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Garden of Shadows AU

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ACT ONE: “Garden of Shadows” |Main Storyline | Killermare

Status: Completed

  • Chapters 2-11
  • Chapter Three: Mild NSFW (Knifeplay, begging) *Killermare*
  • Chapter Seven: Extreme NSFW (Tentacle sex, overstimulation/forced orgasm, Heat *Killermare*
  • Chapter Eight: NSFW (Foreplay, stripping) *Killermare*
  • chapter eleven: Extreme NSFW (forced orgasm, gags, blindfold, bdsm)


In a Multiverse where Ink and Error retire together after falling in love. Dream is now the new leader of the Star Sans and protector of the multiverse. 

With Error no longer a threat, Dream focuses his effort in pacifying the other big threat to the multiverse, his brother Nightmare. In an attempt to cure his brother of his curse of negativity, Dream uses a rather volatile serum from a rather lewd AU. 


ACT TWO: “Soulbound” | Prequel to act one | ErrorInk storyline

Status: Completed

  • Chapters 12-19
  • Chapter Seventeen: Extreme NSFW (Consensual Somnophilia, Fisting) *ErrorInk*  


After a long endless rivalry, the protector and destroyer, Error, saw each other more and more as friends as time went on. Both saw a probable reason to the others fight. This revelation sparked their friendship and that eventually evolved into something more. So in a sign of truce; the two both retired from their respective jobs and then proceeded to fall in love.

However as their new relationship began, Ink felt more and more like their relationship was a lie, simply because he didn’t have a soul and relied on his paints to give him emotion. 

So with fierce determination, Error set out scouring the multiverse in search of something Ink thought he’d never have again.




NSFW INTERMISSION | Chapters 20-24

Status: Completed

“My hearts go out to all you sinners” -Jevil

  • Chapter Twenty:(Maid play, praise kink, Orgasm denial, E-stim. Killermare
  • Chapter Twenty-One: (Aftercare/comfort sex, breast play, lactation, praise kink. Killermare
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: consensual mind control, master/slave play, dirty talk, tentacle sex, cum inflation. Killermare
  • Chapter Twenty-three: (Rope bondage, autofellatio, Facesitting). ErrorInk 
  • Chapter Twenty-four: Heat, detachable limbs, overestimation, safeword/safe tune usage. Killermare

ACT THREE: “Trust in Lust” | Sequel | Lust/Violet storyline | Underlust Sansby & Papyton

Status: In Progress 

  • Chapters 25-?
  • No NSFW content; 


Recruited shortly after Ink’s retirement, Lust/Violet quickly felt like an outcast. After finding out about the multiverse and working alongside alternate versions of himself, he thought very low of himself. As most of the multiverse saw him as a nothing but a dirty slut.

And after the horrible situation he’d found himself in at Nightmares’ mansion raid his confidence has been shot. He felt he didn't   belong in the Star Sans’, he felt he was only a burden on them.

How will Lust overcome these obstacles when it seems like the entire multiverse is against him?

ACT FOUR: *title TBA* | Chara & Asriel storyline | genocide timeline

  • No NSFW content
  • No, I'm not shipping Chara & Asriel.


ACT FIVE: “Mad Time Trio” | characters TBA

  • No NSFW, however there will be violent and darker themes for this arc.


ACT 6: Paperjam Storyline

  • No NSFW content