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Love: Unlimited

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Haru was gripping the metal bars hardly as he was dangling from the bridge. Kambe Daisuke stood on the edge of the bridge, staring at him with an expressionless face before a smirk graced his lips, as Haru lost his grip on the bars. Before he hit the water something or someone carried him bridal-style in their arms. Haru opened his eyes to see a lean young man of average height, who has medium length black hair which can be considered quite neat and messy at the same time. He wore a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes which has a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, the raven haired was wearing a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate including the uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trouser's leggings Haru stopped admiring the male infront of him when four things clicked by.

First: there is a katana on the left side of his hip.

Second: both of his sclerae are dark with gold irises

Third: three pair of black wings were sprouting from his back


"Ehhhhhhhhhh" Haru couldn't help except scream at the boy infront of him. The male tilted his head in confusion as if wondering why he was screaming like a banshee.

"Are you hurt ?" The male asked concern lacing his voice.

"No iam fine. It's just not normal to see someone like you here." Haru answered while trying to calm his nerves down. Maybe this is all a dream, and he will wake up in his apartment as usual. The raven haired flew up with Haru tightening his grip on the male's neck in fear of falling. The seraph landed on the concrete floor, he let Haru down gently, with the later saying a shy thank you while coughing to hide his embarressment. At least Daisuke had left the scene after he saw him fall off the bridge, the raven haired male wings retracted to his back and his eyes changed to emerald green.

"My name is Hyakuya Yuichirou, you can call me Yuu for short. What's yours?" The male named Yuu extended his hand for him to shake with a smile on his face. Haru couldn't help except to smile back at the raven haired male.

"My name is Kato Haru. It is nice to meet you" Haru shook the raven haired hand.

"Where am I exactly ? Last time I checked I was in Nagoya battling the vampires." Yuu asked as he looked around trying to figure out where he is, and why everything is still in place.

"It looks like you came from another dimension. In this world, there is no vampires or angels like you. Everything is normal." Haru stated as he re-evaluated his life choices. What did he do to get stuck with an angel ? If he told this to anyone, they would think he was nuts.

"My family needs me. What should I do now? I can't leave them there alone." Yuu gripped his hair as he freaked out, Haru felt bad for the raven haired male. No one would want to  be seperated from their families especially in a world like Yuu.

"I will help you go back. I don't know how long will take, but as a police officer I will help you to the best of my ability." Haru assured the emerald eyed male who calmed down at having someone help him go back to his world.

"Thank you Haru. As long as iam here I will protect you from any harm." Yuu said seriously as he held Haru's hands in his, making Haru blush at how sweet this guy is.

"Come on. You will stay with me, I will buy some clothes for you to wear" Haru added as an afterthought. Thankfully, people would think that Yuu is cosplaying.

"Lead the way Haru" Yuu enthusiastically said as he followed after the older man. The raven haired could tell that he got lucky being with Haru rather than someone else. After they shopped together for groceries and clothes for Yuu, they arrived at Haru's apartment.

"Make yourself at home. I will prepare dinner for us." Haru went inside the kitchen to prepare Gyudon and miso soup. Yuu changed into sleep wear, then organized his things in Haru's closet. He went to the kitchen to see if he can help Haru in anything, but the taupe haired declined. He watched TV to pass the time, but he couldn't help except to think about Mika and the others. He felt worried as he doesn't know what happened to them, but then he put his faith in them. They are strong, they can survive without him. Haru came while holding a pan containing two bowls of Gyudon and two small bowls of Miso soup. They ate together with Yuu praising Haru's cooking skills, and the older man getting flustered at the raven haired praises. When they finished their food, Yuu washed the dishes while Haru prepared a futon for Yuu to sleep on. They bid eachother goodnight, as they fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next day, Haru and Yuu arrived at the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters. Yuu was wearing a white button-up shirt, worn under a tan sweater vest-style cardigan. His look is finished with smart black trousers and black dress shoes. They entered the room earning surprised looks from the occupants of the room at the arrival of the raven haired male.

"Chief. Do you want me to report ?" Haru asked the man who was building plastic models.

"No, they don't want one. But, who is this young man" The chief asked cheerfully at the raven haired who smiled at him.

"My name is Hyakuya Yuuichirou. I will be in your care until I get back home". The raven haired greeted with a warm smile on his face making everyone smile at him.

"Of course. We are happy to meet you. You know what they say: the more the merrier" the chief said before he returned to what he was doing. Yuu brought a chair beside Haru, as he chatted with the older man about his family and the missions he used to do in his world.

"Did you hear that the damages for this case. Apparently, double the market price was paid." Kamei whispered to Haru with Yuu being interested at this. Suddenly, the door opened to reveal a young man of average stature. He has dull blue-gray eyes, thick eyebrows, and short, slicked-back black hair. He was wearing three-piece suit that consists of a black blazer that is paired with dress pants of the same color and a black waistcoat. He wears dark brown dress shoes and a maroon dress shirt with a white collar underneath the suit.

"This is Kambe Daisuke, he will be working with us from now on. He is from the famous Kambe family, and went through special training in england." The chief informed all of them with Haru staring in disbelief at the man infront of him. Yuu supported a confused look on his face as he felt the animosity radiating from Haru, while Daisuke was staring at the room with an emotionless face. Daisuke locked eyes with Yuu who smiled at him brightly, Daisuke felt an emotion he never felt before. He was surprised at the fact that someone's smile managed to make him feel something after being numb for a long time. He was sure at the fact that he won't let this boy escape him.


At the rooftop of the building Haru and Yuu stared at the raven haired man who was smoking his cigar.

"Hey. What's the meaning of this ?" Haru interrogated the younger man who puffed out a smoke while glancing at him in disinterest. His eyes lighted up when seeing the emerald eyed boy standing behind Haru.

"What is it ?" He asked calmly as he puffed out another smoke from his cigar.

"That's not a way that copes handle things. You are no hero. Infinite lives would not be enough" Haru yelled at the raven haired who didn't bat an eye once.

"I see. So how much ?" Daisuke turned to stare at both males, his gaze was more focused on Yuu which the emerald eyes noticed as he scratched his head trying to figure out what did the older man mean. Haru was quick to releaze what Daisuke meant, as he glared angrily at the raven haired man.

"You bastard".


"I decline. I can't find myself a good mentor to that man" Haru told the chief with the older man sighing at him.

"I guess you don't have to watch over him. He is an adult after all" the chief said as he continued inspecting his plastic model. The door opened to reveal Daisuke with the same dull expression on his face.

"Oh Kambe. This is your seat." The chief pointed at the place where Daisuke will sit on. The raven haired man sat on his desk when Saeki approached him.

"Would you like one ? This gummy fish are brand new." Saeki said as she placed a red gummy in Daisuke's extended palm.

"A sea bream. A lucky start to your day" she told him as he looked at the gummy fish in his hand.

"Would you like one ?" Saeki asked Yuu as she offered some sweets to him.

"Thank you. I love chocolate so much" Yuu thanked her with a smile on his face. He popped one in his mouth as he savored the taste. Daisuke stared at the happy expression on the emerald eyed male, and he felt a tug in his chest.

"HEUSC note Hyakuya's preferences down" Kambe ordered his AI butler.

"Understood sir." The AI butler replied leaving a satisfied expression on his face. He stared silently at Yuu who was looking at him, when the black haired male noticed his staring, the raven haired boy smiled sheepishly at him at being caught.

"Ahhhh" a shreik from Kamei earned Haru's and Yuu's attention to the annoyance of Kambe as he wanted to see Yuu smiling at him again.

"She died from drug overdose. That centerfield model Akiko Hoshida" he said as he pointed at the screen.

"Seriously" Haru screamed as he read the web page.

"She was your favorite right Kato" Kamei said with Yuu feeling upset at the death of someone so young.

"Wait. Why are we learning this through media ?" Haru asked in confusion.

"Because information doesn't get passed to us" Kamei answered reluctently with the others staring at the scene infront of them. Yuu placed a hand on Haru's shoulder with a ressuring smile on his face, earning a unnoticable glare from Daisuke.

"Chief. Iam heading to the shoplifting campaign" Haru announced with Yuu saying that he will go with him.

"Iam counting on you" the chief cheerfully said as Yuu followed Haru out. As they were walking in the hallway a pair of footsteps were behind them. Haru couldn't help himself.

"What?" Haru looked in annoyance at Kambe.

"I will go with you" Kambe replied calmly.

"I will be fine with Yuu beside me. So don't follow me" Haru continued walking with Kambe following him.

"Take me to the scene of the crime inspector Kato" Kambe ordered the taupe haired man who was this close to punching the younger man.

"Come on. Let's all go together, you know what they say the more the merrier." Yuu reasoned with Haru who sighed in exasperation before agreeying.

"By the way. Iam Hyakuya Yuuichirou, what's yours" Yuu offeres his hand for a handshake a smile on his face, Kambe looked at the extended hand before shaking their hands together.

"Kambe Daisuke" the azure eyed man simply replied with an emotionless face.

"Pleasure to meet you Kambe"

"The pleasure is all mine"


"Iam tired" Haru grumbled as he held a box full of supplies, Daisuke was holding two bags calmly, while Yuu was holding 5 boxes easily to the surprise of the older men.

"Yuu-kun is impossibly strong." Haru said impressed at the young male who was holding them without breaking a sweat.

"I can carry things heavier than this. You already know why Haru." Yuu replied with a grin on his face that made Daisuke's heart flutter in his chest. But then, he glared at Haru before went back to his dull expression. A show was playing infront of them performed by street formers. Haru and Yuu stopped to watch the duo while Daisuke continued walking forward.

"What is it ?" He asked the duo wondering why did they stop.

"You can go back without me. These guys are desperate to survive too" Haru replied as he continued watching the show, with Yuu watching curiously. Kambe not wanting for Yuu to be alone with Haru, he went back and threw money in the hat.

"There. Let's go now." He said with Haru fuming in anger.

"It's not the money. They are performing in an open space for people to watch them and for them to improve their skills.." he was cut off by the shout of the men.

"It's 10K bill. Let's go drinking" Yuu frowned at them.

"Look, your money took away their willingness to do labor. Are you listening to me ?" Haru babbled with Kambe ignoring in him in favor of looking at the excited duo.

"Mescaline right ?" Daisuke suddenly said making the duo halt in their steps.


Daisuke was interrogating the fat man earning excited looks from Yuu at the gadgets he was using. It made Daisuke happy from the inside, but he didn't show anything from outside. Haru signed for Yuu to come with him and the raven haired left the room to meet him to the annoyance of Daisuke.

"He is no real detective. He relies on his various machines then resort to money. He should learn from Cho-san" Haru complained to Yuu and Kamei.

"The gadgets are awesome. There is nothing like it from where I came from." Yuu confessed as Haru sighed in disbelief at what Yuu said. They watched how Cho-san interrogated the skinny man with the later ending up confessing everything.

"Wow! Cho-san is awesome too." Yuu praised the old man.

"I will handle the rest now" Haru informed Cho with Yuu giving the older man a thumbs up as to depend on them. Then, the door opened to reveal Daisuke who locked eyes with Cho until the senior broke the eye contact by patting Haru's shoulder and wishing him luck.

"We got the intel. The guy selling them the drugs is-" Haru was interrupted by Kambe.

"A model named Isezaki" Kambe calmly replied with the cheering of the fat man as the money was already deposited. Kambe closed the door and continued walking past them, giving a side-eyed glance at Yuu who was supporting an unreadable expression on his face.


It was night time with Kambe, Haru and Yuu sitting in the car. Kambe was slightly upset at the fact that Yuu was sitting in the back seat instead on the passenger's seat.

"How did you know he lives here ?" Kambe asked as he stopped looking at the bored raven haired boy from the rearview mirror.

"Everyone would know where this guy live" Haru answered easily. Suddenly, someone opened the backseat door, and sat beside Yuu.

"Excuse me" the guy said with a smile on his face.

"Who is this guy ?" Kambe asked as he stared at the new person.

"Hey there iam Mita." The glasses wearing man said as he handed his card to Kambe to inspect.

"He is an entertainment journalist" Haru added with Yuu giving the guy next to him a hamdshake and introducing himself.

'I should sanitize his hands' Kambe thought as he furrowed his eyebrows at the duo sitting behind him.

"That scoop about Eirin was all my doing" he said as he rummaged in his bag for his camera. He handed another one to Yuu with the later thanking him politely.

"Why are you assisting us ?" Kambe asked as he looked at the man, but it was an excuse to steal a look at Yuu. Yuu was examining the camera as if trying to figure out how it works. Mita noticed this and guided Yuu at how to use it, with the later smiling excitedly at the device in his hand.

"When I was in a bad company, Kato-san saved me. So, I can risk my life for him" Mita answered as he held his camera ready for taking photos.

"Don't exasurate. It was nothing." Haru said with a pridefull smile on his face.

"Haru is awesome, I am glad that i am staying with you until I come back home" Yuu patted Haru's shoulder giving him a genuine smile.

"Stop it Yuu-kun" Haru bashfully said as he scratched his chin in embarressment. Kambe only glared at the taupe haired man sitting beside him.

"Kambe is also awesome too. I have never seen such gadgets before." Yuu praised Kambe offering him a genuine smile which made him smile slightly enough for only Yuu to see.

"Thank you for the compliment" Kambe answered politely as usual.


The four males were eating ramen together with Daisuke commenting about how tasty it is. He told Haru that he never tasted something like this before.

"There he is." Mita yelled as everyone got their cameras ready to take pictures of the model with the centerfield models with him.

"This guy has energy." Yuu said impressed as he looked at the photos taken of this model.

"He has been with ten girls this past week" Mita added as an afterthought. They continued following him and taking pictures.

"Who is that black haired model ? I have never seen her before." Haru asked as he took a picture of the black haired woman talking to Isezaki.

"She seems to be his favorite. Oh, but you like girls who are innocent and pure." Mita commented as Haru stared dumply at the beautiful woman. They followed the duo with Haru staring in shock as the couple started making out in the car.

"You are so innocent Kato-san" Mita commented with Yuu scrunching his nose in disgust, with Kambe taking note of that. Kambe was happy to be sitting beside the emerald eyed boy who started asking him questions about his earings and glasses with Kambe answering him with a poker face on. Yuu yawned then leaned his head on Kambe's shoulder as he dozed off. Kambe tensed for a second before relaxing feeling pleased with the situation. A car parked near Isezaki's car and the model went out to greet him. They took a picture of the duo exchanging the drug and Haru was ready to ambush them, but Kambe was quick to stop him.

"The drug with Isezaki is 95% pure. We should leave him for now, then we will ambush him to know who is the real mastermind behind this". Daisuke explained as he kept a hand on Haru's shoulder to prevent him from doing something reckless.

"How do you know so much ?" Haru asked suspision evident in his tone but the black haired didn't answer.

As days go by, they kept watching over Isezaki with Kambe trying so hard to make Yuu stay with him, but the emerald eyed boy stayed with the older detective to his annoyance. In the end, Haru and Yuu stayed together, Haru was sitting half dead, while Yuu was out getting rid of the trash in the car. Someone knocked on the window of the car turning out to be Mita. The man asked about Kambe's whereabouts with Haru saying that the rich boy got bored of playing detectives.

"Did you get a lead ?" Mita asked the taupe haired man.

"Yeah. It looks like he is doing his business with Gondawara-gumi, and the black haired woman is acting as a liasion.

"I see. No wonder she didn't show up after hitting the agencies" Mita stated then he sniffed the taupe haired man.

"Kato-san you stink. You need to take a bath." Mita blocked his nose as Haru sniffed himself. Yuu returned back, and they drove back home. As he was parking the car, the black haired woman entered a yellow car and drove away with the duo trailing behind her.

"What is this place ? A park." Yuu asked curiously as he looked around. They finally arrived at a huge building.

"What is this ? Is that a hotel ?" Yuu asked and Haru shruged his shoulders in negative. A familiar black car parked near the building with Haru looking dumbfounded at the black haired male who exited the car.

"What are you doing here ?" Haru asked as Yuu waved at the raven haired male with a smile on his face.

"That should be my line" Kambe replied as he noded his head in greeting to Yuu, then he sniffed the air around Kato and grimced at the smell. He walked ahead of them with the duo following behind him.

"Is that a restaurant or something ?" Haru asked as he inspected the place with Yuu eagerly looking around the place trying not to touch anything.

"Are you hungry ?" Kambe asked as he stared at Yuu enthusiastic reaction to his mansion.

"That's not what I meant" Haru replied but he placed a hand on his stomach giving away the fact that he was hungry.

"Prepare a meal for three" Kambe ordered the servant who bowed his head and went to do what he was ordered to. They were in the elevator as Haru informed Daisuke of what he found all the way the black haired was blocking his nose with his hand. When they arrived, they stared at the place in awe with Yuu excitedly running around the place.

"Is that an armored vehicle ?" Yuu asked as he jumped down the railing to the shock of the older men. He landed gracefully beside the same black haired woman they were following. The woman introduced herself as Kambe Suzue with Haru finally realizing that this was where Kambe lives.

"Isezaki is getting supplied by the major organized crime group Gondawara-gumi. Why not use this occasion to crush them?" Suzue stated as she checked the big screen infront of her.

"Crush them? What do you mean ? And what are you?" Haru asked the black haired woman as Yuu was playing around with the armored vehicle to the amusement of Kambe.

"Daisuke-sama ordered me to go undercover and spy on Isezaki" Suzue answered calmly with a smile on her face as Haru gave an annoyed look at Kambe.

"Gondawara-gumi operations are controlled by the deputy godfather Umezu. Once you arrest him, everything will fall sooner or later." Suzue continued then told Kambe about the drug party that Umezu will attend with the centerfield models. She sniffed the air around Kato and scrunched her nose in disgust.

"What are you planning to do ?" Haru asked already expecting what Daisuke would answer.

"If I have two billions or so, I can arrest Umezu and destroy Gondawara-gumi" Kambe answered with a dull expression on his face.

"I admit that i couldn't gather enough information about the party, but I hate people who would deal with things by slapping people with wads of money. From now on, you are on your own and I will do things my way" Haru yelled as he turned his back on both Kambe's and left ignoring Suzue suggestion about eating and taking a bath.

To Kambe's annoyance, Yuu left with Haru with the emerald eyed boy cheering the older man up. Kambe wondered what he can do to make the raven haired male stay with him instead.


"Looks like this party is going to happen. I grilled it out of an underling in Millenium entertainment" Mita explained as he handed papers to Haru, who accepted them with a serious look on his face. In the backseat of the car Yuu was eating a bar of chocolate, as he listened to their explanation.

"Alpha, Bravo, Charlie..." Haru read confusion evident on his face.

"What the hell is this ?" Yuu asked as he leaned to look at the names.

"Everyone at the party have nicknames. I think this is the keyword to enter the party." Mita explained to the raven haired male who noded his head in understanding.

"Thank you. Sorry for troubling you." Haru thanked Mita sincerely.

"You aren't thinking of going there. Are you ?" Mita asked the taupe haired man who only smirked in reply.

"This is dangerous. If they find you, they would sink you under the bay." Mita tried to reason with Haru, worry evident on his face.

"I will repay you for this. Besides Yuu-kun is with me, so there is no need to worry." Haru reassured the glasses wearing man.

Later this night, both Yuu and Haru were standing outside the building that the party will be at. They have kidnapped two of the participants and took their clothes and identities.

"Hello, iam Kouchiyama. Iam here as Whisky." Haru cheerfully said.

"I am Hajima, i am here as Angel." Yuu introduced himself too.

"Please enter." A deep voice answered back with the doors opening to reveal a buff man supporting a serious face.

"I will check your belongings" the man said as Haru and Yuu gave their bags to him. When he was searching them, he found Haru's phone with the later telling him to hold it for him. The man looked at him suspision evident on his face, but he offered them two masks with numbers.

They looked around the room full with people having fun together. Yuu nudged Haru's shoulder to point at Umezu who was making out with a woman. Haru was impressed at Yuu's ability to see this far and to spot Umezu among the different bodies. Haru sneaked to the couch where Umezu and the girl were making out, then snatched the phone that was left lying on the armchair. As they were leaving the buff man interrupted them. Reminding them of their belongings, Yuu facepalmed mentally, but he acted normally as he gave the man their numbers.

"Hey. Did anyone see my phone ? It's the one with little whopper on it. Who the hell took it ?" Umezu's voice was heard from the room, the buff man grabbed Haru's arm tightly.

"Are you doubting me ?" Haru smirked as he punched the man, but the latter was unaffected by it. The man threw Haru on a wall with the phone falling down on the floor. Yuu pissed off at what the bodygaurd did to Haru, kicked the older man's side sending the buff man crashing harshly to the wall. The man made a huge dent on the wall with the later spitting out blood before falling unconsious. Haru jaw dropped at what had transpired infront of him, but then he remembered that Yuu isn't a human. The phone was grabbed by the mascot of the police who ignored Haru's shout, with Haru thinking that the mascot is Kambe due to the fact that he found it in Kambe's mansion. He followed the mascot up to the roof, as the mascot reached the roof he was suddenly pinned down by someone, the maskot looked behind him to see Yuu giving him a glare that nearly made him piss himself.

"Wait Yuu-kun. This is Kambe. Hey Kambe! Why are you here on the roof ?" Yuu released the mascot who quickly ran further on the rooftop. When they heard the running footsteps of their chasers, Haru placed a metallic bar on the handles of the door trying to buy time for them to escape. The mascot removed the head to reveal Mita to the shock of both males, with Yuu apologizing to Mita for what he did earlier and the latter forgiving him.

"I came in the nick of time" Mita said as he offered the phone to Haru.

"Look I will tell them that I forced you to do this" Haru said but he was cut off by Mita's reply.

"When do you think the deposit will happen ?" Mita asked Haru who gave him a confused stare. Yuu was looking down on the building, in order to escape with the others he need to knock out all the goons, he can jump down with them, but then Mita would know about him and he don't want to risk his identity. Fighting them would be an easy task that if Haru didn't interfere.

The sound of a helicopter interrupted their talk, with Mita apologizing to the other males as he only have one mask, and the goons finally managing to open the door and enter.

"Hey what the hell is this ?" One of the men pointed at the helicopter. Suzue turned the helicopter around for the door to open revealing Kambe wearing his signature black glasses, and held a rocket launcher.

"Purchase of the tower is complete. Balance: Unlimited" HEUSC said with Kambe getting ready to fire. He pulled the trigger, a missile was shot which split into several small ones. Haru avoided one of them as everyone were confused and shocked of what is happening. A purple gas wa released from the missiles with someone wondering if it was poison gas. When Yuu heard that word, he looked at Haru. Poison gas can't affect Yuu, but Haru unlike him is a regular human.

"What the hell is happen-" Haru didn't continue as he slumped down before he hit the ground, Yuu held Haru bridal-style then ran to the edge of the bridge. Kambe fired another missile that hit the floor beneath them, during the whole ordeal, he was trying to spot Yuu.

When everyone weren't looking, Yuu has jumped off the tower with Haru in his arms. His black wings sprouted from his back as he flew to Haru's apartment, he sighed in relief when he noticed Haru breathing normally and figured that the gas was a sleeping gas. But still, he was pissed off at what Kambe did, how could he do something like that when Haru and him were there. Haru had become close to him since he came to this world, he considers him part of his family Kambe included. Yuu had grown fond of this man, he reminds him of Mika with his blue eyes and emotionless face. He took a note to confront Kambe about this tomorrow.


"Yesterday, the deputy godfather and effectively the leader of the organized crime group Gondawaru-gumi Mikio Umezu, model Yuta Isezaki, and roughly 20 others were arrested for suspected illegal drug possesion" the news reporter relayed the news. Haru, Yuu, Kamei and Teppei were lounging on the couch as they listened to the news broadcast.

"They said a lot came out from Umezu's smartphone, and other crimes like the murder of Akiko Hoshida" Kamei commented as he lazed around on the couch. Suddenly, the door was opened revealing none other than Kambe, he calmly headed to the dashboard to confirm his attendance. Haru approached him telling him to follow him, Kambe stared at Yuu who was glaring at him and for the first time since years he felt worried at why Yuu was angry at him.

"I don't like it." Haru stated once they were outside the room.

"Don't like what ?" Kambe calmly asked still thinking about the reason behind Yuu's anger.

"That someone like you is a cop" Haru answered angrily with Yuu placing a hand on his shoulder to prevent Haru from punching Daisuke. Kambe noticed Yuu's hand and his heart sank down in his chest.

"Why did you become a cop?" Kambe asked instead looking at Haru directly with a dull expression on his face.

"To nab criminals ofcourse. It's not by slapping people with wads of money." Haru pointed at Kambe angrily, but the black haired man only stared at him unfazed by his reaction.

"I heard you were in the first division. However, during a siege incident you midfired, and the target was seriously injured. Since then, you were unable to fire a gun and moved to modern crimes." Kambe closed his eyes calmly as he spoke as if he talking about the weather. Haru grabbed Kambe by the collar of his suit, rage radiating from his body.

"I nearly killed my friend by accident once Haru, but I still kept fighting together with her. Sure I felt guilty about it, but she knew I would never hurt her on purpose." Yuu tried to ease him down.

"This is different from your case Yuu-kun. You had to fight in order to survive there, but it's not the case here." Haru sighed in defeat before marching back to the room. Kambe adjusted his collar, he grabbed Yuu's hand when the raven haired was about to follow Haru back to the room.

"I wanna talk to you." Kambe spoke softly to the younger male who raised his eyebrows in question. He remembered that he wanted to confront Kambe about his actions yesterday.

"Yes, i have something to say too." Yuu ruffled his hair tiredly, he couldn't stop thinking about last night and the probability of losing Haru due to Kambe's actions. Yuu unconsiously placed a hand on Kambe's hip to make way for him to return back to the room leaving Kambe alone in the hallway. Once the raven haired entered, Kambe blushed as he stroked the place where Yuu's hand were on.

"Kato-chan! Yuu-chan!" The chief called the duo who approached the older man.

"Sorry to ask you this. But can you both head to hong kong this weekend ?" The chief asked the duo who were surprised with what he said.

"There is a symposium about international crime, and we have to send someone over." The chief begged with his hands clapped together.

"I guess we don't mind" Haru answered hesitently with Yuu giving the man a thumbs up.

"Thank you. You can ask Kambe for the details." He informed him before going back to his desk.

"Sure" he sat down on his chair before realizing what the chief said.

"EEHHH" He screamed as he found himself and Yuu sitting in the private jet of Kambe with the said man drinking a glass of champagne beside them, as the jet flew off. Kambe smiled behind his glass of champagne as he started planning his stay with Yuu in Hong Kong WITHOUT Haru.

As for Yuu, he facepalmed at the events that transpired hoping that everything will go smoothly.