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Welcome to Twisted Wonderland: The First Stones

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A Visit from an old “friend”




I rubbed my eyes before opening them to darkness. I looked around to find myself alive? No, I was dead. They killed me, but yet I’m awake?

There were no corpses, no rumbling, no stuff falling from the sky, no ruins of a castle. It felt smooth and clean; the smell of dirt and death was gone.


As my eyes turned green and my blood flowed with rage, I let out an angry scream as my hands grasped into fists. As my shoulders shook and tears streamed down my face. The realization had hit me. I had lost.


“This can’t be happening!” I exclaimed, breaking down in tears.  “All of my hard work, all of my plans, every trick, scar, and loss... Suddenly, it is all meaningless". Standing up, I screamed until all of my lungs gave out, then collapsed on the floor staring at what I assumed was a dark sky above me. “What was even the point?” I thought.


Turning my attention to my hands, the memories of Bellatrix's poorly done bandages made me chuckle, recalling how she never could do them right, always struggling with how sticky they were. She wouldn’t want me to give up now, she would want me to keep going. 


Standing up, I wiped my tears away with my sleeve and navigated through this strange place. It was mostly dark, with very little light, but I could make out a light source at the end of the room.


My eyes became accustomed to the darkness, as I stood in a dark room surrounded by floating mirrors. 


“Where am I?” I muttered.


“You’re awake, wonderful.”


When I turned around to face the voice, I saw him standing there. My blood immediately blazing with rage. My hand moving near my wand, preparing to take it.


You ” I spat at him, hand still near my wand, “ I thought you were dead


“It’s pleasant to see you once more, Ms. Riddle,” he said, ignoring my words.


An old, tall, and thin man wearing a long purple cloak, high buckled boots, and crystal glasses with half-moon lenses was staring back at me calmly without care. His long silver-white beard covered most of his chest and his hands were behind his back. 


Dumbledore,” My tone was low, eyes never leaving him “What do you want? Where am I?”


He chuckled, light azure eyes glimmering with knowledge and mystery. “Always eager for answers, just like your father”


“Don’t you dare speak about him!!” outraged, I pointed my wand at him, ready to kill him “Now answer my questions!! Where am I?!”


“Lower your wand, Ms. Riddle. There’s no need to result in such actions,” He spoke calmly.


“Not until you answer my questions, you bastard,” I demanded, looking him dead in the eye.


“Understandable,” unbothered, he began. “But, because of your actions against the wizarding world, we have established your punishment. I will send you,” He pushed his spectacles up, pausing for a moment, eyes staring into mine, “to a peculiar location for a while.”  


I put my wand down as he continued. Shocked, I couldn’t think. I’m going to face punishment? To another land? Is this real? Is this happening?


“You mean, you decide where I am being sent to? What's going to happen to me? My actions?” I asked, my tone becoming more infuriated by each word.


"We just tried to make the world see its errors, its mistakes because the wizarding world created many more problems. More than my father and I have made.”


He continued regardless of my questions, “As you can see, currently, we’re not in Hogwarts-”


“That’s quite obvious by the lack of corpses,” I interrupted, rolling my eyes.


“This room contains an interesting mirror that leads to where you will go,” He continued gesturing to a big mirror that appeared different from the others.


In the middle of the room, there was a mirror with an unusual design painted on it. Though it seemed familiar, I wasn't able to pinpoint its origin.


Dumbledore lifted his wand and made a slight movement, causing the mirror to display green and black flames. It looked like something from Maleficent’s battle with Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty.


Unwillingly, my feet moved on their own and brought me closer to the mirror. Almost as if it was calling my name like the Mirror of Erised did.


“Through that mirror, you will enter a parallel land where things are not what they seem,” He said now standing at my side “You will remain there until it’s completed,”


That last sentence brought me back to reality. I pulled my hand away from the mirror, turned to face him with an unpleasant expression.


“What do you mean until it’s completed ?” I asked him, upset that he’s going to use me for yet another scheme.


He gave me a closed eye smile “That’s a discussion for a later time”, confirming that he wouldn’t tell me anything.


“Of course it is,” I mumbled, turning away in annoyance. “All that I would have to do is go through this mirror and live out my punishment for who knows how long, correct?”


“Yes, that’s correct,” He nodded


My eyes widened. "You mean you—"


A roar of laughter escaped from my mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks, and my body shook.


Dumbledore watched with a confused look, thinking I had finally lost my mind like Bellatrix.


“Oh — You think  — they all think you are the —— greatest wizard---- that ever lived!!” I said in between laughs. 


He didn’t seem bothered by my laughter, but unimpressed as he waited for me to finish.


“Oh, that’s hilarious!” I wiped a tear from my eye. “You think I will willingly go through this mirror?”


He didn’t answer, but I was sure he had something up his sleeve. My best course of action now is to be careful and not underestimate him.


“Not in the slightest,” He answered, pushing his glasses back again “I very much expect a struggle to come from you.”


Lifting my wand and pointing at him, “Well, it wouldn’t be much fun without a struggle, would it now?”


“No, it wouldn't,” he lifted his wand and pointed at me, ready to fight me if it was necessary.


“Finally, we agree on something,” I said, deciding what spell I should cast first “It’s about time”





Both shouted spells at each other, causing the forces to meet in the middle.


“Doesn’t this bring you back memories, Dumbledore,” I taunted, throwing another spell his way.


He dodged and sent a spell my way, missing me by an inch. He’s rusty, I admit, but still powerful.


“Petrificus Totalus!” I shout, running behind him, hitting him in the back.


Dumbledore's arms snapped to his sides, dropping his wand, allowing me to pick it up. His entire body rigid, he fell flat on his back, stiff as a board. The spell jammed together his jaws so he couldn't speak. Only his eyes were moving, looking at me with admiration and frustration.


Cackling, I looked down at him “That was shorter than I expected. What a shame... I was looking forward to an actual duel,” I said, sighing, as I held his wand in my hand. 


I kneeled and placed his wand at his side “This won’t be any help, anyway” 


Walking away from him and towards the mirror, I saw that the flames suddenly vanished, leaving only my reflection.


“This thing was going to take me to another world?” I laughed, shaking my head, and walked away from the mirror. “Truly pathetic.”


“Turn around, my love,” 


"What the hell?" I thought, turning toward the mirror, but the flames ignited instead of seeing my reflection. 


“A lovely and noble flower of evil,” a voice began as I took a step closer after every phrase. It sounded like it came from a male.


“Truly, you are the most beautiful of all,”


I took a step closer.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most….”


Another step. The voice’s words caused visions of a carriage and a castle to appear in my head.


“For thee, guided by the Mirror Of Darkness,”


“Follow thy heart and take the hand of the one reflected in the mirror.


That voice seemed familiar to me like it came to me once before in a dream or comforted me after a nightmare. I didn’t move as I stood in front of it, but listened to the voice, staying in a trancelike state.


Take my hand, the voice from the other side of the mirror said as the flames vanished and a gloved hand appeared.


Flames that can turn stars into ashes,


Ice that can imprison time,


Great trees that can swallow the sky,


Don’t be afraid of the power of darkness.


Come now, show your power


Mine, theirs, and yours


There’s only a little time left for us


My hand reached towards the glove, almost touching it before a force behind me pushed me inside the mirror.


Do not let go of that hand, at all costs 


I turned back to see Dumbledore saying something. “Best of luck, Headmaster Crowley. She’s a feisty one” Before disappearing from view.


That was the last thing I heard before darkness consumed my vision.

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I woke up in a dark, cramped space, a rattling sound distracting me as a groan escaped from my lips. A yawn soon followed as I tried to stretch but failed due to the small space.


Where am I?


Oh, I’m inside a coffin, huh asshole really likes puns 


Wait, what? 


My hands moved around, feeling the surrounding surface, confirming I was in a  coffin. Wonderful. 


How did I get here? What happened?  I thought feeling a pain in the back of my head  And what in Slytherin’s name is that noise?


“Crap. People are coming. Gotta get a uniform while I still can……” A voice outside the box said. It sounded small and squeaky. 


Sounds of grunts followed soon after. The voice must be trying to lift something. Is it trying to lift the coffin? 


“Grr!!!. The lid is too heavy! Time for my secret move, then!” He grunted, lifting the door off its lid. “Haaaaaaaaa! Got it!”


Flames of brilliant blue appeared from above and burned dangerously inside the coffin, threatening to burn my face.


“What in Salazar’s name?” I exclaimed, trying to find a way out. Before I could react, the flames had extinguished themselves rather quickly.


Stepping out of the coffin, I backed away from it and checked myself for any injuries. No injuries, luckily. But what the hell am I wearing?


A dark detachable hood and cape, black leather chest piece, and knee-high boots replaced with a black robe with gold accents, and royal purple covering the sleeves, the hood, and the edges. A black blazer with the same pattern was underneath, with dark pants and my boots. A gold buckle with an oval crest securing the entire outfit in place.


I looked at my new surroundings. The setting was like the last one but replaced with floating coffins instead of mirrors. I looked at the coffin I laid in, examining it, I found it unfamiliar. It was nothing from what I had seen or read before. Where am I?


“Okay, then! Now to get- AAAAAAAAGH! Why are you up??!!” Staring at me in shock, it asked, wondering why I was awake.


Now, this is weird. In front of me was a small cat-like creature with grey fur and a white patch on its chest. Its ears had the same grey fur but with blue flames blazing out of them. 

Blue cat-like eyes, little pink paws, a shaped pitchfork tail, and a black-and-white striped bow tie with a purple gemstone resting on the white patch were the features of the little thing. 


This creature must have been the one to cause the blue flames. That little freak almost burned me alive!!


“A raccoon cat?” I mumbled, confused by the insignificant creature, becoming agitated, and yelled “A RACCOON CAT ALMOST BURNED ME ALIVE!!??”


“Just who are you calling a raccoon?! I am the Great Grim,” the creature, now Grim, growled, before smirking “Well, whatever. Hey, human!”


What?  Where am I?” I asked, irritated. Does this creature want to die?


Grim blinked and carried on despite my question. "You don't know?" he asked, grinning and laughing. "That makes it even easier on the Great Grim! Human, give me your uniform... or else I'll roast ya!” The area around me was suddenly engulfed by blue flames. 


Now he’s just a pervert 


Figuring he must have summoned the flames, I took out my wand, flicking it, casting the simple charm “Aguamenti”. My wand let out a small weak spark, then nothing happened.


The spell didn’t work??!! 


“This is ridiculous. Being roasted alive by a raccoon? Dumbledore couldn’t be a little more creative?”  After putting my wand away, I stepped away from the flames, looking unimpressed.


“I said I’m not a freakin’ raccoon” The thing scolded me.


“Oh, that’s right you aren’t ” I said, agreeing with the thing.


“I’m not?” It said shocked that I agreed with it.


“You’re nothing but a poor excuse for a Cornish pixie.” I smirked, looking the thing in the eye.


I didn’t think twice as I kicked the thing away from me, dashed out of the room, pushing the doors open, laughing at the sound of his screams. It is possible that I pushed past some people but I didn't care, I just had to get out of there. 


“GET BACK HERE, HUMAN!” He screamed as he went flying back into the wall behind him.


Now where to go? I asked myself but continued running. I passed a courtyard, several rooms, and dark halls.


I stopped near a mirror, knowing I was far away enough for that thing not to find me, and inspected my unfamiliar look. 


Did they give me eyeliner? I wondered placing my fingers near my eye noticing the makeup before shaking my head and focusing.


The robe must be for a ceremony, so that cat thing must have wanted the robe to be a part of the ceremony, but why? What does he gain from the ceremony? Who’s involved in the ceremony? What’s the ceremony for?


I looked at the belt and noticed the crest. A mirror with a raven holding two keys and a mirror around its neck with the words “Night Raven College” on it and 7 black and gold stars. Of course! This must be a school like Hogwarts, and the ceremony must be like the sorting. That means the stupid cat wants to join this school. Interesting.

Opening the nearest door, I stepped inside a beautiful-looking library. It looked nothing like Hogwarts’s library, instead, it had several lamps giving out green light, some floating books, and a circular staircase leading to the upper levels. I made a mental note to explore its levels later on.

I can stay in here before deciding what to do. The cat must have given up by now, but there's a chance he didn’t. He seemed very determined and stubborn. I can’t take any chances.


“I can’t be careless from now on. I must consider my next actions.” I said to myself, pacing my hand on my chin as I pondered.


Right at that moment, blue flames appear in front of me to reveal a familiar floating raccoon. He didn’t seem happy.


Did you think you could run away from me!? You lowly human! ! You'll also pay for kicking Yours Truly in such a manner!” The gremlin smirked as he came closer.


“To be honest, you had it coming,” I smirked back at him, my arms crossed, eyes not leaving him. My hand gripping on a hidden dagger ready to be used in case he tried anything.


“Now, if you don’t want to be roasted whole, give me those clothesー Fugya!? It hurts! What’s with this cord!?” Grim cried out as a cord came out of nowhere and wrapped itself around his neck.


"This is no mere cord. It is a lash of love!" A grand voice corrected Grim, pulling the cord back, him along with it. I turned at the voice as he turned to me, and faced a very tall masked man.


The man wore a black suit with a greatcoat over it. Curling out from its blue-collar were thick black feathers, while the coat’s tips were cut resembling two bird wings. On his head rested a black top hat with a feather and gold and purple mirror, like a charm. Black gloves with golden claw rings, 3 mirrors on the side of his hip, with four gold keys dangling from them.


 What really caught my attention was the blackbird mask covering glowing gold eyes. 


“Ah, found you at last. Are you one of the new students?” the man asked, a smile turning into a frown. Not giving me a chance to answer him, he continued, “You shouldn’t do things like that! Leaving the gate on your own.” he grimaced, crossing his arms “Not only that, you’ve yet to tame your familiar, which has broken several school rules.” Who gave him the right to accuse me of things I may or may have not done?!


“This thing isn’t my familiar.” I retorted, making a hand gesture towards the cat thing.


I already have three. I don’t need to add a whining yapping flying blue cat to the list. I thought to myself, crossing my arms, playing with the bracelet in my hand.


“Let me go! I’m not their freakin’ familiar!!” I heard from Grim as he agreed with me. The man just ignored our protests and turned to both of us.


“Sure, sure. The rebellious ones always say things like that” He moved past me towards the creature, scooping him up by his fur, and gagging him with a cloth from his pocket. “Let’s be quiet for a while, shall we?” he said, resulting in muffled protest from the annoying creature.


“My goodness.” He signed. “It’s unusual for a new student to leave the Gate on their own. How impatient can one be?” shaking his head, he turned and walked towards me. “The entrance ceremony is already going well underway. Follow me to the Hall of Mirrors.” He gestured me forward with his gloved hand.


I stood where I was, not taking his hand, and exclaimed, “Wait, hold on just a second. I need an explanation here. What Gate? What Hall of Mirrors?” 


After sensing the confusion in my voice, he explained, “It’s the room you woke up in - the room with a lot of doors lined up. All students who wish to attend this academy must pass through one of those doors to arrive here. Normally, students wake up only after they open the door with a special key but…”  trailing off at the end in thought.


So those coffins were doors? It would make sense since according to him it’s the only way to enter this school. That creature’s fire must have blown the lid off.


“Sir, I believe that thing you're holding in your arms-” gesturing to the creature “his fire caused the lid to come off. He’s the reason I woke up earlier than you expected.” 


“So, in the end, the culprit appears to be him. This troubling familiar.” he deduced, hands on his hips, looking at me “If you're going to bring it with you, you must take responsibility and properly take care of it.”


He seriously didn’t listen to me, did he? And stop referencing that thing as my familiar. I thought, raising an eyebrow and feeling an angry aura from the back of my neck.


“Oh my! Now isn’t the time to keep chatting. The entrance ceremony will soon come to a close. Let’s get a move on.” He gestured to me to follow him as he began walking.


“Hang on a second,” I said, taking his hand off me. “Who are you? And Where am I?” 


“What’s this? You’re still confused?” he asked, jaw dropped. He really hasn’t been listening. “It appears the effects of the teleportation magic left your memories in a state of disorder….. Oh well. It happens a lot, after all. I shall explain it to you as we make our way back. For I am gracious!!” He smiled as he continued walking with me.


Wonderful, I’m stuck with the feathered version of Gilderoy Lockhart. At least this one has some intelligence.

Chapter Text


After tidying myself up, and rubbing the back of my neck, the two of us made our way to the entrance ceremony as the headmaster explained.


“This is Night Raven College. Those magicians blessed with a unique aptitude for magic gather from all over the world here at the most prestigious academy in Twisted Wonderland. And I am the headmaster supervising this academy, appointed by the board chairman, Dire Crowley.” He introduced, bowing his head.


Crowley? Did he just say, Crowley? I wondered, remembering hearing that name somewhere before. Where have I heard that name?


“Raven Night College?” I asked in a low voice, never heard of it before.


“Only magicians seen as worthy by the Mirror of Darkness can enroll in this school. Chosen ones use the Gate and are summoned here from around the world. An Ebony Carriage carrying a gate should’ve gone to meet you as well.”


I don’t remember being in a carriage, but the voice gave me visions of a carriage and a gate. Those must be the ones he’s talking about.


“The Ebony Carriage goes to welcome new students chosen by the Dark Mirror.” He continues. “They’re special carriages that carry the doors to the academy. The market decided long ago that carriages are used to welcome people on special days.”


“Are you saying that the carriage brought me here on its own?” I pondered, beginning to lose my patience as the cat growled through the cloth on his mouth. 


Come, we’re going to the opening ceremony now.” Crowley ushered me forward.


I continued walking as I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind. Time to see where that bastard wizard sent me to.


~~~~~ Hall of Mirrors ~~~~~


In the Hall of Mirrors, a cluster of students gathered in the room’s center, all wearing the same robes as me. The Entrance ceremony seemed to have come to a close before we arrived.


In the middle of the room was the same mirror that Dumbledore had told me would send me here. At its sides, standing were six students and a floating tablet.


“Is that all for the new student dorm assignments?” The shortest of the six spoke up. Underneath his hood, I could see that he had red hair, fair skin, and a pair of stern silver eyes that scanned the room for the newcomers. “Listen up, new students. Here in Heartslaybul, I am the rules. Break them and it’s off with your head”


The one next to him let out a yawn  “Ugh…. The stuffy ceremony is finally over.” He grumbled, hands at his sides. Opening his piercing green eyes, I could see that he had thick, long, messy brown hair with two braids on either side, a tanned face, with a thin scar going from his left eyebrow to his cheek. “We’re going back to the dorm. Savanclaws, follow me.” muttering his order, he grumbles again.


“To the new students,” the third one said. “congratulations on entering this academy. Enjoy your life here to its fullest.” Crossing his arms, I got a better look at him. He had lavender, wavy hair, eyes the same silvery-blue color, and a pair of silver glasses. “As the dormitory leader of Octavinelle, I will support you to the best of my ability.”


“By the way, where did the headmaster go? He flew out right in the middle of the ceremony…” spoke up the fourth one, one hand on his hip. He had porcelain skin, a sharp jawline, and amethyst eyes. His blonde hair ending with beautiful lavender tips reaching above his shoulders. 


“Abandoning his post..” a voice said coming from the floating tablet.


“Did he get a stomachache or something?” questioned the fifth one, placing his hands on his sides. He had what seemed to be dark skin, short silvery-white hair, and bright red eyes.


Bursting through the doors came Crowley with me in tow. My hood hiding my appearance from the other students. I closed the doors behind us with a loud bang.


“Not at all!!” He spoke up in his defense as he ushered me forward.


“Ah, there he is!” the redhead spoke up.


“I can’t believe you all!! We were missing one new student, so I went to find them.” He explained himself, scolding the students in front of him. He tried to lift my hood to introduce me, but I stopped his hand before it could touch it.


I looked at him, my brown eyes to him looked like pitch-black stones, the hood still not letting him see much  “ Don’t even think about it” I warned with a low voice making it difficult to tell my gender.


The five students, the floating tablet, along with the one who spoke up, looked at the new person with different emotions but all thought the same thing.


“Who are they ?”


Scared by my sudden actions, Crowley moved his hand slowly away from me and cleared his throat.


“You are the only one yet assigned to a dormitory. I shall watch over the raccoon, step in front of the Dark Mirror,” he instructed as he stepped aside, a squirming Grim in his arms.


 I did as he said, but didn’t remove my hood. I adjusted it so the mirror would be the only one to see it.


A face appeared in the mirror, strongly resembling the one from Snow White, except it had a masquerade design around its eyes and forehead.


“State thy name.” asked the mirror.


“Morgana Nightwood ” I responded, low enough for only the mirror to hear me. Using that name would be easier than my real name. It will make people take me more seriously plus I’m not even sure if they will know who I am here. 


“Morgana… the shape of thy soul is…..” It began, eyes widening before narrowing its view for a few seconds as it went back to its neutral expression.


“I don’t know,”


Excuse me? I thought, confused, not liking how it said it.


“Come again?” Crowley asked, baffled.


“I sense not a spark of magic in their soul, however, some enchantment of the sort placed upon them,”  


Dumbledore, I thought angrily, knowing he had to be the cause for my magic to be malfunctioning, balling my hands into fists. He most likely had placed a spell on me when I blacked out. 


“The color, the shape, all are nothing.” The Dark Mirror answered before finishing in a low tone and disappearing, leaving a black reflection.


“Therefore, they’re not suited for any dormitory.,”


If you thought she was furious before you only saw the tip of the iceberg. She might as well have smoke coming out of her ears and fire forming around her fists. The student’s reactions weren’t helping either. They were whispering among themselves about The Dark Mirror’s words, and she could hear them clear as day.


“An Ebony Carriage would absolutely never go to meet someone who can’t use magic!”


“This is absurd!”


“In 100 years there had not once been a mistake in student selection,” muttered Crowley, approaching me, and placing his hand on his chin “So why in the world….”


 Oh, if she could use her magic, how she would destroy this place in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, for everyone’s sake, she couldn’t use her magic. At least not yet anyway.


“Then I’ll take their place!” exclaimed Grim, who broke free from his restraints.


Crowley raised his voice in alarm at Grim’s escape, glowing gold eyes narrowing down on the creature, “Stay right there! Racoon!”


Did he break free from his restraints? She thought to herself, watching them, Impressive. Maybe he can be of use in leaving this world. 


Grim continued stubbornly insisting despise the headmaster’s words, “Unlike that dumb worthless human, I can use magic! Let me in this school instead!” 


Worthless?! She narrowed her eyes at the floating creature, keeping a neutral expression despite her bubbling frustration and urge to snap his neck in two. Oh, just you wait. I’ll show you who can use magic 


Grim’s successful break from his bonds made everyone near him step back in precaution. The red-eyed boy acted the same, but not far enough to be safe, and she knew that.


Grim slowly accumulated magic around him as a coy smirk grew on his face.


“If you need proof, I’ll show you right now!” 


He took in a hefty breath, and that’s when she realized what he was doing making her eyes widened.


Oh no! That brainless git  She glanced at a short, white-haired kid standing near her. He's going to get hurt!!


“EVERYONE GET DOWN!!” The red-haired boy ordered. Everyone followed on instinct and dove for cover.


“Hnnnnnnnnnah!” Grim summoned a gush of blue-white flames, spreading them around the room faster than a wildfire. 


She raced towards the white-haired kid. Grabbing his wrist, dragging him behind one of the lower floating coffins, and using it for cover. Pulling him to her side, She leaned her head near the side of the coffin to get a view of the chaos.


Why do I always end up saving someone’s life?   She wondered as the blue fires continued to grow, is this what I've come to? The daughter of the Dark Lord saving innocent lives almost sounds laughable and utterly humiliating.


The blue-white flames danced across the grounds of the room and climbed their way along the walls and ceiling. It was as if it were looking for a way to escape the room. It seemed almost beautiful to her, giving her flashbacks to Hogwarts.


“That was a closed one,” She breathed out, out of breath, not realizing she was still holding the boy’s hand. “You should more careful next time”


Said boy was in a state of panic at the moment. Someone, most likely a girl by the sound of their voice, just saved his life and is holding his hand. What is he supposed to do? Thank them? Say nothing, Stay still? He didn’t know his emotions were a jumble at the moment.


He has always been outspoken about his thoughts, but this time he had no clue how to interact with the one in front of them. He then sniffed the air and noticed something was burning, turning around he noticed his butt was on fire.


He hopped up and down in alarm, clutching his backside as he screamed, running around  “Waaah! Hottttttt! My butt’s on fire!!” He kept patting his robe, hoping to put it out, but his attempts failed as the fire grew. She tried to stop an urge to laugh at the scene since it was not a funny situation.


It strongly resembled the scene from Mulan where the matchmaker was on fire, making it harder for me to focus as the scene played in my head. She finally snapped back to the situation in front of her and thought of a way to help him and stop that flying raccoon.


“At this rate, they will engulf the school in a sea of fire,” Crowley grimaced, before commanding “Somebody catch that raccoon!!” The students looked amongst themselves, unsure of what to do.


“Tch, suck-ups.” The scarred student said, rolling his eyes.


“Hmmm? Aren’t you good at hunting? Doesn’t it look like a nice, plump snack?” The blonde teased, smirking.


“Why me? Do it yourself,” he responded.


“Mr. Crowley, please leave it to me.” The boy with silver glasses said. “I’m sure the others couldn’t stomach harassing such a poor creature, so I will take it upon myself.”


“That’s Azul for you.” The tablet spoke up, “Always trying to earn himself points,”


“Hey! Can someone put out my butt fire already?!” the white-haired boy in a turban asked, the fire still going.


“Are you all even listening?” Crowley asked with irritation.


The scarred one let out an annoyed sigh, “If it’s just catching some stupid raccoon, can’t you do it yourself, Teach” he suggested, crossing his arms.


“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not a raccoon!” Grim complained once again, “ I am Grim, the one who will become a great magician!”


“Well, it certainly has moxie.” Azul sighed, turning to the redhead next to him “Riddle- San, would you please?”


“I can’t overlook an offender, after all. Let’s get this over with.” Riddle answered.


These boys are idiots She thought to herself clutching her head, feeling something overcome her Oh no 


Her vision became cloudy for a moment, and darkness filled her view and mind again. 


For Merlin's sake!