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What He Deserves

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“Ya wanna head back t’ my place? Daiya ain’t home tonight.”



That question alone made Kiyotaka’s heart hurt. Throughout high school, Kiyotaka had dated a few guys. They were all the same.


Now that Mondo had asked the question, he felt a sense of deja vu. Yet, he still dug his own grave.


He couldn’t tell him no. What kind of person would he be! Mondo had taken him out on a Friday night and brought him to a movie and dinner. The biker had even kissed him during the movie, and Kiyotaka felt so in love at that moment, and it sparked him with hope. Mondo was absolutely spoiling him tonight. Normally he would detest to this and would refuse the offers to let someone else treat him, but Mondo made him feel safe.


So he responded with a low “of course”.


Yet now that they were on their way to the biker’s place, their joined hands resting on the console of Mondo’s brother’s truck, Kiyotaka wished Mondo would just take him home and give him a simple goodnight kiss.


Because all the guys he dated did this to him.


It would all happen on the first date. They would butter him up and make him feel loved, then they’d ask the question, usually something along the lines of “is your dad home?” or “do you want to come over?” and Taka never rejected.


He’d end up in the same place though, pressed down against a bed or a couch, or maybe even sat on a lap. Lips would start against his own, and that was what he considered the green zone. Then they’d wordlessly make their way to his neck or collarbone, and that would be the yellow zone. Red zone came when he felt a hand slip into his pants.


That’s where it would all be ruined. That’s where Kiyotaka drew the line, and that’s where he’d sit up and tell his date that he needed to go as he apologized.


And he would call Aoi Asahina to come get him so he could cry to her as she tried to comfort him.


They’d sit in her car in a parking lot as they ate ice cream, and she’d tell him how he did nothing wrong, and that guys were creeps. She also promised that one day he’d find someone who loved him for more than his body.


And Taka thought he finally found that guy, but here they were, on their way to Mondo’s place where it would be just the two of them. A part of him had hope that they’d get there, and things would continue to go well. Maybe Mondo could show him his bike, then they could cuddle on the couch until Taka was too sleepy and had to go back home. Or maybe it would go so well that Mondo would hold him so close and let him feel so protected that he never did go home.


But deep down, he knew what was going on, and there was something inside of him screaming at him to ask Mondo to just take him home. The comfortable wall he’d built up on this date was being torn down all by that single question.




Taka felt a slight squeeze on his hand and turned to look at the pompadoured teen.


“Yes, Mondo?”


“You’re shakin’.”


Oh. He was.


“I-It’s a bit chilly.”


No it wasn’t. He was sweating bullets.


Mondo’s eyes hadn’t left the road, but Taka could practically see the gears turning in his head before he maneuvered to get his jacket off. He grinned and handed it to Taka with only a momentary glance.


“This outta keep ya warm.”


Taka couldn’t help but feel fuzzy in the chest as he took the large embroidered jacket. He used it to cover himself up.


“Thank you, Mondo.”


Mondo opened his hand back on the console, a sign that he wanted to go back to their original place of holding hands.


Taka complied and rejoined their hands as he got comfortable under the jacket. He loved how perfectly their hands fit together, despite the slight sweatiness that came from it.


Why couldn’t it stay as wholesome as this?


Seeing this unusual tender side of Mondo was only going to make it hurt worse once he ruined everything.


That’s how it always went. After Taka would chicken out of going further, that would be the last time his date ever associated with him, besides a few awkward glances in the halls at school.


He didn’t want to lose what he had with Mondo. He was going to have to let it happen. He wanted to make Mondo happy, and he wanted to be his boyfriend, even if it meant he had to give himself up.





Kiyotaka felt nauseous as he walked into Mondo’s house. There were no extra vehicles here besides Mondo’s motorcycle. There was an empty spot next to it where he assumed his brother’s was usually parked.


So they really were all alone.


Mondo plopped down on the couch, his arm rested on the back of it. He grinned up at the shorter and jerked his head towards the empty spot next to him without a word.


Taka took him up on his offer and sat down before leaning against him. Mondo brought his arm down around the slender waist and they sat there for a silent moment, just pressed against each other. Neither of them had been this quiet all night besides the short ride here, so it just confirmed that Mondo was being risky and using his actions rather than his words.


Can we stay like this for the rest of the night? I like when you hold me. Maybe it can stay like this. Maybe I won’t have to leave.


That’s what Taka wanted to say.


They were still until Mondo’s hand began rubbing up and down Kiyotaka’s curved hip.


He liked it. The hand stayed above his clothes. It trailed up and made the smaller shiver as it glazed over his neck before it grabbed his chin.


Taka simply allowed the hand to lift his head up into eye contact with the biker, who still sported a side grin.  Those eyes closed as he leaned in.


The kiss started off sweet and simple, Mondo pulling back his lips briefly a few times. He moved his hand to stroke Kiyotaka’s warm cheek. The shorter hadn’t realized that he moved his hands to rest on the back of the biker’s head, pulling him in closer.


Something about this feeling was addicting. The fact that it was just the two of them was proof that this wasn’t all just for show. Mondo genuinely wanted to kiss Kiyotaka.


The fluttering in Taka’s chest only increased as he felt the hand slip down from his cheek until it replaced itself on the curve of his waist. The movement of the hand was enough to show that Mondo wanted an increase in pace. He pulled away from Taka to ask the question.


“Wanna take this to my room?”


And he froze up again.


However, rather than declining the offer, he simply stood with Mondo, who reached out to gently grab the prefect’s thin wrist.


He felt trapped. He shouldn’t have to feel like this. Why couldn’t Mondo just stop and take him home?


Why couldn’t he open his mouth and say something?


Mondo ushered him into a room towards the end of the hall they were trailing down and shut and locked the door, and it ran through Kiyotaka’s mind that he’d probably been used to this. The thought that Mondo was so experienced only hurt more.


Lavender eyes met his own again, and the smile returned.


“You can make yourself comfortable, ya know?” Mondo sat on his own bed, and Kiyotaka realized he hadn’t noticed how cluttered the room was. There was a pile of clothes on the floor next to a dresser, along with a few items scattered here and there.


“I tried to clean up for ya but uh...” Mondo rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Cleanin’ ain’t really my strong suit.”


Kiyotaka couldn’t help but shakily smile at the attempt. He shuffled to the bed and sat down next to his date, staring at the ground, pretending to take interest in the empty soda bottle near his closet.


He felt a hand rest on his shoulder, and it made him jump.


“Babe, your quiet. Somethin’ wrong? It ain’t really like ya. I expected a lecture on my room to be honest.” His tone was playful, but the question hung in the air.


“I...I apologize. I’m just a little nervous I think.” That was an understatement.


“Doll, you ain’t got nothin’ ta worry about. It’s just me and you t’night.”


That’s why I’m nervous...


It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Mondo. It was only their first date, but they’d been talking for a little while now, whether it was Mondo walking him to his classes or sharing late night conversations over the phone.


Maybe it was the fact that it was his first time and he didn’t know what to expect, or maybe that he was so worried to ruin something between them.


He felt those hands return to his waist as Mondo leaned in to kiss him again, which he met halfway. Just like that, they returned right where they left off.


He was okay. He was going to be okay.


Just get it over with so you can go home. You can decide what to do with this later.


He felt one of the large hands pull his shirt out of its tucked state before it rubbed that area. The skin on skin contact was hot.


You’re okay.


They stayed connected as the hands moved once again and made their way to his shirt buttons.


You want this just as bad as him.


A hand was planted on his chest, and he was pushed down gently on the bed. Mondo crawled up over him and trailed his lips from Taka’s own down to his neck. He couldn’t help but let out a soft whine at the slight pull of skin. He couldn’t even muster out a request for him not to leave any marks that would show.


The lips trailed down more, and Kiyotaka started to feel himself shake a little more, goosebumps increasing along his pale skin. There were a few soft kisses on his chest before he felt lips sucking at his skin once again.


This...this is okay.


The lips continued working on his chest, and he was starting to enjoy it.




See? You like it.


Then he felt a slight shift if the bed, and then he felt his pants being unbuttoned.


Stop him. Now.


“M-Mondo, wait-!“


The hands stayed in their place, but stopped their motion. Mondo looked up at him with a look of concern.


“Yeah, babe?”


“I...I can’t...” He hadn’t even realized he was holding back tears until they started streaming down his cheek, and he couldn’t stop himself from sniffling. “I-I’m sorry. I-I’m not r-ready-“


Mondo immediately sat up and took his hands off of the teen beneath him.


“Hey, hey, it’s okay! Don’t wor-“


“I’m sorry! I’m s-so sorry! It’s not you, y-you’re amazing! I just-“


“Kiyo, ya don’t even have to apologize, baby. Look, sit up for me.”


Kiyotaka did as he was asked and pushed himself up with a shaking arm, the other preoccupied in wiping his face.


“P-Please d-don’t hate me! I’ll try again!”


“Kee, baby, just breathe. I don’t hate you, I promise.” It seemed like there was something he wanted to add right there, but now wasn’t the time. He lifted his hand to hover over Taka’s cheek. “Can I touch you here?”


Kiyotaka tried to control his sniffles and chokes as he nodded. He felt the hand being pressed against his face. He flinched, but upon feeling that loving stroke once again, he leaned into it.


Something about the touch was comforting. Not only did the thumb wipe his tears, but it let him know that Mondo was here. Mondo wasn’t scared to touch him despite his reaction, yet he still asked.


Kiyotaka’s eyes were still red and puffy, but he calmed down a lot.


“I-I shouldn’t of led it on, I’m sorry.”


“No, I shouldn’t ‘a touched ya like that without askin’ if you were alright. I just assumed things.” He sighed and dropped his hand. “God, I’m so sorry, Kee. You shouldn’t have ‘t feel like ya have to do anything like that.”


They sat in silence for a moment as Taka tried to catch his breath. Mondo just watched him to make sure he was okay.


“If you’re uncomfortable, I’ll bring ya home. Do you need me to’ get you anything?”


The raven haired male looked up from the spot he was staring at on the bed and rubbed one arm with the other.


“I just...Can I have a hug?”


Mondo hadn’t even thought twice before pulling him into an embrace, running his finger’s through the hair behind Taka’s head. The prefect let out a shaky sigh as he tried to relax.


He held onto Mondo, arms wrapped around his neck as he hid his face in the broad shoulder. He felt his lip tremble as a steady hand began rubbing his back.


“Jus’ let me know if ya need me to stop touchin’ you, alright?”


That made Taka sniffle again.


Why? Why was he being so nice to him? He just freaked out on him for doing what all normal teens did after dates. He probably was looking forward to this the whole date. That’s probably why he paid for Taka, opened the doors for him, and constantly tried to show affection all night. If he gave to Taka, Taka would give to him.


“M-Mondo...” Taka pulled away to look up at his date, and upon seeing his gentle, yet concerned expression, he realized he didn’t deserve any of this. He hadn’t even tried.


You’re horrible.


“Mondo! I’m so sorry! H-Hit me! Hit me, please! I-I should’ve done better! I should’ve came prepared! I-“


He felt hands grip his wrists that ended up making their way to tug at his own black hair. He let Taka continue to cry, no longer able to get any words out. The biker pulled him back into his chest and returned those soothing rubs on his back.


“Taka, doll, you don’t owe me anything. I’m perfectly fine with not doing this tonight. Hell, I’m fine with not going it at all. I just...I want to make ya happy, alright? You deserve it. I don’t know what asshole got you thinking you owe anyone sex after a date, but get that outta your head.”


Taka’s cries down down to just whimpers and sniffles once again, as he listened, his eyes shut tight against Mondo’s shoulder.


“’ve done so much for me tonight, and-“


“I did all that because I like you, Taka! Not because I expected anything outta ya at the end of the night. Seeing your smile was enough. Hell, even just the fact that I’m here holdin’ you makes it all worth it. I’d spoil you every day if it meant I got to hold ya like this.”


Taka pulled back a little to look at Mondo’s face, which seemed a little flushed, maybe at his confession.




“Hell, yeah! You weren’t just another date, ya know? I actually had a good time. It felt like I wasn’t just hangin’ out with someone to say I went on a date, ya know? I felt like I was hanging out with my best friend who understands me more than anyone.”


They did unexpectedly have a lot in common...


Taka wiped a tear off his cheek with a small laugh.


“Best friend, huh?”


“Well...a best friend who I wanna hold and kiss every day of my life. Not exactly platonically...”


“That’s anything but platonic, Mondo. What are you saying?”


“I’m saying that I had an amazing time with you tonight, and I know it’s probably not really the time for this, so ya don’t even have t’ say anything if you don’t want but...I uh....”


Taka smiled up at him, taking Mondo’s heated face between both of his hands.


“Yes, Mondo?”


“I...I really really like ya. I wanna be your boyfriend, Taka.”


Taka’s smile got a little wider as he pulled Mondo’s face closer, pressing their lips into a soft kiss. They only stayed like that for a moment before Taka pulled away.


“I’d love that, Mondo.”



For the rest of the night, they laid side by side, their hands joined together between them as they talked on and on. Mondo ended up playing some music in the background to loosen any tension, and he let Taka pick a color for the LED lights in his room, to which he settled on a deep blue.


As they talked, Taka found himself completely forgetting about his breakdown. Being with Mondo helped him forget a lot of things. He forgot his insecurities, his trauma, and hell, even forgot about any thought of school.


Mondo’s voice was soothing, and Kiyotaka decided he never wanted to go another day without hearing it.


Kiyotaka fell asleep in his boyfriend’s arms that night.