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It was a sunny morning and quite calm ... too calm. Zhan yao woke up around 9am just to find himself completely alone in bed, Bai yutong's spot was cold which means that he had already gotten up a long time ago. Zhan Yao got out of bed to look for his mouse thinking that he might be in the kitchen cooking breakfast or something, but he wasn't there, he checked every corner of the apartment and there was no trace of the mouse so he decided to send him a text.

ZY: "¿Where are you?"

He waited a few minutes and then he got a text from yutong

BY: "I'm in a meeting with the captains of other departments :/ "

ZZ: "¿Shouldn't I be there too? ¿Why didn't you wake me?"

BY: "You stayed up late finishing some documents, I thought you needed more sleep, so I told them you were sick"

ZZ: "Mmm i see..."

ZZ: "¿Xiao Bai is anyone near you that can look at your cell phone?"

BY: "¿Why? "

BY: "¿Are you going to send me a selfie of your cute sleepy face ?"

ZZ: "Something like that i just don't want anyone to see it"

BY: "Don't worry I'm sure they'll find you as cute as i do"

ZZ: "I'm serious"

BY: "Fine,fine there isn't anyone"

ZZ: "Okay"

*ZZ sent a photo* (sorry idk how to put the picture)

ZZ: "Thank u for being so considerate.Here is your reward~"

Bai yutong almost choke with his own saliva.Yutong was speechless,he couldn't believe what he was seeing,couldn't believe that his cat was bold enough to take a picture like that and send it to him.

BY: "Cat what the hell? Since when do you have shorts like these? I've never seen them"

ZZ: "I actually was wearing them last night"

ZZ: "Such a shame that you didn't notice them. I would have let you have a little fun but i think you aren't that interested"

BY: "Just wait until I get home and I'll show you how interested i am"

ZZ: "Hurry up,I'm bored~"

The mouse excused himself from the meeting and ran to his car thinking "that cheeky cat is so gonna get it" as he sped through the streets.