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Elliot popped the tops of two beers and joined Olivia on the balcony, looking into the darkening evening sky. A memory stirs as he sits beside her. The two of them on the precinct roof as the sun set, wondering what the future would hold as they watched the smoke billowing in the distance.

She takes the proffered beer and sighs.
“20 years already. I can’t believe it.”
He nods in agreement “yeah. Feels like both a lifetime, and a minute.”

They sit in silence for a while, thinking. Remembering. Sips of beer break the quiet from time to time. The air begins to chill, and Olivia pulls her (formerly his) sweatshirt around her tighter.

“That was the first time” he takes her hand in his “this happened.”

She recalls that on that morning their instinctive reaction to the shock and horror unfolding on the TV in that small bodega, surrounded by a crowd of weeping strangers, was to grab onto one another and hold on for dear life.