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Garden of Shadows (UTMV)

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'Come by after closing' Was the message to Violet from Grillby. So now Violet was stretching and ready to force himself out of bed. Another day, another workout session. It was his new routine set by his friends. 


After the emotional breakdown he'd had a few days ago with Grillby, he knew he had to talk to his brother. Papyrus had been waiting by the front door of their house by the time the duo had got home. Both his brother and his boyfriend Mettaton were there. Mettaton had likely heard about what had happened to Sans and was there to show support. 


So sitting on the couch in a sort of intervention-style talk. He told them. He gave them the same talk he gave to Grillby. They were understandably shocked by the weight of it all. Papyrus maintained a positive outlook, whether it was genuine or not Lust didn't know. Mettaton seemed to share a similar outlook as Grillby; Not carrying what others think and just being yourself. He seemed to be more mad about the shadow collective back on the streets. 


When it was all said and done, the gang now had a new look into Lust and what he was dealing with. And the last two days they were set on helping him overcome his mental hump. especially hear g about his inferiority complex when discussing his involvement with the Star Sans. 


The first day was spent with his brother. Jogging through the woods and just doing basic exercise and cardio. His brother said it was to woop him into shape, which he already was. Lust figured it was more to show him he wasn't as weak as he claimed. 


Lust didn't admit it, but jogging side by side with his brother, listening to music and talking, was the most heartwarming thing they had done together in a while. 


Day two was with Mettaton. The shy and feminine robot takes a more therapeutic route. Showing Sans the many meditation techniques he learned. They proved vital to him in the aftermath of his attack. After he talked with Sans about his encounter and rape at the hands of the same monsters. A conversation he'd only had with one other monster, that being Lust's brother Papyrus.


Violet had heard this story to a degree. He'd heard bits and pieces of it from both Papyrus and various rumors around Snowdin. But the story still shook him. The realization that his encounter could have gone much worse disturbed him greatly. But Mettaton's reassurance of his strength and willingness to fight and stand up for himself was what saved him. Something Lust also needed to hear. 


And now we've arrived at day three, Grillby. Sure it would take more than three days for Lust's confidence to return. But his friends assured him they wouldn't stop until Violet got there. 


Sitting up from bed with a big yawn. Lust stood from his bed which lacked a bed frame. He walked over to the dresser beside the treadmill he was actually using now. On it lay his old outfit. Still torn with dark purple bloodstains. 


He took a second to look at the vest that he had worn for years. The good and bad memories flashback before setting it back on top of the dresser before sliding all the ruined clothes in the trash. Lust threw them away not just because they were ruined, but because his friends insisted on a fresh start. That meant a fresh look. Something Lust was oddly enthusiastic about. 


So now, wearing only his boxers, Lust strolled over to the closet and flung the double sliding doors open. The question now was where to start. 




"Tell me what you're good at Sans."


Sitting at the bar, Grillby and Violet sat on the same side of the bar. Grillby got right to it the moment they sat down. Sans had told him of his experience with his teammates and his combat abilities he believed were subpar.  Grillby seemed to just change the subject, Asking the question that seemed easy but stumped Lust. He just shrugged his shoulders.




"Oh come on Sans, you're smart that's a good place to start. Heck, you were a scientist."


Violet just scoffed, starring in his lap while he still tries to come up with anything. "That was years ago"


"Well, what are you good at now?" 


Violet just shook his head, his eyes aimlessly wandering around Grillby's empty bar, his other place of employment. 


"I don't know, I'm good at dancing I guess" Violet gestures to one of the many poles positioned on the main show floor. Grillby smiles and gestures Violet to stand up. 


"Alright, show me." Grillby leads Lust over to the nearest metallic pole and motions towards it. Lust gives Grillby a couple of infused side-glance before stepping up onto the small circular stage. He thought from the intervention from earlier this was gonna be training. So why was he dancing?


The motion sensors stage lights turn on underneath Lust's feet as he positions himself beside the pole. His hands just being able to grip the entirety of the pole. Looking back, Grillby holds a remote and points it to the ceiling and an upbeat pop song starts playing. 


Lust stalls on what to do for a brief moment. Mainly waiting for instructions, not because of any stage freight. Grillby had seen him perform countless times so none of this made any sense to Lust...yet.


Grippy g the pole with one hand, Lust began a simple spin around the pole to begin a routine. Only for a fireball to go sizzling past where Lust was just standing. Completing the spin, Lust's eyes dart back over to Grillby. The fire elemental held both his neutral expression and another small fireball in his hand. 


"Hey, don't stop now. Grillby says over the loud music. He raises the flaming ball over his head. "Dodge it."


Grillby's plan registered in Lust's mind the second the flaming ball of energy left Grillby's hand. Dancing while fighting. He was playing off Violets skills. So when the flaming ball was traveling towards Lust, he effortlessly jumped up onto the pole; Using two hands to swing to the other side and hang upside down, crossing his legs on the pole to hang by his thighs. 


"Good, let's turn up the heat." Lust would've laughed at the 

obviously intentional pun if he didn't have to stay concentrated. Because Grillby was already preparing more projectiles to throw at him. 




A small bone objective slammed and embedded itself in a tree. It had been mere inches from Lust's face before he'd deflected it with his forearm. 


Another training exercise of skill. Papyrus and Grillby both were launching projectiles at Lust 20 yards away; Bone projectiles from papyrus he had to deflect, and flame projectiles he had to dodge. The objective was both to train him to handle multiple opponents, and to better handle being under pressure. 


Two bone attacks, a single fireball.


Lust raised one leg forward in a high kick to select the first, then slammed his foot back down for the second bone. He only barely had enough time to lean left, hugging g his right arm to his chest to dodge the fireball. 


Bone, fireball, bone, fireball. 


The next sequence began before Lust could catch a breath, breath that already felt like his non-existent lungs were burning. His defense reflected this. He only deflected the first attack before being hit by the second. He raised his hand to catch the second bone and lazily sidestepped to avoid the second fireball. 




"Come on punk, Harder!"


The purple sweat was pouring from Violet's face. The third rep out of five of continuous leg kicks. Mettaton stood in front of him holding the giant punching bag courtesy of Undyne. The former guard and captain watched from the porch of her house while shouting like a military drill sergeant. 


Lust only had to do 15 kicks for the rep, but after seven Lust's lower body was screamed at him to stop. Undyne kept yelling at him to go faster, something about the faster he goes the easier it'll be and less tiring. yeah, Lust's body didn't seem to get that message, yet he slugged on anyway. Lust good with his legs, but he never worked them as hard as this. 


"13...14...15!! GOOD!!" Undyne shouted, both papyrus and Grillby watching from behind her. "now again, other foot now."




"Come on brother, don't stop now." 


The long hill up to Snowdin was a steep one. It was already a challenge walking up it, but running it up and down multiple times was a whole other thing. It was the reason Violet always used a shortcut to get to the top instead of the steep track up the incline. 


But now that wasn't an option. Standing on top of the hill, Papyrus called down to his brother as he ran up the hill for the fourth time. it felt just as bad as when he used to do it when they when sledding when they were baby ones. He remembered it hurt just as bad then. 


With his shirt off, Lust's summoned ecto was seen glistening in sweat as he guarded his abdomen. Running until he couldn't anymore and fell on his hands and knees. But he wasn't done for very long, Grillby was running with and behind Lust was immediately there to pick him back up. 


"C'mon Sans just one more." Grillby whispered over Sans wheezing.



Lust dodges two more fireballs with a duck and roll. But catches a bone projectile to the gut and a second on his shoulder. Both hits burned and dropped Sans to his knees. It felt like his HP should be damaged they hurt that bad. But lust knows his HP is fine. He knew neither Grillby nor his brother would have any intent to hurt in their attacks. 


But the sight on his brother in pain brought one of Papyrus' hands up to his mouth. He very nearly rushed over to help if Grillby hadn't put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. He shook his head at the skeleton as the two forced themselves to watch and wait. 


Lust knew why. If he got knocked down in a fight, It was up to him to pick himself up. Because in a real fight, there may not be someone to help him up. 


"Get up Sans." Grillby whispered to himself.


Sans just sat on his hands and knees starring into the snow. Focusing on his breathing to try and take focus away from the aches all over his body. 


Forcing his head to look up, Lust saw the worried looks from his loved ones. He couldn't hear them over the pain but he knew they were cheering him on. Yelling at him to get up. 




Gripping the pole with both hands Lust arched his back as a fireball went between him and the pole in front of him. He then pulled himself in and hugged the pole as a second fireball whizzed behind him. 


Thirty minutes into another pole dancing training. Grillby pulled out a little trick card and aimed his outstretched hand to the stage below Sans. 


Violet barely had time to look down, noticing the ground below him heat up. Hooking a single leg to the pole he hung sideways in the air in tome as frames burst from the floor under him. 


Grillby could see the strain on Violet's face and de-summons the flames. The second they're gone, Lust's grip on the pole slips, and Sans lands hard on his side on the metal stage. When Violet groans sharply from the hard impact, Grillby is about to run to the stage when Violet quickly holds a hand out to stop him. 


Face down inches from the stage floor. Sans presses his forehead against the cold metal. 


Come on get up, Lust knew he had to get up. His mind kept going to back to the words blackberry said to him, how he felt afterward. That was weeks ago now, weeks that still felt like it was only yesterday. Violet never wanted to feel that way again. 


Sucking in a harsh breath of air. Lust pounds his fists into the stage before forcing himself up to his feet, using the pole to pull himself up. Even though neither say a word to each other one looks from Violet tells Grillby to turn the music back on and to keep going.




As the light from the surface peaked into the cracks of the underground, Lust walked across the old wooden bridge of Snowdin forest. Violet knew where the pathway lead, who it led to. Normally a door with a usually pun-loving old goat would be on the other side of it. But not in this AU. Because with asriel dying in childbirth instead of being killed, Toriel never fled to the ruins. 


Almost three weeks of training, therapy sessions, and more training. All the pain, sweat, and tears, all finally came down to this. He was ready. At least that's what all his friends believed. Now Violet himself needed to believe it. All that hard work meant nothing if he was unable to believe in himself.


With a newfound determination, Violet passed the bridge. It wasn't that hard to track them down. One conversation with Alphys later, Violet was given access to all the cameras in the underground. 


One such camera led him to the doors of the ruins. But Lust didn't make it there. Because once past the bridge. He saw one of the doors slowly creak open from the far end of the trail.


Lust sucked in a deep breath and stood firmly in the middle of the pathway. His boots blue boots crunching the snow beneath him. They were the only items left of his old outfit. Because this was a new him, a new start. So he changed his outfit accordingly. 


He swapped his vest and crop top for a cropped hoodie. White as the snow under him with pink tie for across it with a upside down blue heart in its center. He'd taken the fluff from his vest and reapplied it to the bottom of his new hoodie. 


His pants were the same brand and type as before, skin tight and form fitting jeans, except they were all white instead of black. Pink stitching were seen holding the high quality leggings together. Which were held up by a pink belt. 


Lust's heated breath could be seen in the chill air. He exhaled bravely as he removed his hood. The door overly large door to the ruins was over halfway open before it stopped moving. 


Three black shadows on the ground shit out from the darkness of the ruins and began traveling across the tree line in the darkness. But Violet held firm. The three shadows   were now directly on either side of the tree line before they rose from the ground. The same three attackers from the before then stepped out from the trees; Their red eyes glowing, and sharp white teeth smiling at him. 


"Well look who it is.” Their leader, the tallest of them, walks and stands six feet in front of Lust while the two smaller lackeys sand the same distance to either side of him. Both were giving him death glares. 


“The horny bone man’s back for round two?” One of the members snarls. 


“You come to pay up slut?!” The other pressures, tightening his hands into fists. 


Violets eyes remain on the one in front of him. Not showing any sign of fear or any idea of Lust’s true feelings. Because inside he was still scared. But Lust knew fear was the prelude to bravery. And Violet had to be brave now, he knew he could. 


He was a fucking Star Sans.


Violet shakes his head. “No, I’m here to give you a warning.” He matches the talkers ones cold stare with one of his own. “Stay out of Snowdin, we’ve had just about enough of you. Either stay out and go elsewhere, or we’re gonna have a problem.”


The two to his side didn’t say anything. They just laughed at the threat as their hands again sharpened into black blades. But Lust again didn’t move. His gaze remain locked on their leader who, like him, had yet to make a move. 


The leader just smiles and gestures to the two others to Lust’s side. “I don’t think you understand, you’re the one that’s about to have a problem.”


Lust’s eyes momentarily go from his left side to his right, keeping tabs on the two flanking him. He faced forward again, responding without missing a beat. “The only thing I understand, is if you three don’t go back through that door, you’re gonna have a bad time.”


The leader chuckles, though it didn’t sound like it was because he found Lust’s warning funny. More so it looked like to keep his calm a snake like composure from slipping into rage.


“We’re not going anywhere, doll.”


“Funny, is that what you said to Mettaton before or after you raped him?” Lust bites back. 


That got a reaction out of the overly calm shadow monster. His neutral composure finally disappeared, replaced by a vicious scowl. “No, but maybe we’ll tell that to your brother. After we pay him a visit when we’re done with you.”




All three of their souls lit up as the two to his sides charge him. On Lust’s left side, a long purple bone jets out from the ground and rises over twenty feet in the air. Violet grabs the pole which Carrie’s him up and over the two attacks which strike the pole where Lust was standing. 


The three look up to Lust, His legs wrapped around the makeshift pole as he hangs off the side with one hand. He smiled down at them as he let go and hung upside down by his legs. “Alright...let's dance.”


Before any of the three could go clinbing after him, Violet used his magic to teleport back to the ground. Now on the other side of the leader who remained where he was. One of his hands sharpened much like his gang and joined in. The three charged him simultaneously. 




As the fight began, the three shadows didn't know they had an audience. From the dense forest bushes and trees. Grillby, Papyrus, and Mettaton all watched from a distance. Concealed so they wouldn't be spotted, yet close enough so they could intervene if it looked like Lust needed it. 


But it didn't look like he would. Grillylby couldn't help his flames burning hotter seeing Lust quite literally dance around three monsters trying to dust him. 


Lust moved with a renewed spark they’d all seen in his performances. The way he displayed his amazing grip strength to hang from the pole using only his hands. Lust's utilization of kicks while spinning, flipping, and contorting his body would make a taekwondo master proud. 


“Oh, this is great.” Grillby and Papyrus looked over to Mettaton, who looked to be growing more and more antsy as she watched her tormentors get even more karma for what they had done to him. Even if it wasn't enough to satisfy him. It would if he could join in. “Are you sure I can't tag in for a bit?”


Grillby took his eyes off the fight to remind Mettaton why they were here. “No, this is something Sans needs to do himself, he’ll signal us if we’re needed.”





Lust flipped over a trio of liquid knives thrown at him. His attacker’s we're both able to make their hands into weapons, but to throw projectiles from them too. Something Lust had also trained for. 


Using his legs to bat them away or use his makeshift poles which now littered the pathway to spin and dodge out of their way. 


Violet ducked onto his hands and knees to dodge a violet stab to his bead. Simultaneously delivered a kick directly to the assailant's groin with one kick, then backflipping away, nailing him again in the face with his boot as he created distance again.


Out cold, Yeah he wasn't getting up from that one. One down two to go. 


With one down, the other two’s attacks became more wild and less coordinated. Lust backpedaled over to one of his bone poles sticking out of the ground. He bobbed his head up-down and side-to-side dodging several jabs and lawmakers from the gang leader before he tried to deliver a kick of his own to Lust’s leg.


Violet raised his leg and angled his kneecap over where his kick would land. The leg check was perfect, his attacker's tibia making direct contact with his kneecap which Lust swore he heard a bone crack that he knew wasn't his. Because the leader let out a short scream before momentarily retreating. Leaving his only remaining lackey to deal with. 


Lust cartwheeled over to the pole and slipped behind it in time for the sideswipe from one of the monster's blades to ping against the magical purple bone. Lust then wraps the back of his leg around the monster's back and pulls his leg back. The monster doesn't have another opportunity to throw another attack as he's pulled forward and smashes his face against the pole. He staggers backward before Lust uses his soul manipulation to throw him beside his unconscious accomplice. 


One to go.


“YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!” Lust turns around too late. He's is tackled before he could do anything and the taller shadow monster puts his knife to Violet's throat. Lust holds the hand back with both hands to keep the blade from cutting him. His fingers already beginning to bleed from gripping the sharp appendage. 


“You know, I think ship fucking you and just you right now! Any last words, whore?!”


Lust smiles as he is within foot's length of the pole still in front of him. “Y-yeah,” Lust strains out. Locking his legs on the pole. He uses his magic and summons a blaster from behind the both of them. Charging up a powerful magenta beam as if to fire and hit both of them.


“G-get...dunked on bitch!!” the pole Lust was holding with his feet jets out into the sky further, taking Luat with it and out of his attackers grasp. Just in time for the blaster to fire and send the gang leader flying. The blasts cause’s him to skid against the ground, kicking up dirt and snow as he stops beside his two lackeys, who are just starting to come to. 


Before the gang all recover and get up. Their leader looks up as Violet jumps and lands on the group in front of them from a perfect backflip. He stands and lowers the hood over his head, raising his right leg in the air and resting on a purple bone jetting out of the ground. 


two of the three hard are conscious begin shaking and trying to crawl away on their backs. Violet just looks down at them, summoning two blasters on either side of him.




Violet just raises an eyebrow at the once feared monsters begging for mercy. “I doubt you’d show mercy if it was the other way around, just like you did with Mettaton.” 


The blasters begin to charge up two more beams of energy. Lust just keeps talking. “You wouldn't show mercy to anyone, just take what you want. Anyone else would gladly enjoy making you scream.” 


And scream they did, when the two blasters fired. The two screamed like little girls much to Lust’s amusement. All the more amusing when the two realized they weren't dead. The two opened their eyes seeing two circular scorch marks on the found beside them. 


Lusts drops the tough and murderous act and his face softens. “Lucky for you, I’m not you.” The blasters beside him vanish into non existence. Just as Lust’s friends; Grillby, Papyrus, and Mettaton all step out from their hiding spot and stand off to the side. 


“So I’ll only say his  one more time: get the hell out of here. Or I’ll give you a REALLY bad time.” 


The two didn’t need to be told twice. Scooping up their still unconscious thrillers member and scurrying back to the ruins. Cursing, whimpering, and making all other pathetic noises before the door closed behind them. 


After a brief silence, Papyrus is the first one to break it. “SANS!” His brother runs forward and scoops his brother up, spinning him around and laughing happily. “YOU DID, YOU DID IT I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!”


“Thanks bro. Couldn’t of done it without ya, any of ya.” 


Mettaton shrugs as Sans is let back on the ground. “Hey if it were me I would’ve killed them, but I’m not disappointed with how things turned out. I’m happy for you Sans.”


“Thanks mega-tron.” Lust winks, Mettaton rolls here eyes and playfully shoved him. 


Grillby walks up and is prepared to lean down. Instead Violet uses his magic and uses a single bone from the ground to lift himself up off the ground. He wraps his arms around Grillby’s neck and the two kiss before any words are spoken between them. 


Both Papyrus and Mettaton look at each other and laugh. Neither was expecting that, at least not right away. 


“I knew you could do it Sans.”


“Hehe, hey don’t start praising me yet.” Lust pulls his hood down and steps off from the bone beneath him. He pulls back one of his sleeves revealing what appeared to be a digital watch. At least until he pressed the screen. “There’s still one more thing I need to do.”


Point pointing the watch towards the tree line, a golden circular portal opens. Since he couldn’t create multiverse portals naturally like any of the the Dream twins or Ink and Error. He had to use a device that could take him to the doodlesphere so he could traverse the multiverse.


All his friends are stunned, gawking at the see through portal to the doodlesphere. Violet told them before what he need to do, who he needed to speak to. So none of them objected when Lust stepped towards the portal. They knew he’d be back, much quicker than he used to.


Lust turned back to see his friends waving him good luck. Grillby cupped a hand and blew him a kiss. A gesture that Violet returned before the pressing his watch a second time and the portal closes behind him