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Garden of Shadows AU

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In the immediate aftermath of the raid of Nightmare's mansion. It took roughly at a few hours for some of the possessed skeletons to wake up. Error had been one of the first, taken back home to their small little house in Outertale by his mate, Ink. The former destroyer woke up in Ink's arms before Ink even got him inside.

And of course he was understandably pissed at first. He never had been that close with his former business partner Nightmare. But being taken and made into a drone to do as he pleased didn't sit well with him. Even if he didn't make him do anything. He was more pissed that he'd been taken away from Ink more than the possession.

Now that they were together again, Error's anger quickly subsided once Ink got to comforting him. He offered to bake for him, watch Undernovela with him (Ink doesn't know Spanish), or go stargazing and planet exploring in their home.

But Error didn't want any of those things. Well, he did. But the time they spent away from one another, albeit short, made Error want something else.

Before Ink could set him down , Error got to his feet and pushed Ink against the wall of their bedroom.

"Hehe, I didn't think you'd be THIS happy to see me." Ink smiles.

"I don't want to leave you. Ever. Again." Error's body was stiff and heavy as he stiff armed the wall beside Ink's head.

Ink looks at Error awkwardly and tries to put his hands up to Error's shoulders. "Ru, you were gone for only-MPH!"

Error cuts Ink off by rapidly grabbing both of Ink's wrists with one and hand holds them up above his head. While simultaneously attacking Ink with a kiss. His multiple tongues forced Ink's mouth open before slithering inside.

Ink's moans became soft and gentle as he opened his mouth more and kissed back, closing his eyes and savoring every moment of it. If Error wasn't holding his hands up above his head for him they would have fallen limp. Error had never kissed him as passionately as this before.

The rest of Ink's body began to turn and twist slowly as he was gently pressed against the wall. "Mmm...hmmmph...mmm-ha~" Ink let's out a gasp when Error pulls away. Leaving Ink's rainbow tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"I don't care how long it was." Error finally let go of Ink hands and begins taking Ink's cloths off. Starting with his cloud jacket. Then grappling the bottom oh his paint stained white shirt and lifted it over his head. "I still left you. I remember looking you in your eyes as I left, like you were just a stranger. I remember fighting you, like you meant nothing to me."

Error turns Ink around from the wall and picks up, carried him the short distance to their bed and dropped him down on it. "It was fucking...horrifying!"

Ink adjusted to lay on his back right before Error was again on top of him; using his arms to hold himself up above him as he starred into Ink's eyes. Error looked scared, like actually scared. Ink had never seen that from him. Even from the hundreds of fights they had over the years, he never saw genuine fear in Error's eyes before.

"Error, you know that wasn't you right? It wasn't real-"

"It felt real to me! That's the horrifying part." Error continued to undress Ink as a pair of magical tears forced their way out of Error's sockets. He gripped Ink's belt and clipped it off and used both hands to pull down Ink's blue jeans.


"Just shut up!" Error yelled, he then quickly lowered his voice to a gentle whisper once he realized he was getting too worked up. "Just... Let me make it up to you."

In the heat of their earlier kiss, Ink's rainbow ecto had already formed on his kegs and pelvis. Error used a finger and pulled down the blue and white striped underwear concealing a yellow and orange-colored cunt. The colors' order changed each time Ink summoned his ecto-body.

Neither felt like Error was needing to make it up to Ink. Error knew deep down he was making it up more to himself.

"Error you don't have to-"Error cuts him off again before he could finish. He moves his head forward and licked up on Ink's pussy with one of his tongues. Ink's mouth flies open letting out a loud gasp feeling the single tongue barely breach his folds which drove Ink crazy with pleasure.

The pleasure only lasted for a moment as Error pulled his head back and took the time to spread Ink's legs apart. He opened his mouth again and was ready to use more than just one tongue this time. But to his surprise Ink reaches up with a hand and stops him.

"Error wait, let me say something." Ink's voice was trying to be sincere despite just having his breath taken away.

"Y-you don't want to?"

Oh, he did. Ink wanted it so badly. But he knew it couldn't be like this.

"You don't have to make it up to me, or you, or anyone."

" don't-"

"I do, Error. But I want you to because you want to, not because you feel like you have to." Ink sat up from the bed and got to eye level with Error, who sat up also. "Ruru I know you love me. I know you'd never leave me glitchy. So don't beat yourself up over this, kay?"

"Okay, yeah you're right...for once."

"So stop it with these, and just be happy that we're together again." Ink leans forward and plants a quick, gentle kiss on Errors forehead. He then uses two fingers to wipe away the tears left of Errors' face. He made sure to be quick and light about it to avoid triggering his haphephobia, which wasn't as severe as it had been when they started dating three months ago.

"Heh, I love you Ink...Now..." Error again takes firm hold of Ink's hands, his chaotic smile back on his face. "Where were we?" He pushes Ink and he falls back onto the mattress back first. Before he could sit up, his legs were then violently spread open again. Not by Error, but by his strings now connected to his ankles. The strings were tied to the bed's corners forcing his legs in a spread eagle position. "I believe I was about to sample what you promised to make for me? And don't think I forgot about watching undernovela either, we'll get to that later. But first..."

Error again leaned down and spread open Ink's sex with two fingers, seeing his saliva still coating Ink’s magic-made walls. He opened his mouth and again used a singular tongue and penetrated him fully.

Ink grabbed the pillow behind him and bit down on it while Error tongue fucked him. Error slid the single moist appendage in and out of him, licking up his cunt each time before plunging back in. Ink would've bent his legs out of instinct, but the strings keeping his legs straight prevented that. All Ink could do was bite and moan into the pillow to keep himself from grabbing Error with his hands.

Again taking things slow, he let a second tongue exit his mouth and plunged it in alongside the first. He began horizontally and vertically scissoring them inside Ink. Causing him to moan louder. It felt much better than two fingers did. Ink briefly tried to bring his hips up, only for Error to grab his hips with one hand and slammed him back down. He kept his hand there to hold him in place while he worked.

Error momentarily slipped his two tongues out of Ink and looked over at him, face still buried in the pillow. "You ready?" Ink nodded his head through the pillow. "Heh, good because you're gonna need to be for this."

Ink threw the pillow off him and wailed from the intense pleasure that shot through him. Error had skipped going one at a time and plunged all five of his tongues into his moist pussy. Inserting and withdrawing each in different intervals so one or two were always inside him.

"OOOOOH MY GOD-D!! E-Eh-Error~ please don't stop! Don't-" Ink then screamed louder when Error used all five tongues and began stretching him open like an anal stretcher. He held him wide open before relaxing his tongues allowing his cunt to close, giving Ink a moment of blissful relief before he resumed mercilessly tongue fucking him.

Ink gripped the bed beside him as hard as he could. He was sure if he had skin, his knuckles would be as white as his bones. He felt his orgasm building fast. The five slimy tongues whipping and sliding around inside him.

The self-control Ink previously had with his hands crumbled away. He tried to reach up and grab Error by the back of the head. But Error had been watching Ink intently. Both observing his reactions and waiting for the inevitable touch to come. Because when it did, he stopped Ink dead in his tracks. 

Ink's hands were then suddenly trapped by two more strings and were forcefully shoved behind his back. Ink could feel the strings tighten as his arms were bound together at the wrists and elbows. A single string was then tied to the bottom of the bed from his wrist tie, keeping his arms tucked behind him just under his butt. Making him unable to pull his arms back.

"Error!! Oh stars, I-I think I'm g-gonna!" It was at that moment that Error pulled his tongues out. Denying him an orgasm that was moments away. “Error what the hell?"Ink shouted, but Error didn't pay mind to his objection.

Error still held out his tongues and moved them around as he smacked his lips together. He never thought his tongue(s) could go numb like they were now. "I'll admit, not as bad as your male bit."

"Oh c'mon glitchy, that's not fair!"

"Life’s never fair squid." Error says rubbing one of Ink's thighs.

"You know I can get out of this you know?"

Error playfully raised his eyebrows. "Can you now?"

"I will! And then I'll show you!" Ink's threat wasn't much of a threat given how smug and playful it sounded. But Error matched his smugness and stood at the end of the bed and crossed his arms.

"Knock yourself out squid."

Ink squinted his eyes and concentrated, trying to tap into his magic. Nothing. Confused, Ink concentrated harder, making him look like he had severe constipation. Still nothing. This was usually the part where he would turn into a puddle of black ink and effortlessly escape Error's strings. He'd done it a thousand times before when they used to fight. Why wasn't it working?

Chuckling to himself, Error snapped his finger. He used his magic to force Ink's soul out from his body and through his clothing.

"You didn't seriously forget you have one of these now, right?" Ink looked to his soul. One that was already being held and stitched together by his strings. It now had a single one wrapped around its center which led directly to one of Error's fingertips.

Ink starred at it appalled. The single greatest advantage his soulless body had over Error was he couldn't be controlled by his strings like everybody else. But now he had a soul. As long as that one string was connected to his soul, Error had complete control over his body and magic.

Unable to use his magic, Ink resulted to try breaking out the manual way. He shook and tossed himself in place. The strings creaked as he tugged as hard as he could. But they wouldn't give. And before Ink could think of it. Another string latched itself onto the bonds on his elbows and went up and attached to the bed frame above his head. Now he couldn't scoot back or forward. He was stuck to the bed.

Error enjoyed watching his boyfriend struggle in his new bondage. His erection in his pants made that abundantly clear.

"Oookay Error, you win. I-I'm stuck, I can't get out. You happy?"

"Hm, yeah I am." Error climbed atop the bed and slipped his pants off as well as the rest of his clothes. He stood on the bed high above Ink who looked up, trying not to look intimidated. "Now that cunt of yours is nice, but let's switch it up a bit."

Ink gasped and whined as his magic changed against his will. Usually it was hard for a skeleton monster to switch ecto bodies to the other gender when already aroused. But since Error had control of his magic, not him, Ink's pussy disappeared and a dripping erect cock took its place.

"E-error?" Ink legs detached from the bottom corners of the bed and Error took them and flicked them up to the other end. Ink's legs raised up in the air in the process.

"You always were very flexible." Error muttered as the two strings tied to the upper bed and began pulling taught. This slowly forced Ink's legs up behind his head. Since Ink was indeed flexible even with his ecto, his legs went all the way back, his knees touching the mattress beside him without any pain or discomfort. His hips were forced up as Ink was now bound in a tight, inescapable pretzel tie.

All Ink could do was barely wiggle his ass as his cock was only an inch from his face.

Error used a bottle of lube on his dick and began fingering Ink's rear end. He didn't take his eyes off Ink's wide eyed expression for a second.

"Before being friends, you remember all those times I told you to go fuck yourself?"


"Well, today's the day squid." Error grabbed and squeezed Ink's cheeks as he plunged his dick into Ink's ass in one powerful thrust. Ink would've screamed from the pleasure. But as he opened his mouth, his own dick found its way into his mouth.

"Mmmm!! Hm-LNNMMM!!!" Ink moaned as he arched his head forward, using his tongue as he took his entire dick in his mouth. He sucked and licked as his dick kept penetrating his mouth with each of Error's thrusts into him.

" like how you taste squid?" Error panted, feeling Ink's sphincter tighten around his cock with each thrust. "You're gonna milk me dry if you keep doing that."

"Mmmph...ERR-LMM!! HMMPH!!" Ink tried moaning Error's name as he continued to suck himself as he felt his orgasm return. Right as Error began thrusting harder and slower. Ink couldn't believe he was about to cum in his own mouth.

"Ha...HA-shit! Here it comes...FUCK, INK!!"

Both came at the same time. Error thrusting with each load he shot into Ink's ass. Ink forced to gulp down load after load of his own cum. His cheeks bulged as excess spurted out the corners of his mouth and ran down his cheeks.

Error lets out several deep breaths as he laughs to himself, pulling his dick out once his orgasm subsides. "Damn! You're a tight fuck you know that?"

"mmmph, mmhhl-*gulp* mm-hllp!!"

Error looked down from the ceiling at Ink’s muffled cry for help. In the heat of the orgasm, the strings on his legs had gotten even tighter which forced his hips forward even more. Effectively making it impossible for Ink to take his dick out of his mouth, which was a inch or two shy from being all the way in. Ink whined and moaned on his shaft as he fruitlessly tried to get his dick out of his mouth. He was only able to jiggle his ass which got a laugh out of Error.

"Hey~ gotta say, that's a good look for you Ink." Error says as he gives one of Ink's ass cheeks a firm spank. Ink squealed and moaned again as he gulped down the last of his cum.

Error leaned over Ink and ran a finger around one of Ink's eye sockets. His other hand reached down and began fingering Ink’s ass, Causing Ink to whine and moan on his cock. "Now how's about we watch some TV? And by we, I mean me. Because I'm not quite done with you yet.”


"¡Oh, señor Sans! Asgoro se pondrá furioso contigo. ¿Qué hará?"

"No tienes que preocuparte, Tori. Señor Asgoro no será un problema por mucho tiempo."

Error sat on the corner of the bed closest to the TV, a large bucket of popcorn in hand. Or more accurately, he was sitting on his knees with his cunt pressed atop Ink's face, who was tied spread eagle to the bed.

'Man Ink's moans weren't lying! Getting tongue fucked in the cunt felt better than Error expected.' Error thought as he tried to focus on the newest undernovela episode. He missed it on the day he was gone and possessed. He'd never used female ecto before and was surprised how amazing and distracting it was from his show. But it felt so good, Error couldn't bring himself to stop. Nor could he just miss undernovela. So he tried his best to multitask and enjoy both.


Error felt a string tug in his hand, which was connected to the ceiling and led back down to Ink's hand. Without looking away from the TV screen, Error lifted his pelvis up, allowing Ink a few seconds to catch his breath. Ink's face was soaked in Error's juices. Ink panted and gasped a few times. He opened and held his mouth open again, tongue out as Error brought his entire weight back down on Ink's face.

Error's legs shivered as he came again shortly after. He glanced under his hips seeing Ink's face trying to turn and wiggle around. He could feel Ink's tongue trying to lap up as much as he could.

"Hope you’re still comfortable down there squid. Because there's still over twenty minutes left." Error gave a satisfied sigh as he slowly shook his pelvis side to side.

He'd offer Ink some popcorn, but he'd hate to take Ink away from the buffet he was eating right now. He doubts Ink would take the popcorn over it anyway.


Alrighty! I think I got all the horny out of me. (for now) This NSFW Intermission has finally finished. Tho I doubt it’s the only thing that finished. (If you know what I mean) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So in light of ending Act Two and the beginning of Act Three, and since this is an ErrorInk centered chapter. I thought it best to share the 2nd of my commissions that was finished last week. It being of the inky boi in question.

Done by the amazing Teirrart
There Tumblr:

I'm so amazed at how he turned out, you guys have no idea how happy I was when I saw it at like 12:30 in the morning

I'm so amazed at how he turned out! You guys have no idea how happy I was when I saw it at like 12:30 in the morning.

So go check them out! I couldn't have asked for a better art piece.