportive circle that had been made around Dream. 


"Easy Dream, it's okay. What happened?" blue asked getting down on one knee to be at eye level with his friend. 


"Where's Nightmare?" Fell added


Dream got to his feat and pointed his finger to where he last saw his brother. "He's right over-" he looks to the entrance of the tent to see only Lust looking over at him petrified. "He's not in the doodlesphere is he?"


When Classic shakes his head, Dream takes a deep breath and immediately goes into detective mode. "Okay, so uh-does anyone know how long I was out for?"


"You tell ussss broseph, we been partying' f-feeerrr two days heh." Fresh said.


Dream noticed the slight slur from Fresh's voice indicating he was still intoxicated, and fresh was a lightweight since he almost never drank. That coupled with the two days comment told Dream his brother couldn't of been gone for more than a couple hours. 


"Okay this isn't too bad." Dream said trying not to sound panic ridden, simply because he could see some of the others already panicking. Lust and Fell in particular.


"Not too bad?!" Fell yelled pushing himself to the front of the group. "Keeping track of that black blob was your responsibility! What the hell even happened?"


"Yes, what happened." Lust also pushed himself forward and nudging Fell out of the way, taking his spot face-to-face with Dream. Lust put both his hands on Dreams shoulders and looked Dream straight in the eyes. He didn't look angry like fell was, he looked more scared than anything. "Tell us everything, about Nightmare, what did he do?"


Dream looks back forth to the right and left nervously being out in the spotlight. He rubbed his head that was still slightly dizzy as he recalled what had occurred just hours ago. "Well he's no longer goopy anymore. He woke up and actually looked happy to see me."


Dream didn't hear any questions from anyone so he continued on, Lust remaining in his face. "He walked up to me, grabbed me and blew some mist in my face and I guess I blacked out?" 


"What else, what did he look like?" Lust pressed.


"He looked just like how he used to look." Dream shrugged his shoulders. "Except for his eyes. They should've been purple like his coat but instead they were-" 


Lust spoke the same time Dream did, the two finishing the sentence together. "-Bright pink."


Lust finally let's go of Dream and kicks a rock across the doodlesphere. "*FUNK* this is bad." fresh still being sober enough to provide censorship. 


The rest of the skeletons watch Lust pace back and forth having a mental crisis. "This is bad! This is really, REALLY bad!" 


"It's okay, just chill the hell out." blackberry takes a step forward to try and calm lust down.


"NO it's not okay. God I told you, I told all of you this was a terrible idea and none of you listened to me! If any of you had bothered to visit Underlust you would know how bad this is."


"Oookay, let's all jus' chill out here." Classic quickly steps forward to be the voice of reason and before the yelling gets any louder.  "Why don't ya' just tell us what's goin on here."


"Yeah why was Nighty being so...friendly?" Dream adds.


Lust exhales deep, leaning against the corner of the tent while he rubs between his eyes. He wasn't sure of the best way to word it.


"In Underlust we call it *The First Heat*" Lust begins, looking down at himself as he recounts a part of his past he'd rather not disclose. "When monsters are first injected with the serum, they enter a state of pure lust. They act out based on there needs and deepest desires." 


"That doesn't sound too bad." Blue says to try and lighten the mood. Lust just looks at him like he was an idiot.


"Oh really!  'it's not that bad?!" Lust was one more dumb comment away from screaming at this point. His tone then switch's to obvious sarcasm. "Your right blue, it's not that bad, some monsters when they enter there first heat just *screw* there own pillows. Others become so overwhelmed by lust that they lose control of themselves and enter a feral sex crazed frenzy!"


Everyone is stunned into silence by the verbal bombshell Lust had just dropped on them. 


"That didn't happen to you did it?" Fresh asked, looking just as shocked as everybody else.


Lust let out a huff, momentarily looking away from the cluster of eyes on him. "No it didn't, but I've seen it happen and trust me, it's not pretty." 


Nova then raised his hand like an elementary school student asking; "how bad is it for Nightmare then?


"That depends," lust looks back over towards Dream. "Did he try to make a move on you?" 


Everyone's faces warps to either a disgusted or horrified expression as all eyes moved towards Dream. Dream himself is the only one who doesn't understand the question which is showed by him tilting his head in confusion. 


"Make...a...move?" Dream asks?


Lust looks up to the sky and facepalms himself. Of course the one raised by a fucking tree never received 'the talk.'


"Did he try to have sex with you?!" Lust didn't bother trying to beat around the bush this time. Which worked because Dreams face now matched everyone else's. 


"Ew, stars no!" Dream looked like he was about to throw up at the thought his brother doing such a thing. 


"Okay, so we know it ain't THAT bad" Fell breaths a sigh of relief knowing he wasn't in danger of being molested by a tentacle monster.


"So how long does it usually last?" Classic asked. Lust's expression returned to one of fearful uncertainty.


"That's the other thing, it varies. Sometimes they can last for a couple hours. Others it can last for several days, sometimes weeks in rare cases. It depends mainly on a persons magic capability and there lust. And given Nightmares a guardian like Dream, that could be a problem. Hence why I thought this was a BAD IDEA!"


"Okay, okay we get it, we should've listened to the slut. Now how do we find him?" Blackberry asked. Clearly annoyed by Lust's continued ranting.


Lust resisted the fiery urge to slap Blackberry for the slut comment. Only a select few could get away with calling Lust that, and Blackberry was definitely NOT on that list. The others noticed this too as Blue shoots his edgy alter ego a judgmental glare. 


Dream looks down at his hands before shrugging his shoulders. Everyone looking back towards Dream, because if anyone knew how to find Nightmare it was his twin. "Honestly I don't think I can. I'm trying to use my magic to detect any traces of his negative energy, but there's just nothing." 


"Like I said, he's acting purely off lust." Lust reclaims. 


"Nightmare, being lustful? like come on, what does the god of negativity have to sexually desire. Dudes probably never got laid in his life." Red tries to muster up a chuckle while everyone looks at him, unaware of the jinx Fell just unleashed. 


"Like that can't be too bad right?



The doubles doors to an old and run down mansion creek open. The moonlight from the outside shining inside to show the dust particles hanging in the air. 


Nightmare steps inside and opens his palms at his sides. A damp pink mist being secreted and covering the ground like a fog. 


It's not much, a little run down, overgrown, and spooky. It was nothing a little magic couldn't fix and besides, he kind of liked it a little spooky. 


The mist spread up the walls and up the stairs to the rest of the Victorian style home. Nightmare slowly walked up the stairs of the grand opening, the old creaky wooden stairs becoming polished and shiny. The plants and moss adorning the walls remained and even became healthier and bloomed with flowers. Nightmare walked through a long, narrow hallway and into a large greenhouse on the side of the mansion that was almost as big as the house itself.


Nightmare couldn't resist biting his bottom lip looking up and around the overgrown scenery. "Hmm, I like this." 


The pink mist had done the same to the greenhouse as it did the mansion from before. The plants that had withered and died bloomed to life. The cracked and shattered glass walls becoming clean and seamless. The entire room transforming into a lush, beautiful garden in a matter of seconds.


Nightmare continued on through a side exit and into the backyard which overlooked a city skylight from a distance.


Nightmare closed his eyes, raising a hand up to his mouth, and blew a gentle gust of pink mist like he was blowing a bubble. The mist rose into the sky and slowly drifted off towards the city. 


"It's okay now," Nightmare the opens the short black gated fence to at the edge of the property. He then begins the long walk down the steep hill towards the city, following the mist as it branch's off in four different directions. 


"Nighty is home."



To say the least, Nightmares cohort wasn't doing well.


The squad, after fleeing from Nightmares old fortress, found themselves in some surface AU where monsters and humans lived together in ebott city which had grown in size compared to that in the classic timeline. 


The gang had decided to part ways almost immediately after. Mainly because of Killer, who had been furious at them for denying the death he so desperately wanted. 


Horror had struggled since day one, unable to find work since everyone was terrified of him. He was forced to become a begger on the street. It didn't help that he hadn't eaten in over two days.


Dust had gone the more criminal route. Dust resorting to robberies and pickpocketing to make quick money. He'd taken refuge in an abandoned motel which reeked of mold. 


Cross had followed a similar path as Dust. Except he used his skills as an stealthy assassin to perform nighttime robberies and house break-ins. Never staying in more than one place for very long, often sleeping in alleys or under a lamppost at a bus stop which the latter was case now.


And Lastly Killer was in prison. Killer couldn't get over the the defeat at the compound or the loss of Nightmare. He'd gone on a theft and blood thirsty rampage across the city. Stealing anything he could and stabbing anyone who dared stop him. Not because he wanted money, simply because he didn't care anymore. He'd hope the police would just kill him when they inevitably found him. But alas, the two cops which were this worlds Undyne and Papyrus were able to incapacitate him. And the next thing Killer knew, he was sitting in a magic inhibited holding cell.


Killer sleepily looked to the hanging clock outside his cell which read 10:13 pm. He'd sat on the old wooden bench inside the cell and his eyes drifted open and closed. His body desperately wanting to sleep but Killer didn't want to, he didn't want to do anything anymore. 


Killer felt like he'd lost everything and he had. He had no AU anymore which he only had himself to blame. No family as a result. He lived thousands of resets to the point he was so bored he'd given up as much as he was now. He'd lost his new home he'd failed to protect. But of course most painfully, he'd lost his king, the one that had given him new meaning and purpose he'd all but lost.


When Killer opened his eyes and glanced back towards the clock it read 5:55am. Which told him his body had compelled him to fall asleep. 


But what caught Killers attention was what woke him up. Killer saw a pink mist slip through the bared window of his cell and now glided across the cold concrete floor. 


When the mist reached Killers nose. He was genuinely stunned at how good it smelled, like the sweetest tart mixed with the tiniest scent of lavender. Entered his nose hole and passed under his cloths and between his ribs, making him feel war and bubbly, feeling all the guilt and anger just melt off of him. 


"Come to me, Killer~" The faint whisper of a soothing voice was heard in killers mind. It sounded new to killer but there was also something faintly familiar about it. 


Killers eyes looked over to his cell door which clinked as the mist had somehow unlocked his cell door as it phased through. "Come to me." 


Killer stood up and stepped forward, following the sound of the voice. Stepping out into the hall, he noticed the mist had spread to the rest of the station as well, covering the entire ground in a pink fog. 


Opening a steel door to the back storage room he saw his knife resting on the policeman's desk, where Undyne sat back unconscious in the chair from the same mist. Killer grabbed his knife off the table and walked to the back exit and walked out into the parking lot. 


Killer continued to aimlessly follow the mist down the dark and empty city street. Keeping up with the mist as to not leave its warm and comforting embrace. 




As killer began to leave the city and wandered onto the highway the mist began to pick up its speed causing Killer to have to run to even keep up with it. 


"Faster." The voice whispered again. Killer picked up the pace even more, desiring the feeling of the mist that was just out of reach even in a full jog. Killer crested a large hill, the city far behind him as his immediate surrounds were nothing but trees on either side of the road. Killer stopped running and looked forward and saw his three former friends in Cross, Horror, and Dust all standing side by side in the pink mist no more than twenty feet away. There eyes were all locked on him and were all smiling at him.


"G-guys? the hells goin' on here?" Killer called out. They didn't respond or even blink at Killers question. Just starred dumbly at him with Killer now noticing the pink outlines around there eyes.


The three skeletons shuffled off to the side revealing a fourth figure standing behind them. Killer watched as Nightmare walked out of the mist and began slowly walking up to him, a warm smile on his face. 


"Hello Killer, I've missed you~" Nightmare purred, the same voice from the mist.


Killer honestly didn't recognize him at first. He'd never seen nightmares original form but the dots still slowly connected in his mind. That soothing familiarity to the voice, the golden crown, the moon crests, and the initials inscribed on his waistband. Killer realized that the monster before him was the king he'd thought he'd lost. 


So when Nightmare held out his open hand, Killer reached out and slowly took Nightmares hand into his. Nightmare then gently pulled Killer closer to him, there faces inch's from each other just like the last time they were together.


"Do you remember what I told you to do the last time we spoke? Nightmare whispers playfully. 


Killer was too blinded by the fuzzy feeling still coursing through his body and the fact Nightmare had returned to even think straight. 


Killer slowly shook his head. Nightmare then cupped his other hand across Killers cheek. "This." And pressed his lips against his. 


Killers shoulders fell and his eyes narrowed as Killer whimpered longingly into the kiss, feeling Nightmares tongue press against his teeth. The once red soul in killers chest warping to a vibrant pink. But before Killer could open his mouth and summon his own tongue, Nightmare slowly broke off the kiss. 


Nightmare again  held out his hand which Killer more eagerly accepted. "Come, let's go home." 


Killer held on to Nightmares hand as he led the way down the road, the others silently following behind them. The group eventually turns down a worn gravel road and soon arrive at the mansion hidden in the forest. Nightmare has his arm wrapped around Killers waist as he leads them through the entrance of the greenhouse.


The group stops in the center of the lush gardens Nightmare momentarily let's go of Killer and walks towards a moon crest shaped fountain where a purple and golden throne sat in the middle, the flowing water running around the chair that Nightmare slowly sat upon. 


"What are your orders, master." Cross asked dully. 


Nightmare looks at his subordinates and gently waved them off. "Oh nothing for now, we're still waiting on one more. Go make yourselves at home."


The four skeletons turn to take there leave when Nightmares voice is heard again. 


"Not you," Killer stops and watches his friends continue on. He turns back around to Nightmare, his legs crossed as he stares at him. "We have some catching up to do."


Nightmare uses one singular finger to beckon Killer forward. When Killer is back up in front of the throne, Nightmare wraps one of his legs around Killers back and pulls him closer to where Killers knees now touch the base of the throne.


Nightmare looked up at Killer from his seated position. "I require something of you."


"W-what do you want boss?" Killer didn't even bother trying to hide the fact he was blushing madly. Which would've been futile with his now pink soul giving it away.


"You, I want you." Nightmare whispered breathlessly. 


"What do you mean?" Killer asked even though he didn't have to. He knew what Nightmare wanted, he just needed to hear him say it. Nightmare was the boss after all.


Nightmare reached up and grabbed Killer by the neck of his shirt and slowly pulled him down to where there foreheads gently clicked together. Nightmares eyes close as he saviors the touch.


"I want you to fuck me."

Chapter Text

Killer had barely got up the stairs to the master bedroom before Nightmare was all over him. Nightmare panted and whimpered down the back of Killers neck as he clung to his side with his hands wrapped around his waist. 


Halfway up, Nightmare pinned Killer against the wooden wall and violently pressed his lips against Killers mouth to kiss him, or at least try to. In Nightmares violent heat, it was the most sloppy kiss ever, looking more like he was licking his face. 


Oh but Killer didn't care. He didn't care about a lot of things right now. Like all the questions about nightmares appearance, what happened to his curse, and where he'd been. But all those questions were instantly sidelined as it took all of killers willpower not to bend Nightmare over the railing and fuck him right then and there.


By some miracle the two were able to make it to the bedroom decorated with more purple and golden decor. Both skeletons began to strip the moment they stepped through the door whist not taking there arms off one another. Killer kicking his boots off, while Nightmare trailed his hands up Killer's chest and up to his shoulders to rid him of his jacket. Killer pulling off nightmare's belt.


Nightmare attacks Killer's mouth with his own once again. This time Killer uses his hands to direct Nightmare's mouth into his, he felt Nightmares pink tongue slide inside the second he opened his mouth. 


Killers own tongue met his which was completely coated in hot warm saliva, at least he thought it was saliva. Until his magic blue tongue tasted the sweetest and most angelic thing to ever grace his mouth. Like bourbon maple syrup. Killer sucked in between moans and gasps for air as he tries to lap up as much of the sweet syrup like saliva as he could.


Much to killers immediate disappointment Nightmare breaks off the kiss by pushing back against him and falls backwards onto the purple sheeted mattress. Killer took this opportunity to hastily remove his black and white striped pants. 


Killer then saw a faint wet spot in between Nightmares legs as the purple clad skeleton used his two thumbs, slipping them under his waistband, and slowly and methodically begins pulling his pants off all while shaking his hips with need.


"I saved myself for you." Nightmare gasped, discarding his pants with a flick of his left leg, revealing the purple and pink Ecto that had formed from the bottom of his thighs to bottom of his ribs, stopping at the base of his sternum. But of course Killers eyes were fixated between his legs, where Nightmares newly formed pussy was completely soaked in his magic juices. 


Seeing the juices slowly dripping off of Nightmares sex got Killer's own blue Ecto to form in a heartbeat. His blue cock already dripping a string of pre the instant it manifested.


"Heh, I'm glad." 


Wearing nothing but his white t-shirt, Killer climbs the bed and straddles Nightmare, who's back is pressed against the bed frame.


Killer bites his bottom lip, his hands wander down to and hovers over the new opening. Killer could literally feel the heat with his hand without even touching it. Killer gently rubbed Nightmares folds in a gentle pinching motion with his thumb and index fingers. 


Nightmare let's out an impatient whine, tightly gripping the bedsheets at his side. "Killer please, please!~" Nightmare begged. "Do it, do it, do it." Nightmare kept chanting in breathless gasps.


"Do what, this?" Killer leaned down and pressed his tongue against his pussy. Nightmare rolled his head back and moaned, feeling Killers tongue travel up and lightly flick against his sensitive clit.


"Ah-AH! Oh-my-god! Killer plea-HMMPH?!" Nightmare is cut off as Killer uses his right hand and shoves his middle and ring finger into Nightmare mouth. All while he then uses his other hand and inserts a single finger deep inside his sex. 


"MMMAAAGHHH Kiilllaaaa!!" Nightmare screams, sucking on Killers fingers like a babybones.  


Upon hearing his gagged and gargled name, Killer gently removes his finger which was now soaked in Nightmares pink juices. He looks up and into Nightmare’s pleading eyes as he moves his hand up to Nightmares chest. With a flick of his wrist Nightmares apple shaped soul phased into existence. 


"Remember what you did with my soul last time?" Nightmare began rapidly shaking his head no. But his hands refusing to move to try and stop him. "Consider us even." 


Nightmare again leans in with his tongue and slowly licks up Nightmares pink and purple soul while simultaneously now slipping two fingers into Nightmares sexually deprived pussy.  


"AAAHHH!!! OA MA GAH PLS!!!" Pink tears began to fall down Nightmares face as Killer rhythmically synced his finger thrusts with each slow lick. Nightmare grinds his  hips against Nightmares fingers with every thrust inwards in a desperate attempt to shove them deeper, to make them go faster. Killer was purposefully going slow, feeling the walls of Nightmares sex squeeze against his fingers.


After about a minute of Killers unbearable teasing and Nightmares cacophony on moans, Killer pulled both sets of fingers away. He also raised his head up off Nightmares soul, which was practically pulsating from the immense stimulation. 


Nightmare huffed short, rapid puffs of air through his nose hole. To say he was getting impatient was a massive understatement. In his immense heat, he could've satisfied himself with anyone in the many hours it took to find Killer. It was only his biggest desire to be with him that held him back but now that Killer was here, taking his sweet time, denying him the blissful climax he so desperately needed. He could feel that thread of self control begin to strain.


Killer used his hand and lined up his throbbing shaft against Nightmare's sex. Pulling Nightmare down to be fully on the bed, while using the tip of his member to slide up and down Nightmares folds teasingly. 


"Think you're ready for me boss?" Killer had a smug smile on his face to accompany the massive shade of blue on his face. 


Nightmare tilted his head up and stared directly at Killer with his now heart shaped eyes. The smugness wavered the instant he saw the impatient warning written all over Nightmares face. If they weren't having sex, he would be dead with the look Nightmare was giving him.


"Killer...I AH-swear..If-if you don't fuck me... I'm MAKE you fuck me." Nightmare couldn't even form a complete sentence, he was moaning and whimpering so much.


Killer didn't need to be told twice. He took hold of Nightmares colored thighs and positioned himself on the edge of the bed, his feet anchoring to the floor. 


"On three okay?" Killer whispers, the two starring at each other intently while Nightmare impatiently waits for the countdown. "Three!" 


In one fast and hard thrust, Killer rammed his member into the depths of Nightmares womb.


Killer was lucky he didn't have eardrums, or ears for that matter. Because he was certain if he did, he'd of gone deaf from the squeal of pleasure that Nightmare made as he felt Killer's entire length penetrate him. 


Nightmares eyes roll upwards as he arch's his back. Killer pulls halfway out and pushes it back in with another powerful thrust. 


"OhmygodOhmygodOhmymgod, YES! ah-AH-AH!" Nightmares mind had gone blank. Lost in the uncontrollable bliss as Killer began to pound him into the mattress faster and harder with each thrust. "Fu-AH-ck Killer ple-ooOHHHH MORE!!" 


Killer utilizes his left hand to support himself on the bed, using his other to pull at the corner of Nightmare's mouth with his thumb, feeling the drool from Nightmares tongue hanging out of his mouth. Nightmare hooked his legs together behind Killer in an attempt to push him more.


"You like that?" Killer mocked in between moans of his own, which were overshadowed by Nightmares by a least fifty decibels. He could tell Nightmare was close given how much he was squeezing his cock, and how much his legs were twitching behind him. Killer was close too, but not without deciding to get a few verbal digs in. "You like me pounding your tight virgin fuckhole?"


Nightmare rapidly nodded his head up and down like he was never more sure about anything in his life. Nightmare tried to lean up and kiss killer once again but he couldn't even pucker his lips, his entire body was a shuttering and spasming mess.


"Yes YES, Oohhh, OH-Imgonnacum-Imgonnacum, Imgonnacum-PLEASE!"


"You wanna cum?!" Killer asked loudly like a drill sergeant asking a rhetorical question. Killer was so close, he was mere seconds away, but he wasn't going to let Nightmare know that.




"You want me to cum?!" Killer yelled louder. 


"YEs fuCk me! FilL me-GOD I CAN'T HOLD IT!!"


"Then take it! Take it all YOU DIRTY, HEART EYED SLUT!!!" Killer lifts up Nightmares hips into the air and pile drives his dick deep into Nightmare's pussy as he came hard.


Nightmare screamed as his body locked up so hard all his bones were rattling. Killers warm seed filling him as his sex squeezed every last drop out of him. 


Killers arms fell weak, causing him to drop Nightmare's hips back down onto the bed. The two spent almost a full minute panting on the bed. Killer sitting on his knees at the edge of the bed, while Nightmare had crawled forward, lying face down in a pillow on the other side. 


Killer looked down between Nightmare's legs and admired his handy work. Seeing his blue seed slowly dripping out of Nightmare's now worn and stretched hole. 


Killer chuckled, his overconfidence returning without realizing Nightmare was listening intently. "Heh, bet you wish you still had your tentacles huh? Bet we could've had so much fun with those."


Killer was about to hop off the bed when Nightmare began to snicker and laugh into his pillow. 


Killer blinks watching Nightmare roll over onto his back, seeing the pink blush still on his face accompanied by a evil grin. He snapped one of his fingers and four large tentacles slowly slithered out from under the bed, coiling around Nightmare like pet snakes. 


"Be careful what you wish for Killer." Nightmare breathed, he pointed a single finger towards his lover and the four tendrils launched towards him before Killer could even move an inch. The first two wrapping around the edges of the roof of the bed's canopy before each latching onto one of Killers wrists. The tentacles pulled taught forcing his arms up into a "Y" position.


"You fucked me, because I let you." Nightmare purred, slowly crawling to the other side of the bed on his hands and knees.


Killer tries to stand up but the other two tentacles have another idea in mind. Wrapping around the underside of his legs and forcing him back onto his knees which were forced a waist length apart.


"I moaned, cried, and begged, because I let you fuck me." 


Nightmare waves his hand over his chest and the purple and gold shirt he was still wearing vanishes exposing his naked form completely. 


"So tell me," Nightmare crawled up Killers ribs with his hands, cupping Killers chin with his hand. And uttering words he never thought he'd hear from Nightmare. "Who said you were the one in control Kiki?" Nightmare asks, taking Killers knife and slicing off Killers white t-shirt with one swift cut.


Killer began to pant nervously, his lips trying to form words but not a single comprehensible word is made. Killer's extremities were completely immobile; he couldn't bend his arms, only being barely able to wiggle them in place due to how tight the tentacles pulled at them. His knees were locked shut, only able to move his hips back and forth, unable to get up from his helpless position. His core body was the only freedom he had left as he fidgeted like a worm in the sun. 


Killer then tensed as he heard another tentacles slithering behind him. He tries his best to turn his head to see a fifth tentacle rubbing itself against his back door.  


"And if that night in my office taught me anything. Is that while you like control." Nightmare bends down and licks up Killer's ribcage, stopping at his soul. "You LOVE when it's taken from you." 


The tentacles at his rear then lines up and violently drives itself into Killers magically made rectum. While Nightmare simultaneously brought a hand down and brushed his still sensitive cock.


"ah, AHH-HMMMHG!! UUUGHHHNNGG?!?!" Killer is unable to hold back a painful moan at the intrusion to his rear and the attention his cock was getting, still sensitive from the violent orgasm he'd just had moments prior. But when Killer open his mouth a sixth tentacle founds it's home inside, pushing deep down his throat. 


Nightmare noticed Killers pelvis trying to pull away from his hand. "Hmm, still sensitive are we? Oh I think I can fix that." 


Killer gagged as Killer felt the tentacle fucking his face began to secrete the same sweet tasting liquid down his throat. His arms futilely try to pull back from him gagging on the long slick tendril filling his entire throat. Nightmare opens his mouth and hangs out his tongue above Killers semi hard cock, the pink saliva dripping onto it in narrow strands. 


"Hnng? HMMML- *gulp* NNTT-*gulp*MRRRE!!" Killer slowly began to feel a strange heat bubbling up inside him. The tentacles 'cum' feeling warm and leaving behind a tingling feeling that spread down to his soul. His member also began to feel hot. The pain from the overstimulation was still there, but his dick slowly grew to a full erection. 


"Ah, there we go~" Nightmare leaned his head down, wrapping two fingers around the base of Killers cock while Nightmare puts the shafts entire length into his mouth. 


Killer threw his head back, screaming as hot tears were flowing down his face. Pain melted together with pleasure to send Killer to another plain of existence as he was fucked from every fuckable orifice. The tentacle in his mouth gradually pushing deeper and deeper, the one in his rear thrusting harder and harder, and Nightmare's slow up and downward motions on his overstimulated cock. 


If Killer's last orgasm was a storm, this next one was gonna be a full on hurricane. Killer continued to cry as that climax was building higher and higher. But the second it was about to pass the point of no return the tentacles in his mouth and ass slowed drastically. Nightmare slurped Killers cock out of his mouth and Killer looks down at him horrified. 


Nightmare just gave him a coy smile, playfully flicking his dick with his finger while his other hand was down fingering his pussy. "Oh I'm sorry? Did you want me to stop?" Nightmare asked sarcastically. 


"HHHHNNG MNUU MNUU! PLSSS!!!" Killer began struggling harder than he'd ever done in his life. But the tentacle's grip on his body remained strong. Killer's pelvis felt like it was burning from the aphrodisiac still being pumped into him. He didn't want to cum, he NEEDED to cum. The pain was arguably worse than the overstimulation to where Killer felt his mind would literally shatter if he didn't get that release, like a shaken up soda ready to explode.


"Does my little loyal soldier want to cum?" Nightmare asks, watching Killers throbbing cock. 


Killers sobs grew louder as he nodded his head, trusting is painful erection into the air. "PLSSSS!! *gulp* LLNNNT MMM CCCMMM! LLNNT MHH CMMM!!" 


"Oh you've been such a good boy, Kiki." 


The tentacles then resume there original speed. Killers face recoiling back and his hips recoiling forward from the renewed force. Nightmare begins using both his hands to stoke the head of Killers cock in front of his face. 


Killers moans turned into hyperventilated gasps as he finally was being pushed over that edge. This was it, the most powerful orgasm he's ever experienced was coming. The levy's were broken, the water rushing in. There was no stopping it now. The stimulation of his cock's head delaying the inevitable by a few mind shattering seconds.


"You're gonna cum for me in three..." 


Nightmare aimed the head of Killers cock directly in front of his face.




Nightmare's free hand then reaches up and gently squeezed Killers soul.




The tentacles plowing Killer each take one final thrust inwards. Killer gagged as the one in his throat is pushed deeper than it's ever been. The one in his ass doing the same, stretching him painfully wide.




An ear shattering scream erupted from Killer's gagged mouth, the orgasm hitting him like a freight train. The tentacles shoot extra large globs of there 'cum' into him while Killers own shoots out of him like a toy water gun. The initial burst flying into Nightmare's opened mouth before the rest coated his face in warm sticky blue magic.


Killer gagged, unable to swallow the continued pumping liquid in his throat, causing excess fluid to eject from his mouth. The tentacles inside him finally retract allowing air down Killers throat and the cum pumped into his rear to start leaking out. 


The last four tentacles holding him prisoner loosen and slowly disappear from existence. No longer restrained Killer's body falls forward and he collapses on the bed beside Nightmare. 


Out of all the battles he's fought, all the genocide runs he's endured. Nothing had left Killer more exhausted in his entire life than the orgasm he just experienced. His limbs feeling like a hundred pound dumbbells when he tried to move them. All killer could immediately do was gasp for more air.


Nightmare looked down at him as he wiped the blue cum from his face with his finger before then licking the liquid off with his tongue. "Wow you came a lot that time." 


Nightmare leaned back and joined his lover on the bed, the two just starring up at the ceiling. 


"So...doing okay there my little trooper?"


Killer was just barely beginning to recover himself. He was able to lazily nod his head and form a dumb and giddy smile on his face. "Uh-huh, m'good...great-amazing." 


Killer leans his head over to gaze into Nightmares eyes, spotting the remnants of his shirt lying between them.


"That was my favorite shirt." Killer replied still out of breath, which resulted in a giggle from Nightmare. 


"Well I just gave you the best orgasm of your life so I'd say that about evens things."


"'re right." Killer then slides his still heavy hands across the bed space in between them and rubs his fingers across the ecto of Nightmare's thigh. "Guess I need to repay YOU back then."


"Oh really~?" Nightmare responded, rolling onto his side. 


" about five minutes...or ten." Killer breathed heavily. 


"Oh, I think we don't need to worry about that." Nightmares gets up onto his knees and straddles Killer on the bed, sitting on his chest with his knees firmly under Killer's armpits. 


"Oh, and how am I going to do that?” 


“I have a few ideas.” Nightmare slowly leaned his hips forward, gently planting his still cum soaked cunt on top of Killers face. Nightmare moans softly as Killer goes to work with his tongue, penetrating and licking up on his pussy.


It wouldn’t be long before the cycle continued again; Top and bottom, moans and screams, pain and pleasure.


All night long.



The morning sunlight crept in through the golden drapes and shined on the bed. Nightmare and Killer lay with Killer curled up and spooned against Nightmares body. The two not remembering when they actually went to sleep. 


But the two weren’t awakened by the sunlight, but by a figure standing in that sunlight peering over them. Nightmare didn’t seem to care while Killer let out a short scream while trying to cover himself with his hands at seeing Horror watching the two. He would’ve tried using the blankets, if the two weren’t laying on top of them all, still sticky and crusted from last nights activities. 


Horror didn’t show any sign of reaction at the lewd sight, he didn’t even raise an eyebrow, his red eye still outlined in pink. Horror just continued to stare while Nightmare smiled up at him like this was a common occurrence. “Hello Horror dear, do you need something?”


Horror nods his head before motioning to the door behind him. “He’s here.” Horror answered blandly. 


Horror steps out of the way so Nightmare and Killer could watch as the figure entered the room, the same pink outline around his eyes being visible before his body can be seen exiting the darkened hallway and into the light of the bedroom.


He knelt down on one knee before the bed, not taking his eyes off Nightmares still naked body. 


“How may I please you, master.” Error responds, bowing his head.

Chapter Text

"Okay, can someone tell me what the *heck* is going on?!"

Dream, Fresh, Fell, Lust, and Nova were all standing inside dreams tent, all circled around a large wooden table. The last 24 hours had been sleepless and chaotic. Hours upon hours spent going through entire dictionaries worth of paper on multiverse data. Looking for even a tiny speck detailing Nightmares whereabouts. But to there surprise there was nothing. No signs of negativity spikes, no reports from any of there patrols, or any disturbances pertaining to Dreams twin. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack, if that haystack was the size of Mt.Ebott.

But what was an even bigger surprise was when they all turned towards the voice they just heard to see the former protector, Ink!Sans rising from a puddle of his black ink. And judging by the red coloration of his eyes, he wasn't happy.

Dream tries his best to smile and musters up a pathetic wave to his friend who he hadn't seen in months since his retirement. "Hey Ink, long time to see, how's it going?" Dreams falsely positive voice is betrayed by a long yawn he takes immediately after.

Ink doesn't look amused in the slightest, tapping his foot on the floor seeing how long Dream can keep this up. "Are you done, Dream?"

Dream opens his mouth to respond, before closing it shortly after and nods his head.

"Woah, Ink what are you doin here broseph? Aren't you like, supposed to be checked out, Retired?" Fresh asks.

Ink looks to fresh and smiles at him. All of them seeing that Ink is still mad given his eyes are still red. "You're right fresh, I should be retired. But I guess I can't have nice things can I?!"

"Okay, let's all calm down here?" Nova being the de-escalator this time  by putting himself between everyone else and Ink, who looked like he was gonna take a swing at the next person that pissed him off. "What's the problem Ink?

"The *problem* is that I retire for not even three months, the best three months of my life by the way! And next thing I know, my boyfriend leaves in the middle of the night going on about pleasing his *master* alongside a giddy looking Dust!"

All eyes go wide and drift over to Dream. Well now they got there first bit on what Nightmares been up to. "Nightmare."

"Yeah I figured as much. Considering Error never worked alongside anyone else. But the whole *master* thing kinda threw me off. Anyone got any idea what that's about."

Dream awkwardly rubs the back of his head, looking back to his friends for some help. Red just scoffs and shakes his head. "Hey, this whole things on you buddy, own up."

Dream pulls up a chair for Ink who instead balances on the tip of his brush. So Dream sits down and briefly summarizes the last two weeks as best he could: The lust serum injection, operation nightfall, Nightmare waking up and escape from the doodlesphere, and the information Lust provided on Nightmares current 'affliction.'

The summery lasted for little over five minutes. Inks concentration coming and going like it usually did. Making Dream have to repeat himself a time or two, but was able to lay it all out for Ink.

Ink cups his hands in front of his face seemingly in deep concentration. "So what you're telling me, is that you cured your brother by basically making him horny. And now we have a sex crazed guardian loose in the multiverse brainwashing people."

Fell holds back a chuckle at Inks surprisingly accurate description. Dream looks at Ink and nods his head. "Yeah, pretty much."

Ink stands motionless for few seconds until he snickers and begins laughing hysterically. Dream and the rest are a little surprised given how angry he was when he showed up.

Fresh's glasses spell out *huh?* as he tilts his head back to everyone who share in his confusion. "Uhh, thought you were a little tilted there home-slice?"

"Oh I was just angry cus I thought Error was in actually in danger. But come on, you gotta admit this is a little funny, right?"

Lust cringes and looks away from ink. "No, no it's really not."

"So I take it you're back to help us for a bit?" Dream asks.

"No I'm not *back* I'm just here to get my boyfriend. And if that involves helping you with your brother then fine."

"Okay," Dream takes a quick breath and puts his game face back on now that ink had calmed down and there were all on the same page. "So judging by what you said Ink, with Dust being there that probably means the rest of the big four are also under Nightmares control. Since they were all last seen together when they escaped the siege."

"So what do you think his endgame is? Rebuild his numbers?" Classic asks, sitting down lazily in a beanbag chair in the corner of the tent.

"Possibly, but Nightmare never needed large numbers, just him and his main squad could do some serious damage." Dream wonders why Nightmare wasn't making a move yet. He had his main gang back as far as they knew, with error as well. So why was he being so...quiet. Usually he would've felt a negative disturbance caused by Nightmare but so far he's felt nothing pertaining to his missing brother.

Lust sits on the table and swings his legs back and forth. "So how do we find this hunk?"

"So far we're not, he could be anywhere and we have no idea where he is." Dream rubs the front of his head like he has a migraine. "We're gonna have to wait for him to-"

"I know where he is." Ink answers flatly. Everyone turns to Ink completely shocked while Ink looks at them. "well I know where Error is to be more specific, they're in surfacetale pacifist AU #43."

"And you know" Classic  asked with a raised eyebrow, or at least what would of been an eyebrow.

"With this," ink holds his hands in front of his chest and closes his eyes. Then to everyone's surprise, a white tie-dye soul emerges from his chest. The soul's colors were swirling inside with the soul itself appearing to be held together by blue strings.

"Error went scouring the multiverse and found the out-codes of my abandoned AU. He used the codes
To recreate a hollow decoy of my own soul." Ink began to tear up looking at the glowing soul in front of him like it was the first time seeing it. The souls colors shifted over to blue mixed with yellow indicating sadness and happiness as Ink began to shed tears. "He used my paints to give it life and fused it together with his magic, he even used a piece of his own soul. He gave it to me on the anniversary of the day we met."

"Omg Ink, that's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!" Lust began sniffling as he was trying not to cry.

"Totally bruh." While his eyes couldn't be seen, two small tears fell down Fresh's otherwise expressionless face.

Ink nods as he wipes the tears away and composes himself. His soul reverted back to a rainbow wash of colors as he puts his soul back in his chest. "Because of the small piece of Errors soul, I'm able to see where he is."

Dreams eyes light up realizing what that meant. "So when Error left and went to Nightmare you found out where he was!"

Ink nodded his head proudly. "Yup, even scoped the place out before coming here. It's a large mansion between ebott city and the mountain. It's in the woods right off the main road."

Dream was so overwhelmed with relief and joy he scoops up Ink and gives him a bear hug. "oh Ink you're a lifesaver!"

"Oh come on Dream, don't stroke his already overly large ego." Fell groans

Dream puts Ink down who isn't bothered by the kind gesture. He brushes himself off and the two rejoin the group around the cluttered table. "So what's the plan?" Ink asks.

Dream looks at ink, confused. Usually he was the one to come up with the plan. Ink just shrugs his shoulders at him. "Hey, you're the protector, not me." Ink clarified

Dream can't hold back a small chuckle being put on the spot like that. "Okay, so we'll do just a textbook snatch and grab. Basic infiltration. Do we have a layout?"

Ink nods as he pulls out a large piece of folded up construction paper behind him. "Sure do, painted it last night." Ink rolled out the paper on the table, showing a basic layout of the house from the outside.

The groups analysis the black inked drawing before Dream nods his head, forming a plan. "Alright Ink, you head back and scope the place out again. See if you can find the best way to enter. I'll contact Blue and we'll pool together our best for the mission.

"Why not just hit them with everything we got?" Ink asked.

"Because a lot of Nightmare's lesser goons escaped the siege. And some are already starting to pop up and are causing trouble. We've had to increase patrols around the multiverse to compensate." Dream explains.

Ink nods in understanding, "So a small strike force then?"

Dream nods, "yup, meet us back here at 1900 and we'll hit at nightfall. We'll find my brother, get him away, and hopefully the mind control will be broken."

Ink nods and falls backwards, disappearing in a puddle of black ink.

"So basically the same plan as last time? Bag Nightmare and hope everything works out? Cus that worked out soooo well last time." Red says with way to much sarcasm."

"Sarcasm noted Mr.Edgelord," lust quips, taking a step forward. "I want in on the mission."

"I'm not sure about that lust." Dream immediately trying to come up with a valid excuse as to not offend Lust. Nova interjects for him, not sugarcoating anything and just being honest.

"Yeah no offense, you're not exactly the best fighter."

Lust rolls his eyes and leans his head back and gives Nova an unamused stare. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, starstruck. But I'm the only one that knows about Nightmares situation. He may listen to me if it comes down to it."

"Alright then," Dream says reluctantly. "Get yourself ready, and I'll contact Blue."

Dream turns and walks outside the tent. He fished his phone out of his pocket and pushes Blues name on his contacts and waits as it rings.

"MWEHEH magnificent Sans speaking."

"Hey Blue it's Dream, come to the doodlesphere. We found him."

Killer strolled up the stairs up towards Nightmares bedroom.

After waking up from the best night of Killer's life, the group all convened for the first time in the dining-room for breakfast. Nightmare had surprised everyone by making pancakes. Killer didn't know Nightmare knew how to bake but was again surprised with the best pancakes he's ever eaten. Nightmare had said it was 'his treat' to celebrate everyone being together again.

It was also there that Nightmare had finally filled everyone in on what had happened. Of course Dream had something to do with it, it had Dream written all over it. Nightmare disappears and the next time he sees him, he's cured of his curse. Just the thought of what Dream did was enough to enrage Killer, using his negative emotions to trick him. But what shocked him was that Nightmare didn't feel the same.

Killer deducted Dream had injected him with lust serum, which explained his temporary mood change. But after telling Nightmare that, he didn't seem too mad, if he was even mad at all. Every time he tried to get a reaction out of Nightmare he'd just say 'he's just happy to be together again.'

Killer couldn't lie in that what Nightmare had said meant a lot to him. The others seemed to agree also; nodding and smiling, thanking Nightmare for the kind words.

But Killer's new primary concern was the future. What was it that Nightmare wanted now? Killer noticed that throughout breakfast and later at lunch, Nightmare hadn't revealed any plans for the future. He just...talked?! Like 'how was your day' kind of talking. No scheming, no plans to take over the multiverse, no revenge plot against Dream, NOTHING.

Now Killer was loyal to Nightmare, he always has and always will. He made an oath to serve him and he wasn't about to stop now, not ever.

But Killer couldn't stop being worried and needed answers which led him to Nightmare's bedroom once again. His mind thinking back to the last time he was in there, which made him blush slightly as he knocked on the door. He didn't need to wait a second for Nightmares muffled voice to be heard from the other side of the door.

"It's open, hun."

Killer turned the golden knob and stepped inside. "Hey boss can we ta-" Killers blush explodes on his face once he looks up. Seeing Error sitting alone on the edge of the bed, while Nightmare was off to the side standing in front of three different mirrors.

And he was completely naked...again.

Nightmare glances over to the door where Killer stood frozen. "Ah Killer come in, Error was just sharing some information."

Nightmare walked over and gently rubbed the top of Error's head. The glitchy skeleton with supposed haphephobia not even lifting a finger. Instead he smiled and leaned into the touch. "Thank you Error, you can go now. Killer and I need some alone time." Nightmare says, putting some bounce on the words 'alone time'

Error nods his head and slowly stands from the bed. "Thank you master." Error walks past Killer and out of the bedroom without saying another word.

Killer watch's Error leave before looking back over to Nightmare who had walked back over to the mirrors.

"Whatcha doin there boss?"

"Oh just having a little fashion crisis." Nightmare uses his magic to finally summon an outfit on his body. That outfit being a purple tunic with a golden moon crested pin on his shoulder. All he needed was a bow and arrow and he'd look like Cupid. Nightmare starred at himself in the mirror before scoffing. "Ugh, no too Greek." he waves his hand and the outfit vanished, leaving him naked once again.

Killer walks over and stands near the edge of the bed. "I was just wanting to talk to you."

Nightmare turns around with an 'oh?' of interest. He slowly struts over towards Nightmare and puts his hands on his chest. "Foreplay kind of talk or just talk?"

"Just talk." Nightmare folds bottom lip, his lust dominant part of him was disappointed slightly but he sits on the bed.

"Alright, what's up?" Nightmare began playfully swinging his legs back and forth on the edge of the bed.

"I just...want to know what 'the plan' is?"

Nightmare outstretched his hands and gestures to the room around them. "You're looking at it Kiki."

Killers eyes narrowed, somehow left with even more questions than answers. "What exactly does that mean?"

Nightmare, who had laid his upper body back and was now laying on the bed tilts his head at Killer looking down at him. "I'm not sure I understand?"

"You go come back and bring all of us together, kiss me and give me the best sex of my life. Then the next day when we're all together there's just nothing. Instead of raiding, revenge schemes, or plots, its been baking, talking, and more sex."

Nightmare giggles as he not so subtly spread open his legs. "Is that a problem?" Nightmare asks playfully.

"No, no it's not. It's all wonderful. But you always had some grand plan in mind. This just feels so...pedestrian for you."

"What exactly are you asking Killer?" Nightmare asks, dropping the foreplay and being genuinely curious now.

Killer closes his eyes and is quick to come up with a simple question. The question that Dream, Killer, the Star Sans's all wanted to know. Killer opens his eyes and looks directly into Nightmares pink eyes "What is it you want?"

Nightmares desires, the things that have been driving the former god of negativity the moment he had awoken just a day ago.

Nightmare smiled, sitting back up and resting his head on Killers shoulder. He hummed as he rubbed the top of his skull against him. "I already told you what I want." Nightmare whispered

Nightmare reached up and slowly touched Killers soul, which turned pink upon contact. "I want you Killer. To love you like I never could before."

Killer sniffled as he took hold of Nightmare's hand over his souls. He rested his head on top of nightmares, trying not to cry knowing that Nightmares greatest desire was him. As cheesy as it sounded.

"And what of them?" Killer asked, referring to the others. "Cross, Horror, Dust, Error. What do you want with them?"

Nightmares eyes remained closed, his head still on Killers shoulder. "I want what Dream used to be. What you five have always been to me."

Killer blinks as he confirmed what Nightmare was telling him. "Family."

Nightmare smiles, finally Killer realized the 'plan' that Nightmare had in mind. There was none, just the six of them together. One happy family.

"Heh, Sorry for doubting ya boss...again." Killer jokes, thinking back to that day in Nightmares office.

"That's two ya owe me now Kiki." Nightmare laughs, climbing and sitting in Killers lap.

"So, you were saying something about a crisis?" Nightmare looks confused at first but then his eyes pop as he remembers what he was doing before Killer came.

"Oh yes of course!" Nightmare practically leaps off Killers lap and approach's the mirror. "I just can't seem to come up with a new look!"

Nightmare uses his magic and summons another outfit to try. It being a 19th century suit and cape, and a white mask on the right ride of his face ripped straight out of the Phantom of the Opera. The suit matching his usually purple and gold color pallet.

"What about this? You know because my eye used to be...ugh no! Too classy." Nightmare waves the outfit off his body and crosses his arms in front of him, clearly frustrated.

"Well, what's wrong with your old outfit?" Killer asked still sitting on the bed behind Nightmare.

"That's the problem, nothing." Nightmare summons his old guardian outfit and starred at himself in the mirror. "It's just...outdated. Like it's not me anymore. But it's all I've been, and I'm not about to wear my old hoodie and shorts." Nightmare cringed at his goopy getup he wore during his centuries being corrupted. 

Nightmare bit his tongue from making a quip about what was wrong with a hoodie and shorts but stops himself. "Well if there's nothing wrong with it and its just outdated, then why not update it?"

"How so?" Killer walks up and wraps his arms around Nightmares waist, hugging him to his chest.

"Well pink did look good on you, if last night was any indication for me."

Nightmare looks down to the floor to see traces of his pink mist hovering on the floor.  He inhales and closes his eyes,  more pink mist begins to be released from his palms. Killer takes a step back and observes. Instead of the mist falling to the floor, the smoke stuck and adhered to his outfit creating a smoky pink fade pattern at his waist line which gradually faded the higher up it went, eventually disappearing halfway up the chest and at his elbows. His black pants remain unchanged.while his purple boots also adopt a pink smoke pattern. Nightmare cups his crescent moon necklace in his hands, opening them back up, revealed a small golden heart now hanging inside the crescent moons arch. 

Nightmare opens his pink eyes and gasps as he looks at himself in the mirror. He runs his hands down his chest feeling the new pink coloration on the lower half of his coat. 

"What do you think Kiki, do you like it?" Nightmare turns and does a playful spin to show his purple, pink, and gold outfit. The smoke pattern on the front having been mirrored on the back of his coat as well. "Because I personally like it a lot."

Killer starred awestruck, his face blushing like mad. Killer nodded his head after starring dumbfounded for a few seconds. "Yeah I do. " Killer walks up to Nightmare and also runs a hand across Nightmares chest. "Almost makes me want to tear it off of you."

Nightmare cant help but bite the bottom of his lip to suppress a chuckle. He clings to Killer's chest as he wraps one of his legs around one of Killer's. Killer could feel the Nightmare's ecto already formed under his new cloths. 

"I think that can be arranged," Nightmare whispers close to Killer's face. "After all, we still have a few hours before dinner."

Killer firmly grasps Nightmare at the waist and spins him around. the two falling forward onto the bed with Killer on top of him. The two don't need to tell each other what to do; Killer goes to slowly begin unbuttoning Killers coat while Nightmare hooks his hands around Killers neck and kisses him. 

"You never did...get a chance to say it." Nightmare says before slipping his pink tongue back down Killers throat.

Killer instantly knew what Nightmare was referring to, that night in Nightmares office before he'd disappeared. He took a few precious seconds to moan into the kiss, already beginning to feel that warm, tingly feeling again from the night before. Killer forced himself to break off the kiss to give himself a chance to speak now, his hands having unbuttoned Nightmares coat and moved down to Nightmares pants. "Do you really...need to me say it at this point?"

"Oh come on, you know you want to." Killer had pulled down Nightmares pants to be met with the same wet and drippy sex from the night before, right as Nightmare leaned his head forward and lightly bit Killers neck.

Killer couldn't hold back a moan while Nightmare nibbled and sucked on the vertebrae in his neck. "I-I love you." Killer finally moaned the words he'd wanted to say all those weeks ago, weeks that already felt like a lifetime ago. 

Nightmare used his legs and pulled down Killers pants, exposing his already formed blue ecto.

"Show me." 

The door to the bedroom then slowly closed by itself to give them some privacy. Not that it would matter in a few minutes. Because despite all the renovations Nightmare had done to the house with his magic.

He forgot to make the walls soundproof.

Chapter Text

Night had fallen many hours ago outside Nightmare's mansion. The sound of the crickets chirping in the thicket is accompanied by a lone owl's hooting is the only noise around the forest. Over half a mile away on the gravel road, Dream opens a portal from the doodlesphere and hurriedly motions everyone through; Blue, Lust, Fell, and blackberry all rush out of the portal and into the dense forest on the side of the road. Dream closes the portal and rushes out of sight to join his friends.
Dream looks to the group to make sure everyone is accounted for before leading the group away from the gravel road, sticking to the dense cover of the forest as they swing wide around the main entrance to avoid being seen. 
Following single file, Dream motions with his fist raised for everyone to stop as they approach a rocky outlook. Ink looks up and whistles a bird call. The newer members in Lust and Fell don't know what Dream is doing until Ink drops down from a tree and lands beside them.
"Hey, what took you so long? Ink whispered.
Fell jumps back and stiffens a yell as Ink had all but jump scared him. "Jeasssgh, what the fuck?!" Fell harshly whispers instead of screaming. 
"Oh sorry, hehe old habit." Ink chuckles, remembering fondly the many times he'd jump scared error in their long rivalry. Dream peaks from the tree he's hiding behind to glance at their target off in the distance. Over the twenty windows on one side of the house, Dream noticed half of them were illuminated.
"Alright, so what do we got?" Dream whispers as Ink joins the others by ducking behind a tree.
"The best place to enter is through the garden. A small black metal fence can be jumped easily. The garden's lights are out so it'll be an easy infiltration point. I Just need to pick the easy lock to the glass door of the greenhouse, or y'know just teleport in."
"Yeah not all of us can do that." Blackberry jabs from inside a thick bush, brushing a cobweb out of his face. 
"Sucks to be you I guess." Lust jokes, which earns him a light elbow in the gut from Blue.
"Can you two quit it?" Blue whispers before looking over to Ink and nods his head. "Lead the way."
Ink motions the others to follow and the group disappears back into the woods. Again making sure to swing wide as to not be even remotely visible from the house, keepping their heads hunkered down and darting from tree to tree to minimize exposure. 
It took about five minutes for the group to reach the clearing where the small black fence was visible about fifty feet away from the edge of the woods.  
Dream slowly draws his bow and aims it towards the house from behind cover. "Go, go, go." 
The group all rush into the clearing while Dream covers them, silently praying he doesn't see anyone in the windows. Dream waits until they've all jumped the fence and he de-summons his bow and rush's to join them. by the time he gets there, they're all hugging the wall of the greenhouse as to not be seen from the 3rd story windows. 
Dream looks down and sees the faint pink aura of the Nightmares pink mist which was barely hovering above the ground immediately surrounding the house. He motions to the ground to let everyone be aware of it. "Everyone got their masks?"
The group all nod, one by one revealing the police-grade gas mask they all had either around their necks or tucked in their jackets or shirts. 
"Remember the second you see the mist rising, put them on. We don't know what the mist will do to us."
"Yeah about that," fell begins as the group inches towards the greenhouse side door. "I just wanna say, If I end of gettin' mind-controlled and I end up tryna molest one o'ya , I'm sorry."
"You're not helping Fell." Blackberry mutters, the group finally reaching the door. Ink reaches over and slowly pulls down on the squeaky metal handle and is surprised to see that its unlocked.
Dream walks to the front and pushes the door open. "Alright remember, let's keep this quiet. And don't be seen, we're just here for Nightmare." 
"Not unless the ghosts give us away. Ink whispers trying to walk into the greenhouse but Dream, who was in front of him, stops and turns back to him. 
"What ghosts?"
Dream blinks and looks at Dream as if he should already know this. "The ones moaning and screaming all night long, they did it last night too. I think the mansion may be haunted." 
"Okay, noted. Watch your back everyone." Dream advises, the two entering the greenhouse silently. While the rest just looked at each other like the two were idiots. The group taking a second to mentally argue about who should be the one to tell them what the moaning and screaming really was.
Lust just sighs, resisting the urge to slaps himself in the head. "I can't believe I volunteered for this shit."
The rest of the group enter the dark greenhouse. They were all thankful that the lush and overgrown vegetation made their infiltration a little easier. The group walks through the stepping stone pathway which branch's in two directions. 
Blue motions one way while he motions Dream to go the other. Blue takes fell and Black right. While Dream takes Ink, and Lust left. Dream leads the way with his bow pulled back in case someone came around the corner. 
To Dreams relief nobody did. The two groups followed the sound of flowing water in a circle and eventually meeting back up on the other side. It was nearly pitch black, their eye lights being the only way they weren't running into each other.
"Alright we'll split into groups of two." Dream whispers as he motions Blue towards the metal stairs which led to a canopy over the greenhouse. That canopy led to an upstairs door.
"You take a group upstairs, and I'll take a group through the main floor. Remember, find Nightmare and get out.
The groups prepare to separate but before they can take a step they hear a kind and gentle voice right behind them. 
"Mission accomplished." 
The lights to the fountain turn on revealing Nightmare sitting on his throne. He opens his eyes, exposing his bright eye lights and waves his fingers at them. "Hello boys, awful late isn't it?"
The Star sans are all momentarily stunned, not expecting Nightmare to be right there. Lust eventually breaks the silence. "Six of us, one of him, let's just gangbang him and get out of here."
Nightmare laughs at Lust's dirty and rather poor choice of words. "Oooh sounds like fun. But I can't hog all the fun now can I?"
Killer then slowly walks out from behind the throne and stands beside his lover. He was starring daggers particularly at Dream. Killer raised his hand and snapped his finger. Suddenly Cross teleported on the pathway Dream had taken, drawing his big knife from behind his back. 
Blue looks back to see Horror jump from the canopy and land on the path his team had taken, slamming his axe into the ground.
Fell tries backing up towards the house but looks to see Dust kick open the double doors leading inside. 
The Star Sans's form a defensive circle around themselves as all entryways and exits were blocked.
Of course it was a trap. "Do your guy's plans usually end up like this?" Lust asks, summoning a bone stake for defense.
"More often than you think." blue responds. Dual-wielding two blue femur bones.
Nightmare crosses his legs on his throne. "A little birdie told me you were coming." 
The group looks up to see the last one to arrive being Error. Who was using his strings to lower himself down to the ground on the right side of the throne beside Nightmare.
"Error." Ink then mentally cursed himself for his forgetful memory. The soul connection he used to find them worked both ways. Error had likely told Nightmare that ink had followed him. Hell, he probably told nightmare he was spying on them before they arrived.
Nightmare's eyes momentarily drift over to Ink at the sound of his voice. "Hello Inky~ chasing after your new boytoy?" 
Blackberry scoffs as his attention is focused on the closest enemy to him. That being horror who was dragging his axe blade on one of the stones to make an eerie grating noise. "Like you're one to talk about having boy toys."
"What did you say about master?!" Error barks, taking a step forward.
"Sshhhh it's okay Error," Nightmare reaches over and takes hold of Error's hand to calm him. Which only works a little as Error was giving blackberry a homicidal stare. "Not everyone understands the importance of family. Especially the fell types." 
Fell and Blackberry bit their lips being roasted by Nightmare so casually.
Dream turns his bow into his staff and lowers it to seem non-threatening. "Nighty we don't want to hurt you."
Nightmare giggles in his seat before shaking his head in disappointment. "Dream honey, I was literally sitting right here. That was the most pathetic lie I think you've ever said." Nightmare momentarily stands and runs his hands down Killer's arm.
"You should be happy Dream after all is this not what you wanted?" And thanks to you, I have everything I could ever ask for." Nightmare sighs as he meets his brother's gaze, a look of disappointment forming on his face seeing Dream's weapon still at the ready. "But you don't care about that do you? Oh well..."
Nightmare sits back down, holding Killer's hand and rubbing his fingers inside his palm. "Do put on a good show for me will you?"
Killer's raises a hand forward towards the intruders "Take them!"
The four other skeletons surrounding the Star sans all charge forward at once: Horror jumping into the air with his axe, Cross closing the distance instantly by teleporting, Dust beginning to throw red and purple bone projectiles, and Error rises into the sky on a black gaster blaster. 
"Stay together!" Dream shouts, aiming his bow in the air and firing at Error before his blaster can get a shot off. He barely has time to the duck under Cross's teleporting sweep attack with his large blade.
Error’s blaster fires anyway into the center of the Star sans which blasts Lust and fell backwards. Ink takes the initiative and leaps into the air and kicks him off his blaster. He wanted to deal with his brainwashed boyfriend personally. He hoped he could maybe reach him.
The rest of the group is then overrun from all directions. The option of staying together is quickly being dismissed as they are forced apart.
Blue ducks and rolls under Horrors slam attack. Blackberry tries to assist his counterpart but is forced to block and deflect incoming projectiles from Dust. Blue tries blocking Horror's wild swings with his axe, but the first block sends one of Blues weapons flying out of his hands. The second split in half from Horror's second swing. Blue decides his best option is to try and wrestle for Horror's weapon before he can throw a third. Horror just rag dolls Blue around; slamming him into glass vases, shattering them, before lifting him, slamming him onto a wooden table, and violently dragging him across it and throwing him off.
Blue quickly resorts to throwing projectiles momentarily to keep Horror at a distance. "You know for being mind-controlled, they sure fight just as hard!"
Meanwhile Lust and Black both try charging Dust who is trying to keep his distance. dust uses his soul manipulation and effortlessly picks up Lust and sends him flying. fell is able to use his magic and catch him before he falls into a dense bush. Dust merely shortcuts to avoid Black's stabbing attack.
Nightmare smiles watching the battle ensue. He takes Killer's hand and places a gentle kiss in his palm. "Care to join the fun Kiki?"
Killer had been starring at Dream have a 1v1 against Cross. He looked down and couldn't help but form a small smile. He smiles as he flicks his wrist causing his concealed knife to slide into his grip. "With pleasure, my moonlight." Killers smile vanishes the second he looks back to Dream. He'd been looking forward to this. 
Dream fires a burst of gold arrows which are easily deflected by Cross. The white-cloaked assassin slashes at Dream who forms his staff from his bow and redirects the attack into the dirt. He then fired a high concentrated beam of golden magical energy similar to a gaster blaster from the tip of his staff which hits Cross in the chest and sends him crashing through the glass wall of the greenhouse.
Killer's enraged scream was the only indication Dream received of his impending attack. Dream ducked and rolled as Killer slashes just under Dream's head. Dream attempts to summon his bow but Killer is back on him instantly, grappling him with one hand and tries to cut him with the knife in the other. 
"Killer, stop! Listen to me!" Dream tries to plead, the fight between the two quickly moved to the metal staircase to the catwalk above the gardens. Killer didn't listen, only screamed In Dreams face as he charges again.
Ink dodged a wave of red bones thrown by Error, Inks large paintbrush at his side. Ink didn't want to attack while Error did nothing but attack. 
"Can we really not do this glitchy?" Ink asks trying to smile at his boyfriend. Error responds by summoning a dozen strings from the floor and encases him. Ink looks up to see another one of Errors blasters pointed directly at him. "I'll take that as a no."
Ink's body turns into pure black ink and he disappears before the attack can hit him. Reappearing beside him and uppercutting Error with Broomie. Ink fires a trio of projectiles of his own from Broomie, which are all dodged by Error by teleporting. Error again uses his strings and locks them around Ink's waist. He turns around and yanks hard on the strings, sending ink flying into the air, high above the catwalk, Error riding a gaster blaster in pursuit.
Killer perused Dream to the middle of the catwalk and was again relentless. He continues to alternate between grappling Dream by grabbing his shirt, cape, and going for swift precision cuts. He knew Dream fought best at a distance so not letting up in his assault was Killer's goal to prevent Dream from making distance.
Dream uses his staff to block another upwards strike from Killer but was unprepared for Killer to toss the blade into his opposing hand. Killer slashes upwards catching Dream on his shirt as Dream backed away to avoid physical injury. 
Dream resorted to put away his staff and wrestle for the knife in Killer's hands. The two locked together, they deliver kicks and knees to each other to force the other to break away. Dream even got a few good elbows in on Killer who just brushed them off. 
"Killer, you're being controlled by my brother. Snap out of it!" Dream maintains hold of Killers hands holding the knife, still trying to wrestle it away from him.
"What do you know about me?! WHAT DO YOU KNOWN ABOUT HIM?!" Killer then drops the knife completely, allowing him to grab Dream by the collar of his shirt and head-butt him square in the face. Dream staggers backwards but Killer takes his head and slams it into the metal guardrail.
Dream falls to one knee, holding his head. Killer reaches down and slowly picks up his knife from the floor. But as soon as he raises the blade in the air, dream jumps up and tackles him. The two topplling over the railing and fall to the ground. 
Dream hazily stands to his feet and summons his bow. He looks around sees that Killer is nowhere to be seen. Killer resulting to hiding to pull a sneak attack.
"What's wrong Dream, you succeeded right?! You broke Nightmare's curse, is that not good enough now?!" Killer's voice echoed somewhere in the dense vegetation. Dream spins his body around trying to pinpoint Killer's location. "He doesn't want your help, why can't you just accept that?!"
"He's hurting innocent people, you all have for years." Dream aims and fires an arrow where he thinks Killers voice is. The arrow flies into a bush but Killer keeps talking. He missed.
"He doesn't want that anymore, he's not the god of negativity anymore. He just wants to be loved, to live in peace, is that too much to ask?!" 
Dream hesitated, his mind momentarily reflecting on the last conversation he had with his brother. He wanted to believe it, but he just couldn't, given who those words were coming from. "You honestly expect me to believe that? Coming from you?!"
"Just leave...Us...alone!" 
Dream turns his head to the sound of footsteps, but is too slow and is tackled from behind by Killer. Dream arms are pinned to the ground by Killer as he sits on top of him, his knife in a reverse grip. 
"Killer wait please, just listen to me." 
Killer raises the knife above his head. his red soul in the center of his chest illuminating the fear in Dream's eyes. "Night-Night Dream."
Right as Killer was about to bring the knife down, Inks body flies into him and Killer goes sliding across the ground. Ink quickly gets to his feet, pulling Dream with him. 
Error had thrown Ink and was again charging him from atop a blaster. Ink throws a slashing attack from his brush, while Dream goes a bit further by firing a golden beam from his staff which connects with Errors chest and sends him flying off his blaster.
Ink elbows Dream in the gut. "Hey, easy on the merchandise will you?"
Dream takes this moment to scoff. "Oh whatever, he's survived much worse." 
Dream and Ink turned and look back to Killer who picks up his knife. Dream and Ink nod to each other as Killer charges the two. Killer tries to rapidly alternate between the two opponents by swinging wide with his knife and alternating hands. But every attack blocked by Ink, Dream immediately countered with one of his own and vice versa. The two on one coupled with Killer's growing fatigue made it easy for Dream to disarm Killer and knock him to the ground, pointing his bow at Killers head. 
"Tch, you never change." Killer curses, laying on his back, propped up on his elbows.
"Look at them!" Dream yells motioning behind Killer, who turns his head to look back at the fight. Seeing Dust getting up from being thrown, the pink in his eyes still glowing brightly. "They're being controlled, can't you see that?!"
Killer shakes his head, looking back up at Dream. "It doesn't matter, Nightmare's the boss, always has been." 
"That's just the mist talking Killer, wake up!" 
"Heh, the mist makes others blindly loyal to him," Killer chuckles. He then leans up and looks Dream dead in the eyes as he uses his magic to show his own. His white eye lights slowly lighting up showing not an ounce of pink in them. "Doesn't necessarily work if you're already blindly loyal to him." 
Dream doesn't quite know what to think of that. But ink does as he catches the smallest hint of a blush in Killer's face making that proclamation. Ink slightly lowers his weapon and in classic Ink fashion, begins laughing hysterically in the face of the serious situation.
"Pssh-hahaha-AAHAHA! You?! You and Nightmare?!" 
Killer slowly looks over to ink with a confused and unamused squint. "Your boyfriend is a genocidal multiverse destroyer, I don't you have a right to judge me."
Dream is now able the make the connection Killer and his brother have. Suddenly Killers comments he'd made to him made sense. "Then you know this isn't Nightmare."
Killer tries to sit up more in defiance, but Dreams still taught bowstring keeps him on the ground. "What would you know about him? You've NEVER understood him. all you've ever done is get in his way, and try to change him into something he's not. HE'S NOT the twelve-year-old kid your clinging onto!!"
Nightmare had remained seated on his throne, one leg up and resting the armrest. One hand was supporting his chin while the other was down rubbing his pelvic area. 
As much as he enjoyed watching his family fight so valiantly for him, he was quickly growing bored. That and another part of him was concerned for their safety. The fight may be a stalemate for now, but Nightmare couldn't fathom the idea of one of his family being hurt, or worse. 
No there's been enough violence; he needed to break the stalemate. Nightmare began eyeing up the battlefield. The Star sans were a strong chain, always working together and supporting one another. But like the saying goes; A chain is only as strong...
Nightmare smiles as he spots Lust recovering from a kick to the stomach from Cross. Blackberry had stepped in and was fighting Cross while Lust got back to his feet. "Weakest link." 
"You're right." Dream mutters slightly lowering his bow. Killer's eyebrow raises but remains doubtful. "Nightmare's the only thing I have left, and I couldn't let him go. I just wanted him to be happy. I thought the serum would do that but..."
"Like I said, you don't know when to quit." Killer quips.
"But as Protector, I have a duty to protect the multiverse, even from my brother if I have to."
"He doesn't want that anymore, he told me himself. I told you, he just wants to be left alone." 
Dream hesitates, Nightmare's desires. Dreams mind instantly thought back to what Lust said about what a first heat does to a monster. Dream lowers his weapon completely, the bow disappearing in his hands. "Then help us stop him."
Killer does a double-take, looking at how Dream just left himself defenseless and had the audacity to ask HIM for help against Nightmare. "Excuse me?" 
"If I were to believe you about Nightmare, can you help us stop him? If you and my brother are as...close as you say. He might listen to you."
"Give me a good reason why I should?! After everything you've done to him?"
Dream looks over at Ink who still had his weapon drawn, back to Killer. He inhaled as Dream is ready to stop clinging to the past.
He's ready to let his brother go.
"Alright, that's quite enough!"
The loud booming voice of the former god of negativity echos throughout the greenhouse. All of Nightmare's hypnotized gang suddenly stop fighting and look over to Nightmare. The Star sans all look at each other confused until they realized one of them was missing
The one Nightmare had raised in the air beside him. 
Lust dangled a foot above the ground, kicking and flailing his body as a large purple tendril suspends him in the air by his neck. 
"Lower your weapons." Nightmare proclaims happily. However one could hear the joyous voice was teetering on anger.
"Lust!" Blue takes a step forward, instinctively wanting to help him. The second Nightmare sees Blue take a step he tightens his grip on Lust's neck, the purple skeleton gasping for air. Blue stops and takes a step backwards.
"I said; lower...your...weapons." 
Blue and the rest of the Star sans either de-summon their weapons or drop them to the ground. Some of them such as Blackberry and Fell were more hesitant to do so, but seeing Lust one tight squeeze away from dusting gave them no choice. 
Nightmare smiles seeing them surrender, he maintains his hold over Lust as he slowly walks back over to his throne. "I don't want to do this. But I think an example needs to be made of intruders."
"Now Nightmare, let's talk about this." Blue holds up his hands but doesn't dare take a step forward.
"You come in here, and try to take me away from my home, my family? And try to hurt the ones I love?!" Nightmare, for the first time since he'd awoken looked genuinely angry now. And the rest of the Star Sans knew it, not moving a muscle.
"Well you did order them to attack us." blackberry mutters under his breath, which earns him an elbow from Fell.
"Shut the fuck up Edge." Fell hisses through gritted teeth.
“I can’t let that happen, I won’t let that happen!!” Nightmare began to cry pink tears through his anger. Audible crepitus could be heard as the tentacle around Lust’s neck was grinding against his neck, it was that tight, any more and he’d surely dust. Nightmare looks up to the helpless skeleton in his grasp. “And if I have to dust this one to get you to see that then so be it-”
Right when Nightmare was moments away from dealing the killing blow, Killers voice stops him. “Nightmare…don’t.”
Nightmare turns his head far to the right where Killer was slowly walking towards him. Dream and Ink choosing to stay back as Killer approached his lover. 
“K-Killer honey, what are you doing?” Nightmare had slowly loosened his hold on Lust enough to give him air to breathe, but not enough to release him. Mainly because Nightmare was confused, what was Killer doing?
“The right thing, boss.” Killer reaches out towards Nightmare but he takes a step backwards. Killer could see the hurt in Nightmare's eyes. Killer stayed put, he needed to keep talking before Nightmare began jumping to conclusions. “You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to fight anymore.”
“Yes I do Killer, they’re trying to take you away from me. They’re trying to take you all from me!” Nightmare's eyes moved back and forth between Killer and everyone watching them to make sure no one will try to attack while he’s distracted. “I’m doing this FOR you Kiki, for them.” 
Killer looks at his friends still standing idly, starring at the two unmoving as they wait for an order. “And what about them? You say you love them too but you brainwashed them. Look at them.”
Nightmare looks to Cross who is the one closest to them. Starring up at the two blankly with the pink outlines encircling both his red and white eye. 
“T-They were in pain,” Nightmare begins stuttering as he tries to justify his actions in his heat. “You were all in so much pain, and I took it away, and now they’re happy again.”
“But this isn’t them, and this isn’t you either Boss. You don’t have to do this, I know you don’t want to do this.” 
“I have to!” Nightmare screams, his arms at his side begin shaking as he’s unable to stop crying. “They want to take me away! Please don’t let them take me away!” 
“I won’t let that happen.” Killer walks up and wraps his arms around Nightmare and hugs him. Nightmare begins sobbing in his shoulder. “I won’t let them hurt you.” 
Nightmare uses his arms and squeezes Killers back, not wanting to let go of Killer. “Please don’t leave me.” Nightmare whimpers.
Killer sighs, he leans his head and gently kisses Nightmares forehead. “It’s gonna be okay my nightlight. You can stop fighting now.” Killer looks up to see Lust still tightly held in Nightmare's grasp, and his friends still under Nightmare’s control. 
“I never said it, but I love you Kiki. I love you so much!” 
Killer nods his head, reaching into his waistband while Nightmare's eyes were shut tightly over his shoulder. “I know you do Boss…I know.”
Killer raises one of his hands above him and with his knife in his hand, hits Nightmare on the top of his head with the hilt of his knife. Nightmare stumbles backwards before falling unconscious, Killer catching him in his arms. 
The ecto tentacle holding Lust instantly vanishes and Lust hands on his knees in the grass, coughing and gasping for air as he rubs his neck. 
The other members of Nightmare's gang scream seeing their master fall. Cross screams in anger as he draws his blade. “Master! What have you done you-” Cross’s entire body becomes heavy, his breathing becomes labored as he drops his blade to the ground. He cradled his head before the pink disappears from his eyes and he collapses on the ground unconscious.
The star san's all look around in shock as all the others do the same. Ink runs over and catch’s Error, who had been standing on top of a blaster and fell from the sky. 
“Woah, what the shit?” Black looks around seeing all of Nightmare’s gang on the floor. Blue runs over to Lust and kneels down beside him.
“You okay?” Blue asks trying to move Lust’s hands out of the way to see his neck for any damage.
Lust nods his head and sits crisscrossed on the ground to better regain his strength. “I’m fine, just give me a minute.”
The rest look to Killer, still holding Nightmare's unconscious body in his arms. Killer having sat down on the throne, cradling Nightmare's body. Killer looks to Dream and nods his head. 
“Thanks for the save hun.” Lust is still on the ground recovering but is strong enough to look up and thank Killer. Who looks down at him blankly. 
“I didn’t do it for you,” Killer mutters, holding a hand to Nightmares forehead.
“Since when are you one of the good guys?” Edge asks cautiously stepping over Horror.
Dream steps up beside Killer and his brother. “In exchange for his help, so long as he and Nightmare don’t threaten the multiverse. The Star Sans’s will never again interfere with their lives,” Dream looks down to the floor, finishing the deal he made with a sad sigh. “Including me.” 
The star sans’s are all shocked seeing Dream finally decides to leave his brother. But they were also understandably hesitant if the two could live up to their end of the deal, given who they were. 
“What bout them?” Fell gestured to all the unconscious skeletons laying around them.
“They’re to be kept in the Doodlesphere temporarily until Nightmare’s heat wears off.” Ink explains as he carries Error on his back like a sack of potatoes. “When they wake up, they can decide what to do with themselves: they can return to Nightmare, or go their own way. Should they cause trouble again, the star san's have permission to hunt them again. As of right now, they are pardoned.”
Blackberry's jaw almost fell off by what he was hearing. This was a very one-sided deal And a very rash one at that. The agreement resting on the bad san’s staying out of trouble. 
“I held up my end of the deal.” Killer motions back the way the star sans’s had entered. He finishes while glaring at Dream, his voice firm and demanding. “Now get…out.”
Dream looks to his friends and nods. They all then slowly begin grabbing all the sleeping skeletons and begin making their way out of the greenhouse. Soon the only ones left are Dream, Killer, and Nightmare. 
Dream turns to leave but looks back to Killer one last time. “Tell Nighty I’m sorry for everything. And if he hates me and doesn’t want to see me again, I’ll understand.” 
Killer wanted to again tell Dream to get out, but he’s just relieved that it’s all over for now. He instead gives Dream a respectful nod. “I will.”
Dream turns around and walks away to join his friends, leaving the two lovers alone in the battle-scarred garden. 
Killer looks down and rubs his hand across Nightmare's tear-stained cheeks, wiping them away. Nightmare subconsciously rubs his cheek against Killer's hand. Killer then silently stood up, cradling Nightmare in his arms, and begins carrying him inside.
“Rest well my Moonlight.”

Chapter Text

Killer remained seated on a wooden chair beside the bed. Nightmare lay fast asleep on his back, the blankets covering him from the waist down. All Killer had done since the Star Sans's attack was stay at his lover's bedside, he'd only left for absolute necessities such as food. Any sleep he'd gotten was in his chair. 


Killer had hoped that the effects of the sedative Dream had later provided would wear off soon. He couldn't wait a day longer than this. So when Nightmares' eyes started to flutter and his body began to shift, Killer leaped out of his chair and stood over the bed. 


"Boss, you okay?" Killer leaned his head above Nightmare as the former God of negativity slowly opens his now purple eyes. Nightmare groaned as his vision slowly came into focus, with Killer smiling down at him. "Hey, there he is. How are you feeling Boss?" 


Nightmare rubs his forehead with his hands. His entire temple experiencing a splitting headache immediately after waking up. "Ugh, headache." 


Nightmare scoots himself up and leans his back against the bed frame. Killer reaches over to the adjacent nightstand and grabs a glass of water and hands it to him. "


"That's normal, they said it should fade in a few minutes." Killer had taken notice of Nightmare's change in eye color. He figured this was Nightmare's original eye light color. 


Nightmare takes the glass of water and brings it up to his face, almost spilling the drink in his haste. "How long was I out?" He tips the glass up to his mouth and begins downing its contents down in large gulps. 


Killer takes a second to just stare at Nightmare, not sure how to word it in a way that won't freak Nightmare out. Not only that but he didn't know if he should include the time he was in heat, because as of now, he didn't know how much of that he remembered. "A week."


Nightmare was understandably shocked, nearly spitting out the water in his mouth. Killer knew he'd better give Nightmare more than that before he has a panic attack. "After you went out, Dream later came by with a magic inhibitor from Sci. It put you in a coma for a week to hopefully let your heat wear off. They wanted to put you under for longer, but over a week without magic is the most that could be safely done." 


Nightmare lays the now empty glass beside him on the bed. "Where are the others?" Nightmare asks wiping the water from his mouth. 


"H-how much do you actually remember?"


Nightmare easily picks up on Killer's attempt to change the subject. "Killer, where are the others?"


Killer sighs, as much as he wanted to know how much he remembered, he also knew if he didn't answer Nightmare's question he'd be in trouble. "They're being held in Underfell. Well, they were in the doodlesphere, but Dream moved them when they all woke up a week ago."  


Killer had expected Nightmare to be more furious that what he was showing right now. Nightmare just looked off with a rather contemplated look. "A-are they mad at me?" Nightmare asked softly, looking down at the floor.


Killer was again shocked by how calm and neutral Nightmare was taking all this. Killer hadn't even brought up the fact that he was the one to knock him out. Nightmare looked genuinely concerned for the others.


"I'm sure they're not mad. I haven't checked up on them yet, I've been mainly" Killer stalls near the end realizing how cheezy it sounded, plus he again didn't know how much Nightmare remembered, especially the more *lewd* details. "We can go see them whenever you're ready."


But Killer began to pick up more on Nightmare's posture and body language; slumped over fidgeting with his hands, and refusing to make eye contact with him. He pretty much looked at everything BUT him. The last thing Killer noticed was the slightest purple hue on either side of his cheeks, particularly whenever he did quickly glance at him. 


"Boss, how much do you actually remember?"


"I-I...I don't want to talk about it." Nightmare quickly stands up from the bed, still wearing his new clothes. He quickly shoves the empty glass into Killer's hands. He tries to walk around Killer but he moves in front of him, still concerned for him. 


"What do you mean? It's okay Nightmare you can talk to me."


Nightmare pushes past Killer and begins walking towards the door. "We don't need to talk about it Killer, It was nothing okay?"


"W-What?" Nightmare is about to open the door to leave when he hears Killer's suddenly quiet voice accompanied by glass breaking behind him. 


Nightmare turns around, the glass Killer was holding shattering on the floor into several large chunks. However, Nightmare was primarily focused on the look Killer was giving him. His face perfectly reflected the glass mug now on the floor; Completely shattered and in pieces. 


Blue tears began to fall down Killer's face almost immediately. Even though his eye lights weren't visible,

Nightmare didn't need them to see how heartbroken Killer looked. It was then that Nightmare realized what he'd just said.


Oh shit.


In an instant, Nightmare is back in front of Killer who'd quickly broken down into tears before Nightmare could utter another word. Nightmare hastily put his arms on Killer's shoulders. "How could you fucking say that?"


"Killer I'm sorry, I didn't-" 


Nightmare shoves Nightmare's hands off of him. "It wasn't nothing to me!!" 


Nightmare hears the pain in Killer's voice. He knew if he didn't say something he knew the tears coming from Killer would change to a different kind of tears, and Nightmare didn't want that to happen. 


"Killer, I didn't mean it like that, I swear." 


"Then why, why did you say that?! Do you not remember any of it? Was I loving you or someone else?!" 


Nightmare rapidly shook his head, again trying to take hold of Killer but he took a step back from him. "N-no it's not that, I remember all of it!" Nightmare finally confesses.


"All of it?!" Killer demands. Nightmare knew Killer was referring to the many intimate moments they shared together.


Nightmare sucked in a breath before nodding his head. Under normal circumstances, the thought of what they'd done together would make Nightmare's face burn in embarrassment. But the gravity of the current situation made him respond without his face changing a shade. "Yes, all of it." 


"Then why did you say that?!" 


"Because I didn't want it to be like that!" Nightmare yells, finally finding his voice. Killer is momentarily stunned to allow Nightmare to gather his thoughts and continue. 


"When I was in heat. When I that, I had full control of my actions. Sure it affected my mood, But I still felt in some semblance of control. The things I did, didn't feel wrong to me when they should have. I controlled Cross, Dust, Horror, Error. I made them mindless drones when I wouldn't have done that. I was just going off of what I wanted, not caring how I got it."


"What about us?" Killer's voice had gone from angry to bleakly hopeful as if his entire body would shatter with the smallest touch.


Nightmare reach and is finally able to hold Killer without the other pulling away. He holds Killer's shoulders firmly, not looking at Killer's eyes, but his red soul on his chest. "I may not be happy with how it happened, but I wouldn't take any of it back either; I meant every word, every hug, every kiss. I swear."


"Then say it again." Nightmare looks up, Killer was still crying but had a hint of a smile on his face. 


Nightmare smiles, momentarily looking away in embarrassment. Nightmare's face began to burn with a small purple blush. "Do you really need me to?"


Killer smiles wider, leaning his head to be in Killer's field of vision again. He could already feel the deja vu from Killers' own confession a week ago. "Yeah, I think I do." 


Nightmare gently leans his forehead against Killer's, their hands are locked together. "I love you, Killer, that will never change. I'm sorry."


Killer begins crying again, this time tears of joyous relief, even Nightmare couldn't help a pair of purple tears from escaping. The two just stand there crying until Killer pressed his forehead harder against Nightmares. "God, if you ever say shit like that to me again, I'll gut you."


"We don't have guts." Nightmare chuckles, wiping his face of his tears. 


"Just shut up and hug me." Killer wraps his arms around Nightmare's waist and pulls him close. Nightmare one-ups him by cupping one hand on Killer's face and plants a kiss on Killers' lips. No tongue action, no make-out session, just a long and loving kiss of affection. 


The two eventually break off the kiss much to both of their disappointment. Nightmare sees that Killer's normally circular-shaped soul has warped to an upside-down heart-shaped one, and is also pink in coloration. 


"So...are you ready to go see the others?" 


Nightmare looks off to the side, his blush disappearing from his face while the guilt of what he'd done reappeared. They must hate him for all but turning them into mindless obedient slaves. But then again he'd done a lot of other terrible things during his time as the king of negativity. 


Killer sensed his lover's hesitancy and redirected Nightmare's eyes back onto his. "Hey, it's okay, they'll forgive you. S'not like you've never made mistakes. Just look at your brother." 


Dream...Nightmare didn't know what to think of his brother right now nor did he want to. One thing at a time and right now, it was set to set things right with his former gang. Nightmare nods his head with a reluctant sigh. "Yeah...okay"


Killer interlocks his arm with Nightmare and leads him out of the bedroom and down the wooden stairs. "Right this way, my Moonlight."


Nightmare chuckles and shakes his head at Killer's nickname for him. Killer himself playfully scoffs at Nightmare, who continues to chuckle to himself. 


"What, something funny?"


"I've been called a lot of...colorful nicknames over the centuries. I think *Moonlight* is a first."


"You want me to stop?" Killer genuinely asked.


"Oh, I didn't say that...Kiki." This time it was Killers turn to blush like a teenage girl at Nightmare's nickname for him. He'd never thought about it while Nightmare was in heat because his mind was focused on...other things. 


"So you remember everything huh, it wasn't all bad right?" Nightmare could practically feel the smugness radiating off Killer as the pair approached the front door. "Any moments you liked...any in particular?"


Nightmare bit his lip as his head slowly turned like a creaky door at Killer. He was just begging Nightmare to say it at this point. 


"If you're referring to the many hours of hot sweaty sex we had, then your ego will be happy to know that yes, I enjoyed those moments most of all." 


Killer's smile somehow grows even wider, causing Nightmare to just roll his eyes. "Aw, you say the sweetest things boss." Killer chirped, hugging Nightmare's arm closer to his chest.


"Just shut up and tell me which Underfell AU to warp to." Nightmare raises his hand and opens up a purple portal into the multiverse for the two to step through together.


Much to Nightmares' surprise, the reunion went a lot better than he'd anticipated. The gang had been living together in a rather cozy-looking two-story cabin just outside of Snowdin village, or at least as cozy as cozy could get in Underfell. The house was guarded by several Star Sans members as well as this world's royal guard. 


Cross was the first the pair encountered. The former assassin was sitting on the porch getting covered in snow from the gentle snowfall. Cross didn't seem mad at all which surprised Nightmare, but he, like Killer, was extremely loyal. He knew Nightmare wouldn't have done what he did under normal circumstances. He looked to be more frustrated with Dream than anyone else. 


Horror came second; who was inside sitting on the floor in front of an old fireplace. Nightmare was surprised at how Horror reacted, scooping him up and hugging him in a powerful bear hug the moment he laid eyes on him. Horror understood to a degree what it was like to lose oneself to emotions and instincts, so he was quick to forgive Nightmare and dismiss any attempts at an apology on Nightmares' behalf.


Dust was the only one that wasn't there. According to Cross and Horror, he took off and ran shortly after waking up, escaping into the multiverse. That meant Nightmare had no idea how Dust thought about the ordeal, or if he was mad at him. Nightmare just hoped that wherever he was, he was doing okay and would maybe one day forgive him, if he was mad at him.


Error showed up later while the four were chilling outside the cabin, the Star Sans's notifying him of Nightmares' arrival in Underfell. Ink was also present by his boyfriend's side. While Error certainly didn't look happy, he actually forgave him. That was one Nightmare hadn't expected out of all the others. But with some talking from Ink and the other Star Sans members, Error had surprisingly accepted Nightmares' apology even if he still looked a little mad about it. But hey it was Error, so Nightmare gladly took it.


Blue, one of the Star Sans present, reiterated the choices the other two had. And again, much to the surprise of Nightmare and Killer; The two agreed to move into the mansion with them. 


So it looked like the gang was back to being a bad-time trio. Though they understood the pardon they were granted and weren't going to waste it. Nightmare made it clear of his plan for the future; That he'd use his new home as a place of refuge for others living troubled lives across the multiverse. Nightmare offered Horror to bring his brother Crooks, which Horror gladly accepted.


So with one hard part out of the way. Nightmares' mind wandered to another thought plaguing his mind. That being his brother. Nightmare had mixed feeling about Dream; on one hand, he tricked him and caused all of this to happen. But that was just it, without Dream, he didn't know if he'd of broken free of his curse, so he likely wouldn't have been able to be with Killer like he was now. 


Nightmare initially found it odd that Dream didn't show up. He'd figured that Dream probably felt just as guilty if not more guilty than Nightmare. Lucky for him, he didn't need to look very hard to find him. Just like last time, Nightmare could feel a strong negative energy coming off his brother that acted as a tracker.


Killer was incredibly insistent about going with him, given what had happened last time he went after Dream alone. But Nightmare was again adamant about going alone, ordering Killer to take the others back to the mansion and get them situated in the meantime. 


While Nightmare again travels back to where it all began.


Dream again found himself back against his mother's forgotten stump. He didn't need to look up to know Nightmare had appeared in front of him. 


"Fell told me you were awake." Dream muttered, picking at the grass under him.


Nightmare walked up and stood over Dream. "I'm surprised I didn't see you in Underfell." 


"I agreed to stay away, I've caused you enough strife for one lifetime." Dream looked hollow as he continued to pick at the ground, almost reminded Nightmare of Ink whenever he forgot to take his paints. 


Nightmare rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "God, you're always so dramatic." Nightmare turns and joins his brother on the ground, the two starring up at the cloudy sky together like they did when they were kids. "We all make mistakes Dream, some more than others in your case."


"I'm not being dramatic brother, I failed you again! I'm a lousy excuse of a brother even more so as a protector! So if you're here to kill me just get it over with."


Nightmare was shocked for what seemed like the hundredth time today. He'd never seen his brother this low to the point where he was literally asking to be killed. "Tch, I'm not here to kill you, you idiot. I'm here to set things right." 


Dream looked at his brother like he was crazy. "Why, why are being so neutral about this, I tricked you, took away your curse, and just gave you a new one. Aren't you mad at me?!"


"I guess a part of me still is." Nightmare mutters, clenching his knuckles so hard his bones pop. "You used your own negative emotions to trick me and give me another incurable affliction."


Nightmare then thinks back on his time spent with Killer. "But I also wouldn't have what I have now without you."


Nightmare pauses and Dream remains silent, waiting for Nightmare to finish. "So while I can't say I forgive you yet, I guess I can say thank you. As long as you admit your wrongs and accept me, I'll do the same."


Dream siphoned a few tears and forms a small smile. Nightmare reaches over and holds out and offers one of his hands. "Brothers?" 


Dream nods and takes hold of Nightmare's hand. "Brothers."


So with all that emotional bullshit out of the way, Nightmare claps his hands against his knees and stands himself up. "Welp, between Killer, my gang, and now this, I've had enough emotional conversations for one day." Nightmare looks back down at his brother. "Ready to get out of here? This place is depressing.”


Dream nods his head and he too stands to his feet. All evidence of his previously depressed state, washing away with a warm and hopeful smile. “Yup, lead the way oh-powerful God of Lust.”


Nightmare cringed as the two brothers walked side by side. “Oh god, do NOT call me that.” 


“Too late,” Dream chuckled, nudging his twin in the ribs. “Most of the Star Sans’s have already started calling you that.”


“It was Ink’s idea wasn't it?”


“Actually, I think it was Fell believe it or not.” 


“Well tell him to sleep with his eyes open.”


Nightmare raises one of his hands, Dream does the same, and two different portals open side by side: One leading to the doodlesphere, the other leading to the front of Nightmare’s new home, where Killer could be seen sitting on the porch waiting for him.


Dream couldn't help looking at his brother with a coy smile. “So you and Killer huh?”


Nightmare looks back over to his brother, placing g a hand on his hip. “I'm sorry, is there a problem with that?” Nightmare asked sarcastically.


“No, just surprised that out of the two of us, you find love before I do.”


“Ha, and don't you fuckin forget it, Ya’ damn virgin.” 


Dream shakes his head and waves his brother off. The two step through their respective portals to their bright and hopeful futures.


Finally leaving their dark past behind them.


*End of Act One* 


Garden of Shadows will continue in Act 2 “Soulbound”

Chapter Text

Nightmares' grip on Killer's legs remained firm as he slowly inched himself inside of Killers' womb. He relished in the feel of Killer's vaginal walls tightening and tingling over his magically formed purple cock. 


Ever since all the dust had settled with the Star Sans's, with Dream, and his former gang, Killer and Nightmare couldn't seem to get enough of one another. The last week had been utter bliss for the two; Dates, traveling the multiverse, sheltering others in need. And the sex, by god the sex was as amazing as it was frequent. 


Even though his first heat was gone and he was of stable mind again, Nightmare still felt a continuous warmth and heat almost constantly that would gradually build up over time. This meant that, even though a part of Nightmare hated it, he had to remain sexually active to keep it in check. But this was something Killer had gladly agreed to help him with. After all, Killer was his lover and he seldom left Nightmares side. This meant Killer and Nightmare were always in a position to enter 'the bone zone' with the two engaging with each other at least once a day.


Their sexual escapades lasted from a few minutes to several hours depending on the mood they were in. The latter was the case here, the two having just returned from a romantic stargazing trip in Outertale and the two were definitely in the mood. 


While Nightmare definitely wasn't opposed to bottoming, he was a natural dom, pinning Killer's arms above his head with his hands the second they stepped through the portal and into the bedroom. 


This time around Nightmare filled the male role while Killer used his magic to summon a form a dripping blue pussy. Over the course of the week, the two had broken each other in to the point where neither needed warm-up. So seeing Killer's cunt already dripping the moment it manifested, Nightmare slowly slipped his dick inside the second Killer fell back on the queen-sized bed. 


That was over an hour ago, an hour in and Killer hasn't gotten to cum once. The torturous denial brought on by his mates agonizingly slow pace; slowly slipping his cock into him with little to no force, not even inserting it completely! He'd go barely a few inches past the head of his cock then slowly pull it back out.


"Ugh, please Nightmare more, harder please!" Killer pleaded in between painful whines. He kept trying to thrust his hips in an attempt to push Nightmares' cock deeper. However, his lover's hold on his legs, which were resting on top of his shoulders, gave Nightmare complete control of the pace.


Ignoring his lovers' pleas, Nightmare used one of his index fingers and inserted it into Killer's sex, just above his own cock, and gently pressed and rubbed on Killer's G-spot. 


Killer banged the back of his head repeatedly against the mattress as he was being pushed towards orgasm for what seemed like the tenth time. 


“Oh god, oh god don't stop! Please don't stop!” Killer was glad Nightmare had soundproofed their bedroom now that the others were aware because if he hadn't, he was sure the others would hear him moaning and panting like a slut. And of course, Nightmare removed his finger as quickly as he inserted it, and also slid his cock out of him. The climax that had built up rapidly fading away.


Killer was on the verge of tears as he scratched at the bedsheets underneath him. “Oh God, just let me cum already!!” 


Nightmare finally looks up from Killer’s soaking wet pussy and looks at Killer with the smallest semblance of a smile. “Oh so impatient, it'll be worth it Kiki just a little-”


“No, fuck patience!” Killer shouted, an hour of being on the cusp of orgasm gave Killer the courage to raise his voice at Nightmare, who looked undeterred. “Y-you had you-you’re f-fun fucking me. You got to cum, now it's my turn!!” 


Nightmare leaned forward, causing the head of his cock to rub against Killer’s opening in the process. He cups Killer’s face, scanning Killer’s exposed body as his purple eye lights shifted to pink, indicating his intense arousal. “So demanding~ do you REALLY want to cum?”


“Yes, stars just let me cum! I'll do it myself if I have to.” Killer was too frustrated and desperate to see the gears mentally turning in Nightmares’ head. Killers’ arms were unrestrained so he totally could do it himself, and given how close he was, it wouldn't take long. “You're going to let me cum! Not in an hour, not in ten minutes, Now!”


Nightmare did the unexpected and chuckled down at Killer, his expression remaining warm and friendly despite the dastardly idea spinning through his head. Nightmare raises a hand and begins to summon his magic. 


“Alright, if you say so.”



“AAAGHH, HA-AAA-GAGH!!!” Killer writhed and jerked in the air as his seventh consecutive orgasm tore through him, his legs quivering uncontrollably. Killer screamed through the ring gag in his mouth, forcing his mouth open, a constant stream of drool dripping from his exposed tongue. 


Killer was suspended spread-eagle in the air, his body held up by four of Nightmares’ pink tentacles on the ceiling. A fifth maintained its relentless pounding of Killer’s now burning and overstimulated pussy. Killer could feel the tip of the long pink tendril touch his cervix with every rapid and hard thrust. 


Nightmare lay supine on the bed directly underneath his lover. In ultimate power move fashion, Nightmare had opened a book and alternated between casually reading and looking up at Killer who was looking down at him. Or at least he would be if not for the tight black blindfold Nightmare had placed on him. 


“HUU, HU-LLEEESS!!! no hore, no hor-aagh AAA-LEASSSEE!!!” Killer sobbed into the gag in his mouth as he already felt another orgasm rapidly approaching, his lower body still quivering, the blindfold moistened from his tears. 


Nightmare closed his book and cocked his head to the side. “Really, is that ‘more’ I hear?” Nightmare raises one of his feet and caresses Killer’s cheek with his toes. “Well, anything for you Kiki.” 


Killer rapidly shook his head, causing drool to go flying from his mouth. He rocked his body in the air like a chandelier before squealing, the action causing the tendril fucking him to get pushed even farther into him each time his body rocked backwards. 


“You couldn’t possibly be asking for a break, could you? I thought you wanted orgasms considering how you so angrily demanded them from me.” 


Killer howled as he came again, his arms and legs tensing up like they were made of stone, his fingers and toes curled as tightly as they could. Killers body spasms and shakes against his will like a seizure, the drool from his mouth and his cunts juices shooting out of him and onto the bed below him. Killer could barely breathe through his pained gasps and sobbing from the orgasms that hurt more than they felt good. 


“Oh that was number eight wasn't it? I wonder how many orgasms I owe you, ten, twenty?” 


Killer whined and screamed as the last orgasm left behind the excruciating burning from between his legs. He wanted Nightmare to stop, to give him at least a minute's rest. At least a part of him did. Another part of him wanted his pleas to go unheard, to continue to be helpless at his lover's mercy as he's forced to cum over and over again. That internal battle mixed with the overwhelming pain and pleasure made Killer unable to use their safeword, if he even remembered it at this point. 


Sitting up onto his knees, Nightmare takes hold of Killers soul with one hand and fondles it gently, adding to the stimulation rocking Killer’s body. He used his other hand to wipe away the drool on Killers' face, even though it began dripping again mere seconds later. 


“But I’ll tell you this,” Nightmare tilted Killers head up to face his even though Killer couldn’t see him through the tear-stained blindfold. “You’ll cum until I think you’ve had enough.”


Nightmare reaches over and begins rubbing Killer’s clit with one of his fingers. Killer tried to move his hips away only for gravity and exhaustion to pull his hips back down. Nightmare also lightly nibbled on Killer’s exposed blue tongue, only for Killer to instinctively retract it back into his open mouth. “Until this bed is SOAKED in your juices, and you’re one orgasm away from passing out, then maybe I’ll stop. So cry and beg all you want Kiki, but my answer will be the same…No.”


Nightmare then pinched Killer’s clit with two fingers, causing Killer to scream and thrash again. That brief, painful stimuli pushing him over the edge again. 


“AAAAGH!! OH GAH AH’M CUH-ING!!! AAAH’M CUH-I-AAAAGHAHAAA!!!” Killer sobbed as a ninth orgasm was forced out of him. The blue tears breaking through the blindfold and fall down his cheeks. 


Nightmare closed his eyes and laid back on the bed, Killer’s pussy shooting more sticky magical cum on top of him. Nightmare simply scooted up and away from the building mess and reopened his book. He knew his lover's limits at this point. If Killer had forgotten the safe word in the bliss of endless climax, then he could handle it, right? Regardless, Nightmare wasn't THAT cruel, he knew Killer got off to being helpless at his hand. He would let Killer go through one or two more orgasms before he’d give him a well-earned rest. 


But until then, the cacophony of Killers moans and screams were music to Nightmares’ non-existent ears.


Maybe this will teach Killer to be a more well-behaved slut

Chapter Text

The gentle gust of wind blew tiny sand particles against Ink’s bones. He stood almost ankle-deep in the cool water of the oasis with a paint stand in front of him in the water. Ink looked to the side to see around the canvas he was painting: A pair of palm trees standing in between the glowing golden sun which was beginning to set over the desert horizon. 


One week, five days, and twelve hours ago, Ink and Error had formed the truce that would be the catalyst for their now blossoming newfound love. Yeah, Ink couldn't believe it either. If you had told him when he first met Error that they'd not only become friends but also fall in love he would quite possibly of died laughing. But here they were, the two visiting a desertale AU on another artistic adventure. 


Ink had put his artistic abilities to good use following his retirement as the protector of the multiverse. He'd opened up an art studio in their new home in Outertale since Ink didn't want to live in the white abyss that is the anti void, and Error didn't want to live in the overwhelming mess that was the doodlesphere. So the two decided to make a new home on the outskirts of Outertale, the beautiful, emptiness of space being a comfort for the both of them.


So other than helping Ink manage the art studio, as he couldn't draw for shit, Error would travel the multiverse with Ink. The artistic skeleton spending his time away from home as a traveling artist, drawing all the beautiful scenery the multiverse had to offer. 


Nearly finished with his piece, Ink looks back over to one of the palm trees where Error is napping in the evening sun, his pants covered in sand particles. He giggles to himself and begins drawing his sleeping boyfriend onto his drawing. 


Errors' eyes open as a sudden gust of wind slaps him in The face with sand. He covers his right cheek with his scarf and waited for the wind to die down again. he scoots himself to the other side of the tree to shield him. As he was now turned towards the lake, Error noticed Ink repeatedly glazing towards him as he continues to draw. He began to draw quicker once he noticed Error looking at him.


"Ink what are you doing?" Error stands up and walks into the water towards Ink, who ignores him and continues giggling to himself like an idiot. "You better not be doing what I think you're doing."


Ink tries to pick up the inkstand and run away but Error is already beside him. He grabs the other side of Ink's paint stand and leans to the side and sure enough, he sees a tiny, yet identical version of himself napping under the palm tree in the same position he'd been in moments ago. 


"What do you think Error, does it look good?" Ink asks Error warmly, who doesn't share his optimism and scoffs at the finished painting.


"Of come on, you just ruined it!" Error exclaims, pointing to the tiny version of himself on the canvas. 


"Whatever do you mean Error?" Ink responds, his voice dripping in sarcasm. "I was painting the beautiful scenery. I couldn't just leave out the most beautiful part."


Errors face flushed yellow before he could react. When he feels the warmth on his face coupled with Inks' smug stare, Error tries to use his scarf to shield his face. But it was too late as Ink threw his head back, laughing. 


"Tch, shut up I was just-augh!!" Error tries and fails to come up with an insult that didn't make him sound childish.


"Aw, what's the matter glitchy? You know you love me." Ink mocked, making a kissy face with his lips. "


"Oh really?" Error then grabs ahold of Ink's paint-stained white shirt and pushes him forward, causing him to fall into the shallow water. Error laughed as Ink sits in the water, completely soaked. He blinked as if unsure of what just happened. "How do you like me now?" 


Ink smiles, his left eye-light changing to a red star. "Oh, it's on." Ink raises his hands in the air slams them back into the water, causing the water to splash Error in the face. 


"Why you little-" Ink turns and takes off running to the other side of the pond. Ink laughs while Error trudge's through the water, trying to splash Ink back in retribution. 

Ink turns around kicking water up with his feet while Error does the same. In short order, the two were completely soaked by the time Error latches onto Ink with his strings and pulls him into the water onto his back. 


"Hey, that's cheating!" Error's strings quickly release Ink while Error triumphantly stands in front of Ink. 


Error kneels down and lightly taps Ink on the chin. "Hey, there are no rules in water warfare squid." 


Ink, who had his arms crossed like a pouty child, reach up and tug at the collar of Error's red shirt and pulls him into the water. Ink snickers and lays back to join him. "Thanks for the advice Ru." 


Error growls to himself and rolls his eyes. He looks in the other direction away from Ink. "You're a dork." Error reaches over, gently taking ahold of Ink's hand.


"Oh I know Error, I know."


Even before Error and Ink had committed themselves to a relationship, Error had slowly begun to tolerate being touched. And by 'tolerate' he was pretty much okay with Ink and only Ink touching him. And even then, it never went farther than hand-holding, hugs, and the rare kiss that Error would give Ink whenever he felt comfortable enough. 


Error finally mustered up the courage and turns back over to face Ink, no longer caring about hiding his blushing face. Ink already saw it anyway. "You know no one's gonna buy a painting with me in it, right?"


"Who said anything about selling it? I thought it'd be nice to put over the fireplace. And besides, I can easily repaint another one without you in it to sell." 


"Why am I not surprised?" Error asked himself as he stood up, completely soaked. Ink does the same and runs over and grabs his finished painting.


"Maybe because I'm the greatest artist of all time?" Ink says sarcastically. He uses broomie and waves the large brush over the empty paint stand and it vanishes in a puddle of black ink. Ink holds the painting over his head as to not get it wet with his clothes.


Error rolls his eyes as he opens a portal, the empty star-filled sky of Outertale on the other side. "God squid, your ego knows no bounds."


Ink smiled to himself and now stands beside Error before the portal. "Then maybe you should cater to it more, might help tone it down."


"Tch, you'd like that wouldn't you, damn narcissist."


Error walks through the portal, to both get away from Ink and to not show him the smug smile on his face. Ink takes one last look back at the beautiful desert oasis before following Error back home.



Ink balances on the tip of broomie as he hangs the painting over the stone fireplace. He slowly takes his hands away, taking a second to see if the painting will stay before hopping off broomie. He smiles and looks at the painting hanging high above the fireplace, the orange and yellow desert complementing the orange glow of the fireplace perfectly. 


Error groans as he lazily walks over to the bed. He only takes off his jacket before falling headfirst into the king-sized bed. "Ugh, we were traveling for hours, my feet hurt. I could fall asleep right now." 


"So you're saying you're tired...down to the bone?" 


"No," Error shoves his head into his pillow. "We both know you can't do puns, so stop it." his voice now muffled from the pillow suffocating his face.


"Ha, never." Ink takes off his jacket and jeans, scooping up and slipping g on a pair of blue shorts dangling off the bed. He lays his paint sash over the back of a chair on his side of the bed. He then raises the thick comforter and jumps into bed on the opposite side of Error. 


Ink is almost comfortable and is about to bid Error good-night, but the former destroyer beats him to it. Error takes his head out of the pillow and draped his arm over Ink's cheat and pulls his back as close as he was comfortable with. Ink's expression brightens at the loving gesture. 


"Goodnight ya." Error whispers, his eyes closed.


"I-" Ink opens his mouth and almost says something back, but his eyes then drift over to the paint sash mere feet from him.  Ink was silently relieved he was facing away from Error because Error would've seen Ink's expression fall. Ink sighs and closes his eyes, gently rubbing Errors' hand in his. 


"I...I know."

Chapter Text

" w....up."


Ink's eyes slowly open at the sound of a child's voice in front of him. The blurry figure comes into focus as Ink blinks several times to wake up. The figure shakes Ink on his shoulders, his high-pitched voice sounding more clear now to Ink. 


"Dad wake up! It's time to go, you promised."


Ink freezes seeing the child in from him; the black colored skeleton wore a blue and black jacket that appeared a size too big. He wore matching basketball shorts and orange socks. The light brown scarf reminded him of the old brown scarf he used to wear, except this one had blue, yellow, and pink paint stains on it. The most notable thing Ink noticed was the black particles floating off of the child's skull.


'Uhh, who are you?' is what Ink wanted to say, but Ink opened his mouth to speak but couldn't come up with any words. He couldn't speak, not because he didn't know what to say, but because he physically couldn't speak, only stare wide-eyed and confused at this kid calling him dad. 


"C'mon PJ, leave squid alone, he's just tired." That's when Ink noticed Error standing by the front door leading to the outside of their home in Outertale. He was looking over at the two, smiling at them as he held the door open with his foot. 


'Error, what's going on here?' Ink wanted to scream but again his mouth remained shut. He also noticed he couldn't move at the moment, his eyes moving back and forth between Error and this kid in front of him. 


"But he promised he'd come with us to the doodlesphere!" PJ pouted, looking back to Error and pointing a finger at Ink's face. 


"It's alright PJ, I'm coming, I'm up." Ink says happily. Except Ink didn't say it, at least not willingly. That's when Ink felt a breathless rushing feeling course through him. He then watched as his body gently took hold of the child's finger and stood up. Except when he stood, Ink didn't stay with his body. 


Ink is finally able to move of his own volition. He looks and sees that his body is translucent, seeing the couch cushion through his legs. He stood himself up off the couch and was levitating above the ground by a few inches. 


Ink watches as his physical self walks with PJ towards the door. Ink didn't know what was going on. The alternate version of himself looked the same as he did. He was wearing his new outfit; Wearing his old light blue sans jacket, the same paint-stained white t-shirt underneath, light blue low-rise skinny jeans, and wearing funny-themed socks as he did. The only different thing was the paint sash that typically ran diagonally across Inks cheat underneath his coat was gone. In its place, a faintly glowing soul was visible under the white shirt. 


"Do you think uncle Dream and uncle Mare will be there?" PJ asks jumping up and down.


Ink shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know, we'll have to go and see." 


The real Ink looks down at himself, the paint sash still on his body, the paints glowing there usually colors. He looks over longingly at the white soul his other self had. Was this an alternate reality? Or just a Dream mocking him for what he knows he cannot have, at least not genuinely.


PJ takes the right hand of Error and the left hand of Ink. The three walking with PJ skipping happily between them. 


Ink floats over to follow them, but once he reaches the door, an invisible force stops him from leaving the house. Ink pounds on the invisible barrier as the trio walk out to the rocky cliff overlooking the void of space. As the trio reaches the cliff's edge Error opens up a portal for the trio to step through.


Ink pounds on the barrier holding him back, he could feel a sudden coldness begin to creep up behind him. "Wait, Come back!" The environment behind him also began to darken.


Ink's voice echos and before the trio step through the portal, Ink's physical self stops and looks back. He looks around the rocky backyard of their house, but he didn't see Ink, clearly banging on the still-open door.


"Dad come on, let's go!" PJ shouts tugging on his father's arm. 


Ink smiles, turning back to look at his family. "Just thought I heard something, I'm ready, let's go."


The three walk through the portal which slowly closes behind them. Ink again tries to press his body through the invisible barrier but feels a strong pull at his waist and he's forcefully sucked back into the cold darkness.



Ink's eyes shoot open wide as he finally awakens for real this time. His white eyes staring directly up at the white ceiling up above. Ink slowly sits up in bed, the intense emotions he'd experienced during the dream having faded and replaced with the bitter emptiness whenever he wakes up every morning. 


Ink looks over at the sound of something moving in his bed. He sees someone pull the thick blanket closer to his body and leans to the side so Ink could see his face. It was Error, that's right, his boyfriend. Normally Ink would smile fondly at the sight of Error smiling in his sleep. But again, Ink didn't have the emotions at the moment to care, his blank and tired expression not wavering.


Ink turns to the other side and glances at the clock resting in the nightstand beside the chair; 6:46 AM. Ink was always a morning riser so he could take his paints like they were daily medications, which they might as well be. Error likely wouldn't begin to stir for at least another hour. 


Ink quietly stands from the bed, snatching his paint sash off the arm of the chair next to him as he slowly makes his way towards the bathroom. 


Lightly kicking the door open with his foot, Ink steps inside and walks over to one of the two sinks across from the shower. He flips a light switch which turns on a small light underneath the mirror in front of him. He took a few seconds to look at himself in the mirror. 


He looked like shit, as Error would likely put it. He always looked dismal before he took his paints; The dark patches under his eyes, the pinpoint white eye-lights, and the flattened mouth that couldn't form a smile no matter how hard Ink tried.


Laying out his sash of paints on the marble countertop, Ink begins to remove each paint bottle with one hand. The other hand reaches over and grabs a glass beaker already on the counter. The rainbow-stained beaker had been labeled with Ink's name with a piece of tape on the side. 


Ink fills up the beaker half full with water and begins slowly adding his paints into the dealer; yellow for happiness, orange for avarice, green for disgust, red for rage, blue for sadness, and pink for... 




Ink stops and looks at the pink vial now in his hand. Any romantic, sexual, and platonic feeling of love all came from this one tiny bottle. Even though he was in a relationship, without this he felt nothing.


Ink looked over to the bedroom, seeing the love of his life still fast asleep on the bed less than twenty feet away. He looked back to the pink bottle then back to gaze at Error. Ink's hand holding the vial began to shake, his lips quivering as he tries to force it, to force himself to feel. He knew what love felt like, hell it was literally laying down in the next room over, he was LOOKING at him for fucks sake. 


But no matter how much Ink tried, without his vials. All Error was right now was just someone laying in his bed.


Ink's body finally relaxes and Ink lets out a breathe he was subconsciously holding. He steadies his breathing and looks back down to his paints, the source of his identity. 


He grabbed the beaker that was now a spiral of different colors...and dumped it down the drain. He didn't want to be normal right now.


Ink sets down the pink bottle and reaches again for the blue vial. He knew how he wanted to 'feel.' He pops the tiny cork off the small vial, raises it above his opened mouth, and slowly begins to tip the vial.


He wanted to hurt. 



Error eyes slowly open and he blinks a few times to get the error codes out of his eye-sockets so he could properly see. Error's hand aimlessly reaches over to the nightstand on his side of the bed where his glasses lay. After a few taps of the wood nightstand, Error grabs his red glasses and puts them put to his face, using a string to wrap around his head to keep them on his face.


He stretches his arms above his head and looks over to the clock on Ink's side of the bed, 7:04 AM. Error looked puzzled at first, he was never one to wake up THAT early. 


Error looks around the bedroom and doesn't see Ink which was anything out of the ordinary. Usually, Ink would be in the middle of making breakfast at the current time. But from where Error was still on the bed, he couldn't hear anything coming from the kitchen, or smell anything for that matter. 


However, Error DID hear something coming from the master bathroom on his side of the room, the door cracked open. Sweeping his feet off the edge of the bed, Error's eyes shoot open hearing Ink's muffled tears from the bathroom.


"Ink? INK!!" Error quickly shoves the covers off of him and he runs over to the bathroom door, throwing it open. Once inside, Error then spots the former protector of the multiverse, crying and sobbing in the bathtub. His legs were tucked against him as he hugged his knees to his chest. 


Ink didn't look up at Error, only trying to tip the blue vial up to his mouth again. But nothing came out as the vial was empty, only traces left that stuck to the inner walls of the bottle that refused to come out. 


Error also noticed the other vials sitting beside Ink on the wall of the tub; Love, disgust, avarice, and anger. All lined up with their caps off. It looked like Ink only took the needed one drop from the others as they still looked full. Unlike the blue vial still in Ink's hands. But still not a good combination of emotions.


"Ink, what did you do?!" Error climbs into the tub and squats down in front of Ink. His lover finally looking up at him, with blue tears pouring down his face. He physically couldn't stop them.


"Do y-you *hic* ever fee-*hic*l like I'm lying to you," Ink vainly tries to wipe away his tears. "When I s-say I love you?"


"Wha-no! What kind of stupid question is that?!" Error responds in classic Error fashion. He was never one to be good at the whole sentimental thing. "What are you saying?"


"I'm saying I'm a fraud!" Ink yells into his sleeve. "I don't love you." He picks up the pink vial of love and holds it up for Error to see. "It's this stupid vial that loves you."


Error feels the thump of the pink vial that Ink throws at him. It hits his chest and rolls on the hard bathtub floor. Error was surprised the vial didn't break.  


"I don't deserve you, I don't deserve any of this! I'm nothing without my paints." Ink looks down at the pink vial of love on the ground between them. "I can't love you without it! I tried and tried, you were RIGHT THERE! But without it, you were nothing to me."


Error starred at his crying boyfriend for a few moments before sighing. He stands to his feet. "You really are an idiot, you know that. You knew you wanted to feel love right? when you looked at me. Shouldn't that count for something?!" Error snatches the empty blue bottle from Ink's hand. "And when you couldn't feel love for me you knew how you wanted to feel. You choose to feel sad about it."


Error leaves the tub and picks up the paint vials next to Ink. He walks over to the sink where the rest of the paints were and fills up the beaker half full of water. "I don't believe that you can't feel Ink. If you didn't ever want to be sad, then just stop taking the blue paint. If you wanted to be happier, then why don't you only take your yellow paint?"


Error uses a drop of each paint he knew Ink hadn't taken and mixes it together with a spoon. "You know what all the emotions feel like when you're soulless. You could just take the good ones and not the bad ones but you don't do that."


Error steps back into the tub with the cup in his hand. All the while Ink continues to cry. Error was unsure if Ink was even listening. " So stop it, you're more than just your paints."


Error squats back down again and holds up the breaker for Ink to see. "Now drink. Not because you need them to feel, but because you WANT to feel."


Ink slowly takes the half-full beaker with shaking hands. He almost drops it but is able to tip it back. He drinks in large gulps while still crying. 


Error watch Ink to make sure he drinks all of it. Thankful he does, setting the now empty beaker on edge of the tub. When Ink opens his eyes again, his eye lights are a lighter shade of blue than they once were. The overdose of blue paint still in his system. 


Ink huffs and is finally able to smile, even if it's only for a brief moment. "Thank you Error." Ink does what Error should have expected and he hugs him. Error had to mentally fight the red flags in his head triggered by his haphephobia. Eventually, Error relaxes his body and returns the hug. 


"You're not a fraud Ink. I love you; Soul or not." 


Ink sniffles into Error's shoulder. "I don't want to be soulless I...I don't wanna do this anymore. I just want to be normal.”


Error sighed as he actually hugged ink’s back tighter, pulling him closer to him. He was silently hating himself for tearing up. God he really was in love with this inky bastard. 


“It’s okay...I know you do Ink.” 

Chapter Text

Error didn't know what to do.


The last two days had been just a massive downwards spiral and Error felt utterly powerless to stop it. 


After he had found Ink in the bathroom crying two days ago,  Ink's motivation and attitude plummeted. He'd have brief moments as his cheerful and chaotic self, only for Ink to fall into depression the next. It was so bad, even Ink's own art was starting to be affected; Ink's typically bright and colorful drawings were now either bland colors or just monochrome. 


Error didn't think one's art could reflect one's personality, but then again he knew next to nothing about art.


And there was nothing Error could do! It's not like he didn't try, he tried everything: Hugs, helping Ink around the studio, offering to teach a sewing and knitting class, hell he even kissed him! 


The latter seemed to do more harm than good. Almost as if Ink again felt he didn't deserve it. Which was stupid because Error had told him he didn't care, so why should Ink? Why was Ink making such a big deal about this?!


Of course, Ink tried to hide it, but Error's not an idiot. That and Ink was always a lousy liar since his mouth didn't have a filter most days. He'd caught Ink taking a few extra drops of blue paint when he thought he wasn't paying attention. Error had thought about taking Ink's blue paints away, but Ink would just visit the doodlesphere and get more.


And here he was, sitting in his blue armchair in their living room while Ink was outside probably crying, drinking more blue paint, or drawing to distract himself from Error.


Error felt powerless for the first time in his existence. They'd only been dating for two weeks and their relationship was already on the brink of collapse. Which was ridiculous because he thought if anyone was going to be the catalyst for their breakup, it would've been him.


He reached over and pulled the cord for the blinds to the sliding glass door leading to the backyard. And sure enough, there was Ink laying on his back on the edge of the cliff, looking at the stars. 


Error left the blinds open and laid his head back, eyes closed to prevent himself from crying. Don't cry dammit! It was all Ink's fault, he thought. All because of a stupid soul, or lack thereof. He didn't want their relationship to end, he wanted it to work, he wanted them to be happy together. Ink was one of the only beings in the multiverse that accepted him. Even when he still was destroying AU's, Ink understood why he was doing it, unlike everybody else.


So Error just sat helplessly in the dark, fighting back tears when he hears a voice call out to him, that and a faint thudding on glass. 


"Hey there Error, what are you doing over there?" The voice was high-pitched and childlike. That didn't ease the now startle Error, who leaped out of his chair and stood in the middle of the living room. He scanned the room looking for whoever said that, they sounded like they were inside the house somewhere, and Error was gonna find them.


"Who said that? Who the fuck said that?!" 


"Well, I did Error." Error's head looks to the sound of the voice. Right beside the TV in a tall glass curio cabinet sat one of his sewn dolls waving at him. More specifically one of his two Ink dolls. The doll looked identical to Ink wearing his first outfit from when they'd first met and their rivalry began. 


Ink had always thought it was weird that Error would talk to his dolls. Error would shut Ink up by pointing out the fact he did the same thing with his giant broomstick or 'Broomie' as Ink stupidly named him. Guess that meant they were both, indeed, nuts


"Hello Error! Gee, you look awfully strung up on something, is something wrong?" 


Error scoffed at the annoying doll looking at him, his body relaxing knowing there's no intruder. "Not now abomination #14, can't you see I'm having a crisis here?"


"I don't have eyes Error, but I know you're in here, while you're boyfriend is drowning himself in misery with his blue paints." Fourteen says, his voice muffled from behind the glass. His voice sounded like a tiny version of Ink which wasn't helping Error's rising annoyance. 


He walked to and pressed a finger against the glass. "What the hell do you want, you little gremlin?" 


"Why we're here to help you Error." A second voice says. Leaning against fourteen, sat the other ink doll, wearing Ink's second outfit Ink had worn during the latter half of his time as the protector. 


"With what, giving me a headache?" Error jabs at the other Ink doll, also known as abomination number 46. 


Number 14 tilts his head, which lazily slumps to the side. "To help you and 'dust and bone' us from unraveling like a ball of yarn."


Error rolled his eyes. He'd forgotten how annoying some of his dolls could be. "I don't see how you can help me." 


"Well, technically we're not. We're just inanimate objects sitting in a curio cabinet." fourteen says, gesturing down to himself with his stubby hands. 


"Yes, thank you for pointing out that I'm crazy number fourteen! Now get to the point, or fuck off." 


Forty-six stands up off the glass floor and stands in front of the glass. "Ink is all sad because he doesn't have a soul, right? So why not just give him one?"


Error squints his eyes at the doll like he was stupid, he does that a lot. "I can't just give him a soul! Nobody can make a soul. Not even all brightest Gaster's and Alphy's across the multiverse could make a soul."


"That may be true, but you have something they don't; complete control of AU codes." fourteen says. 


Error looks confused now. How was the ability he used to destroy AU's have anything to do with giving Ink a new soul? "What does that have anything to do with this?"


Fourteen rested his stitched head on one of his hand's stubs. He looks to be deep in thought. "Well, if you can use multiverse codes to destroy, who's to say you can't use them to create as well."


A part of Error wanted to laugh. He'd never used his powers to create anything, only destroy. The thought of doing so would've been utterly repulsive a year ago. But he still didn't quite know what his power had to do with it...yet. "So you want me to use my powers over AU's to make a soul?"


"That's precisely what we're saying...well precisely what you are thinking more like." forty-six cheers.


"B-but for me to even attempt to do that I'd need to-" Error stood and his eyes widen as the realization finally hits him. The two dolls see this and fourteen nodded his head, finishing the statement for him.


"To find Ink's original AU. Once you find it, you can use its codes to recreate Ink's soul."


"But I thought Ink was from the doodlesphere? He doesn't remember anything else before then."


"That may not be entirely true. Everyone comes from somewhere." Forty-six then motions to another one of the inanimate dolls sitting on one of the lower shelves that being of Geno. "Even you came from somewhere before the anti-void. You were Geno remember?"


Error momentarily scowled down at the doll behind the glass, pressing a finger against the glass in front of the doll's face. "That's not who I am anymore! I thought I told you all not to discuss it." 


"We're not, you're discussing it with yourself." forty-six responds. Error opens his mouth to rebuttal but closes his mouth, he was right after all.


Fourteen stands beside fourteen and gets the conversation back on track. "Our point still stands; Ink likely came from an AU, and possibly had a soul. If that's the case, then you could use the AU's code to bring back Ink's lost soul and POOF, you're relationship will be all patched up again."


Error's lost hope began to rekindle, that could work, in theory anyway. It was a long shot and finding it won't be easy if it even still existed. 


But one look back outside at Ink, and Error knew he had to take it. Not just for him, but for Ink. Even if their relationship crashes and burns, Ink of all people deserved it


"Thanks is for the help guys." Error turns back to the curio cabinet one more time. But when He looks, the two dolls are back in their original seated positions like the rest of the dolls, inanimate and motionless. Error smiles to himself and can't help a small chuckle. "Yeah...right.



Ink stumbles back inside through the sliding glass door just as the clock in the nightstand reads 8:35 PM. He'd spent the last hour outside stargazing, lost in his own thoughts and questions, none of them good: Should he break up with Error? Would Error hate him? Does he even deserve this relationship? Will they go back to fighting again?


He would've been lying if he hadn't hopelessly wished at every shooting star that flew by for something; A sign, any sign that things could be better, that their relationship would work.


But when Ink walked inside and saw a letter sitting on his side of the bed, his heart momentarily sank. Was this it? Had Error broken up with him via a letter? Considering he didn't see Error anywhere Ink's paranoia was starting to assume as much. 


Ink slowly walked over to the bed and picked up the letter. He also picked up the sewn Error doll the letter was perched on. He opens the folded piece of paper and reads Error's messy handwriting. 




A very special day is coming up for the both of us. I'm heading to grab you a little surprise to celebrate.


See you soon,


Love Error


P.S If you take any more blue paint while I'm gone, I'll shove Broomie up your ass. 





Ink lets out a chuckled gasp. He grabs Broomie, who was fixed behind his back. And begins petting the brush end as if the broomstick were a dog. "Shhh It's okay Broomie, I'm sure Error didn't mean that."


Now Ink was left wondering what the 'special day' is. Because his memory was just as bad as Error's. So Ink had no idea what Error had in store for him.


He again reads through the letter a second time to ensure he stupidly didn't miss something. Ink should've known Error wouldn't have been so shallow as to break up with him through a letter. Ink now knew he wasn't breaking up with him, he didn't know if he should be relieved or not. 


A part of Ink silently hoped it was a breakup, as much as it pained him to think so. It would have sparred Ink the trouble at least. 


But there was still a part of Ink that wanted to hold on, to keep clinging to that hope. Error still cared for him, this letter again confirming it, much like Error had constantly been doing these past few days. 


Ink set down the letter beside him and he sits on the edge of the bed. He holds the Error doll in front of him and he silently exhales. If Error was anything, it's that he was persistent about things he's passionate about. And so far, he was still passionate about him. 


So Ink wouldn't give up, not yet anyway. He had to hold onto hope, for Error's sake. 


He had to stay determined.

Chapter Text

From a white square portal, Error drags himself out of the fifty-eightieth AU he'd visited and back into the multiverse rift. The rift was a plain that existed between the multiverse itself that gave beings such as Error, Ink, and a few others the ability to travel the multiverse. 


After over five hours of this, going from AU to AU, Error was getting both frustrated, and tired. To resolve one of those problems Error opens up a small portal and reaches his hand in. He moves his hand around before withdrawing a hot cup of coffee. He takes a sip as someone's voice can be heard from the portal. An angry and enraged Fell Sans.


"No, don't you close that portal you piece of sh-" Error promptly ignores the Sans he stole a coffee from and closes the portal. He immediately takes a sip of the black coffee and sighs in relief. Well, now he was just frustrated.


Error obviously didn't have time to go looking through every AU in the multiverse. Such a venture would take a literal eternity given how vast it is, especially as the years went on. One AU variant could have hundreds of differences so small and minuscule, you could say there was no difference at all. And Error didn't have an eternity. 


So to make things easier on himself, he'd narrowed his search by things he either pieces together or speculated based on Ink. 


The first was excluding all AU's with a Sans still in them. It was no shock that Sans was the most popular character among the creators. So for Ink to leave his AU without a Sans would help narrow his search drastically. But still not enough, so Error thought harder. 


Next, he knew Ink must've come from an unfinished or abandoned AU. He knew this due to his ability to see AU codes on individuals too. This gave Error insight into an AU; story, character personality, powers, etc. So the more AU codes a character or AU had, the more complete and developed the AU was. Since Ink had barely any coding on him, Error determined this was the case. 


But the number of abandoned AUs was arguably more vast than the rest of the multiverse. So Error narrowed his search by one more factor, that being the date his AU was created. 


Using Ink's code, or lack of code, he found out he was actually older than Ink by a few months; The inky skeleton first appeared in 2016, while Error was created at the end of the previous year. Which coincided perfectly with their first-ever encounter, the anniversary coming up. Even with his terrible memory, he remembers it liken it was yesterday. God, they were toxic to each other back then. It made all the more unreal that they were now together five years later. 


So with all these factors, his search was narrowed from hundreds of thousands to a few hundred. Error silently wished that number was still a little smaller, but he couldn't complain. He'd committed himself to this, no matter how many AU's he'd have to search through. 


With over a hundred more to search through, Error wasn't expecting much as he opened the next portal to AU number fifty-nine; "___tale" it didn't even have a completed name, which didn't tell Error much. Over half of the AUs he'd visited thus far didn't have names. So this didn't tell him much or give him any hope.


Stepping forward from the rift, Error opens his eyes and is surprised by how little there is. So little it reminded Error of his anti-void. 


Looking around, his only surroundings the otherwise white void were rough white sketches of trees, each looking different than the other. Error figured they were different variations of the same tree, multiple attempts to draw the trees from Snowdin forest. You couldn't really call it a forest if there were only five trees though. 


So Error continued on, walking past the trees and into another large patch of white void. It was oddly comforting to him, he hadn't been to the anti-void since he moved in with Ink and the empty space was quiet and peaceful in a way. 


Error kept walking until more sketches came into view in the distance. They appeared to be building, albeit most were unfinished. 


He got closer and found that it was an unfinished Snowdin village. The term 'unfinished' was putting it mildly; the shop & Inn was half drawn with the left shop section wasn't even drawn. Grillby's bar only had the front roughly drawn making it only a wall. The library was missing a door and windows, the only way he knew what it was was the misspelled sign still on the roof.  The Giftmas tree, which was positioned farther back than it usually was, which a part of Error hated, was where he finally saw people. 


And by people, he meant all of them. All the major and some minor characters of Undertale were all either sitting or standing around the area doing nothing. Some were easy to identify, others not so much.


Toriel and Asgore didn't have eyes. Undyne was missing her entire face, only a massive X was on her face, her hair and her body shape was all Error had to know it was her. Grillby was just a floating head, his body was a roughly drawn sketch akin to a stick figure. 


Continues to look around and not pay attention, causing him to bump into one of the sketched characters. He looked up to see Toriel standing there like a statue. Error didn't know why, but he opened his mouth to greet her. 


"Uhh hey...sorry about that."


Toriel didn't look down at Error, she didn't even acknowledge his presence. She just stood there like a statue. Exactly like Ink would if he didn't take his paints.


Error was appalled at this point. Out of all the unfinished AUs he'd visited this was by far the most baron and miserable. The characters were so unfinished that they were basically vegetables. Erasing this AU would've been a mercy if it was still Errors' job. 


Error turned around, fully intent on leaving. He'd seen enough. There was no way someone like Ink could come from a place such as this. 


But to Errors' surprise, a voice calls out to him before he could leave. "H-hello?" 


Error turns back around towards the crowd and a tall figure familiar figure walks through the crowd. It was Papyrus, or what was meant to be Papyrus. Out of all the others he looked to be the most complete, even though he too was still a rough sketch; he had all the skeletal structures present such as a ribcage, phalanges for fingers, and facial structure that looked like what a papyrus should look like, save for the black scribble obscuring the upper right side of his face. He was also naked, the only article of clothing he had was an overly large scarf with the end hanging down at his knees.


The seemingly hollow skeleton walked over and stood in front of Error, he looked down at him with his one eye. He looked like a mixture of concerned and confused at Errors' presence. Regardless, Error outstretched his hand in a reluctant handshake to try and be sociable. 


"The names Error. I take it you're Papyrus?"


"You look familiar." he muttered after a long silence, ignoring Error's introduction and question.


"I uh... I get that a lot." Error says, keeping an arm's length away from this Papyrus. "What makes you say that?" Error asked, he didn't know why he was choosing to engage in conversation with this being. None of the other AUs he'd been to so far had been able to help him. Because in narrowing his search to exclude Sans' nobody knew what Error was talking about when he asked about the name. 


"There used to be someone here who looked like you." Papyrus explained, "He would do this weird thing with his mouth where it would raise and he would say these things that didn't make sense. He would react by exhaling rapid and short puffs of air in rapid succession." 


Error was confused with Papyrus's weird description. Was he describing smiling and laughter? It sounded like it. 


"But then he stopped doing those things, I didn't understand why. They were...intriguing." 


Error felt awkward now as Papyrus continued, not caring if Error was paying any attention. He could tell this Papyrus hadn't talked with anyone in a long time, or anyone because he didn't exactly have any socialization skills. He just rambled on without making eye contact.


"He started doing other things, things that felt wrong for some reason. The lifting he did with his mouth became droopy and this weird stuff began to come from his eyes."


The conversation grew dark as Error picked up on the behavior Papyrus was explaining to him. "After a while, he ran off into nowhere. I followed him. I weird liquid was pouring out of his eyes faster than I'd ever seen it. He kept going on about being alone and stuck. I didn't know how to help him, I wish I had said something to him, but I didn't. Because he started screaming before he went away. He did this thing with his hands."


Papyrus didn't know how to explain it, only show it. He brought his hands up to his chest and did a slow tearing motion with his hands over where his soul was.


Errors' mouth dropped open in shock. The coffee cup he was still holding in his hand drops to the floor. The realization came crashing over him so hard his body almost crashed. 


This was it, this was the AU Ink had come from. Error couldn't believe it. 


"Does any of that sound familiar to you?" Papyrus asked, finally looking back at Error. 


Error takes a moment to stabilize himself, waiting for his eye sockets to clear up so he could see. He looked up at Papyrus and nodded his head slowly. 


"Yeah...I think I do."


"A-Are you him?" Papyrus asked, his voice breaking the monochrome tone he'd had and sounded almost concerned.


"N-no I just...I just know him."


"Does he remember me?" 


Great, now it was  Errors' turn to be confused and conflicted. Does he tell him that; No Ink doesn't remember him, or lie as to not hurt his feelings. If he even had feelings. 


The latter of the two decisions won out in Errors' mind, looking off to the side as he's unable to look him in the eye. "Uh-yeah, he's just unable to come back is all. Can you possibly show me where he went away?"


Papyrus bods his head and turns and begins walking away from the village and into the white void. Error follows behind him, even though doing so was a little tedious because of the slow pace Papyrus walking at. 


The two kept walking until the village was a mere speck in the distance. "Who was he?" Papyrus asks after another long and award silence. "I'm still trying to understand, I want to understand. I always felt there was a connection we had or were meant to have. So...who was I to him?”


Error sigh, this was the most emotionally awkward conversation he thinks he's ever had. Simply because this Papyrus was so emotionally deprived. 


“A brother, he was meant to be your brother. His name is Ink.” Papyrus stops walking and Error almost bumps into him. Error wonders why they stopped, there was nothing here. At least not until Error looked down along with Papyrus. 


A few feet in front of them lay a circular ring of dust and ash on the floor. Error knew this must’ve been where Ink had destroyed his soul. Since there was no wind or anything to disturb it, the sad monument had been undisturbed for years. 


Error circles around to the other side of the genesis of Ink’s rebirth, ready to do what he had come for. However, he is again distracted by a sound coming from Papyrus. 


“A-again?” Black tears fell down Papyrus’ face as he stared down at the pile of ash and then the tears which he wiped onto his hand. He looked at them as he didn't understand why he was crying. 


It seemed like it was the loss of Ink that had been enough to break his emotional barrier, even if the emotions were still an enigma to him.


“W-well when you see him again, tell him that his brother misses him so, so much.” 


Error nods his head and Papyrus turns around and walks away before the ex-destroyer could say anything else. Error just watched the tall skeleton walk away, still crying to himself and not fully understanding why.


He still didn't want to believe it. That his former nemesis and now lover could come from a place like this. It showed Error just how similar the two were, both being driven mad and being reborn from nothing. 


But now it was time for Error to do what he’d come here to do. He’d never used his powers to create anything before so he didn't exactly know what to expect when he began to use his magic. 


Error watched intently as computer code began to appear from the ashes and rise into the air. The ash on the slowly disappearing while the coding rising to eye level with Error.

The coding started with small letters with zeros and ones. But as the numbers became more numerous, some of the ones merged into twos, and twos into fours. Eventually, the numbers became so numerous and so clumped together, the coding before Error looked like a spherical black ball almost like a black hole. 


Error reached out and pushed his hand inside the floating orb with some slight resistance. His mind focused and concentrated on what he wanted to make and when he reached out, both figuratively and literally, his hand grasped something inside. 


He tried to pull his hand back out but felt an incredible resistance as he tugged on the object in his grasp. He pulled harder, seeing a faint white light in the center of the orb as he almost got his wrist free, only for the resistance to pull his hand back in. 


“C’mon Error, do it for Ink.” Error mutters to motivate himself. He uses his other hand and summons his blue strings. He sends his strings into the orb and tugs harder with both hands, one still inside the orb, the other pulling with his strings wrapped around his palm. “C’MON DO IT FOR INK DAMMIT!!” 


Error screams as he uses all the strength he has, his heels digging into the ground which causes it to crack. He arches his back and squeezes his eyes shut. The faint white light grows brighter as Errors’ wrist pokes out of the orb. And with one final tug, his hand breaks free, and Error is sent flying backwards as the resistance snaps suddenly. 


After falling to the ground on his back Error lay looking up the white ceiling panting from the sudden use of energy. The floating orb of coding disintegrates and disappears in thin air. 


When Error regains his breath, he looks off to the side at his right hand. He rotates onto his side and opens his clenched fist and he sees what he's been searching for.


Floating in his open palm was hollowed white soul, Ink’s soul. 


He’d done it. Or at least half of it. 


Unbeknownst to Error as he stood to his feet, the soul wasn't white complete yet. 


Bringing the soul to his chest, he summoned what was left of his own soul, which was a few shards. He brought his soul forward and touched the soul with his. Usually doing so was a very intimate act between skeleton monsters. But in the current context, Error was testing to see if the soul was capable of forming emotions. 


When two monsters touch souls, not only is it incredibly pleasureful, it also momentarily links their souls, causing both partners to feel what the other is feeling too. So when Error didn't feel anything except his own emotions, he grew weary.


Error used a finger and when he pressed it in the center of the soul, his finger didn't touch anything as the soul was a hollow vessel, just like its intended owner. Now Error was about ready to panic. He’d come so far only to come up short at the finish line. He couldn’t accept that, he wouldn't accept that. His mind began to think, it was just an empty soul, which meant he needed to fill it something.


That's when Error had an aha moment. It needed emotions to fill it, and Error knew exactly where to get some.


Error opened up a small portal and stuck his head inside. The portal taking him back home in outertale, more specifically the corner of his shared bedroom with Ink. He looked around hastily to make sure Ink wouldn't spot him. In fact, it was Error who spotted Ink, laying down on the bed sleeping in the middle of the day. He didn't seem to be holding up very well given how he was curled up like a ball on the mattress. 


Error quietly reached over and took hold of Ink’s paint sash draped over the chair beside the bed and closed the portal again the second he was through again. 


Laying the sash on the ground, he popped the cap off the first bottle he got his hands on and positioned it above the soul in his other hand. He slowly tipped the vial of yellow paint until a single drop falls and lands on the soul. 


The droplet echo as it splashes onto the white soul like it were impacting water. Error watched as the yellow ink swirled and danced inside the soul like a swirling vapor effect. It was oddly beautiful. So Error reached over and grabbed another, dropping another single drop and the purple droplet danced and swirled also, merging and bouncing off the yellow already inside. 




A tiny crack then forms on the edge of the soul as the colors grew brighter.


“SHIT!” without even thinking, Error used his strings and wrapped them around the soul to keep it together in the event it shattered. Luckily his strings seemed to quickly resolve the heartbreaking issue, the crack slowly healing in the tight embrace of Errors’ strings. 


When Error calmed down from that scary moment he continued to go down the line of paints he needed to add.


The process was a lot longer, and a lot more stressful than Error had wanted. The more paints he added, the more tiny cracks would appear for him to fix with a string. It was like a surgery, a surgery that lasted for the most intense twenty minutes of Errors’ life. 


But the result was worth it. After dropping one drop of red paint Error had gone through all of the vials and was now starring at a beautiful white soul with a rainbow of colors swimming inside. 


When Error again used his soul to touch Inks soul a second time he was flooded with warmth and a flurry of emotions that he'd all attributed to Ink: Joy that he'd succeeded, sadness that Ink had gone so long without a real soul, anger that Ink had been so stubborn these past few days. And most important of all, love for Ink, the skeleton he would gladly cross the multiverse for, give up his job, and make him a new soul. 


Error tucked the paint sash under his shoulder and cupped his lover's soul in his hands, desiring to both keep it safe and continue to feel its warmth. 


He opened up a portal home, seeing the familiar cliff edge of their front yard, and stepped through. 


Just in time for their anniversary.

Chapter Text

It hadn't taken Ink long to fall asleep without his paints. Since he didn't have any emotions his mind was completely empty. So all Ink had to do was close his eyes and wait for his body to fall asleep. 


Ink had taken Errors' advice and he stayed away from his blue paint. In fact, he'd stopped taking his paints entirely. He hadn't left the house, he hadn't eaten an ounce of food, or talked with anyone in the almost two days Error was gone. A few of his friends had tried to call him, he even heard a knock on his door earlier in the day. But Ink literally didn't care enough to do anything except lay in bed and wait for Error to come back. After all, how could he care without his paints? To Ink, that's all he was, without them, he was nothing.


Though again, a part of Ink didn't want Error to come back. He felt he was just using him, leaching off of love and affection he didn't deserve. He didn't understand why Error didn't care. He couldn't love him, at least not really. If all of Ink's paints were to magically disappear and he was unable to get more, he'd feel nothing for Error. Why could Error not see that?


Without taking his paint for a prolonged period. His dreams were just as empty as he was when awake. Right now, Ink dreamt of sleeping in a black empty void. His body was curled up in the same fetal position that he was on his bed. The darkness was like a dense liquid that hugged him tightly. 


Ink then began to hear voices echoing faintly in the darkness. The voices sounded so far away yet so close at the same time. He could recognize one of them.


"A brother~...He was be your brother~."


"When you see him~...tell him his brother misses him." 


One of the voices Ink had subconsciously recognized as Errors' voice. He sounded sad, but Ink didn't awaken. However, his body did begin to feel warmer all of a sudden, the feeling was extremely subtle, so subtle he couldn't really say he was warmer, just not as cold as his emotionless dreams normally made him feel.


" it for Ink! CMON DO IT FOR INK DAMMIT!!"


Ink then heard Error struggling like he was fighting someone. because he was grunting and screaming like he was in danger. At the same time, the warmth Ink was feeling grew stronger. It felt gentle and comforting, like being cuddled up in a pile of blankets in front of a fireplace. 


Inks eyes finally opened in his dream-world. Still curled up in the dark abyss. Ink's pale expression drifted down to his chest where a faint white light began to illuminate in the darkness. The light was no brighter than a nightlight, barely being able to illuminate anything past Ink's ribcage. 


Being curious, Ink slowly brought a hand up to his chest, his index finger slowly inching towards the glowing white mass in the center of his chest. 


The second Ink's finger touched the glowing mass, it exploded in a wave of rainbow colors. A powerful electrifying feeling was sent coursing through his entire body. The feeling was so powerful that even in his emotionless state Ink for some reason couldn't suppress a startled gasp and then...


Ink's eyes shot open as he woke up with a moan. Whatever that feeling was, it was enough to wake him up not just from sleep but immediately afterward with a surge of energy. Because he didn't feel tired at all as he cupped a hand over his mouth at the lewd sound he just made. Like what the hell was that? Why did Ink feel so aroused by seemingly nothing? 


In fact, why did Ink *feel* anything at all? He was certain he hadn't taken any of his paints. So why was he feeling emotions? Was he dying? Was this still a dream? All of these questions were running through Ink's mind as he threw the blankets off of him.


Ink quickly sat up in bed and began scanning his surrounding, checking to make sure nothing had happened. He noticed the paint sash that he would've left on the chair on his side of the bed, was now gone. Maybe he had taken his paints and his notoriously bad memory just forgot. But that wouldn't explain the dark and cold dream he was experiencing before he woke up. 


Not knowing what else to do, Ink hastily decided to get dressed all while trying not to hyperventilate. He grabbed and threw on his paint-stained white t-shirt he'd thrown on the floor. He was about to take off his black and white striped shorts to put on his jeans when he heard his phone ding. 


In his hyper-aware and confused state, Ink was startled by the loud dinging noise. Ink quickly calmed himself and swiped his phone off the nightstand as it dinged again. It was from Error. That meant that Error must have come back because their phones didn't work from different AUs. 


Unlocking his phone, Ink quickly checked his messages where two small messages were sent just moments ago from his boyfriend.


Hey squid,

You up yet?


Ink fingers immediately began typing away a response as fast as his two thumbs could type. Because how did Error know he was sleeping? Where was he? And was he the reason he was *feeling* so strange? 


Error what's going on? Where are you?


Ink didn't need to wait long as he sees the pending message icon on the bottom left of his phone.


Look out the living room.


Ink power walks from the bedroom into the living room where the curtains were drawn over the sliding glass door to the backyard. Pulling the string, Ink sees Error smiling at him from the edge of the rocky cliff. Error waved to him and didn't need to beckon Ink as he swung the sliding door open and walked outside. 


"Wow, don't you look happy to see me." Error quipped seeing the confused and flustered look on Ink's face. 


"Error where have you been?" Ink says trying and failing to sound angry. He was just too relieved Error was finally back to be mad at him. He took notice of Error wearing his paint sash across his chest like Ink usually did.


Error just shrugged like him being gone was no big deal "I got you a little something." 


"Does this *little something* have anything to do with why I feel so strange?" 


"Maybe~ but before we do that there's something I need to tell you." Error takes a set forward and uses his free and hand and holds it up for Ink to hold. He reluctantly takes Errors hand as fearful uncertainty takes over his mind; was this it, the breakup? Ink also noticed he began to feel that same warmth he experienced in his dream the closer Error got to him. 


"I'm uh-not good with this whole feelsy shit so just bear with me and try not to laugh, kay?" Error doesn't bother waiting for Ink to respond before he continues. "Ink, you may not remember, but today is the five-year anniversary of the day we met." 


Error uses his hands and rubs the palms of Ink's hand. "You could say our relationship has lasted longer than just a few weeks. We've laughed and we've had our fights...heh plenty of them. And over those five years, you were the first person to understand me, to see me as someone who's not just some mindless killer." 


Error's face began to blush yellow, but he continued. "You've told me before that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I can think of a thousand reasons why I love you. From you drawing sketches of me while I sleep, to you forgetting how to tie shoelaces, I can't not find a new reason to love you every single day.


If Ink wasn't mentally screaming yet, he definitely was when Error got down on one knee. His eye sockets looked like they were going to explode. 


"You've given my miserable, destructive existence meaning, and there's no one in the entire multiverse I'd rather spend the rest of my life with than you." 


Ink is struggling to fight back tears and he finally tries to speak up. "Error I-" But before he could Error cuts him off.


"Let me finish...And I know you think you don't deserve it. That you think you don't love me without your paints and I know that's not true...especially right now." Error noticed Ink's eye lights were an exclamation point and a heart respectively. Plus that wasn't the only proof, like the proof he was still concealing behind his back. "I know you love me just as much as I love you. I would cross the multiverse for you and I've done just that to give you this..."


Error lets go of Ink's hand and he reaches behind his back. He holds out both his hand that we're cupped together, a rainbow glow peaking through his fingertips. "Something you haven't had in a long time...Ink,"


Error uncups his hands and holds them up to Ink, revealing the surprise. "This is yours."


Ink brings up a hand over his mouth as a pair of tears fall down his face. The white and rainbow soul levitating inches above Errors' palms. The soul wrapped in about half a dozen of his blue strings. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. 


" this mi-Error is it?"


Error nods his head. "Yes Ink, it is. All it needs now is its vessel."


Ink reach pit with one hand towards his new soul. That warm feeling in his body intensified the closer he got to it. But Ink kept recoiling his hand away from it like he would break it with the smallest touch. 


"Here," Error stands back onto his feet and decides to do it for him. He gently pushes the soul forward. Ink stood motionless and trembling as Error slowly pushed the soul to his chest. 


The moment the soul began to phase through his chest, Ink shuttered from the intense warmth that made his body feel weak. His knees were shaking as Errors' hand pushed all the way forward and was now resting on Ink's chest.


Ink's eyes had closed as he took in the new part of him. When Ink opened his eyes again, he looked down at himself and looked around his surroundings. It was as if Ink was expecting something to happen. He lifted his shirt, seeing his new soul hovering in the center of his chest. 


Ink finally looked back at Error, and just as Error expected, here come the waterworks. For one final confirmation, Error used his magic to check Ink's stats.


Ink Sans

ATK: 544 DEF 688

*Is overwhelmed with joy*


Ink sprung forward and almost tackles Error with a hug. But Error had expected and prepared for it so he wouldn't crash. He smiled and rolled his eyes as Ink was full-blown sobbing into his chest. 


"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Ruru, I'm sorry!!" 


Error sighed as he could feel Ink's tears dampen his redshirt. Even though Error still hadn't mastered the complex art of sympathy. He did his best to comfort Ink, rubbing the back of Ink's head with his hand. 


"Come on Ink stop being so stupid, you should be happy."


"I am, I'm fucking happy!" Ink continued to cry, "But I was gonna end it, I wanted you to hate me, I wanted you to break up with me. All because of what I was, because I didn't deserve you, because I-"


Error cuts off Ink's distraught rambling by grabbing ahold of Ink's face and plants a hard kiss on his lips. When he breaks off the kiss, he places a harsh finger in front of Ink's lips. 


"Ink just shut up with all that cynical bullshit will you?!" Error uses a finger and begins wiping away Ink's tears. "The way you feel for me right now, it's the same as if you'd of used your paints yeah? 


Ink shakes his head and tries to speak and argue. "Yes but-"


"And you don't feel any different?"




"Don't you get it yet? That means your feeling were real, you moron. You were and always have been more than just those stupid paints. And now you're free from them."


Error then lightly slapped Ink on the cheek that was still flustered and damp from crying. "So don't go telling me you don't deserve any of this, cus now you don't have an excuse. Now shut up and be happy." 


Ink takes his head off of Errors' chest and laughs through his tears. He wipes the rest of his tears away and sits in Errors' lap on the ground. 


"Thank you, thank you so much Error." Ink says with still a slight whimper. 


"Don't mention it squid." 


Ink uses his magic and summons his soul in front of him and gazed at it in awe. "It's beautiful." Ink reaches up and touches his new soul, the rainbow paints swirling around his finger as it makes contact. He lightly spins the soul in the air, and on the other side, Ink catches a glimpse of something attached to the back of it. "Error what is that?"


Ink stops the soul from spinning and brings the soul closer to his face to inspect it. A tiny black shard was seamlessly fused with to the back of Ink's soul. Ink was concerned at first until Error spoke up.


"Here let me show you." Error summons his own fragmented soul and hovers it right beside Ink's. Ink noticed right away that one of the six pieces of Errors' soul was missing. And was now a part of Ink. "That is a part of my soul. So I'll always be a part of you. No matter how far we are from one another."


Ink thought he'd cried his eyes out dry. But now he was again fighting back tears. "Oh my god Error, that's the most beautiful thing I think you've ever said."


Error rolled his eyes and stood up from the ground, picking Ink up with him. "Yeah, don't get used to it." Because Between his proclamation and comforting Ink afterwards, Error was one more mushy comment away from throwing up.


Ink clings into Errors' waist as the two walk back to the house. Ink was humming a tune in his head that Error didn't recognize. When Ink swings open the sliding door rushes forward, dancing and spinning around to the music in his head.


"Take me dancing tonight~ I wanna hit that high!~" Ink quietly whispered the lyrics to himself while Error walks towards the bed while looking at Ink like he was a crackhead.


Error ignores Ink's energetic escapade and practicality falls forward onto his side of the bed with a groan, burying his head in his pillow. "Sorry squid, I'm too tired to move for the next millennia." 


"Aw, but I just woke up and got the most beautiful gift ever!" 


"Yeah well, I've been up for over two days." Error says, his voice muffled from the pillow. 


As much as Ink wanted to celebrate their anniversary more, being with Error was enough considering what he'd done for him. So he slowly climbs back into bed. Whispering the next few verses of the song still in his head. 


"Cuddle up baby, move in tight. We'll go dancing tomorrow night~ it's cold out there but it's warm in bed, they can dance, and we'll stay home instead." 


Error smiles as he rolled his eyes, facing away from Ink in the bed. "Yeah, tomorrow...whatever."


Ink closes his eyes also and scoots himself close to Error. Covering himself in the purple blankets, he drapes an arm over Errors' body and pulls him close. The action that a few months ago would have sent Error into a haphephobic panic attack now was accepted by Error. 


But Error eyes did peak open at the feeling of Ink's warm breath on the back of his neck. Error tried to close his eyes and readjust his head. However Ink then subconsciously tightens his grip on Errors’ chest, clinging to Errors’ entire back with his body. 


“Uh Ink, what are you-” Error tries his best to whisper, thinking Ink had just drifted off to sleep like he usually did. But his objection was silenced feeling Ink’s tongue lick up Errors’ neck. And once Error felt something press up against his rear, all of Errors’ mental red flags were blaring in his head. 


Too much touching, Too much touching, get him off!


“Ink what the fuck are you doing?!” Error raises his voice to where he knows Ink could hear him. He shakes his body and violently tries to scoot away as Ink comes to his senses and opens his eyes. Ink looks at what he's doing and immediately lets go of Error, who gets off the bed and stands up. 


“Oh my God, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!” Ink immediately begins apologizing and throws the covers off of him. The ecto Ink must’ve formed having already disappeared. 


Error rubs his eyes and groans. “God stop apologizing. It's fine, I should have expected this.” 


Error sits back on the bed and for a while, the two just sit there in awkward silence. Now they both felt guilty because Error knew this was going to happen sooner or later. That and he’d be lying if he said hadn't thought about making their relationship more than just platonic. But the thought was still repulsive to him in a way.


And for Ink, he knew how sensitive Error was about touch. They’d only had their first kiss a few weeks ago in the five years they’d known each other.  So Ink felt selfish for what he’d tried to do. Even if he wasn't completely awake, he still felt awful about it.


“You really want this don’t you?” Error sighs while Ink is shamefully looking down in his lap. 


“Well...yes. But I don't want to force you. I want you to want it too.” Ink mumbles. “I’ve never done it before.”


“Heh, and you think I have?” Error asked jokingly in an attempt to quell the awkwardness. “I’m sorry I'm just not comfortable with doing that yet. Just someone touching me like that. It's the most intense kind of touching.”


“Touching you like that?” ink repeated, emphasizing the you, an idea began forming in his head. 


“Yeah, I’m just not ready for that yet. I'm trying but it'll take t-”


Ink scoots over and places a kiss on Errors’ forehead. “Wait here Ruru, I got an idea.” 


Ink hopped off the bed and ran to the bathroom his hands opening up the medicine cabinet above the sink.


Error nonexistent stomach began to churn. Whatever Ink was planning, it was probably very...very stupid.

Chapter Text

Error sat on the couch in the living room fidgeting with his hands. He looked around the room looking at everything except the partially closed bedroom door just a few feet away. The needed amount of time likely had passed close to half an hour ago, but Error was simply stalling out as long as he could. If skeletons could sweat, he'd be sweating bullets right now.


Out of all the plans Ink had come up with in Errors' five years of knowing him. This was by far the dumbest, just as he had predicted. 


Half an hour ago, after Ink had unknowingly tried to do the devil's tango with Error, Ink emerged from the bathroom with a pill bottle in his hand. Ink had told Error that they were heavy sleeping pills he 'borrowed' from a random Alphys from an AU he unsurprisingly couldn't remember the name of. They were apparently prescribed for acute insomnia. 


Error didn't know why he needed those, or how this had anything to do with whatever dirty plan he had in mind. Mainly because he had little to no experience in such things. But Ink's quick explanation made it terrifyingly clear to Error.


Ink would use the pills and take the necessary dose to fall into a heavy sleep. Then after that, Error would be able to do whatever he wanted to him without the fear of Ink touching him.


And of course, Error was absolutely NOT on board with this plan. Ink tried to explain why this was in any way a good idea, but Error didn't want any of it. But when Ink was insistent on it, Error used his strings to snatch the bottle from Ink's hand before he did anything rash.


But Ink being Ink, had beaten him to it. He proclaimed he'd already taken the pill in the bathroom. 


Because of course he did. 


Error wanted to explode at Ink for his idiocy before Ink told him he didn't have to go along with it if he didn't want to. In Ink's own words Error could; cuddle him, kiss him, fuck him, all the above, or none of the above and just go to sleep. Ink said he wouldn't judge him if he didn't, he wanted Error to feel comfortable after all. Not that it did, the fucker quite literally roofied himself!


So now thirty minutes later, Error was mentally battling the idea of just sleeping on the couch. Because he didn't want to go in there knowing what was likely on the other side. But the thought of sleeping on the firm and neck cranking couch was less than Ideal. 


He thought about just leaving and maybe sleeping in the anti-void in a hammock like the good ol' days. But then he'd be leaving Ink by himself, alone on their anniversary, while also being drugged in their bed of his own doing. So that wasn't happening either. 


So without any other options, Error growled to himself as he stood up and slowly walked towards the bedroom. 


This is fine, Error thought. Even though it really wasn't. He'd tear into Ink's ass, figuratively of course, when the inky bastard wakes up the next morning. For now, he'd just go in there, lay on the opposite side of the bed as far from Ink as possible, and sleep. He was still tired after all. 


Yeah, that sounded like a good plan. 


Error quietly swung the bedroom door open and instantly began regretting his decision. 


Ink lay with a thin sheet covering him from the neck down. A long strand of rainbow-colored drool was dripping from the corner of his mouth and was dripping onto his pillow leaving a damp wet spot beside his head. It wasn't the only wet spot either, as Error could see another right by Ink's pelvic area which caused Error to cringe and momentarily look the other way.


That didn't help things either. Looking to the foot of the bed, Error scoffed seeing the little souvenirs Ink left for him to use. Because it wasn't awkward enough already. 


Lying at the foot of the bed was a box of tissues, a bottle of water-based lubrication, a pack of condoms, and a book simply titled; 'The Talk.’ A book Error wanted to take and slap Ink upside the head with. He knew enough about sex, enough to where he knew this was fifty shades of fucked up. The only comfort Error was given was the assurance that it was consensual. 


He stubbornly left the items where they lay and walked over to his side of the bed. Only to realize Ink had used his magic to shrink the bed's size. Errors' side of the bed was all but gone as the once queen-sized bed was now a twin, leaving no room for him to lay where he wouldn't be touching him.


For someone who said he had a choice. Ink sure wasn't being subtle with what he wanted. 


Now Error was tempted to just sleep on the damn floor just to spite him. But against his better judgment, he pulled the bedsheets up enough and climbed into bed. He could feel Ink's back press against his side as he stared up at the ceiling. How the fuck was he going to sleep now?! His mind was running a million miles an hour at this point. And it was all because of Ink's stupid ass idea. 


Error looked over to Ink's sleeping form, his back was facing away from him. Error raised a hand and poked the back of Ink's 


"Hey asshole, you still awake?"  Error waits for an answer but he doesn't get one. Ink didn't react to Error not so lightly tapping the back of his head. Error then grabbed Ink by the shoulder and shook him. He was completely limp and didn't even react, only begin snoring from the uncomfortable position Error accidentally rolled him into.


Even though every fiber of Errors' soul was telling him not to, his curiosity got the better of him as he lifted the sheet over ink's body. And sure enough, Ink was completely naked. But that wasn't what caused Error to take a peak. 


Error starred at Ink's body which dimly glowed with its new ecto. Ink's once pale white ecto that Error saw mere glimpses of in the past was now a rainbow fade; starting from Ink's feet, traveling up his legs, abdomen, and chest, being visible through the intercostal spaces of each rib, before stopping at Ink's neck. The fucker literally looked like a bag of skittles, even his tongue looked like he licked a rainbow.


Without even thinking about his action, Error ran a hand over one of Ink's violet and indigo-colored thighs. He'd seen ecto a few times, mainly from the various Underlust AU's he'd destroyed. And he'd summoned his own Ecto before once out of curiosity which was a dark blue, almost indigo color. 


Ink's ecto felt just as smooth as real flesh. He moved his other hand and lightly pressed against the Ecto in between Ink's ribs. He felt the magic push back against his finger, Effectively shielding the new soul Error could see within.


Error is taken out of his mindless exploration when he hears Ink make a weak, yet still audible moan in his heavy sleep. Ink's body didn't move despite his clear arousal by Error's 'handiwork.' 


Error responds by quickly retracting his hands away and looking at them in shock. Why had he done that? What happened to just going to bed? But Ink did seem to enjoy it, the small smile still on Ink's face and the growing wet spot under the covers made that abundantly clear.


Error looked down at himself and mentally thought if he really wanted to do this. And much to Errors' own surprise, he wanted to. Stars he wanted to.


"Ugh Fuck it." Error angrily muttered. He ungracefully began undressing the rest of the way, starting with his red shirt then kicking away his blue lounge shorts. "The things I do for you."


Error wasn't exactly sure how to start, because again he'd never done this before. Like he knew what the act of sex entailed but he didn't know the best way to start things. Was he supposed to go slow, or go all out right away?


He decided to start out small and test to see what he was comfortable with. But also he wanted to bide his time and savor this. Error turned Ink's body around so Ink's back was facing him. Luckily being a skeleton monster, Ink didn't weigh much despite being almost completely out cold. 


Summoning his dark Blue ecto, Error pressed his body against Ink the same way Ink had done half an hour ago. He wrapped both his arms around Ink's chest, pulling him as close as possible. He took a moment to take in Ink's warmth being shared with his. 


Due to Errors' inexperience, it took Error a little longer than it normally would for his ecto to summon completely. By when it had, Error began slowly began grinding his new cock in between Ink's thighs from underneath the sheets. The feeling was new to Error yet utterly intoxicating with every slow thrust. And the sound of Ink whimpering impatiently in his sleep got him going even more.


But it wasn't enough to Errors' surprise. He wanted more and so did Ink in his unconscious state judging by the quiet sounds he was making. And of course, Error wanted Ink to enjoy himself just as much as he was. 


Error stopped momentarily to reposition. He flung the covers off his and Ink's body to both get a better position, and so they wouldn't be in the way. He sat himself overtop Ink's legs and actually chuckles seeing that the wet spot on the bed was caused by a cock and not a cunt. 


Error chuckled to himself. If Ink thought that Error would fill the female role in this exchange, he was sorely mistaken. Errors' pride and ego wouldn't allow it. 


So male on male it is then.


Reaching behind him he grabbed the small bottle of lube. Though Ink didn't look like he needed it given how much he was leaking. He also decided to skip the condoms. Monsters don't have to worry about illnesses like STI's like humans do, and they're both virgins anyway so it wouldn't have been a concern anyway. And since neither was filling in a female role, the only other use for them was also void.


Using a tiny amount of lube on his hand, Error rested his cock on top of Inks. He used his now slick hand to stoke each appendage simultaneously. The reaction was immediate and explosive. Ink moaned louder, while Error held his tongue to only brief grunts. 


"Stars, you're so fucking cute Ink!" Error was partially ashamed he was getting close already. But he'd never felt anything this intense yet amazing at the same time. It was definitely a thousand times better than just masturbation. 


Error groans grew louder as he stopped using his hand and laid on top of Ink's chest, thrusting his cock on top of Ink's. He took this opportunity to position Ink's agape mouth and slides his numerous tongues into Ink's mouth. The five blue appendages takes hold of Ink's tongue and pulls it into his mouth. 


Errors' body begins to twitch, legs spasming. Normally this meant Errors' body had crashed or was about to crash. But instead, Errors grunts louder almost like a growl as he cums. Errors' cock ejaculates blue magic all over Ink's tattoo-covered chest. 


The orgasm was so much more intense than Error had thought. His body grew momentarily weak and he just rested on top of Ink's body. He finally brought his tongue/tongues out of Ink's mouth before rolling on his side just off of Ink. He couldn't exactly scoot very far anyway without falling off the bed.


And here comes the post nut clarity, because Error couldn't believe he'd done all that. He initially was just going to grind one out on Ink's legs and call it a night. But he did so much more than that. Without the fear of being touched, and being in complete control, he'd done things he thought he'd never do in his entire existence. It was like he was possessed.


Error was taken out of his thoughts by the sound of Ink's moaning, which had again diluted back to whimpering and whines. Looking down to the only part of Ink that was moving, and Error could see why. 


Ink's cock was throbbing and twitching violently, the head of his cock lightly tapping the ecto of his abdomen with each upward twitch. It looked like Ink had been on the verge of orgasm. Error reckoned two or three more thrusts and Ink's orgasm would've shortly followed his. 


Error smiled and grabbed the bottle of lubrication again. Since he already got his climax, it only seemed fair that he returned the favor, as much as Ink's whines were cute. But he was going to make Ink cum a different way. 


Turning Ink back onto his side. He lubed his hand again and began massaging Ink's rear, swirling his finger around Ink's blue/indigo colored hole. The coldness of the lubrication had gotten got brief shudder out of Ink. 


Right as Error lined up his hand he had to mentally prepare himself this time. He'd only tried fingering himself once a long time ago before he and Ink were together. And from what Error could recall, it was extremely weird and he never did it again. 


Without any more hesitation Error slowly slid his index finger inside and began swirling his finger inside. Ink went back to moaning in his sleep as Error could feel Ink's magically formed sphincter pulsate around his finger.


Error Decided to be a little greedy and slid in his middle finger as well. He was surprised how loose Ink was for someone who was supposedly still a virgin. Error figured Ink must be getting some practice in his 'alone time.' he'd enjoy poking fun at Ink about it later. 


Ink's cock continued to leak more pre which ran down his still throbbing shaft and onto his pelvis. 


Continuing to thrust gently with two fingers, Error carefully inserted a third finger again without any effort which caused Ink to gasp in shuttered breaths. Error could tell Ink subconsciously wanted more. Because if he wasn't knocked out from the sleeping pill, he would either be awake or would at least be tossing and turning from pleasure based on the adorable moans coming out of him. 


Error continued to thrust in and out with his three fingers still with relative ease. A small mess began to build up on the bedsheets from the lube squelching and squeezing out in between each thrust. Error thought Ink must've lubed himself up before falling asleep because his fingers were just gliding in and out of him. And he'd only used a small amount of lube and Ink was soaking inside his magically made rectum.


His fourth finger had slid in by accident, causing Ink moans to grow past just tiny whispers. Ink's mouth was still agape as he panted with his tongue out like a dog from the immense pleasure. And Ink almost howled when Error tested to see if he could and slid his four fingers all the way in to the base of his thumb. 


Error couldn't help a smile as the mental image of using Ink like a sock puppet appeared in his mind. Some of the sans dolls he's made did have openings to use like puppets.


"Welp, I'm never looking at those things the same ever again." Error thought before another crossed his mind. His thumb was positioned just below Ink's cock. And Error wondered if he could. He sure hasn't gotten any subtle painful objection from Ink so far, so Ink wasn't at his limit yet. 


Error just couldn't resist. The mental image of Ink moaning sleepily like a bitch, using his entire hand like Ink was a some fuck puppet was too good to pass up. 


Sliding his fingers out slightly to position, Error lined up his thumb and slowly began to press inwards. Ink's sphincter instinctively tightened as the knuckle of Errors' thumb slid inside.  


Error had to press a little for the rest of his knuckles to be able to get them in. And once they did, the rest of Errors' hand was sucked in at the wrist and Error was gifted with the loudest moan from Ink thus far. The unconscious skeleton actually mustered up the strength to arch his back for a short duration. All while Error flexed his hand inside a few times before pulling back and popping his hand back out before pushing his hand back in. 


Ink tried his best to thrust his hips upward as his erection was throbbing again. But in his drunken state, he could barely get his pelvis off the mattress. 


Error could tell Ink was close again. Finally getting into a rhythm with his hand, Error scooted and brought his head up over the tip of Ink's cock. He opened his mouth used his multiple tongues the same way he did earlier He encircled them around Ink's entire shaft and rotated them around, effectively giving Ink a blowjob without needing to even but his dick in his mouth. 


And it didn't take long. Ink's moans became rapid gasps as came hard into Errors' many tongues. His sphincter was gripping Errors' hand so tight he momentarily couldn't get his hand out, it was almost being sucked in deeper, feeling the lube from Ink's hole drip between he is radius and ulna bones.


The second Ink's cum was recognized by his tongues, his gag reflex was instantly activated by the worst taste to assault his tongue. Error immediately let off Ink's cock and began spitting and trying to flick the liquid off. Which caused the latter part of Ink's orgasm to shoot all over his chest.


Once Ink's orgasm winds down and his moaning and breathing steadies, Error is finally able to pull his hand free. Ink's sphincter was worn and tired from contracting to stop Errors' hand as it pops out. Ink lets out one last moan as the fullness of his rear is released. 


Error cringed as he looks at his hand which is covered in thick lubricant, strands pulling between his fingers as he opens his hand. Even though it was just lube Error held his hand as far from his body as possible. Luckily Error remembered the box of tissues still at the foot of the bed, using over half the box to make sure his hand and chest was wiped clean. 


Leaving the dirty tissues on the floor, he was too tired to clean anything up at the moment. His body coming down from the high of the last few minutes to remind him he still hadn't slept in two days. And he'd spent the last of his energy on Ink. 


Error grabbed the purple and star covers and laid back beside Ink. He looked over to Ink's face, still knocked out and drooling. Error used a finger and wipes the drool and closed Ink's mouth. Even though he probably won't admit it, he did enjoy this kind, yet morally questionable gift Ink had given him. 


Grabbing Ink by his back, Error pulls him close so their ribs are touching together. He lets Ink's arms rest against his back while Ink hugs Ink's back, their warm Ecto still pressed together. He rests his head beside Ink's face and kisses his forehead. "Happy anniversary squid..." Error closes his eyes and rapidly begins drifting off to sleep but not before getting one last verbal jab in classic Error fashion. Even though Ink wouldn't hear it.


"...Ya' crackhead."


When Error slips into unconscious alongside Ink, Errors hips again slowly grind his cock up against Ink's pelvis. 


Apparently his subconscious had other ideas

Chapter Text

As the clock beside Ink and Errors' bed read 7:21 PM, Ink's eyelids tightened. He began tossing and turning in his sleep when he began to hear voices in his sleep. A voice he recognized, and another he didn't. But it did sound familiar to him. 


I don't understand.


"Please talk to me!" the second voice yelled that he recognized as his. There was a long silence before the voice again screamed; "FUCKING SAY SOMETHING!!!" 


Ink huffed and whimpered in his sleep. The voice sounded desperate and crushed. Which was all the more prevalent when his voice began laughing. The laughter that didn't at all sound like a humorous one develops into violent sobbing.  


What are you doing?


"I don't want to be left alone...I don't want to be forgotten..."


Ink winced as the dream that felt all too real, began imitating a pain in his chest that grew exponentially. 




The pain grew from dull to throbbing, throbbing to burning. Ink got closer and closer to waking up once the pain became sharp like he was being torn apart. But right before he did, that infinitesimal split second before regaining consciousness, he Ink saw a face. The face looked bland but one Ink knew belonged to a-


"Papyrus!" Ink sits up in his bed with a startled gasp. He quickly brought a hand up to his chest. His soul's warmth reassured him that it was just a dream. Or was it? Like the dreams he'd experienced previously, which were lovely made him feel warm and tingly. This one felt way too real. Plus he couldn't shake the feeling of deja vu now plaguing his mind. 


Ink looked over from his seated position to the other side of the bed. Seeing the bed was still in its twin configuration. Ink's mind was momentarily taken out of his confused state as the memory of last night came back to him. If the hazy yet pleasureful dreams and his still crusted chest were any indications, Error seemed to of taken him up on his idea. He hoped his gift to Error was as meaningful as Errors' gift was to him.


Ink also noticed Error wasn't in bed. The sheet was thrown off his side of the bed. Usually, Error was never an early riser, nor did he make breakfast. Yet Ink could smell the aroma of cinnamon spreading throughout the house. 


Ink was about to walk out of the bedroom and into the rest of the open concept house of theirs. But before he opened the bedroom door, he looked down to see he was still naked. 


"Hehe, oh right. Should probably freshen up a bit." 


Grabbing his outfit and jacket on the chair beside his bed, all folded neatly. Ink walks into the bathroom and begins taking a shower. 


Ink had subconsciously reached for his paint sash still on the bathroom counter. He blinked when he saw his soul in the mirror inside his ribcage which caused ink to smile. He'd gotten into the routine of taking his paints every day for so long. It seemed unreal that he didn't have to anymore. A part of him thought that this was a dream. If it was he never wanted to wake up from it. 


Ink closed his eyes, taking in the feeling of the water dripping off his ribs. The hot steam sticking to his bones, the soft and warm sponge he ran across his chest. It all felt warm and comforting, not as comforting as felt last night though. The dreams coupled with the feelings he'd experienced painted a clear picture of what Error had done to him. He already longed to feel that warmth again, but until then, the steaming hot shower would suffice. 


Ink turned the two nozzles and turns the water off before swinging the shower curtain aside. The benefits of not having skin the hot water didn't hurt, because the entire bathroom was fogged over from the steam of the shower. 


He stepped onto the shower mat and began drying himself off with a thick white towel. He rattled all his bones for good measure before beginning to dress: Ankle socks with bones on them. Tight low-rise skinny jeans that Ink loved to summon his ecto to feel them squeeze his legs. He threw on his paint-stained white t-shirt. He grabbed his jacket with one hand and used his other to wipe away the fog. 


Looking at the mirror Ink froze, his eyes widened at what he saw in the mirror. Staring at himself in the mirror, his reflection was hollow and empty. Not emotional like he used to look without his paints. But he looked like an incomplete sketch, a nametag above his head that was blank. And just as quickly as the reflection appeared, it was gone and back to normal the next time Ink blinked. His normal and now confused expression was looking back at him. 


Ink looked around the mirror, waiting for something else to happen. But after a few seconds, nothing did. So Ink tucked his jacket under his shoulder and walked out of the bathroom and out into the living room, kitchen, and dining room.


As soon as he opened the door. Ink spotted Error standing beside the oven where the wonderful smell was originating. He had a spatula in one hand while he ate his breakfast in the other, which looked to be a microwaved breakfast hot-pocket. Either Error was too hungry to wait until he finished whatever he was making, or his standards for food were really that low. Ink guessed it was a mixture of both. 


Whatever the case was. It didn't take Error long to take notice of Ink, who hadn't moved from the bedroom doorway. 


Error quickly looked over and smiled at him before turning his attention back to the sizzling pan he was holding. "Morning squid."


Ink walks over and sits at the table absentmindedly. It takes him a few seconds to process as his mind was still on these deja vu occurrences that still hadn't mentally gone away. 


"You sleep okay?" Error asked after not getting a response from Ink. But once Ink's mind drifts back to Error his mind was filled with what they had done the night before and Ink smiles back at him. 


"Oh, I slept wonderfully~" Ink hummed, choosing to not mention the dream he had before waking up. One bad dream never really defined Ink's sleeping as he was one to remember most of if not all his dreams from one night. "But I guess that was all thanks to you wasn't it? How much sleep did YOU get, huh glitchy?"


Error almost drops the spatula he was holding onto the floor. His face turned a bright shade of yellow seeing Ink's smug glare. "ugh shut up, are we really talking about this now?!"


Ink couldn't hold back a laugh at how flustered Error had gotten. The idea of what Error had done made Ink himself blush a little too. 


"Ah, come on Ruru. You don't have to be such a 'butt' about it." Ink quipped, shaking his rear in his seat. 


Ink didn't know if Errors' face could get any more yellow as he physically bent the spatula in his hands. "Like you're one to talk! For someone who's a virgin, you sure were pretty loose. Got any hidden items I should know about? Or are you and broomie closer than I thought?"


The flirtatious skeleton didn't bother trying to hide it. He just shook his head and began twirling one of his paintbrushes in his fingers. "Best apart about my magic Error, is that my limit is my imagination. I don't just use my creativity to make art."


"Yeah, you can spare me the details." Turning off the stove, Error fixed the spatula and uses it to plate up a small stack of French toast and set it down in front of Ink along with a bottle of syrup. 


Ink doesn't hesitate and lathers his french toast in an absurd amount of syrup. "Well, I'm just glad you enjoyed my anniversary gift." Ink leans forward and kisses the top of Errors' forehead before shoving a hefty piece into his mouth. To Ink's surprise, it wasn't burnt like he thought it was gonna be, since Error rarely did any cooking. 


"Like you even remembered. Your memory is about as good as mine. I'm surprised I was able to remember." Error says from across the table.  "Besides it's not a contest, because I think we know who's gift would've won if it had been." 


Ink smiled through a mouthful of food. He glances down to his chest and mentally used his magic to move his soul out from behind his shirt and starred at it. Every time Ink looked at it he felt like crying. It just didn't seem real yet it was. Yeah, no contest indeed.


With the dirty and emotional small talk out of the way, Ink silently ate. Error got himself a plate also, the hot-pocket not filling him up enough to satisfy him in the slightest. 


In Ink's silence, his mind wandered back to these deja vu occurrences that kept happening since he woke up. He looked down to his soul again and inside of the rainbow stitches soul given to him it was plain white for a split second with a massive tear down the middle. Like the mirror, one blink later and it was gone and back to normal. 


Ink didn't know what was happening. They felt so familiar and so foreign to him at the same time. The Papyrus he'd seen, Ink was sure he'd never met one like him before. The reflection of himself didn't look like him at all, so why did ink almost recognize it? And the white, broken soul? Ink never had a soul before, at least he thought he didn't. The earliest thing he remembered was waking up in a white void before it became the doodlesphere. So what were these images from his dream? 






"How did you do this?"


Error shrugged his shoulders. "It wasn't that hard, just looked for a quick recipe and-"


"No not that this." Ink holds his new soul in his free hand. "My soul, how did you do this?"


There was a long pause this time and Error didn't know what to say at first. The thought of his encounter with that Papyrus and the request he asked of him resurfacing. "I found the AU you came from and used the codes to remake your soul."


Ink looked at Error like he had lobsters crawling out of his ears. "That's not possible, I don't have an AU."


"Well, you were meant to anyway. You came from an abandoned AU that was never completed, nothing was completed actually. You slowly went insane like me, then you destroyed your own soul." 


it was like the last pieces of a puzzle had been completed. Suddenly everything made sense; the dream, the reflection, the pain he'd felt in his chest, the torn soul. All came crashing down on Ink at once leaving one last thing. 


"Was there someone there?"


Error nodded his head. "There were a bunch of other unfinished characters. One of them remembered you, it was Papyrus. He told me to tell you he misses you."


The fork Ink was holding fell from his hands and landed in a puddle of sticky syrup. Ink was on the verge of crying again, this time for a different reason. He had a brother, an actual brother. He wasn't alone like he had thought.


Suddenly, Ink didn't feel hungry anymore. He stands up from his chair, hands gripping the edge of the table. He looked into Errors' eyes and bravely wiped the tears from his face.


"Take me there."


He had to see it for himself.




A coded white portal opens into a vast white sea of nothingness once again. Had Ink not been holding onto Errors' hand, he would've run through the portal in his hast. And just as Error had told him, the AU was a blank and almost empty void similar to the anti-void. It almost made Ink feel sick. The overwhelming amount of white was both painful on Ink's eyes as well as his heart.


But Ink didn't say a word, only slowly spun around looking at his surroundings wide-eyed and mouth partial agape.  


Turning to Error, the glitchy skeleton led the way and the pair walked in the direction Error knew was where the Snowdin village was. 


The two approached the five of six sketched trees, incidentally tugging on Errors' arm as he tried to continue forward. Ink stopped and looked up at the tall black and white objects. Suddenly his soul began to feel a dull pain again as he began to hear voices in his head.


"C'mon climb up with me!" The voice sounded cheerful yet very begging like a child. 


Looking up to the treetops Ink could see the same person from his reflection, his past self. He was sitting at the top of one of the few branches, swinging his dangling legs over the edge. Error tried to look up also, but he didn't see or hear anyone.


"Ink, you okay?" Error asked shaking his shoulder lightly. But Ink didn't respond, he just looked back down and past Error to see another figure starring up at the tree. It must've been Papyrus.


The apparition of Papyrus didn't say anything for the longest time, or change his emotionless expression at the dangerous display happening above him. He just stared up at the tree, not moving an inch. Eventually, he opened his mouth and spoke in the blandest and dead-eyed voice Ink ever heard. 


"Come down from there." 


Looking back up to the tree, Ink's vision lay back against the tree, his arms behind his head, and eyes closed. "Nah, I don't think I will. You'll just have to come up and get me."


From the treetop, Ink's apparition peaked one of his eyes open to see Papyrus turned around and slowly walking away. His eyes shot back open and he sat back up. "Scarf, where are you going?!"


All the memories started coming back to Ink as they were happening. That's right, Ink had called him scarf. Since neither were ever given names, Ink came up with whatever nicknames came to mind. In Papyrus' case, the long scarf was the only article of clothing the tall skeleton wore. It was the only source of his identity.


But Scarf didn't answer the call from Ink, he only continued to walk away. Ink's past self then dangled himself upside down from the tree by his feet. All in a desperate attempt to get this attention. "Scarf look! You see how dangerous this is? I could get really hurt, Scarf?!"


From the top of the tree, he waited and waited but Scarf never replied back to him. Ink could hear his past self whimper and sniffle before beginning the climb back down the tree. Except he never made it back down the tree as his ghostly apparition disappeared halfway down the tree. Ink was then remade aware of Errors' presence who had been watching him stare up at the tree for over a minute.


"You alright there Ink? Cuz you're starting to freak me out here." Ink absentmindedly nods his head and continues walking away from the trees. Ink continued to replay the visions over and over again in his head. He looked like he was spacing out, being led one only by Errors' hand. 


Ink's minefield of thoughts came to a momentary pause once the two reached what little was left of Snowdin village. Ink looked to the blank welcome sign that didn't display a name. Perhaps their creator had a different name in mind, Ink would never know. He had abandoned them just as Ink had done.


A constant chill ran up his spine a the sight of each building they walked past. The amount of deja vu Ink was experiencing was almost overwhelming. Ink was always very forgetful but never had his mind been bombarded with flashback after flashback, one piece connecting with another: Every hollow laugh he made. Every joke that fell on deaf ears. The hours he'd spend crying himself to sleep, overwhelmed by the silence and bright white light of their white empty prison. 


Was this what Error had felt like when he was created? The angry and bleak helplessness ebbing away at his sanity and previous identity. Ink both wanted to ask and maybe leave that question unanswered.


When the two passed what little was of Grillby's, the two spotted the crowd of people standing around the Giftmas tree. And the figure standing in the back of the group closest caused Ink to freeze in place. 


Their approach was quickly made aware of the others by their footsteps which echoed in the empty white void for miles. So when Scarf turned around and spotted Error and Ink standing side by side, Ink found he was momentarily breathless.


Scarf's eyes first drifted over to the familiar face that was Error, not seeming to take notice of Ink right away.


"You're back." Scarf said surprised. though it sounded more confused than surprised.


"heh trust me, it wasn't my idea pal. brought someone who wants to see you." Error was about to nudge Error forward, but Ink lets go of Error and gingerly approaches his long-lost brother. Scarf himself looks down at Ink, unaware of what he sees at first. His mind must've already forgotten his request he had asked of Error.  


Now a few feet apart, Ink can't stop a pair of rainbow tears from falling down his face. He didn't seem to notice or make acknowledgment of them, only continue to stare up at the tall figure who was now only a few feet in front of him. He looked exactly the same as from his visions, not aging or changing at all in the over fives years it had been. 


"S-scarf?" Ink's voice was dry and cracking. But the voice was enough for the tall skeleton to blink, his eyebrows raise and his mouth hovers open. He was beginning to recognize him. 



Scarf looked to Error standing back for confirmation. He gives scarf a assuring nod which causes a pair of Scarf's own black tears to fall. His expression remained unchanged from his shocked expression as he looked back down to Ink. 


"He told me that you were still alive." Scarf slowly knelt to be at eye level with Ink. "T-that you go by Ink?" 


Ink nodded his head, his smile growing wider. It was getting harder and harder for Ink to control his overwhelming feelings. He was still new to not having to use his paints. Because normally he could easily control his emotions by taking small amounts of each. And if he needed to feel more of a specific type of emotion he would just take more. But now the overwhelming sadness mixed with joy came naturally and Ink was having trouble handling it


Scarf reached out and touched ink's head where the black ink stain was on the lower corner of his right cheek. He rubbed it before realizing it was permanent and surprised Ink even more by smiling at him. "It's a nice name." Scarf mutters through tearful shutters. 


And just like that, Ink couldn't take it anymore. He leap forward and hugged his brother as tightly as he could. 


"I'm sorry I left you brother, I'm so sorry!" Ink rubbed his face into Scarf's chest as he cried. His brother slowly raises his hands up like a zombie and wraps his arms around Ink and hugs him back. The subtle squeeze Scarf was giving him surprised him and he looked up to see his brother smiling. "You're smiling, you're actually smiling! You can feel?!"


Scarf nods his head. "Y-yes, and look." He wipes his face and shows Ink his hand to show him the black tears staining his hand. "I'm doing that thing you do. I don't know is that a good thing? What are they?"


"They're tears, and in this case, it's a good thing. It's a very good thing." 


With that reassurance, Scarf doesn't bother trying to hold them back anymore and he starts crying harder. But Ink's tears stop when he notices his tears on his brother's shoulder and scarf. He reached up and tried wiping them off. Once he did, Ink could see a faint white spot on his brother's sketched form. It was white bone. Ink knew that wasn't there before. 


He had done that. His tears caused that.  Ink knew what he needed to do once he spotted the other sketched figures still standing aimlessly over Scarf's shoulder. 


It was time for Ink to do what he was most talented at.


Ink pushed himself away from papyrus and stepped backwards. "Ink what are you doing?" Scarf asked.



The former protector raised one of his hands and snapped his finger, causing Broomie to magically appear in his hand. He twirled the giant paintbrush around his body, the brush’s end becoming moistened from ink. He drove said end into the white floor and spun the brush around his body in a giant circle, finishing the circle with a flourish of his brush. 


The rainbow-colored ink spread across the ground, not slowing down as the ground began to change once the ink traveled over. The white floor became dirt, then the dirt began to grow grass. 


Scarf looked down at a loss for words. He reached down once the Ink had passed him and ran his fingers through the healthy green grass. 


Ink twirled his brush again and launched himself into the air. "Hey guys!"


Scarf and all the other sketched characters all looked up at Ink as he crested above them. 


"Heads up!" Ink sends a massive arch of rainbow paint in the direction of the ground which coated everyone standing there in a massive puddle of Ink. Once the thick goop began trickling off them. The group all looked at each other as color and features had appeared on their bodies that they didn't have before: Characters that didn't have faces suddenly did. Grillby had a body, his body's flames being tie-dyed. Toriel and Asgore had matching painter outfits. And so many other characters. The appearances came first, then the emotions followed as some began to laugh at what they were seeing, others cried happy tears, some starred in awe.


But Ink wasn't stopping there and Error knew it. Using his agility to see an AU's codes. Error could see digital code being everywhere Ink's paint touched. Error realized what Ink was doing. He was literally creating an AU. In Errors' five years of knowing him, Ink had never used his powers in such a manner. Ink had always said he never interfered with the creators' vision, he simply protected them and ensured their stories played out as intended. 


But with him no longer being the protector, such a moral code was thrown out the window. Ink wasn't going to allow his birthplace to suffer any longer.


Continuing to launch arch after arch of paint from Broomie. The building of Snowdin began to take shape and be filled with color: Doors, lights, signs. A stone slab pathway through the town. The small Giftmas tree grew into a massive oak tree, the canopy of the tree high above skeleton house. 


Levitating in the sky, Ink summoned a blue orb of glowing Ink and threw it into the sky. The orb traveled so far and fast, Even with Error squinting with his glasses on he lost sight of it. Until the sky exploded in a supernova of rainbow paint that lingered in the sky before fading away. The sky was now a star-filled sky with a binary sunset. A large celestial ring arched in the sky from space and glowed like a moon. 


Error slowly spun around in a circle taking in the world that Ink had built. A large snow-tipped mountain range could be seen in one direction on the horizon. A massive forest could be seen several miles another way. The Immediate surroundings were transformed into a beautiful grassy meadow, with the village sitting on top of a hill overlooking a small river. A few trees were spaced around the village and the meadow itself, the trees themselves being a range of different colored leaves and had white Christmas lights hanging from the branches.


Error couldn't believe it. Ink had literally created an entire AU in a matter of minutes.


Touching back down on the ground, the grass obscuring his feet, Ink used a strap to attach Broomie to his back. He put his hand on his hips as he looked around the world he had just created. He let out a satisfied exhale as Error walked up beside him.


"This is what I'd always dreamed of." Ink says without needing to make eye contact with Error. "If I were to ever have an AU of my own, this is what I always dreamed it would look like."


"Well, it's beautiful Ink." Error places a hand on his shoulder and Ink kisses the palm of Ink's hand.


Error looked over to the group all standing underneath the giant oak tree in front of the skeleton house, which had moss and greenery growing on the side with beautiful blooming flowers. There were even some characters there that previously weren't; Mettaton, Nabstablook, Chara&Frisk, Asriel, and a wide array of others. 


Ink followed his gaze and looked to everyone caught up in emotions they previously never had. "I just gave them the ability to feel emotions." Ink sits down in the grass and Error joins him. "The rest is up to them. Their stories, their personalities, relationships, all of that is up for them to decide."


"God I love you." Error and Ink lay back in the grass and the two hold hands.


Looking over to the sign at the end of the village. The village still didn't have a name. With a flurry of ink from Ink's hand, The sign began to etch in a name.


*Welcome to Suncrest Village.*


Ink turns back and nuzzles himself beside Error as the two watches the orange sunset begin setting over the mountain range. The stars and the planet's rings lit up the first night of a brand new world


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Chapter Text

*Seven years later*


After a tiring 12 hour day at the art studio teaching classes, firing pottery, drawing commissions, Ink's first reaction was to sleep for the next century. He dragged himself inside and flopped down onto the couch in the living room. He didn't want to expend the effort of going up the stairs to get to the bedroom that they moved. His arms already felt like solid lead and his eye sockets felt like they had bowling balls tied to them.


Ink lay face down on the couch, his hood up, and legs dangling off the edge of the couch. It was one of those moments wherein any position he was in he was comfortable enough to fall asleep. And he would have, he could feel himself slowly melting away into unconsciousness. 


Rapid tiny footsteps then came rushing down the stairs before Ink could feel himself being lightly shaken by his shoulder. 


So much for sleep.


"Dad wake up!" PaperJam shouts happily, continuing to rock Ink back and forth as hard their tiny arms could muster. Ink was awake but he didn't let the kid know that. He pretended to curl up with one of his hands. He also quietly hums to himself which only agitates the young child. 


"Dad, wake up! It's time to go, you promised!"


Ink, after the long day he's had and the exhausted state he was in now, he'd forgotten about the promise he made to PJ. He had told them that they would visit the doodlesphere. Ink and Errors' busy schedule had made it difficult for them to visit and PJ was getting angsty about visiting.


PaperJam loved exploring the multiverse ever since he first learned about it from his parents. There were some AU's his parents would frequently take him, such as Underswap, and dancetlale. But PJ wanted to explore the multiverse more, something his parents were very careful with him with, considering the multiverse itself was a vast and unpredictable place. 


Ink's smile while still pretending to be asleep almost gave him away if not for Error. Ink's husband was standing at the front door and drew PJ's attention away right as Ink slowly opened his eyes.


"C'mon PJ, leave squid alone, he's just tired. He JUST got home." Error partially opens the door and ushers PJ to come to him. "We can go, I'm sure Ink will meet us."


PJ pointed a finger at Ink. "But Ink promised he'd come with us to the Doodlesphere!" Paperjam's pouty expression brightens when he feels Ink grab his finger. 


"It's alright PJ, I'm coming, I'm up." Ink stretching his arms above his head before standing up. Causing PJ to jump with joy.


"Yay, daddy number 2 is coming with us!" PJ practically drags Ink over to Error.


"Aw, what happened to calling me mommy?" Ink says to tease PJ. He walks over and he and Error briefly hold hands together at the door. 


Error smiles and brings his head forward so their foreheads touch. "Because we both know who daddy number 1 is here." Error whispers so PJ doesn't hear. 


Ink snickers, biting his lips at the inappropriate comment. "Stop, You're a dork." 


The two briefly kiss and PJ gags with his tongue upon seeing it. His hand was up grasping the doorknob. "Ugh ew! Can we go now?- Can we go now, please?"


Ink motions Error towards the door, his expression pretty much telling him to lead the way. So he does he opens the door and the family all hold hands together. PJ has a hold of Errors' right hand and Ink's left. 


"Do you think Uncle Dream and uncle Mare will be there?"


"I don't know, we'll just have to go and see." Ink said, he too silently hoped Dream would be there. He didn't know about Nightmare though. PJ had been close to Dream since they were born. He was practically an Uncle to the family. Whenever the two needed someone to look after PJ; Dream, Blue, or both wouldn't hesitate to babysit. Normally Paperjam hated the idea of being babysat, but Dream and Blue were the exceptions. Much like his actual uncle, Scarf.


The family walked outside towards the edge of the rocky cliff of the large meteor their house rested on. Well, Error and Ink we're walking. PJ was happily skipping between them, swinging their parents' arms back and forth. The ink particles atop PJ's head bubbled off and disintegrated in the low gravity environment with each skip. 


Error opens up a white-coded portal just before the rocky edge. The white portal then displays the golden scenery of the doodlesphere on the other side. PJ rushes forward a d stands in front of the portal, impatiently jumping up and down like he has to pee. "Come on let's go!" PJ yells excitedly. 


When Error walks forward, he feels Ink's hand tug on him, the retired protector hadn't moved with him and remained stationary. Ink blinked a few times, looking back behind him towards the house in bewilderment. Error turns back and lightly squeezes his husband's hand. His gold wedding ring shined brightly beside Ink's silver ring with a shining black opal.


"Ink, babe you okay?" Error asks.


His voice broke Ink out of his trance and he looks back to Error and smiles, waving whatever he was doing off like it was nothing. "I'm fine, just had a weird sense of deja vu."


"What, again?"


"It's nothing. C'mon, let's not keep our kid waiting...daddy." 


Error chuckles as he fails to hide the faintest hint of a blush on his face. The two wrap an arm around each other's waist and walk to join PJ at the portal, who leads the way and steps through first. Ink watched PJ instantly begin running across the wooden bridge inside the doodlesphere towards Dream, who began waving once he saw them.


Ink had everything he could ever have wanted: He retired to a peaceful life. He was with the love of his life. He had a child of his own, and family and friends who loved and cherished him.


For Ink, it felt like a dream had come true

Chapter Text

Never make bets with Nightmare, EVER...AGAIN. Killer kept mentally cursing to himself. The two had spent the night playing cards with the rest of the mansion's inhabitants on a fun Saturday night. And by the night's end, it was just Killer and Nightmare left playing, all the others either folded or gave up. Killer had never been one to give up and neither was Nightmare. So in the final rounding deal, his lover gave Killer an ultimatum: he could fold now, or continue and the loser had to do whatever the other wanted for an entire day. 


Killed, being the confident and arrogant skeleton he was, was all in, both figuratively and literally. And when Horror drew the cards on the table Killer was confident in his hand. The thought of Nightmare being forced to do HIS bidding was already dancing happily in his mind. He had a two pair; Two queens, two tens, and an ace. The Queens and tens are of the same color. 


So Killer smiled widely once the time came to present his hand. Tossing the group of cards perfectly into the center of the table. Nightmares' poker face didn't falter in the slightest, he just looked Killer blankly in the eyes and laid his hand on the table. Causing Killers' smug expression to vanish in an instant. 


Everyone watching the game began laughing hysterically at the full house Nightmare had laid out on the table. Cross was on the floor laughing, Horrors' usually blank expression had a hint of a smirk as he giggled lowly. And his brother crooks was just laughing because everyone else was. 


It wasn't until Nightmare stood from his chair did he finally break his professional poker face and smiled down at Killer. He was still staring and blushing down at the table both in shock and denial for losing.


"See you in the morning Killer." 


So when morning inevitably came and Killer stirred from sleep, there was a slight bit of dread in him. Especially when he noticed Nightmare wasn't in bed with him, his side of the bed neatly tucked in. The two almost always woke up together. Now Nightmare was as devious as he was creative when it came to stuff like this and Killer couldn't begin to guess what he had in store for him.


Sitting up from bed, Killer noticed a piece of paper folded on top of Nightmares' pillow. He reached over and unfolded it, the letter was no doubt written by Nightmare from his elegant cursive handwriting. 





I sent the others on a trip to the amusement park, so you're all mine for the entire day. Go get something to eat and come back here when you're done.


You have a lot of work ahead of you.





Well, that letter certainly didn't put Killers' worries to rest at all. At least Nightmare had gotten everyone else out of the house. But that meant that Nightmare was indeed planning something devious. So if that was the case he was glad nobody would be around for it, whatever it was.


Setting the note back on the bed, Killer lazily got out of bed, throwing the covers off of him. He was wearing nothing but his shorts that he only wore exclusively to bed nowadays. Normally he'd take this time to get dressed. However, since nobody was home but him and Nightmare he decided to skip it for now until after he got some food.


Exciting the master bedroom and down the stairs, Killer moved towards the kitchen which was to the right of the stairs down another long hallway. 


Upon arriving, Killer was a little surprised to see Nightmare wasn't waiting for him. But a warm plate of food was. A plate of biscuits and gravy with a side of mashed potatoes to be more specific. The plate was sitting in the center of his spot on the table. Steam could still be seen radiating off of it from Killers' position at the doorway. It couldn't have been sitting there for more than a few minutes. 


Killer looked around the adjacent rooms to see where Nightmare could be. And after not seeing him or anybody he headed over to the table and began eating. Killer figured Nightmare must be waiting for him back in their bedroom. The letter seemingly hinting at that. 


A part of him wanted to eat slower and savor the food because God damn was it good. That and to also stall for time. But on the other hand, his curiosity was getting the better of him and he REALLY wanted to see what Nightmare had planned for him. 


So using several large gulps of water to wash down his food quicker, he tossed the messy plate into the sink and headed back. He began heading back upstairs towards the bedroom, feeling a twinge of nervousness as he began heading up the wood steps. His curiosity was again being overshadowed by worry brought on by the uncertainty of what was to come. Was Nightmare just going to use him all day? They hadn't done anything last night as Nightmare had just gone straight to bed without telling him anything. So the thought of another long-term sex session was both exciting and terrifying in a way. 


Upon reaching the door, Killer leaned his head up to it to see if he could hear anything. Nothing. He hadn't exactly been quiet going up the stairs so Nightmare should've heard him. Knocking on the door hadn't resulted in anything either, just silence save for Killer's nervous breathing. 


Killer took a quick deep breath and slowly opened the door, bracing himself for whatever he'd see. "Hey Night, you" 


Opening the door and stepping inside, Killer was again met with another empty room. No God of lust to be found. What Killer had found was a series of boxes laid out at the foot of the bed that weren't there before. All of them were labeled one through four, each varying in size.


Killer took one last look around the room, and in the hall behind him for one final check to see if Nightmare was nearby. Again nobody to be seen. So Killer approached the bed and stood over the boxes. Looking to the left-most box labeled one, he noticed it had another folded note on top of it. Picking it up and unfolding it, he was met with only one small message, written in bold capital lettering.




Killers' hands were shaking as he starred at message-no the command given to him by Nightmare. Wear all of it? What was he wearing? Was there something in the boxes that he would never wear, something that could hurt him? No that wasn't Nightmare, he would never hurt him. It's just the uncertainty was driving Killer crazy at this point to the point of paranoia


Tossing the piece of paper over his head. He decided fuck it. He reached over to the box labeled one as he figured that was the one Nightmare clearly wanted him to wear first. He grabbed the lid of what looked like a shoebox and threw it off. 


Killer just stood there, staring into the box as if mentally processing what was inside. His arm seemed to move involuntarily as he slowly reached his hand into the box and pulled out the first of its contents. What he held in his hands was a pair of black rubber leg stockings. They appeared to be thigh highs given their length. Killer just stared in shock.


Well shit. Now he knew what Nightmare meant by using his ecto. Because they wouldn't of fit on him otherwise.


Killers' face was blushed like crazy as he again scanned the room to see if he was being watched. He set the stockings aside and looked at the next items in the box. Which were a matching pair of long black gloves, also shiny slick latex. 

Killer had never dressed in anything remotely feminine before and he couldn't fathom what was in the other four boxes if THIS was the first one. 


And that wasn't even the last item in the box. Because the final pair of items, which had been concealed by the stocking, were a pair of black high heels. The heels themselves had to be well over six inches. He scoffed seeing how high the heels were. And girls actually walk in these?! They looked more like weapons than shoes.


Killer whimpered to himself, God the thought of wearing stuff like this was so humiliating. Even though the only one in the house was Nightmare, who was his boyfriend. So why was he so nervous? It was likely the uncertainty of what he was doing that made it so nerve-wracking.


So swallowing both his nerves and his pride, Killer reaches for the gloves and slipped those on first. The slick and tight fabric was enough to fit snuggly on his arms without any ecto needed for his arms. Which he was grateful for. The gloves themselves Killer had thought to be broken as each glove only covered three of his fingers; his Index finger, middle finger, and his thumb. The other two were left exposed. They reminded him of Ink's old gloves who only had his pinky's covered which Killer never understood why.


Next moving to the leggings. Killer slipped each on, and as predicted they fell back down the moment he let go. Forcing Killer to pick them back up, hold them up, and summon his blue Ecto. The dark black material did well at concealing the glow of his magic. 


The final piece was the shoes and they too seemed simple enough. There were no zippers, belts, or velcro. He just positioned the shoes underneath him from his seated position on the bed and slipped them on. They seemed stylish and comfortable enough, matching and complementing his other attire nicely. 


"Okay, these aren't too-BAD!!" That was until he stood up and almost fell flat on his face. He used the Bed's bars to catch himself and slowly pull himself up.


Once he was completely sure of his balance, Killer hobbled over to Nightmares' side of the room where his three large dressing mirrors were. He stood before the mirror and took a moment to look at himself. And by God did he look...strange. Killer had never tried on female clothing before, mainly because he saw himself as a male and liked dressing as such.


When it came to Skeleton monsters, since skeletons could use their magic and form both male and female bodies, gender was more personality-based than biologically based. So in Killers' case, he definitely preferred and saw himself as a male outside of the under-the-sheets. So the thought of crossdressing was entirely new and he wasn't sure if he liked it or hated it thus far. 


Killer did like how the leg stockings felt however. He understood now why Nightmare liked to wear tights in his guardian outfit. The way the material tightly hugged his legs like a second skin was comfortable and warm. 


And to think, this was all only from the first box. He still had four more to go. 


Killer slowly walked back to the bed, his arms at his sides to better keep his balance. Upon reaching the bed without falling he reached for the second box, which was smaller than the last. He lifted the box and shook it like a ten-year-old shaking his Christmas presents. He heard the sound of fabric flopping around so he guessed more clothes, which was good since his core body was still very naked. 


Throwing the lid off and looked inside. Killers' blush exploded once again as he lifted the only item in the box. He wanted clothes, but it seemed like the devil had heard his silent request. Because this was anything but what he was wanting.


Dangling from his hand, was a single pair of black latex panties. They were simple looking, but it wasn't the thought of wearing them that took him aback. No that was because of the two large sex toys attached to them and we're drooping down from their large size and weight. The first was a large dildo that had to be over eight inches long and as girthy as the tips of Nightmares' magic tentacles. The other was a large egg-shaped plug that was bigger than his fist. 


Killer looked down to his uncomfortably erect cock, realizing that getting away with his male ecto was now an impossibility. God did he have to? Nightmare did say to wear all of it. He guessed he could use his safe word now. But then he'd probably never hear the end of it from Nightmare. He'd probably make fun of him to be able to be overstimulated for over an hour and not call safeword but would bend at the thought of crossdressing. 


It seemed Killers' body was being more honest than he was because his dick was leaking pre and he hadn't even done anything yet. 


"Stars, why am I so turned on by this?" Killer reaches over and grabs a bottle of lube from the drawer. He looked down and reformed his ecto: His thighs became wider, the latex hugging his legs tighter, and his wet dripping cock became a wet dripping cunt. He lubed up his hands and immediately began fingering himself from both ends, he moaned and panted looking down at the panties on the bed.


"Hmmm, Nightmares' probably watching somewhere, watching me get off to this." 


After about a minute of teasing,  he grabs the panties and lubes each toy as well. Not being at all sparing with the lube either.  He took off his heels momentarily to slip the panties up and began pushing the toys up into himself. 


The dildo went in first because of its greater length. He was already moaning and biting his lip once it was halfway inside of him. The plug came next and it did not want to go in easily. He had to use his full hand to push it in, he whines as he was stretched painfully wide from both ends. 


When the barrier of his rectum had been bypassed and the plug was sucked inside of him. Killer fully sheathed the dildo at the same time, causing Killer to moan loudly and fall backward on the bed. God, he almost came from just that. And he still had two more boxes to open. 


After a minute of panting and composing himself. Killer sat back up, feeling the sex toys being pushed deeper inside of him from his seated position which forced a whimper out of him. He shakily opened the third box and peered inside. 


Killer bit his lip and looked up to the sky as if praying to a deity. It was just getting worse and worse as Killer tipped the box and a black and white maid outfit fell on the bed beside him. The material, like the rest, was shiny latex.


"Nightmare, I'm going to kill you." Killer gasped. The fullness from the toys was not alleviated in the slightest yet.


Killers' body was seemingly on autopilot. Because he picked up the one-piece outfit without even examining other than to see how I went on. It appeared to just slip on from the bottom. 


So Killer positioned the outfit under his legs, which cause the toys to shift inside him. Pulling it up, he realized the upper portion was also a corset which Killer was able to squeeze into. 


Killer was so uncomfortably turned on, his ecto spread up his chest to form a pair of glowing transparent breasts without him thinking too. His breasts fit snug in the built-in bra on top of the corset which didn't conceal his breast in the slightest. Only keeping his plump breast in place and on full display. 


The skirt of the outfit was barely even a skirt. The tight material squeezed his hips and didn't even go halfway down his thighs. 


Killer looked back to the mirrors again from his position on the bed. He stood back up with the heels back on and shamefully starred back at himself. 


This was so humiliating though he guessed that was what Nightmare was going for. He turned and looked at his rear in the mirror. With the heels on, coupled with the shortness of the skirt made Killers' ass almost completely visible, the bulge from the plug seen from the short distance.  


Deciding there was no turning back now, Killer looked away from his blushing face in the mirror to the final box. Killer got on his hands and knees on the bed so he wouldn't be putting more pressure on the toys inside him. 


Lifting the lid off, he looked inside and made a noise Killer couldn't tell was a whimper or a moan of pleasure at its contents: A black ring that looked like a collar judging by the tag on it that read 'property of Nightmare' on it. A Purple cock gag that looked like Nightmares' own dick. Though Killer doubted it was as good as the real thing. And finally what looked to be a strange VR headset. 


Killer began thinking that something was just wrong with him. Because he again reached in and fished out the boxes contents without hesitation. He was either just really horny, or his loyalty to Nightmare was just on another level. 


Killer started with the collar. He clipped the unusually long and thick collar on and felt the tag with his hand. The thought of being owned by Nightmare was a massive turn-on for him right now. Which he guessed was true, he was his and vice-versa. It brought him back to before the Lust serum, in which he quite literally was owned by Nightmare, even though Killer hadn't seen it that way. 


Making sure the collar was on right, he picked up the gag and slipped the gag into his mouth without hesitation, or gagging. 


"Mmmmm, Hnmmm." He suckling on the cock gag like it was an actual cock which he wished was Nightmare's. Because the toys in him made him so unbearably horny despite the humiliating attire he was in.


So now for the final piece. He grabbed the headset with both hands and brought the headset over his head like a helmet. For a long moment, he was encased in the darkness of the headset as there were no holes to see out of it. But eventually, the headset powered on and a holographic recreation of the room he was in was displayed, allowing him to see. 


Like a hud from a video game, other details began to appear in his "vision" one by one. The upper right-hand corner showed the battery life which had a full four out of four bars.  The lower right then displayed a full-body display showing that he was plugged from both holes and was gagged. Killer didn't know how it knew that? 


But he was soon about to. 


Because the final thing displayed was in the top left which came with a female robotic voice. 


"Engaging suit seal, please stand by for instructions."


Killer didn't even have a second to think about what that meant before a bunch of things happened back to back. The first was the corset under his clothing got tight. Really tight. It both momentarily took his breath away and straightened his lower back. 


"MMGH? HNNMGH?!" The collar he was wearing tightened as well. It felt like someone was choking him at first before the collar inflated and Killer quickly found he couldn't move his head anymore. The kinky-looking collar had turned into a posture collar in an instant. His head was stuck in a forward-facing position, unable to move his head in any other direction greater than an inch. 


Killers hands moved down to his pelvis which began to feel tighter. He reached down with his hands since he couldn't look down anymore. When his fingers touched the base of the dildo, he felt its base inflate, the plug in his ass doing the same. Killer tugged on the panties and neither would budge.


But Killers hands went back up to his mouth. He felt the cock in his mouth also get bigger and inflate, filling his entire mouth. "Mmmph!! hmmm nm-mmm." The gag's new size reduced Killers' startling noises to quiet moans and whimpers. He then heard a click at the back of his head and Killer reached back and sure enough, the straps of the gag had locked shut for good measure...


Once everything stopped moving and tightening Killer was panting nervously, expecting something else to happen. The robotic voice then was heard again through the headset.




Killer stood up and hobbles over to the mirror again. Looking at his form through the headset. He was sure if he could see his eyes they'd look both terrified and aroused. Because those were the two emotions driving him right now. And he didn't know which one was more dominant.


He tightly tugged on various pieces of the outfit; the gag, the collar, the panties that stretched him even wider with their inflated bases. All didn't have any slack left. He was stuck, trapped looking like a slutty maid until he was released by Nightmare, who has yet to make an appearance. 


That was until he heard his voice. "Good morning Killer," Killer turned around and looked around for Nightmare but didn't see him anywhere.  "I hope you slept well because you're gonna be working nice and hard for me."


That's when Killer realized his voice was coming from the headset. 


"This message is prerecorded so don't bother trying to say anything, not that you can anyway." Killer could tell Nightmare was probably smiling like mad when he recorded this. "Now I bet you're wondering what's happening here, well it's simple, you lost the bet, and now you're mine to do with as I please, brings back memories doesn't it?" 


Killer moans a response that he knows won't be heard. Nightmare harkening back to the old days before the lust serum "Want out of that little ensemble? Well, you're gonna have to do some cleaning like a good maid for that to happen."


Cleaning? That was what he was doing for his bet?! Just fuck me and get it over with! Killer screamed in his head. 


Killer hated how turned on he was right now. The helplessness coupled with the humiliating scenario gave Killer an adrenaline-fueled rush. He didn't know if he wanted to kiss Nightmare, fuck him, or strangle him. Probably all three, not necessarily in that order.


"And if you're good, you may get a reward." Killer then immediately felt the toys inside him buzz to life and he dropped to the floor on his knees. Of course they vibrated too. Killer moaned and squealed as loud as he could. Which wasn't loud at all courtesy of the large cock in his mouth. In the quietness of the room, he could hear them buzzing away on what Killer thought to be a high setting. 


But as quickly as the vibrations startled, bringing him close to orgasm, they stopped. 


Killer looks around the best he could on his knees, confused. "That was just a taste of things to come, now head down to the kitchen and be a good girl. And of course, I'll be watching you."


Nightmares' voice then cuts out, leaving Killer to the sound of his quiet moans. The vibrating toys in his parts started again, this time though at a much slower pace, a painfully slow pace at that. It was just enough to keep him annoyingly aroused and was a constant reminder of their presence. Not that he needed a reminder given how big they were. But it wasn't nearly enough to bring him close to orgasm like they previously did moments prior.


That's when Killer noticed that the top left corner of his HUD had been updated. What once said 'pending' was now changed to the following:





Without much of an option, Killer picked himself up off the ground. Not so graciously with how wobbly his legs were in the high heels. Killer again looked in the mirrors, he couldn't help himself, he was so horny. He reached down with his hands and began rubbing the base of both toys. He made small circular motions over them causing a dull wave of increased pleasure to course though him as he moaned louder. It would take him a while, but Killer felt if he kept doing this he could get off. Then he could properly think and not focus on what was between his legs constantly.


Keyword 'could' as a few moments later a loud siren blared at him and a flashing red text appeared on his screen.




The vibrations came to an abrupt halt and Killer was then hit with a massive jolt of electricity that came from his groin. The pain caused Killer to fall back to his knees as smaller bursts of electricity shocked him. Killer screamed from the pain as 'bad girl' kept flashing on his screen. The toys also had an electrified option?! 


After about ten seconds, the shocks ceased and the shaking in his legs stopped, Killer immediately took his hands away from his groin as if he touched a hot iron. Killer took a few moments to recover himself again, this time for a different reason than pleasure. Because by god did that hurt. It was far from the worse pain Killer had experienced, but it still hurt like hell. 


And apparently he took a few moments too long. Because the objective flashed 'go to the kitchen' in yellow text. 


Killer quickly got back to his feet, while he didn't get shocked for a yellow flash, he wasn't about to wait any longer and to see if it turned red.


Hobbling forward, Killer reached out and opened the door and began his way to the kitchen. A trip that would have normally taken less than a minute took several. Most of that time was spent on the stairs. Walking with high heels was already a challenge.


Once the monumental task of the stairs had been conquered and he was one corridor away. Of course it got difficult. Because as he walked or more accurately hobbled, the suit flashed another yellow warning 'CORRECT POSTURE' 


"Nnngh?" Killer didn't know what that meant. How was he going to 'correct posture' when he was one bad step from falling over. He took his hand off from the wall and corrected his upper back, hoping that would do the trick. 'CORRECT POSTURE' It didn't, the warning flashing a second time. It must've been how he was walking but what was he supposed to do? He never walked in heels before, let alone heels this high. 


But the program, or Nightmare, he didn't know which one, seemed to take mercy on him because instead of another punishment, the black diagram of himself appeared at the center of his screen and was demonstrating for him. 


Wow, a kinky maid software and a tutorial device. Killer would've said sarcastically if he wasn't gagged. 


So he mimicked the way the tutorial was walking, which was assisted by small yellow text underneath. (Heel to toe, smaller steps, lean backward slightly.)


Those three little changes seemed to do the trick as after a few steps that didn't look like he was going to break his ankles, the warning went away. For now, because while the changes to his step made it easier, he was still new. 


By the time he did reach the kitchen, he'd received three more warnings for posture. Once he stepped into the kitchen his HUD began to update. But Killer didn't notice as the low vibrations of his toys had returned after his masturbation punishment. Killer just stood in the doorway moaning before the HUD flashed the objective and he noticed the change. 'CLEAN THE DISHES' appeared in the upper left corner.


Killer turned his body towards the sink. It was almost completely full. No doubt intentional on Nightmares' part from the breakfast he made for him earlier. 


Reaching the sink, he grabbed the first of many plates, Likely from the rest of the housemates eating breakfast before leaving. He moved to put the plate in the dishwasher but 'CLEAN THE DISHES' flashed at him again. He looked back to the sink and groaned, seeing the sponge and bottle of dish soap sitting by the faucet. It wanted him to manually clean everything. Because stars forbid this be easy.


He grabbing the soap and sponge and applied a large spurt onto the first plate, then a small dollop on the sponge, and got to scrubbing. The gravy left on the plate solidified which made it a hard scrub. Placing the plate in the drying segment of the sink, he was about to move into the next when another warning flashed at him. The vibrations went away again as a result. 'STILL DIRTY' 


Killers' head, or more accurately his entire body swung back to the plate he just finished. Picking it back up he saw soap suds still adhering to the plate. Fuck, why was this software being so thorough? Killer never thought he'd think a computer software could be an asshole, though it was probably also Nightmares' doing too.


So Killer ran the plate under the sink with the faucet on the sprinkler option to get as much soap off as possible. Putting the plate back a second time, another warning appeared. This time 'TOO WET' appeared. Okay, now it really was being an asshole. 


He grabbed the towel draped off the dishwasher handle and began drying the plate making sure not to miss a spot. Once he felt entirely sure it was clean and dry, he placed the plate on the rack a third time. Thankfully, that seemed to do the trick as another warning hadn't appeared. This meant he was allowed to move on to the rest of the dishes. 


But of course, the software demanded near perfection. By the time Killer had finished with the dishes, it had taken fifteen minutes! He took notice of how every time he received a warning, the vibrations would stop. They only resumed again when he either corrected the error or if he went a decent amount of time without another one. 


After finishing the dishes, letting them dry, and putting them all away. The objective box hadn't updated from the 0/20 still displayed, because Killer wasn't done in the kitchen just yet. Because the HUDS next task for him read 'MOP THE FLOOR'


Luckily for Killer, getting the mop was easy. The cleaning closet for the first floor was conveniently right next to the kitchen. Probably why the software made him start in the kitchen. 


He opened the closet and found there was a new cleaning cart waiting for him. They never had a cleaning cart before so this was no doubt a hint from Nightmare. The mop bucket was already filled with soap and water which Killer was relieved about. Because he didn't want to have to go all the way to the other side of the house in the gardens to fill the bucket. 


Pulling the cart out, Killer noticed a few other items on the cart he suspected he'd be using at some point. A cordless vacuum cleaner, a bottle of window cleaner, clean rags, and a maids favorite cleaning utensil, a black feather duster. 


Wheeling the cart out he dipped the mop and strained it above the mop bucket. He started at the corner of the kitchens and worked his way back as to leave himself walking on the wet floor in heels. Killer bet his knees to put more effort into his work to avoid errors, however doing so caused one to immediately appear, one he'd gotten the most frequently. That being 'CORRECT POSTURE'


Killer whined to himself. What was he doing wrong this time? His back was straight, he wasn't perfect with the heels by any means, but he was walking backward. The only thing he did differently was bent his-




Killers' face flushed even brighter. He Momentarily closed his eyes from humiliation, he straightened his knees, standing up straight, and instead of bending with his knees, and leaned his lower back forward effectively raising his ass and skirt up. 


And just as Killer shamefully predicted, the error went away and the vibrations started again. The software really was training him to clean like a slut. And for some reason, Killers' body was loving it. He was sure if the latex panties weren't trapping all the moisture, he'd be leaving a soaking mess on the floor under him. Being controlled by Nightmare at this point was thee biggest turn-on for him. It got him going no matter what scenario he was in. 


The things we do for love, Killer thought. Reaching the end of the kitchen. He placed the mop back in the bucket and was waiting for another error to flash at him. But instead 'MOP THE FLOOR' disappeared from his HUD and the robotic voice returned which startled him a bit. 





"Hng? HnnNNNNGGG MMMPPH!!!" Killer barely had time to react. If he hadn't already been gripping the cleaning cart with both hands, he would have fallen to his knees as the toy's vibrations increased too high. Killer rolled his head up to the ceiling, squealing and moaning from the sudden increase in pleasure. It took all of Killers' willpower not to reach between his legs. Instead, he rocked his hips forward into the air. His pelvic area was actually vibrating caused by the toys.


Killers' grip on the cart tightened as his knees began to shake and feel weak. Ready to finally get to cum for doing a good job. He was moments away from it. 


But like in the bedroom earlier, the vibrations suddenly stopped right before Killer could cum. The built-up orgasm faded away as the numbness brought on by the vibration returned.


Killer felt like he wanted to cry. He banged a hand against the cart in frustration. He did good, didn't he? It said he was a good girl. He should get to cum. 


Paying attention back to the HUD. His frustration grew once Killer saw the updated objectives. Which was now 1/20 which alarmed Killer. He had thought doing the dishes and mopping the floor would've added two tallies. Making it three, but now a dreadful thought crossed his mind. The mansion itself had well over twenty rooms in it, including the garden. 


Was Killer going to have to clean the entire house?! 


Usually, during the weekend, everyone in the mansion would be assigned a few rooms to clean. That way the entire house could be cleaned in only a few hours. But if he was doing all the chores, it would easily take most of the day. 


Killer looked back to the objectives as it updated a second time. 'GO TO THE LOUNGE' 


The lounge? Killer assumed that meant the living room. Which was also the biggest room in the entire house, excluding the greenhouse. Again without much of a choice, Killer grabbed the cart and began pushing the cart towards the living room. Which was back the way he came, and to the left and under the stairs in the direction of the rear of the mansion.


This time Killer had only received two warnings for posture by the time he walked into the large open living room. While he waited for the objective to update, he looked up and his expression went cold. The TV mounted on the fireplace was on. And on it, was Killers embarrassed form starring up at it. He noticed the small camera mounted to the top of the flatscreen, its blinking red light mocking him.


The warmth inside Killers' panties increased from embarrassment and arousal. Nightmare really was watching him. Killer should have guessed there'd be cameras. He'd been too distracted by the kitchen chores to think about it and look. Because given that the lower right of the TV screen read C_13 meant that there were a lot more. 




Killer looked around the room as the software helped him out by highlighting all the dust he needed to wipe off in a glowing greenish yellow like a black light. The chairs, coffee tables, lamps, sofas, picture frames, knickknacks on the fireplace, the goddamn TV remote. The number of things he needed to dust was borderline stupid.


But looking back up at his form on the TV. Killer took a deep breath, now equally as determined as he was horny. Killer hopefully thought that maybe if he did a good job and got as few errors as he possibly could, he'd be rewarded with an orgasm. He couldn't believe his mindset was drifting to such lewd thoughts, but he didn't care, he was that desperate to cum. 


So Killer reached to the cart and grabbed the duster before the HUD even gave him a warning and walked forward to start dusting.


And by the stars, was it taking forever. The goal of getting as few errors as possible was going poorly as he kept getting errors for missing spots of dust. Mainly due to him needing to bang the duster in the garbage can on the cart to get rid of excess dust so it wouldn't just smear the dust around instead of cleaning it off. 


When the work was all said and done; dusting everything, then vacuuming, and wiping the sliding glass door to the backyard with window cleaner. The result was the same as the kitchen. The objectives updated to 2/20 and the vibrators would kick up to high, he'd be brought to the brink of orgasm, only to have it taken from him. It was torture. He kept thinking just to do better, if he kept getting fewer errors, or maybe no errors, he'd be allowed to cum. Right?


Killers' usually smug confidence was slowly returning as he got more and more into the mindset of cleaning. His arousal continued to rise the longer he was teased and denied which had begun eroding away the shame and embarrassment he previously felt.


The moment he stepped into a new room he'd find the camera, which was usually the TV as almost all rooms had one. Only the garden, the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets didn't have a giant flat screen in them. During cleaning, whenever he had to bend over down, he made sure to face away from the camera so he could lightly sway his ass back and forth teasingly. He did it both to tease Nightmare who was definitely watching, and to show him how needy he was. Maybe he'd let him cum if he put on a show? Sadly that didn't happen either. He did notice whenever he did present himself to the camera, the vibrations would rise ever so slightly for a second before going back to their normal speed. 


Yeah, Nightmare was definitely enjoying this. He wished he could see where Nightmare was and what he was doing. He could make a few educated guesses on one of those things.



Finished wiping down the marble counter of one of the many bathrooms downstairs. Killer made one final check, able to see his slutty reflection on the counter. He stepped back and out of the bathroom as the objective number rose by another tally. 11/20, he was halfway done.


He put the rag on the cart and stood up straight, ready to be praised and receive his reward.  Killer braced himself. But instead of his holes being edged again, a happy little ding went off in his HUD. He looked to his objectives which had updated without rewarding him. 'LUNCH' 


Killer looked at the clock beside the mirror. To his shock, it read 1:45 Pm. He'd been cleaning for almost six hours! And he was only halfway done and still no closer to an orgasm than when he'd started. 


'Hnnnhh!" Killer couldn't help a whine escape him. He was ashamed that he cared more about his reward than about food. Sure he hated how each reward edged him, but they still felt amazing and made him feel good enough to still want them. Plus he loved how each reward praised him for doing a good job. 


But again he wasn't in control. He turned around and was about to walk to the kitchen. But then another order flashed in his HUD.




He looked around, there wasn't exactly a chair or anything to sit on in the hallway. So he walked back into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bathtub instead of getting on his knees. He wanted to feel something press against his toys. But the HUD had other ideas, seemingly aware of Killers' plan. He yelped as it delivered a small painless shock, seemingly warning him about pleasuring himself, even if indirectly.




Killer did as he was told and got off the tub and sat beside it on his knees, his arms gripping the edge of the tub. He then felt the gag in his mouth begin to change shape. His mouth still felt full, but the cock gag had changed shape.




Killer did so without a moment's hesitation, which didn't surprise him anymore. His eyes closed inside the headset as he sucked on the gag in his mouth like a warm cock. He began to feel a thick liquid leak from the end of the gag and down his throat. 


As he continued to suck, he took notice of the gag's shape. It wasn't in the shape of a dick anymore, nor did it feel like silicone. From what he could feel with his tongue, it felt warm and slimy, and its shape was smooth and featureless. But once the taste of the liquid registered as a familiar sweet and tasty syrup, it dawned on him. 


The cock had changed to one of Nightmares' tentacles. 


Killer didn't know how that was possible. But that revelation made him suck even harder. Causing in turn more liquid to be shot into his hungry mouth. He brought one of his hands to his mouth and tried pushing on the gag to effectively suck more. But 'NO HANDS' appeared in his HUD and he quickly put his hand back on the tub. He instead began bobbing his head forward to mimic giving someone a blowjob. 


After about a minute of giving the hardest and best oral he could. He heard the voice he'd wanted to hear after finishing the bathroom. 




"nnMMMHMHMHMM! NN-*gulp*-HMM-*gulp*MMMPH" Killer wailed as the vibrators were again fired on high again as Killer gulped down as much as he could. He arched his back and shook his vibrating ass up at the counter where a small camera was mounted in front of the sink. 


His knees shook on the floor as he felt his orgasm building. The small piece of his mind knew it wouldn't happen though. He accepted that he probably needed to finish all twenty objectives for that to happen. He just tried his best to enjoy the heightened pleasure as he continued to suck and moan. 


And as predicted, the vibrations changed back to their low setting before he could cum. But the tentacle in his mouth didn't. It or rather Nightmare watching must've enjoyed the performance as the tentacle in his mouth ejaculated extra-large globs of thick cum-like liquid down his throat.


Killer gasped on the floor from not taking the time he'd spent sucking/eating to take enough breaths. He felt the gag in his mouth revert back to its normal cock shape and feel. Out of the near dozen times he was violently edged so far, that was the closest he'd gotten to cumming. If he'd been sitting on that tub, grinding against it like he'd wanted to then he probably would have.


But alas, Killer stood back up, making sure his posture was good before taking a step. He walked out of the bathroom and began pushing the cart down the hall. He still had a long way to go. 





Killers' entire body was shaking, leaning against Nightmares' purple and gold throne in the center of the garden. The last item in the greenhouse before completing the nineteenth objective was finally done. Nightmare often would use the throne as a reading space, he liked the sound of rushing water and the sound of birds while he read sometimes. 


And by god did Killer need Nightmare with him right now. His body still quivering from the immense pleasure, which caused his legs to slip and he fell forward over the throne. His face was buried in the soft purple cushions to muffle his sobbed moans. 


Killer was surprised he was almost there, an additional six hours later. It was almost six-thirty. The amusement park closed at seven so everyone should be getting back soon.


Which was good because Killer didn't know how much more he could take. Between lunchtime and now, he'd gone through the entire house up and down. 


But Killer was quickly reminded after lunch, then again at the dinner break at five, of the effects of Nightmares' syrup-like liquid he so eagerly drank. The liquid acted as a powerful aphrodisiac and made his already heavily aroused state practically unbearable. And the edgings after completing each objective even more so. With Killer almost crying on Nightmares' throne when the vibrations died down again. And he couldn't do anything about it.


He had tried to change that if course. But he'd been shocked probably half a dozen times each time he touched himself. Each punishment painfully reminded him who was in control. Not him. 


Killer wanted it to end. He was so close to just begin tearing at the outfit to get it off. To go running around looking for Nightmare. Or to use their safe tune in hopes Nightmare was listening as well as watching.


But the one thing that kept him going, other than his loyalty and dedication to Nightmare. Was the fact that it was almost over. He only had one more objective left, one more room left. And he knew exactly where to go before his HUD even updated. 


Standing himself up straight despite his still shaky legs. Killer abandoned the cleaning cart in the garden. He kept his duster in one hand and began walking in the direction of the one-room he hadn't been to yet.




 Since he had cleaned the entire mansion, Killer knew 'study' meant Nightmares' office. Which was right next to their bedroom, connected by a side door between the bookshelves. 


Killer had gotten good at walking in heels over the day. So good that walking up and down the many staircases was no longer an issue for him. Because he had made it from the greenhouse on the opposite side of the estate, up the stairs, and was now walking towards their bedroom without a single posture warning. 


Walking past their bedroom, he walked a few more yards and stopped in front of the dark wooden door of Nightmares' office. He reached and twisted the doorknob to open the door. He could take a guess what or who was behind the door.


Killer slowly pushed the door open and stepped inside. His heels clicked on the rug in front of the door as Killer looked at the TV above the office desk. All the cameras in the house were being filtered to that one TV, showing over two dozen different angles throughout the house. 


The television then shut off and the swiveling chair behind the desk spun around. Sitting in the chair and starring blankly at him was Nightmare, at long last. Killeen watched as he set down the TV remote and picked up a smaller oval-shaped one off his desk and pressed a small button. Killer didn't need to guess what that remote was for.


Just then Killer's HUD was updated for a final time. One final objective.





Killer stood perfectly still as his boyfriend starred at him. He didn't know what to do so he just waited for Nightmare to make the first move.


Nightmare's face then formed a small and subtle smile. "So the saying really is true, some things are just better face to face." 


"Mmmm, hmmgh-plmmm!" Killer whined behind his gag. His arms were firmly at his sides as Nightmare stood up from his desk and began walking around it. 


"And I must say you put on quite a show for me." Walking around the table he playfully fidgets with the remote in his hands. So Killers' theory was correct. Nightmare had been in more control than the software was 


"And everything is all shiny and clean now, just like you. He walks over to Killer and reaches up, cupping one of Killers' blue ecto breasts and begins gently fondling it,


"The kitchen..." 


Nightmare then begins squeezing his breast. He also uses his thumb over the remote and gently rolls one of the rotating nozzles on the side. Killer then felt the vibration grow stronger, the increase was so small and subtle that if he wasn't so sensitive he wouldn't have noticed it. 


"The living room..." Nightmare continued smoothly. He began squeezing the breast. And he increased the vibrations again, but once again very small but more noticeable. Killer was panting and whining now. He tapped his heels on the ground impatiently causing his breasts to jiggle as they bounced. He wanted to touch himself but he saw in Nightmares' hand, the one holding the remote, his pointer finger was hovering over a red button with a lightning bolt on it. Killer knew what that button did, so he didn't dare move an inch. At least not his hands.


"The garden..." Now Nightmare began pinching his nipple with two fingers. He raises the vibrations a third time to what Killer could describe as a medium-low. Still not powerful enough to get him close, he'd need more. 


"Every...single...guestroom." Taking the breast play a step further, Nightmare leans down and begins sucking on Killer's right breast. 


Killer was moans mixed with tears as the Nightmare kicked the vibrations up again. Medium speed. This would get him over the edge eventually, especially with Nightmare sucking and lightly biting his breast the way he was. 


But like a cruel twist of fate, Nightmare lowered the toys back down to their lowest setting. He pulls his head back from his breasts, his teeth clinging to Killer's sensitive nipple before letting up, causing Killer to yelp. "Now the question remains. What should be done with you? Only good girls get to cum."


The feather duster Killer had brought with him teetered in his hands and was about to fall from his grasp. Only for Nightmare to catch it and take it himself.  "How many times were you punished? How many times did you try touching yourself without my permission?"


"Mmmgh, mm-eaaghmm" Killer tried his best to answer. But only a garbled mess of pathetic moans could be heard from his stuffed mouth.


Nightmare had slowly circled Killer and had positioned himself behind him. His still exposed ass on full display for him.


"Eight times" Killer squealed as he felt a sharp sting hit his rear. Nightmare was using the feather duster to spank him. 


"HHMMGH MM-MM!!" The duster itself had an elastic metal rod to hold the feathers so it worked as intended because it hurt. Not as bad as if he had shocked him, but it still hurt enough to get Killer to make those noises Nightmare loved so much. 


Killer shifted in place and clenched his ass as Nightmare continued to spank him. He alternated between cheeks with each hard swat. One swat for each time he was punished. 


Walking back around to the front, Nightmare delivered the eighth and final swat upwards on Killer's sensitive and stuffed pussy. Which made tears begin to fall from Killers' face. Not from the pain, but because he was that desperate for release he was literally crying for it.


Nightmare seemed to pause, looking Killer in the eyes if he wasn't wearing the headset still. He looked like he was waiting for something for a moment. When Killer only continued to whimper and moan Nightmare continued. 


"But did you learn your lesson?" Nightmare asked tapping the duster on his own leg. 


Killer did his best to nod his head despite the collar. Nightmare brought up the feather duster and lightly brushed its feathers against the side of his face. 


"So, Are you a good girl Kiki?" 


"MMHMM MHM-MHMM, PLEMMMNN!!" Killer is one more edge away from sobbing. He tried to scream that he was. If he wasn't gagged he'd say it-no scream it. He'd scream he was a good girl, a good maid, hell he'd scream at the top of his nonexistent lungs he was a good cock hungry slut. He would say ANYTHING, do ANYTHING if it meant he could cum. Nothing else in the world mattered to him right now other than the orgasm he'd been denied from for over twelve hours!


"On your knees." Nightmare whispered


Killer never got down on the floor faster in his life. His head is now at eye level with Nightmares' crotch. Nightmare crouched down and looked at Killer, his eyes not leaving his face. 


"Touch yourself." 


Killer immediately brought his hands to his hips and to his surprise hesitated for a moment. He'd been conditioned to avoid touching himself all day to where doing it felt wrong. 


So Nightmare gave him a hand. Pressing a button on the remote, Killers' HUD flashed 'BE A GOOD GIRL' which was the encouragement he needed to reach down and begin fingering himself. His left-hand makes circular motions over the base of the dildo. His right went for his plug, grabbing the base and pulling on it then releasing it to snap back. 


But it wasn't enough, he needed more. 


"Hmm, yes I think you are" Nightmare again reached and began fondling one of Killer's breasts. He raised his hand with the remote so Killer could see it and slowly began increasing the vibrations again, painfully slow.


"Oh you did such a good job today Kiki. You worked so hard. I'm so proud of you." Nightmare praises in a low and gentle voice. "I loved you presenting yourself for me." 


Killers' entire body begins to shake and fidget uncontrollably. The vibrators were already close to medium speed. His mouth wouldn't stay silent either; Moaning, whimpering, crying. He couldn't stay quiet as he violently rubbed his stuffed holes. Nightmare praising him each passing second alone was driving him crazy.


"You're so warm, so this." Nightmare put his head on Killer's shoulder as he continued to whisper to him. 


"So you are, you are a good girl Kiki!" Nightmare then yanked up on the rotating nozzle on the remote like a mouse wheel. Causing Killer to scream like a banshee. The toys vibrated harder and faster than they ever did before. 


Between fingering himself, Nightmare praising him, the squeezing and pinching of one of his breasts, and the toys vibrating with no mercy. He WAS cumming, there was no stopping it. It was finally happening. He could barely breathe he was hyperventilating that badly. 


His headset was then shut off before it was quickly removed by Nightmare who grabbed his face by his cheeks. He directed his face to look at him. His voice no longer low and seductive and now urgent. He wanted this to happen as badly as Killer did it seemed.


"Killer, Killer look at me. Look me in the eyes as you cum. Be a good girl and cum for me!"


"MM-MM-MGH, MMGH!!! CMMNG-CMMNG!!! NNNGH-CMM!!! NNNNNGGGGHH!!!!" Killer looked Nightmare in the eyes as long as he could before his eyes rolled back. His entire body was seizing on his knees. His screaming turned into breathless gasps as he came again and again and again. The black panties finally being unable to hold his juices in any longer which leaked down his thigh like a leaking faucet. Almost as hard as the tears were falling down Killer's face.


Nightmare hugged him while Killer continued to shake from easily the longest orgasm Killer ever experienced. Even after Nightmare turned off the vibrators he couldn't stop cumming. 


After what seemed like a whole minute Killers' body stopped shaking and Killer fell limp in Nightmares' arms from exhaustion. "Kiki, are you okay?" 


Killer heard Nightmares' voice but only responded with weak moans and whimpers. His body was too weak to even lift a finger. He then felt his tightly trapped body loosen. The corset he was wearing, the collar, gag, and panties all deflated or loosened. Nightmare unstrapped and ripped the drool-covered gag out of his mouth. He then used his hands and tore the straps of the panties and got the large toys out of him. Killer was too weak to care as the toys were removed. His juices adhering to his skin and the latex like a sticky mess.


"Killer, talk to me. Are you okay?" Nightmare asked, dropping the smooth and seductive voice for a nervous and concerned one. He took Killer and laid him on the floor, his head resting in Nightmares' lap. 


Killer, still whimpering, nodded his head. "Y-yeah, Mmm...good"


"Stars Killer, why didn't you call it? I was expecting you to use our safe tune. I didn't think you'd make it halfway, much less all of it." 


Killer rubbed his head against Nightmares' thigh tiredly. "Felt...good." 


"Heh, I'm glad" Nightmare was relieved Killer was okay. But Killer then brought his hands slowly back down to his pelvis and tried fingering himself again.


"N-night I...more." Killer moaned. But Nightmare was having none of it, using his hands to swat Killers’ hand away. 


"Uh-uh no, absolutely not," Killer whined as Nightmare put his hands back to his sides, away from his still warm and twitching cunt. "You may not be calling it, but I am. And you still have over five hours left in the day for the bet. So I order you to undergo some much-needed aftercare. Starting with a nice warm bath."


“O-okay.” Killer was too tired to object or resist as Nightmare picked him up. He cradled Killer in his arms the same way Killer had done with him months prior after the raid. 


Killer just nuzzled his head into Nightmare's chest. His ecto was too sensitive and stimulated to go away yet. "D-did I...d-do good?" Killer whimpered, unable to keep his eyes open anymore. 


Walking into their bedroom, he carries Killer towards the master bathroom connected to the bedroom. “Yes, you did good Kiki."


Killers’ head finally goes limp with the rest of his body as he drifts off to sleep. Nightmare smiled feeling Killer snore softly in his sleep. He smiled seeing his love fall asleep in his arms. He leaned his head down and kissed the too if Killers’ forehead. 


“Good girl, Kiki.”

Chapter Text

By the time Nightmare had gotten Killer situated in the bathtub he heard the sound of voices coming from downstairs. The sound of Cross and Horrors' laughter made it clear that  everyone had returned from the amusement park.


The warm soapy water got a shutter out of Killers' hypersensitive body. His blue ecto glowing underneath the water. The maid outfit he'd worn for the entire day was left in a messy pile on the floor. Killer was still exhausted from the violent orgasm that he experienced only a few moments ago. An orgasm that had been after over twelve hours of continuous edging and it had taken a lot out of Killer, more than he had let on initially. 


Because right as the voices of their friends drew closer, Killer could be seen crying. Not full-on sobbing or anything audible. But the tears in his eyes were notable enough for Nightmare to feel bad. He should have called the safe word sooner. Killer was always tough and stupidly stubborn, but he wasn't invincible. So Nightmare hated himself for not stopping it sooner. He'd have to have a serious talk with Killer about this when he was able. Because the fact Killer didn't call it either troubled Nightmare too. 


Once Nightmare heard footsteps coming up the stairs, Nightmare uses the pillow he'd grabbed and laid it on the side of the bed for Killer to use. 


"I'll be right back, Kiki. You just stay here okay?" Killer whimpers and nods his head, eyes still closed as he massages parts of his body. 


Nightmare walks out of the bathroom. He does a quick check of his outfit to make sure it was clean and free of any certain bodily fluids. And just as he thought he hears a knocking on the bedroom door. 


"Yo b-boss, we're home!" it was Cross. Who sounded like he had one too many drinks. 


Opening the door, Nightmare was met with Cross who almost fell over trying to knock a second time. Nightmare could smell the alcohol on him. Behind the drunk as a skunk skeleton were the rest of the mansion inhabitants; Horror and his brother, Crooks. The taller skeleton also had the other mansion's newest member under his shoulder. That being Epic!Sans. He was so drunk he couldn't walk, hence why Crooks was carrying him.


"H-hey Nighty," Cross slurred. Nightmare did his best bot to cringe. The only person to call him 'Nighty' was his brother. And he'd like to keep it at just him. "Thanks for *hic* getting us outta da house."


"Yeah, don't mention it." Nightmare turned and glared at the only two sober skeletons, the Horror brothers. "I take it you guys had fun?"


Crooks nodded his head vigorously, causing Epic to shake in Crook's grasp as he cups his mouth to keep himself from throwing up. "WHY YES, WE DID!!" Crooks says, always several octaves higher than what was necessary.


"We stopped at a few bars on the way home." Horror added, tapping the side of his head from his brother's loud voice right next to him.




"Hey! My karaoke was...jus' fine bruh!" Epic added pointing a finger up at Crooks. He looked and sounded equally as drunk as Cross was.


"So what did you guys do?" Cross asked slyly, leaning his body against the doorframe. "Anything fun?"


Nightmares' neutral poker face stayed strong and he just shrugged his shoulders at the drunk skeleton's lewd question. "We just cleaned." his casual answer got a weird look from Epic, still dangling off the floor. 


"Bruh, ya' had the entir~ house to yourselves and you *hic* cleaned? What are you, grown-ups?" 


"Well, I'm glad you guys had fun. I think Killer and I are going to turn it in for the night." Nightmare puts his hands over the partially opened door. Crooks walks up and grabs the other drunk skeleton by the waist and pulls him up as well. Earning a startled shout from Cross. 




"Have a good night you guys." Nightmare says happily. Horror nods and the brothers walk down the hallway towards their rooms. 


Nightmare closes the door gently. When the sound of the footsteps fades away, he turns and immediately heads back to the bathroom. 


Back inside he summons a pair of purple tentacles to use as a makeshift chair and he sits beside the tub. Killer was still waiting around in the tub. He was whimpering and moaning silently as he massaged areas of his ecto. 


Nightmare reaches into the tub and takes hold of Killers' hands to stop him and to get him to stay still. "Here, let me Killer." Nightmare grabs a soft sponge, wetting it with soap and water, and begins lightly massaging Killers' body. 


Killer tearfully exhales feeling Nightmare's warm touch under the water. The silky sponge runs along Killer's sensitive body in all the right spots save for his pelvis, which he was purposefully avoiding. 


"Ga-HA! Night, it-it won't go away-" Killer whimpered, bringing a hand from the water to grab Nightmares' hand holding the sponge.


"Shhh it's okay Kiki, I know." Killers' body was warm, even for being in a warm bathtub. Killer had never used his ecto as long as he had done today. And the long-term pleasure he endured had caused his magic to be too sensitive to be able to de summon his ecto. He couldn't even de-summon his breasts, which Killer was massaging with his other hand.


Running the sponge along Killers' magic made tummy made Killer make comforting whimpers. Killers' eyes remained closed as Nightmare slipped off his shoes and black tights before climbing into the tub also. He leaned Killer forward from laying back against the tub and hugged him gently, feeling Killers' breasts squeeze against his ribs. He used the sponge to brush his lover's back. 


"Y-you're so warm." Killer whimpered. Said whimper turned into a choked but pleasureful moan when Nightmare gently massages one of his sensitive breasts. Nightmare noticed they were slightly heavier than he remembered a few minutes ago and larger. They weren't this big on the security cameras earlier in the day. 


Nightmare let go of the sponge and used his now free hand to caress Killer's face. Killer leaned the side of his head into the touch. 


"I-I ne-ed more. I need you to-" 


Killer again tries to reach down to his pussy in the water. Nightmare could see his blue fluids dripping into the water. Killer painfully winced when his finger tries to insert itself. That was when Nightmare knew he needed to try something different.


"Here, c'mon." still hugging Killer, Nightmare summons a tentacle on his back and grabs a towel off the wall. He sits Killer up enough to drape it over him before scooping him out of the tub. 


He carries Killer back into their bedroom and lays him down on their bed. The towel acted as a barrier from the bed as he was still wet with traces of soap on his body. Nightmare does what he can to dry him off as gently as he could. 


"Please...touch me." Killer again tries to touch himself, but Nightmare takes a firm hold over his hands.


"It's okay Kiki, I'm here. Just touch me, I'll take good care of you." Nightmare purrs. He raises Killers' hands to grab at Nightmares' own body. He used his magic to summon his own purple ecto body for Killer to grope at. Normally he didn't form ecto over his ribcage, just his abdomen downwards. 


Feeling Nightmares' male ecto. The firm muscles above him. It made Killer smile weakly. Their strong and warm feel made him feel safe and protected. He exhales a long needy sigh as he runs his hands on Nightmares' body.


"That's it, keep your hands on me, I'll make you feel good. Just remember our safe word, okay?" 


When he gets a slow nod from Killer, Nightmare looks behind him at Killer's pussy. It was still leaking and twitching slightly. Using it would likely be both painful and pleasureful for Killer. And Nightmare only wanted to give him one of those two feelings. 


So Nightmare would resort to other methods of making Killer squirm. Killer's weak voice gives him an idea of where to start.


"They f-feel heavy, and tah-IGHT!" Killer tries bringing a hand to grope at one of his breasts but Nightmare again redirects his hand back to him. Nightmare had a feeling what Killer meant by that. 


Nightmares reached with his hands and cupped his hands over Killers' plump breasts. Taking in how warm and squishy they were. They were bigger than Nightmare would've thought of Killers' female ecto. They weren't small by any means, Nightmare being unable to fully cup his fingers together because of their respectable girth. 


Which caused Killer to gasp and moan at the direct stimulation. But Nightmare wasn't stopping there. Starting on their outer plump edges and moving inwards, he rubbed and squeezed each like a gentle massage. Which sent dull waves of pleasure through Killers' body, causing his arms and legs to squirm under him. 


Nightmare kept doing this until he reached the areolas. He used two fingers on each one to make circular motions around his tender and moist nipples. 


Killers' voice finally broke through the tearful moans. "Oh g...Oh God, don't stop! Please don't stop Night." 


"Shhh, it's okay," Nightmare hushed Killer again. "You're doing so well Kiki." 


Stopping his circular motions. Nightmare slowly pinches his  fingers together as gently and as slow as he could as to not hurt him. Killers' moans grew louder and louder until Nightmare's gentle pinching caused the buds of Killers' nipples to slowly harden and pop out. Causing Killer to let out a relieving gasp once Nightmare stopped pinching. 


Nightmare watched as two small droplets of magical essence trickled out of each of Killer's tits. "Hmm, okay here we go Kiki."


"N-night? What are y-OHHHH!~" Killer is cut off when Nightmare brings his open mouth down and begins sucking on his left breast. Killer wrapped his arms around Killers' back while Nightmare wrapped his hands around the breast he was using.


Nightmare alternates between puckering his lips over the leaking nipple, and running his tongue up the entirety of his breast, making sure not to miss a drop of the bittersweet liquid. He groped it, squeezed it, and pressed his face into the warm flesh to suckle as hard and as gently as he could. 


This was driving Killer nuts, he tried speaking but was in an overwhelmed mess of emotions and pleasure to form a word. He never felt this good without stimulation from his groin area. He opted to let his actions speak for what he wanted. He cupped the back of Nightmares' head to keep his head in place over his tit. 


He kept suckling until he was sure there was no excess magical essence remaining, as in it was empty. Only then did he begin to pull his head back. He purposefully kept sucking as he did, causing the heavy breast to raise with him and making Killer scream in pleasure until the nipple is free of his mouth with a wet and sloppy pop. 


Killer is left gasping while Nightmare wipes his mouth. "Was th-at...gAGH-good?" Killer whispered.


"Heh see for yourself." Nightmare grabbed the other neglected breast. They were big enough for Nightmare to bring it up to Killers' own mouth, who opened his mouth and began suckling on his own tit like a toddler. Killer hummed lowly feeling the blue liquid enter his throat. "It tastes lovely, just like you Kiki." Nightmare knew praising Killer worked just as well as touching him directly. 


Once Killer was sucking away at the breast be held to his mouth with one hand, he used his other hand and moved to Killers' chest. He traced his fingers along Killers' flat stomach before reaching his exposed soul. Which was glowing pink and in the shape of a heart from the immense pleasure. The second his hand began caressing it, he could hear Killer whine with his face squished into his own breast by Nightmare. 


He brought his mouth down to the pulsating soul, putting it halfway in his mouth. Had uses his tongue vigorously as he licks side to side on the soul. 


With the soul secured in his mouth, Nightmare brings his now free hand down between Killers' legs. He uses his fingers to massage the dark blue labia of Killers' pussy. 


Killer raises his head up and away from sucking his tit to both breathe, and to make his voice heard over his loud noises of pleasure. Because between the dull pleasure from the milking, soul stimulation that amplified the pleasure of his entire body (including his ecto), and the messaging outside his sex. Killer began to feel a strange feeling rapidly rising in his cunt. It felt heavy and tingly like he needed to push something out. It didn't feel like a regular orgasm. 


Killer raises his legs and plants his feet down on the bed. "N-N-Night- somethings-AGH!!! I-I think-think I'm gah-gonna-"


"It's okay Kiki, it's okay. You're doing so good, let it out." Nightmare whispered before continuing to lick and kiss Killers' soul passionately. 


Killer arch his hips in the air as the rushing feeling reaches its peak. "I'!~"


Killer bites his lip, eyes rolling back. His knees shake while Nightmare looks back in time to see Killers' fluids shoot out of him and onto his hand. The orgasm was intense in all the right ways. No discomfort that would've been brought on by overstimulated vaginal sex. Just pure, painless pleasure. 


"Oh~ Kiki you're squirting." Nightmare lightly opens Killers' folds as he continues to ejaculate all over his hand and onto the towel he smartly left on the bed under them. 


After a short yet blissful orgasm, Killer lets out a final long moan before letting his legs lay flat on the mattress. His eyes closed while taking deep relaxing breaths. 


Nightmare pulls the now-soaked towel out from under him and throws it aside. Laying down on his side next to Killer, he again rubs a hand over Killers' cheek. 


"T-thank you, Nightlight." Killer whispers with a small smile on his face. The type of face Nightmare wanted to see. He smiles at the use of his second and lesser-used nickname. It was equally as meaningful as Moonlight was. 


"Just rest now Kiki, I got you." Nightmare whispered as he turned around so his back was to him. He scooted himself closer and hugged his back against him. Bringing up one of his hands to again begin massaging one of Killers' breasts. 


Killer drifted off to sleep with another pleasureful moan from the touch. Feeling Nightmare's body tightly pressed and spooned against his as Nightmare joined him in a deep sleep


Chapter Text

Sitting on his side of the bed, Nightmare sat propped up against the end of the bed. He was reading one of his many books in one hand. The other was drinking what Killer would call 'bitter leaf juice.' Tea and a good book was Nightmares' favorite pastime that didn't involve Killer. It was something he did long before the lust serum. Whenever he'd been cooped up in his old castle without anything to do, he'd indulge himself with a good book. 


Killer sat next to his love on the other side of the bed. His legs shifted under the covers as he was sat up staring and off into nothing. The same couldn't be said for inside his head though. For the past several hours his mind had been overtaken by a crazy idea.


It had started simple and innocent enough. Everyone was migrating over to the dining room for dinner. Nightmare and Horror in the kitchen finishing the Thanksgiving dinner, a festivity new to them and was celebrated on the surface in their AU. So they decided to partake in it. 


It had been a quarter to six when it happened. Killer decided to go check it in on the chiefs in question for an eta on dinner. But when he walked in, he arrived in time to see Horror accidentally drop the gravy pot on the floor. The food-loving skeleton bumped into the back of Nightmare and had t been watching where he was going in the rush to get the food done. 


The second it happened, Nightmare had raised his voice. Not out of anger, but more out of concern for Horror, as the liquid he had been carrying was still boiling. But it was what happened next Killer couldn't stop thinking about it.


Seeing Nightmare raise his voice, Horror made a slip of the tongue. Thinking he was in trouble by Nightmare, and in the heat of the moment, he accidentally called Nightmare 'master'


Now before the lust serum, that was a normal thing. While Nightmare was the king of negativity, everyone excluding Killer addressed Nightmare as such titles; King, Lord, Master. But since that was all behind them, Nightmare was more than okay with using his common name and dropping all the titles as they meant nothing to him now. With the excess negativity gone from his body, Nightmare hated how he treated some of his friends back then. The negativity had fueled his cruelty to do things he now thought were wrong and monstrous.


So Nightmare had quickly apologized for raising his voice and that was the end of it. Or at least it should've been.


Because now three hours later and minutes before bed, Killer didn't feel tired at all. Because he couldn't get it out of his head. His mind kept going back to when Nightmare was under his first heat. Seeing Cross, Dust, and Horror under his control. All being so loyal and subservient without question. 'Master' had been what they had all called him the entire time. 


Killer remembered the mist's lovely smell and thought what it would feel like. To be under Nightmares' complete control, made to do things without hesitation, regardless if he wanted to do it or not. He had asked Cross and Horror about it after seeing them again in Underfell. Some parts they remembered vividly, others not so much. 


To say the least, Killer was glad no one noticed his ecto had formed like an unwanted erection at dinner. Why had he been turned on by the thought? Why was he STILL turned on by it? Most likely because he was a control freak. And the thought of being under Nightmares' influence like that was the ultimate form of control. And by god did Killer want that.


It wasn't helping the fact that the reason these thoughts was sitting a few feet from him. Completely oblivious.


"Killer, your fidgeting again." Nightmare says with his eyes still glued to his book. "You were doing it at dinner too. What's on your mind?"


So much for being oblivious. He never could hide anything from Nightmare. He was just too damn perceptive even while reading. 


"Heh, can't keep anything from you can I?"


"When you're an immortal guardian who's over five hundred years old, you learn to 'read' people." Nightmare not hiding the fact he just made a pun. Which earned a laugh from Killer. 


But the awkwardness quickly returned when Nightmare didn't say anything else. He just kept reading expecting Killer to answer him. 


"Ugh, w-would you be open to uh...trying something new tonight?" Killer was mentally screaming at himself. Why was he nervous? Or was he just flustered? Regardless, he sounded like a nervous trainwreck. Like the two haven't already done a bunch of nefarious things together over the last three months they've been dating. 


Nightmare closed and looked up from his book to glance at Killer. Unknowingly answering Killers' mental dilemma.


"Killer, you're dating a skeleton monster with an incurable serum that keeps him in a constant state of heat. I'm 'always' open to trying something new." Nightmare says with way too much condescension and sarcasm.


Killer rolled his eyes. He knew that! Thanks for not making this any more awkward Nightmare. Killer thought to himself. 


"You know I trust you, right? Killer asked. Nightmare set down his book and nodded. A look of contempt on his face. Of course he would, Killer was his boyfriend. "And you trust me right?


At the second question, Nightmare sarcastically raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Killer, should I? Considering your stubbornness from your lost bet, do you think I should?"


Killer leaned his head back and purposefully hit the back of his head against the bed frame. He groaned as if being reprimanded like a child. "Oh my God, I said I was sorry. And that was over two weeks ago."


Nightmare smirked at having gotten under Killer's nonexistent skin. He liked rubbing Killers' stubbornness back at him. "Just tell me what it is you want Kiki?"


Killer laughed nervously, clicking his fingers together. He was trying to think of the best way to say it that didn't sound weird. Which it was. "Umm, would you use your-uhh..."


Nightmare was trying not to laugh at Killer stumbling on his words. Nightmare figured it must be something strange to get him to act this flustered. Killer was always smug and confident so this was new behavior from Killer. 


"Oh my, just spit it out Killer." 


Killer squeezed his eyes shut and did just that. He raised his voice and blurted it out in the simplest way he could put it. "I want you to use your mist on me!" 


Killer opened his eyes and looked over to Nightmare. He just sat there blinking at him for a solid five seconds before facepalming himself. 


"Killer, the mist doesn't work on you, remember? Because you're already loyal. You know, because you're my MATE." 


"But what if I want it to work on me though?" 


Nightmare raised an eyebrow. "Why would you want it to work?” Nightmare then immediately interjects on himself before Killer could answer. "Don't bother answering that. It's because you're a control freak." 


Killer's face began to blush as he nodded his head. The confirmation still didn't convince Nightmare though. "Killer, it wouldn't just make you loyal. It affects your personality, your mood. You essentially have no control over yourself."


"That's exactly why I want to. I want you to have that control over me. To make me do what you say." 


"But you won't be able to say no either! You won't be able to consent, you won't even be able to use our safe word. Because you won't want to."


Killer scoots up and over to sit in front of Nightmare. "Well I'm consenting now, aren't I? Besides I trust you Nightlight. And if you don't like it, you control the mist, you could just remove it, right?"


Nightmare opened his mouth to rebuttal but closed his mouth a few seconds later. Killer was right. He hated when he was right sometimes. After looking off to the side in thought for a moment, Nightmare sighs in defeat and nods.


"Alright fine." Killer smiles and opens his mouth but Nightmare puts a finger up and shushes him before he could speak. "But if I think you're pushing yourself, or if I think you've had enough, I WILL stop it, got it?"


Killer couldn't stop smiling. He nodded his head in a nervous rush of excitement. He was going to lose complete control of himself. This mouth was literally salivating in anticipation. 


"Get on the floor." Nightmare says, trying to sound assertive. Even if he didn't sound so sure, Killer still did as he was told; getting on his knees beside the bed.


Nightmare positioned himself on the edge of the bed, his feet leaning off the bed. Killer looked down at Nightmare, Nightmare looked up at him and put a hand under Killers' chin to raise his head. 


"Last chance." Nightmare warned, taking his hand away from Killers' chin. 


Killer took a brave deep breath inwards and exhaled. Giving Nightmare one last smug grin. "Just do it."


Bringing the same hand up to his mouth, Nightmare opened his hand and blew. A small gust of sparkling pink mist blew forward and flew into Killers' face. The skeleton on the floor closed his eyes and inhaled again, allowing the mist to enter his nose, as well as every other surface in his face. The rest of the mist stuck to his face before disappearing. 


There was a long pause before Killer did anything. The inhale he had taken was being held in for what seemed like forever. Until Killer let out a slow and calm exhale, traces of the pink mist leaving his mouth like cold breath.


It was then that Killer finally opened his eyes just as slowly as his breathing was. His once dim white eye lights now had a vibrant pink glow around them. And for another long pause Killer just sat there expressionless. He starred in front of him aimlessly which was directed at Nightmares' crotch given his position on the bed.


After about a solid ten seconds of nothing, Nightmare lowered his hand to be in direct view of Killer. He lightly snapped his finger twice hoping to get his attention. 


"Killer, you there?" 


Killer blinked a few times before slowly tilting his head up to look at Nightmare. The second their eyes made contact it was like a light switch had been triggered in Killer. Still, on his knees, Killer's eye lights dilated, his eyebrows rose, and his expression warped to a happy, giddy smile. 


"Yes master, I'm here!" Killer chirped with enough enthusiasm to rival Yanberry. 


Nightmare let out a nervous chill. It took a lot out of him not to cringe at being called that, by Killer no less. Because before, Killer got away with calling him 'boss' but whenever he did something to piss him off, which was very rarely, he would call him his king or master out of respect. Those instances were again rare. He could probably count those instances on one hand in the over four years Killer was in service to him.


So for Killer to just call him 'master' so happily and willingly felt weird, really weird. None of the others had been this giddy when under his control. He likely attributed this to Killers' already strong emotions for him being amplified 


Killer in his mind-altered state picked up on Nightmares rather unamused expression. He raised himself upon his knees and put his hands on Nightmares' knees. 


"Are you alright master?" his expression now looking sad and worried. "Is it something I did?" 


Nightmare closed his eyes momentarily to mentally prepare himself. This was fine, he thought, even though it wasn't. This is what Killer wanted, he consented to this. So might as well roll with it, because he didn't know if he'd be willing to do this a second time. 


When he opened his eyes, Nightmare did his best to tap into a part of his old personality. A part of him Nightmare wanted to keep buried but thought appropriate for the scenario. His eyes narrowed as he looks back down at Killer. 


"Why no, I'm not alright. How am I supposed to get to sleep if I'm still dressed?" His voice sounded more mildly annoyed than the angered voice Nightmare was trying to convey. But he just couldn't bring himself to do that, not anymore, and especially not to Killer. So going mild on the roleplay was the best Nightmare was comfortable with. "So get up here and undress me slave, now."


Regardless, Killer gasped, cupping a hand over his mouth, looking deeply troubled as if he genuinely had done something wrong. "Oh no, I'm so sorry master! I didn't mean to forget."


"You are forgiven, slave. Now get to work before I change my mind. You don't want to be punished do you?"


"No master!"


"Then get to it, but don't be hasty about it." Killer did so without a single thought, quite literally. He started at Nightmares' feet, slipping off his boots that Nightmare raised in front of his face. "You should be lucky I'm not having you clean these with your mouth." 


"Thank you, master." 


Nightmare couldn't believe how turned on he was. Killer NEVER spoke this submissively. Whenever he was submissive in bed he was always at least smug about it. Plus it was also a result of desperation brought on by long-term edging. His arousal, while not being seen on his face, was made clear by the bulge in his black tights. 


The same tights Killer had moved on to next. Gripping his lover's legs, he slowly slid his hands up to Nightmares' waistline. Taking in the curves of the ecto Nightmare had already formed under his clothing. He stopped above his crotch and gripped at the golden belt and clipped it off and spread the lower half of Nightmare's coat out of the way.


Killer lowered his head down to Nightmares' crotch and pressed his head against Nightmares' crotch, giving it a few short sniffs. He then opened his mouth and used his mouth on the zipper and pulled it down using his teeth. He cupped his hands around Nightmares' backside and pulled his pants down, exposing his purple ecto, his cock springing in front of Killer's face. 


Nightmare noticed Killer had started pitching a tent of his own under his bedtime shorts and smiled down at Killer, starring at his purple cock, perplexed. 


"Mmm you really are a horny slave aren't you. You know what, I think another 'S' word suites you better." Nightmare used his now bare right foot and rubbed the budge in Killer's pants with the top of his foot. 


The touch made Killer let his tongue hang loose and moaned sharply. He instinctively began grinding his hips against Nightmares’ foot. The lewd sight earned a low chuckle from Nightmare.


"Yeah~ you really are more of a slut than a slave." 


Killer continued to moan as he nodded his head rapidly. Eyes closed in front of the cock a few inches from his face. "Yes master, I'm a slut! I'm a dirty slut!" Killer cried loudly. 


When Nightmare lowered his foot away from Killer's groin, Killer gave his cock a singular slow lick all the way down to the base. "C-can slut please you master?" 


Nightmare made a point of looking like he was thinking about Killer's question."I suppose I can do the rest of the undressing myself, you have been good." Nightmare says, feigning reluctance. 


He took off his jacket with a few buttons. He threw his jacket behind him and leaned forward on the bed, his shadow partially eclipsing Killer on the ground. 


Killer opened his mouth, he lead with his drooling tongue, and slowly leaned his head forward on Nightmares' dick. 


Nightmare groaned as his member entered Killer's warm mouth. With the two having sex so often, Killer's gag reflex was all but gone as he hilted Nightmare's thick cock in one go. Nightmare loved the wet squishy sounds Killer's mouth made whenever he took him in his mouth.


"Pants off, Now. And don't stop sucking." 


Killer reached down with his legs and arched his back to slip his shorts off, exposing his blue cock which was already dripping. And when Killer began vigorously stroking his own dick, Nightmare brought his foot back up and lightly kicked up on Killer's dick. 


"HMMM!!" Killer puckered his lips from the pain as to not use his teeth to bite Nightmare.


"Did I say you could touch yourself?! Your master's pleasure comes first slut. Get back to sucking." Killer nodded his head with Nightmares’ cock still in his mouth. He closes his eyes and returns to servicing his master. His arms kept firmly on Nightmares’ thighs.


Nightmare continued to make breathless grunts from Killer’s blowjob. The skeleton at his member alternated between making circular motions at his head with his tongue, and long slow thrusts of his entire shaft. His erection inside Killer’s mouth was so hard it twitched, not to mention it hurt, it was that hard. 


While the blowjob he was receiving felt amazing, it wasn't enough. Nightmare tightly gripped the back of Killer’s head as he stood up from the bed. He leaned his hips back and thrust forward hard. Hearing the balls of his ecto slapping against Killer’s chin. 


“Mph-Mph!! Hrg!! Errgh!” Killer tilted his chin up to better take Nightmare’s cock. He couldn't take the thick dick out of his mouth with his master's hold on his head while he slapped his dick deep down his throat. Thrusting hard and fast, Killer moaned with each wet trust.


“Ooooh shit!! Yeah~ take it all you dirty slut.” Nightmares' trusts became less numerous and with more force as his orgasm was building.


With one final thrust, he plunged his dick into Killer’s throat. He held his head firmly in place as he started cumming. “Oh yeah~ Swallow it all!”


Killer’s eyes closed tightly as he began gulping as hard as he could with each pump of seed in his mouth. His hands at Nightmare’s side began to shake uncomfortably from needing to breathe. But Killer's head remained locked all the way to his master’s pelvis until the last drop was out. 


After Nightmare let go of Killer’s head, his orgasm finished, he was stunned when Killer still didn't remove Nightmare's dick from his mouth right away. He continued to suck and gulp before slowly withdrawing his mouth. He kissed the head of his dick before withdrawing completely and gasping for air. He looked back up to Nightmare, the dumb smile back on his face. 


he opened his mouth wide, moving his tongue inside his mouth. Not a single drop, just like he was told. “See, I swallowed all it. Did I do good master?” 


Letting out a winded breath, Nightmare nods his head. He sits back down on the bed with his legs between Killer’s head. “Yes, you did very well.”


“Can slut touch himself now?”


“Sit up.” Nightmare commanded. Killer sat up higher as to no longer be sitting at his feet. Killer looked back seeing a massive purple tentacle be summoned from the found behind him, just below his butt. 


“No touching yourself.” he reminded but gave no objection to doing what he did next. Killer arched his back and squatted down on the tendril.  He moaned as the thick member stretched his ass until he stopped, his ass just a few inches from touching the ground. He looked up at Nightmare for instruction, whose cold expression remained unchanged. “Well, get to it. You’re doing all the work, slut.”


Taking a deep breath, Killer raised himself back up slowly, his butt still full with half of the tendril before Killer slammed back down to the base. He screamed from the sharp pleasure.


Nightmare watched Killer intently while he fucked himself. He watched his eyes, listened to his voice, looking for any sign of discomfort or distress. Since he knew Killer likely wouldn't use the safe word in his current state. But after not seeing any signs of pain, he got back into character quickly.


“You can do better than that, bounce on it.” Nightmare began using his magic again while Killer did as told. Rapidly bouncing his ass on the tentacle. He put his hands on his thighs to better steady himself. 


“M-AAAasterRrr, I ne-EEE-d more! More C-cock.” 


Opening his eyes. Killer saw two more slimy tendrils moving in the air beside him. He didn't hesitate nor did he wait for any order as he began jerking the two appendages with one hand each. A third wrapped itself around Killer’s cock and began to stroke him. He began sucking the tentacles as well alternating from right to left, giving each equal time in his mouth before alternating and jacking off the other. All while he continued to bounce up and down.


Nightmare looked down at his now neglected dick and began to jerk himself off to the show. The lust serum had another lewd side effect of making his refractory periods insanely fast. Because he felt another painful erection and he was ready to get off again.


“Master!! S-slut is getting close.”


Nightmare continued to jerk himself while watching Killer service himself on his tendrils. God the sight was so heavenly for Nightmare. There was no way Killer would act like this under any other circumstance. And seeing and hearing him act like such a horny submissive bitch was driving Nightmare crazy inside. 


Nightmare looked Killer dead in the eyes. “Not yet, tell me what you are?”


“I-I...I’m a slut. I'm y-AHHH-your slut, master!!”


Nightmare slowly shook his head. “No, I'm gonna need more than that. What are you? And what do you want?”


Killer moaned loudly as the tentacle he was sitting on expanded, filling him more. “I’m a dirty cock hungry whore master!! I want to cum, I want to cum so badly!” 


Looking down to Killer’s cock, it was still wrapped in one of his tentacles. Nightmare noticed it was twitching and Killer’s hips we're rocking like he was cumming. But he wasn't. Nightmare wasn't entirely understanding of his new abilities, the mist being one of them. But Nightmare's arousal grew once he realized what was happening. 


Killer’s body WAS trying to cum. But he physically couldn't no matter how hard Killer fucked himself. Because Nightmare had ordered him not to.


That dirty thought brought Nightmare close again. So he slowed down his masturbation to draw it out. He wanted to savor this. He shook his head down at Killer again. “No, you don't want to cum. You want something else, something you want even more. So I'll ask you one more time; what do you want?”


With his body stuck on the very cusp of orgasm, Killer was more accurately screaming his moans. He was so close he pretty much was cumming, at least his body thought he was because he was shaking and his cock was trying to shoot his load but he couldn't. Killer looked up to the ceiling and screamed what he wanted for all in the house to hear if not for the soundproofed walls. 


“I want your cum in me master!! I want to feel your warm cum on my face as you fill me with your seed!!”


Oh shit! Nightmare wished he had his phone when Killer said that. It was both incredibly arousing and hilarious at the same time. He’d enjoy making fun of Killer for this when it was over. Because Nightmare was trying and failing to suppress a smile.


Standing up from the bed, Nightmare rubbed the top of Killer’s head. “Very good, slut. Then by the power invested in me. I Nightmare; Former king of negativity, scourge of darkness,” Nightmare began naming off his old titles to torturously drag out what Killer wanted, that being an orgasm. “Master of shadows, guardian of negative feeling and the tree of life, and newly anointed god of lust…give you permission to cum.” 


The second Nightmare said the word Killer’s cock began shooting out his hot blue liquid onto his own chest. Nightmare smiles as Killer’s dumb and giddy smile returned as his eyes roll back. “Cum-CUMMING!! Oh-god-I’m-cumming!! Thank you, thank you master!!”


“You are most welcome Kiki.” Nightmare then began stroking himself again while using his magic to move the tentacle in Killer’s ass. “Now how’s about I give you that other thing you wanted so much?”


Before Killer’s orgasm could even finish, Killer began moaning and wailing again as he was fucked hard from beneath him. He went back to bouncing up and down, using the two tentacles next to his face to support himself while also jerking them at the same time. 


“So…you want me to cum on you, huh slut?” Killer nodded his head drunkenly. Nightmare was also smart enough to use a tentacle to grab his phone off the nightstand and press the record button.


“Y-yes! Fuck me! Stuff my fuckhole!! Make me your fucking cumdump!!” 


Nightmare actually bit his tongue to keep himself from laughing to stay in character. Hearing such slutty words brought Nightmare to orgasm instantly. He grabbed his cock and aimed it directly at Killer’s face as he came. 


Killer kept moaning as he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out like he was catching snowflakes. He raises his rear as high as he could off the tentacle before slamming down one final time, this time sitting on the floor as the tendril began pumping him up. 


“C’mon, all over your face, slut.” The two tentacles Killer was holding also shot their own seed, coating Killer’s face on either side with warm sticky cum. Killer’s arms drifted down to his stomach. He squeezed and pressed his blue gut, now starting to show a faint purple hue with the cum being seen through his Ecto. 


“M-more~ fill meh more.” Killer moaned like a drunk. He had grabbed one of the tentacles painting his face and stuck it in his mouth and began gulping down as much as he could.


Nightmare didn’t want to, but his arousal made the decision for him to honor Killer’s request; the tentacle in his rear began pumping even more. The one by his face and the one now in his mouth doing the same. 


Killer’s moans were mixed with giddy giggles as he felt his stomach begin bulging outwards. He kept playing with his inflated belly as the cum sloshed around inside him as he bounced on the floor. After about a minute of this, Nightmare was too winded to keep going and made the tentacles disappear. The amount of magical essence from the tentacles he pumped Killer with took a big toll on Nightmare’s magic. He felt like he could sleep through the Thanksgiving weekend.


Free from the tendril in his ass, Killer lay back on the floor, squishing his cum inflated belly with one hand. He used his other hand to fist himself without much difficulty given how much the tentacle had stretched him. 


Nightmare sat on the edge of the bed panting while Killer kept moaning and giggling to himself. “Thank you, master. Your cum feels so good!”


“Come, sit back up Kiki.” Killer obeyed  without question as he stopped playing with himself and got back on his knees. He did so not so graciously with the extra temporary weight he’d gained. 


Nightmare switched his phones video to camera mode and and pointed it at Killer. “Kiki, look at me. Smile…Say Cumslut!”


Killer’s drunkly happy smile returned. And to make it even more filthy, he flashed two-piece signs in front of his cum soaked face. “Cumslut!!” 


The camera clicking sound is heard and Nightmare giggles to himself as he inspects the picture. “Oh this’ll be fun to embarrass him in a minute.” He knelt down in front of Killer and lowered his arms. His voice going back to being gentle and sincere. “Kiki, I need you to come back now, okay?”


Killer slowly nodded his head as Nightmare brought his hand up in front of his face. “Okay.”


Nightmare swirled his hand in front of Killer and snapped his finger. Killer began starring off again as the pink glow in his eyes slowly faded away. His smile faded and Killer blinked and looked around the room like it was his first time seeing it.


“Welcome back, how do you feel?”


It took a few seconds for Nightmare’s question to register like everything else was. When Killer’s mind seemingly turned back on. He smiled and let out a low chuckle on the floor. “Feel amazing.” He wobbled to his feet and brought his hands up to hold up his gut. The cum in his ass leaking out in small drops. “And full…ah shit they were right, got a slight headache.” 


“So how much do you remember?” Nightmare asked, hiding his phone behind his back.


“A bit,” Killer reached up with one hand to begin wiping the cum he felt on his face. He was unaware of just how much there really was as he only got his chin. “It’s kinda like a dream, I remember bits of it. God, did I really do that?” 


“Oh trust me, you did. And you sounded like you enjoyed yourself.” 


The room was then filled with the sound coming from Nightmare’s phone which he held and shook by his head. 


“Naahh y-yes!! Aaahh HAAAAHH-Fuck me! Stuff my fuckhole! Make me your fucking cumdump!!”


Nightmare watched as Killer’s expression falls in a split second at the sound of his voice coming from the phone. It seemed like he had forgotten that bit. 


“And you looked like you enjoyed yourself too.” Nightmare rotated the phone and showed Killer the photo he had taken. Nightmare actually could see his eyes slowly constrict from shock. All the memories ‘cumming’ back to him in a flash. 


“Delete it.” Were the words that came out of Killer’s mouth. Nightmare seemed to playfully ignore him while he looked and admired the picture.


“But it's such a nice picture. Photoshop a Santa hat and I'd make a GREAT Christmas card this year.” Now Nightmare wasn't being serious of course. He would never do such a thing. But Nightmare couldn't help but tease him at least a little. But Killer didn't find it as funny as he did.


“Nightmare I swear if you don't delete that!-” 


Nightmare held up his hands to calm Nightmare down. “Okay okay, don't need to get your cum soaked panties in a bunch. I just wanted to see your reaction.” 


Nightmare showed himself deleting both the photo and the video before tossing this phone on the bed. Killer sighed in relief and hobbled over and sat on the bed.


“You’re such an ass.” 


Nightmare leaned in and kissed Killer on the cheek, getting a bit of cum on his lips in the process. “I know.”


Killer yawned and laid back on his side of the bed. “M’tired.”


“Mmhmm, me too” 


Instead of sleeping vertically, Nightmare decided to lay horizontally on the bed, using Killer’s cum inflated gut as a pillow. The weight of his head caused a small bit of cum to be squeezed out. Killer bit his lip to siphon a moan.


“Thanks for doing this with me. Night Nightlight.” 


Right as Killer closed his eyes to try and fall asleep. Nightmare just had to get one last word in. He smiles and snuggles into Killer’s gut, squeezing it with one of his hands.




Killer’s eyes slowly open again. He sharply inhales and exhales and smacks his lips. “You're not making me live that down, are you?”



Chapter Text

In the immediate aftermath of the raid of Nightmare's mansion. It took roughly at a few hours for some of the possessed skeletons to wake up. Error had been one of the first, taken back home to their small little house in Outertale by his mate, Ink. The former destroyer woke up in Ink's arms before Ink even got him inside.

And of course he was understandably pissed at first. He never had been that close with his former business partner Nightmare. But being taken and made into a drone to do as he pleased didn't sit well with him. Even if he didn't make him do anything. He was more pissed that he'd been taken away from Ink more than the possession.

Now that they were together again, Error's anger quickly subsided once Ink got to comforting him. He offered to bake for him, watch Undernovela with him (Ink doesn't know Spanish), or go stargazing and planet exploring in their home.

But Error didn't want any of those things. Well, he did. But the time they spent away from one another, albeit short, made Error want something else.

Before Ink could set him down , Error got to his feet and pushed Ink against the wall of their bedroom.

"Hehe, I didn't think you'd be THIS happy to see me." Ink smiles.

"I don't want to leave you. Ever. Again." Error's body was stiff and heavy as he stiff armed the wall beside Ink's head.

Ink looks at Error awkwardly and tries to put his hands up to Error's shoulders. "Ru, you were gone for only-MPH!"

Error cuts Ink off by rapidly grabbing both of Ink's wrists with one and hand holds them up above his head. While simultaneously attacking Ink with a kiss. His multiple tongues forced Ink's mouth open before slithering inside.

Ink's moans became soft and gentle as he opened his mouth more and kissed back, closing his eyes and savoring every moment of it. If Error wasn't holding his hands up above his head for him they would have fallen limp. Error had never kissed him as passionately as this before.

The rest of Ink's body began to turn and twist slowly as he was gently pressed against the wall. "Mmm...hmmmph...mmm-ha~" Ink let's out a gasp when Error pulls away. Leaving Ink's rainbow tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"I don't care how long it was." Error finally let go of Ink hands and begins taking Ink's cloths off. Starting with his cloud jacket. Then grappling the bottom oh his paint stained white shirt and lifted it over his head. "I still left you. I remember looking you in your eyes as I left, like you were just a stranger. I remember fighting you, like you meant nothing to me."

Error turns Ink around from the wall and picks up, carried him the short distance to their bed and dropped him down on it. "It was fucking...horrifying!"

Ink adjusted to lay on his back right before Error was again on top of him; using his arms to hold himself up above him as he starred into Ink's eyes. Error looked scared, like actually scared. Ink had never seen that from him. Even from the hundreds of fights they had over the years, he never saw genuine fear in Error's eyes before.

"Error, you know that wasn't you right? It wasn't real-"

"It felt real to me! That's the horrifying part." Error continued to undress Ink as a pair of magical tears forced their way out of Error's sockets. He gripped Ink's belt and clipped it off and used both hands to pull down Ink's blue jeans.


"Just shut up!" Error yelled, he then quickly lowered his voice to a gentle whisper once he realized he was getting too worked up. "Just... Let me make it up to you."

In the heat of their earlier kiss, Ink's rainbow ecto had already formed on his kegs and pelvis. Error used a finger and pulled down the blue and white striped underwear concealing a yellow and orange-colored cunt. The colors' order changed each time Ink summoned his ecto-body.

Neither felt like Error was needing to make it up to Ink. Error knew deep down he was making it up more to himself.

"Error you don't have to-"Error cuts him off again before he could finish. He moves his head forward and licked up on Ink's pussy with one of his tongues. Ink's mouth flies open letting out a loud gasp feeling the single tongue barely breach his folds which drove Ink crazy with pleasure.

The pleasure only lasted for a moment as Error pulled his head back and took the time to spread Ink's legs apart. He opened his mouth again and was ready to use more than just one tongue this time. But to his surprise Ink reaches up with a hand and stops him.

"Error wait, let me say something." Ink's voice was trying to be sincere despite just having his breath taken away.

"Y-you don't want to?"

Oh, he did. Ink wanted it so badly. But he knew it couldn't be like this.

"You don't have to make it up to me, or you, or anyone."

" don't-"

"I do, Error. But I want you to because you want to, not because you feel like you have to." Ink sat up from the bed and got to eye level with Error, who sat up also. "Ruru I know you love me. I know you'd never leave me glitchy. So don't beat yourself up over this, kay?"

"Okay, yeah you're right...for once."

"So stop it with these, and just be happy that we're together again." Ink leans forward and plants a quick, gentle kiss on Errors forehead. He then uses two fingers to wipe away the tears left of Errors' face. He made sure to be quick and light about it to avoid triggering his haphephobia, which wasn't as severe as it had been when they started dating three months ago.

"Heh, I love you Ink...Now..." Error again takes firm hold of Ink's hands, his chaotic smile back on his face. "Where were we?" He pushes Ink and he falls back onto the mattress back first. Before he could sit up, his legs were then violently spread open again. Not by Error, but by his strings now connected to his ankles. The strings were tied to the bed's corners forcing his legs in a spread eagle position. "I believe I was about to sample what you promised to make for me? And don't think I forgot about watching undernovela either, we'll get to that later. But first..."

Error again leaned down and spread open Ink's sex with two fingers, seeing his saliva still coating Ink’s magic-made walls. He opened his mouth and again used a singular tongue and penetrated him fully.

Ink grabbed the pillow behind him and bit down on it while Error tongue fucked him. Error slid the single moist appendage in and out of him, licking up his cunt each time before plunging back in. Ink would've bent his legs out of instinct, but the strings keeping his legs straight prevented that. All Ink could do was bite and moan into the pillow to keep himself from grabbing Error with his hands.

Again taking things slow, he let a second tongue exit his mouth and plunged it in alongside the first. He began horizontally and vertically scissoring them inside Ink. Causing him to moan louder. It felt much better than two fingers did. Ink briefly tried to bring his hips up, only for Error to grab his hips with one hand and slammed him back down. He kept his hand there to hold him in place while he worked.

Error momentarily slipped his two tongues out of Ink and looked over at him, face still buried in the pillow. "You ready?" Ink nodded his head through the pillow. "Heh, good because you're gonna need to be for this."

Ink threw the pillow off him and wailed from the intense pleasure that shot through him. Error had skipped going one at a time and plunged all five of his tongues into his moist pussy. Inserting and withdrawing each in different intervals so one or two were always inside him.

"OOOOOH MY GOD-D!! E-Eh-Error~ please don't stop! Don't-" Ink then screamed louder when Error used all five tongues and began stretching him open like an anal stretcher. He held him wide open before relaxing his tongues allowing his cunt to close, giving Ink a moment of blissful relief before he resumed mercilessly tongue fucking him.

Ink gripped the bed beside him as hard as he could. He was sure if he had skin, his knuckles would be as white as his bones. He felt his orgasm building fast. The five slimy tongues whipping and sliding around inside him.

The self-control Ink previously had with his hands crumbled away. He tried to reach up and grab Error by the back of the head. But Error had been watching Ink intently. Both observing his reactions and waiting for the inevitable touch to come. Because when it did, he stopped Ink dead in his tracks. 

Ink's hands were then suddenly trapped by two more strings and were forcefully shoved behind his back. Ink could feel the strings tighten as his arms were bound together at the wrists and elbows. A single string was then tied to the bottom of the bed from his wrist tie, keeping his arms tucked behind him just under his butt. Making him unable to pull his arms back.

"Error!! Oh stars, I-I think I'm g-gonna!" It was at that moment that Error pulled his tongues out. Denying him an orgasm that was moments away. “Error what the hell?"Ink shouted, but Error didn't pay mind to his objection.

Error still held out his tongues and moved them around as he smacked his lips together. He never thought his tongue(s) could go numb like they were now. "I'll admit, not as bad as your male bit."

"Oh c'mon glitchy, that's not fair!"

"Life’s never fair squid." Error says rubbing one of Ink's thighs.

"You know I can get out of this you know?"

Error playfully raised his eyebrows. "Can you now?"

"I will! And then I'll show you!" Ink's threat wasn't much of a threat given how smug and playful it sounded. But Error matched his smugness and stood at the end of the bed and crossed his arms.

"Knock yourself out squid."

Ink squinted his eyes and concentrated, trying to tap into his magic. Nothing. Confused, Ink concentrated harder, making him look like he had severe constipation. Still nothing. This was usually the part where he would turn into a puddle of black ink and effortlessly escape Error's strings. He'd done it a thousand times before when they used to fight. Why wasn't it working?

Chuckling to himself, Error snapped his finger. He used his magic to force Ink's soul out from his body and through his clothing.

"You didn't seriously forget you have one of these now, right?" Ink looked to his soul. One that was already being held and stitched together by his strings. It now had a single one wrapped around its center which led directly to one of Error's fingertips.

Ink starred at it appalled. The single greatest advantage his soulless body had over Error was he couldn't be controlled by his strings like everybody else. But now he had a soul. As long as that one string was connected to his soul, Error had complete control over his body and magic.

Unable to use his magic, Ink resulted to try breaking out the manual way. He shook and tossed himself in place. The strings creaked as he tugged as hard as he could. But they wouldn't give. And before Ink could think of it. Another string latched itself onto the bonds on his elbows and went up and attached to the bed frame above his head. Now he couldn't scoot back or forward. He was stuck to the bed.

Error enjoyed watching his boyfriend struggle in his new bondage. His erection in his pants made that abundantly clear.

"Oookay Error, you win. I-I'm stuck, I can't get out. You happy?"

"Hm, yeah I am." Error climbed atop the bed and slipped his pants off as well as the rest of his clothes. He stood on the bed high above Ink who looked up, trying not to look intimidated. "Now that cunt of yours is nice, but let's switch it up a bit."

Ink gasped and whined as his magic changed against his will. Usually it was hard for a skeleton monster to switch ecto bodies to the other gender when already aroused. But since Error had control of his magic, not him, Ink's pussy disappeared and a dripping erect cock took its place.

"E-error?" Ink legs detached from the bottom corners of the bed and Error took them and flicked them up to the other end. Ink's legs raised up in the air in the process.

"You always were very flexible." Error muttered as the two strings tied to the upper bed and began pulling taught. This slowly forced Ink's legs up behind his head. Since Ink was indeed flexible even with his ecto, his legs went all the way back, his knees touching the mattress beside him without any pain or discomfort. His hips were forced up as Ink was now bound in a tight, inescapable pretzel tie.

All Ink could do was barely wiggle his ass as his cock was only an inch from his face.

Error used a bottle of lube on his dick and began fingering Ink's rear end. He didn't take his eyes off Ink's wide eyed expression for a second.

"Before being friends, you remember all those times I told you to go fuck yourself?"


"Well, today's the day squid." Error grabbed and squeezed Ink's cheeks as he plunged his dick into Ink's ass in one powerful thrust. Ink would've screamed from the pleasure. But as he opened his mouth, his own dick found its way into his mouth.

"Mmmm!! Hm-LNNMMM!!!" Ink moaned as he arched his head forward, using his tongue as he took his entire dick in his mouth. He sucked and licked as his dick kept penetrating his mouth with each of Error's thrusts into him.

" like how you taste squid?" Error panted, feeling Ink's sphincter tighten around his cock with each thrust. "You're gonna milk me dry if you keep doing that."

"Mmmph...ERR-LMM!! HMMPH!!" Ink tried moaning Error's name as he continued to suck himself as he felt his orgasm return. Right as Error began thrusting harder and slower. Ink couldn't believe he was about to cum in his own mouth.

"Ha...HA-shit! Here it comes...FUCK, INK!!"

Both came at the same time. Error thrusting with each load he shot into Ink's ass. Ink forced to gulp down load after load of his own cum. His cheeks bulged as excess spurted out the corners of his mouth and ran down his cheeks.

Error lets out several deep breaths as he laughs to himself, pulling his dick out once his orgasm subsides. "Damn! You're a tight fuck you know that?"

"mmmph, mmhhl-*gulp* mm-hllp!!"

Error looked down from the ceiling at Ink’s muffled cry for help. In the heat of the orgasm, the strings on his legs had gotten even tighter which forced his hips forward even more. Effectively making it impossible for Ink to take his dick out of his mouth, which was a inch or two shy from being all the way in. Ink whined and moaned on his shaft as he fruitlessly tried to get his dick out of his mouth. He was only able to jiggle his ass which got a laugh out of Error.

"Hey~ gotta say, that's a good look for you Ink." Error says as he gives one of Ink's ass cheeks a firm spank. Ink squealed and moaned again as he gulped down the last of his cum.

Error leaned over Ink and ran a finger around one of Ink's eye sockets. His other hand reached down and began fingering Ink’s ass, Causing Ink to whine and moan on his cock. "Now how's about we watch some TV? And by we, I mean me. Because I'm not quite done with you yet.”


"¡Oh, señor Sans! Asgoro se pondrá furioso contigo. ¿Qué hará?"

"No tienes que preocuparte, Tori. Señor Asgoro no será un problema por mucho tiempo."

Error sat on the corner of the bed closest to the TV, a large bucket of popcorn in hand. Or more accurately, he was sitting on his knees with his cunt pressed atop Ink's face, who was tied spread eagle to the bed.

'Man Ink's moans weren't lying! Getting tongue fucked in the cunt felt better than Error expected.' Error thought as he tried to focus on the newest undernovela episode. He missed it on the day he was gone and possessed. He'd never used female ecto before and was surprised how amazing and distracting it was from his show. But it felt so good, Error couldn't bring himself to stop. Nor could he just miss undernovela. So he tried his best to multitask and enjoy both.


Error felt a string tug in his hand, which was connected to the ceiling and led back down to Ink's hand. Without looking away from the TV screen, Error lifted his pelvis up, allowing Ink a few seconds to catch his breath. Ink's face was soaked in Error's juices. Ink panted and gasped a few times. He opened and held his mouth open again, tongue out as Error brought his entire weight back down on Ink's face.

Error's legs shivered as he came again shortly after. He glanced under his hips seeing Ink's face trying to turn and wiggle around. He could feel Ink's tongue trying to lap up as much as he could.

"Hope you’re still comfortable down there squid. Because there's still over twenty minutes left." Error gave a satisfied sigh as he slowly shook his pelvis side to side.

He'd offer Ink some popcorn, but he'd hate to take Ink away from the buffet he was eating right now. He doubts Ink would take the popcorn over it anyway.


Alrighty! I think I got all the horny out of me. (for now) This NSFW Intermission has finally finished. Tho I doubt it’s the only thing that finished. (If you know what I mean) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So in light of ending Act Two and the beginning of Act Three, and since this is an ErrorInk centered chapter. I thought it best to share the 2nd of my commissions that was finished last week. It being of the inky boi in question.

Done by the amazing Teirrart
There Tumblr:

I'm so amazed at how he turned out, you guys have no idea how happy I was when I saw it at like 12:30 in the morning

I'm so amazed at how he turned out! You guys have no idea how happy I was when I saw it at like 12:30 in the morning.

So go check them out! I couldn't have asked for a better art piece.

Chapter Text

Just when Killer had thought his little *sexventures* with Nightmare couldn't get any worse. It just had to get worse, or better, Killer really couldn't care which anymore.


Killer had been out spending almost the entire day doing errands; Grocery and food shopping for Horror and Crooks, getting gardening supplies for the greenhouse. Eyeing the downtown Christmas tree market. He was about to go to the eye care center and pick up the prescription glasses for Crooks when his phone dinged. 


Fishing his phone out of his pocket, Killer saw that it was from Nightmare given that 'Moonlight' was shown above the message.


'Come home, now.'


Given the vague nature of the text, Killer's defensive instincts kicked in instantly. He didn't bother stuffing his phone back in his pocket before using a shortcut to cover the over one hour walk an instant. 


Since Killer had stopped using his determination, his magic that had mostly disappeared had slowly begun to return. It was less than a week ago to where his magic felt strong enough again to do shortcuts. 


Once Killer had teleported back home, he was relieved to see the house hadn't burned down or something serious. The first face he saw was Cross heading down the stairs in front of the main entrance. He didn't look distressed at all. 


"Yo Cross, ya'seen Night anywhere?" Killer doesn't sit and wait for Cross to immediately respond and begins walking up the stairs towards their bedroom. 


"Uh no, I think he's been in your guys' room all morning. Just made breakfast and-" Cross stopped talking when Killer crested the top of the stairs. "Oookay?"


Walking up towards the bedroom door, Killer gave it three small knocks before turning the door handle. "Night, it's Killer, what's wrong?"


Opening the door, Killer only took a single step inside before only to stop so he wouldn't run into Nightmare who was standing in front of the door waiting for him. "Oh Night what's-"


Killer was cut off by Nightmare grabbing him by the leather of his jacket and pulling him inside. His face was blushing as brightly pink as his eyes and the rest of his body was. His naked form made that easy to tell. Killer hadn't seen his ecto as pink as that since-


"'re in heat aren't you?" Gosh, Killer can't believe he had forgotten. Had it been a month already? It felt longer than that, long enough for Killer to forget the monthly heats they had been told about. 


Nightmare promptly responded by pulling Killer close by his jacket and kissing him. Nightmare moved his tongue inside Killer's mouth before pulling out and nodding his head, his eye lights stuck in their pink and white heart shape. 


"Uh-huh, and I can't wait a minute longer." 


"Heh, hey that's fine by m-" Nightmare's mouth returned to Killer's lips as he continued to pull him back towards the bed. He only stopped kissing him when their legs touched the edge of the bed frame.


"Get your damn clothes off before I tear them off of you." 


Killer began doing what he was told, even while being pushed backwards onto the bed. His new black leather coat was easy to remove as he never zipped it up or wore any shirt underneath it. He liked to show his battle scars from his service to Nightmare. 


Nightmare had done the rest for him; ripping off his boots, throwing his belt to the side, and tugging his pants down with one powerful tug. It all had been done so fast Killer hadn't even had a chance to summon his ecto or decide which one he wanted to summon. 


But Nightmare was quick to help him in that. The lust-crazed skeleton immediately began making firm, upward strokes on Killer's pelvis with the side of his hand. His index finger and thumb brushed against his pooling magic right where he wanted his cunt to form. 


Killer let a content moan escape him as his magic formed in his pelvis. It spread upwards to his chest and a pair of breasts form also as Nightmare was using his other arm to grope there as well. The ecto couldn't spread to his legs, because Nightmare now had stopped fingering his now formed cunt and now had a firm grip over one of his femors.


" sure as hell ain't taking your-nnhg...aaagh..." Nightmare lifted Killer's arms above his head while he squished his cock in between Killer's thighs and began thrusting into them. Nightmare was using what little restraint he had to not immediately go in on Killer's pussy which had just formed quickly but wasn't ready yet. But Nightmare would quickly fix that. 


Putting one leg up on the bed, Nightmare reached behind and under himself and began fingering Killer while he trusted in-between Killer's warm thighs. Not being gentle at all with his thrusts, the head of his cock poking out between Killer's thighs with each thrust.


"Can't...wait!" the moment he felt Killer was wet enough, he lined up his painfully erect and twitching cock and plowed into Killer without so much as a warning. Not that Killer was complaining, quite the opposite. 


"Ah-ah-oh gaHAWD!! Naaaght-mare!! you G-going so faAAASST!!" Nightmare didn't seem to be listening anymore. His moans and grunts seemed almost violent and animalistic as he pounded Killer with more force than Killer thought possible. He was fucking him so hard Killer was grabbing onto the bed's poles and using them as makeshift handlebars. 


How long had he been in heat before he called him? Killer didn't know nor could muster the complex thought to care at the moment as he screamed from pleasure with each thrust. 


Killer felt Nightmare's grip tighten on each of his legs. His thrusts also became less harsh as Nightmare put more speed into them as his orgasm was rapidly building. 


"Tight...soooo fucking tight." Nightmare growled, pulling back on Killer's legs even more. Killer had to actually pull back on the bars he was holding to keep himself from going off the bed. "gonna...GONNA..."


Nightmare's grunt as he came sounded more like a growl as he yanked hard on Killer's legs as he forced himself in one final time. 


"AAAHH, Night you're gonna!-"


*pop pop*


Two small pop sounds are quietly heard as Nightmare is sent backwards and falls on his rear. And taking Killer's legs with him. His butt hitting the hard wood floor coupled with his release made the heat die off momentarily for Nightmare to process what had happened. 


"Uhh...Night." Nightmare looked down at his hands, seeing each of Killer's legs that had popped off. Neither skeleton seemed too alarmed at the dismemberment. "I think ya took a bigger piece of me than ya thought."


Since they were skeleton monsters, some of their bones, including their limbs, could be detached. Granted if enough force or if the right technique was used to do so. The former of the two facts got an idea dancing around in Nightmare's head. 


"Just put a whole new meaning on 'break a leg' huh? Soooo..." Killer sat up on the edge of the bed, still out of breath. Killer had been close but hadn't cum yet. "your heat feeling any better?" Killer asked awkwardly, looking at his legs still in Nightmare's hands. Where his bones had been connected to his pelvis, Killer's ecto had now smoothed out. Now only two little bumps were left. 


"Not by long shot Kiki." Nightmare drops one of Killer's legs on the floor and walks to one of the dressers, spinning the other leg in his hand as he does. "but I think we can spice things up a bit before round two."


"Would that include getting my legs back?"


Nightmare walks back over to the bed, dropping Killer's other leg to the ground while concealing something behind his back. "Ehh, maybe later~" Nightmare coos.


"Uuhh, care to elaborate in that?" Killer's sex was already dripping again when Nightmare pushed him in the chest and he fell back on the mattress again.


"Sure," Now leaning over Killer, Nightmare takes firm hold of Killer's arms, grabbing each humorous bone. "But I think I'll need you to lend me a hand first." Nightmare gently twists Killers' arms and successfully pulls both of Killer's arms off with two more satisfying pops. 


"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say a hand? I meant two." Nightmare holds up Killer's now limp arms and drops them on the floor. Nightmare runs a hand over one of the stubs at Killer's right shoulder, the ecto encasing it also. 


Killer tries to speak up over his nervous and aroused muttering. "Night what are you-NAAAH?!" Nightmare brings one of the items concealed behind his back and shoves it in Killer's mouth. The ring gag again. 


"Heres 'what I'm doing' Kiki...for the next few hours, you're gonna be my little sex toy." Killer squirmed on his back from nerves. All he could feasible do was wiggle side to side like a worm. He was literally just a head and a torso now. 


But of course, Nightmare wasn't quite done yet. He gently took a hold of Killer's wet tongue in his fingers and held it out. He used his magic to summon a tiny bone in his hand, no larger than a needle. Killer's eyes widened as he realized what he was about to do. He whimpers and shakes his head.


Nightmare playfully tilts his head. "Funny, that doesn't sound like our safe tune." Killer goes momentarily quiet and looks at the tiny bone, then back up at Nightmare, who smiles at him and kisses his forehead. Right as he delivers a quick poke right through Killer's tongue. 


Killer screamed sharply from the initial burning pain. He was sure if his limbs were connected to him they would be tensed up harder than stone. Again far from the worst pain Killer ever experienced, but it still hurt like hell.


Nightmare then removed the bone and replaced it with a thin metal rod which had a bulbed end. The metal rod being dampened by the deep blue magic now leaking from the hole in his tongue before the rod sealed it off. 


Killer felt Nightmare gently pull his tongue down by the piercing until he heard two clicks. Nightmare got off him and stepped off the bed and admired his work. 


"LAA-HAA! H-HIGHT, HHUAT HID-UU HOOO?! He tries to pull his tongue back in his mouth but it wouldn't budge. The other end of the rod was now attached to the another matching rod piece on the bottom of the gag. Killer's tongue was now forced and stuck out of his mouth.


"Aw, now don't you look cute?" Nightmare reached over and monetarily shoved a finger inside Killer's drenched pussy. And Killer couldn't do a thing about it. "Like a helpless little doll."


Killer looked down at himself and he was right. He looked like a glowing blue toy. He didn't need any tentacles or ropes to make him feel helpless. He didn't have legs or arms to be able to do anything.  Again, completely helpless, just how both skeletons like it. All he was now was a horny doll with a dripping pussy waiting to be used.


Because oh boy did Killer want Nightmare too. He tried his best to wiggle side to side while he moaned with need. His head lightly shook side to side to get the drool off his chin. All that did was get it on the bed and in the tops of his breasts which Nightmare had coaxed him to summon.


Back over at the dresser, Nightmares hands were fishing through its contents while trying to intentionally ignore Killer from behind. He smiled as he pulled out half a dozen small bullet vibrators,  a small roll of medical tape, and the blindfold. In their so far month-long relationship neither would tell anyone how many toys they had secretly indulged in.


Killer whimpered in anticipation as Nightmare climbed on the bed and sat on Killer's abdomen in between Killer's breasts and his dropping cunt. 


"Hiaht, hlss hallh-" Nightmare shushed him by licking up his chin and slipped at Killer's exposed tongue. He opened his mouth and lightly bit on Killer's tongue, causing his protests to raise an active. "nnAAAHH HA-HA! LOOO-OOHH!!" Only now Killer couldn't hide his tongue in his mouth as he'd done previously. 


"Don't worry Kiki, my heat's still satiated for at least a few minutes..." 


Nightmare rips the tape and begins placing each vibrator in various places on Nightmare's body: two for each of Killer's tender nipples. Two on each side of Killer's labia. One on the center of Killer's soul. Then the final one, which was connected by a thin cord, Nightmare shoved deep inside Killer's cunt as far as he could shove it. He felt Killer's walls tense up at the intruder, it was all he could do to put up some semblance of resistance.


"Long enough to" The moment Nightmare forcefully placed the blindfold over Killer's eyes, he grabbed a remote for the vibrators and turned them on, cranking them up to high.


And just as Nightmare wanted, Killer squealed and squirmed in place on his back. All he could do was arch his back, rock side to side, and moan helplessly. 


Meanwhile, Nightmare reached down and grabbed Killer's arms off the floor, the bones limp from being in disconnected. But Nightmare knew how to fix that too. With a small flick of his hand, each arm stiffened straight. Nightmare took one of the arms and adjusted the fingers so three were extended outward while the thumb was angled up like a finger gun. 


"Having fun Kiki?"


Killer's head was shaking like a seizure as his tongue continues to flick drool onto himself. "AAAHAA-AHA!! HUCK HI-AAAH!!"


Killer screamed and his head shot up once Nightmare took Killer's hand and began fucking him with it like a fuck-stick. The three fingers slid in and out easily with more wet squishy sounds as the thumb touched his clit with each fast thrust. 


Grabbing the second hand, Nightmare used that one on himself. He climbed back on the bed and made the hand into a fist and sat on it on the floor. 


It didn't take long for Killer to be brought to the brink of orgasm. He lifted his head and looked to where he assumed Nightmare was. Pleading and squealing from behind his gag and blindfold. "CUUH!! CUUH! I EEEHH UU CUUH!!"


"Not yet, hold it. I want to see you squirt on your own hand." Nightmare didn't let up using Killer's hand, drilling into him faster like a merciless fucking machine. The vibrations were still kept berating all his sensitive bits making Killer have to suck in his breath to try and hold his orgasm at bay. But it was futile, it could only be delayed as Killer felt the pressure rising in him. "Convince me you need to cum."




"Alright, cum."


Killer screamed as his juices shot out and onto Killer's hand. Nightmare had let go of the arm and left it deep inside him while his orgasm shook and soaked the hand inside him. Nightmare let out a heavy sigh as he removed the ha d he used in his ass and dropped it on the floor while Killer couldn't stop moaning. 


"Alright, I think I'll let you stir for a while." Killer let out an alarmed gasp. He felt Nightmare get up off the bed and walk beside him. "Your hand gave me a nice pleasant orgasm too. So I think I'll catch up on some reading." 


Killer began screaming and shaking his head while the vibrators kept assaulting and stimulating him, causing his body to burn with overestimated bliss. Bliss that was still being overshadowed by fear as he heard Nightmare's footsteps move away from the bed. "HOOO!! OOO ON'T!! CUUHH ACK!!" Killer's limbless body flailed on the mattress, trying to get Nightmare's attention, which he still unknowingly had. He couldn't leave him like this!


Of course, Nightmare wasn't going anywhere. But Killer didn't know that. He wanted to see how he'd react. He planned to just sit at the end of the room by the bookcases for a few minutes and watch him struggle, maybe observe a few more orgasms. 


"I'll just head into the other room and catch up on some reading. I'll be back later when I need to use you again."


Nightmare made it look like he left by opening and closing the side door. Killer continued to scream for Nightmare to come back as his body twisted and turned from a second orgasm. His pussy uncontrollably shooting more cum onto the mattress as he howled.


Nightmare was about to silently walk over to his reading chair when he heard something he hadn't heard in a while. Over Killer's cries, his noises sounded rhythmic like he was humming something. Nightmare's pleased expression dropped when he recognized it. 


Moonlight sonata; movement one. Their safe tune. 


Nightmare quickly ran back over to the bed and turned off all the vibrators and removed the hand still in Killer's cunt. He climbed back on the bed and removes the blindfold to be met with Killer's terrified eyes looking up at him. Killer's terrified expression only wavers slightly seeing Nightmare beside him. 


"Killer hun, are you okay?" Nightmare touched the side of Killer's face as he whimpered and nodded his head. 


"leeagh on't L'hee Eh!." Killer pleaded while Nightmare sat beside him. Killer loved being helpless, but not without Nightmare. Something Nightmare now knew.


"It's okay Kiki, I won't leave." Nightmare moves his hands to try and unbuckle the gag. "You want to be done?"


Nightmare was about to unclip the piercing and remove the gag when Killer surprised him and shook his head. He instead bucked his hips in the air. Causing Nightmare to chuckle as he reached for the remote and the vibrators turned back on.


Killer closed his eyes and moaned contently as the vibrators resumed at a more pleasant medium speed. Nightmare hugged Killer's helpless form to his chest while positioning his cock outside Killer's needy opening once again.


"Ready for round two?" 


Killer nodded blissfully and Nightmare slowly inserted himself and began slowly fucking him. He went much slower this time to savor the wet noises and the feeling of Killer squeezing his cock. 


Looking down, Killer could see his nipples on his tits vibrating from the bullets as he felt another climax building. His tongue fruitlessly tries to pull back as he runs the back of his head into the mattress While Nightmare squeezed his breasts from behind. 


"H-high, han-ah-huh?"


Nightmare nodded his head and brought Killer's body close to his chest, leaving his cock inserted in Killer's warm pussy. He knew Killer loved the full feeling of Nightmare stuffing him. "Yes kiki, you can cum."


Nightmare spooned Killer's body against his as firmly as he could while Killer's torso shook and sputtered from another forced orgasm. 


He didn't know how long either of them could keep this up with his heat. But Nightmare figured he could give Killer his limbs back in the morning. Because for the next few hours, Killer was Nightmare's limbless sex doll. and both skeletons we're loving it.

Chapter Text

It had been only a few hours after dark. The sound of two pairs of footsteps crunching in the snow began approaching the dimly lit Snowdin village. Despite how unpredictable nighttime in Snowdin would typically get in Underlust, the forest itself was quiet and rather peaceful. Hence why Papyrus suggested taking a leisurely stroll through the forest with his boyfriend, Mettaton.

The two had their elbows interlocked as Mettaton had Papyrus' black blazer draped over his shoulders. luckily being a skeleton meant Papyrus didn't get cold easily. So his pink long-sleeve turtle neck was fine for the time being.

"Ah, Papyrus this was wonderful, I see now why you like it here." Mettaton looked around at the glowing blue hue the forest gave off at night. Both loved the snow on the ground that the wind lightly kicked up generated a rather calm and comforting fog on the ground.

"why Yes, the forest's vast emptiness is a lovely escape from...well...everything else. So I'm quite delighted you agree."

The two trudge up the hill until they reach the Skeleton house at the end of Snowdin village. Papyrus leads the way up to the front door. Papyrus moves to open the door. "Would you like to come in?"

Mettaton smiles as he hands back Papyrus' coat. "Oh Papy I'd love to, but Alphys would blow hers and my fuze if I don't get back soon."

"Oh, so this is goodnight then." Papyrus responds brightly, even if a little disappointed their date was coming to an end.

"Afraid so Papy dear." Mettaton walks over and gives Papyrus a gentle hug. A gesture Papyrus happily returned. They loved hugs more than kisses. But that still didn't stop Mettaton from giving Papyrus a quick peck on the cheek as he pulled away, their hands still locked together.

"You sure you don't need me to walk you home?" Papyrus knew Mettaton could handle herself now. Either of them walking home by themselves was something that still bothered the other when the other would.

"Oh no, it's quite alright. Will I be seeing you for tomorrow's show?"

"Of course."

Letting go of Papyrus' hands, Mettaton begins heading back the way they came towards the entrance of waterfall. He looked back one last time and gave a final wave before cresting the hill. Papyrus couldn't help an exhale of content. Being in a relationship with Mettaton brought him happiness and joy the likes of which the royal harem never did. So many one night stands, so many harsh rejections and cold shoulders. He understood now why Undyne was glad he decided to leave the harem. He didn't belong there and even she knew it.

Opening the door, Papyrus quickly realized Sans was home. Given that his blue knee-high boots were aside the door when he walked in. Between working as a dancer at Grillby's and now this new 'multiverse' job he'd recently taken. Papyrus hadn't really seen his brother much. He would come home for maybe a day, work at Grillby's, then leave through some strange portal and would be gone for a day or more.

The thought of a multiverse was quite intriguing for Papyrus. Like other versions of him?! C'mon what's not to be curious about. He had intended to sit down with Sans and talk about it because it was very fascinating to him. But whenever he tried to bring up the topic Sans would avoid it like the plague. Sans tried to be clever about it, but Papyrus knew when Sans was avoiding him.

Papyrus then noticed more parts of his brother's attire scattered on the floor; His black socks were by the couch. His fingerless gloves were on the handrail of the stairs. and his black tights were at the top of the stairs. This was typically a sign Sans had 'company' over.

"Sans, I'm home!" Papyrus happily called but no response came. Papyrus likely attributed this to the running water of the shower in the bathroom. Which was positioned between their rooms.

When Papyrus got to the stairs he noticed the gloves which were dangling off the rail were torn at the knuckles. Which was odd, because his brother was crazy about his cloths, much like he did. There also appeared to be a small stain on them that Papyrus couldn't make out over the black of the gloves.

Papyrus walked up the stairs and picked up Sans leggings off the floor. Both to clean up after his lazy brother and to inspect them. They too had small rips on them. Mainly in the thighs and at the knees. They also had the same stains he couldn't make out.

Now being concerned, Papyrus flung the ruined clothes on his shoulder as he hastily walked up to the bathroom door. But when he looked down at the clothes his expression warped to horror.

Both the black crop-top and the purple and blue sleeveless vest were ruined. the crop top had several tears across its middle and back making it unwearable. But the most alarming part was the vest. just as torn as the top, it had the same stains that Papyrus now could recognize on it's blue fur. There wasn't much of it, but it didn't make it any less horrifying.

It was blood, and judging by its purple coloration, he knew who's blood it was.

Now, barely audible over the sounds of the shower. His brother quietly weeping nearly sends Papyrus into a full-blown panic attack.


*three days earlier*

The otherwise quiet night outside Nightmares' new mansion was filled with the sounds of blasters, blades, and now shattered glass as Horror was sent flying through the glass of the greenhouse. Fell knew it wouldn't take long for Horror to get back up. So he took the brief moment to help Lust back up to his feet. The purple and blue-clad skeleton lay on the ground on his back. Dust had thrown him across the garden and it had knocked the wind out of him.

Lust had never been so exhausted. In the opening minutes of the fight Lust had been quite literally manhandled and thrown around the room like a toy. He couldn't match Horror's brute strength, Dust's magic, or Error's overwhelming offensive. Every time he engaged one of Nightmares' mind controlled minions he was simply overpowered in short order.

Such was the case here. "C'mon get up! Don't just lay there!" Fell grabbed and hoisted Lust back to his feet. But that was all he could do. A split second later, Cross teleported above them with his giant knife above his head. "LOOK OUT!!"

Fell pushes Lust away before the heavy strike lands. Cross's giant blade embeds into the stone pathway. He tries to yank it out but Fell summons a wave of bones from the floor to disarm him. Cross responds by summoning a small blaster below one of his feet and propelled himself forward and rocket kicks Fell away. The edgy skeleton goes flying and disappears into the thick shrub.

Lust calls out to Fell, pulling himself back up off the ground after being shoved. That only drew the attention of Cross, his white and purple hazed eyes shooting over to him. Instead of grabbing his knife, Cross uses his magic and summons his two hollow daggers and rushes him. In the blinding speed, Lust was only able to summon a long bone just in time to catch Cross's wild downward swing.

And like with every other engagement this far, Lust forced on the back foot. He tried to muster some semblance of offense but each swing of his purple weapon was effortlessly parried by the former guardsmen. Lust wasn't a fighter, he never had been. While could barely be considered a good fighter in his own universe. So he was absolutely no match for Cross or any of the rest of Nightmares' gang.

"Cross please this isn't-" In a desperate attempt to end the fight Lust tried to reach Cross through his brainwashed state. He grabbed Cross's arms and tried to hold him so he would listen. But all that got him was a powerful knee to his groin.

Lust screamed in pain as Cross bashed him in the head with the butt end of one of his daggers. He fell and onto one knee and held his head which was now bleeding. He looked up at across who looked down at him with the most brain dead expression he'd ever seen.

But right as Cross raised one of his weapons, intent on dealing the finishing blow, Cross looks back up and is forced to deflect several maroon colored projectiles.  Lust looked back in time to see blackberry lunge forward and clash his maroon colored saber's against Cross's blades.

"Nngh, get up and fight you worthless whore!" Black exchanged several back-to-back parries against Cross before grappling and throwing him several yards away. He looked at the state of his chest plate, seeing a few cuts and dents in it. He took one final look back at Lust still on the ground. "Tch, useless." Black quietly mutters before chasing after Cross.

With his head looking down, Lust tightly shut his eyes to keeps the tears from escaping. He should've just stayed behind, and let the REAL Star Sans' handle this, Lust thought.

No, Lust knew he couldn't think like that. Doing so would likely get him killed. So he stood back up and summoned another weapon.

But when he analyzed the battlefield, he turned and saw Nightmare starring at him and walking towards him. Lust was temporarily overcome by fear and he couldn't move. Because if he couldn't stand against his gang, then Nightmare himself would absolutely destroy him. Nightmare's seemingly gentle smile didn't help things either.

"You're new." Nightmare comments, now little over six feet from him.

Lust sucked in a breath and mustered what courage he had left. He was a Star Sans, he kept mentally screaming to himself.

"It's Violet, from Underlust. Though you probably already knew that."  Lust tried not to make his voice sound like he wasn't still terrified. Because he was.

"Oh, I do~ you're the one who gave my brother the idea didn't you?"

So much for not being terrified. Because seeing Nightmare smiling at him like he was a piece of meat didn't sit well with him. He'd seen that look plenty of times back home and seeing it on the king of negativity was very bad.

"N-no I...just gave him the serum." Lust didn't know why he was telling Nightmare that, given that he decided to charge him a second later. Nightmare didn't even flinch. Four pink tentacles appeared behind him and he caught the long bone before it struck his head. Lust tried to pull it free but it wouldn't give.

"Hmm, straight to the fun, I like that."

Lust barely had time to use a shortcut to avoid another one of the tendrils that swiped at his head. He reappeared a few feet back and looked at his opponent who continued to just stand and stare at him.

Not wanting Nightmare to make the first move, Lust charged again. He decided to use hand to hand this time. Reaching Nightmare, he stupidly started with a right hay-maker which was blocked by one of Nightmares' tentacles. Lust quickly tried a hook then a leg kick. Both blocked easily, Nightmare wasn't even using his hands, they were behind his back. Lust finished the combo with a wild spinning back kick which Nightmare lazily sidestepped to avoid.

"Huh, they'll make anyone a Star Sans these days." Nightmare launched two of the four tentacles forward. Lust ducked and used a shortcut to avoid them but they locked onto him like tracking. "Almost makes me feel bad for this...almost."

Lust continued to dodge and punch the tendrils away but one launched out of the floor and grabbed his arm, pulling it towards the ground. The other two tendrils on Nightmare's back joined in. Lust was violently grabbed by the neck and his other arm.

He tried to scream as he was lifted in the air. But one tight squeeze later and his breath was taken away. The tendrils retracted as Lust was rapidly pulled towards Nightmare who looked up at him with that same lust filled smile.

"I'd say It's nothing personal, but I think we both know that's a lie."


Art commission #3 is finished! And just in time for act three. "Trust in Lust" which is perfect because that's who the commission is!

So here he is, drawn by the amazing Lust Sans connoisseur Zirkkun on Tumblr. So go check him out and given'm some love.



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*Two days earlier*


The sound of the music of Grillby's strip bar was loud, very loud. What would otherwise be overwhelming music to others was a small comfort of Lust. Especially now given the circumstances. It helped drown out the thoughts in his head that had been plaguing him since the failed raid. They were there before, but he could easily tune them out then, now not so much. 


His performance at the raid on Nightmares' mansion had shaken him more than Lust would care to admit. It wasn't the fact that he almost died half a dozen times, Nightmare being one second away from snapping his neck standing out among the others. But how his own teammates, his friends treated him. The words of Swapfell Sans stuck in his mind; Whore, useless. Lust had been called those words before in his AU more than a few times. But never with such disgust or malice as Blackberry had. It also didn't help that Black was one of his teammates, teammates who while not being as insulting as Black, still treated him differently. They may not realize it but Lust did. 


The way Blue would look at him with pity and worry like he needed to be protected. The way Outer or Classic Sans would make aware of his fighting prowess whenever a fight was coming. Lust saw right through it all. But the worst was whenever he visited an AU on his patrols. The stares he would get, the whispers behind his back as if he wasn't listening. The slurs he'd be called by the very people he was protecting.


So after the raid and the dust settled. Instead of returning to the doodlesphere with everybody else, Lust took his own exit and went back home. He wanted-no needed to take his mind off these things. By doing the one thing he knew he was good at. The only thing everyone thought he was good for.


The electric beat and the slow and seductive female lyrics matched Lust's movements on the stage as the few spectators directly under the stage were going wild. Not that Lust could hear them much over the loud music. Lust spun, grinded, and slid down the pole slowly like a snake. The other watchers in their seats around the bar made their own enjoyment known with catcalls and whistles. which were all the more prevalent with Lust's additional seductive pizzazz he'd give in his performances; sticking his fingers in his mouth, lifting his shirt with his teeth, pretending to lick up the pole. Lust knew how to get a crowd going.


But while his body seemed turned on, his face wasn't. His expression was neutral and dead-eyed. As if his body was on autopilot, which it was. Lust's mind was still a cacophony of things he still failed to purge from his mind. Due to his performance, nobody seemed to take notice of this. All except one.


When the song ended, Lust climbed down the steps of the circular stage. He made sure to grab his sleeveless coat he'd left on the edge of the stage as he headed for the bar. The much more dimly lit part of the strip bar was dimly illuminated by the yellow and blue glow of its owner and bartender, Grillby. Even though he was the owner the strip club, Grillby was probably the most dressed save for the bouncers: A pair of black dress pants,  a blue belt to match his frosted hairstyle, and a plain white dress shirt with the top half unbuttoned to show his bare chest underneath. He was defiantly selling the whole rich yet intimating playboy look. Especially with the blue-tinted shades he wore over his white eyes.


The fire elemental immediately grabbed the spiked ketchup that he knew Sans liked so much and walked over to the end of the bar where Lust sat himself down. 


"heh, didn't even say anything and you're already serving me. You must be expecting a big tip huh?" Lust jokes as Grillby placed a small shot glass squirted it half full of Lust's favorite condiment.


"Quite the performance there," Grillby says casually, observing Sans's every move and expression as he downs the shot in one gulp. If it weren't for the shades covering his eyes, Lust would be able to see the concern on his face. Ever since Lust had started working this new job he had. Grillby noticed Lust had become gradually more and more distant. His forced smiles and hollow laughs became more and more obvious. 


Now Grillby didn't know much about these AU's that he spoke of. Grillby was just a bartender, not a former royal scientist like Lust had been before the serum. So Grillby's understanding was limited. But from what he could gather from Lust's often drunk rambling, it was more or less the discovery of alternate realities. Meaning alternate versions of themselves, places similar or very different to their own world. He remembered how enthralled Lust had been when he first discovered it. Speaking of an alternate version of him called Dream. But since that initial discovery almost half a year ago, It seemed that fascination has since faded away. 


Lust smiled, looking at his newly refilled shot glass and laughed. Another obvious hollow laugh and a fake smile. "What, did I light a fire in you hot stuff?"


"Sans, you seem rather distant lately. I know you don't like talking about your new job but...maybe you should take a break. you know you can talk to me." Sans remains silently. Grillby reaches across the bar and grabs the spiked bottle of ketchup from Sans hand to keep him from chugging it. "Sans honey, I know something is bothering you."


Lust finally looks up from the table and into Grillby's eyes. "Do you ever find something that you're initially so happy about, only to wish you never discovered it in the first place?" Lust grabbed the ketchup bottle and returned to taking shots. 


"What?! Sans I don't understand."


"That's just it, isn't it? Not knowing...I wish I still had that, hehe...ha-that blissful ignorance." Lust's lips begin to quiver and his hands clench on the counter into tight fists. The leather of his gloves creak while Lust's eyes begin to wander, looking everywhere except Grillby, whose eyes couldn't take their focus off his. "And you know everyone wants to know. But you also know if you tell them, they'll come to hate themselves just as much as you do." Lust began to sniffle as he forced down his tears. "So you stay silent, letting them live on." Lust croaked out the final sentence. He knew if he kept going he'd end up likely revealing something he didn't want to. 


"You're always here for me G; serving me, listening to me. Even though you don't have to. What did I do to deserve someone like you?"


Grillby looked at Sans like his soul was breaking. He'd dealt with more than one depressed drunk as a bartender. But seeing his closest friend succumb to such a mindset hurt. So he overstepped his typical bartending boundaries and put a hand in Sans's arm on the counter. 


"Sans I want to understand. Please you can-"


"No," Lust jerks his hand away the second his glowing hand makes contact. "No, you don't." Lust hops off the barstool and throws his jacket on over his shoulder. 


"Thanks for the drinks G." Lust turns and begins walking to the exit. Doing so without making any more eye contact with Grillby. "Think I've bothered you enough as it is." 


Sans continues to ignore Grillby as he walked to the front door. "Think I'll go and find someone to 'cheer me up''s all I'm good for after all."


"Sans wait-"


As Lust pushes open the door, Grillby runs around the counter and hastily walks outside after him. But the moment Grillby opens the door Lust is nowhere to be seen. He must've used a shortcut. The only other monster to be seen was the polar bear standing beside the door. He was this world's politics bear and was the security guard/bouncer for Grillby's club. 


Grillby turned to look at him as the bear lowered his sunglasses to match his gaze. "Ya just missed'm. You two okay?"


Grillby sighs and looks off in the direction of the skeleton house. Its lights were off so where ever Lust had gone, it likely wasn't anywhere in a Snowdin village. 


Taking one last look around, Grillby turns and reopens the door to go back inside.


"No, I don't think we are."

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*many year's earlier; two days before the Lust Serum*


The snow below Grillby's body began to melt from prolonged contact with the fire elementals body. He sat at the end of Snowdin village looking out into the snow-capped forest, legs dangling off the edge of the cliff. the gentle wind blew his fiery hair like a candle. 


Grillby was taken out of his quiet brooding over the sound of crunching snow behind him. He didn't need to look behind him to know who it was. Because he quickly made himself known upon breaking the short treeline. 


"Heya hot stuff, what's up?" 


Grillby's fire atop his heat momentarily brightens in embarrassment. He turned and gave Sans an unamused glare from his small white eyes. "You're hilarious Sans." Grillby comments sarcastically as he turned to look at Sans, who walked up and stood at the edge beside him. 


The two had known each other for a few years at this point. Ever since Sans began working for Doctor Gaster three years ago. They grew close as friends quickly with Sans staying in hotland for work. They met back when Grillby was working at his father's weapons shop. Grillby'a father had been making weapons for the guard and subsequently the crown for decades. So both were thrilled when Sans and his little brother could get a house in Snowdin mere weeks after Grillby said he'd be moving out there for his new job.


"Heh, you better believe it." From the looks of it, Sans had just gotten off work at the lab. He was still wearing his black dress pants, grey shirt, and unbuttoned lab coat with several unwashed chemical and ketchup stains on it. 


Grillby looks over to Sans as he does down beside him. The pair's feet dangling off the cliff side-by-side. "You and your brother moved in yet?" 


"Well, bro's already telling me to pick up my socks. So I'd say yeah just about. Just need to unpack a few more boxes." Sans leans and lays back in the snow. He enjoys watching the gentle snowflakes instantly disintegrate the moment they touch Grillby's body. 


Both monsters enjoyed Snowdin. Being on the outskirts of the underground, besides the ruins It was quiet and peaceful. Plus the snow didn't affect Grillby like waterfall. So it was a win-win. And due to its small population, businesses were scarce which meant great opportunity that Grillby couldn't ignore. It was the perfect place to start his dream job. 


"Heard you got that loan from the crown for your new business." Grillby nods his head but no smile is seen on his face from the Sans' hint of congratulations. He only blinked in recognition and continues to stare out over the cliffside. "S'the matter G? Ain't this what you wanted? You should be hap-"


"My father and I got into it again." 


Sans dropped the happy act upon hearing that. He knew Grillby and his father's relationship had broken down the last few hears. Most notably when Grillby wanted to pursue a culinary career instead of the family business as a smith. A business that had been going on for generations in hotland. His father didn't want that and wanted Grillby to take his place when the time came. He was so adamant about his son not doing anything else that he refused to fund and support his vision. That meant Grillby had to seek financial help outside the family and pick up work outside of his family's shop. 


So when the financial loan he applied to the king years ago was finally accepted, Sans couldn't have been happier for his friend. It meant possibly years of working shitty jobs and dealing with his father was gone.


But it seemed even that wasn't enough to make the pain of his father's words hurt any less. 


"He said I won't get far. That I'll just come crawling back to the smith cus it's my 'legacy' or some bullshit." Sans could hear the malice coming from grillby's voice. The flames on his body sparked and cracked as they grew in intensity. 

"Why does he care so much?! He's not prying my sister to take up the family business! Is it because I'm the oldest, IS THAT IT?!" 


Sans momentarily shields his face as Grillby's body was burning so bright it was blinding. "G, you don't-"


"But what if he's right?! What if this is all a mistake-and nobody likes my food cus I'm a shitty chef-what if-"


"Grillby stop!" the fire elemental felt a firm hand pull at his shoulder. Out of instinct and in the heat of the moment Grillby shot up from m the ground and summoned a ball of fire in his hand. But his rage stops seeing Sans looking up at him. Grillby's angered expression matched his friend's worried and concerned one as he slowly de-summoned his attack. 


"Fuck what your father says. You're a grown-ass monster now. The only person that can decide who you are is you, nobody else." Grillby's angered flames dwindle feeling Sans firm hold on him. "So whether you want to be chef, a fighter, or a god damn prostitute that's your...fucking...choice." 


Sans stood up from the ground beside the Grillby. He didn't take his eyes off Grillby's for a second. But his casual smile returned quickly. "And besides, anyone that says your cooking is bad, they don't know what they're missin' cus your cooking sure puts meat on my bones." Sans adds to the hilarious comment by pulling the sleeve of his cost back and pretending to flex one of his arms. It earned the desired smile from Grillby. 


"You just have to have hope G, we all do. Even if that's in short supply these days." 


Both their expressions fall at the thought of their situation, one shared by the entire underground. Imprisoned underground, and a spike of infertility threatening monster-kind with extinction. HOPE was fading with each monster child dying the minute there born. And it would only continue to fade until what was left of the monster died off. But not if the royal scientists have anything to say about it. 


Having calmed down now thanks to Sans, Grillby goes back to starring off at the beautiful cliffside scenery. "You and Gaster have any luck?" 


Sans nods, stuffing his hands back in the pockets of his lab coat. "The first batch of the serum is nearly ready. The King's already pushing it past testing to disperse it early to everyone in the underground in the coming days."


"I-is that safe?" Grillby looks over to Sans wearily. Sans expression remains neutral, not showing any concern in the slightest.


"Don't worry, Gaster's taking special care to get it right the first time so that won't be a problem. And I trust Gaster so I'm sure everything will be fine. 


The two turn and begin walking into the treeline. The trees and bushes are like a wall between the cliffside and the village. So it didn't take long for the two to break the tree line and enter the dimly lit village. 


"So you come up with a name yet?" Sans and Grillby walk side by side from the tree line and walk up to the building directly across from them. That building being the newly brought establishment Grillby now owned. The bright yellow and blue neon sign lighting up the roof of the building. Sans couldn't help a chuckle at the name. Just 'Grillby's' 


"Y'know I'm starting to think we monsters are just bad at naming things."


Grillby's eyes narrow as he slowly looks down at Sans "If you didn't have a point there I'd smack you." 


"Don't you mean 'flame' me?" Sans snickers, half expecting a  playful slap to the back of the head but Grillby restrains himself to an eye roll. "So when's the grand opening?" 


"If the kitchen electrical get set up on time. Hopefully in the next few days." 


After standing and admiring the new addition to Snowdin, Sans yawns and turns towards his new home just down the road. "Well expect me to be one of your first locals. Maybe I'll stop by after my serum infection."


"I'd be happy to have you, Sans."


"Congratulations G."


The two give each other one last smile before Sans turns and begins walking home. Grillby turns back to his new restaurant with a more optimistic outlook. Their lives, while still bleak, still clung to that hope. Things finally seemed to be going right. 



*end of flashback*


Violet slipped on his black tights after over twelve hours, at least that's how much he was paid for, of a night of constant sex. All in a desperate attempt to get his mind off of...well everything. The star sans, the multiverse, avoiding his friends and family. 


But just like going to the movie theater, it was only just that, a distraction. Because once it was said and done, Lust now over 1000G richer, He was immediately pulled back into his mental depression. Like he couldn't escape it no matter what he did or how many people he slept with. The result was always the same. 


Lust collected and put on the last of his clothes while his two clients were passed out on the bed. Once his shoes were on, he grabbed his sleeveless coat of the door frame and made his quiet exit. From the bedroom and now the dimly lit hallway of the Snowdin brothel. The dirty matted shad carpet floor smelled of cheap lavender bleach. No doubt to mask the smell coming from all the occupied rooms all the way down to the lobby. 


Even though he didn't care if he'd been underpaid, Lust had been counting gold in the small sack. He had lost count when he looked up and realized the brothel keeper, one of the bunny sisters, was not at the reception desk. The two co-owners of the brothel would alternate between serving clients of their own and manning the reception desk. So seeing the desk empty was out of the ordinary. 


Opening the cheap reinforced metal door, Lust stuffed the bag of cash in his coat pocket and was about ready to head home. 


However the moment Violet stepped outside. The mystery of the missing brothel keeper had been solved. Her quiet cries of help could be heard around the corner. It was enough to get Sans out of his mental funk. 


Violet rapidly walked to the edge of the brothel and peeked around the corner. And at the edge of Snowdin village, right behind the welcome sign, Lust could see the brothel keeper: topless in the snow and her mini shirt in shreds on the ground beside her. Her face was forcibly pressed into the snow-capped ground while three attackers held her down in the snow. Three shadow monsters that Lust recognized almost instantly. They were the same monsters that attacked Mettaton and his brother. At least based on his brother's description of them. It seemed that their last encounter with Mettaton hadn't deterred them from their cruel ways. 


The small and frail brothel-keeper kept trying to kick and fight back as she was pinned on the ground. The taller monster of the three knelt between her hips. Lust knew what was about to happen here. And he wasn't going to stand or it while he could help it. 


He was a Star Sans after all. 


"Hey, freaks!" Lust launched a single bone projectile which hit the back of the assailant's head. The attacker grunts from the dull pain as he whips his head around to face Lust, who still stood against the wall of the brothel. "Is there a problem here." 


The bunny Lust knew as 'Susie' tried to cry out to Violet. Only to have her head slammed into the snow again by the second monster sitting on her back. 


The assailant who just had his head whacked put on a cheerful face over the outraged one he had a second ago. 


"Oh hey Sansy~ no everything's just time, right babe?" the second monster stood up from the ground, picking Susie up with him and holding her tightly by her ears. She fearfully nodded her head to the monster's question when he looked her way. But when he looked back, Lust could see her mouth the words 'help me' with quivering lips. "We just copped ourselves this nice one for a few hours. You're welcome to join us if you want. We could use another hole to fuck. How much for an hour?"


Lust's hands clenched into fists so hard his knuckles audibly cracked. They'll offer to pay for his services but forcibly rape the defenseless women?! That made Lust's nonexistent blood boil. 


"No, I don't think any of you deserve my services you vile pricks." Lust's voice teetered between calm and full-on rage. "I don't think you deserve hers either. So how about you let her go and we'll forget this ever happened."


The one Lust had hit in the back of the head, Lust presumed was the leader, remained silent while his smile faded away. One of his accomplices let go of their captive and eagerly walked up to his leader's side. But the leader just put up his hand to both stop him and hush him. 


"I think it's you who should forget this ever happened. I'm being generous in asking to use whatever you got between your legs. So how about you turn and walk your tight little ass outta here, and we won't have any problems in the foreseeable future."


Lust sucked in his breath at the dreadful threat. Because he knew there likely would be a problem even if he listened to them and turned the other cheek. But he didn't do that and stood his ground. He couldn't do that. He wouldn't be able to live with himself any more than he already did if it did nothing. 


So he took a defiant step forward. "I won't ask again. Let. Her. Go."


The second accomplice couldn't stay his tongue and pointed a finger over the top of their hostage.


"Your brother's Robo-bitch this to me!" He made a point of pointing to the three red burn scars on his forehead. "I'll give you one just like it if you don't-"




Suddenly Susie's white soul appeared above her and turned blue. Susie was then launched out from under her captor and was flown several feet into the hands of Lust. He caught her and placed her behind him. It all happened so fast both her attackers and Susie herself barely had time to recognize it. 


Two of the would-be rapists shouted as Lust took a second to look back at Susie. "Run" was the only thing he said to her before she turned and ran into the brothel, locking the door behind her. 


"OOOHH YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" One of the lackeys shouted.


The ringleader took a step forward, his two subordinates in toe. "Well now we have a problem, cus now we don't have a hole to fuck. And you are now the closest one available." 


Lust normally would've teleported away and escaped the conflict. But his self-hatred coupled with a desire for payback for his brother and Mettaton made him stand his ground. 


"I don't think so love." 


Right before the trio could charge Violet raised his hand and summoned his magic. A purple blaster appeared above his head and blasted one of the attackers backward. The second he used his soul manipulation to throw him to the ground. The third being the leader was able to make it within striking distance. Violet dodged a right hook which he countered with a wild swing with his purple bone weapon. The attack was immediately caught in the shadow monster's hand so Lust followed up with a cross fist to his cheek, which did land. But the attacker scoffs, barely acknowledging any pain from it. 


"Wow, You hit like a bitch." the monster raised his hand which rapidly morphed like liquid into a sharp blade. He swung for Lust's head who teleported to avoid. Only to teleport in the middle of the three monsters, the other two having quickly recovered and back on their feet.


All three charged again, this time from three different directions. Violet swing the bone in his hand like a baseball bat towards one, it was quickly sucked under easily. Lust couldn't turn in time as he was grabbed from behind and held in a headlock. Lust resorted to jumping and kicking with his legs, which did knock one of the others back as his blue boot met with a face. 


When Violet was able to escape the headlock with a head-butt. The third attacker used his bladed hand and sliced Violet's chest, causing the skeleton to scream from the burning pain. 


Lust was able to block and parry the next few attacks until the others recovered once again and joined in with blades of their own. One Violet could've handled, not three on one. Especially when the three worked together in the cruelest of tactical ways. One blocking or eating an attack from Lust only for one of the others to strike him from behind or slash at his legs. 


The fight quickly turned into a fruitless defensive battle as Lust teleported across the battlefield because his legs began to bleed from cuts. He used blasters to attack because his arms were cut and bleeding too. Pants torn, jacket ripped. The fight had only been going for a little over a minute and Violet looked worse than he did a few days ago at Nightmare's mansion.  


So when the inevitable came and Lust was disarmed of his weapon, Lust was grabbed before he could think to summon another. That or think to teleport away, which was impossible when someone was touching him because if he did, he'd just take them with him. 


Lust tried to continue to fight as he was thrown to the ground. Crawling away was futile as he was dragged by his legs and sat upon by two of his attackers. 


"Not so defiant now are you slut!" One of them shouted squeezing and holding Violet's arms down in the snow. 


Lust began screaming and kicking as he felt his pants being forcibly ripped open. "NO, NO STOP, STOP IT!!!" Violet's cries and pleas were met with laughter by the three rapists. Their ringleader who was positioned and holding down his legs examined Violet's rear.


"hmm doesn't seem like there's anything here."


"His whore of a brother can use magic to fuck." One of the others comments before delivering a cut to the back of one Lust's arms.


"Well then, I guess we'll just have to make him summon a hole for us." The leader turned his blade arm back into a regular hand and began violently groping Lust's pelvic bone from between the now ripped leggings. Causing to begin screaming louder and he thrashed on the ground from the unwanted stimulation. But with three bodies sitting on him he couldn't do anything. 


So when one of the attackers stuffed his mouth to gag him with a piece of his torn clothes, he do desperate. Planting his open palms into the ground, he used his magic and summon two long bones from the ground and shot up against Lust's hands. The force of the impact launched himself up and the three attackers off of him, but also hurting his hands in the process. 


But Lust was filled with too much adrenaline and fear to care as he scrambled on the ground the create some distance. His attackers got to their feet the same time he did.    So Lust summoned another blaster. But instead of using it as a weapon, Violet grabbed onto it and used it to launch himself away, well over a hundred feet, across the village. 




It was only after Lust face planted into the snow that he was able to teleport away. Using a shortcut directly to his front door. He opened and ran inside, using his entire body to slam the door shut.


Violet held his breath as he heard several footsteps approach the door. Hoping that the fact the lights were off and the blinds were drawn who discourage them from breaking in. A hand tried the locked doorknob before he heard the footsteps walk away mixed with several more hateful words being muttered. 


When he thought it was safe. Lust looked down at himself and began to get the bloody and ruined clothes off of him. Starting with his boots and socks which were the only pieces of his clothes that weren’t ruined. He ripped off the remnants of his gloves as he stomped up the stairs, kicking his leggings off when he reached the top. And the rest of his clothing Violet just had to stop holding them up, as his top and jacket were so ripped and full of cuts, all he had to do was drop his arms to his side for them to fall to the ground outside the bathroom. 


Swinging the bathroom door open rapidly, Violet went immediately to the sink. He turned the water on hot and on full blast, cupping his hands, then splashing his face with the water that wasn’t warm yet. He was hyperventilating and his body still shaking from the attack he’d endured less than a minute ago.


Lust just looked at himself in the mirror. And when he hated what he saw in the mirror, hearing all the words, the insults over the last week, he couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He cried as he turned the water on, he cried as he crawled into the bathtub. And he cried as the hot water surrounded his bruised and battered body. 


He continued to cry all the way up until he heard his brother's voice on the other end of the door. In a panic Lust quickly teleported himself away. Talking with his brother meant talking about the multiverse. And he didn't want that.


He just wanted somewhere he could cry his life away, alone.

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The nightly active streets of Snowdin had just begun to stir in the cool morning air. And Grillby already knew it was gonna be one of 'those days.' Getting up early in the season morning wasn't a problem for him, but that wasn't the case anymore after he'd received a phone call several hours before he was to open his bar. It wasn't someone he'd expect to get a call from, Sans' brother papyrus. 


Judging by how frantic Papyrus was over the phone it was serious. All he could get out of him was that his brother ran off, as well as something about a fight and blood. So Grillby's figurative blood was now pumping hard. He was  dressed in record time and bolted out the door of his house. His black blazer under his shoulder.


"Okay, okay. It's okay Papyrus." Grillby could hear the usually happy skeleton hyperventilating over the phone and did his best to calm him down. He began heading into town from across the river. "I'll search the town, you make a quick round in the forest and meet me at the bar if you don't find him."


Grillby hung up and pocketed his phone as he reached the town square of businesses. Turning to the left, he saw Papyrus taking off down the hill towards the wooded trails. Grillby went the other way and deeper into town. He passed by the old library, now a sex shop. One of the stores like his own that wasn't open yet, at a least not for another thirty minutes. But he wasn't thinking about that yet, not until he knew Sans was okay.


Stomping past his bar, Grillby continued on past the rabbit family home and the snow tunnel. His next stop was the brothel, another place Sans would commonly frequent. It was one of the most popular establishments besides Grillby's. Anyone having 'too much fun' at his bar would simply swing over to the brothel next door and either have their fun,  or sober before heading either back home or back to the bar. 


So Grillby was well known among the brothel's staff. Including the two co-owners at the front of the reception desk. One of them was on sitting against the front of the reception desk crying while her sister was at her side comforting her. A small gathering of patrons had also formed in the waiting area that Grillby had to push his way through. 


Susie had a blanket wrapped over her almost completely naked body. Her corset was the only item of clothing was left on her. Grillby could see the bruises on her face as he pushed his way to the front of the crowd. 


"Susie, what happened?" Grillby knelt down beside the two sisters. His right hand turned free. As he pressed the back of his hand gently against Susie's face to use healing magic. 


"T-t-they wouldn't st...Sans he-I ran and he..." Susie tried to speak but she was still two worked up for a story for Grillby to understand. Her sister Jodie, the larger of the two, spoke for her while her sister shook and broke into more loud sobs.


"Susie was jumped by those shadow bastards while she was smoking outside." 


Grillby's concerned face soured immediately. The flames in his head brightened and turned bluer as his anger swelled. He knew exactly who Susie was talking about. The gang fittingly dubbed 'the shadow collective' had been a massive problem in recent years. The same group that had attacked Mettaton, and raped him. 


Across the underground of Underlust, crime was relatively low. Mainly because everyone was so consumed by lust. But that same Lust was also the reason both the guard and the crown has since neglected their duties, the guard having disbanded entirely. So there wasn't anyone to uphold the law or stop crime. 


Most crimes were shrugged off or forgiven. But rape/sexual assault was always unforgivable in Underlust. The lust crazed underground they were reduced to was cemented by trust. And when that trust was broken by someone, they became outcasted and shunned quickly. Most if not all of the establishments in the underground, including Grillby's, had a list of people that weren't allowed to be served because of the heinous crime. The shadow collective being among those names. 


But other than shunning them, nothing else could be done. Since the guard was gone, the only person who still tried to uphold the law, to a degree anyway, was Undyne, now head of the royal harem. But she was mostly confined to Waterfall. So the rest of the underground was pretty much lawless. so those shadowy rapists got off without any legal punishment. 


And Grillby had just about had it. He knew what he wanted to do, which was find Sans. 


Susie's sister got up from the ground and began shooing away the growing ground that had formed. All either dispersed or went back in the direction of their designated rooms in the brothel like nothing happened.


Grillby takes his blazer he still had under his shoulder and draped it across Susie to cover her. She used her shaky g hands to try and cover herself the best she could. While nudity was pretty much accepted  in Underlust, the vulnerability and exposed nature of events obviously affected her. 


Taking off his glasses so Susie could better see him. He knelt down close to her and spoke as gently as he could, taking care not to touch her as she flinched when he got close. Even though it was over, she was still terrified.

"Susie, where's Sans?" 


Susie gulped as she was composed enough to answer, all be it still crying. "H-he told me and they-"


Susie resulted to try and prevent herself from breaking down again. But Grilly had heard enough. The only thing burning brighter than his body was his fear, but also rage. If those three had raped Sans, or worse. Then Grillby was certain he'd burn them harder than any hell they were going to. 


But revenge came second, finding Sans was the priority. 


"Has anyone seen Sans?!" Grillby screamed as he ran back outside. He was only met with concerned glances and shrugs. Like Grillby needed more reason to panic. Grillby rounded the corner where the attack supposedly took place. Seeing purple magical blood still in the snow. It wasn't much, but enough to know the situation could be potentially dire. It didn't help that none of the attackers were nowhere to be seen. 


Hoping Papyrus would be finished his round of the trails soon, Grillby decided to backtrack. He ran back the way he came, making sure to check in the treeline every few meters. He silently hoped Sans wasn't hurt. But after the brief description from Papyrus on the phone, he couldn't be sure until he found him.


Luckily Grillby do just that. Because after crossing the road after checking the treeline for the eighth time he was across from his club. It was still closed and not set to open for another thirty minutes. But through the open blinds, a single dim light could be seen in the darkness. Which dimly lit Grillby's diminished hope as he sprinted towards the door. The thought of a possible break-in was only the second possibility on his mind. 


Grillby rapidly began fiddling for his keys in his back pocket as the door was still locked. Please be who I think it is, he kept mentally screaming to himself as he heard the door click and he pushed the door open. His body lighting up the doorway until the motion sensor light above the door turned on. 


And there, sitting on a tall bar stool on the leftmost wall of the bar sat the skeleton he was looking for. Violet sat slumped against the counter. Usually more reserved and slightly flamboyant, Grillby was about to jump for joy and run to hug him. But right as he took a single step, he realized that may not be the smartest idea. 


For starters, all Lust was wearing was a pair of black sweatpants. All of his injuries were on full display. They weren't much; a few cuts and bruised bones, but nothing life-threatening. And arguably the most alarming was the glass half full of whiskey. As far as Grillby's seen, Lust rarely drank anything other than his spiked ketchup. So for him to go straight to the hard stuff meant he was likely worse off emotionally than he was physically. 


So instead of running, Grillby slowly walked over. He made sure to make his presence known; walking wide around the wall of the bar and being quiet, but not too quiet with his footsteps. Though he was certain his body's yellow glow gave him away long before he entered his field of vision. 


When Grillby sat himself down on the barstool next to Lust, he didn't acknowledge him. He only continued to stare down at the black marble countertop. Two tear straps were stuck to his cheeks and we're hanging off his chin. 


“Sans, I’m not going to ask what's wrong. Because I know something is wrong.” Grillby’s gentle words hadn’t yet earned him a reaction just yet. “So instead I'll ask what I can do to help.” 


Violet wiped the two tears from his chin. And shook his head slowly. “You don't get it G. It doesn't matter.” 


“What do you mean it doesn't matter?! You saved Susie from getting raped that does matter.” 


Violet finally looks over to Grillby. Holding back a growl of annoyance. “It's not about that! it's about everything, it's about-”


“What?, the multiverse.” Grillby finishes for him. Lust breaks eye contact and clenches his hands to fists. He bites his tongue to keep himself from blurting something out. 


Grillby hastily places a hand over to the drink Lust tries reaching for. “Ever since you took this multiverse job, every time you come back you get worse and worse. I’ve noticed it, your brother’s noticed it. Sans you have to talk to someone, it's eating you alive.”


Lust tries to pull the glass out from under but angrily releases his grip. Grillby takes the glass and bottle of whiskey. Standing up from the stool, he walks to the other side of the bar and returns the bottle to its spot on the large multi-leveled shelf. 


Lust shakes his hand again. He leans his head against his hands. “I can't...I can't do that to you.”


“Why not?” Grillby asks, his back turned as he takes a new glass from one of the glass cabinets. “You know I'm a good listener.” 


“That's the problem, It’ll break you too G. If I tell you, you’ll hate yourself just like me.-” Lust’s expression was angered now, he used a hand to scratch at one of his cuts on his humorous.


“SANS!” Lust flinches and looks back up at Grillby. The fire elemental had raised his voice at him. He’d done so for many unruly people at the bar but never to Sans himself. Even when he got drunk.


Grillby walks over to the counter and slowly and carefully places a glass in front of Sans. The skeleton’s eyes widened even more when he saw it was a glass of water. Grillby never touched the stuff. Getting a single drop on his body was a tremendously painful experience and would last for minutes, sometimes hours depending on the severity of the exposure. So this seemingly meaningless gesture for anyone else was something else entirely for Grillby. 


Looking up, Lust saw Grillby’s expression was of anger, yes. But once Grillby took off his glasses and rested then on the counter, the expression was of terror. 


Reaching forward, Grillby’s orange hand began to glow green at the fingertips. He used green healing magic and ran his hands over Violet’s cuts and bruises. Each slowly shrinking and fading away as he ran his hand over them. 


“Sans, don't EVER speak of yourself like that!” Healing the final cuts to his face, Grillby’s warm fingers remain cupped under Sans chin. “We’re not kids anymore Sans. Whatever secret you’re holding, I can take it.”


“No, you can’t.” Sans whimpered


“For fucks sake Sans, just spit it out. Please just let me help.” 


Violet it silent for what seemed like over a minute. When In actuality, it was only five seconds. But for the two, time seemed to slow. Their relationship hindering on whether Lust would open up to his closest friend.


Luckily Grillby's plea would be answered. Lust swallowed the lump in his nonexistent throat. A lump he'd been holding in for months. 


“The multiverse, alternate universes, it's all true; Alternate versions of you, alternate versions of me.” Lust’s voice was hollow and void of emotion. A stark contrast to the sorrow and fear he'd shown earlier. “Some are so similar, you could argue they’re not different at all. Some so absurdly different, they’re beyond any of your wildest dreams…or nightmares.” 


Grillby can't help but raise an eyebrow. “That...doesn't sound so bad.” 


“You’re right G, it's not. Because that's only the tip of it all. the tip of the massive iceberg. The tip you think is all sweet and rosy until you see the rest of it.” Lust’s arms began shaking. His legs were swinging from their dangling position on the stool as Sans was already becoming restless. “Our story, our history is just one tale in a variety of millions. So many where the prince never died at childbirth. Where infertility never happened. Where the lust serum never happened. 


“Sans, I don’t understand.”


If Lust had lips, they would surely be curled up into a snarl. “All we are, to the rest of the multiverse, are dirty, sex addicted whores!” 


A few forced blinks from Grillby meant that the pieces were starting to connect in his head. Yet he remained silent while Violet continued.  “Everywhere I went, the same people I was supposed to protect. Looked at me like I was garbage. Like I was a predator out to get them. All because they lived in a word where the lust serum never happened. Others look at with with pity, or try to see how they can help.” 


“And that’s not even the worst part!” Sans picks up the glass of water and tries to take a drink of it. He only gets a few sips in before he squeezes the glass so hard a crack forms on the side. 


“Almost every AU has a god or ‘creator’ as Ink calls them; The one that writes the story, defines the characters, and determines the ending. But us? No our creator left our AU without two of those things. He wrote the story, but never ended it. No human for them to manipulate.”


Sans looks back over to Grillby and shows him the tears that had started again. “Do you know what that means? No seventh human means no ending, no ending means no purpose, no salvation. We’re stuck here, where all we do is drink, party, and fuck.” 


Finally finished, or more accurately he couldn't go any further, Violet again breaks down into tears. He buried his face in his arms on the table. While Grillby was left with what he had told him; Creators, AU’s, the reality of their world. It was a lot to take in, especially in one conversation.


And while he believed him. Grillby couldn't accept what Lust perceived was true.


“Sans, I know I'm not a former scientist. I'm no genius or great philosopher. I'm just an owner of a nightclub.” Grillby places a hand on Sans’ shoulder as he stares off in front of him, deep in thought of what to say. “But from what I understand, whether this God or Creator meant to finish our story or not. No God means that our story; yours, mine, and everyone else’s here are our own.” 


Lust looks up at Grillby at the same time Grillby looks back down at him. The fire elemental overshadowed him as he was over twice his height. “It’s up to us to free ourselves, not some God or human, because it's our story.” 


“H-how will we break the barrier then?” 


Grillby shrugs his shoulders casually. “We’ll find a way. We just have to hold onto that hope. And stay determined.” 


Violet, for a moment, is taken out of his depressed funk and actually chuckles. Even in his brief time knowing of the multiverse, the ‘stay determined’ moto was one familiar to him. 


But again, only for a moment. His face sours again as the hateful words and the reality of their gross existence still plagued his being. Making him feel worthless. 


“That doesn't change the fact that we’re still the whores of the multiverse.” 




“I’m a slut, you're a slut, Papy, Undyne, Alphys.” his voice rose with each name. “All we are, are sex dependant filthy whores.” 


Grillby again grabbed Lust’s hand before he could force himself into another breakdown. Because Violet’s eyes were again watery and his eye-lights were smaller, making him look hurt and afraid. 


“The only person that can decide who you are, is you.” 


Lust opens his mouth without any intention of speaking. The words he had told Grillby so many years ago and had forgotten about. That seemed like a lifetime ago. It was like two different lives. 


So Lust was taken aback when he heard it again. “W-what?”


“Don't let other people decide who you are, you taught me that Sans. If other worlds se us as dirty, then don't pay them any mind. As long as you accept who you are, and love yourself, no words like that can hurt you. And besides,” Grillby playfully plays with Grillbys fingers with his own. “You can dish it out just as well as take it. I've seen it firsthand.” 


That dirty innuendo earns another much-needed chuckle from Lust. That seemed to do the trick, as the chuckle turned into a short yet meaningful fit of laughter.


“I still don't know why you put up with me Grillbz.”


“You don't?” Grillby leans over the counter and cups the side of his cheek again. It was just as caring and gentle as the last time. “I guess you could say, I've got the ‘hots’ for you.”


The moments the pun left Grillby’s mouth, Violet's eyes changed to tiny hearts, his cheeks flushing the same violet color of his eyes. To hear such words being uttered by his best friend and totally-not-secret crush. but the words also felt familiar. 


“Y-you ain't pullin’ my leg here, are you?” 


Grillby snorts, which sounds more like embers cracking. “Wow, two things you don't remember saying.” Lust is confused for a second. “Though i’m not surprised, you were pretty drunk.” 


Now Lust knows why it sounded familiar. The realization that he must’ve drunkenly confessed his feelings earlier sent a wave of emotion, mainly embarrassment, down his spine. 


But nevertheless, Sans wasn't about to go without getting the last word, or pun. “Yeah, guess ya really burned a place in my heart.” 


Grillby leaned in closer, his abdomen touching the counter under him. “Yeah?”


“Yeah.” Violet leaned in as well, using his hands to push himself up to Grillby’s height. Just enough for their lips to press against each other for a kiss. The tips of there tongues interlocked in a warm kiss made warmer by Grillby’s fire made body. It felt like Grillby’s tongue was a warm heater. His semi-naked body was made warmer by the contact, earning Grillby a content moan from Lust. 


The two smiled when there lips separated. “So, feeling better?”


“Much better, Al least for now anyway-WOAH!-”


“Good.” Violet is then hoisted in the air as Grillby carries him over his shoulder like a sack. “Because you’re brother sure isn't. He's worried sick you know.” Grillby dropped the seductive talk and was all tease and smug now. 


“Ah c’mon G, I thought we were having a moment.” 


“We did, but now I think you and your brother need one as well.”


“What about the club?” Lust asks, his upper body dangling down Grillby’s back. “We open in less than an hour you know.”


“As far as I know, we open the I say we open. If you forgot who owns this place, need I remind you to look at the name on top of it?”


Violet makes a pouty face which only lasts for a moment until he can't help but laugh again. He sighs like a dreamy schoolgirl. “Thanks hot stuff, love ya.”


“Love you too Sansy.”


The fire elemental carries Sans down the snow-covered street in the direction of the two-story skeleton house. To await the arrival of its second owner. 


While Lust still wasn't looking forward to the emotional obstacles still in his way. He was happy he had someone like Grillby to lean on. 


Chapter Text

'Come by after closing' Was the message to Violet from Grillby. So now Violet was stretching and ready to force himself out of bed. Another day, another workout session. It was his new routine set by his friends. 


After the emotional breakdown he'd had a few days ago with Grillby, he knew he had to talk to his brother. Papyrus had been waiting by the front door of their house by the time the duo had got home. Both his brother and his boyfriend Mettaton were there. Mettaton had likely heard about what had happened to Sans and was there to show support. 


So sitting on the couch in a sort of intervention-style talk. He told them. He gave them the same talk he gave to Grillby. They were understandably shocked by the weight of it all. Papyrus maintained a positive outlook, whether it was genuine or not Lust didn't know. Mettaton seemed to share a similar outlook as Grillby; Not carrying what others think and just being yourself. He seemed to be more mad about the shadow collective back on the streets. 


When it was all said and done, the gang now had a new look into Lust and what he was dealing with. And the last two days they were set on helping him overcome his mental hump. especially hear g about his inferiority complex when discussing his involvement with the Star Sans. 


The first day was spent with his brother. Jogging through the woods and just doing basic exercise and cardio. His brother said it was to woop him into shape, which he already was. Lust figured it was more to show him he wasn't as weak as he claimed. 


Lust didn't admit it, but jogging side by side with his brother, listening to music and talking, was the most heartwarming thing they had done together in a while. 


Day two was with Mettaton. The shy and feminine robot takes a more therapeutic route. Showing Sans the many meditation techniques he learned. They proved vital to him in the aftermath of his attack. After he talked with Sans about his encounter and rape at the hands of the same monsters. A conversation he'd only had with one other monster, that being Lust's brother Papyrus.


Violet had heard this story to a degree. He'd heard bits and pieces of it from both Papyrus and various rumors around Snowdin. But the story still shook him. The realization that his encounter could have gone much worse disturbed him greatly. But Mettaton's reassurance of his strength and willingness to fight and stand up for himself was what saved him. Something Lust also needed to hear. 


And now we've arrived at day three, Grillby. Sure it would take more than three days for Lust's confidence to return. But his friends assured him they wouldn't stop until Violet got there. 


Sitting up from bed with a big yawn. Lust stood from his bed which lacked a bed frame. He walked over to the dresser beside the treadmill he was actually using now. On it lay his old outfit. Still torn with dark purple bloodstains. 


He took a second to look at the vest that he had worn for years. The good and bad memories flashback before setting it back on top of the dresser before sliding all the ruined clothes in the trash. Lust threw them away not just because they were ruined, but because his friends insisted on a fresh start. That meant a fresh look. Something Lust was oddly enthusiastic about. 


So now, wearing only his boxers, Lust strolled over to the closet and flung the double sliding doors open. The question now was where to start. 




"Tell me what you're good at Sans."


Sitting at the bar, Grillby and Violet sat on the same side of the bar. Grillby got right to it the moment they sat down. Sans had told him of his experience with his teammates and his combat abilities he believed were subpar.  Grillby seemed to just change the subject, Asking the question that seemed easy but stumped Lust. He just shrugged his shoulders.




"Oh come on Sans, you're smart that's a good place to start. Heck, you were a scientist."


Violet just scoffed, starring in his lap while he still tries to come up with anything. "That was years ago"


"Well, what are you good at now?" 


Violet just shook his head, his eyes aimlessly wandering around Grillby's empty bar, his other place of employment. 


"I don't know, I'm good at dancing I guess" Violet gestures to one of the many poles positioned on the main show floor. Grillby smiles and gestures Violet to stand up. 


"Alright, show me." Grillby leads Lust over to the nearest metallic pole and motions towards it. Lust gives Grillby a couple of infused side-glance before stepping up onto the small circular stage. He thought from the intervention from earlier this was gonna be training. So why was he dancing?


The motion sensors stage lights turn on underneath Lust's feet as he positions himself beside the pole. His hands just being able to grip the entirety of the pole. Looking back, Grillby holds a remote and points it to the ceiling and an upbeat pop song starts playing. 


Lust stalls on what to do for a brief moment. Mainly waiting for instructions, not because of any stage freight. Grillby had seen him perform countless times so none of this made any sense to Lust...yet.


Grippy g the pole with one hand, Lust began a simple spin around the pole to begin a routine. Only for a fireball to go sizzling past where Lust was just standing. Completing the spin, Lust's eyes dart back over to Grillby. The fire elemental held both his neutral expression and another small fireball in his hand. 


"Hey, don't stop now. Grillby says over the loud music. He raises the flaming ball over his head. "Dodge it."


Grillby's plan registered in Lust's mind the second the flaming ball of energy left Grillby's hand. Dancing while fighting. He was playing off Violets skills. So when the flaming ball was traveling towards Lust, he effortlessly jumped up onto the pole; Using two hands to swing to the other side and hang upside down, crossing his legs on the pole to hang by his thighs. 


"Good, let's turn up the heat." Lust would've laughed at the 

obviously intentional pun if he didn't have to stay concentrated. Because Grillby was already preparing more projectiles to throw at him. 




A small bone objective slammed and embedded itself in a tree. It had been mere inches from Lust's face before he'd deflected it with his forearm. 


Another training exercise of skill. Papyrus and Grillby both were launching projectiles at Lust 20 yards away; Bone projectiles from papyrus he had to deflect, and flame projectiles he had to dodge. The objective was both to train him to handle multiple opponents, and to better handle being under pressure. 


Two bone attacks, a single fireball.


Lust raised one leg forward in a high kick to select the first, then slammed his foot back down for the second bone. He only barely had enough time to lean left, hugging g his right arm to his chest to dodge the fireball. 


Bone, fireball, bone, fireball. 


The next sequence began before Lust could catch a breath, breath that already felt like his non-existent lungs were burning. His defense reflected this. He only deflected the first attack before being hit by the second. He raised his hand to catch the second bone and lazily sidestepped to avoid the second fireball. 




"Come on punk, Harder!"


The purple sweat was pouring from Violet's face. The third rep out of five of continuous leg kicks. Mettaton stood in front of him holding the giant punching bag courtesy of Undyne. The former guard and captain watched from the porch of her house while shouting like a military drill sergeant. 


Lust only had to do 15 kicks for the rep, but after seven Lust's lower body was screamed at him to stop. Undyne kept yelling at him to go faster, something about the faster he goes the easier it'll be and less tiring. yeah, Lust's body didn't seem to get that message, yet he slugged on anyway. Lust good with his legs, but he never worked them as hard as this. 


"13...14...15!! GOOD!!" Undyne shouted, both papyrus and Grillby watching from behind her. "now again, other foot now."




"Come on brother, don't stop now." 


The long hill up to Snowdin was a steep one. It was already a challenge walking up it, but running it up and down multiple times was a whole other thing. It was the reason Violet always used a shortcut to get to the top instead of the steep track up the incline. 


But now that wasn't an option. Standing on top of the hill, Papyrus called down to his brother as he ran up the hill for the fourth time. it felt just as bad as when he used to do it when they when sledding when they were baby ones. He remembered it hurt just as bad then. 


With his shirt off, Lust's summoned ecto was seen glistening in sweat as he guarded his abdomen. Running until he couldn't anymore and fell on his hands and knees. But he wasn't done for very long, Grillby was running with and behind Lust was immediately there to pick him back up. 


"C'mon Sans just one more." Grillby whispered over Sans wheezing.



Lust dodges two more fireballs with a duck and roll. But catches a bone projectile to the gut and a second on his shoulder. Both hits burned and dropped Sans to his knees. It felt like his HP should be damaged they hurt that bad. But lust knows his HP is fine. He knew neither Grillby nor his brother would have any intent to hurt in their attacks. 


But the sight on his brother in pain brought one of Papyrus' hands up to his mouth. He very nearly rushed over to help if Grillby hadn't put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. He shook his head at the skeleton as the two forced themselves to watch and wait. 


Lust knew why. If he got knocked down in a fight, It was up to him to pick himself up. Because in a real fight, there may not be someone to help him up. 


"Get up Sans." Grillby whispered to himself.


Sans just sat on his hands and knees starring into the snow. Focusing on his breathing to try and take focus away from the aches all over his body. 


Forcing his head to look up, Lust saw the worried looks from his loved ones. He couldn't hear them over the pain but he knew they were cheering him on. Yelling at him to get up. 




Gripping the pole with both hands Lust arched his back as a fireball went between him and the pole in front of him. He then pulled himself in and hugged the pole as a second fireball whizzed behind him. 


Thirty minutes into another pole dancing training. Grillby pulled out a little trick card and aimed his outstretched hand to the stage below Sans. 


Violet barely had time to look down, noticing the ground below him heat up. Hooking a single leg to the pole he hung sideways in the air in tome as frames burst from the floor under him. 


Grillby could see the strain on Violet's face and de-summons the flames. The second they're gone, Lust's grip on the pole slips, and Sans lands hard on his side on the metal stage. When Violet groans sharply from the hard impact, Grillby is about to run to the stage when Violet quickly holds a hand out to stop him. 


Face down inches from the stage floor. Sans presses his forehead against the cold metal. 


Come on get up, Lust knew he had to get up. His mind kept going to back to the words blackberry said to him, how he felt afterward. That was weeks ago now, weeks that still felt like it was only yesterday. Violet never wanted to feel that way again. 


Sucking in a harsh breath of air. Lust pounds his fists into the stage before forcing himself up to his feet, using the pole to pull himself up. Even though neither say a word to each other one looks from Violet tells Grillby to turn the music back on and to keep going.




As the light from the surface peaked into the cracks of the underground, Lust walked across the old wooden bridge of Snowdin forest. Violet knew where the pathway lead, who it led to. Normally a door with a usually pun-loving old goat would be on the other side of it. But not in this AU. Because with asriel dying in childbirth instead of being killed, Toriel never fled to the ruins. 


Almost three weeks of training, therapy sessions, and more training. All the pain, sweat, and tears, all finally came down to this. He was ready. At least that's what all his friends believed. Now Violet himself needed to believe it. All that hard work meant nothing if he was unable to believe in himself.


With a newfound determination, Violet passed the bridge. It wasn't that hard to track them down. One conversation with Alphys later, Violet was given access to all the cameras in the underground. 


One such camera led him to the doors of the ruins. But Lust didn't make it there. Because once past the bridge. He saw one of the doors slowly creak open from the far end of the trail.


Lust sucked in a deep breath and stood firmly in the middle of the pathway. His boots blue boots crunching the snow beneath him. They were the only items left of his old outfit. Because this was a new him, a new start. So he changed his outfit accordingly. 


He swapped his vest and crop top for a cropped hoodie. White as the snow under him with pink tie for across it with a upside down blue heart in its center. He'd taken the fluff from his vest and reapplied it to the bottom of his new hoodie. 


His pants were the same brand and type as before, skin tight and form fitting jeans, except they were all white instead of black. Pink stitching were seen holding the high quality leggings together. Which were held up by a pink belt. 


Lust's heated breath could be seen in the chill air. He exhaled bravely as he removed his hood. The door overly large door to the ruins was over halfway open before it stopped moving. 


Three black shadows on the ground shit out from the darkness of the ruins and began traveling across the tree line in the darkness. But Violet held firm. The three shadows   were now directly on either side of the tree line before they rose from the ground. The same three attackers from the before then stepped out from the trees; Their red eyes glowing, and sharp white teeth smiling at him. 


"Well look who it is.” Their leader, the tallest of them, walks and stands six feet in front of Lust while the two smaller lackeys sand the same distance to either side of him. Both were giving him death glares. 


“The horny bone man’s back for round two?” One of the members snarls. 


“You come to pay up slut?!” The other pressures, tightening his hands into fists. 


Violets eyes remain on the one in front of him. Not showing any sign of fear or any idea of Lust’s true feelings. Because inside he was still scared. But Lust knew fear was the prelude to bravery. And Violet had to be brave now, he knew he could. 


He was a fucking Star Sans.


Violet shakes his head. “No, I’m here to give you a warning.” He matches the talkers ones cold stare with one of his own. “Stay out of Snowdin, we’ve had just about enough of you. Either stay out and go elsewhere, or we’re gonna have a problem.”


The two to his side didn’t say anything. They just laughed at the threat as their hands again sharpened into black blades. But Lust again didn’t move. His gaze remain locked on their leader who, like him, had yet to make a move. 


The leader just smiles and gestures to the two others to Lust’s side. “I don’t think you understand, you’re the one that’s about to have a problem.”


Lust’s eyes momentarily go from his left side to his right, keeping tabs on the two flanking him. He faced forward again, responding without missing a beat. “The only thing I understand, is if you three don’t go back through that door, you’re gonna have a bad time.”


The leader chuckles, though it didn’t sound like it was because he found Lust’s warning funny. More so it looked like to keep his calm a snake like composure from slipping into rage.


“We’re not going anywhere, doll.”


“Funny, is that what you said to Mettaton before or after you raped him?” Lust bites back. 


That got a reaction out of the overly calm shadow monster. His neutral composure finally disappeared, replaced by a vicious scowl. “No, but maybe we’ll tell that to your brother. After we pay him a visit when we’re done with you.”




All three of their souls lit up as the two to his sides charge him. On Lust’s left side, a long purple bone jets out from the ground and rises over twenty feet in the air. Violet grabs the pole which Carrie’s him up and over the two attacks which strike the pole where Lust was standing. 


The three look up to Lust, His legs wrapped around the makeshift pole as he hangs off the side with one hand. He smiled down at them as he let go and hung upside down by his legs. “Alright...let's dance.”


Before any of the three could go clinbing after him, Violet used his magic to teleport back to the ground. Now on the other side of the leader who remained where he was. One of his hands sharpened much like his gang and joined in. The three charged him simultaneously. 




As the fight began, the three shadows didn't know they had an audience. From the dense forest bushes and trees. Grillby, Papyrus, and Mettaton all watched from a distance. Concealed so they wouldn't be spotted, yet close enough so they could intervene if it looked like Lust needed it. 


But it didn't look like he would. Grillylby couldn't help his flames burning hotter seeing Lust quite literally dance around three monsters trying to dust him. 


Lust moved with a renewed spark they’d all seen in his performances. The way he displayed his amazing grip strength to hang from the pole using only his hands. Lust's utilization of kicks while spinning, flipping, and contorting his body would make a taekwondo master proud. 


“Oh, this is great.” Grillby and Papyrus looked over to Mettaton, who looked to be growing more and more antsy as she watched her tormentors get even more karma for what they had done to him. Even if it wasn't enough to satisfy him. It would if he could join in. “Are you sure I can't tag in for a bit?”


Grillby took his eyes off the fight to remind Mettaton why they were here. “No, this is something Sans needs to do himself, he’ll signal us if we’re needed.”





Lust flipped over a trio of liquid knives thrown at him. His attacker’s we're both able to make their hands into weapons, but to throw projectiles from them too. Something Lust had also trained for. 


Using his legs to bat them away or use his makeshift poles which now littered the pathway to spin and dodge out of their way. 


Violet ducked onto his hands and knees to dodge a violet stab to his bead. Simultaneously delivered a kick directly to the assailant's groin with one kick, then backflipping away, nailing him again in the face with his boot as he created distance again.


Out cold, Yeah he wasn't getting up from that one. One down two to go. 


With one down, the other two’s attacks became more wild and less coordinated. Lust backpedaled over to one of his bone poles sticking out of the ground. He bobbed his head up-down and side-to-side dodging several jabs and lawmakers from the gang leader before he tried to deliver a kick of his own to Lust’s leg.


Violet raised his leg and angled his kneecap over where his kick would land. The leg check was perfect, his attacker's tibia making direct contact with his kneecap which Lust swore he heard a bone crack that he knew wasn't his. Because the leader let out a short scream before momentarily retreating. Leaving his only remaining lackey to deal with. 


Lust cartwheeled over to the pole and slipped behind it in time for the sideswipe from one of the monster's blades to ping against the magical purple bone. Lust then wraps the back of his leg around the monster's back and pulls his leg back. The monster doesn't have another opportunity to throw another attack as he's pulled forward and smashes his face against the pole. He staggers backward before Lust uses his soul manipulation to throw him beside his unconscious accomplice. 


One to go.


“YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!” Lust turns around too late. He's is tackled before he could do anything and the taller shadow monster puts his knife to Violet's throat. Lust holds the hand back with both hands to keep the blade from cutting him. His fingers already beginning to bleed from gripping the sharp appendage. 


“You know, I think ship fucking you and just you right now! Any last words, whore?!”


Lust smiles as he is within foot's length of the pole still in front of him. “Y-yeah,” Lust strains out. Locking his legs on the pole. He uses his magic and summons a blaster from behind the both of them. Charging up a powerful magenta beam as if to fire and hit both of them.


“G-get...dunked on bitch!!” the pole Lust was holding with his feet jets out into the sky further, taking Luat with it and out of his attackers grasp. Just in time for the blaster to fire and send the gang leader flying. The blasts cause’s him to skid against the ground, kicking up dirt and snow as he stops beside his two lackeys, who are just starting to come to. 


Before the gang all recover and get up. Their leader looks up as Violet jumps and lands on the group in front of them from a perfect backflip. He stands and lowers the hood over his head, raising his right leg in the air and resting on a purple bone jetting out of the ground. 


two of the three hard are conscious begin shaking and trying to crawl away on their backs. Violet just looks down at them, summoning two blasters on either side of him.




Violet just raises an eyebrow at the once feared monsters begging for mercy. “I doubt you’d show mercy if it was the other way around, just like you did with Mettaton.” 


The blasters begin to charge up two more beams of energy. Lust just keeps talking. “You wouldn't show mercy to anyone, just take what you want. Anyone else would gladly enjoy making you scream.” 


And scream they did, when the two blasters fired. The two screamed like little girls much to Lust’s amusement. All the more amusing when the two realized they weren't dead. The two opened their eyes seeing two circular scorch marks on the found beside them. 


Lusts drops the tough and murderous act and his face softens. “Lucky for you, I’m not you.” The blasters beside him vanish into non existence. Just as Lust’s friends; Grillby, Papyrus, and Mettaton all step out from their hiding spot and stand off to the side. 


“So I’ll only say his  one more time: get the hell out of here. Or I’ll give you a REALLY bad time.” 


The two didn’t need to be told twice. Scooping up their still unconscious thrillers member and scurrying back to the ruins. Cursing, whimpering, and making all other pathetic noises before the door closed behind them. 


After a brief silence, Papyrus is the first one to break it. “SANS!” His brother runs forward and scoops his brother up, spinning him around and laughing happily. “YOU DID, YOU DID IT I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!”


“Thanks bro. Couldn’t of done it without ya, any of ya.” 


Mettaton shrugs as Sans is let back on the ground. “Hey if it were me I would’ve killed them, but I’m not disappointed with how things turned out. I’m happy for you Sans.”


“Thanks mega-tron.” Lust winks, Mettaton rolls here eyes and playfully shoved him. 


Grillby walks up and is prepared to lean down. Instead Violet uses his magic and uses a single bone from the ground to lift himself up off the ground. He wraps his arms around Grillby’s neck and the two kiss before any words are spoken between them. 


Both Papyrus and Mettaton look at each other and laugh. Neither was expecting that, at least not right away. 


“I knew you could do it Sans.”


“Hehe, hey don’t start praising me yet.” Lust hood down from the bone beneath him and pulls back one of his sleeves, revealing what appeared to be a digital watch. At least until he pressed the screen. “There’s still one more thing I need to do.”


Point pointing the watch towards the tree line, a golden circular portal opens. Since he couldn’t create multiverse portals naturally like any of the the Dream twins or Ink and Error. He had to use a device that could take him to the doodlesphere so he could traverse the multiverse.


All his friends are stunned, gawking at the see through portal to the doodlesphere. Violet told them before what he need to do, who he needed to speak to. So none of them objected when Lust stepped towards the portal. They knew he’d be back, much quicker than he used to.


Lust turned back to see his friends waving him good luck. Grillby cupped a hand and blew him a kiss. A gesture that Violet returned before the pressing his watch a second time and the portal closes behind him