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Hello! My name is Franoqc just call me Frano if ur gonna comment- anyway so I'm here to tell u info ur gonna need when reading this ff (like whos in which class whos in which dorm etc) so first ill tell u ships

also this is just a giving info chapter







Hu Tao/Yanfei




Ei/Yae Miko




Freshmen: Bennett,Chongyun,Razor,Fishl,Xingqiu,Barbara,Sara,Noelle,Xingling,Xinyan,Razor

Junior: Scaramouche,Ayaka,Thoma,Kazuha,Sucrose,Hu Tao,Yanfei,Roasaria, Gorou, Mona, Aether,Lumine

Senior: Albedo,Jean,Kaeya,Diluc,Ei,Kokomi,Miko,Ningguang,Zhongli,Keqing,Beidou, Eula, Ganyu, Lisa, Childe, Venti, Xiao, Yoimiya, Miko,Kokomi, Dainsleif, Baizhu, La Signora, Dottore, Ayato.



Ok so here r the dorms.....

Dorm 43: Xiangling,Fischl,Rosaria,Amber

Dorm 26: Sara,Lumine,Ei,Miko

Dorm 51:Eula, Sucrose, Xinyan, Ayaka

Dorm 12: Mona,Beidou,Ningguang,Yanfei

Dorm 44: Barbara,Jean,Hu Tao, La Signora

Dorm 35: Kokomi,Lisa Yoimiya

Dorm 24: Keqing, Ganyu, Sayu, Diona,Klee


Dorm 40: Zhongli,Xingqiu,Aether

Dorm 18: Scaramouche,Kazuha,Gorou,Ayato

Dorm 22: Venti,Xiao,Childe,Thoma

Dorm 37: Kaeya,Diluc,Dottore,Dainsleif

Dorm 9: Bennett Chongyun,Razor

Dorm 56: Albedo,Paimon,Oz,Teucer,Baizhu


Dorm notes !!!

-Albedo, Baizhu, Keqing and Ganyu all agreed on taking care of the children because they wanted to. Sometimes Albedo and Baizhu switch dorms with Keqing and Ganyu so that the kids see more ppl.

-Xingqiu often goes to Dorm 9 to hang out

-there are other students who don’t live in dorms

-theres are 1094 (like the school goes from kindergarden to college LMAO-) students in school but only 159 people live in dorms.

-Fischl visits Oz every 3 days

-Childe visits Teucer basically everyday

-Sometimes Xiao comes by to plays the flute in the background while Ganyu and Baizhu read books with Qiqi.

-Paimon often goes to either Lumine,Aether or Dainsleifs dorm to help with school work or for advice.

-Lumine often makes cookies monthly for Paimon while Aether delivers them.

-Kaeya and Diluc take turns on bringing Diona to buy cat merch and I know it.





19-Scaramouche,Kazuha,Gorou,Lumine,Rosaria,Aether,Thoma,Hu Tao,Yanfei,Mona,Kokomi,Lisa

20-Dainsleif,Jean,Ningguang,La Signora,Ei,Yae Miko,Keqing,Ganyu,Yoimiya,Baizhu,Dottore,Kaeya,Ayato,Venti,Xiao,Zhongli,Childe,Eula,Amber,Itto


13-Paimon, Oz


9-Klee, Teucer




Ok so ik how Albedos age is 17 rn BUT HERE ME OUT- I just know that sly fucker skipped grades. Also Fischl,Noelle,Ayaka,Kokomi and Lisa all skipped one grade and Beidou got held back one grade. Also lovley Frano here skipped one grade B)


Family tree LMAOO-

Diluc and Kaeya are bros while Diona is their cousin.


Aether and Lumine are twins while Dainsleif and Paimon r theyre cousins. Paimon and Dain are siblings


Xiao and Ganyu are siblings while Baizhu and Qiqi r theyre cousins. Baizhu and Qiqi r siblings


Kokomi and Gorou are siblings


Fischl and Oz are sibling


Jean and Barbara are siblings


Yoimiya and Sayu r sisters


Ayaka and Ayato r siblings


Childe and Teucer r bros

Scaramouche and Ei are siblings



Classes bitches


There r 3 grades and each have 2 classes in college for this school


1-1 : Razor, Barbara, Xingling, Bennett, Fischl


1-2 :Xingqiu,Chongyun,Sara,Xinyan, Noelle


2-2 :Scaramouche, Kazuha, Sucrose, Gorou, Lumine, Rosaria


2-1 : Aether, Ayaka, Thoma, Hu Tao, Yanfei, Mona


3-1 : Dainsleif, Jean, Beidou, Ningguang, La Signora, Kokomi, Ei, Diluc, Yae Miko, Keqing, Ganyu, Yoimiya


3-2 : Albedo,Baizhu,Dottore,Kaeya,Ayato,Venti,Xiao,Zhongli,Childe,Lisa,Eula,Amber,Itto



Ok so here is the student council, what they do and who is in it. Ok so they're basically the second principal of the school.


At the top of the ladder is the student council president Dainsleif, next are the 2 vice-presidents Jean and Ningguang. After that is Ei, Kokomi, Ayato,Keqing and Zhongli. Next is Yae Miko, Ayaka, Thoma and Ganyu. Just after that is Albedo, Lisa and Sara. Then theres Eula, Mona and Diluc and at the bottom of the ladder is Amber.


Here are the rumors circulating around most of the student council member because that shit happens- some of them don’t have rumors btw


They say that the only reason Dainsleif even became the president was to impress his little sister Paimon and his cousins Aether and Lumine(kinda true but he doesn’t know it). People say that Ningguang and Beidou are actually dating and that Ningguang joined the council to let Beidou stay in school (last part is false but the first part is true). Rumors state that Jean actually expelled someone because the young lad (fucking albert omg) sexually harassing Barbara, a young idol and Jeans little sister (true and Jean doesn’t care because bitch ass deserved it). The Kamisato siblings, Kamisato Ayaka and Kamisato Ayato. Kamisato Ayato, more known as the head of the Kamisato clan, people say that he paid to let him and his sister into the student council (FALSE FUCKING FALSE DO U SEE HOW ELEGANT AYAKA IS? HOW CAN SHE NOT BE IN THE COUNCIL...) They say that is Zhongli was either vice president or president the school's money would be gone (yes). They say the only reason Mona is even in the student council is because of her little astrology, otherwise she wouldn’t be in the council at all.


Im crying rn


Anyway, ill TRY to post the first chapter on Albedos bday so they can celebrate it..........

Meaning on the first chapter hes turning 18..... MWAHHAAHAHAHHAAA

Chapter Text

Venti: do u guys think albedo sucks kaeya toes

Albedo: excuse me what.

Diluc: definitely

Sucrose: i don’t think mr albedo sucks sir kaeyas toes… but it’s definitely something kaeya would like.

Kaeya: WTF-

Xingqiu: i’m betting 700 mora that kaeya sucks albedos toes.

Xingqiu: ik for a fact kaeyas toes are dirty as fuck while albedos is literally sheer heaven.

Hu tao: but wouldn’t kaeya ask albedo to such his toes ?

Xingqiu: albedo wouldn’t do it so kaeya would do it on his behalf

Hu tao: fair

Ningguang: Mona I would like you to figure this.

Ningguang: toe sucking.

Mona: im not loosing my fucking pride for that

Ningguang: I’ll pay you 60,000 mora

Mona: albedo sucks kaeyas toes

Albedo: how could you betray me like this mona…

Albedo: I could’ve given you the answers to science.

Yanfei: what the fuck ?

Yanfei : help


Chongyun changed Albedos nickname to Albetoe

Albetoe: ok what the fuck.

Lisa: your fault for sucking kaeyas toes~

Kazuha: don’t you like

Kazuha: suck jeans hands every now and then
Eula: what the fuck.

Amber: at lunch lisa just sucks jeans left over food on her fingers

Barbara: Wait so that’s why Jean doesn’t use utensils nor wash her hands ?

Jean: this isn’t about me and lisa this is about albedo and kaeya

Beidou: and you’d think the horniest mother fuckers aren’t friends

Xiangling: mondstadters r so kinky

Xiangling: but xingqiu and chongyun r so kinky omg

Xinyan: one time I saw chongyun purposely get ice cream on his face and xingqiu fucking licked it

Xinyan: albedo jean lisa kaeya xingqiu and chongyun should be friends

Amber: they can be called the horny ppl

Aether: my god I just don’t get how they can be so horny yet some of them excel in their grades

Lumine: my god I just don’t get how they can be so horny yet some of them excel in their grades

Lumine: hello my doppelgänger

Aether: hello my doppelgänger

Keqing: their planning this aren’t they

Dainsleif: hello this is paimon, lumine can u come over to dains u to aether

Aether: okay

Lumine: okay

Venti: gone like the wind…

Xiao: back to the horny fuckers.


Xiao: Ganyu and Keqing r just so

Xiao: why.

Kazuha: spill

Ganyu: please don’t

Scaramouche: please do ?

Gorou: @Kokomi u have to see this

Kokomi: thank you my lovley brother

Gorou: your welcome sis ❤️

Kokomi: ❤️

Xiao: mother fuckers are stuffing their faces into each other’s boobs

Xiao: like qiqi is right there

Fischl: How could those insolent pests do such a thing in-front of such innocence! We must tear them apart like freshly baked chicken !

Oz: what my sister means is that “why in the fuck knuckles are they doing that in front of Qiqi”

Dainsleif: this is why ur better then paimon

Diluc: this is why ur even in the gc

Oz: thank you ?

Ningguang: should we pay you ?

Oz: you guys already pay me by providing me good entertainment

Oz: pay me if you want to tho

La Signora: Oz is only 13 yet he’s already very responsible.

La Signora: unlike some of you

Childe: what is that supposed to mean…

Dottore: I agree with LaLa on this one

La Signora: Fischl please write about how I will kill dottore in great detail.

Fischl: Of course ! I shall full fill your request, however in return would you care to take care of my lovely brother Oz ?

La Signora: of course, me and oz get along well anyway

Fischl: The fair lady, madam Signora, will cut sir Dottore exactly 73 times. 5 on the face, 11 on the left arm.17 on the right arm, 29 on the stomach, 5 on each legs and 1 long stab on the back. After she shall feed sir Dottore rotten food and cut out his left eye. Then she shall rip him apart, making exactly 69 white roses turn red using the blood that he may shed.

Noelle: No ! Fischl no killing people ! it’s very bad especially for us students !

Fischl: you fucking say that as if you haven’t hide a body before

Kazuha: holy shit she broke character

Oz: she usually only breaks character in-front of that wolf boy and bennett ?

Razor: Fischl brother call Razor ?

Oz: right razor

Oz: I think fischl razor and bennett r dating but I haven’t clarified

Rosaria: may u tell us more ?

Fischl: oz u dare say another word i’m not visiting u for a month.

Baizhu: fischl don’t u dare.

Ganyu: if you do oz is gonna be really sad you know ?

Albetoe : he’s gonna hog his room all day, he won’t even eat.

Keqing: fischl ik u want to stop that from happening but u shouldn’t do that

Venti: what is this protection squad

Diluc: i’m pretty sure they take care of all our younger siblings

Yoimiya: hey thereeee

Hu tao: MIYA MIYA.

Yoimiya HU HU.

Yoimiya: WANNA DO IT ?

Hu tao: YES YES YES.

Yanfei: i’m scared

Jean: no not this again…





Yanfei:oh I see

Yanfei: let’s go rebeca. If you want your lovley tiffany to live that is.





Zhongli: I am quite close to using the function called “block”.

Venti: i’m pissing away

Xiao: don’t u mean passing……..

Venti: i’m gonna piss in ur mouth

Kaeya: and you call me and albedo horny ?

Albetoe: they aren’t even in a established relationship yet.

Diluc: this is the only time i’ll agree with you kaeya

Kaeya: yk u love me ;)

Diluc: albedos right there

Albetoe: I think diluc loves kaeya too

Diluc: I will block u two

Childe: okay but when zhongli said that….

Childe: hot as fuck

Scaramouche: ur just a simp

Childe: wtf do u mean hoe

Dottore: you literally pay for like anything Zhongli asks for

Childe: no.

Zhongli: I really like Childe, he’s a very good friend, I hope me and him never cut ties.

Childe: .

Thoma: I can feel the sheer dissatisfaction and disappointment through the fucking phone.

Thoma: also can I add some ppl

Venti: yes the more the fucking merrier


Thoma added Yae Miko, Ei,Ayaka,Ayato


Ayato: Thoma come and suck my dick <3

Thoma: a 13 year old is here Ayato…

Oz: yes i’m right here



Ayaka: You shouldn’t say those words again ! they’re very rude.

Yae Miko: I don’t understand how they’re siblings.

Zhongli: Hello Miko.

Ganyu: Welcome Miko ! sorry we couldn’t add you sooner.

Ei: hi

Venti: omg ei

Ei: hell to u too venti

Venti: *cries*

Venti: xiao come comfort me…

Xiao: on it

Keqing: and u say me and ganyu are disgusting

Baizhu: it runs in the family

Dottore: wtf aren’t u like their cousin

Baizhu: in their part of the family

Dottore: fair

Chapter Text

Gorou: did I just see some kid do some clarity gacha meme or was it just me


Lumine: u saw it to?


Rosaria: wasn’t the kid who was falling that one kid with the most absurd luck


Barbara: are you talking about Bennett?


Gorou: damn this furry then fell with that kid


Kazuha: didn’t fischl also fall?


Scaramouche: yeah she fell down


Baizhu: and your just gonna leave them?


Rosaria: they look like theyre gonna be a poly relationship sooner or later of course we’re gonna leave them dipshit


Xingqiu: Hello, the elderly.


Ningguang: you only talk like that if u need help. Wtf do u need


Xingqiu: wow okay, have any of u seen the kids who r in a threesome from class 1-1?


Lisa: excuse me.


Lisa: you mean Fischl, Bennett and Razor are a thing?


Chongyun: ok technically they kind of are they just don’t admit it


Sara: take one fucking look at them and tell me they're good at hiding shit


Venti: younger yet have a better love life then me....


Kaeya: it because u want xiao and wont fucking move on


Xiao: just let him be


Albedo: are you sure you guys aren’t dating.


Albedo: or like each other in the slightest way??


Venti: its very one sided wdym


Diluc: I will bury myself 6 feet under.


Ganyu: Venti... I never thought you’d be this...


Keqing: ur so dense u fucking loser






Ayato: Venti! My guy, this is how me and Thoma got together.


Ayato: just give it a little push...yk?


Xiao: im right here


Ayato: shut up


Ayato: like when we first had sex we just needed to adjust and learn!


Ayato: like how Xiao and u can adjust to each other!


Mona: that is the worst advice for a love life ive ever seen


Yoimiya: who was top and who was bottom. I demand to know.


Ayato: im not telling u that fucker


Ayaka: im pretty sure they switch.


Ayato: ayaka why


Thoma: 69% of the time im top tho B)


Childe: im shitting tears rn


Thoma: arent u that one senior that ppl say I look like


Childe: so ur that one junior who looks like me?


Venti: chili and thomato.


Venti: chili and tomato.............


Beidou: their ship names are fucking food and they look like each other...


La Signora: what is this bitchuary.


Barbara: Ive healed the trio!


Bennett: Hey guys! I'm back!


Razor: hello


Fischl: Salutations!


Oz: welcome back, ive sent muffins to dorm 43 and 9 for u guys. Happy recovery.


Lumine: Oz might be a good influence on paimon...


Aether: we should add her


Dainsleif: sure do what you want



Lumine added Paimon



Oz: get that rachet human away from me.


Paimon: wtf


Paimon: the first thing that happens when I come here I see fucking oz??


Childe: arent they in the same class


Dainsleif: ok I think when they were smaller they had a fight on who could cuddle with fischl in the park longer


Fisch: Both my extravagant and lovley brother Oz and the cute and small Paimon were exceptionally adorable when they were young and clean!


Oz: she means that “both oz and paimon were cute back then”


Oz: see I can translate what she says unlike u fucking loser


Paimon: im still better then u in almost all subjects


Zhongli: Maybe it was wrong to add both of them in this group chat.


Childe: probably


Kokomi: why is fischl always somehow the root of most of ozs fights


La Signora: it because they love each other. Did u see how fischl literally expelled those students who were bullying oz 4 years ago.


La Signora: she went ape shit


Razor: fischl brother, razor thank you for cookie. They were yummy.


Oz: its for your recovery don’t worry about it.


Bennett: Oz, one day we should all bake together! Im sure it’ll be really fun


Oz: oh okay then


Lumine: be like oz and bake us cookies


Paimon: is that the reason why u added me...


Aether: yes.


Paimon: ill make you some in return for yours ig...


Dainsleif: I volunteer to be the taste tester before sending to the twins


Mona: wtf I want free food ur already rich.


Dainsleif: im her brother


Xiangling: I can teach you if you need me!


Paimon: sure ur food taste really good anyway


Sucrose: so were just going to ignore that Oz and Paimon are on each other's throats because they wanted to cuddle with Fischl?


Albedo: I guess so.


Amber: not gonna lie when bennett and razor come over they often cuddle with fischl and it looks really comfy so I don’t see a reason not to fight


Bennett: If you arent Oz Paimon or Razor I will slit your throat if you dare try to cuddle with Fischl.


Eula: damn fischl has a whole group to protect her


Xingqiu: chongyun theyre talking about cuddling and now I wanna cuddle.






Chongyun: coming over


Zhongli: please don’t.


Scaramouche: wtf do they do for u guys to not want him over.




Zhongli: It is not a sight that I like seeing...


Childe: don’t fucking bother whore


Xingqiu: you say that as if you wouldn't spread your legs for zhongli




Xingqiu: at least I admit it


Ayato: childe.


Childe: yes?


Ayato: I want money


Childe: im sorry what


Ayato: sorry what?


Ayato: now lets try that again.


Zhongli: Childe, I want money.


Childe: Sure how much?


Ayato: see.


Childe: wait what.


Ayato: I got kokomi to hack zhonglis phone.


Ayato: when its someone else you get confused but when its zhongli its an instant yes.




Thoma: this is why I love you


Ayato: love you too 💞


Venti: why tf is childe screaming while stuffing his face into his narwhale plush


Venti: oh.


Ei: at this point Ayato should be a match maker


Ei: he even got me and miko together.


Venti: ayatoooo


Venti: help me out here 🙁


Ayato: sure.



Private chat with Xiao


Ayato: hello bitch.


Xiao: what the fuck.

Chapter Text

Oz added Sayu,Diona,Klee, Qiqi and Teucer

Oz: let’s see if you can handle a day where it’s pg-13

Venti: oz why would you do this to us

Oz: i’m angry.

Kaeya: at ???

Oz: that baizhu bitch

Oz: bitch forgot that i didn’t like carrots

Xingqiu: did u just feed someone fuckinf carrots and expect them to like it ?

Xingqiu: @Baizhu you’ve done a mistake.

Klee: hi !!!!!!! 👋

Albedo: Klee what are you doing here.

Klee: big brother oz asked klee if she wanted to talk with albedos friends !

Albedo: oz i really like you but please remove klee

Oz: feel the wrath of being pg-13

Paimon: me and oz planned this btw

Aether: what

Lumine: don’t you like

Aether: hate each other ??

Paimon: when it’s necessary we are great friends

Oz: yeah ig

Paimon: @Baizhu feed us carrots again i dare you

Sayu: hi

Yoimiya: Sayu !!!

Sayu: hello yoi

Yoimiya: do you like it here ?

Sayu: not very much

Diona: @Diluc i wanna go buy cat merch again

Diluc: @Kaeya

Kaeya: let’s go diona !

Diona: no way am i going with you

Diona: you literally stop by like 5 different sex shops and for what reason

Diona: u using them on ur self or what

Diluc: Mona i’ll pay you 30,000 mora if you can figure this out

Mona: he’s buying it for someone

Albedo: what

Albedo: kaeya.

Diluc: i’ll bring you to buy cat merch, just wait in your dorm.

Diona: thanks i’ll make a flower crown for you ?

Diluc: if you want to

Amber: i never thought diluc would be good with kids

Jean: I’m pretty sure diluc buys candy for the kids from kindergarten to grade 3 correct ?

Jean: your the dark night candy man right ?

Diluc: who says i am

Eula: never thought diluc would deny it

Teucer: Your the candy man ? That’s awesome !

Klee: But Diluc is very grump and sad and he never smiles ! he can’t be the candy man teucer !!

Teucer: oh your right ! i’m sorry mr diluc 😣

Diluc: it’s okay kid

Teucer: I have to go ! Ajax is meeting me again !

Klee: Bye bye !!!

Oz: you guys are holding up well

Ayato: who the fuck is ajax

Oz: never mind

Albedo: ayato look into your private dms

Ayato: what…


Private chat with Albedo

Albedo: i will **** ****** ******** ********* ****** ***** ***** **** ****** ***** **** ******** ***** ****** ***** ******** **** ** ** ****** ************


Albedo: so be it.

End private chat with Albedo


Kaeya: what did albedo do…

Ayaka: It seems Ayato is have a crisis.

Ayato: I’m so sorry albedo please don’t do that………

Venti: ok what did he send…

Qiqi: qiqi wants to know what albedo send

Sayu: he got that head of the Kamisato clan of the Yashiro Commission on his knees. It should be something very scary.

Qiqi: qiqi don’t like scary

Thoma: Albedo what did you do to my boyfriend.

Albedo: just a normal death threat

Ayato: right i still have the xiaoven commission………..

Ayato: gotta blast !


-like yesterday-

Private chat with Xiao

Ayato: hello bitch

Xiao: what the fuck.

Ayato: i’m here to make you admit your fuckijg feelings.

Xiao: no.

Ayato: so ? what’s stopping you.

Xiao: why should i trust you.

Ayato: i’ll tell you one of my past experiences then.

Ayato: yk ei and miko? those to both thought the other was straight.

Ayato: in the end the got together because they admitted their feelings

Ayato: don’t u wanna just date venti ??

Xiao: it’s because after graduation im gonna leave the country

Ayato: …

Ayato: tf- that’s what’s holding u back ????

Xiao: i- yes ?

Ayato: yk what. no. venti would travel to wherever with u

Xiao: seriously?

Ayato: yeah no shit

Ayato: just ask him out istg

Ayato: u can just give him some flowers or something and ask him out he wouldn’t care he just wants to be ur boyfriend

Ayato: do u see how horny he is for u

Xiao: i

Xiao: okay but ur helping me.

Ayato: done deal.



and they planned a little something for venti

Chapter Text

Private chat with Ayato

Ayato: go to Springvale valley. It’s worth it, be there in 2 hours

Venti: what

End private chat with Ayato

“Ayato that fuckers offline now.” Venti looked blankly at his phone screen wondering what Ayato did. “Could it be…” Venti thought to himself, “Let’s hope it is.” He decided he’d look his best today; it was that day. At least he thinks it was. He took a shower, put make-up on and wore his clothes. He was wearing a sage sweater with a white collar along with black jeans and a black belt. Then he braided his hair into 2. He got onto his moped and rode to Springvale valley. It took at least 40 minutes to get there from the dorms, so he got a good ride with the wind blowing back at him. It always felt nice to feel the wind pass his skin.


He finally arrived at Springvale valley it was around 12 pm by then. He looked for Ayato, but when he did he saw Xiao next to Ayato. “Looks like I was right.” Venti waved at Xiao and Ayato before sprinting towards them. Then he jumped to hug Xiao making both fall to the ground. “Venti...” Xiao looked at the smaller man, “Hello!” Venti was beaming with excitement. “Oh! Sorry guys I’ve got some urgent clan business. You guys know me, the Yashiro commissioner and the clan leader of the Kamisato Clan. Have fun without me~”


Oh, they were going to have so much fun. “Well, I guess that just leaves us two!” Venti was happy.

Kamisato Ayato you are a fucking genius. I will forever be grateful for the Kamisato Clan.


“It seems this is a really good spot for a picnic, lucky I brought some food for all of us.”


What the fuck did Ayato really force us to go on a picnic or is this a coincidence...


“Yep! It seems as if Ayato really wanted to go on a picnic. Shame he didn’t get to come.”


Shame my fucking ass Ayato you are amazing.


“Looks like we’ll be having a picnic.” Xiao looked around to look for a good spot to sit. “There’s a really good spot over there.” Venti pointed at the big tree with autumn leaves, some even red or pink. No one was sitting on it, that was a big surprise but there were some servants there. Then someone tapped Venti on the shoulder, “Excuse me, are you Venti and Xiao?” a young lady wearing a Kamisato uniform said in a polite voice. “Yes, we are. Do you need anything?” Xiao asked the young lady. “The young master, Kamisato Ayato, has informed us that his friends will be here and has ordered us to get a good spot for you. Please follow me.”


Kamisato Ayato, is this the treatment that Thoma is getting? Cause wow, Ayato once again you are great.


“It seems he had already booked the big tree you wanted to go to. No wonder people weren't using that space.” Xiao looked at Venti with a light smile. “Ayato really is a good friend.” Venti smiled back clinging onto Xiaos right arm.


Two of the servants left a big mat for the two of them, “We will know leave, please call this number once you are done.” The servants bowed down and left.


“Those two boys...”

“You mean the young masters friends?”

“He’s definitely playing match maker again.”

“Just you wait in one week their going to be making out.”



“Xiaooo, what did you make?” Venti had been blindfolded; they were playing a game. Where Venti had to guess what Xiao made for them. “Guess.” Xiao said abruptly. “Uhm... from the smell of it I can smell strawberries... is it just strawberries?” Xiao took the blindfold of to reveal a strawberry tart. “Ok it was close.” Venti pouted at Xiao. They looked like a married couple. People around them would just be reminded that they were single. Or that they wanted their partner to be like them.


They were eating each box one by one, Xiaos cooking was heaven in Venti's mouth.


“We still have one box left.” Venti pointed at the small box with small red hearts and a white wrapping. “The wrapping is really cute.” Venti smiled but when he looked up at Xiao, he saw a small tint of red on his cheeks. “Close your eyes.” Xiao said, he seemed quite nervous, but Venti closed his eyes anyway. He opened the small box; he could hear it open.”


The next thing he knew was that they were kissing, and he could feel the softness of a egg roll, but what was better was that Xiao was feeding him something mouth to mouth. Did Ayato plan this? Because God knows Venti will be so grateful to Ayato. After the kiss, Venti could feel Xiaos breathing on his cheeks. “Uhm... will you be my boyfriend?”


There it is.


“Yes!!” he hugged Xiao almost crying. But little did they know...






Ayato: ventiandxiaokissing.png


Ayato: got em.

Chapter Text

Ayato: ventiandxiaokissing.png

Ayato: got em


Paimon removed Qiqi,Teucer,Sayu,Klee and Diona


Paimon: how dare you show that to such innocent faces.

Oz: we will annihilate you

Aether: ngl paimon and oz teaming up is actually so scary

Lumine: ikr?

Childe: their like a second u guys…

Lumine: ok wtf do u mean when me and aether was fighting u bitchass literally threw a whale at us

Aether: and u grew like 3 fucking meters on that form like wtf ???

Childe: I was in a bad mood okay

Lumine: okay but we all knew we were waiting for them to make out istg

Amber: I agree

Kaeya: wait what.

Ayaka: Brother, why were you there ?

Ayato: I set them up.

Yae Miko: was it similar to the deal you made from back then?

Ayato: I guess ?

Thoma: Ayato its bottom Saturday day

Ayato: fuck

Ayato: bb pls I just went out today

Kazuha: please don’t i’m writing poetry right now

Scaramouche: I don’t wanna hear my seniors moans.

Gorou: i’m eating rn….

Thoma: too late fuckers

Yoimiya: I want their sex schedule @Ayaka

Ayaka: ok so on Saturdays,Thursdays,Wednesday and Friday Thoma is top while on Tuesdays,Mondays and Sunday Ayato is top. They have sex for a full week and then take a break for a week.

Childe: we’ve been knew

Kazuha: ^

Scaramouche: ^

Gorou: ^

Childe: if venti and xiao were here then they would agree as well.

Childe: holy shit thoma ur already here ?

Thoma: wtf i’m not ?

Childe: then why do I hear moans.

Childe: okay that’s clearly not ayato and thoma

Childe: wait a fucking.

Childe: since xiao and venti r my roommates and they got together today

Childe: mona is xiao and venti making out rn i’ll pay u 40,000 mora

Mona: yes indeed they are having sex, they’ve been at it for around 5 hours atm

Sucrose: excuse me ?

Baizhu: well both of them have loads of stamina

Albedo: I wanna do an experiment with this information…

Xingqiu: ppl have sex after a first date ???

Xingqiu: mona I want u to figure out if they did it right after they went home

Mona: they did it after a quick shower which was about 40 minutes adding both their showers

Chongyun: at least they showered first…
Paimon: i’m very uncomfortable

Oz: ^

Oz: but I would like to study human anatomy so do tell me more

Paimon: ^

Lumine: I think adding paimon is making their blood lust shrink

Fischl: oz ily but pls don’t try and study human anatomy from xiao and venti

Aether: fischls been breaking character a lot these days

Lisa: oz you can study human anatomy with me and razor if you’d like~

Oz: paimon wanna come with me

Paimon: yes

Dainsleif: they aren’t at each other’s throats anymore so that good

Dottore: and this happened because of the twins

Dottore: here 👏

Dottore: round of applause for the twins

Aether: thanks

Lumine: thanks

Ganyu: @Jean I think I saw someone sexually harass Barbara again..

Jean: where.

Ganyu: near windrise I think

Diluc: I just saw Jean storming out the classroom grabbing her sword

Diluc: oh okay

Chapter Text

Venti: mona ayato how dare u

Xiao: I will literally strangle you

Childe: like how u strangled venti last night ?

Childe: dude u guys were at it until 4 am…

Scaramouche: now that they’re dating it’s moans all year long for u because thomas ur roommate as well

Childe: let me go in my dorm in peace istg

Kaeya: if only Albedo was 18………..

Albedo: what are u implying.

Diluc: he turns 18 in tomorrow just wait a little

Albedo: what.

Lisa: why are u guys even awake

Jean: lisa it’s 10 am

Lisa: your point ?

Razor: Razor human anatomy with Lisa paimon oz come library 3 pm today

Oz: okay

Paimon: thanks razor

Lisa: right im the teacher today

Xingqiu: I don’t understand how ur the fucking teacher

Xiangling: chongyunsteponxingqiu.png

Xiangling: is that fucking xingqius ao3 account...

Chongyun: im sorry what

Xingqiu: ive got like no idea what ur talking about

Albedo: why tf are you writing fanfiction on each of us.

Xingqiu: look sometimes im horny okay

Xiangling: theres like 6 different chongyun x reader or in other words xingqiu fanfics

Chongyun: if ur that horny we can just do it irl

Xingqiu: im sorry what.


Xingqiu: ur only a year older then me.

Chongyun: who said we would do it in dorm 40


Bennett: you guys can do it in dorm 9 since razor and I are usually hanging out with fischl !

Zhongli: I would like to ask, if there was a fucking empty room right there why did you two choose to do stuff in the room where there's people.

Aether: ikr ????

Chongyun: idk ask xingqiu

Xingqiu: because im wanna tell u guys im dating and ur not

Aether: isnt zhongli dating childe

Zhongli: Childe is a dear friend of mine.

Childe: yes.

Baizhu: I can see the disappointment through my fucking phone

Keqing: Zhongli when will you ever learn..

Amber: why are there posters around the school saying that Jean is bad and you should never talk to her

Eula: Jean almost killed the person who was sexually harassing Barbara

Kaeya: that fucker can go to jail why tf is he even alive.

Kaeya: Jean should've killed him on the spot wtf.

Albedo: right?

Sucrose: I agree.

Noelle: though killing is usually wrong I feel in this case he should at least go to jail.

Fischl: That insolent scum bag! Sexually harassing a young lady because they like her is wrong! Evil will be purged, send him to the deeps of hell right this instant!

Oz: what my sister means is that “that scum bag should go to straight hell” I also agree.

Rosaria: though I don’t really like Barbara he should at least lose an arm or a leg

Venti: one day I'll use the wind to snap his neck...

Lisa: I will poison his food.


Barbara: please send him to jail.

Amber: forget jail ill bring him to ashes.

Yoimiya: mondstadters really are something else huh...

Beidou: ill remind me not to mess with any of them...

Bennett: okay wtf r u talking about, us mondstadters have like 30% of the bloodlust liyuens have.

Bennett: and inzumans... my god when they snap, THEY SNAP.

Bennett: and those snezhnayans... don’t even get me started

Sara: have you seen the people at sumeru? Like they have a 284 IQ and that’s fucking normal in the capital.

Sara: what kind of psycho lives there

Ei: it’s the god of wisdom, of course they're people are quite smart don’t you think?

Albedo: they’re almost as smart as me.

Lumine: the fontaines are quite peaceful I should say.

Aether: and the natlans are energetic but they don’t plan much evil.

Dainsleif: I think my favorite nation would be fontaines, people don’t bother each other but there are times when it's fun.

Lumine: ^

Aether: ^

Paimon: ^

Kazuha: I swear their family has traveled everywhere

Childe: I haven’t even traveled to Fontaine yet and I am very much rich.

Scaramouche: you have a private jet so you can travel wherever you want.

Childe: yep

Xinyan: ok not gonna lie the twins and paimon kinda remind me of team rocket

Dainsleif: oh u little fuckers don’t u dare.







Lumine: JESSIE

Aether: JAMES




Dainsleif: look I do not want to go back 10 years where you guys would do that okay.

Venti: im shitting tears rn

Childe: xiao why do u have a stash of hentai manga

Childe: theyre all gay as well

Xiao: why tf r u in my room

Thoma: oh u kept them

Ayato: im sorry what

Thoma: I gifted xiao hentai manga for his birthday

Ayato: ….

Childe: holy shit you read killing stalking too?

Ganyu: im sorry what ?

Childe: there's a bookmark for Dakaretai Otoko 1 I Ni Odosarete Imasu holy shit you have good taste

Thoma: wait I didn’t gift you that.

Venti: Xiao explain.


Private chat with Venti


Xiao: that’s how I knew I liked boys okay




End private chat with Venti


Hu tao: help me and Venti r in the cafeteria and Ventis just laughing like a chicken

Yanfei: leave him and come with me.

Hu tao: yes, bb girl

Ayato: I might have found another client.....

Chapter Text

It was around 9 am when Albedo woke up. It was finally his birthday. Finally wouldn’t really be the right word but it still works.

“Happy birthday Albedo.” Oz had woke up before him to take care of Albedos cooking duty because of the special occasion. “Thanks for making food today, Oz.” Albedo was up and ready to get along with the day. “Happy birthday Albedo.” Paimon had an oversized hoodie to hide her chest because the house was filled with guys, but the real reason was because it was more comfortable that way. “Thank you Paimon. Do you mind waking up Teucer?” Albedo had sat down to wait for Oz to finish cooking. “Sure.”

“Are you going to plan anything for your birthday?” Oz looked over at Albedo, who was playing with his phone. “No not really.” Albedo replied, still zoning in his phone. “I see.”

Little did Albedo know everything was going according to plan.


-3 days ago-

Kaeya made a group chat

Kaeya added 45 people




Diluc: oh.

Sucrose: I agree, Albedo should get a break.

Kaeya: then it’s settled


Kaeya added Klee


Klee: hi !!! 👋

Klee: what does brother kaeya need from klee ?

Kaeya: klee can you ask albedo what albedos favorite food is ?

Klee: brother kaeya needs to say please or klee won’t do it !

Kaeya: pretty please ?

Klee: okay !
Keqing: i’ll make sure she gets to albedo

Keqing: can you watch the kids while i’m gone? @Ganyu

Ganyu: of course.

Barbara: @Xinyan @Venti @Xiao we should hold a performance for the party !

Venti: sure let’s meet up today

Xiao: sure ig

Xinyan: On it !

Kaeya: ok so we’ve got music from the music club now we need to find an area and we also need lots of food.

Aether: kaeya seems to be very serious rn

Lumine: it’s albedo ofc he’s serious

Aether: fair

Xiangling: I can make some food !

Kaeya: @Diluc make some drinks

Diluc: okay

Kazuha: I can write a poem for him ig

Beidou: @Ningguang should we use one of your houses to hold it

Ningguang: I think albedo would be suspicious if we bring him somewhere far away so somewhere close would be better.

Childe: i’ve got an empty house nearby we can use that.

Yoimiya: Ayaka do you want to help me with fireworks ?

Ayaka: sure ! however I am not quite familiar with firework making but i’ll give it a go !

Yoimiya: thanks! Fireworks are kind of dangerous while making them so make sure to be careful.

Ayaka: i’ve got it.

Ei: Miko we should bring traditional Inazuman food for him.

Yae Miko: of course, i’ll get one of the shrine maidens to help with that.

-end of memory-

“Good morning, oh happy birthday Albedo.” Baizhu finally woken up, “What are we eating today?” Baizhu sat down next to Albedo. “Stir fried noodles and pancakes for Teucer.” Oz replied while making the batter for the pancakes. “Honestly I don’t understand how his parents even made food for him. He eats almost sweet stuff every meal.” Paimon was carrying Teucer down the stairs in her arms, he was still half asleep. “Okay Teucer, no more carrying for you.” She placed Teucer on the stairs and he eventually got into his seat. “Oz, I want hot choco.” Paimon stretched her arms across the table, “Make it yourself i’m busy right now.” Oz looked over at Paimon with a smile on his face. “Wow, okay.” Paimon was clearly annoyed. “Hey, Oz, they planned it for 2 pm right.” Paimon whispered to Oz. “Yep.” Oz whispered back, “Thanks.” Paimon then went to make her hot choco.

“Happy birthday Albedo.” Ayato gave him a bracelet, him and Ayato were in the same class and he did see him in the group chat but they never really talked personally. “Thank you.” Albedo nodded and walked away. Still 30 minutes until his first lecture starts, “I can draw something in that time.”.

“Happy birthday Albedo.” My god he was getting tired of people telling him that. He would just prefer if people just didn’t talk to him for a while. He’s glad that not many people at school knew his birthday, because if they did then he’d probably hear 1000 people saying that stupid line over and over again. School doesn’t usually drain his energy as quickly as it did today. Next time he might take the day off on his birthday.

“Albedo !!!!”

It was Klee. Just great, he loves Klee but he’s so tired right now that he might pass out any moment.

“Klee sorry but I don’t have much time.” Albedo tried his best to make Klee leave. “No ! Albedo is coming with Klee. Or Klees going to be very angry !” fucking hell when Klees angry the little lady throws bombs. “Oh okay…” god knows that it’s going to be even more tiring if he needs to deal with the aftermath of Klees bombs so the smarter move is so to go.

“Klee and Albedo is here !!!”

There he was, Albedo was standing at the doorstep of this traditional Inazuman place. Provided by the oh so great Ayato. “Please show your permission bracelets.” A servant had approached them. “Bracelet?” oh the one Ayato gave him this morning. “Here.” Good thing he kept the bracket in his pocket or else who knows what would happen. “Thank you, welcome to the Kamisato tea house. Please follow me.” The servant open the door, showing everyone sitting at the table.

“Happy birthday our dear alchemist !”

“I’m sorry what.” Ok ok, he was expecting Albedo but ‘our dear alchemist’? “Kaeya thought that you would’ve been tired of hearing the same thing everyday so we decided to change things up.” Jean smiled at Albedo. “Thank you, I guess.” Mans was speechless, of course he thought that Kaeya would do something but this? Oh hell no.


“And that’s how papas tired birthday went.”

“So that’s how he was like in college…”

“What are you talking about.”

Chapter Text

Albedo: next time done even think of trying to pull that shit again.

Kaeya: why shouldn’t we >:(

Albedo: just no

Diluc: what is tsundere action rn

Albedo: sorry what.

Diluc: sorry what?

Hu Tao: can

Yanfei: I

Hu Tao: put

Yanfei: my balls

Hu Tao: in ur jaws

Xiangling: bravo

Scaramouche: ok can I have a list of established relationships.

Ayato: excuse me?

Scaramouche: just tell me

Mona: Chongyun/Xingqiu, Fischl/Bennett/Razor, Kaeya/Albedo, Ayato/Thoma, Venti/Xiao, Jean/Lisa, Ei/Yae Miko.

Xiao: wait ganyu and keqing arent dating?

Ayato: im what

Mona: they arent but one day.

Xiao: @Ayato

Ayato: on it sir!


Private chat with Ganyu


Ayato: Ganyu, Ganyu you can call me Ganyu!

Ayato: blue hair pink eyes will you go to Keqing?

Ganyu: im sorry?

Ayato: omg im shitting tears rn

Ayato: okay okay.

Ayato: yk me im the match maker.

Ayato: you probably know what im doing

Ganyu: but I didn’t request you?

Ayato: who said that u needed to request me to fix ur love life?

Ganyu: …

Ganyu: okay

Ayato: then follow me lead. I'll plan everything, sooner or later things will move.


End private chat with Ganyu


Private chat with Keqing


Ayato: HELLO.

Keqing: please no.

Ayato: my god no need to be so mean

Ayato: anyway im here to give u a better love life

Keqing: please go away im very busy

Ayato: no <3

Ayato: so im gonna make u and ganyu a couple

Ayato: so heres the plan.






Venti: sister-in-law finding a girlfriend?

Xiao: sister in what

Kaeya: you guys r getting married?

Venti: yes.

Xiao: okay

Diluc: I feel bad for ganyu

Albedo: so does that mean Klee is kaeyas sister-in-law?

Kaeya: sorry what

Baizhu: wtf I don’t wanna be family with that thing

Xiao: how dare u

Baizhu: keqings fine but VENTI??

Baizhu: mans is like never sober

Venti: I am sober how dare u

Rosaria: im pretty sure last time we drank you chugged down 30 bottles of alchol

Beidou: ikr? Like im literally the captain of the crux and yet I still cant chug down 30 bottles

Venti: I just have lots of tolerance okay >:(

Xiao: im gonna ban you from drinking alchol

Venti: anything for u xiao <3

Zhongli: Hello.

Childe: hi zhongli

Ayato: suddenly i have a new potential client

Paimon: aether lumine come to dains i wanna do something

Aether: sure

Lumine: sure

Oz: can i rate everyones hugs

Eula: excuse me

Fischl: Of course my dear brother! Everyone get in line to hug my wonderful brother Oz.

Bennett: like rn?

Oz: sure ?

Oz: for now ill just rate the ppl i have hugged

Oz: first is Bennett, 7/10 the hug itself isnt that bad but there are times where there isnt space to breathe

Bennett: thank you Oz !

Oz: your welcome

Oz: Razor is a 4/10 man sometimes i wonder if it's a hug at all but his clothes is very soft so

Oz: me and xingqiu hugged when i was hanging out with some of the first years, 8/10 his clothes is kinda uncomfy while hugging but everything else is fine

Oz: chongyuns a 2/10 his skin is so cold i feel like im hugging this mountain of snow

Xiangling: he eats popsicles on a daily basis what do u expect

Oz: fischls a 10/10 enough room to breath but its still warm

Amber: her hugs look top tier ngl

Xiangling: one day can me and fischl cuddle omg

Fischl: no

Xiangling: crying

Oz: xianglings a 5/10 sometimes her hugs are really good but others the worst thing ive experienced in my life

Venti: damn xiangling just took a big ass hit from the 2 siblings

Xiangling: i feel HURT

Oz: noelle is a 6/10 she gives really good hugs but her clothes are really sharp

Noelle: sorry about that !!

Oz: its okay

Oz: ive never hugged sara before so

Sara: i think i give good hugs

Oz: xinyans a 1/10 i cannot breathe

Oz: barbaras a 8/10 her hugs are good nothing else to note for her ig

Oz: never hugged scaramouche or kazuha

Oz: gorous a good 7/10 sometimes hes kinda like a dog when hugging tho

Oz: lumine is good 9/10

Lumine: damn i feel powerful

Oz: never hugged rosaria but her clothers dont look comfy if you hug her so 4/10

Oz: aethers also a good 9/10

Oz: ive never hugged the kamisato siblings but their clothes look really soft so i they both get 4 points for clothes

Ayato: nice

Ayaka: its a pleasure.

Oz: never hugged thoma, hu tao, yanfei,mona

Oz: dains a 6/10 he gives decent hugs

Oz: jeans a 8/10 nothing else

Oz: beidou i cant breathe when u hug me so stop randomly hugging me and rubbing my head when u see me in the hallway 3/10

Paimon: she does that to u too?

Xingqiu: pretty sure she does that to the younger ppl in this gc, she does it to some of the college freshmen

Oz: ningguangs gloves has this fucking knife on it istg either way 5/10

Oz: never hugged la signora, kokomi,ei ,diluc or miko

Oz: when i was living with keqing when i was younger cuddling with her was very comfy 10/10

Oz: same with ganyu

Oz: albedo gives okay hugs 7/10

Oz: kaeyas hugs are great 10/10

Kaeya: ive been blessed by the gods omg

Oz: when we were in last years concert ppl were pushing a lot and zhongli kept me close for safety and it was very much comfy and that was barely a hug, 9/10

Zhongli: thank you??

Dottore: @Childe u wish that was you huh

Childe: shut up

Oz: ambers hugs a very comfy too 9/10

Oz: Venti is gives questionable hugs but if u were having a bad day and u were in desperate need for love his hugs would be a 10/10 if not 8/10

Oz: the younger ones arent here but oh well.

Oz: diona does give okay hugs she just doesnt give it often 8/10

Oz: klees hugged me way too much but their still fun 7/10

Oz: sayus hugs arent that good 4/10

Oz: teucer is a no wtf man sometimes i ask what type of hug did that ginger even teach that mf 0/10 whatever he learnt is completely wrong my god and he clings onto my leg when im trying to fucking sleep let me sleep in peace you mother fucker what type of bullshit gave you that sleeping hobby sometimes i wish u would sleep with baizhu or albedo id lend u to paimon if she wasnt a girl jeus fucking christ @Childe please take back that musty crusty fucking ditry ass kid.

Paimon: so thats why you dont wake teucer up

Childe: i

Oz: qiqi is pretty oblivious when it comes to hugs but she unintentionally gives good hugs 7/10

Hu Tao: so kaeya and fischl r in 1st place

Oz: yes

Yanfei: wow

Albedo; kaeyas man titties r soft and idk why

Xingqiu: and why do you know that?

Xingqiu: caught in 4k bitch

Xingqiu: ive already took a screenshot dont even think about deleting

Albedo: ...

Venti: just wondering do u guys think grape juice should taste like alcohol

Xiao: sorry what.

Lisa: technically alcohol is from grape juice so

Kaeya: wtf grape juice

Diluc: die.

Chapter Text

It was the weekend on a sunny day, Keqing was staring at her phone listing on what Ayato had told her for her attempt to ask Ganyu out.






Ayato: heres the plan



Ayato: amusment park date. Bring the children as well.



Keqing: why would we bring the children if it’s a so called date?



Ayato: you’ll know sooner or later



Keqing: whatever



Ayato: go to Nantianmen theme park, it’s near Mt. Hu Lao and you can go star gaving there. Of course they’ve implanted stair to get to the top not to long ago. I can rent the top of the mountain.



Keqing: sorry what? If we’re going with children why would we walk up a whole mountain ??



Ayato: I'll explain then, the kids should give Ganyu a sense of duty, and theres a 89% chance that once you guys get up there they will falll asleep. Once they give you and Ganyu some time up there she’ll finally relax a little.



Keqing: oh I see what your doing there



Keqing: you really are reliable when it comes to this topic.



Ayato: im very much reliable in every topic how dare you !



Keqing: im pretty sure that’s your bf, hes literally called the fixer.



Ayato: ahaha...



Keqing: also ive been wondering, isnt Thoma your sisters servant ?



Ayato: kinda but she just sees him as her friend and me and him yk



Ayato: tbh if Ayaka didn’t choose thoma as her servant id be very much single rn



Ayato: anyway yk the plan?



Keqing: of course.



Keqing: also, thank you



Ayato: its my pleasure.



-end flashback-



I should ask albedo and baizhu if he wants to bring their kids...





Keqing made a group chat





Keqing: ill only say this once, im going to ask ganyu out and I wanna bring the kids.



Albedo: sure



Baizhu: alright then, ill tell paimon and oz the situation ok?



Keqing: thanks.





Keqing deleted a group chat





“Ganyu!” Keqing walked over to the blue haired lady, “Yes?” Ganyu was eating her left over blueberry pie she bought yesterday. “Wanna bring the kids to the amusement park? Albedo and Baizhu are busy today and I we havent really been outside to have fun for some time.” Keqing sat down on the table. “Sure, have you told Baizhu and Albedo yet?” Ganyu looked over at Keqing. “Yep, they said that they’d tell Paimon and the rest to come over. Also is Nantianmen theme park good?” Keqing took some grape and began to eat. “All good! What time?”





“Yay! We’ve arrived!” Paimon ran out of the small van, “This might be fun... after all Teucer isnt with me...“ Oz whispered, "Damn you really dont like Teucer." Paimon said," I mean.. who would?" Oz replied crossing his arms and huffing. "Good point."


Klee! No bombs!” Ganyu ran over to Klee holding her bombs. “Ayato was right huh...” Keqing whispered underneath her breath.


"Qiqi wants to go in that place." Qiqi pointed at the ferris wheel, "Then lets go there first okay?" Keqing gave her hand to Qiqi and Sayu who was next to Qiqi. "The ferris wheel is 4 people maximum, so we have to go in groups." Ganyu announced while getting in line with everyone. "Then we can go Ganyu,Oz,Sayu and Qiqi an-" then cut off by Paimon, "Wait!!! Me and Oz can take care of the kids while you guys can ride the ferris wheel together!"


“But you guys-” Ganyu once again cut off by a 13-year-old, “ I agree, we should go Paimon, Klee and Diona. Me, Qiqi and Sayu while you guys go together, we technically have responsibility for the little ones as well.”



Paimon and Oz, both looked at Keqing.



Thank you Paimon, Oz thank you for the love of god this wont really be helpful because im planning on confessing at night but oh well.



“I think what they mean is that we should go together to relax.” Keqing smiled and looked over at Ganyu, who had her arms clenched and bent to her chest. “O-oh okay then, me and Keqing will go together.”



“Oz, we did a great job.”





"They're great kids aren't they." Ganyu was finally relaxing, after all she was stopping Klee from doing things for a while now. "Hm?" Keqing looked over at Ganyu in surprise, "Oh! I mean Paimon and Oz." Ganyu looked straight to Keqing smiling in relief. "I'm glad we didn't come with............" Ganyu whispered, "Ganyu did you say something?" Keqing couldn't hear the end of what Ganyu said, "Oh, it's nothing!"



Oh it was something ;)



The ferris wheel ride was over and everyone was on land, "Ugh... I didn't think that I was scared of heights... God i feel like im gonna throw up..." Diona was on the verge of dying. "Hang on there! Klee will get some medicine!" Klee ran over to Paimon, "Paimon where do we get medicine!" Klee scremaed in panic, "Follow me." Paimon gave Klee her hands and they began to run. "If only Brother Baizhu were here he could fix things quickly, but the medicine from this place should work." Qiqi looked over at Paimon and Klee running back over. "Diona drink this!" Klee had a blue bottle in her small hands. Diona grabbed the blue bottle and drank the medicine, "Do you feel better? Sayu put her hand on Dionas back, "Yeah I am for now..."


"Should we go and rest for some time?" Keqing looked over at Ganyu who looked like she was about to burst out of tears. Oz also looked over at Ganyu then looked at Keqing, "I'll go and get some food for us, just sit somewhere and I'll find you." Oz looked over at Paimon, he was signalling her to comfort Ganyu with Keqing.


"Then I'll be going."



Switching pov.......



switches to Ganyus pov



I can hear everything. Black black black. Am I crying? no i can't feel any hot tears dropping. I failed to save Diona from that pain. I dont know what im doing... I can hear everyones footsteps i feel everyone looking at me i feel everything i feel i feel


please help me keqing. help me help me help me help me help help help help i want to scream i want to cry i want to die


but i can't scream i can't cry i can't die.



"Ganyu." who is that? I'll just ignore it.


"Ganyu!" it hurts get away from me




its keqing.






what is this warm feeling...


is keqing... comforting me?


keqing... did she listen to my panic?


did rex lapis listen?


i want to stay like this forever.



Switching pov.......


switching to Keqings pov



"It's okay, calm down." Keqings embrace slowly calmed Ganyu down, "It's not your fault, you shouldn't blame yourself for it."


Ganyu let go of Keqing, "Thank you Keqing." Ganyu rose her head and smiled, "It's not problem." Keqing smiled back, "You guys... really are a match made in heaven..." Oz, had already come back with the food, he was standing next to Paimon eating a small bowl of flaming red bolognese. "Damn this stuff is really good..." Paimon was eating tea break pancakes. "Oh, right earlier I asked everyone what they wanted but you guys weren't here so I just got you guys Tainshu Meat, that okay?" Oz still munching on his bolognese. "Yep, that's fine."



“In the end all the kids fell asleep huh.” Oz was carrying Qiqi while Paimon was carrying Sayu. “What do you expect? It's quite late right now.” Paimon and Oz were having their own little conversation while Ganyu and Keqing were just walking in silence.


“They should really get an elevator...” Ganyu was carrying Diona, while Keqing was carrying Klee. They were walking up to Mt. Hu Lao.


It was finally time confess, earlier Keqing already told Oz and Paimon about it and that they had a plan of just waiting by the stairs. Keqing looked over at Paimon and Oz, she nodded her head, that was the signal.


“Ganyu, Keqing, me and Oz are gonna take a break here so go up before us okay?”


“Alright, then. Keqing, shall we go?”



“The stars are really pretty.” Ganyu looked up at the sky, “The view is also nice, I could see this place being popular in the morning.” Keqing looked down.


It’s finally time, it’s now or never.


“Hey, Ganyu.”


“I like you.”



She isn’t responding... did I do something wrong?


“I like you too.”


Ganyu placed Dionas head onto her backpack and brought Keqing into a small kiss.

“We can’t do much since the kids are here so...”



“oh my god paimon you are an idiot...”

“shhhhh don’t make so much fucking noise...”

Chapter Text

“oh my god paimon you are an idiot...”

“shhhhh don’t make noise...”

“why would you want to take a fucking video on keqing confessing omg...”

“cause its cute and I can send it in the gc”

“what is your reasoning...”



Paimon: keqingconfessing.png


Paimon: GUYS OMG-


Xiao: woah she finally did it


Ayato: all thanks to me fellas


Aether: ayato why tf did u bring children to their so called date


Ayato: it just, brings things up a little yk? Plus it worked out !


Dottore: the amount of money you could make if you made others pay for your services...


Ayato: I already have enough money from my clan I don’t really need more lmao


Yoimiya: istg


Rosaria: wtf dionas a bartender ?


Diluc: yeah


Childe: excuse me


Sara: why tf is a 10 year old a bartender


Kaeya: it runs in their blood ig


Diluc: the orphans right


Kaeya: fuck u


Noelle: I thought that Kaeya was a brother from blood? He was adopted?


Diluc: yeah


Kaeya: mans is still not over the fact that I salted his grape juice


Gorou: im done


Kazuha: no thank you


Scaramouche: im leaving


Kokomi: I swear theyre gonna become a poly soon....


Fischl: If thy needs the help of the Prinzessin der Verurteilung herself for your personal matters!


Oz: what she means is that “im in a poly so I can help u with that”


Kazuha: uhm alright then


Bennett: you can also ask me or razor! However razor talks diffrently so it may cause confusion


Gorou: alright then...


Ayato: anyway who wants to be my next client


Thoma: yk u still have clan work right


Ayato: I can still handle it


Ayaka: “handeling” clan work is not giving me a quarter of your work. I even have Yoimiya helping me and yet I’m barely done.


Ayato: suddenly I have a client


Ayaka: im banning you from doing this so called “client” for a month. Do your fucking clan work.


Thoma: ^


Ayato: im the clan leader not u >: (


Ayaka: but im more responsible then you, meaning im in charge.


Yoimiya: I agree u should listen to Ayaka.


Ayato: do not team up omg...


Ayaka: then listen fucker.


Aether: AYOOO




Albedo: do not fucking ping me.


Albedo: nvm


Ayato: omg...


Ayato: the first time u swear is over text???


Ayaka: im gonna crumble you to shit bitch.


Eula: ayato she got her sword and her fan and shes moving fast


Ayato: oh fuck


Eula: also she has a bunch of so called “clan work” in here hands


Kazuha: I don’t really care what u do just don’t bother me scaramouche and gorou since we live with ayato but we don’t really wanna see his murder rn


Ayaka: ill make sure its quick and painless




Ayaka: good :)


Ayato: omg...


Ayato: im the clan leader and yet...


Diluc: fucking weakling


Ayato: shut up bitch ur clan doesn’t have so much fucking work


Ei: isnt Eula and Jean also in a clan?


Eula: yeah but my clan broke away so im not really in the clan anymore


Jean: technically I am in a clan but I don’t do much work because I am yet to be clan leader. However I do help out when the clan leader is sick.


Ei: fair enough.


Amber: come to think of it, doesn’t Liyue have any clans?


Zhongli: not really, they’re acrhon may be gone but the adepti are still there. There is also the Liyue Qixing, made up mostly humans.


Scaramouche: isnt Ningguang the next one to become the Tianquan. And isnt Jean the next dandelion knight of the knights of favonious or grand master.


La Signora: yeah ig.


Childe: oh well


Childe: snezhnaya doesn’t have anything to rule it, just an archon


Xinyan: does anyone wanna go to me and barbaras perfomance


Yanfei: sure


Xinyan: nice!


Paimon: @Baizhu ive been wondering for some time now but why does Qiqi drink so much medicine?


Oz: yeah, all my life ive seen her drink this medicine you make. Does she have a sickness or something?


Baizhu: she used to have a sickness but the medicine was to powerful for her so we decided that she would drink weaker medicine that would help her over the years. Shes supposed to stop drinking the medicine until shes around 12-14.


Dottore: oh okay then ig


Kaeya: @Xiao u should go and take ur bf


Xiao: where bitch where


Kaeya: at dilucs tavern

Chapter Text

Yanfei: why tf did I just see cocaine on the ground


Dainsleif: im on the cameras, and its this donna girl.


Diluc: oh hell no.


Kaeya: oh not donna


Zhongli: is something wrong with donna?


Lisa: shes a diluc simp and wont leave him alone.


Amber: donna again huh


Xingqiu: what the fuck do you mean again.


Ningguang: Donna has purposely left drugs on the ground in front of diluc to get his attention.


Beidou: ok ik im like the captain of the crux but like that’s way too far even for me


Diluc: that bitch wont leave me alone.


Diluc: ive changed lockers and locker passcode exactly 27 times and every time she has somehow found my locker and found out my passcode.


Kaeya: shes insane.


Albedo: I swear she has tried to become me and Kaeyas friend to get closer to diluc.




Eula: if it werent donna I wouldve said “coming from you that’s nothing” however I must agree she is insane.


Fischl: I hate her I hate her get the rachet human away from me.


Fischl: one-time diluc dropped his phone and I picked it up for him and that fucker screamed at me.


Fischl: like tf???


Razor: donna insane. Razor want in jail.


Xiangling: oh please no just hearing that name gives me a sour taste in my mouth.


Rosaria: I don’t understand how she even got in this school.


Paimon: well im glad that ive never met that psycho????


Oz: ^


Jean: it looks like shes near expulsion.


Zhongli: we should wait until shes gone to the rate of expulsion to expel her.


Diluc: just expel her now omg.


Lumine: damn not the council planning to expel her


Mona: honestly if it were anyone else id try to keep them in but that girl deserves jail so im not complaining.


Ayato: We should talk about council matters in private.


Ayaka: yes we should.


Yae Miko: lets discuss this in person.


Lisa: it seems the student council won't be online for a while.


Xiao: I feel like they should just expel her and leave it at that tbh.


Venti: yeah, I agree, she bothers everyone yet she has barely been punished.


Dottore: the student council doesn’t seem scared of her


Childe: I wanna lick zhonglis abs omg


Childe: fuck wrong chat




Xingqiu: ilysm


Chongyun: ily




Gorou: my sister hacked it


Childe: well then fuck you kokomi


Beidou: wait doesn’t zhongli know you like him?


Childe: no hes really oblivious and dense....


Paimon: but ill be honest, it doesn’t seem natrual.


Xiao: what do you mean by that?


Noelle: you mean that he might be acting oblivious?


Paimon: yeah that!


Scaramouche: honestly hes a little to dense for his age its quite concerning


Childe: I really don’t know any more fuck


Venti: this is so confusing damn


Yanfei: zhongli acting huh


Hu Tao: if only mona was here but shes part of the student council so shes offline...


La Sinora: well then lets start bets?


Baizhu: oh hell yeah


Dottore: 700 on hes not oblivious.


Bennett: 60 on that hes not oblivious.


Kaeya: damn when Bennetts doing this its serious.


Razor: 90 not


Fischl: 100 on not oblivious.


Xiangling: 200 on oblivious.


Gorou: not betting


Kazuha: ^


Scaramouche: 80 on not oblivious.


Paimon: I don’t have much mora rn so 40 on oblivious.


Oz: 5 on not oblivious.


Xinyan: damn that’s a small amount


Oz: unlike some of you guys I spend my mora wisely


Xinyan: fair


Xinyan: not betting


Xiao: 600 on oblivious


La Signora: 500 not oblivious


Barbara: not betting


Noelle: 30 on oblivious


Xingqiu: 300 on oblivious


Chongyun: 100 on oblivious


Venti: 60 on oblivious ?


Kaeya: 200 on oblivious


Yoimiya: 400 on not oblivious


Baizhu: 400 on oblivious


Sara: not betting


Lisa: 100 on not oblivious


Lumine: 50 on oblivious


Aether: ^


Rosaria: 50 on not oblivious


Yanfei: not betting


Hu Tao: ^


Beidou: 200 not oblivious


Sucrose: not betting and ive done the math.


Sucrose: oblivious is 1730 mora while not oblivious is 2285.


Sucrose: meaning that if zhongli is oblivious then the people who betted not oblivious will have to give the amount of money they betted and the others will share the amount equally. The same if the other team wins.


Sucrose: I have reordered who is on which team and how much money they have betted.


Sucrose: after this we should ask Mona about it.


Sucrose: to the student council i apologise because of your meeting you guys cannot bet, the betting table has now been closed.

Chapter Text




Yesterday at the student council meeting. Diluc pov


“Let’s hope we can get to where Donna gets expelled.” Diluc was outside the council room.


In there were only 9 seats filled, meaning there was only half the student council there now. At the top of the ladder sat Dainsleif next to him were Jean and Ningguang. Jean was always so serious it would surprise him at times, and of course she is serious now. Ningguang was playing with her fingers or sharp gloves.

Next would be the Kamisato siblings, who sat across from each other. Now that he thinks about it, the only time Ayato is serious is when of course, doing clan work and matters like these. Usually, he would have this wide smile on his face, but now he had a cold serious and almost scary face. Ayaka who had her fan covering her face, but now that he looks at them again. They almost look like they're out for blood, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be surprising if the clan leaders of Inazuma had blood on their hands. It was almost expected that they would have blood on their hands.


Then there was Keqing, she was responsible, she doesn’t really like to expel people so she would most likely be the enemy. Then there would be her girlfriend Ganyu, even before they were dating Ganyu would be on Keqings side at all times.


Thoma, also known as Kamisato Ayakas servant to those who aren’t close friends with the Kamisato siblings. However, to the friends he’s more like ‘the next one to become a Kamisato’ since hes dating Kamisato Ayato. They might as well be married, pretty sure Thoma or Ayato are planning to ask for marriage but thinks now is a little too early.


Lisa, always making potions and reading books. Also, more known as ‘the librarian’ of course people do help her but usually it's just her.


Eula, or more known as Eula Lawrance, descendant of a now broken clan. Still, people at school see her as this rude Lawrance person that should just burn to the ground because of her clans deeds.


Last was the one at the bottom of the student council, Amber, everybody loves her and she doesn’t really like to expel people, another possible enemy in this case.



Diluc sat across from Eula and next to Eula was supposed to be Mona, however it looked like she hadn’t arrived yet.


“Hello.” Yae Miko and Ei, not in a clan but still able to survive as Inazumans. They sat across from each other next to the Kamisato Siblings while Keqing sat next to Ei.


“Am I late?” Ganyu had also appeared, “No you're not, in fact others has yet to arrive.” Dainsleif said in his calm and collected manner. Then Ganyu who was almost panicking had sat next to Keqing.


Sangonomiya Kokomi, Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, she had just arrived and is now sitting across Ganyu with Thoma sitting next to her. The look in her eyes almost looked as if she was ready for blood shed like the Kamisato Siblings. She didn’t say anything however, just like she did with their other meetings. She was dead silent until she wanted to negotiate. Actually, no, everyone in the council was dead silent unless they were negotiating, saying hello or asking questions. Even when handing things out dead silent.


Mona or, the astrologist Mona, really the only reason the student council picked her out was for her ability to see the past, present and future. Her ability to read the stars, or her astrology. She was walked over to Diluc, whom she sat next to.


Albedo, that guy everyone finds pretty, except only to see him and Kaeya as a couple. Often people go, “Albedos so my type! However, he’s gay and taken...” the disappointment people get when they realize a hot shot is taken. Other than his good looks he’s great in school and he skipped grades so people would try to hit on him. He should be glad both Kaeya and him let people around school that they were dating because if they didn’t the amount of love letters both of them would get is insane.


Then there was Zhongli, second last to arrive. Zhongli seemed like any womans dream, but he was so ‘dense’ that when people try to hit on him, he can't take the hint.


The last one to arrive, Sara who was the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan, she wasn’t like Kokomi or the Kamisato siblings as to where she was only the daughter, not one of the leaders. Just the daughter, obviously she is okay with that.


“It seems everyone has arrived. We will now discuss the matter of Donnas addiction with Diluc, a member of the student 20 students of the student council.” Dainsleif the student council presidents announced. It was finally time to negotiate.


“I think we should see what Diluc has to say first.” Zhongli looked over at Diluc, “I agree.” Ningguang placed both hands on her lap and looked straight at Diluc. “Opinion approved, Diluc please give us your opinion the situation.” All eyes were on him, from the ones that seemed like they were at for bloodshed to the eyes that seemed worried and the ones that were unbothered.


“I feel as if we should expel her, not only has she been bothering me but other students as well. She has done many things that count as harassment towards me. I feel as if expulsion would be the best answer.” Let’s hope things go on the road I want.


“To those who agree with Dilucs statement on Donna please stand up.” Dainsleif said as a way to tally the opinions on those who seem to agree with Diluc.


Eula, the Kamisato siblings, Thoma, Kokomi, Sara, Ei, Yae Miko, Mona, Ningguang, Albedo, Lisa, Ganyu and surprisingly Keqing stood up.


“To those who have stood up please state why you agree.” Dainsleif looked over at Mona, “In the order of the rankings.”


“Yes, I agree to Dilucs statement because Donna has been causing trouble throughout school since high school. Meaning that she has been bothering the students for 6 years or so. However, the student council has overlooked this matter because she hadn’t been causing that much trouble before. However now she had gone to extreme levels, it seems we cannot change her attitude. Expulsion would be the only answer.” Mona looked over at Dainsleif with determined eyes. “Okay, I see, next please.”


“Yes, Donna has done things that is illegal. It would ruin the school if the outside world found out that she has used illegal substances to get attention from Diluc. That alone should expel her she has done many wrong doings.” Eula had her hand on her hip., she said with confidence.


“I see. Next please.”


“My statement is the same as Eula.” Sara said in her cool and serious demeanor.


“She’s a bother to my experiments, she steals all sorts of things from my lab, plus with whatever she's doing with them it’s probably something to do with Diluc.” Albedo said with the most frustrating tone.


“Honestly, whatever she’s doing with the substances that she stole from Albedo, ah right. I’ve seen her borrow a book on something closely related to wine. She was holding a weird substance which I presume would be what she stole from, Albedo's lab. Dilucs family is well known for the wine they brew, so it's not surprising if she borrowed that book for Diluc.” Lisa smiled and looked at Diluc.


“Ahem, so Donna has not only bothered the students, but also people outside of school. Including children that Diluc, more knowns as the dark night candy man to the kids. Apparently, she didn’t like that Diluc was sharing candy to some kids so she did... uhm well... things to the kids...” It looked as if Ganyu was about to burst out into tears until Keqing held her hand.


“Things... yes okay Thoma please go ahead.”


“Honestly, if we were to keep her here any longer our school might have to pay a large fee for her wrong doings. Even if it weren’t us, it would be her family and we all know the fee would at least be 800,000 mora. If we can get her to not get to Diluc anymore, which would be expulsion, then that fee would be gone like the wind.”




“Her obsession with Diluc gets out of hand, maybe one day, she might murder someone. From what’s happening to her now it wouldn’t be surprising if she did anymore. She would call it “undying love for diluc” it's too much.” Other than Mona, Kokomi would be the second-best person to figure out who could murder someone next. After all she has the brain that works for a never-ending war.


“Yes, from Monas statement, because Mona can read the stars meaning that she can see the future. If Donna were to not do even worser things in the future then Mona would prefer to keep her in school. However, Mona would like to expel her meaning that if we keep her in school any longer then things will get out of hand.” It looks like things will be going the right way. Donna getting expelled.


“Understood, next.”


“My statement is the same as Thomas, Monas and Keqing. She done too much for us to do anything at all. So, our best option would to expel her no matter how much she offers or how much she struggles.”


“My statement is the same as my brothers.” Kamisato siblings always agree with Thoma because Thoma would be speaking for them, especially Ayato, Ayato does not like public appearances in Inazuma, if you saw him on the streets of Inazuma or anywhere really you wouldn’t recognize him. You would only recognize Ayaka who does the talking for them. However, if the time comes to where Thoma could speak for them they’d use it right away no questions asked.


“Everything that Donna does including Diluc would count as stalking so she should just get expelled right away.” Yae Miko crossed her arms.


“My statement is the same as Mikos.” Ei looked over at Dainsleif.


“The last statement, Ningguang, why do you agree with the statement.”


“All the statements leading up to me are all worthy of Donna becoming expelled. From top to bottom it's clear that she should be expelled right away. So, I agree with all statements below.” Short and snappy that’s the Ningguang I know.


“Well then. Jean and Amber.”


“Dainsleif, I would like to retract my words. I also agree to expel Donna.”


“Uhm... me too !”


Amber and Jean are now in the expelling team I guess.


“Well then. I’ll put your statements to good use.”


End of the council meeting



Dainsleif: I decided that id tell her that she is expelled on the weekends.


Aether: damn


Lumine: that’s rough buddy

Chapter Text


Yanfei: my dorm is right next to Donnas and when Dain was letting her know she is expelled she started attacking him


Albedo: someone tell me why paimon asked me and biazhu for poison

Albedo: oh.

Xingqiu: not even the president can stop her from being violent huh.

Yanfei: in the end Ningguang and Beidou were able to stop her somehow.

Mona: it caused a lot of people to their dorm but they got her to pack her things somehow

Diluc: atleast shes fucking gone.

Rosaria: ^

Amber: yes atleast

Kokomi: now we get a donna free school

Scaramouche: sounds like fun

Gorou: very fun

Kazuha: fun indeed


Thoma: oh don’t u dare


Thoma: stfu

Ayaka: isnt it ur break or did I mis calculate something?

Thoma: ayaka it means that on our sex break the one who is supposed to be top is kidan like the one in charge for personal matters ig

Ayato: what he said !

Bennett: wow u guys r so complicated

Chongyun: wait ive been wondering if u fischl and bennett had sex howd it go?

Fischl: Do not speak such vulgar language about the Prinzessin !


Xingqiu: no cause im actually kinda curious


Xingqiu: I mean for me and chongyun it would be quite obivous but for u guys idk


Razor: razor don’t know


Jean: I don’t really think this topic is appropriate considering Fischl is still underage.


Lisa: yeah I agree we should wait until her birthday comes


Dottore: why tf did I just see diluc do some random trick that left little children candy on their head


Dottore: he was wearing some batman looking ass clothing to


La Signora: hes the dark knight candy man

Dottore: damn no shit?

Scaramouche: yep

Childe: it sounds so weird like wtf

Yoimiya: atleast the kids r having fun

Kaeya: wait what about when dilucs gone

Dainsleif: @Diluc want a part time job once u graduate

Diluc: sure

Dainsleif: nice doing business with you

Diluc: no need

Kaeya: wow

Venti: wow indeed

Eula: it seems that the students are still talking about donna

Diluc: can we shut up about donna

Hu tao: damn

Zhongli: Donna is gone now so I don’t see a need to talk about Donna.

Ayato: ig yeah

Ayato: also once the month is over so like October can the ppl who are single and lonely like tell me so that ik so once this month break of clients is over I can get back to my client work….

Kazuha: okay why did I just see beidou and ningguang making out

Scaramouche: wait they’re dating?

Noelle: they are? I didn’t know

Zhongli: they didn’t announce it but yes they are dating

Childe: damn

Thoma: wait who tf is ajax

Rosaria: who tf

Aether: wait what

Lumine: ajax u mean the dish soap or something

Thoma: there’s someone called ajax on the register

Baizhu: damn aren’t u like in the student council shouldn’t yk

Thoma: bitch I don’t do this stuff it’s just they needed help with shit and then this ajax person came up and like bitch I

Childe: ajax is me

Xinyan: damn i’ve been using childe to do the dishes huh

Gorou: isn’t ur name like tarbalia or some shit

Kokomi: I thought it was torbilia?

Kazuha: wait wtf I thought his real name was childe

Xiao: it isn’t tachilia?

Venti: wait I thought it was tartagilia

Albedo: it isn’t tohilua?

Kaeya: bitch I thought it was tarchila tf

Yanfei: isn’t it borbilia

Hu tao: wait it isn’t torilla

Razor: razor thought tarpillia…

Fischl: it’s not tartiglia?

Bennett: wait so it isn’t tortaglia

Noelle: it’s not forschilia?

Xingqiu: wait so it wasn’t torchfprllia

Chongyun: I thought it was korchillia what

Dottore: i’m shitting tears

La Signora: you simply cannot find such entertainment anywhere else

Childe: so the name u guys have been trying to say is tartaglia…

Childe: so I have 3 names one of them is ajax childe and then tartaglia…

Childe: but how come all of u guys weren’t able to get the correct name tf…

Oz: all ur names are difficult to remember

Paimon: yeah

Childe: I hate u guys

Childe: wait mona

Mona: yeah

Childe: is zhongli pretending to be oblivious or not.

Mona: pay me bitch

Childe: sigh

Sucrose: @everyone Ladies and gentlmen now is time to find out whether or not Mr. Zhongli is oblivious of not.

Sucrose: please make sure you have the amount you betted ready.

Mona: hes pretending

Chapter Text

Mona: hes pretending


Childe: oh.


Xiao: ..


Xianling: idk what how im supposed to be feeling rn...


Baizhu: what the fuck.


Sucrose: okay okay. So according to the agreement, lumine,aether,baizhu,kaeya,venti,xingqiu,chongyun,noelle,xiao,paimon and xiangling will have to pay their share of the deal. If I don’t remember how much u betted please dm me.


Sucrose: we can do the money transaction in my dorm room.


Thoma: okay im in the kitchen rn and I see childe just staring blankly at the ceiling and its creeping me tf out


Venti: so I was sleeping and uh


Venti: yeah I don’t think ill be able to process this...


Scaramouche: I fucking knew it


Oz: damn I just got big money from only betting 5 mora


Paimon: I fucking hate u


La Signora: what a great deal.


Yae Miko: you couldn’t tell?


Ayato: im pretty sure most of the students knew but now that I think about it, it was probably only the council...


Lisa: though I did bet I am in the student council; it was fun seeing people bet that he was oblivious ~


Beidou: so. The student council knew ???


Ningguang: yeah


Yoimiya: and you didn’t fucking tell us????


Mona: well, we figured that there was probably a reason he was acting like that so we left him be


Sara: ^


Dottore: so how does he feel now that we know...


Kaeya: im shitting tears


Gorou: imagine how childes feeling rn


Venti: he looks like hes going through the 5 stages of grief.


Childe: no hes very much oblivious...


Xingqiu: stage 1 denial.


Childe: I yeah theres no way...


Childe: mona hes oblivious and ur stars are fucking wrong.


Mona: bitch.


Mona: im always correct


Xingqiu: stage 2 anger


Childe: im so


Childe: ugh.


Xingqiu: stage 3 bargaining


Childe: I feel like shit im gonna cry


Xingqiu: stage 4 depression


Venti: fuck childe just turned off his phone and got his arrows im fucking scared








Kaeya: I think I just saw childe walking to dorm 40


Xingqiu: aether we should run and leave zhongli there we don’t wanna get caught up in their shit.


Aether: already on it


Aether: who can let me live in their dorm for a while....


Chongyun: the only spot available between all of us is one of the girls dorms and xingqius taken our dorm for now


Aether: fuck


Aether: @Kokomi @Lisa @La Signora so like r yall okay with me living with u guys for a while...


Dainsleif: I can like let u live in my room for some time. Ur like really fucking small so u should fit.


Aether: TY <33


Kaeya: damn now I have a fucking shorty in my dorm


Dottore: ^


Diluc: aether looks like a child and the menace will be living with me


Diluc: that’s just great


Aether: shut up im a great person

Chapter Text

“It looks like my cover has been blown.” Zhongli placed his phone down it was highly likely Childe would come to his dorm to have a chat with him. Xingqiu and Aether left to give him and Childe “alone time” or they’re just scared that things won't go the right way and they’d prefer to not be caught up in this mess.


Then the door broke open, it was Childe, “Zhongli we’re gonna have a nice and long chat.”


“Hello, Childe.” Zhongli looked over at the young ginger and the now broken door. “Come in, do you want anything?” Zhongli stood up as Childe began to run to him. “I don’t need anything I want to know why you did that.” his hand was on the dark-haired man's collar, he almost looks as if he was going to burst into tears.


“I have no excuses.” Damn Zhongli being calmed annoyed Childe so much.


“I literally was shouting that I like you and you just left it and pretended to not know anything...”


“I fucking hate you.”


Words of hatred came pouring out of Childes mouth, they both knew he didn’t mean such words; he just couldn’t think of anything else to say. In truth Zhongli felt very hurt even if he knew they were very much fake. I mean fake or not anyone would be hurt if their love said that... right?


“Childe...I’m sorry.” Zhongli put his hands on Childes shoulder, “You don’t have to forgive me if you think your right. But I just want to tell you that I’m sorry for my actions.”


“You better be.”


Childe wasn’t one to forgive people easily, but it’s Zhongli were talking about he loved him for all his heart.


Childe whispered something in Snezhnayan, he let go of Zhongli, “I’ll forgive you if you can get me whoppe flower nectar, a damanged mask and water from the oceaind.”


Zhongli was capable of everything on the list, after all he was a descendent of the geo archon. Though Childe didn’t know that but he might one day.


“Then I’ll be back in a week.”





Childe: and that’s what he said and yeah....


Aether: bitch u should be glad that he isnt online rn.


Xingqiu: what the absoloute fuck.




Venti: I uh


Venti: well consedring the situation, hes 100% serious


Lisa: so hes actually getting those things for childe??


Sara: that’s some next level comitment


Oz: so what do we do?


Paimon: well its been 3 days since he last seen him and he said that he’d come back in a week.


Venti: I guess in this situation the secret should be blown...


Venti: well, the thing is zhongli is the desendant of the geo archon, morax.


Xinyan: what.


Childe: excuse me.


Amber: wait why do you know that???


Venti: well techinally I am the anemo archons desendant so ofc id know who the desendants are


Ei: im also a desendant, the electro archons.


Scaramouche: so u guys have like better powers then us???


Ei: percisly.


Venti: we arent that different from u guys just a few extra things for being the desendant ~


Xiangling: but first we have to find a way to make sure zhonglis safe.


Ei: oh hes gonna be afe alright.


Venti: honestly in his geo form probably one of the scariest dudes ever


Childe: still..


Ei: if I can solo the oceanid, so can he.


Venti: ^


Hu tao: you guys can what.


Venti: its zhongli hes gonna be fine


Gorou: how are u guys so calm


Venti: because that bitch is so powerful, he just doesn’t show it often


Rosaria: powerful yet doesn’t show


Childe: I thinking about that is kinda... hot......


Eula: now is not the fucking time to have those thoughts


Ayato: I can hold a search party ig.


Venti: no need <3


Ei: we can contact the hydro desendant to see if hes fighting the oceanid atm


Venti: sure


Barbara: well this is a


Barbara: discovery


Ayato: @Yae Miko @Xiao did u know this shit


Xiao: yeah


Yae Miko: mhm


Ayaka: we’ve got other problems to deal with we, need to make sure zhongli is safe.


Ningguang: for now, we should figure out his location.


Yoimiya: @Ei I remember there were tales about the elctro archon being able to track people down using the thunder that blotz down. Can you do that?


Ei: Unlike the electro archon, I cant track down archon desendants, I can only track down normal people.


Venti: ok so I asked and she said that he was there around 30 minutes ago, in 30 minutes hes able to go to either Qingce Village, Wuwang Hill,Stone gate, Wolvendom and Dawn winery. It more likely that he went to Qingce Village to rest or something.


Childe: on it boss


Dottore: ur seriously not going are u


Childe: ofc im going


Dainsleif: bitch.


Beidou: I should go im like older then all of yall


Ningguang: no.


Ei: none of u guys should go, just let him be he isnt that fucking weak


Venti: ^^


Venti: plus if we did decided someone should go it would be me or ei


Ei: ^^


Jean: why does he decide to leave right after donnas explusion...


Mona: maybe this would’ve been better if I didn’t tell you guys

Chapter Text

Venti: trust us just wait for 4 days then shit will do its thing


Baal: ^^


Childe: yeah no


Ganyu: I think it would be a better decision to wait for his return.


Keqing: I agree, nothing would go well trying to “save” someone who does not need saving.


Yanfei: if we remember the key information, it seems as if Zhongli has left around 30 minutes, meaning he already beat the oceanid.


Yanfei: other then that, you asked for whopper flower nectar and a damaged mask.


Yanfei: in the times of the gods that would be easy to get, but its been years since then, whoppeflowers and hilichurls are near extinction.


Yanfei: the common known place on where hilichurls are at, is Yaoguang shoal, and from the list options of where he could be, it would take 1-3 hours for a normal person without breaks.


Venti: for zhongli probably 1 hour max tbh


Ei: I guess


Xiao: in summary he will be fine.


Kokomi: exactly


Childe: no.


Scaramouche: you are one stubborn bitch


Venti: then what if I take a fucking picture of zhongli for u will you agree then


Childe: maybe.


Baal: fucking hell


Venti: you can kinda teleport u take the pic <3


Baal: jesus fucking


Baal: okay okay hold on.


Yae Miko: sigh


Sara: this really is a disaster


Barbara: I agree, still I can see why it is a disaster


Noelle: I feel as if most of us are panicking but we still try our best to maintain calm…


Venti: @Xiao bring childe to dorm lock him up


Xiao: on it


Childe: bitch ur not locking me anywhere




Xiao: childeonthegroundpinneddown.png


Venti: good.


Kazuha: wow.


Scaramouche: god this is confusing


Gorou: ig for now we have ppl to fix this problem so we shouldn’t touch it too much


Xiangling: ^


Xingqiu: i’m gonna take a nap im not gonna deal with this shit <3


Chongyun: come take a nap with me


Xingqiu: yk what sure


Bennett: well that was a lot to take in


Lisa: yes a lot at once.



-With Zhongli-


“Oh, I forgot to get a damaged mask.” He was at Wangshu Inn, he decided he’d take a break from the work he has been doing. “I can do that tomorrow” he thought to himself, though he is capable for getting whopper flower nectar, water from the oceanid and a damaged mask is it a weird request.


He must have thought I wasn’t capable of all of those things. A cute little thing.


A smile lit up across Zhonglis face, but then again it is reasonable that he thought he couldn’t do it. After all, him and most of the desendantds don’t like to tell people that fact. If he is correct, Venti or Baal might’ve let the secret out because of the situation.


Zhongli searched in his pants for the whopper flower nectar he stored, “Oh” only to realize that it fell out of his pocket. Oh well, he can always just find more of them.


A loud thunder crashed down just a few meters away from the inn. Everyone in the inn could hear, making most of the people jump at the sound. “Did Eis power go overload again?” Zhongli thought, I mean when the desendants were still trying to use their power Ei did that all the time on accident. Still, why would that happen?


“Zhongli open the fuck up.” the voice of a young purple hiared lady was brought to Zhonglis door. Surprised at the sudden outcome, he opened the door, only to get flashed in the face with a flash from Ei taking a picture of him. “That should do.” Ei began to type something on her phone, “Ei, do you need something?” Zhongli who has just opened the door, was utterly confused.


“Hold on, Hello Xiao right? Can you pass the phone to Childe. Mm. Thanks. This is for you.”


Baal passes her Yae Miko themed phone to Zhongli.


“I uh, Hello?”




Childe was one the other side of the phone, screaming his fucking heart out.




“I mean you ordered me to do so, so it would only be right to do it.”


“Are you fucking kidding me.”


“Dumb mother fucker.”


“Thats quite rude”


“what the fuck are u actually dense or not I really cant tell.”


“Anyway you don’t have to uh get those things anymore”




“Because of already frogiven you so theres no need to uhm get those.”


“Okay then.”


“BUT I would like to know why the fuck you pretended.”


“Well, first of all it was cute to see you squirming around like that.”


Childe should be glad that they weren’t talking face to face.


“I... also like you by the way...”


“Let’s start dating.”


“Now? Are you sure? Won’t your parents disapprove?”


“Oh, you can’t be that stupid. Snezhnaya is literally the land of love why would they disapprove of love?”


“Oh, I see.”



“Now give me my fucking phone back.” Ei has her arms crossed looking at Zhongli with disgust. “I’ll talk to you later.” Zhongli hung up and gave Eis phone back. “I’ll be going now.” Ei walked down the inn and telported back to the dorms.


“Her ability wouldv’e been great if she could teleport others.” Zhongli thought to himself, oh well I guess that was less work for him.





-With Childe-


“Uhm so like are you okay.” Xiao was looking at Childe who was basically screaming into his narwhal plush.


“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN AM I OKAY I BECAME BOYFRIENDS WITH ZHONGLI.” Childe screamed at Xiao, god that made his ears hurt.


“You know what, I’m leaving.” Xiao walked over to the door and slammed it.


“Dating.... Zhongli...”



and childe had the biggest gay panic in his life.

Chapter Text

Childe: my stomach HURTS




Aether: this is unfair what the fuck.




Hu tao: IM SORRY?


Xinyan: dude lemme see the account what the hell


Ayato: its called franono


Chongyun: what


Kaeya: the hell?


Dottore: well that is one unique name


Xiao: well.


Eula: interesting indeed.








-orders and commissions-


Xingqiu: don’t you dare.


La Signora: try me.


Xingqiu: ill cancel your order if you do.


La Signora: never mind.


Xingqiu: that’s what I thought.







Chongyun: who knows I guess.


Childe: is it one of us?


Xiao: probably


Amber: ofc its one of us who else other then us would write fanfiction one each other??


Scaramouche: why did I just walk into the teacher's office and hear that them talking about someone giving porn for their essay.


Jean: excuse me??


Keqing: that’s quite inappropriate.


Ganyu: yes, I feel the student council may need to find someone.


Lisa: hm.


Diluc: fucking hell.


Zhongli: porn for a school essay, confusing yet intriguing.


Xinyan: yall better tell us once u find out lmao





-orderes and commisions-


Xingqiu: you couldve said no porn yk


Venti: shut up





Scaramouche: they said it was weird and gross yet very well written and jesus christ


Childe: whos good at writing in here.


Oz: well.


Paimon: entertainment at its finest


Albedo: ^





-orders and commisions-

Xingqiu: ill hold you on gun point if anyone of you guys say that I wrote the essay for venti


Ningguang: hm.


Paimon: well.


Oz: really entertaining.


Aether: not like we would say anything, this is very entertaining


Lumine: ^


Ayaka: ^


Albedo: ^


Lisa: ^


Gorou: ^


Kazuha: ^


Ningguang: me and sara may be in the student council, there are times when we drop the title for ourselves.


Sara: yep.


La Signora: well.


Venti: I don’t regret anything.


Xingqiu: well I guess that’s good.







Bennett: a good writer, who is a good writer out of all of us?


Xiao: well, Fischl,Xingqiu,Lisa are all I know


Childe: eula is also very good.


Amber: oz is really good as well


Gorou: kokomi is really good and so is kazuha


Ayato: well


Ayaka: we can leave this matter in the student councils or the teachers hands.


Lumine: once you figure out whos behind the essay tell us ; )


Aether: ^^


Rosaria: those twins are suspicious.


Paimon: I don’t think so


Dainsleif: archons above why must you make me go through this


Dainsleif: what the fuck did I do in my past life to deserve this


Ei: wow.


Beidou: well this is new


Kazuha: new indeed


Scaramouche: ^^


Amber: well


Xingqiu: we should leave this to the student council


Chongyun: yeah


Sayu: hello


Oz: so you were here the entire time


Kokomi: I added her again because she wanted to see what was happening with yoimiya


Yoimiya: so why didn’t we get the notification???


Kokomi: hacks


Yoimiya: understandable have a great day


Gorou: so.


Gorou: how long have you been here?


Sayu: ever since someone added me


Kokomi: ehe


Kazuha: well


Sayu: i’ve seen everything


Ayato: everything you say


Sayu: everything


Sayu: I should’ve never been curious


Sayu: my poor eyes


Kokomi: I warned you didn’t i


Sayu: true


Scaramouche: you should be careful around the internet. it’s a really dangerous place. don’t tell people you are 11 people might take advantage of that and it won’t end well


Sayu: thank you older brother kuni


Scaramouche: if you need anything you can always ask any of us seniors, all of us may look dumb or stupid now we are still capable of things that may help you.


Sayu: thank you dear elders


Scaramouche: you learn to much at a young age


Dottore: is this what I think it is....


Baizhu: so scaramouche has a soft spot for kids


Scaramouche: no I do not.


Albedo: well would you let beidou near any of the children except oz and paimon.


Scaramouche: id rather get some piece of shit stuck up my ass my entire life.


Kazuha: and what if I was the piece of shit?


Thoma: BITCH.




Gorou: damn my buddy be making moves


Kokomi: this is something else


Yae Miko: interesting.


Bennett: what about the poly relationship between u three


Gorou: im marrying my dog


Bennett: understandable have a great day


Sara: when the hell did you get a dog


Gorou: yesterday


Barbara: can we get pictures?


Gorou: dog.png


Xiangling: they look exactly like you LMAO


Kokomi: im pretty sure that the only reason he got that specific dog


Noelle: we should have a party where we bring all our pets!


Venti: oh that would be fun


Scaramouche: I have 17 cats you sure ?




Scaramouche: lets hold the party.


Venti: BITCH

Chapter Text

Yoimiya: im so lonley

Hu tao: ayaka is right there

Yanfei: I hu tao stfu

Hu tao: okay

Kaeya: I just know something will happen once ayatos services are back


Thoma: he does know his next target

Childe: honestly am scared.

Venti: we should all be

Xiangling: cry

Fischl: What hoe! If one is single one does not need such services! Use your great mind to get the relationship thou wants. One may think one does not have the proficiency to get thou relationship. However! If thou strive to get ones relationship to the utmost perfection, thou can get your wanted relationship!

Yoimiya: what the fuck

Paimon: back to speaking paragraphs

Oz: what my sister means is that “if ur lonley u don’t need to use ayatos services. U might think u don’t have the power to get the relationship with ayaka but if u try even harder u will”

Yoimiya: I UHM THANK U-

Fischl: The Prinzessin does not need your praises! It is only natrual the Prinzessin helps those in need.

Venti: what if I asked you to do my essay?

Fischl: fuck off

Venti: this is favoritism

Childe: LMAOOO

Scaramouche: fucking deserved

La Signora: ^

Thoma: BYE

Venti: I am ur senior

Fischl: then why are u asking for my help


Oz: just give up better luck next time

Paimon: fischl can you help me with my essay?

Fischl: Why of course dear Paimon!

Venti: I

Baizhu: IM DONE-

Sayu: you deserved it

Gorou: even a 11 year old admits it


Albedo: you guys feel that?

Barbara: hear what?

Albedo: its ventis brain gears

Barbara: but im not feeling anything

Albedo: exactly. Theyre broken

Kaeya: OMG-

Eula: wow




Xiao: im not gone im just watching


Zhongli: even by your own lover

Zhongli: tragic

Venti: OMFG-

Keqing: you know its really tragic if zhongli says something about it

Ganyu: ^


Childe: well it is now

Kazuha: you brought that to urself


Xinyan: just when this were getting good

Chongyun: exactly

Xingqiu: sigh

Xiangling: damn

Sara: did you just sigh on text

Xingqiu: yeah what about it

Sara: nvm

Xingqiu: : )

Lisa: im so tired

Barbara: I think we should use sleepy instead of tired! Its more wholesome :DD

Scaramouche: @Childe im so sleepy of your shit


Scaramouche: exist

Kazuha: that was intresting

Gorou: once I start third wheeling I will cry

Kazuha: oh fuck off

Aether: honestly if I third wheeled id cry as well

Xiangling: gorou.

Gorou: I yes?

Xiangling: lets start a “third wheeling” club

Gorou: yes.




Chongyun: that’s a lot of typos

Kaeya: damn isnt my fucking fault u cant get a person to like u

Kaeya: go get a boyfriend istg

Albedo: or a girlfriend shes bi




Lisa: did yall just

Lisa: yk what nvm

Jean: well.

Albedo: u brought this on urself @Amber

Amber: fuck u

Diluc: well that was vulgar

Amber: speak for urself bitch

Diluc: fuck u

Hu tao: well.

Hu tao: diluc if u want a customized coffin contact me

Diluc: i

Yanfei: sh hu tao now is not the time for advertising

Yoimiya: I damn

Yoimiya: really had to do for it

Hu tao: it’s business why not

Zhongli: grammarly works the same as I remember but where are those who share the memory

Childe: please don’t bring up grammarly

Venti: damn not the grammarly incident

Xingqiu: what grammarly incident

Chongyun: ^

Venti: you wouldn’t understand

Xiao: it was the best comedy I had gotten in years

La Signora: ^

Dottore: oh it was comedy goals

Scaramouche: ^

Sara: I still want to know this grammarly incident.

Ei: not now, but later

Yae Miko: it still makes ei laugh it was great

Xiangling: seriously what is this grammarly incident

Kokomi: oh you wouldn’t want to know

Noelle: well if it’s something someone’s uncomfortable with then maybe it’s better if we don’t try to pry?

Childe: noelle are u an angel

Noelle: ?

Xinyan: well that’s.

Xingqiu: my god she’s so

Chongyun: so pure

Xiangling: so innocent

Fischl: We must preserve the young lady Noelle !

Noelle: there’s no need! I am quite strong myself no need to protect me

Lumine: she shouldn’t be here

Aether: ikr

Noelle: why wouldn’t i?

Lumine: don’t worry it’s a compliment

Noelle: oh well then thank you

Lumine: ur welcome

Sara: do we have any reports on the porn essay ?

Ei: as of now, the teachers have not said anything but theirs is approximately a 73.49% chance they will. We should be ready if they say anything to us just in case.

Sara: understood.

Ayato: sometimes I wonder why we don’t use the student council gc that much but then I remember that we just talk about the minor things in here

Ayaka: mhm

Thoma: it’s fine ig

Xingqiu: just asking, what defines minor and major things

Dainslief: Well, for example the Donna incident was a major problem while that one time when someone suggested we install vending machines was a minor

Xingqiu: I okay

Chapter Text

The light of the sun shone on Ayaka, it was different in Inazuma. The sun was different yet the same, in Inazuma she would be on the floor with an Inazuman matress. Along with servants waking her up then changing her clothes because she was a noble woman. However, in here she is on a bed, no servants are here to wake her up and she changes her clothes by herself. You could say that her previous life in Inazuma was better, but Ayaka preferred the life here. She was more normal, in Inazuma she is Kamisato Ayaka of the Yashiro Commision. When people talk about her here she is Kamisato Siblings or Kamisato Ayaka. However, when she’s alone or with her friends and brother, she is just Ayaka. Only Ayaka, no Kamisato Ayaka or anything else.


Ayato probably feels the same, maybe that why he wanted him and her to come here in terms of learning education outside of Inazuma. Thankfully, the other clans agreed and the Kujou clan even sent their daughter Sara.


“Happy birthday Ayaka.” Eula, her friend and dormmate, she had a situation similar to hers but because of an incident her clan broke. She still get glares and other things because of her clans deeds. “Thank you, Eula.” Ayaka bow down with her fan covering her mouth then Eula bowd down with her am on her chest crossing her legs together.


“Good morning!” a loud voice came from the staircase, Ayaka turned around to see a bruntte girl and amber eyes. “Good morning, Xinyan.” Ayaka smiled at the young lady, “Oh! Happy birthday Ayaka!” Xinyan gave her a pat on the back.


“Sucrose, what are you cooking today?” Xinyan looked over at the green haired lady, who seemed to be concentrating. “Xinyan, it is best to leave Sucrose alone at the moment.” Eula and Sucrose were together for a few years so you could say they knew each other well. “She’ll get shocked and drop the plate if she sees you waiting behind her, it’s best to sit down.”


Sucrose placed down their plates, she had a sudden realization. “Oh! I- uhm happy birthday Ms. Ayaka.” Sucrose was visibly nervous and tense, well she always was but there were times where she was calm.


“No need to for formalities.” Ayaka smiled at Sucrose making Sucrose calm down a little, “I understand, Ayaka.”





Ayato knew that Ayaka prefered to celebrate her birthday with only 1-4 people so throwing a party with everyone would be... weird?? Oh well. He and a certain blondie had a plan anyway.





“Happy birthday, Kamisato.” Student to student saying the same thing, “Just call me Ayaka.” and repeating that one sentence. She didn’t like formalities unless needed, other clans would call her the same but she didn’t mind because they were another clan in Inazuma. However, these people are just students along with her.


‘Just because I’m in a clan doesn’t mean I’m that different from you. Just treat me normally.’ Good thing that didn’t come out of her mouth.





“Happy birthday Ayaka!” Yoimiya ran towards her in the hallway shouting, “Hello, Yoimiya.” Ayaka smiled at her in return. “Guess what! I’ve got a surprise for you!” The blondie looked at her with sparkles in her eyes. “Really? Then I’ll look forward to it.” The blue haired lady looked over at the Yoimiyas golden eyes.


“Hehe I hope you will.”


It was history, where they would learn about the previous archons and a traveler.


“This traveler had the strength to go upon a four wind from Mondsatdt, defeat the ancient god Osial, stop the vision hunt decree and many other deeds of good. However, they had not come to to our home land alone. They had a twin, who was leading the abyss......” Ayaka listened to the teachers voice thinking “What if this traveler had done come at the time?” Who knows what would happen, this world was different from before, they probably wouldn’t show up in history books.


“History is so boring...” Ayaka heard a small whisper from the seat behind her, it was just some male classmate. “If only I didn’t get held back.”


‘Held back?’


“Plus I was just expressing my love for Barbara.”


‘Barbara? He means the young idol Barbara?’


‘I’ll record him just in case he’s the one molesting Barbara.’


Ayaka took her phone out and pressed the record button, as long as she was careful no one would notice.


“Barbara is my waifu of course I can express my love to her ugh those mother fuckers can die.”


‘Yep this is the one.’


“Albert. What are you whispering about.” The history teacher took notice of the mans behaviour. “Nothing.” He responded with annoyance in his tone.


“Hm. I might have to get involved.” Ayaka whispered, still recording everything going on.


‘Guess this recording will go striaght to Jean.’




“Excuse me, is Jean in here?” Ayaka opened the door to class 3-1 of the college years.


“Oh! Hello Ayaka! Also Jean went to the bathroom she’ll probably be back soon.” a young blond lady shouted over at her. “Thank you Yoimiya. I’ll wait for her then.” Ayaka smiled as she stood beside the door.


Jean walked into the room, the little lady grabbed the taller woman wrist. “Ayaka? What are you doing here. You aren’t in the class.” Jean looked at Ayaka in surprise. It wasn’t like Ayaka to do these things, “I have a request. I want you to listen to this recording.” The blue haired lady put her fan covering her mouth in her pocket and gave her phone to the green eyes lady with 2 hands.


“Oh... so he’s still obsessed.” Jean looked dissapointed, angry and sad at the same time. “Do you think I should deal with him? If Dainsleif agrees of course.” Ayak brought her fan back to cover her mouth. “Yes, I’ll ask Dainsleif.”


“What about me?” Dainsleif was at the door looking at the two women. “It’s about Albert.” Jean looked over at Dainsleif, “Oh well go ahead.” Dainsleif looked at them with a small smile. “Thank you.” Jean bowed down, “Do what you think is a good punsihment for him.”


A good punishment in the Yashiro Commision would be, well their lives? No that’s a little to extreme. Expulsion? Jail? To complicated. A beati- no. This is why I usually leave punishment to others... I can ask Thoma maybe he knows.




“A punishment... well I think maybe money or a restraining order would be good.” Thoma put his left hand on his chin while the other on his hip. “Hm. I see. Thank you Thoma.”


“Your welcome my lady.”


“I’ll slip a restraining order for him and Barbara tommorow.” It was around 5 pm.




-Private chat with Yoimiya-


Yoimiya: @Ayaka


Ayaka: yes?


Yoimiya: can you meet me at the rooftop at 7 pm?


Ayaka: okay :)


-End of Private chat-


“Just 2 hours, I should shower and get ready to go.”




“Yoimiyaaaaa you don’t with them yet.” Ayato plopped down on Yoimiyas chair, “Just a moment Ayato...” Yoimiya was in full concentration. “God I even had to finish my clan work in a rush to avoid getting seen by Thoma or Ayaka.” Ayato looked over at the blondie.


“Sigh,your so concentrated im getting so bored.”


“Did you just say sigh.” the blondie stopped working and looked over at the clan leader. “Did I?” he smircked at the young lady, “God this is why some people prefer to avoid you.”




Finally 7pm Yoimiya was on top of the roof, “Hello Ayaka.” the blond smiled at the lady, “Fireworks?” Ayaka looked over at the things beside Yoimiyas feet. “Oh! I was thinking I’d throw a firework shoe for you because it’s your birthday today!” The blonde girl smiled at Ayaka. “Oh! Thank you very much Yoimiya.”


“Here goes!!” Yoimiya started to light the fireworks, then after some time the fireworks were in the sky.

“Ayaka.” Ayaka who was admiring the fireworks, “Yes?”


“Will you go out with me?”


Ayaka was in shock, she planned all this on her birthday to confess? Her mind was going hay wire. ‘Oh god what do I say.’ Accept? I mean Ayaka liked her to that’s for sure but what if the other clan figure out? Wait Ayato’s technically dating Thoma dating Yoimiya wouldn’t hurt right? Oh fuck it let’s give it a shot.


“Yes.” Ayaka said with her calm tone and smiled at the blondie.

Chapter Text

Albedo: I just realised we don’t have a chat name


Ayato: you want a chat name? ill give u a chat name


Albedo: i



Ayato changed the chat name into “fruity pruity”



Albedo: excuse me


Ayato: makes sense right? We're all fruity


Sayu: I am right here


Oz: ^


Paimon: ^


Ayato: yall just havent come out yet


Ayato: speaking of fruity ppl


Ayato: ayakaconfessing.png


Thoma: holy shit she finally did it


Kokomi: oh wow


Yae Miko: they had it coming.


Sara: ^


Ei: now if scaramouche and kazuha


Scaramouche: what.


Ei: then we can complete the “inzumans that cant confess but everyone knows they like each other” list.


Gorou: oh yeah


Xiangling: we couldve celebrated ayakas bday how dare u ayato


Ayato: bitch ayaka doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday


Xiangling: understandale have a great day






Yoimiya: damn so u got a vid


Ayato: late but yes I fucking did


Yoimiya: sigh


Xingqiu: damn


Chongyun: #broken


Xingqiu: im sorry what


Chongyun: sorry what?


Xingqiu: lets cuddle


Zhongli: why arent you in our dorm anymore? @Aether @Xingqiu


Aether: uh


Xingqiu: chongyun


Aether: idk I like having dainsleif around????


Dainsleif: ill let them slide.


Zhongli: alright then


Childe: damn so zhongli was a whole dorm to himself now?


La Signora: what thinking shit?


Childe: .


Dottore: woah woah yall only started dating recently


Scaramouche: horny bitch


Childe: anyway


Xingqiu: so about the grammarly incident


Childe: so about the porn essay : )


Xingqiu: ...





-Private chat with Childe-




Childe: : D


Xingqiu: ugh


-End of private chat-





Noelle: what about them?


Xingqiu: oh its nothing


Noelle: alright then


Aether: sigh


Lumine: knowing both feels amazing


Aether: ikr


Ayaka: I can say the same.


Jean: both?


Lisa: its nothing Jean


Jean: alright then


Dainsleif: there are complaints that zhongli has an entire dorm for himself what do we do


Xingqiu: oh fuck


Aether: zhongli we told u not to be sus


Zhongli: well.


Zhongli: who’s giving the complaints?


Dainsleif: uh dms


Zhongli: I don’t want to deal with them


Zhongli: someone else deal with them


Ayato: I tf am I witnessing rn


Keqing: did I read that wrong


Ganyu: that’s... interesting.


Ningguang: a zhongli who refuses to do something.


Ei: Your reason?


Zhongli: those guys always try to find trouble with me I don’t want to go near them.


Albedo: wow


Lisa: interesting.


Kokomi: the Inazumans can take care of them.


Scaramouche: wait all of us?


Ayaka: we just need to make them fear our group and the student council we can succeed.


Sara: understood.


Ganyu: I feel it is more appropriate if the Liyuens do the job.


Xiao: Zhongli is still a Liyuen it would look bad if Inazumans did the job.


Keqing: That is correct.


Ei: alright then, we will leave them to you.


Rosaria: I like how the student council does not give two shits if we’re here


Yoimiya: ikr


Albedo: its because yall don’t tell anyone our minor things


Xinyan: so ur saying that there are like 40 ppl here and u trust all of us?


Albedo: like theres almost 20 ppl in the student council and those 20 ppl are here


Xinyan: understandable


Venti: @Thoma I may of may not have done something to our dorm


Thoma: coming


Childe: oh what the fuck


Venti: hoe I gave u a chance to live with lili for a while use it bitch


Childe: I


Xiao: @Venti what about us


Venti: we can


Childe: for that opportunity ill lend u one of my private houses.




Xiao: oh.




Xiao: smart my ass


Kaeya: ok that was just pure luck what the fuck.


Rosaria: ikr


Beidou: this isnt fair


Xingqiu: ur dating a rich lady wtf do u mean


Beidou: and ur a rich boy


Xingqiu: this isnt about me this is about u


Beidou: this isnt about me this is about u


Xingqiu: I


Beidou: give up kid


Xingqiu: I am 18


Beidou: and I am 21


Xingqiu: I give up


Xingqiu: chongyun lets cuddle


Chongyun: yes


Ayato: damn now I want cuddles


Thoma: rn im busy sorry


Ayato: sobs


Childe: thoma is a no.1 housekeeper istg


Venti: ur also pretty good at cleaning


Childe: u and xiao. Why must u make me go through ur messes with thoma.


Venti: ehe


Xiao: deal with it


Keqing: idk if I should be feeling surprised or not


Ningguang: both


Diluc: suddenly this chat is normal


Aether: guys I think I saw a cum infested boba cup


Diluc: I hate everything


Lumine: IM WHAT




Oz: okay who did it.


Paimon: im so done


Scaramouche: im going to scream


Kazuha: why would one want to do the dirty with BOBA.


Venti: holy shit theyre fucking kinky ??


Venti: not even I could think of that holy


Xiao: I feel dissapointed.


Albedo: that PERSON should go through PUBLIC HUMILATION shouldn’t they :D


Mona: yeah I fucking agree :D


Ayaka: hm.


Ayaka: interesting.


Yoimiya: I think ayakas gonna go insane.


Zhongli: masturbation with boba. Well I would see why one would want to the pearls are explicit


Ei: zhongli what the fuck.


Venti: ^


Childe: i............


Fischl: that’s fucking disgusting wtf do u mean explicit.


Bennett: ^


Razor: kaeya disgusting


Gorou: oh.


Xinyan: OH


Xiangling: OH??


Amber: OH!??!!???!?!?!


Lisa: that’s my junior


Chongyun: speak tf up. @Kaeya






Beidou: U WHAT/


Xingqiu: fuck


Chongyun: nuh uh not on my watch


Sara: boba x kaeya


Sara: interesting.


Kokomi: interesting indeed.


Diluc: I am disgusted.


Diluc: to think my own brother had sex with boba


Diluc: im disowning u


Kaeya: yall I


Albedo: hm. What do you have to say Kaeya.


Kaeya: but u knew why r u ganging up on me now :(


Albedo: hm. Did I?


Mona: Did he?


Kaeya: i......


Beidou: ur just making the situation worse pack it up kiddo


Kaeya: ur only a year older wtf do u mean kiddo


Beidou: so? Im still older then u


Beidou: at least im sane enough to not fuck boba


Kaeya: that was ancient history


Aether: if it was ancient fucking history why is it still in the bin. Plus it’s the first fucking thing.


Aether: kaeya I was at school.


Aether: meaning u MASTURBATED on campus.


Aether: bitch do the fucking dirty in ur dorm holy shit


Kaeya: bitch ur in my dorm


Aether: SO???












Albedo: didn’t I say that the person who did this deserves public humiliation :D




Albedo: I will stand there and watch










Lumine: pop off brother








La Signora: comedy goals






Sucrose: please don’t.


Aether: OMG-




Aether: im done.


Gorou: clap


Scaramouche: clap


Kazuha: clap


Xiangling: clap


Lumine: well done.

Chapter Text

Keqing: who is putting rex lapis posters on the school boards.


Ganyu: we will be taking them down soon but we would like to know who did it.


Xingqiu: why do u guys always ask us first


Keqing: because other then you people who would put rex lapis posters on the school boards?


Xiangling: fair


Keqing: well if it weren’t you guys then you probably know who put them.


Yanfei: i’m pretty sure I saw hopkins or something putting up posters


Hu tao: u mean the guy who goes by “hopkins the marvelous” ?


Yanfei: yeah i’m pretty sure


Keqing: problem fucking solved.


Ayato: damn why r u so mad those rex lapis posters were fun to look at


Zhongli: back when she was in elementary


Keqing: oh fuck no


Zhongli: as I was saying


Zhongli: back when she was in elementary


Zhongli: she had a thing for rex lapis


Chongyun: WHAT


Childe: wait you mean




Scaramouche: the


Scaramouche: the what now


Kazuha: rexlapisdragon.png


Kazuha: it was a popular story throughout liyuen kids in keqings days of glory ig


Scaramouche: THAT THING


La Signora: I had faith in you


Dottore: i’m passing away




Albedo: i uh well. that’s interesting


Jean: I thought u were sane back in the day


Eula: you are in no place to talk


Jean: wdym.


Eula: don’t say wdym I know the amount of dvalin merchandise you have


Venti: oh no not dvalin


Gorou: it better not be a dragon.


Kaeya: dvalin.png


Kazuha: ah yes, one of the most popular stories of mondstadt and to this day is still popular among children.


Baizhu: I cannot do this today


Scaramouche: y’all are fucking insane


Mona: oh god not the dragon


Ayaka: maybe us inazumans are more normal then we thought


Ayato: yeah.


Kokomi: I don’t think we have many folk tales that are well known


Kokomi: though watatsumi island does have orobashi, though we worshipped it I guess


La Signora: orobashi is a serpent like creature correct?


Kokomi: im pretty sure


La Signora: interesting


Sucrose: guys who keep stealing the things in the lab.


Albedo: istg yall better be able to tell the difference between cocaine and fucking flour out of all things.


Albedo: I was already tired of donna bitch once she was gone I thought that none of my materials are gonna get stolen but some fucking whore has stolen something and I will let my wrath get to them.


Albedo: everything from my sword to my fucking flower elevator is ready to murder a bitch.


Kaeya: I uh albedo lets calm down


Kaeya: we don’t want to do something illegal today


Kaeya: we can figure out who did it but u cannot murder someone


Albedo: fine, the least I could do is make them at the edge of death but not that far in that they die


Xingqiu: #scared


Ningguang: hm.


Lisa: angry albedo sure is scary


Eula: it isnt scary if your not the one hes after


Amber: that I can agree with, but its still kinda scary even if ur not the one hes after


Albedo: then u guys should be glad I don’t get angry easily.


Jean: yes we are very glad.


Diluc: did some research it was soraya


Albedo: time to kill a bitch


Kaeya: not kill bring her to the end of her life but not at the end of her life


Albedo: right.


Yanfei: soraya is the one girl who wants to go sumeru academy right


Hu tao: yeah im pretty sure


Yanfei: hm.


Thoma: well that problem is solved


Venti: ehe


Xiao: speaking of problems is our dorm okay


Thoma: well uh

Chapter Text

Thoma: well uh

Xiao: well?

Venti: it better not be anything bad

Thoma: about that

Thoma: uhm theres a bunch of glass shards everywhere and smoke and shit ton of things I don’t want to know how tf yall were able to get there but it likely its gonna be in repair for like a week or so

Venti: so a week of childe living with lili understood.

Thoma: is that the only thing u got from that

Venti: yes

Thoma: i

Venti: ehe

Thoma: well childe ill leave u to pay for repairs

Childe: I sure

Thoma: good

Xinyan: so ur just gonna not say anything abt this shit

Gorou: yeah

Xinyan: understandable have a great day

Scaramouche: maybe it would be fun if we had a normal day

Yanfei: and what defines normal?

Scaramouche: a day where I feel like I want to do double suicide with dazai

Kazuha: ^

Hu tao: want a customized coffin :D

Scaramouche: uh sure

Hu tao: nice to the dms we go

Ayato: yanfei x hutao or kazuha x scaramouche

Childe: well we can do uh

Ei: if we do kazuha and scara then the entire inazuman gang is finished

Kokomi: ^

Gorou: im ready to be a third wheel dw

Ayato: I see


Ayato: @Scaramouche im not letting u die until u gay bitches are together :)

Ayato: thank me

Scaramouche: i

Scaramouche: no

Ayato: goddamn

Ayato: ive got a plan now

Ayato: but ive still got work to do so

Yanfei: sometimes I forget that certain people are in the student council

Hu tao: ^

Oz: I cannot do math rn someone do it for me

Rosaria: look in dms

Oz: thanks

Paimon: o can u do mine to then

Rosaria: sure I like u two anyway

Venti: why didn’t I have this when I was ur age

Paimon: its because ur dumb enough to make most ur seniors dislike u

Oz: ^

Venti: this is venti slander

Childe: at least childe slander is over

Kazuha: you really shouldn’t have said that

Venti: then ill make it childe slander.

Venti: @Xingqiu @Chongyun @Fischl @Sara @Xinyan @Barbara @Noelle @Oz @Paimon @Razor @Bennett

Venti: let me tell you about the grammarly incident

Childe: u wouldn’t dare

Xingqiu: yes pls

Chongyun: id like to hear

Razor: ^

Oz: sure

Sara: please do tell

Noelle: isnt that an invasion of privacy...

Venti: no its not u deserve to hear the lovely tales of the seniors

Venti: once upon a time

Venti: theres a little lad who liked berries and cream

Childe: don’t bring berries and cream into this

Venti: childe he had this gf

Venti: mans had like 3 different girlfriends every month

Venti: and then he decided that he’d ask for his gf to help him with an essay

Venti: and then his gf deadass gave him a human grammarly

Venti: aka her friend

Venti: and then his gf tried to like yk hit on him behind her back

Venti: and this man deadass thought she was asking him to hook her up with someone

Xingqiu: WHAT


Venti: SHE WAS F L I R T I N G

Venti: AND THIS BITCH WENT “Oh thank you~ C O M R A D E”


Venti: and then when she flirted with him even more he just

Venti: Oh! Are you asking me to hook you up with a friend of mine?

Venti: how dense is this man he hooked up with so many hoes

Venti: and then she deadass put her hand on his thigh and went “no not that”

Venti: and he

Ei: he went “are you saying you’re a human grammarly?”

Xingqiu: WTF

Chongyun: @Childe what made u think that

Ei: we arent fucking done

Ei: and then after she just snapped and said “omg cant u see im trying to flirt with you? Im much better then that other girl.”

Ei: and then he just looked at her all shocked and because he saw her as a younger sibling he just went “uh sorry but I only see u as a younger sister” she slapped him and left him to do the essay by himself

Ei: he got a good 79%

Ei: then the girl just went all psycho and ruined the relationship and that’s when childe knew he was gay

Xiangling: what a conflict

Ei: im still not done

Bennett: theres more??

Oz: apparently yes

Ei: then they ‘drew’ a concerningly detailed dick onto childes leg without him looking

Ei: he didn’t know until a week later once it was gone

Xingqiu: WHAT

Fischl: okay okay so to sum it up

Fischl: childe had a dick tattoo on his leg for a week.

Albedo: wait a minute

Albedo: so that’s why they commissioned me to draw a detailed dick??

Ei: I thought u knew??

Albedo: there is a reason why I don’t listen to school drama



Childe: i.........

Dottore: no wonder it was so detailed

Baizhu: I cant believe we live together

Xingqiu: so if albedo declined the offer this incident wouldn’t have happened???

Eula: it seems so

Childe: albedo I will be holding a grudge against u

Albedo: i

Albedo: sure

Chapter Text

Xingqiu woke up next to his boyfriend. It had been some time since Zhongli was living by himself, and with Childe for a while. “Morning, Xingqiu.” his boyfriend whispered to the boy. “You need to visit them, right?” Chongyun groaned as he slowly lifted himself up. “That’s right, though I only have to see them for 3 hours or so. It’s also at night so we can still spend most of the day together.” the boy smiled at the other hoping it would make him feel better. “I see, we should ask the council to give us a day of absent.” the ice man smiled at the writer. Xingqiu smiled and lifted himself up out of the bed. Stretching his arms out. “I hope night never comes.” he thinks to himself.


“You want a leave of absence?” Dainslief looked at the couple, “Oh, you want to go on a date together for your birthday. Sure, I don’t mind. Enjoy your birthday.” Dainslief waved at them goodbye and left for more of his duties.


“Well, that went smoothly~!” Xingqiu and Chongyun intertwined their hands together, both smiling at each other, like they weren’t people watching the two. “Xingqiu!!” a familiar voice ran towards them, “Happy birthday!” it was Xiangling, Xinyan was also next to her, “Here.” Xinyan handed a small box. “This is me and Xinayns present.” Xiangling put her hands behind her back giggling. “Oh, thank you.” Xingqiu put his hand near his collar bone. “Heard you guys were having a leave of absence, on a date?” the musician chuckled at the end of her sentence. “Yep, and were going now. Farewell.” Chongyun pulled Xingqiu away from the two and started to walk fast enough to get out of the hallway.


“Well, that sucks.”


“Be honest that was likely to happen.”



“Chongyun?” Xingqiu asked the boy in front of him, who was dragging him away. “I’m going to spend the whole day with you alone. I’m not letting anything get in our way.” The light blue haired man said in an calm voice. Xingqiu found it cute on how he was flustered, his ears were a pretty shade of pink already.


“Make sure you don’t over heat yourself~”


“What do you wanna do first?” Chongyun asked the boy holding his hand tight.“Wanna go to karaoke?” The birthday boy smiled at the other. “Alright then. I’ll get some money.”


“It’s come to my attention, That I don’t show enough...” Xingqiu was singing his heart out as Chongyun listened to his voice. He isn’t in choir but the man still thinks his voice is really nice to listen to, in contrary with his handwriting. The lyrics were nice to, and both of them really liked this artist. “Alright, it's your turn Chongyun!” the boy handed the microphone to the other. “What song should I do?” Chongyun asked the other, “Uh any song should be fine.”


“Then I’ll do summer is for falling in love.”


Switching pov...


Switched to Xingqiu



Ah Chongyun looks so hot- I wait no cute? Fuck not the word uh you know what I'm sticking to hot. Fucking hell, he’s so wow damn to think I'm dating him is mwah. Thank fuck he can't hear my thoughts right now. The dirty thoughts I- I'm too young for that. If only we were a bit older



Switching pov...


Switched to -!009834q2+



“Wah! That was fun.” Xingqiu stretched his arms out, “So? What now? Its only 4 we still have like 4 hours left.” The writer looked over at his boyfriend, “Wanna eat?”


“I wanna eat sweets.” The birthday boy simply stated as he pointed at the Inazuman sweet stall just on the street. “What do you want?” the popsicle lover asked his lover (pun intended), Xingqiu looked closely at the menu, "Uh dango milk, sakura mochi and a taiyaki... Yep that’s about it for me.”


“Yes, what about you?” the seller began to take those 3 out, “A tricolor dango and another taiyaki.” Chongyun looked up at the seller as he said his order. “Alright! Just wait a moment your sweets will be coming soon.”


“So, this is what the Inazumans eat on a daily... especially Madam Ei.” Xingqiu drank his dango milk, well kind of chewed. “The textures like porridge, Chongyun, wanna try?” The birthday boy handed over the dango milk to his loved one. Chongyun took the bottle away from him, “It does feel like porridge. It still tastes really good, wanna come to this place another time?” Chongyun looked over at the other and asked. “If we have the time, maybe we can even bring the others!” The dark blued hair boy said as he munched onto his sakura mochi. “Can I drink the rest of this?” Chongyun asked the boy beside him, “Sure, I still have my taiyaki and my sakura mochi to finish.”


“Well, I guess that it, I’ll be going to them now.” It was around 6pm just an hour before Xingqiu had to meet them. He was meeting his family.


When he was around 15 years old, he discovered that he was bisexual. He has a good family life, everyone got along including his parents. He thought maybe there was a chance that they’d accept him. However, when he decided to tell everyone. “You, like both men and women?” his father looked at him in shock. “No, I’m not having a son who can like men.” Xingqiu was in shock, his mother, told him words that broke his heart. “Now, now, it’s okay that he can like men, right? He can still like women too.” his grandfather tried to calm the other side of the family down. “Well, if you won't accept your own kid, we will. He is still our grandson. If we need to, we will be taking care of him from now on.” His grandmother spoke up to the two. “Fine, have him.” Xingqiu’s father stood up and left the room. “Xingqiu follow us.”


“Why?” Xingqiu burst to tears, “Listen, the thing is. Me and your grandmother, we are also able to like the same gender. Just like you.” his grandfather smiled as him and so did his grandmother. “Really, in others eyes we may seem like lover, but we see each other as friends.” his grandmother said with a smile on her face. “Make sure you date the boy or girl you love. If there are any consequences, we can deal with them.”


“Pack your stuff, you're living with us now.”



“Ah! Hello Xingqiu.” his grandmother welcomed him to the celebration. “Happy birthday, Xingqiu.” it had been some time since then. His mother chose to let him be but she couldn’t accept him so she decided that she wouldn’t bother his life to much anymore. He would see his grandparents weekly, but the rest of his family only on his birthday. “Thank you.” It was suffocating in there; it was better than before but it still hurt inside. “Take a seat.” his brother never told him if we accepted him or not, but from his actions it was clear that he had accepted him.


“Xingqiu, are you dating anyone?” His brother asked him ignoring how his mother and father reacted to that question. “Oh, yes I am. I’m dating Chongyun.”


“Ah! You mean Chongyun the exorcist? Well, that’s good. He’s a very good boy.” his mother was delighted to hear the news. She thought that if Xingqiu were to date a boy, then it could be at least be Chongyun. After all, they were friends since elementary school, the family knew who he was. “Good for you.” his brother smiled and started to eat more of his food. “Ah, I was getting worried that we would have to do an introduction and stuff, turn out we’ve already met him! That’s wonderful.” his grandfather commented. “I’m pretty sure we’re still going to have to do the introduction as him not as a friend but my boyfriend.” Xingqiu chuckled just after his words.



“Make sure you don’t catch a cold!” His mother and brother said their goodbyes, “Until next time Xingqiu, maybe we can hang out outside of just your birthday.” his brother patted him on the back. “Here. Knowing Chongyun he probably payed a date or something for you guys. Make sure you pay him back on our behalf. And say that we thank him for taking care of you over the years.” His father handed him some mora. “Oh, uhm thank you dad.”


“You don’t have to call me dad if you feel uncomfortable with it. You can just call us our names.” His father smiled at him and walked away.



“So? How was it.”


“Chongyun, I think I’m gonna burst into tears...”




And then they spent the night cuddling each other as Xingqiu told him how his dinner went.

Chapter Text

Scaramouche: theres fucking shit in the pool


Xingqiu: WHAT


Yoimiya: excuse me


Hu tao: IM WTF


Albedo: that’s disgusting


Scaramouche: hey at least I don’t need to swim


Sara: who tf


Scaramouche: apparently some kid thought it was a good idea to shit in the pool


Ayato: HELOP


Oz: gross


Paimon: EW


Xiangling: im shitting tears\


Barbara: so are they like gonna take it out????


Scaramouche: theyre trying


Xiao: hello


Xiao: goodbye






Gorou: I.......


Rosaria: im disappointed


Scaramouche: I hate everything


Beidou: oh my god


Ningguang: disgusting


Sayu: whoever that kid is pls go to jail


Xinyan: sigh


Childe: imagine ur just like going to swim and then when u arrive there a fucking piece of shit in the pool


Amber: mhm


Noelle: theres a what


Baizhu: a piece of shit in the pool


Dottore: pics or it didn’t happen @Scaramouche


Scaramouche: apieceofshitinapool.png


Ayaka: oh my god...


Thoma: that’s a pretty big shit wait




Kaeya: ikr


Scaramouche: what the fuck






Diluc: what the fuck


Yoimiya: no no u have a point


Kazuha: I have to agree, it does look like a dick


Dainsleif: why is it so long




Kokomi: this is... interesting to watch


Scaramouche: but it isnt fucking interesting to be in it


Zhongli: im sorry everyone, but they have a point.




Amber: I keep looking at it and yeah it looks like a dick


Albedo: if its shaped like a dick doesn’t that mean that the kid had a dick thrust out of their asshole


Chongyun: omg...


Lisa: oh my


Sucrose: well then lets figure it out?


Mona: by what? Putting the piece of shit back in its ass??


Albedo: possibly


Mona: …


Ganyu: what the fuck do u mean possibly.


Albedo: idk what do I mean?


Sucrose: anyway


Noelle: so the kids went through sex?


Barbara: I mean yeah if u think of it that way...


Jean: we shouldn’t be talking about this


Lisa: don’t lie your laughing your balls out rn


Diluc: sometimes u give me entertainment, other times u give me bullshit


La Signora: ^


Ei: ^


Yae Miko: ^


Scaramouche: okay they got it out


Kazuha: do yk whos shit it was?


Scaramouche: why would I wanna know whos shit that was


Kazuha: I okay


Scaramouche: anyway, someone pick me up


Ei: well how’d u even get there anyway?? Just use the same way


Scaramouche: walked there I don’t feel like walking rn


Kazuha: ill pick u up


Scaramouche: thanks


Gorou: I really am gonna be a hardcore third wheel huh


Kokomi: yes u r


Baizhu: sometimes I like how this chat changes topics quickly


Oz: I agree


Amber: sigh


Amber: gorou ur nothing


Amber: bleh


Amber: weak


Amber: ive been fifth wheeling for 5 whole years


Gorou: oh fuck u


Lumine: if amber had a trophy


Aether: It would be for being the best fifth wheel


Amber: I


Venti: pls


Lumine: u wouldn’t even get a trophy


Venti: I have 5 trophies for music


Barbara: and so do I


Xinyan: I have even more


Fischl: your only superior when you have more than 24 trophies


Albedo: I have 32 suck on that


Ningguang: 49 bitch.


Dainsleif: 61


Kaeya: what the fuck.

Chapter Text

“It’s time to wak-” Xinyan shut off her alarm clock, it was October 16th, her own birthday.

“Happy birthday, Xinyan.” Ayaka, Xinyan roommate and technically friend. “Thank you, Ayaka.” Xinyan looked over at Eula, it was her turn to make everyone breakfast. “Sucrose is still asleep?” Whenever it wasn’t Sucrose turn to make food, she’d sleep in, everyone promised to wake her up once food was ready.

“Food’s ready.” Eula placed down 4 of the plates containing a breakfast sandwich (like egg benedict but in genshin there is something called adventure breakfast sandwich). “I’ll wake up Sucrose.” Eula walked up the stair case to Sucrose's bedroom. “Eula makes great food doesn’t she.” Ayaka commented on the former Lawrance food. “That’s right, I’d love to have this every day to be honest.”


Xinyan doesn’t have anyone to celebrate her birthday with like Xingqiu and Chongyun. As an aromantic, she usually just goes out with family. Music is the most important thing in her life, she loves music, almost like it were her partner. It’s a hobby that became what she wanted to be her career. Of course, her family got mad at her at first, but slowly they came to understand her and accepted her. Like how she needs to come out as aromatic.


“Happy birthday, Xinyan.” Xinyan heard a familiar voice from behind, it was Chongyun and Xingqiu, one of the gayest people she’s met. “Here, a birthday gift from Chongyun and I.” Xingqiu gave her a box wrapped in a dark red and a silk bow. “Damn, it looks kinda fancy to be honest.”

“Of course, it is I’m rich as fuck.”


It was around 1 in the afternoon, Xinyan already got Dainsleif approval to skip the rest of the day. “Do you guys think I should come out to my family today?” Xinyan looked over at the people sitting on the same table. Eating some snacks and just talking, “So that’s what’s having you spaced out and thinking.” Xiangling looked over at the other with her bright happy eyes. “Well, I think you should. It’s been a few years since you figured yourself out.” the boy with light blue eyes suggested as he licked his frozen popsicle. “Okay, then.”


“Xinyan! Come, in.” Xinyan welcomed the girl with warm smiles with the sound of her mother and the rest of her family on the dinner table. Including, aunts, uncles, cousins and her grandparents. To sum it up, everyone in her family is there. “Happy birthday, Xinyan!” her youngest cousin walked up to her and hugged her; however, she was too short to go over the hips. “Thank you.” Xinyan patted her on the head as she lifted, it’s good that her entire family so she could announce it to everyone.

“Xinyan, how’s college going?” her grandmother looked over at the young girl, old wrinkle on her face, unfortunately the person who was supposed to be next to the old and frail lady, was gone. “It’s going great, I have fun with Xiangling, Chongyun and Xingqiu a lot. For now, it’s going great.” her grandmother looked at her with happiness, the children were too busy laughing and joking around to listen to the adult's conversation. “That’s great, Xinyan. However, don’t let your guard down. College is hard.” her mother commented on the conversation.

“Ah, also after I have an announcement for everyone.


Everyone had their bellies filled up with traditional Li and Yue cuisine. Of course, there was a cake and other sweet treats just after. “Everyone, I have an announcement to make.” It’s finally time to come out, let’s hope it goes. “Uhm... the thing is I’m aromatic.”

“Oh, we know.”


“What?” Xinyan looked shocked, when did they know? No how did they know?

“Oh, the thing is a year ago we heard you and your friend talking about your sexuality and you said you were aromatic. We thought you weren’t ready so we pretended to not know.” her father laughed just after his sentence. “So, you... accept me?” Xinyan couldn’t help but have a glowing smile on her face, “Of course! Your, our daughter after all.” her mother picked up her cup of xinjiang black beer (a real fucking drink that’s from China). “Whatever, here let’s finish our dessert.” her aunt smiled at her, delighted to see that she finally came out to everyone.

She enjoyed a delightful birthday with her accepting family.


Xinyan: guys

Xinyan: I came out to my family as aromatic

Xinyan: they knew before I even told them

Chapter Text

Kaeya: thats what im saying


Venti: bitch 






Kaeya: BRO


















Fischl: did u even watch the fucking show


Yanfei: i like mo dao zu shi better tbh












Albedo: wtf








Yanfei: I yall we shouldn’t be fighting abt others opinions


Bennett: ^


Hu tao: I for u I will


Ayaka: @Thoma go tame ur man


Ayaka: put him on a leash or something


Thoma: ayaka its no sex week


Ayaka: I did not mean it like that...


Childe: LMFAOO


Lisa: I now present to you


Lisa: horny


Amber: PLS


Xinyan: guys


Xinyan: I came out to my family as aromatic


Xinyan: they knew before I even told them


Xingqiu: WHAT










Yanfei: so they know im a lesbian....












Albedo: idiots all of you


Kaeya: don’t lie alice knew abt u being pan before u even told her


Albedo: fuck off


Diluc: don’t lie I knew u were gay af before you even told me


Kaeya: fuck off


Xingqiu: committing unalive rn <3


Chongyun: take me with you


Fischl: They died together, wrapped around each other’s arms. The moonlight shined on their dead bodies of flesh. Maybe, they will be able to reincarnate together, may they once again fall in love.


Bennett: beautiful


Lisa: ^


Hu tao: so like ur family know


Yanfei: that we’re gay bitches ?


Xinyan: I yeah if u put it that way


Yanfei: alright, its time to die early


Hu tao: ^


Keqing: shit this reminds me that I need to come out too


Mona: bad for you ig


Dottore: imagine being gay


Ayato: stage one: denial


Baizhu: rest in piss


Venti: imagine being gay and homophobic


Venti: couldn’t be me


Xingqiu: sorry to break it to u bunny boo boo but I hc u as aromatic


Childe: I


Dottore: im straight


Chongyun: nah ur just on denial


Xiangling: did someone like


Xiangling: poison the school lunch or something


Xiangling: cause im pretty sure the food do be lookin real musty


Albedo: kaeya decided it was a good idea to do something with the food


Childe: it was all kaeya


Diluc: kaeya




Jean: of course, its you


Lisa: its always you


Kaeya: im





Chapter Text











Yoimiya kicked Sayu


Yoimiya: OK THERE U GO


Ayaka: yoimiya, I think its better to calm down a little.






Yoimiya: IMM


Xiao: so uh


Xiao: wtf do u want us to do abt it






Oz: sure


Yoimiya: ok uh


Ayaka: cosplaying?


Diluc: sayu and the other kids are close, you can get more intel from them


Yoimiya: then I entrust the intel getting from diona and klee! albedo and either diluc or kaeya :D


Albedo: ok


Kaeya: leave it to me




Kazuha: me too


Gorou: MHM MHM


Thoma: uh so we’re hosting a party?


Scaramouche: childe ur on expenses


Childe: I ok


Ayato: love how im the clan leader yet im not paying B)


Thoma: okay let's settle down and continue planning.



“Morning Sayu!” Klee shook the little girl awake; she didn't feel annoyed because it was highly likely that everyone else was already awake. “Big sister Keqing is waiting!” Klee ran out of her room, loud thumps from the stairs were later heard. “Today, our dish is grilled unagi, onigiri and dango milk.” Ganyu placed down all the plates for the five of them. “All Inazuman dishes.” Qiqi commented on all the dishes placed on the table. Ganyu was always good at cooking, almost like a (housewife) chef. “These are really good.” Diona ate the onigiri using her small hands, “Thank you.” Ganyu said as she took a bite of her unagi.

“Maybe today will be a good day.”


“Morning everyone!” Sayus teacher, Kano Nana, an Inazuman walked into the classroom. “Are we ready to learn?”


“What do we do if the second fractions denominator is different from the first fractions denominator?” Ah, fractions Sayus least favorite math related equation, well she didn’t really like math in general. Then a phone call suddenly ran for Ms Kano. The teacher picked it up, “Hello. Oh, I see I’ll send her off right away.” Ms Kano hung up the phone, “Sayu! You can leave now, please go down to the pickup area.”


Oh yay, she got to leave class early #gaselight #gatekeep #girlboos


To whatever was awaiting I wish both sides of your pillows are cold, you get a partner, or your partner and you have a happy time together. Sayu thought to herself as she slowly walked to the location.


“Hello, Sayu. Follow Qiqi.” Qiqi let her hand out for the girl in front of her, “Qiqi, we’re kids.” Sayu showed pure confusion and worry towards the younger girl. However, the girl did not back down, she showed no sign of giving up. Sayu looked around the girl to see if anyone they knew was nearby. “Qiqi, is there anyone we know around here?” Sayu asked the small girl, which she responded by pointing to a fancy looking car down the road, “In there.”


In the end the two girls got into the fancy car, in the car was a slender boy with indigo hair, his hair covered his ears and he had bold red eyeliner. “Oh, you’re here.” he turned around to the sound of the door opening, “Oh, hi Scaramouche.” Scaramouche was on the driving seat, while the two girls were in the back. “Remember to put on your seatbelt.”


“We’re here.” Scaramouche opened the car door, Qiqi had stepped outside of the car. However, Sayu fell asleep on the way there, “Sayu, we’re here.” Scaramouche shook Sayu awake, “Ngh...” Sayu rubbed her eyes, “Oh okay...” she climbed out of the car. Scaramouche let his hands out, one for each girl. They both grabbed the hand available for them. Qiqi opened the door for the 3 of them.


“Happy birthday Sayu!”


Oh, it’s my birthday today.


Sayu thought to herself, it wasn’t like her forgetting her birthday, but school was so jam packed, so she forgot. It was more likely for Qiqi to forget her own birthday, not her.


“Ah! My baby sister is becoming 12!!” Yoimiya ran to the small girl and hugged her tightly, “Yoimiya...” Sayu called out to her older sister.


“Now now, let’s not waste our time, let’s get eating!” Xiangling and Kazuha came out of the kitchen to place down their food. The table was filled with Inazuman specialties, there was a lot of food, well it should be like that considering the amount of people that were there.


Sayu didn’t really like big crowds, nor did she particularly like celebrating her birthday. But maybe today she can make an exception.

Chapter Text

Kaeya: HELP


Kaeya: itto.png








Sara: oh


Sara: fuck


Paimon: isnt he that one senior whos always picking fights with sara


Oz: yeah he is










Kazuha: OH


Yae Miko: oh.


Albedo: he has a geo vision


Xiangling: IM DONE.


Ayato: watch


Ayato: and learn



Ayato added Itto to the chat





Thoma: omfg


Itto: im hi?


Dottore: welcome


La Signora: that’s weird of you to say


Albedo: so like


Baizhu: can we experiment on you


Itto: what


Dottore: its not a joke


Itto: I........






Albedo: good, we’ll talk more about it later




Ayato: itto, MY MAN


Ayato: welcome to hell




Aether: tf is a kink


Lumine: ^


Scaramouche: kinkmeaning.png




Lumine: IKRRR


Paimon: oh I wanna know too


Oz: same


Xingqiu: im crying


Ayato: step aside guys


Ayato: ehem


Ayato: when u have a kink


Ayato: u have a sexual preference for it


Lumine: huh


Paimon: ^


Oz: ^


Aether: ^


Paimon: im fucking clueless


Zhongli: meaning


Zhongli: I give up @Venti @Ei you do it


Venti: I


Ei: why would u do this zhongli




Childe: uh well


Childe: you know when


Childe: you have a fetish




Lumine: ^^^^^^^


Oz: oh I see


Paimon: IM TF


Oz: its not to hard to understand from ur explanation


Childe: thanks




Lumine: SAME


Aether: SAME


Xiao: are you kidding me


Xinyan: this is so painful to watch


Diluc: what is this


Ayato: ok ok


Ayato: U WANT IT














Lumine: OH I GET IT






Ayato: this is gonna be ayatos nsfw lessons istfg




Aether: ik abt sex


Lumine: ik abt the dick


Aether same


Ayato: I JUST THAT???






Lumine: arent they the same?


Aether: ^


Scaramouche: HUH


Bennett: oh my god....


Mona: youre a disgrace to the arts


Aether: IM


Kaeya: whats happening I just came back


Lumine: clown shit


Hu tao: this is so entertaining


Keqing: why do I even try


Ayato: do you want


Ayato: me to explain?




Ayato: omg....


Ayato: OK SO








Lumine: anwyay isn't whore like wearing stuff but in past tense


Gorou: NO


Jean: I don’t want to be here at the moment...


Rosaria: a disgrace


Lumine: ??


Ayato: its WORE not whore


Ayato: whore is like


Ayaka: whore = slut


Lumine: I




Ayato: do u guys have any other questions abt this topic?


Lumine: uh


Aether: why do males bleed when they do gay sex


Aether: the bottoms btw


Ayato: WTF


Kokomi: …..


Thoma: well


Diluc: because there too much friction or its too rough


Amber: DILUC????


Aether: oh


Diluc: if ur gonna do gay sex at least get some lube or something


Aether: WHO SAID




Yanfei: im crying


Aether: IM NOT I JUST\




Yae Miko: hm.


Yoimiya: im crying


Albedo: …


Aether: I




Baizhu: now that just makes us curious


Barbara: holy water


Beidou: agreed




Kaeya: but why does diluc know


Diluc: its common knowledge


Lisa: ^


Ningguang: sigh


La Signora: sometimes u give me entertainment, now is not one of them.


Ayato: sigh


Ayato: ok do u guys have anything else cause if I have to see a convo like this again I will go mad


Aether: NOPE


Lumine: do girls bleed even when u arent on ur period


Yae Miko: yes


Yae Miko: yes we do


Lumine: IS IT NORMAL????


Scaramouche: a reminder that there are boys in the chat


Xiao: ^


Yae Miko: its nothing to worry about


Lumine: OK


Xinyan: quick question whyd u ask all of a sudden


Aether: uh


Lumine: @Dainsleif blame him


Dainsleif: what


Ayato: WHAT DID U SAY TO THEM.......


Dainsleif: huh


Diluc: back read you mother fucker


Dainsleif: oh


Dainsleif: OH


Dainsleif: abt that


Noelle: …


Keqing: I respected you.

Chapter Text

“You are the blood of the Lawrence clan. You should be trying to get us back into our age of glory!”  


But I have never been able to feel that age of glory you are talking about uncle.  


The rays of the sun shone on the tall slender women, Eula Lawrence. Being abandoned by her family, well, more like she ran away herself, she no longer is in close contact with her family. Not like she wants too though.   


“Happy birthday Eula.” Ayaka was making traditional Inazuman breakfast, “Greeting Ayaka, are we eating Inazuman food for breakfast?” Eula sat down on her chair looking at the young Inazuman girl. “Yes, I am, ah, can you wake up Sucrose for me?” Ayaka asked as she shaped the rice to look like a cat (if you want a reference, the dish is called invigorating kitty meal in the genshin impact wiki). “Alright then.” Eula walked back up the stairs leading to Sucrose's room. “Sucrose? It’s time to wake up,” the green haired girl flipped her blanket over as she stretched herself. “Good morning, Eula...” Sucrose walked over to the bathroom whispering to the lady.   


“Hehe... Ayaka’s Inazuman food always taste so good!” Xinyan shouted in excitement as she took a bite of her rice. “There's no need for praise. It is only natural I know how to cook my own region’s food.   



Dainsleif: wanna take the day off?  


Eula: no thanks  



“We should stay clear from her, she’s a Lawrence.” Who knows how many times she’s heard something like that, she used to it, so she could barely give two shits. “Good morning, Eula!” a familiar voice shouted from behind, “Is there anything of need?” Eula turned around to see the rabbit. “Nope! Just wanna walk around with you.” Eula liked having the rabbit around, she didn’t mind one bit, whether the rabbit was their cause of pity or another reason, it didn’t matter. It was always nice to have her around. If she, could she wish it would last forever.   


“Alright, let’s get started with our lesson. Today we will be talking about the history of the Lawrence clan.”   


Oh, what a subject.  


As a Lawrence herself, she could feel the deathly stars of the people around her, they were everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. It was kind of uncomfortable, the sounds of the teacher talking about her family history, the feeling of eyes on her skin and flesh. It was so much, no too much.   


“That is all for today, please finish your essay about the Lawrence clan.”   


“Eula, are you okay? Throughout class you seemed stressed...” The rabbit looked at the blue haired girl as she frowned in worry. “No, it’s okay. Do you want to do the work together?”   


And that how Eula and the rabbit ended up in the rabbit's dorm, just looking at the dorm was, concerning. I mean there's a crazy chef and a so-called princess in there, and an emo bandit? “Oh! Hey Rosaria, do you mind if Eula comes in?” The rabbit asked the other. “Why would it bother me?”   


“Weird, isn’t it? Writing about your family history.” the rabbit looked at the girl, “It’s okay, it isn’t that weird. It’s just a school assignment. Is it not?” Eula looked at the rabbit in slight confusion. The rabbit was always kind and respecting, always staying in her line and crossing it if she needed to. “Oh okay, that’s good.” the rabbit smiled at her. The rabbit, she was always so beautiful, so bright and cheerful, like a flower on full bloom. She was always perfect, not only in her cute looks but also in her personality. If only Eula could say how she felt to the rabbit, maybe things would be better.   


“Also, happy birthday. Actually, me and everyone planned something for you.” The rabbit clapped both hands together like praying except the hands are near her chest, and of course no prayers to Barbatos. “Oh, really? Then let’s go. They must be waiting, aren’t they?” Eula lifted herself up bring her hand out for the rabbit. “Oh! I uh, okay let’s go then.” the rabbit grabbed Eula by the hand, and they were on the move.  


“Took you long enough.” Diluc Ragnvindr, head of the Ragnvindr, and one of the biggest people of the Mondstadt wine industry. “Ah, hello Eula, happy birthday.” Jean Gunnhildr, the successor of the Gunnhildr clan. “I appreciate your cooperation in the making of this celebration.” Eula bowed down to the two. “Ah. No need for formalities.”  


It had been some time since the birthday party finished, it was just the rabbit and Eula. Eula treasured moments like this, because she loved the rabbit. She had feelings for the rabbit, but the rabbit, she didn’t realize those feelings and she did not like her back. “Eula, I’ve been thinking.”   


“Everyone around us, well mostly they’re all you know gay and all.”  


So am I.  


“And the thing is, I’m not gay and sometimes it kind of feels weird?”  


“Ah! I know you are in that community sorry for being rude.” the rabbit shook her head. “There’s no need, just keep telling me what you think Amber.” Eula looked at the small girls' face, obviously flushed and feeling a small bit of worry. “Well, uh everyone around me is in that community I guess I kind of feel... left out? I mean of course I just can’t become gay but still. I don’t mind intimacy in front of me it just makes me feel a little weird.” Amber looked as if she was on the edge of crying, crystal clear tears almost leaking out of her eyes. “I get it, that’s just how you feel. Is it not? It’s okay.”   


Eula had presents on her hands, but Ambers was the one she would cherish. She did feel sad after that awkward conversation but in the end, she’s happy Amber let her opinion out. Still, it did hurt a little but that's okay. She knows she wants more in their relationship but, she can't she straight it's one sided. 


Maybe, one day. She can be clear with it. She can let it go. But not now. Not anytime soon. 

Chapter Text

Lumine: man  


Lumine: sure wish I wasn’t single   


Aether: same  


Lumine: wanna date /j  


Aether: sure /j  


Thoma: don’t u guys have the same mother?  


Aether: we’re joking  


Lumine: what u think we gonna do incest   


Thoma: I fair   


Beidou: not zhongli and childe flirting in the library  


Mona: im  


Mona: man  


Mona: wheres my girlfriend   


Oz: your gay?  


Mona: what u thought I was straight   


Paimon: yes?  


Mona: I  


Mona: do I look one bit straight   


Barbara: uh no  


Mona: exactly   


Mona: im fruity as fuck  


Ei: you guys didn’t know?  




Aether: it’s the lesbian intuition I swear   


Albedo: who tf   




Yanfei: dear albedo. Please explain what this whopperflower creation is  


Albedo: a fucking  


Albedo: my fucking whopperflower creation  


Albedo: I made a baby whopperflower AND SOMEONE STOLE IT.  


Sucrose: whats wrong   


Sucrose: oh  


Ayaka: now why would you make a baby whopperflower  


Itto: guys so I found a baby whopperflower   


Itto: its kinda cute   


Albedo: ...  


Albedo: someone chain itto onto the wall or something   


Itto: HUH   






Keqing: your baby?  


Kaeya: his baby  


Albedo: SQUARE UP   


Itto: ur small as fuck u cant hurt me  


Lisa: holy shit  


Lisa: albedokillingafuckingdaddy.png  


Lisa: be afraid @Itto                


Sara: that was  


Sara: expected.  


Hu tao: I u sure he aint dead  


Xingqiu: I mean if he is you have buisness?  


Hu tao: fair  


Amber: he looks  


Amber: kinda dead  


Childe: not baizhu examining itto  


Sucrose: why is there a frog in the bathroom.   


Mona: WHAT  


Scaramouche: GROSS TF  


Kazuha: I......  


Kazuha: no <3  


Yanfei: IMMM  


Thoma: @Sucrose pics or it didn’t happen  


Sucrose: justafrogsittingonthetoiletseat.png  


Barbara: someone should murder it.  


Xingqiu: goodbye it kinda looks like chongyun   


Chongyun: in what way does that look like me  


Xiangling: xingqiu has a point....  




Xingqiu: can you be that frog? Cause id gladly let you jump on me <3  


Lumine: ew   


Aether: a gay  


Lumine: ikr  


Lumine: this is why im homophobic   


Aether: this is why im homophobic   


Venti: someone call the police   


Venti: im scared  


Kaeya: same  


Ningguang: arent u guys like  


Ningguang: both gay  


Lumine: im as straight as a circle got no idea what ur talkin abt  


Aether: im as straight as the moon idk what ur talkin abt  


Gorou: I  


Kokomi: okay  


Kokomi: imagine falling in love  


Xinyan: same  


Dainsleif: ikr  


Kokomi: people are overrated   


Dainsleif: I agree  


Sara: I agree with both statements   


Sucrose: genuinely wondering what are ur sexualities   


Sucrose: like specifically   


Fischl: pansexual   


Sara: aromatic   


Noelle: im straight   


Barbara: questioning   


Scaramouche: gay  


Kazuha: gay  


Gorou: questioning?  


Baizhu: same ive been questioning for like forever   


Yoimiya: lesbian :D  


Ayaka: pansexual   


Ayato: a homo  


Thoma: same  


Ayato: heart  


Thoma: heart   


Childe: idk man im questioning but im not straight   


Xingqiu: im bi  


Chongyun: ^  


Beidou: im a proud sexy lesbian  


Eula: ^ except the proud and sexy part  


Lisa: ^ with the proud and sexy part  


Amber: im straight   


Venti: im pan  


Xiao: same  


Dottore: im straight   


Bennett: im bi so is razor   


Xinayn: armoatic  


Lumine: im a pansexual /srs  


Rosaria: straight   


Aether: im gay /srs  


Hu tao: I am a lesbian  


Yanfei: same lets become girlfriends hu tao  


Hu tao: sure  


Xiangling: IM A PAN B)  


Zhongli: pansexual   


Ei: ^  


Diluc: armoatic   


Ganyu: lesbian :D  


Keqing: ^  


Albedo: uh pansexual   


Yae Miko: bi  


Itto: straight   


Mona: lesbian like I said a few days ago  


Dainsleif : aromatic   


La Signora: straight   


Kokomi: aromatic !  


Jean: pansexual  


Kaeya: I we naming our sexualties now  


Sucrose: yes so I can see how many of us is in lgbtq   


Kaeya: k im gay  


Sucrose: from my calculations.   


Two minutes later 


Diluc: …  


Diluc: you’ve been typing for two minutes  


Keqing: should I be scared   


Sucrose: so, from my calculations, there are 9 pansexual people; fischl ayaka venti xiao zhongli lumine xiangling and albedo. 9 lesbians; yoimiya beidou eula lisa hu tao yanfei ganyu keqing and mona. 6 gay people; scaramouche kazuha ayato thoma and kaeya. 5 armoatics; kokomi dainsleif diluc xinyan and kujou sara. There are 5 straight people: noelle amber dottore rosaria la signora and itto. 5 people who are quesitoning barabra gorou baizhu childe and myself. Finally, there are 5 bisexual people: yae miko bennett razor xingqiu chongyun. There are 44 (?) people.   


Lisa: the number of commas you need in that wall of text  


Sucrose: I was rushing a little   


Hu tao: I cant pass the word pansexual   


Yanfei: same  

Chapter Text

“Kazuha?” a familiar voice is heard, “Sleeping on a tree once again aren't you.”  


“I’ll miss you.”  


A nightmare. Someone has been haunting them since death. In his dreams he meets him repeatedly. However, will be free? Like the city his vision resides.   


“Oh my god can’t we just eat take out...” Gorou looked over at the head of the Kamisato clan. “Nope! You're going to suffer just like my darling.” Ayato hums as he makes octopus and peanut butter? “Jesus Christ don’t call Thoma your darling ever again.” Scaramouche groans as he puts on his rude manor. “Ayato...I... maybe I should cook today...” Kazuha takes on look at the horrendous dish and he regrets it.”Yeah no shit.” The fand- purple human being frowns at the terrifying person. “Now now, eat up you little babies! Or perhaps... you can’t take it?” Ayato whispered into Scaramouches ear. “Oh yes I can. Of course, I can. I'm fucking amazing.” Scaramouche grabbed the octopus and peanut butter and stuffed into his mouth. “Swallow it~ Like tentacle sex.”   


All three of the younger boys turned red, “Now why would you say that?” Gorou banged on the table in clear frustration. “Feel the wrath of the horny.”   



“Holy shit the fucking squid shit is acting up.” Scaramouche grabbed his stomach or something I don’t know man. “Are you sick? Do you want some later? Do you feel stomach pain?” The anemo boy asked the boy beside him while being kind of... touchy? Gorou just looked at them and whispered to himself “Looks like I'm third wheeling tonight.”   




“Did you just say sigh?”   


“Happy birthday.” Lumine handed a medium sized box wrapped in green silk with a white bow. “Open it if you want to, I guess.”  


Kazuha and Scaramouche looked into confusion, Kazuha opened it and to he was shocked. There was fucking “toys” in there. He immediately closed it and Gorou burst out laughing and so did Lumine. “Holy shit I didn’t think you’d open it here.” Lumine was on the verge of dying of laughter. Kazuha and Scaramouche just turned red. “What’s happening?” Sucrose approached the scene with curiosity, Sucrose eyed the box up and down, she turned a bright red. “O-oh. I know this brand...”   


“YOU KNOW WHAT.” Scaramouche eyed the girl up and down, how could such a sweet and innocent girl know about this brand??? “Kaeya and Albedo sometimes sends me there... I didn’t think you guys would also buy from there.” Sucroses voice started to go lower and lower to the point only Scaramouche and Kazuha could barely hear her (lmfao same sucrose). “What going on here?” the teacher walked into the room, “Why are you all gathered around here? Get to your seats.” The teacher looked at the present fortunately it was closed. Still, they couldn’t possibly recognize this brand right...   



The lesson normally proceeded with Kazuha pretty much forgetting the contents of the present. “What was going inside your head when you picked sex toys as a present.” Rosaria whispered to Lumine, “Hey it was Gorous idea. All I did was buy it with Aether.” Lumine stretched her arms out on the the table. “You went to fucking sex shop with Aether?”  


It was nearing the end of the day. A birthday party with the Inazumans was being held at the dorm. Of course, some of the other people from the other regions could come if they wanted to however those damn Inazumans will be coming from brute force.   


It was nearing the start of the event. Event? Celebration? Or just a gathering. Who knows honestly either way Kazuha could feel a certain staring at him. It felt heavy and weird. He doesn’t mind, because he’s used to it, because he feels it every day. It’s just, today the staring is especially heavy. Heavier than normal.  


“Hello Kazuha.” Ei, or the reincarnation of the Raiden Shogun. “Hello.” Kazuha waved at the taller women, she waved back and walked away. Most people were Inazuman since there wasn’t that much space, they could only do some people. There were people he didn’t know for some reason. Honestly it didn’t matter, did it?   


They should’ve only invited people Kazuha knew.  


There was loud music all around the dorm, Ayato had planned the party for him. It wasn’t very crowded just the right amount. “I have an announcement to make.” Scaramouche had a microphone in his hand, Ayato was recording the scene and so was Ei. “Uh... well. Kazuha, I have something to tell you.”   


Switch pov.......  


Switched to Scaramouche pov  


Okay deep breathes you fucking buffoon. You're confessing your love to the boy you love. Ugh what was that bitch boy Ayato thinking with having me confess with people around... Fuck this embarrassing. At least don’t invite my sister and my sister-in-law I pray to the archons. Wait I have archon blood so does that mean I'm an archon? Wait technically that’s Ei fuck this is confusing. Okay just say it you fucking.   


Scaramouche snapped out of him zoning out when he saw the girl in class that liked Kazuha. She was staring at Kazuha- no not Kazuha his fucking man.   


Oh, this bitch, she's planning to confess to him after, isn't she? She’s overdressed has her hair done and a cute outfit. You fucking. Not if I confess first.  


“Kazuha. I like you.”   


Switching pov......  


Switched to -!009834q2+  


When Kazuha heard those 4 words, he was in shock, “Kazuha... not like friends but like love you know. Oh my god you bitch you probably already know.” Scaramouche ended his announcement. The room was silent. So silent after that confession, until Scaramouche noticed something at the corner of his eye. It was the girl who liked Kazuha plunging him with a butter knife. She was crying and angry and whatever, fortunately Scaramouche was quick to react and uh broke some bones of hers. It was self-defense so it wouldn’t mean anything. “Ah ah, Yurika. That’s not what you're supposed to do when someone else confesses their love to the person you like.” Ayato, no this wasn’t just Ayato anymore, this was Kamisato Ayato, head of the Yashiro commission and Kamisato clan leader.   


“Yanfei, could you please.” Kamisato Ayato held the girl by the arms holding both of her wrists tightly, his face very much serious and pissed off. “Ms Yurika, you are under arrest of the 38 th  law of Teyvat. On page 167 of the Teyvat law monologue it clearly states that stalking is a crime. Not only did you stalk Mr Kaedehera Kazuha, but you did attempted murder on Mr Raiden Kunikuzushi. We will discuss more on your arrest in prison.” The Teyvat police took the girl using brute force, Scaramouche just watched the scene go down, he was still in shock that someone would try to murder him.   


Later Kazuha grabbed the boy dragging him onto the second floor and to his room away from everyone else. “You could’ve died...” Kazuha burst into tears he pinned Scaramouche to the bed his tear drops falling onto Scaramouches cheeks. “Don’t cry and answer my fucking confession.” Scaramouche put his cold hand onto Kazuhas face rubbing the tears off his face using his thumb. “Yeah, I accept, I love you.” Kazuha dropped himself onto the boy chest to chest. I mean look like a typical pose before they’re doing se- I mean. This is pg-13.   


“Wait Scaramouche we’re just gonna forget that Ayato probably planned that?”   


“Kazuha we are in the middle of cuddling shut the fuck up.”   

Chapter Text

Albedo: holy shit


Albedo: @Scaramouche ayo u okay heard u nearly got murdered


Scaramouche: im fine


Scaramouche: say thank u to ayato or something idk man


Diluc: you what


Ayato: hey I literally set them up no need to thank me :skull:


Kazuha: oh so I was right




Yanfei: ok at least we caught that girl


Ayaka: yes at least we did


Scaramouche: at least??


Xingqiu: not yall risking someones life to arrest someone


Scaramouche: I mean


Scaramouche: I couldve protected myself in that situation


Scaramouche: but its still wrong so ayato youre no longer aloud to feed us weird shit


Ayato: HUH


Ayato: WHAT NO




Gorou: yes take one for the team scaramouche


Kazuha: ^




Scaramouche: we no longer talk abt that


Ayato: OI


Ayato: omfg


Scaramouche: stop feeding us weird shit


Xiangling: I okay wondering


Xiangling: what kind of weird shit....


Ayato: what u wanna eat it


Xiangling: no I wanna make it


Chongyun: oh.


Xingqiu: IMMM


Xinyan: rest in piss ig....




Yanfei: I volunteer that Chongyun eats that.


Xinyan: ^


Hu tao: ^


Xiangling: yes yes ik


Ayato: I can give you some recipes if u give me some of ur recipes


Thoma: oh my god


Gorou: OH MY GOD


Kazuha: stay away from me.


Venti: imagine needing to eat weird shit


Kaeya: couldn’t be me


Diluc: diona poisons you when


Diluc: might as well do it myself


Rosaria: highkey would pay money to see that


Ningguang: ^


Yae Miko: ^


Ayaka: who wouldn’t pay money to see that


Kaeya: this kaeyaphobic


Thoma: when is it not


Paimon: ikr bye


Ayato: okay gave u some recipies in the dms @Xiangling


Xiangling: perfect


Yanfei: rest in piss to all the soldiers


Yanfei: that died in service


Yanfei: I died in her cervix @Hu tao


Gorou: IMMM


Dottore: lesbians istg




Hu tao: NOT THAT


Xinyan: platonic no longer


Childe: I


Childe: gay mfs


Dottore: ikr


Amber: pls




Kazuha: a what


Jean: pics??


Scaramouche: suckthatdicktilllickcum.png


Zhongli: oh dear


Dainsleif: oh.


Dainsleif: its paimons


Paimon: wtf it isnt mine??


Aether: then whos is it


Dainsleif: its ur old barbatos doll?


Paimon: I


Paimon: wait holy shit it is


Scaramouche: so that thing is a fucking barbatos doll?


Scaramouche: @Venti man ur genes look disgusting


Venti: BITCH


Venti: kys


Scaramouche: no u


Jean: still isnt a little disrespectful to a archon


Scaramouche: I


Scaramouche: im an atheist


Jean: o


Ningguang: acceptable


Fischl: Hello! It is I, The Prinzessin der Veruteiling has granted you mortal fellow my presence. However, it is not you that needs help, but it is I. Please lend me the help on how to explain about gummy condoms.




Oz: what fischl means is that “i need help with teaching razor abt gummy condoms”


Kaeya: I


Bennett: be a good senior for us


Bennett: im also suffering here


Diluc: just say its condoms you can eat


Bennett: NO????


Venti: “this is gummies that are shaped like condoms.”


Bennett: thanks


Lisa: little cuties


Lisa: all three of them in their own little world


Lisa: young love


Ayato: you make us seniors sounds old


Ayato: but yes


Ayato: young love


Xiao: you guys arent that old


Zhongli: child


Zhongli: you know nothing abt being old


Dainsleif: ^


Beidou: ^


Jean: ^


Ningguang: ^


Jean: ^


Yae Miko: in conclusion


Yae Miko: act young when you can.


Venti: great advice

Chapter Text

“What’s important is what you want.”


Xiangling remembers those words, so familiar yet so different. She knows it’s the voice of no one she remembers but it lives in her mind like a fifth roommate. She doesn’t know what that voice is but it’s been with her since she was 4.


Xiangling was the first to wake up out of the 4 girls. The first thing she did after her morning routine was to go to the kitchen and prepare food for everyone and herself. She was a great chef, she really was. She just didn’t know why or how.



“Xiangling... I think that’s a little too much jueyun chili...” Xianglings old teacher told the little girl at the age of 8. “Why?” She looked at the young women in curiosity. “The rest of the class probably wouldn’t be able to eat any of this. You should reconsider your dish.” It was already abnormal that the small girl could cook so well at that age. However, it always was an overload of spice, it was as if the people who ate her dishes were eating a combination of electro and pyro.


“Bleh! Your food is just disgusting, Xiangling. I never want to eat this again.” This was when she was 10. A few boys in her class offered to eat her food, until a boy with dark blue hair approached holding hands with another. He took some chopsticks and tried her food, he was shocked. He coughed a few times before giving his thoughts, “Ahem, Xiangling, your food isn’t disgusting at all. Actually, I kind of like this. Still, I think it would be better if you added less chili. Next time I’ll be looking forward to your improvements.” The young boy smiled at her, as he slowly tried to walk away before Xiangling grabbed his arm. “Wait. What’s your name?” the boy looked behind him in shock.


“Xingqiu, second son of the Feiyun commerce guild. Member of the Guhua Clan. Pleasure to meet you, Chef Xiangling.”


That was how she meet Xinyan, Chongyun and Xingqiu. Then later on Yanfei and Hu tao. Then later everyone else. She would've been drowning in a pile of trying to improve but no advice left. With only the unknown person left to comfort her.



But that doesn’t matter anymore, does it?



By the time she finished reminiscing about the past she had already finished cooking all her dishes. Everyone was already on the table waiting for the food to be placed onto the table.


“Foods ready!”



“Life would be so much easier if Xiangling was in my dorm.” Hu tao slammed her head onto the lunch table. “I know right. She could make me good food and shit but I have to eat those slow boiled soup Ningguang really likes... god they’re so bland.” Yanfei also bangs her head like Hu tao. “I mean who wouldn’t wanna eat Xianglings food EVERY NOW AND THEN AND I HIGLIGHT EVERY NOW AND THEN.” Chongyun slams the table making both girl life their heads up. “Calm down honey~” Xingqiu hugged the boy from behind, “Oh Xingqiu.” the boy tried to hug back and obviously failed because he couldn’t turn around. “Yo.” Xinyan approached the group, waving hear hand with her hand in her pocket, and obviously with her guitar wrapped around her shoulder. “What’s going on?”


“Oh yeah I didn’t check out Ayato’s recipes yet.”


“Oh god please no.”



“Wait so Xiangling, we’re gonna celebrate your birthday with Uncle Mao (In China you would say uncle instead of mr same for ms and auntie)?” Chongyun asked the little chef. They were walking to, everyone's least favorite subject, history, “I mean, we get to skip like half the day or something so yeah.” Xiangling ate her Inazuman dango, chewy, sweet and delicious. Great for eating on the road. “I mean I guess that true... god I feel bad for Hu tao and Yanfei, they have to come after us.” Xingqiu closed his book as he began to hold Chongyuns hand. “I know right, bye.” Xinyan opened the door to the classroom, “Well this is our stop. Good luck with math, Xiangling.”



Alone. That was Xiangling right now. In the hallway. She hated being alone, but she could manage right?



“Alright, let’s start class.”

“Today we will be learning about the God of Stove, Marchosius, he resided in the Guili Assembly, with the God of Contract, the Lord of Geo and one of the seven. Morax, and not just Morax, but also with the God of Dust, Guizhong. However, during the destruction of the nation because of the Archon War. After them, the adepti and Morax brought everyone to Mt. Tianheng and built Liyue Harbor. Centuries later, the God of Stove would sacrifice their power to save Liyue from calamities and plagues. Leaving, Morax with their recipes and the secrets of flame. They then were left to retire on a mountain. It’s uncertain what Marchosius became on the mountain but once they came in, they never left. Or that’s what people say. There many different versions of this legend for some reason, however, it is certain that the God of Stove did exist and is now in Celestia with the Gods above.”

For some reason, Xiangling felt a certain *warmth* after hearing about the God of Stone. Something about them seemed so *familiar*. Like she had already met them before. She knows that she was named after her great-great grandmother Xiangling the chef who was still alive at the time of ancient Liyue. She felt connected to her, not only by name but by heart. Something about her, she could feel her, they were almost the same, they had the same name, blood, occupation, and they even looked like each other. Maybe one day, she’ll know why her great-great grandmother and her are so similar just not now, when she dies that is.


“Zhongli!” Xiangling ran to the tall slender men, “Oh, Xiangling do you need anything?”


“I uh, you said you were Rex Lapis’ vessel, right?”



“So, because Rex Lapis has great memory you think I share memories with him?” Zhongli looked at the girl, “Well yes all the vessels have something in relation to the archons, like for example Venti can listen to the wind, Ei can go to a certain place. So yes, I am familiar with them. However, because of a certain contract I cannot let you in on full detail. Is that okay?”


“Of course, that is.”



So that’s what this is. After giving his power and retiring in the mountains, they were reduced in size and intelligence. That sounds reasonable.

Xiangling was running back home, she was late to her own party. Sounds like a very Xiangling thing to do. “Sorry, I’m late!” Xiangling slammed the door wide open, “And here comes the lady of the hour.” Yanfei alpha posed at the girl.


“No more wasting time, the foods gonna go cold!”


Xiangling then ate with her friends and family, all in one table just enjoying their meal. She almost forgot about the God of Stove, well, I guess when you have a great family and amazing friends... that’s what happens. Am I right?

Chapter Text

hi gay people

its me fran B)

so yk how like i gave yall angst

so im like in the shower right and i think abt fanfic ideas in the shower so im just thinking and then had an idea "what if i gave my reader 2 different routes cause some of them might want angst and some of them might want fluff"


also the routes thing was inspired by mystic messenger cause that game ltierally lives in my head rent free but if i decide to play it again it will ruin my sleep schedule



Chapter Text

Ayato: annihilate  


Xingqiu: blowjob   


Ayato: cum  


Xiao: wtf  


Yoimiya: yk what whatever   


Xingqiu: dick  


Lisa: elaborate   


Ayato: fuck  


Ningguang: graceful   


Xingqiu: hips   


Ayato: impact  


Xingqiu: jock?  


La Signora: what are u doing  


Ayato: letters in the alphabet   


La Signora: that doesn’t explain anything   


Xingqiu: kamera   


Ayato: lesbian  


Lisa: mommy   


Xingqiu: negotiate   


Lisa: obliterate   


Ayato: penis   


Yoimiya: im so scared  


Chongyun: who started this  


Ayato: queer  


Lisa: rick roll   


Xingqiu: suck that dick till lick cum   


Lisa: try hard   


Ayato: uterus  


Xingqiu: vodka   


Lisa: whipped  


Ayato: xingqiu  


Xingqiu: yas queen   


Lisa: and   


Ayato: zodiac  


Xingqiu: now   


Lisa: I  


Ayato: know  


Xingqiu: my  


Lisa: abc  


Ayato: next   


Xingqiu: time  


Lisa: wont  


Ayato: you  


Xingqiu: sing  


Lisa: with  


Ayato: me  


Xiangling: oh it’s the abcs   


Kazuha: iii  


Scaramouche: …  


Lisa: horny letters ig  


Sara: jail.  


Dainsleif: so whos going to the archon battle again  


Venti: oh.  


Albedo: right the archon battle   


Eula: basically hell.   


Eula: but in a different form  


Noelle: …how so?  


Hu tao: you know how in some schools those with visions train them?  


Hu tao: it's for this. To recreate the archon war.  


Hu tao: to recreate hell at its finest.   


Diluc: you juniors wouldn’t know  


Lumine: you guys get a taste of hell   


Aether: honestly one of the most feared events in teyvat   


Barbara: it isn't that bad right...  


Amber: healers don’t participate so barbara is fine, but I worry about the rest  


Kokomi: sigh   


Ayato: luckily, I don’t have a vision, so my life is easier   


Kaeya: way to force students to fight   


Xingqiu: fight?  


Keqing: to put it simply   


Keqing: war  


Mona: I thought you guys would know by now but it’s not only our school but in a lot of school in teyvat that accept visions  


Fischl: cant we like not do it??  


Sucrose: nope  


Sucrose: its cause it’s a key part in history   


Sucrose: if it was minor then this event wouldn’t happen   


Baizhu: it’s just one of the laws.   


Paimon: aren’t you guys gonna like  


Oz: you know prepare   


Ganyu: in the archon war no one was prepared so we aren't allowed to...  


Paimon: okay but like that’s really messed up   


Ayato: people who don’t wield visions like us should be thankful   


Dottore: I guess  



student council 


Dainsleif: meeting tomorrow at lunch  



fruity pruity  


Yanfei: honestly, it’s messed up but it’s a law so  


Amber: can't really do anything abt it if it’s a law can we   


Paimon: still why is it a law?  


Venti: you aren’t supposed to question the voice of Celestia  


Zhongli: you aren’t supposed to question the voice of Celestia   


Ei: you aren’t supposed to question the voice of Celestia   

Chapter Text

Paimon: oh. 


Aether: well.... 


Lumine: oh my 


Ayato: anyway 


Ayato: I found a doll? 


Ayato: seven to be exact  


Albedo: can you send us some pics 


Ayato: sure 


Ayato: abyssmage.png  


Lisa: that seems like a little something, right? @Albedo @Kaeya @Sucrose             


Mona: oh 


Sucrose: … 



“Get your people under control, Venti.” 


Amber: are they  


Amber: what I think they are? 


Thoma: I think i’ve seen that thing in history books  


Thoma: it’s called an abyss mage we don’t really know where they came from   


Fischl: but why abyss mages? 


Albedo: ayato give all of them to me 


Albedo: now 


Ayato: I okay? 


Ayato: uhm like rn? 


Albedo: immediately  


Ayato: k 


Barbara: ig that problem is solved  


Xingqiu: ig  


Ayaka: still, why would someone just put a doll out of no where  


Zhongli: they probably left it there on accident  


Ei: ^ 


Venti: ^ 


Gorou: lowkey looks kinda cute  


Rosaria: shouldn’t u guys like figure out who owns that thing to give it back 


Rosaria: we do have security cameras yk 


Dainsleif: then ill check them and once albedo is done researching then we’ll give them back 


Yoimiya: researching? 


Dainsleif: just don’t think abt it much 


Thoma: since its dainsleif then we should just ignore it ig 


Ayaka: ^ 


Noelle: shouldn’t we investigate it more?  


Bennett: its just a few dolls I don’t think there's a need to investigate it.  


“A flash of light beams and then it disappears leaving the 7 dolls there. Abyss mages from khaenri’ah. 7 elements representing the seven. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to ignore this. We should keep a close call.”  



Chapter Text

“A flash of light beams and then it disappears leaving the 7 dolls there. Abyss mages from khaenri’ah. 7 elements representing the seven. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to ignore this. We should keep a close call.”


Sucrose looked at the screen, the security cameras of how the seven dolls were left there. “Well, what do we do with this information?” Kaeya sat on the student council table. “Don’t you dare make the table dirty.” Dainsleif took a glance at the tan skinned man. “It doesn’t seem like a good idea to do much about it now, but we should still keep it in mind.” Albedo crossed his arms standing on his student council seat. “So, who’s going to keep it?” The one-eyed-man asked as he looked at the 3 in the same room. “Maybe we can split the dolls so all of us have a doll.” Sucrose suggested as she looked at the seven dolls.  “That means one of us only gets one doll.” Kaeya said as he took a doll.


“I volunteer Kaeya to only have one doll.” Albedo said as he quickly grabbed two dolls. “Albedo I thought you loved me.” Kaeya whined looking at his sweet blonde lover.

In the end Kaeya got one doll while Sucrose, Albedo and Dainsleif got two dolls. 

Sucrose looked at her two dolls, she had anemo and pyro. Two elements that make a good elemental reaction for fighting, she knows since she once fought with Yanfei, a young girl with a pyro vision. She knows that Kaeya got dendro, Albedo got cryo and hydro and Dainsleif got geo and electro. Of course, they said that if they needed to they could switch dolls from time to time.


"What a disappointment. None of them could get the dolls in time"


Mona looked into the sky, the big bright sun was shining on everyone in Teyvat. She still remembers the words of a certain little boy from years ago, till this day she still denies it. "There's no way the stars are a lie." 

Lisa was in the library, working part time to live in modern day life. She didn't have much time left, she knew that, and so did they.

These two girls shared a certain knowledge, they shared it often with each other. Sometimes even with a certain someone. But did they know about the others?

Chapter Text

Keqing woke up to the sounds of little children playing. Klee and Diona were trying to make food, with Ganyu helping them of course. “Klee! Let me use the stove.” The purple haired girl could hear the movements coming from the kitchen. It was fortunate that Qiqi and Sayu were still asleep or else many other things would happen. Like Qiqi trying to put her medicine in the food while it’s cooking or Sayu accidentally forgetting to close the lid for the blender. In other words, if all 4 girls were cooking, a monstrosity would occur. So, the couple tried their best to only have 2 kids in the kitchen.

Keqing slowly woke up as she did her morning routine. It’s not like someone fully wakes up in 30 seconds right. “What are you doing?” Keqing put her hand on her hip as she slowly walked towards the trio. “We’re making tea break pancakes, we asked Big sister Noelle to give us her recipe yesterday!” Diona exclaimed as she slowly mixed the cake batter using a fork. ‘Keqing please save me’ was the words that could be read on Ganyus face. “I’ll take it from here. How about you girls go and over to Albedo and Baizhu’s?” Ah yes, forcing the girls into Dorm 56 was the way to go. Makes Keqing and Ganyus life easier and Albedo and Baizhus life harder. “That actually sounds like a good idea, Klee come let’s go to Mr Albedo’s.” Diona grabbed Klee and ran towards their room to change their clothes. Ganyu rushed towards Keqing hugging her “Oh my god, Keqing I love you.” Ganyu then sighed in relief. “Shouldn’t we at least tell Albedo and Baizhu as a heads up?” Ganyu asked the electro vision wielder. “No, if we do, they’re going to decline so we just have to force them.”


40 minutes later...


Albedo: @Ganyu @Keqing I fucking hate you.

Baizhu: ^

Keqing: the feelings mutual


“Hey Keqing, since it’s your birthday why don’t we do something fun?” Ganyu asked as she cuddled the girl. The two girls had already finished the pancakes and had asked Qiqi and Sayu to go over to Albedos with them. “Wanna go to the mall?”

“So, what do we do first?” Ganyu asked Keqing as she looked around the mall. “Uh... maybe we should go to the arcade and then we should go eat something. Oh! We’re almost out of food in the dorms.” The purple eyed lady then held the other’s hand. “Then it’s arcade first.”

“This stupid little...” Keqing tried her best to get the stuffed toy she wanted from the claw machine, almost breaking the glass to get it. “Uhm... Keqing don’t you think it’s time for you to give up?” Ganyu tapped Keqing on the shoulder and with Keqing so concentrated on it Keqing didn’t notice. Until, it grabbed the toy she wanted. “Ah! Ganyu look! I got it!” Keqing hugged the girl squeezing her tightly. “Congratulations!” Ganyu patted her on the back. Ganyu let go of the hug so that Keqing could get it from underneath, Keqing started at the plush long and hard. It was a Rex Lapis plush; it was Rex Lapis in their Exuvia form. “Cute isn’t it.” Ganyu chuckled at Keqing, as adorable as she was at the time.

After that Ganyu had a try on getting the plush she wanted. Ganyu decided to give up after 14 tries.

“Ganyu, do you want to play table hockey?” Keqing pointed to the table hockey just a few steps away from them. It was completely free and no one seemed to have any intention of going over there. “Sure.” Ganyu smiled as they held each other's hand and walked over. “Then I’ll take the left side and you’ll take the right.” Keqing let go of the others hand. “Are you ready? I’ll put the coin in now.” Ganyu inserted the coin into the coin slot, and the game began.

“Shit.” The score was 5:8 with Ganyu in the lead. “Are you sure you can keep up?” Ganyu chuckled at the girl, Ganyu was always very competitive in games. It was like she was a different person when playing games, Ganyu was usually very quiet and polite. However, once a game has begun, she became cocky and ignorant. “The game isn’t over until it’s over, Ganyu.” but Keqing is even more ignorant and competitive even if she’s on the losing side. In the end the game ended in a tie, sucks to be them, I guess. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do a rematch because some other people wanted to play.

So instead, they decided to play bask-in-the-bucketball (basketball). The ones in arcades not an actual basketball match on a court. “We can settle the score here. The person who gets the most points wins and the loser has to buy lunch.” Ganyu said as she slowly pushed in her coin in her row. Keqing then put her coin in hers, “Are you ready?” The purple haired lady looked over at the other, “Yes, I am ready.” Ganyu breathed in and out. “Then, 3,2,1.” At the same time, both girls pressed start as quickly as possible. Grabbing the ball and shooting was the most stressful. Each time they shot in they looked at the others. 10 points turned into 20, then 40, then 80 and so on and so on. If you looked at them from afar then you could feel the intense aura. Soon enough, the two stopped shooting. They were both out of breath after using their arms most of the time but their feet were perfectly fine. They looked at each other's score boards, 180 points on Ganyus, and 190 points on Keqings. Keqing jumped up and down in excitement, almost looking like a kid. “I guess I have to pay. We should get going now. What should we eat?” Ganyu looked around her pockets looking for her wallet. “Yeah, we should. But first we should get some figurine from the arcade or something.”

The arcade staff swore that if they saw Ganyu and Keqing ever again, they will once again avoid them at all costs.

“What do you wanna eat?” Ganyu looked around to find any restaurants that looked decent. However, when they were looking for some restaurants, they saw two VERY VERY familiar people. “It’s Yanfei and Hu Tao!” Ganyu pointed at the two pyro vision bearers. “It really is!” Keqing looked at the couple, not in horror but in confusion. What a coincidence right. “They look really lovey-dovey. WE shouldn’t interfere.” Ganyu held Keqing’s hand dragging her away.

“Also, I think I saw Ayato trailing after the two.” Keqing said as she looked back to confirm. “...Even more reason we shouldn’t go that direction.”

“Maybe some Vietnamese food will do us some good.” Ganyu said as she slowly walked the nearby restaurant that sold Vietnamese cuisine. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Hủ tiếu is so good oh my god.” Ganyu took a big bite of the noodles, both of the hủ tiếu they ordered were the no soup version so they had to add a bit of soy sauce. Soon, they finished the entire noodle dish bite by bite. “That will be 9,500 mora please.” Ganyu handed the waitress her credit card.

“Other than that, happy birthday Keqing,” Ganyu gave Keqing a birthday present. “Hope you like this!” Ganyu stepped back. Keqing was now holding a little box wrapped in purple wrapping with a black bow on it. “I’ll open this at home, but thank you Ganyu.” She smiled.

“Uhm, are you Keqing? I’m the taxi that you ordered.” The taxi driver ruined the moment but they really needed to get home at that point. The girls both giggled softly, “Yes, I am, indeed, Keqing.”

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Up in Celestia  


“Baal, don’t you think that was a little harsh? Considering our little archons here tried their very best.” 


“Those little rascals? Archons? We’re better off having that Dainsleif guy and his little family rule over.”  


“Morax that was a little harsh don’t you think?”  


“You have no place to talk, you are the worst to Venti.”  


“At least I know which person I can insult.”  


“Oh well, at least now we can put our plan can go into motion.” 



“!” Lumine investigated the sky, she could feel it happening. “L-Lumine?” Sucrose, who sat next to her shook because of the sudden movement. “Sucrose, can you speak flowers?” Both girls knew what was happening.   


“What is it this time? You know that I don’t like these types of meetings.” Aether sat on Zhongli's student council seat. “Well, it isn’t our fault that these types of meetings are necessary. This is the only Archons blind spot.” Albedo said as he slowly sat onto his seat. “So? What did you sense.” Kaeya questioned the young girl. “The Archons seems to have started their plan.” when they heard her say that they all looked at her in shock. “What the- Weren't they supposed to do it in 4 months?” Aether looked at his sister in shock. “It’s just what I sensed; it might be wrong... but that unlikely.” there was a sudden panic. “Well for now, we need to get ready for the worst.”   


“Xingqiu, I've been thinking. Lately things have been a little weird right?” Chongyun looked over at his lover. “...Well now that you mention it yeah. It has been a little weird these days.” Xingqiu sighed as he flipped a page of his book. “It’s probably nothing.”   


The next day  


Sucrose looked at her two dolls. They decided not to give either Aether nor Lumine a doll because they were dealing with other things. She took the anemo doll, what could the dolls do? Were they a sign for an attack? Or the attack themselves. Until she found a little something inside of the dolls stuffing. It was a Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, the Vayuda Turquoise collection channels a lot of anemo energy. Meaning if you sue it forn a period you can have anemo powers. This is forbidden knowledge, and few knows about it. If you were to ask about the Vayuda Turquoise collection then they wouldn’t know what you were talking about. If the Vayuda Turquoise Sliver was in the anemo doll then the Agnidus Agate Sliver would be in the pyro doll and so on and so on. Sucrose carefully took the stuffing out of the doll and she was right. She had to tell the others her discovery. She checked her phone, well unfortunately it was 1 am. Sleep comes first. When people say Sucrose was a bad sense of time, they mean it.  


The next day came (more like a few hours but let us pretend). “Sucrose?” Ayaka knocked on the door a few times. Ayaka opened the door to Sucrose's room, what first caught her eye was the dolls on the table. She immediately took notice, still it would make sense for Sucrose to have some dolls considering she is Albedo's assistant. “Thank you... Ayaka.” Sucrose grabbed her glasses, but by then Ayaka had already gone down. “What are we eating today?” Sucrose shouted as loud as she could but it didn’t really sound like a shout. “Zhongyuan chop suey, made by the almighty Xinyan!”  


Childe was walking out of class until a certain lady gave him a message.   


“Ajax, let us and the others meet.”  


Childe knew exactly what this was.   


“Fandango man!” Childe walked up to the boy. “What do you want.” the little man looked at him in disgust.  


“Wanna play with ice?”  

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Sucrose was never good at speaking. She still had people around her, she just was not the best speaker. She would freeze when talking to strangers sometimes but around people she knew she was better at speaking. She was always curious about things.  


Even how her friends  








“Sucrose?” Knock knock, Sucrose could hear the loud knocking at her bedroom door. This was usually how Eula woke Sucrose up. The knocking stopped; Eula has gone back down to with the others. The sight of her room was blurry, until she picked up her glasses as she slowly wore them. In the morning, her entire body was weak. She’s fragile, just like glass, but the glass in her heart already broke years ago. And they were the cause of it.   


“What are we eating?” Sucrose slowly walked down stairs eyeing the food on the table. To her surprise, there was someone else she wouldn’t think would be cooking. “Albedo? And Kaeya?” Sucrose was confused, why were her associates in her dormitory? And they were guys too. Albedo noticed Sucrose’s presence, “Hello there.” Albedo slowly stirred the pot of soup as Kaeya watched him. “Albedo and Kaeya came over so we forced them to cook us breakfast today.” Ayaka smiled as she put her hands on her lap. You could say it was an innocent smile but the words she said was not that innocent.   


“Whoa, that actually looks really good!” Xinyan looked at the wakatakeni that Albedo made for them. "It seems you are familiar with Inazuman cuisine. I certainly was not expecting this.” Ayaka looked at the blonde-haired man. “My love really is great cook, isn’t he?” Kaeya chuckled. “This is splendid. Next time let us force you to make us breakfast again.” Eula said as she sipped the broth. “...No thank you. Anyway, Kaeya and I want to talk to Sucrose.”   


By the time they finished eating, Ayaka, Eula and Xinyan had gone outside already, leaving the three alone in the dorm. “Sucrose. You know what we are going to talk about, right?” Albedo, Sucrose and Kaeya were in the kitchen. The plates were still plated on the table, not yet put in the sink. “I know.” Sucrose looked down at her lap, not facing Albedo and Kaeya. “Do you want a leave of absence? I’m sure Dain would understand.”   


In the end Sucrose agreed to her leave of absence. She was going to meet the graveyard, the graveyard of her friends. She didn’t really remember their faces; she only remembered their voices and names. Like for example, Glucose and Fructose, her friends' names. If she remembered Glucose had pastel pink hair that faded into light blue at the ends, tied up in pigtails. She was about 159 cm tall and weighted around 30kg. She was under-weight and would starve herself every now and then. Sucrose would tell her to eat she would beg sometimes but Glucose just wouldn’t listen. Glucose was very fragile, if you broke her once, she would break forever. She was quiet, but her mind was always fighting. On the other hand, Fructose had dark black hair that was straight, it was let loose and was long as well. She was around 180 cm from what Sucrose remembered, weighing about 58kg. She played many sports and fought battles against men. She had a pyro vision unlike Glucose who had no vision. She was always happy and would comfort Glucose when Sucrose was not around. But she was also broken. When she was younger, she had been sexually assaulted. She begged for the guy to stop but they didn’t. In the end, someone saved her from him and they killed the man. She was thankful but she saw the blood, dripping down from his neck. She saw him slowly die, the person who had protected her in the cost of a man's blood. She ran away. Thankfully, she still had her clothes on. The person who protected her didn’t chase after her, but instead killed themselves. She was terrified. She really was. She was only a child. A child who saw blood. A child who saw two dead bodies. She swore to never tell anyone but Sucrose and Glucose. That was how close the three were. Of course, they spent time together with other people, but they were not as close. They were like sisters.   


Sisters who shared their pain. 


“Hello, Glucose. I know you don’t really like food but, please accept this.” Sucrose placed down a bag of biscuits. Even though Glucose never ate, when she did, she always insisted on having biscuits after. “And this is for you.” Sucrose placed down a small dagger on Fructose's grave. She knew Fructose liked to collect certain weapons for self-defensive. Even though she didn’t really need them because her fists were already enough.   



If you have come to this point in the chapter then you are probably asking,  “Why is Sucrose going to her friends’ grave on her birthday?”   




Well. Let me tell you a story. About how Fructose and Glucose died.   



Sucrose, Glucose and Fructose were walking on the street. They were just casually walking, unaware of the terror that would hit them.   


“Glucose? You seem a bit out of it. Are you okay?” Fructose waved her hand in front of Glucoses face. “A-ah, I’m fine just a bit tired.” Glucose said as she smiled at the girl. “Then do you want to go home?” Sucrose asked. They were only 14 years old at the time. Their parents had already trusted them with this kind of stuff. “I can manage since it’s Sucrose's birthday.” Glucose giggled. “...If you say so, but if you ever feel sick tell us right away.” Fructose stretched her arms out. That would be her mistake. Someone grabbed Fructose by the hand, their grip was extraordinarily strong. Even stronger than Fructose's. “LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!” Fructose yelled as she tried her best to run away. They were pulling Fructose away from Sucrose and Glucose. The two girls noticed and chased after them, Fructose shouted for help but no one came. The louder she shouted, the faster Sucrose and Glucose could pin point her location. Until, the screaming stopped. That's right, it stopped. Sucrose and Glucose couldn’t hear her screams anymore. It was just, silent. Until Glucose disappeared as well. “SUCROSE RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! FORGET ABOUT ME AND FRUCTOSE!” Glucose screamed. When Sucrose heard her command, she did exactly that. She ran away out of fear. She let her friends die. She is the person to blame. Because of the guilt Sucrose held, Sucrose would often cut herself on her right ankle. It was the place where people wouldn’t notice and for her to relieve her guilt. She could feel herself losing it.   


Unfortunately, they were never able to find the killer, so every day she hoped and prayed the killer of her friends would die a miserable death. She despised that person, even though they had never met before. They didn’t need too.  


Sucrose looked at the two graves. She wanted to cry, but she knew the two would feel bad if she did. So, she didn’t. She smiled and bowed down. She burst out crying once she was back in the dorm, her cries were loud. So loud that they could almost be heard from outside her room. She was hurt. She could feel the wound in her heavy heart.   


The wound that she knows will never heal. 



(this is fran’s gf and even im hurt by reading this T__T if you’re crying dw me too ): see you next time, thank you for reading this chapter!!!)  

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uh yeah what the title said

Chapter Text

“Wanna play with ice? 


Scaramouche turned around to look at the ugly white man. “...Now?”   


“...Dottore and Signora are already there right.”   


Childe and Scaramouche knocked on the student council's door. “Come in.” To their surprise, there was not just Dainsleif in the room. There were a few other people in the room. Whom Dainsleif could not see but the two at the door could. The six in the room snapped their heads to see who was at the door.  


The six fucking archons are in the same fucking room.   


 “Oh, it’s just you two.” Barbatos said as he slowly walked towards them. “Isn’t your little god waiting for you? Kind of improper of you to make an archon wait.” Kusanali crossed her arms, shaking her head. “You shouldn’t pressure the two harbingers like that. They need to be able to leave school with this guy's permission.” Baal said. “Do you need something? Why are you just standing there.” Dainsleif asked the two boys. “Oh, um. Can we get a leave of absence?” Childe awkwardly said. “Your reason?” Dainsleif asked them as he signed some papers. “We have job interviews to get to.” Scaramouche confidently said. “That’s a nice excuse.” Murata was shocked to hear Scaramouches answer so she clapped for the two. “Alright then. I’ll inform the teachers.” Dainsleif stood up. “Make sure you get that job.”   



Dainsleif: seems the fatui have a meeting with their archon  


Albedo: you mean right now?  


Dainsleif: right now  


“This way, my lords.” A fatui diplomat, who is within Pierro's division. The three were alone in a dark alley way, “May the Tsaritsa’s dream come true. All loyalty to the Tsaritsa. Those who disobey will be greatly punished.” The doors to the  Zapolyarny Palace.  


The Zapolyarny Palace is where most of the fatui reside. However, it is more than just where the fatui hail. It is where the Tsaritsa hails and where fatui members train. It says the reason the fatui train there is so the Tsaritsa can watch what she calls her “children” or “family.”  To see who can become a harbinger, and to see who is worthy of her attention. Only the archons and harbingers have seen what the Tsaritsa looks like, but people say she has the appearance of a medium sized girl looking in her teens. Her hair white like snow, and eyes light blue. And her hands, they were cold, just one touch and you could feel your own temperature falling. However, these rumors only reside within the fatui walls. Why may you ask? It is simple. Those who reside in the fatui, are not allowed to speak of the Tsaritsa to outsiders. If you do, an execution will occur. Each and every execution is different from one another. But every single one of them has four things in common. One, the power of cryo is used. Two, the Tsaritsa will do it personally. Three, it takes place in a private room for the harbingers to watch the rule breaker to be punished. Finally, the blood from the victim will be extracted and put into a little bucket, so that the Tsaritsa herself can dip a white chamomile in it. Turning the beautiful white flower into a deep vibrant red. The flower is usually preserved and put into a safe box inside the gardens of the Zapolyarny Palace marking the crimes the person committed. After the execution, the fatui themselves will remove the person's existence from everyone's minds, excluding people in the fatui. They will also remove all memories of the Tsaritsa outside fatui walls. Making the Tsaritsa unknown throughout most of Teyvat.  


Scaramouche and Childe were at the doors of the meeting room for the harbingers. Guarded by two male fatui agents. The two agents bowed down and opened the door for the two. By the time they went in they had changed into their formal attire. “You’re late.” Capitano yelled at the two harbingers. “How about you blame that fucking Dainsleif hoe.” Scaramouche sat down onto his respective seat. “Well, it’s not like the Her Majesty is here, so technically we aren’t late.” Childe tried to calm his two seniors. “What a way of words little one.” La Signora laughed as she sipped her cup of tea. “I would rather lose my rank as a harbinger than have you compliment me.” Childe glared at her. “So vulgar.” Pulcinella said. It was clear that everyone here despised each other, they just didn’t show it. “My Lords and Ladys. Her Majesty is here.” Two cicin mages came in with the Tsaritsa. Both had blind folds on, not being able to see the appearance of the Tsaritsa.   


“Hello, my children.” Her aura was strong, it was intense. The cicin mages were glad they couldn’t see the Tsaritsa. Her mere presence was suffocating. The Tsaritsa sat on her seat, “I am here to inform you all on the archon battle. This is important so listen carefully.” Her voice was soft and eerie. She spoke politely, none of her words were vulgar like some of the harbingers. “This year's archon battle will be in the realm within.” The Tsarita then pulled out a tea pot. “Your Majesty, may I ask what that is?” Dottore asked. “This is the serenitea pot. Inside the serenitea pot you will be sent into a realm within.”  The harbingers looked like curious pets all looking at the tea pot. “Why the sudden change?” Pierro asked. “...Who knows.”   


“I will be going now. You may leave or keep talking, farewell.” The Tsaritsa stood up and left, the two cicin mages following her. “So? What will you be doing with this information?” Pierro, the first of the fatui harbingers, also known as the joker. He recruited most of the fatui harbingers in the room. He is respected by most of his colleagues, and no one dares to defy his words. Except for a few amongst the harbingers. “With this information isn’t it obvious? We’re all going to prepare for the fight somehow are we not?” Scaramouche, the sixth of the fatui harbingers, also known as the balladeer. You already know this man, but it doesn’t hurt to tell you all his true background, right? He isn’t really liked amongst the fatui, so of course people tend to avoid him when he’s in his fatui business. Outside of work you could say he’s a decent man. “I’m leaving.” Capatino stood up and left the room. “Capatino you’re always quick to leave, why don’t you try to stay and have a nice chat?” Sandrone said, but by the time he said that the man had already left. “I’m gonna go. I have a school to get to.” Scaramouche left the room. “I still can’t believe that 4 fatui harbingers were assigned to a school. Makes me have a good chuckle.” Pulcinella laughed as he said that. “How about you shut the fuck up. Be glad you're not the one there fucking ass.” Scaramouche slammed the door ending his statement showing the middle finger to all of them. Soon enough there was only Childe and Pierro. “I’ll be going now. Take care.” Childe stood up and left the room. “Wait.” Childe turned around to face the man. “...Never mind, quickly get to your school.” Pierro waved the young one goodbye. The doors shut closed. Pierro looked around the room in a daze. He looked outside the window.   


“What a joyful sight.” he said as he watched a little girl stab a man repeatedly. 

Chapter Text

Private chat with albedo  


Kaeya: did you know that cum tastes warm and salty?  


Albedo: kaeya wtf its 2 in the morning   






Kaeya: im gonna cry  


Albedo: so am I  


Kaeya: go to sleep   


Albedo: no u  



Albedo and Kaeya proceed to say that the other should sleep even though they both need it. Hypocrites am I right just stay up till 4 am together. But eventually they decided to do just that and go to sleep like you should.  



Kaeya woke up to his trusty alarm clock, the sound of it being vibrated throughout the room. “Morning Dain.” Kaeya placed his hand on Dainsleifs shoulder. Aether was still in the house, so they got Dainsleif to cook in the morning. “What do you want.” Dainsleif asked. “I want a leave of absence.” Kaeya smirked. “Okay.” There is no point in arguing with Kaeya Alberich because god knows that Kaeya will convince anyone. “I also want to hang out with Albedo for my birthday can you let him be absent too?” Kaeya said. “Okay.”   


“And that’s the story of how we can go on a picnic!” Kaeya was at Albedos .  Baizhu and the rest had already left the dorms leaving Kaeya and Albedo alone. “So, you’re saying that you somehow convinced Dain to give both of us a leave of absence. And now I’m going to go on a picnic with you?” Albedo said with confusion. “Yes. That is exactly what I just said.”   


“I fucking hate you.” Albedo and Kaeya were outside the school grounds. Albedo was wearing what he usually wore outside. He was wearing emo attire, mostly black, but his key features were his fish nets. Kaeya gifted him those same fish nets for Albedo's birthday back in September,   and now Kaeya forced him to wear them. He didn’t mind wearing the black skirt, in fact he wore skirts in public from time to time.   However, the fish nets were absolute hell Surprisingly enough, Albedo didn’t half mind wearing them if he was not in public, but now? He wanted to die. There were a lot of stares A group of girls approached the two, “Hey, uhm ,  miss? I would suggest you wear something else if you are out in public. A lot of things happen and-”   


“What do you mean by that ? ” Kaeya glared. “He can wear whatever he   wants, and it’s not miss, it’s mister.” He declared. “Let’s go.” Kaeya dragged Albedo away leaving the group of girls dumbfounded. As Albedo was being dragged away, he looked over at the girls. The picnic basket was shaking a lot.   


“Ah... I remember when I was a girl too. I hated it.”  


“Kaeya, isn’t your car on the other side?” It was true, they were going to go in   Kaeya's car, but Kaeya dragged him on the wrong side. “...Uh you’re right.” So, the two walked back to find their car and drove to the destination.   


They were finally at their destination. Stormbearer mountains, it was a well-known place for its beautiful scenery. Especially at night and noon. Beside it is the famous   Starsnatch cliff its nickname is “Lovers Cliff” because a lot of couples would go there Kaeya and Albedo looked around to find a nice patch of grass. “This seems like a nice patch of grass.” Albedo pointed at a spot beneath a tree. It was shady over there, so the tree could protect the two from the sun. “Hearing you say a nice patch of grass sounds kinda weird. Very  unscience-y. ” Kaeya chuckled. Albedo glared at him in return.   


Albedo placed down the picnic basket and opened it. Inside there was a variety of food. Ranging from all over teyvat. It was a feast; Kaeya could demolish most of the food there ,  leaving some for Albedo. “So, who made all this?” Albedo asked. “Do you really think I’m hopeless at cooking...” Kaeya looked at the blonde one with puppy eyes. “Well, you’re right, I asked a certain youngster to prepare this for me.” Kaeya admitted. “Holy- Xiangling even made drinks for us?” Albedo found a lot of little bottles of mysterious drinks. “Oh, those were from Diluc and Diona.” Kaeya took a bottle and chugged it down. Most of the bottles were covered in some black cloth to hide what it was. The black cloth had little cat drawings drawn on by Diona. “Oh, this is strawberry milk.” Kaeya closed the lid. “We should go and set up all the food.  


“Damn those look good.” Kaeye eyed the lotus flower crisp. “It is sweet and most of the people of Liyue ate the snack in early childhood. It is the norm for a Liyuen to know about the lotus flower crisp.” Albedo explained the snack to the older man. Kaeya then took a small bite of the snack, “This is really good, here, try it.” Kaeya fed the remaining snack to Albedo. “Wow, no wonder the people of Liyue love this snack!” Albedo said with the snack in his mouth, almost muffling his words. “There’s also mini chicken burgers, Xiangling really outdid herself this time.” Kaeya ate the entire mini burger in one sitting. Albedo took a small bite of the burger, “Ew. There’s tomatoes in here.” Albedo then proceeded to remove ever tomato from each mini burger and feed it to Kaeya one by one.   


“No offense to Scaramouche but mans is kinda annoying.” It had been an hour in, fortunately Kaeya was fanning Albedo. Turns out, Diluc put dandelion wine in one of the bottles and Albedo drank it. “Mhm, keep going.” Kaeya's fanning speed started to slow down. “Like sure we’re both trans and stuff we hit off but like lowkey kinda protective just saying.” Albedo took a bite of an egg roll. “Kaeya go get me that drink.” Albedo pointed at a mystery drink. Of course, Kaeya took the bottle, but instead of giving it to Albedo, he kept it. “What are you doing?” Albedo glared at the man, “You want this? Then get it.” Kaeya drank the mystery drink; inside the bottle was dango milk. Dango milk had a porridge like texture, so it could stay on the tongue somehow. “Mother fucker.” As Albedo cursed at him, Kaeya opened his legs wide open. He hit his lap two times. Soon enough, Albedo crawled over and sat on his lap. They could have sex in that position to be honest, but they don’t do that shit out in the open. He had a skirt on so you could say Kaeya's cock was slightly rubbing against Albedo's vagina,  but they don’t do that shit out in the open . Albedo put his lips against Kaeya’s, slowly feeding himself the dango milk. Their tongues intertwined; the feeding started to turn into a deep kiss. Albedo let go of the kiss. “What the fuck? are you hard?” Albedo’s teal eyes were locked onto Kaeya’. Kaeya didn’t even realize he was hard. Albedo glared at him, “We are not having sex here.”   


Soon enough it was nighttime. It was windy, so no need to fan each other anymore. Most of the food had been finished up by Kaeya. Now, they were stargazing. “Those stars look like a penis.” Kaeya pointed up in the sky. “No, they don’t. You’re just horny.” Albedo looked at the penis stars. “You know, Albedo, I’m really glad you accepted my confession.” Kaeya stated.  


And I’m glad that I didn’t have to confess first. Albedo thought to himself. But it’s not like he’s going to tell Kaeya that.  


Maybe next time, Albedo will be the one who has enough courage.  

Chapter Text

“Ganyu, you need to stop eating, you’re getting fat.” 


“Ganyu is like an elephant. AHHHAHHAA.” 


“Ganyu is really fucking fat.”  


“What a pig.” 


“You’ve gained weight.” 


“Pfft, fat bitch.” 



please stop  


please stop  


please stop  











Ganyu woke up, she was sweating like crazy. She was scared. Scared of the voices in her head. Ganyu looked to her left, there was her girlfriend Keqing. She was sleeping peacefully, breathing normally and in a deep slumber. Ganyu slowly crept out of the bed, making sure she didn’t wake up Keqing.   


Ganyu went downstairs to make food for everyone in the dormitory. She planned on making vegetarian abalone. A healthy dish from Liyue, it is known for its rich flavor and freshness. It is delicious, and sometimes served in fine dining. For a commoner to know how to make it would be surprising. Of course, she isn’t as great as Xiangling or other chefs, but she could consider herself better than decent.  


It had been about 40 minutes since Ganyu started to prepare the dish. Qiqi and Diona were downstairs talking about who knows what. “Qiqi, now that I think about it. Ganyu only cooks healthy dishes. Almost 0 calories.” Diona said as she drew on the floor. “Do you think so? I never noticed.” Qiqi said. Qiqi watched as Diona take the light blue crayon out of the box. “Of course, you wouldn’t, you don’t remember things well.” Diona sighed. “If she’s doing it on purpose then she probably wants us to be healthy. So, I don’t really mind.” Qiqi said. Diona looked up at the girl,” ...I guess you’re right.”  


“...” Ganyu overheard the two girls talking about what she made. Well, it didn’t matter if they were healthy and were eating well, right? “Good morning.” Keqing said as she slowly walked down the staircase. “Good morning.” Ganyu smiled at her girlfriend. “Is Klee and Sayu still asleep?” Keqing pulled the chair out from the table. “Yeah, they are, I’ll call then out once I finish cooking.”   


“Good morning!” Klee was more hyper than usual, after all she got more sleep than she usually did. Sayu on the other hand was the opposite. She looked like she was going to pass out sooner or later even though she got plenty of sleep. Ganyu placed down the plates, she made 2 batches of vegetarian abalone so they could all share. They six of them enjoyed their vegetarian abalone for the day.   


Dainsleif walked towards the blue haired girl, “Hey, Ganyu. Just letting you know you have the day off.” Dainsleif quickly made his escape, knowing that if he just ran away there would be no negotiation. “Lucky you.” Keqing smiled at the girl and waved goodbye.   


Ganyu decided to go somewhere else in her own free time alone. It had been a long time since she went shopping for things of her own use. So, she decided to go shopping for the day.   



“Look at that girl, she’s so pretty.” 


“She’s so skinny, I wish I had her body.” 


“That shade of blue is beautiful.” 



“Hey, do you want to add me on WeChat?” A group of males approached Ganyu. “No thank you.” Ganyu attempted to walk away but they grabbed her by the wrist. “C’mon, it’s just WeChat. Plus, with a body like that you’re just asking for it.” The boy wouldn’t let go of Ganyu. She was scared, “Wait... aren’t you Ganyu?” The group of males looked at her dead in the eyes. “How do you know my name?” Ganyu looked at them scared. They were making a scene, and everyone was looking at them. She was scared for her life. She should’ve just stayed at home. “That’s Ganyu? Wasn’t she really fat?” The group of boys looked at her up and down. “What a glow up.” One of the boys licked their ice cream. “Don’t you remember me? I'm Dongsheng!”   


Of course   I remember you, you’re the one who fat shamed me.  


“No, I don’t think we’ve met before. Can you leave me alone?” Ganyu tried to get his grip to loosen. She wanted to escape and go back home to Keqing. She wanted to be comforted. She wanted to go back. She wanted to be safe. She wanted to be skinny.  


5 years ago  











Ganyu stood on scale, “70kg” she was overweight. She was fat, she was 70kg at 159 cm. She felt like an animal. She was so ugly, she wanted to die. She just wanted to lose all that weight. People called her a pig everywhere. All she could hear was fat. She was crying. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have the motivation to exercise. But she wanted to lose weight. She didn’t want to eat healthily either. She just wanted to lose weight somehow. She took pill after pill, she even considered getting plastic surgery. But she couldn’t afford it. So, what could she afford? She could starve herself. Only eat one meal a day. Then she would lose weight, right? So, she did just that. She starved herself, she was eating one meal a day. She was so hungry, but she wanted to lose weight more. Soon enough, she was losing weight. Ganyu’s mother didn’t notice because she would eat lunch and breakfast at school. So, she thought that Ganyu was eating all 3 meals a day. Soon Ganyu’s mother noticed the amount of weight Ganyu lost. She was overjoyed because Ganyu wouldn’t be bullied so much anymore, but she wondered why her daughter was losing weight so quickly. Ganyu seemed to be happier, so she didn’t question it. She should’ve questioned it.  


It had been a few months since then. She weighed 53kg, but in exchange, she was tired and stressed. She didn’t have enough energy to do schoolwork, causing some of her grades to drop. But seeing the numbers on the scale drop was so relieving, it made her feel like she was achieving something when she was losing everything else around her. “Ganyu, you seem to be a bit tired. Are you okay?” Ganyu’s mother knocked on her door. “Ganyu. Let me in.” Xiao opened the door. Inside was a crying Ganyu, her brother quickly rushed towards her and so did her mother. Her mother quickly rushed to hug her. Xiao hugged her as well. Their father had already passed away. They were a family of three. Just the three of them. Soon to be four.   


“So, you’ve been losing weight by not eating?” Ganyu’s mother asked. “Mhm.” Ganyu’s tears were dried up, her voice cranky and her throat hurt. Both of her family members knew what to say. “Well, for now I’ll be with you while you eat lunch and breakfast.” Xiao said calmly. “If you want to lose weight, how about you exercise with me?” Ganyu’s mother intertwined their hands. “From now on we’ll exercise together. It’s no good to skip meals,” Ganyu’s mom was surprisingly calm. “We should also send Ganyu to the hospital. This might be serious, plus it doesn’t hurt to check.”   


“Ganyu... is diagnosed with an eating disorder?” The family was shocked about what the doctor had said. “Yes, I’m so sorry. However, it is possible to recover from an eating disorder. You just need to follow the following. Of course, it will take some time, but it's worth it.” The doctor gave Ganyu’s mother a slip of paper. Listing things that could help Ganyu recover. “I’m sure at first it’ll seem hard for Ganyu, but if she has her mind set on recovering, it’ll be a breeze for such a brilliant girl.”   


Back to present 


“Please leave me alone.” Ganyu begged. She was so close to using her cryo vision, but it would make her cause an even bigger scene. “How about you stop bitching around, you motherfucker.” There was a familiar voice. She looked behind her, it was Keqing and Xiao. “Or what?” The group of males started to get pissed off. “Don’t you dare lay a hand on my girlfriend or I'll commit murder right here.” Keqing took out her electro vision. “Damn she’s a fucking faggot.” The group of males left her alone. “Ganyu, are you okay?” Keqing hugged her girlfriend in worry. Xiao remaining silent. “I’m fine, but what are you doing here?” Ganyu asked. She looked at the big shopping bags they were carrying, “What is that?” Ganyu looked at the bags. They were big and looked as if they were stuffed with a lot of different things. “We were planning a party for you but then we saw you here.” Xiao said. Ganyu looked at the two and giggled.  


“Well, I don’t really want to party today. So instead return it and come shopping with me!” 

Chapter Text

“What do I do with this information?” Scaramouche thought. “Fuck, what is her majesty thinking?”  


“Sucrose, what did you find something out in these dolls? "Albedo asked. “Inside each doll there should be a Vayuda fragment of the dolls element.” Sucrose showed her two dolls. Their stuffing ripped apart; you would almost feel sorry for the doll. 

As if they were living people. 

Then suddenly, Albedo quickly took a knife and stabbed the doll where the human heart was supposed to be. Everyone in the room just watched. The knife was still in the doll, there didn’t seem to be any reason to stab it unless out of anger. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. It was just a doll being stabbed by another doll. Until what seemed to be blood soaked into the doll's clothing. “As I expected.” Albedo then ripped the dolls' clothes off. There was clearly blood visible on both the dolls “skin” and clothing. “So? What do we do with this information.” Aether asked as he sat at the student council table. “Uhm... well. It seems the dolls are alive.” Lumine said. “But when I removed my dolls stuffing it didn’t bleed? How come Albedo's doll did.” Sucrose was confused. There were more questions rather than answers. “Both of us did the same thing. Except you took the stuffing out, while I didn’t. The stuffing is probably important.” 


“This announcement is only for students in kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school. It is now the end of lunch, please make your way to your respective classrooms.”  


“Okay, let’s stop here for today. If you find anything else on your own, tell us.” Dainsleif said. He walked out the door, leaving the 5 in the room alone. “I’ll be going now, I’m starving.” Kaeya intertwined his and Albedo hand, leaving the room with Lumine staring at them. “I’ll excuse myself.” Sucrose bowed down and left the twins alone.   


“Hi, Sucrose.” Venti was in front of the student council door. “O-oh. Hi Venti, do you need something?” Sucrose said. “Can you follow me?”  


“Uhm, Venti, why did you want me to follow you back here?” Sucrose looked around her surroundings. She was in a dark alleyway. It was still day, so she could still see most of the place. Venti stopped, “...Do you know why I brought you here?” Venti turned around, looking at her with his aqua eyes. His eyes were threatening. No, his entire presence was threatening. She was scared, what did Venti need? “No, I don’t.” Sucrose replied. “Can you drink this?” Venti smiled as he handed the girl a bottle of a strange liquid. It was strange in color. At first it was a vibrant red but then it would change into a deep blue.   


“Drink it.” 


Sucrose heard a voice from behind, she turned around, but nothing was there. She looked back and Venti's smile had disappeared without a trace. Everything was weird, from the location, the drink, the voice and Venti. She didn’t know what to say, she was scared. She didn’t know what to do. But then she realized something. This was the same alleyway they died. The same place they disappeared. The same place she wanted to erase. The same place she wanted to forget.  
She ran as fast as she could, she didn’t think but someone pulled her back. “Sucrose, you don’t need to make my life harder, do you?” Venti has his arms on her neck. The drinks lid was wide open, he forced her to open her mouth and made her drink whatever it was. “Good girl.” Sucrose could feel her consciousness go away. She passed out. 


“Ngh...” Sucrose woke up, she was hanging up some dark place. She couldn’t see where she was, everything was just pitch black. She felt someone hug her from behind, “Hello, Sucrose!” It was Venti. “Venti, where am I?” Sucrose asked. She was trying her best to stay calm and composed. “...Why do I have to tell you that?” Venti said coldly. Then suddenly there was light. It was so bright, the entire room felt white. Sucrose looked around, there were black figures and other people. The black figures were seated, and the others were standing in front of them. Except, one of them didn’t have a normal person in front of them. But then she realized something. The black figure that had no one in front of them looked just like Venti. Their features, their hair, their body, their height. Everything looked identical.   


“Shall we get started?”