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Because Sometimes It Does Work Out

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“So why don't you do something about it?” 

Why don’t I do something about it? As much as I don’t want to just because Stevie’s calling me out on it, I could make the General Store better. I’ve turned worse things around. 


Just tell Mom the plan and get her to take it to Council...or whatever it is they do. “So, I have some news.”

“Mhmm, a bold decision. Especially since the previous business has since gone under. Dare I say, the space might be cursed?” She’s the one who’s been telling me to go back to work! I have a plan for the Store. A good plan. A great plan. 

“What, I'm simply asking questions!” Why is she making this so weird? What am I thinking - it’s Moira Rose, of course it’s weird.  

“Oh, far be it from me to stand in your way while you roll the dice with your hard-earned savings!” Ohmygod! Finally! Was that really so hard?!


 “...but I was just protecting you.” Protecting me from what?  

“Okay, what about all the galleries?” Those were all me. I've run businesses before.  

What the hell does that mean, never on my own?! Of course it was on my own!  

“And who do you think bought all your patrons?” Oh god, it was all them. None of that was me. Because of course it wasn’t. Nobody trusts me to love them. Nobody trusts me to do anything on my own.  


“I thought you might like to know that Council has agreed to accept your application.” Yeah, sure.  

“This is good news!” Is it though? 

“Why don't you channel some of that charming self-pity into a business plan, okay? Because the lease is yours, David, if you still want it.”  

“Which he does.” Fuck, Stevie’s right. I do.  

“Okay. I...will...submit my application.” 


“Um, I'm here to file my incorporation papers for my business.” I made this appointment with Ray. Who’s Patrick?! Do I know a Patrick?

“Sure, sure. Give you more time to...oscillate.” What is with this guy? Regular people use the word oscillate, right? 

“And it’s not just a store. It's like a place where people can come and get coffee, um, or drinks, but it's not a coffee shop, nor is it a bar.” Why can’t I talk like a normal person? Is he laughing at me?!

“Oh! You’ve settled on a name then?” What a snippy bastard.

“Look, take this, it's my card, and I feel like you will need it.” Not a chance in hell.


I don’t think I can do this. I should cut the loss and turn the lease over. Why did I think I could do this? 

But Stevie thinks I can do this. And she doesn’t believe in anyone. Ugh, maybe she’s right. I hate when she’s right.  


“ I messed up my form.”


“This just isn’t working anymore.” Why isn’t this working anymore?

“No, I don’t know why.” It should work, it just...doesn’t.

“Listen, I have to go.” Rachel’s never going to understand, is she? I don’t could I ever expect her to?


“This is my two weeks notice. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.” I just quit my job. My job I’ve had since college. What am I doing?


“Mom? Dad? I have to get out of town for a while. Can I grab some stuff from the house? Actually, can I stay with you until I leave?” Please don’t ask any more questions. I don’t know what this is. I just know I have to go.

“Yeah, we broke up.” Yes, again . How many times is it now?

“No, it’s permanent this time.” I’m going to make sure of that.


“Thanks for letting me crash here. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going- Mom, don’t cry. I’m gonna be fine. I’ll let you and Dad know the second I get in. Talk to you both soon.” Great, Patrick. Now you made your own mother cry. That’s just great.

“I love you.” I hope you can still love me.


Was this a mistake? This was a mistake. I should turn around and go home. Apologize to Rachel. Beg for my job back. But, I can’t. I can’t go back. What’s the saying? If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you always got. I can’t keep doing that anymore. 

Not this time.  


I’m so tired. I’ll just stop here for the night and keep going in the morning. Wait, what did that sign say?!


Huh. Business consultant with a place to stay? Maybe I could stay then. Nobody knows me here. Nobody knows Rachel here. Nobody knows Patrick-and-Rachel here. I can just be me, no questions asked.  


“Yeah, Mom, it’s a nice place. I even got a job already.” Even if the people are a little...strange.

“Of course, I’ll call next week.” Sunday at 7 just like always.

“Love you, too.” I hope you know I mean that. I need you to know I mean that.


“Patrick! B-13.”