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Is it a lucky charm?

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Nora had a meeting with a client, so Simon was spending the day at the Dasey Residence (as he likes to call it).


After lunch, Simon asked Casey to help him with his newest jigsaw puzzle. She happily obliged. Once they completed it, Casey and Derek switched duties - so he and Simon decided to play some video games instead.


Some car races later, they were laying on the couch picking their next game when Simon reached out and touched Derek's necklace.


"Is it a lucky charm?" He asked.


"Mmm. No, its not." 


"Did you find it in the garbage?"


 "What? Hahaha, no."


"Did Casey give it to you?" 


"No. Actually, I’ve had it for way longer than I’ve known her." 


"What's with the third degree?" Casey asked as she brought them some lemonade. 


"Si wants to know the origin of my necklace." 


"Oh, I see. Good luck with that Simon!" Casey said as she ruffled his hair, and then she left them alone. 


They started to play again and the interrogation was suspended, for now.


After their tennis match, Derek got a phone call from Sam, and Simon took the opportunity to go to the kitchen to get some cookies. Casey's chocolate chip cookies were the best. 


Derek caught Simon with his mouth full of cookies and with a smirk gestured for him to pass them some.


Luckily for them Casey was busy upstairs reading a new draft.


With his mouth still full, Simon tried again, "So... It was a present from Sam?”




"Did you buy it on the internet?" 


"Nope," Derek replied and headed to the couch, Simon right behind him.


"Oh I know! Was it a birthday present?"




Derek had to admit he loved this kid.... But it was too much fun to have him get that frustrated frown. One that was very similar to Casey's, by the way.



Two hours later… 



"Did Abby bring it to you from Spain?" 




"Give it up Simon!” Casey said from the kitchen.


"Never!" Simon shouted back. 


"Did you win it at a fair?"




"Did you…"


ding dong 


"Simon, Mom is here!" 


"Noooo! I can't leave yet - I haven't guessed what the necklace is about!" 


"You can keep trying next Sunday, now we have to go. Marti is waiting for us to pick her up," said Nora from the door. 


"Arghhh, fine." 


"I will find out!" Simon warned Derek on his way to the car.


"Sure, sure," Derek replied, trying not to laugh. 


"Thanks guys, see you at the BBQ," Nora said goodbye with a quick hug. 


As Casey and Derek wave bye to them, Casey couldn't help but say, "You'll never tell him, will you?" 


"Nope. And don't look at me like that. I'm not telling you either Mrs. V." 


"I bet there's not such a special thing with this,'' she said while poking at his ring, "But the Derek Venturi has to make everything seem so fascinating." 


"Careful, I wouldn't bet if I was you." 


"Yeah, yeah." 



One year later… 



"I gotta give it to Simon, he really tried hard that day. And at the BBQ too.


“But I'm not telling him or anyone what the meaning of this necklace is. I still have a little of a rep to keep. I’ve already done too many sappy things for your mom, not that I'm regretting them. But I have to set a limit for the sappiness. 


“But I can tell you, because one day this will be yours you know." 


Derek said as he nuzzled newborn Elliot’s cheek softly. 


“You'll see, mio nonno, Grandpa George's Dad was a cool old man. And this necklace was his… he gave it to me when I was 10. And taught me a very important thing about life: 'La famiglia è un cerchio'; 'Family is a circle, and your circle it's the most important thing'... You must protect your family and love them, always. I’ve tried to live up to this - and now you're part of my circle too. And I promise you that I will always love you and make sure that you're happy and safe.”