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My Supernova Girl

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She walked into the door and was met with Elliot on the couch practicing self abuse.

"You could have waited for me" She said as she walked towards him.

She pulled off her jacket and knelt down in front of him. She wrapped her lips around his phallic membrane and proceeded to bob up and down until she could taste his spermatozoa on her tongue. Then Elliot gasped as she took his propagator deeper. He could feel her throat and it made him want to splooge. But if she did that, this would be over too soon.

SO he let her continue to make his intromittent organ feel good.

Soon he couldn't help himself

"I'm gonna spend my seed!" He said as his liquid body substance began pouring into her throat. She happily gobbled up all of his nut juice.

When he finished, she kissed him. He tasted his twig juice in her mouth, picked her up, and carried her to the bedroom so he could ministrate her with his mouth

The. End.