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Doused in stars

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It's not like she had planned for this to happen.

Yaz would've liked to get that credit, but really, she hadn't done much.

Everything had started innocently enough. They had shared a goodnight kiss and each one made their way to their own bedroom. This was only the second time the Doctor went to sleep ever since getting out of jail, the first time being the same as their first kiss, a few months ago. Naturally, they were both unsure on how to go about it.

As Yaz walked back to her room, she kept repeating the same things in her brain: should I have invited her to my room? I should have suggested we slept on the same bed like last time .

She didn't want to appear desperate (which she totally wasn’t).

Problem was they weren't dating, not yet at least. Ever since that first kiss in Ryan’s bedroom, things had been nice between them. Great even! They kissed often, made out a little bit, just never discussed exactly what they meant to each other.

And Yaz loved the Doctor, she had been sure of it ever since they had invaded her nani's wedding in 1947. The Doctor, on the other hand, had confessed that she had only understood her feelings after who knows how many years being tortured in space jail. Would she even want to date Yaz?

Either way, Yaz had been unable to sleep that night. After some hours of tossing and turning, starting and pausing podcasts (she really should give up on those) she got up and walked to the small kitchen the TARDIS usually kept close to her room.

She hadn't bothered putting shorts on whereas the Doctor, as she quickly found out, hadn't bothered with a shirt.

They both shrieked as Yaz flickered the lights on, the Doctor almost dropping her " #1 grandpa ” mug with fright.

And there she was, standing in the kitchen with only some loose fitting boxers and mismatched pairs of socks on.


"Yaz! Don't do that!"

Yaz stood at the doorstep lost on what to freak out over. The fact that the Doctor slept and wandered the TARDIS without a shirt on, drank tea out of a mug saying she was a good grandpa or how she hadn’t even tried to cover her chest when she saw Yaz. She didn’t even appear to be embarrassed in the slightest.

"Why are you half naked?"

Yaz mentally slapped herself. Great, of all the things she could say that’s what she had managed to come up with?

"What do you mean- why are you half naked?"

She pointed to Yaz's bare legs and her lack of shorts, wearing only her panda underwear and a baggy tee.

"You gotta stop using that comeback for everything you know- Look, nevermind. I just wasn't expecting to see you here with your tits out is all."

Yaz froze and her eyes widened in panic, truly wishing the tardis would open up a hole on the floor so she could crawl in and die. What was wrong with her tonight??

"Oh, so that' s what you meant then" the Doctor quickly glanced down at her breasts "it's how I've always slept to be honest and it's really comfy, you should try it."

The Doctor went to take another sip of her drink nonchalantly as she suddenly realized what she had just said, eyes going wide and face beginning to flush.

Yaz couldn't help herself and began laughing at their own awkwardness. The Doctor seemed nervous at first but quickly joined in with a few chuckles of her own.

"Sorry, this is all just so new." She said, scratching the back of her neck.

Yaz couldn't tell if she was referring to their relationship, her body, or being back in the TARDIS. She nodded in agreement anyways.

"I think I'll just go back to my room and try to sleep again." Yaz said, gesturing back to her room.

The Doctor nodded and her face completely morphed into what Yaz could only describe as her kicked puppy face.

Come on Khan, the universe is giving you a second chance, something it never does. Just say it! Ask if she wants to sleep in your bed!

She just couldn’t get it out. Feeling defeated, Yaz was making her way to the corridor when the Doctor's voice made her come running back:

"Wait!" they both paused "Do you.. wanna stay in my bed instead?"

And that had been it really.

There they were now: in the Doctor's bed, a mess of tangled limbs, hands absolutely everywhere.

Out of the dozens of times they had kissed before, none of them had ever been like this. Yaz had never felt anything like this, at least. She’d had sex before, sure, but those times didn't even compare to the way the Doctor's thighs were holding her waist down, the way her hands pressed and held onto her waist. 

Yaz felt her brain enveloped by pure need and lust, her body burning as her heart ran a marathon in her chest. She had to resist the urge to whine when the Doctor pulled back and took a few deep breaths.

"Are you okay?" she asked, chest heaving up and down.

"Yeah. More than okay." Yaz nodded as she desperately tried (and failed) to avoid looking at the Doctor’s breasts. So much for not appearing desperate.

"Do you want to.. keep going?"

Yaz paused for a second and waited for a single coherent thought to pass through her mind.


 "Yeah.. do you?"

The Doctor nodded "I would very much like to."

They both smiled at each other and chuckled lightly, the tension and nervousness dissipating a little bit

"Can I take this off?" the Doctor asked, tightly gripping the ends of Yaz's tee.

She nodded, nervousness beginning to creep up again.

The Doctor sat down on her haunches and Yaz raised her upper body along with her. She felt the Doctor's hands quickly pulling the fabric up and over her head and arms, only to then discard it somewhere on the bed.

They stayed like that for a moment, simply admiring each other for the very first time.

The Doctor was simply stunning: her skin was supple and pale, brimming with freckles, moles and small scars. Her breasts were small and rose tinted; her tummy, soft. Yaz noticed the skin around her belly button was circled by tiny dark blond hairs. Yaz wanted to touch and kiss it all, every inch of her.

Suddenly overcome with the need to be close, Yaz leaned forwards and caught the Doctor's lips with hers. And, still not satisfied, Yaz reached for the Doctor's bottom and pulled her closer, bodies now pressed flush against one another as she was now practically sitting on her lap.

They both sighed in contentment as she threw her arms around the Doctor’s neck and deepened the kiss. If her mouth hadn't been busy, she would have moaned as their breasts touched for the first time. It felt indescribably electric and intimate and good, very good.

Arms still crossed around the Doctor’s shoulders, Yaz broke the kiss and began mouthing at her jaw, then quickly moved on to her neck.

Need and desperation seemed to be the only thoughts racing through their minds at that moment. Soon enough, Yaz had grown bored from just kissing and began sucking on the soft pale skin, coloring it with blossoming red and purple bruises.

It took her a moment then to notice the subtle movement of the Doctor's hips, slowly rocking down on Yaz's leg. And it was only then that realization hit.

Yaz was going to have sex with the Doctor.

(Was having? Would have? All of the above?)

The mere thought of the Doctor grinding down on her leg out of pure need for pleasure made Yaz feel drunk. Her thoughts were immediately plagued by images and overwhelming sensations, sending heat straight to her core.

The Doctor, face pressed against the wall and Yaz touching her from behind. The Doctor wearing a strap-on, teasing her with it. Silk and pearls and leather and-

Yaz had to stop herself and focus on the present. With all these thoughts still racing through her brain with no sign of stopping, she had no choice but to take control of the situation.

She then leaned with her weight and pushed herself and the Doctor down, both now lying flat on the mattress one on top of the other. Yaz pushed herself up, balancing her weight on her hands that bracketed the Doctor's head.

The view below her was one of the most incredible ones she had ever seen: the Doctor's face was bright red, hair an absolute mess, chest blushing and heaving, pupils blown wide. All of space and time couldn’t even compare.

Yaz had a hunch she was thinking the same, her gaze glued to Yaz’s tensed shoulders and arm muscles as she hovered above her.

Enjoying the attention and desperate to continue, she still felt the need to check in, just to be sure:

"Is this okay?"

The Doctor furiously nodded in response, completely silent for the first time since Yaz had met her.

"Just tell me if you want to stop.." Yaz said, this time smiling as her hand reached for the Doctor's chest, her pointer finger lightly circling the perked up nipple.

"Please don't stop" the Doctor sighed.

Yaz nodded and leaned down slowly, trying her best to be seductive as she began sucking dark marks on the Doctor's chest. She devoted her full attention to the skin, nipping and gently biting; kissing and scraping. And with each small noise that escaped the Doctor’s mouth, she did it a tiny bit harder.

It got to a point where she was now the one slowly grinding her hips down. Not being enough stimulation, the Doctor grabbed her hand and unashamedly pressed it down to her left breast. Getting the message, Yaz began to massage and grope it. Her lips quickly found her other nipple and began to suck.

The Doctor’s back arched off the bed, hips now moving along with Yaz’s in a deep grind. It was heaven on earth (or, well, on the TARDIS).

Blinded by her own lust, Yaz shifted down and began kissing the skin under the Doctor’s breasts, changing positions to flick and pull at the nipples. When a broken moan escaped the Doctor’s mouth she went even lower, now making a mess on the Doctor’s soft stomach, finally getting to run her fingers through the small hairs that lead down. Kissing every mole, she had one hand still playing with her nipple, the other now pressing circles on the Doctor’s hip bones and scraping at the stretchmarks she found.

Yaz groaned and glanced up. The Doctor’s state managed to take the remaining drops of air from her lungs: eyes shut closed, mouth open, shoulders up and skin flushed.

Not wanting to overwhelm her, Yaz slowed down her pace a little bit. Scratches and bites became gentle touches and kisses. She also took the opportunity to lick a long line from the Doctor’s tummy all the way through her sternum to her collarbones. The Doctor finally opened her eyes again and, upon seeing Yaz’s face so close and so filled with admiration and care, leaned down and enveloped her lips in a deep kiss.

Yaz hummed, happy although not yet satisfied. Once again she felt her hand being guided by the Doctor’s, this time they glided through her chest, passed her tummy and finally reached her boxers. Leaving Yaz’s hand at the hem of her shorts, the Doctor looked down at her, eyes completely dark if not for a thin hazel outline.

Well, okay then.

With one last peck on her lips, Yaz made her way down once more. Kissing all the skin she came across, just a bit more quickly this time. Eventually she reached the same patch of short hair as before, only this time she didn’t stop.

Both of her hands gripped tightly on the colorful waistband and pulled the boxers down roughly. Tossing it on the floor, Yaz took her time to look at the Doctor’s nude body.

She could see beautiful faint white lines across her hips and around her breasts. Her freckled shoulders were tensed up as the Doctor held her upper body’s weight by her elbows, watching Yaz with expectation. To ease both of their nerves, Yaz trailed her hands up the Doctor’s shins, noticing how soft her leg hairs were, finally reaching her knees and thighs. 

Glancing up one more time, Yaz watched as the Doctor’s flushed breasts heaved up and down along with her heavy breathing. Taking pity on her, Yaz leaned down and began trailing kisses on the Doctor’s open thighs.

The Doctor whined and Yaz watched as she covered her eyes with her forearm. Out of shame, pleasure or frustration, Yaz couldn’t tell. Maybe a mix of all three.

As she moved to the Doctor’s other leg, her nose gently brushed her pubic bone and god, she could smell her . It was sweet and musky and absolutely intoxicating. If Yaz had felt like she was drunk before, she was now high as a kite.

It also made her impatient and caused her to return to sucking at the skin, the Doctor’s whines only spurring her on even more. Once she was satisfied, she took one last look at the Doctor’s body: trembling with need and marked by her mouth.

It was addictive.

Adjusting her body where it laid on the bed, Yaz was now facing the Doctor’s core. Unable to stop herself and tired of waiting, Yaz opened her with her left hand and licked a long, slow line upwards through her center.

They both moaned at that. The heat, the smell, the noises around them becoming too much. And now, the taste, as it lingered in Yaz’s mouth. Closing her eyes she leaned forwards again, this time she stuck her tongue inside and once more licked upwards, spreading the wetness and pressing down harder.

Another moan came and that was it for Yaz. One of her arms involuntarily wrapped itself around the Doctor’s bottom, pulling her closer, as the other gently brushed down her center, teasing but also pleasuring. Satisfied with how wet and glistening she looked, Yaz charged for the Doctor’s clit and circled it slowly, the pads of her fingers teasing at her entrance.

That was when her hips started to move, seeking for more. Yaz glanced up for a second and watched as the Doctor’s face melted in pleasure. She waited until the other woman finally glanced down and nodded. That was their final barrier, and she was giving Yaz permission to cross.

Not wasting a moment, Yaz wrapped her lips around her clit and started sucking like her life depended on it, at  the same time as her middle finger slowly entered her. She kept her ears peeled for any signs of discomfort or pain.

When nothing besides moans and heavy panting came, she pressed her finger inside slowly until it was up to the knuckle. Yaz moaned then, she was just so tight

And she couldn’t wait to find out just how tight she could get.

Yaz started licking at her clit at a comfortable rhythm. Every now and again she pressed with a bit more force just to hear the broken gasps and moans from above. Keeping a more gentle pace, she began moving her finger.

Left, right, left, right. In, out, in, out.

“Another..” The Doctor’s voice was husky and thick. She repeated. “You can add another.”

Yaz nodded and grinned to herself then. Slowly taking out her middle finger, she took the opportunity to lick another long line from her entrance to her clit once again, before inserting two fingers. She entered slowly once more.

Picking up the rhythm again, she could feel the Doctor becoming increasingly tighter around her, squeezing her fingers. It spurred her on to start a faster pace and to suck on the clit a few more times in between licks.

She knew she was doing well when a loud groan reached her ears and a clammy hand held her head down. Sensing the Doctor was getting close to an orgasm she abandoned all teasing and ran to the finishing line.

Her tongue had no direction now and her hand was pistoning in and out as fast as she could, the Doctor’s gasps and moans being the only fuel she needed. The hand in her head got tighter and pale thighs started to close and press together. The movement of her hand was becoming more constricted the closer she got to her peak.

“Yaz…” the Doctor whined, followed by a long moan and an arched back “Yaz.. I’m close..”

Her arm began to burn with the effort, ears muffled by the strong legs around her. But all she could do was push forward, there was no way in hell she would stop now.

Using the flat of her tongue she pressed down on her clit a few more times and licked in an up and down pattern, her hand going as fast as she could when suddenly everything froze. All of the Doctor’s muscles seemed to contract at the same time, Yaz’s head got squished with the force of it, her fingers having almost no room at all to move where they were inside.

A few seconds passed in silence when finally the Doctor moaned and groaned loudly as she came. Yaz waited, enjoying the bliss of the moment (she would never get tired of this feeling of being half crushed half suffocated to death between a woman’s legs).

Slowly, the muscles eased up, Yaz didn’t dare remove her fingers yet though, watching as the Doctor was still riding out her orgasm, body spasming with aftershocks. It was only when she felt her body relax and limp on the bed, absolutely spent, was when Yaz slowly pulled out her fingers. And even with her being as careful as possible, she still felt the Doctor flinch at the oversensitivity.

Grabbing her t-shirt from where it had been thrown, Yaz used it to wipe her face and clean her wet fingers. She tossed it somewhere on the floor and moved her body up to lie down next to the Doctor.

With a smile, she leaned and kissed her lips, pulling back moments later back as the Doctor’s movements were still slow and dazed.

“You okay?” Yaz asked, grinning and feeling incredibly cocky.

“Mhn..” the Doctor nodded, eyes finally opening again.

Her arms reached for Yaz’s waist, pulling her close and kissing her again. As their tongues met, it was Yaz’s turn to sigh. So warm… all she could remember was the Doctor’s own heat and warm wetness.

“‘m brilliant,” she finally said “ready for your turn?”

Yaz felt hesitation then, unsure if she should nod or say a quick ‘yeah’, just so it wouldn't get awkward. Too late for any of it though, as the Doctor quickly sensed her nervousness and the atmosphere around them turned serious.

“I mean, we absolutely don’t have to if you don’t want to, okay?”

It was only when the Doctor’s hand came to cup her cheek that Yaz snapped out of it.

“I do, I really truly do want to. It's just…” she said, feeling herself blush.

“Yaz?” the Doctor said gently after a pause “What’s wrong?”

Yaz leaned on the Doctor’s touch, feeling safe to open up.

“I take antidepressants… been taking them since I were 16,” the Doctor nodded encouragingly for her to continue, “basically I just struggle a lot to orgasm. By myself and especially with other people.”

The Doctor nodded again, still not interrupting her.

“I- I do want to continue. I'm just worried I’ll ruin the mood if I can’t come.” Her voice was so quiet with embarrassment it was barely a whisper.

She had never told anyone about this before, had even faked it a few times before with her past lovers out of fear of awkwardness. She was beginning to regret sharing when the Doctor simply leaned forwards, kissed her forehead and hugged her tight. Yaz felt her body be inundated with relief.

“That’s okay. Sex isn’t only about orgasming, you know… at least not for me.” Another kiss, this time on her neck “We can stop here if you want or I can show you how I feel? And if you don’t come, that's okay too. It’s completely up to you though.”

Still holding her tight, the Doctor pulled back a bit so they could be face to face again. Yaz shared a small smile and nodded a few times.

“Okay… we can try.”

The Doctor smiled back at her and leaned for another kiss, this one incredibly gentle and sweet.

“Is there anything that usually helps you?”

“Oh, uhm..” at a momentary loss for words, Yaz could feel her face and shoulders burning bright red “I think… I respond to praise sometimes…”

The Doctor smiled reassuringly, thumb slowly caressing her cheek, and then asked:

“Praise?” Yaz nodded in response, avoiding eye contact. “Can you explain a bit more?”

Yaz took a deep calming breath. She was an adult, she could talk about sex. Cause that’s what it was. Just an adult and a thousand year old alien having sex.

“I guess it’s just… receiving praise. Like being told I’m doing good, or did well… Stuff like that makes me, you know.”

“You mean like… if I say you’re a good girl?”

Yaz’s breath hitched in her throat as she desperately looked for a place to hide her face, the Doctor’s neck being the closest one. Still breathing heavily she couldn’t will herself to say anything. The Doctor on the other hand, didn’t stop:

“Is it praise or talking in general? Hm?” The Doctor petted her hair, Yaz still nuzzling her neck.

“Both I think…”

“Hmm... I see” she paused her petting “I think I know what to do with you then.”

Yaz felt her body freeze up and explode in molten heat in the same second. The expectation and the not-knowing of what the Doctor wanted to do excited her to no end. Mercilessly, the Doctor pulled her by her shoulders, face to face once more, and said:

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, Yaz. Just let me know if I do anything you don’t like, okay?”

Yaz nodded. The Doctor then proceeded to eye her whole body, up and down. Once satisfied she leaned over and whispered, very close to her ear.

“Yaz… I want you to take your underwear off and lie on your stomach, can you do that for me?”

Yaz could barely breathe. She swallowed the lump forming on her throat and quickly reached for the waistband of her knickers. She froze into place when the Doctor shook her head disapprovingly.

“No, no. I want you to answer me when I ask. I said ‘can you do that for me?’”

“Yes.” She quickly said, voice breaking. “Yes, I can.”

“Good girl.”

Almost choking on that lump, Yaz quickly took her knickers out and discarded them on the floor. Quickly remembering the second part, she flopped down now lying on her stomach.

She heard the Doctor humming in approval above her, and soon enough felt her hand caressing her back, sliding all the way down to her bottom and her legs.

Yaz melted at the attention, not really sure on what to do with herself. She had never tried this with her past partners, with them she had always topped, even with that one guy she had slept with. This was completely new territory for her and the way the Doctor had switched from a whiny needy mess to this was absolutely mind blowing. It was really turning her on as well.

All her thoughts were halted as she heard more than felt a sharp slap. Her brain short-circuited immediately. The Doctor had just slapped her bare ass.

“I asked, ‘is this okay?’”

Another sharp slap came again, this time Yaz outright moaned, her breathing becoming laboured.

She nodded, still hiding her head down in shame for how much she was enjoying this “Yes, it’s okay.” she said, catching her breath.

The Doctor caressed her body again, blunt nails gently scraping her back. She hummed again and suddenly Yaz felt a weight on her thighs. A few seconds later her remaining two neurons seemed to understand that the Doctor was now sitting on her legs, her crotch incredibly close to her bottom.

Great, she was probably down to her last neuron now.

Yaz gasped as the Doctor leaned down, her naked body covering every inch of her back. Her breasts pressed on her back, and the soft skin of her stomach was weighing down on her lower back. Yaz had thought this was it until the kisses began.

All around her toned muscles, the Doctor was leaving wet kisses and small hickeys behind. Yaz felt her body relax and the fire in her belly grow tender as she closed her eyes and gave herself in to the sensations.

"You know, I've always had to control myself around you, Yaz" she felt the vibrations of the Doctor's words in her skin "Your body is just… so incredible."

Her hands continued to roam over her body, one of them reached down and held her breast. Yaz held back a whine as the Doctor sucked especially hard on her shoulder.

"And your muscles, don't think I don't notice them," With that she scratched forcefully down her shoulder blade and murmured “all of that police workout certainly pays off.” She then leaned down and left a few kisses in the spot where no doubt red angry marks were beginning to form already.

Nudging her ear with her nose and causing all the hairs in her skin to rise up, the Doctor whispered again:

"Turn around and lie on your back."

With one last kiss in the spot below her ear, the Doctor sat up and waited for Yaz to turn around.

Naked and blushing, and having to stare at the Doctor as she eyed her, Yaz felt incredibly vulnerable and exposed like this.

"You know, Yaz," one of her hands reached for her tensed stomach as the other returned to its earlier spot, groping her breast "the secret to orgasming is all in the build-up. You have to tease and-" the Doctor pinched her nipple.


"know the right buttons to push."

With that she laid on top of her again, only this time she nudged her thigh in between hers and began a slow grind. Her hand continued its torment on her nipple, and only when Yaz groaned again did she finally say:

"Very sensitive here, are you?"

Yaz simply nodded, a full on moan escaping her lips as the Doctor rocked her hips down. God, she could practically hear the noises exposing just how wet she was.

Moving upwards her neck, the Doctor began kissing and sucking marks there as well. Her hand progressively lowered itself until finally joining her hips in its slow grind.

Yaz felt herself explode with anticipation as the pads of the Doctor's fingers began lightly tracing her vulva. It wasn't hard enough for her to feel pleasure, but teasing enough for her to feel desperation.

Then, she paused at her clit and began circling around it, avoiding it almost.



She opened her mouth to complain and tell her to get on with it already. But all that came out was a strangled moan as the Doctor slowly dipped the tip of a finger inside of her.

She removed it, traced her entrance and pushed in again, hips still grinding down in a slow tempo. Yaz wanted to scream.

Slowly understanding what the Doctor wanted her to do, Yaz began moving her hips as well and moaned when the Doctor's finger slightly slipped in, entering her a bit more this time.

"Clever girl, very good."

That made Yaz close her eyes and moan again, only a bit more silently. She continued her own grind, meeting the Doctor's hips in the middle, and they continued like that until the Doctor's finger had finally reached up to the knuckle.

"Good. Can you take two fingers?" She asked, completely removing her pointer and teasingly playing with the skin around her clit.

"Yeah... two is okay." Yaz nodded, chest heaving and heart racing with anticipation.

The Doctor nodded as well and returned her hand to its previous spot. Two fingers entered her this time with the Doctor's palm stimulating her clit directly, finally. Yaz moaned deeply at the slow onslaught.

"You're so beautiful, Yaz." the Doctor spoke tenderly, pressing and lightly scratching at her toned abs. "Just look at you, doing so well."

That had been the final push for her. Encouraged by the praise, Yaz began thrusting her hips faster and moaned in relief when the Doctor complied. Her fingers were keeping a rhythm now, going in and out, and her hand did circular motions pressing on her labia and clit.

"Doctor…!" she felt a sharp breath escaping her nose as the Doctor's hand left her stomach and began pulling and massaging her nipple.

The Doctor's hands started to go faster and rougher, both of their hips moving together. It felt so incredibly good but in that moment, as it usually did, Yaz felt the beginning of an orgasm forming and quickly enough felt as it dissipated into thin air. This was usually how it happened, the better and more excited that she felt, the more scared she would feel she wouldn't come which resulted in her not being able to.

Gradually, Yaz's hips stopped moving and she covered her face with her hands, shrinking down in herself with shame and defeat.

"Yaz?" the Doctor stopped what she was doing immediately, voice laced in worry abandoning all pretense and teasing. "Yaz, are you okay?"

She nodded, not wanting the Doctor to see her face or hear her broken voice, tears starting to burn at the corner of her eyes.

Full on worried mode now, the Doctor removed her body from where it was on top of Yaz's and laid down next to her, arms now hugging her waist tightly from behind.

"What's wrong? Did I exaggerate?"

Yaz shook her head and answered:

"No, you were perfect. I just… I could feel it and then it was gone and I'm frustrated and I want to cry." Yaz sighed, "It's so embarrassing, I’m sorry."

"Hey, hey, it's okay. Don’t apologize." the Doctor pressed a small kiss on her shoulder, holding her closer to her own body "do you want to stop?"

"No, I don't want to stop but I feel I have no other choice…" her words were becoming muffled "I already ruined everything."

"No, come on. We absolutely have other choices! If you really don't want to stop we can just try something else. You didn't ruin anything, baby."

Yaz felt herself blush at the pet name, and her body relaxed at the reassurance. Though her voice was still small when she asked:

"Try what?" 

"Well, I have a thing here that might help."

With one last kiss on her shoulder, the Doctor let go of her body and got off the bed. Yaz turned around to try and see what this "thing" was going to be, part of her worried it was an alien blender or something like that.

She watched as the Doctor kneeled on the floor and opened a small drawer, retrieving from it a small pink cylinder.

Oh… that might actually work.

The Doctor returned to the bed and flopped down next to her, showing the vibrator proudly. It was thin and slightly curved, with one button on the slightly thicker bottom.

"The Corsair gave it to me. I used it a few times and it's a pretty good one. Do you wanna try it?"

Yaz's mind went blank for a second as she processed the information that the Doctor had used it before on herself, probably on this bed.

Interpreting her silence wrongly, the Doctor quickly added:

"It's clean I promise."

Yaz smiled and let out a small giggle at that, then nodded "Okay, we can try."

The Doctor's eyes widened and sparkled as she nodded back. Moments later, she was leaning down and kissing Yaz deeply, making her sigh relaxedly.

The kiss naturally deepened as the Doctor held her face and pulled her closer, bodies and limbs naturally tangling with one another. Yaz felt small tugs at her hair as they made out, soon enough she also felt a hand holding her waist tightly, thumb circling her hip bone. She let out another sign as the Doctor abandoned her lips and began kissing the sensitive skin under her ear.

Relentless, the hand in her hair quickly moved to her chest and shifted Yaz’s body, so she was lying flat on the bed once more, the Doctor then climbed down to sit on her legs. Another pull on her nipples and Yaz felt herself go back to where she was before: excited, nervous and completely at the Doctor’s mercy.

“Open your legs,” for the second time, the Doctor seemed to have become someone else. The tone in her voice changed, now strong and commanding. It sent a shiver down her spine. “Feet flat on the mattress, yes, good girl.”

Yaz groaned, a pitiful sound that barely made it out her throat. The Doctor seemed to be enjoying herself too, her hands running up her calves and the back of her thighs.

“You look beautiful like this, Yaz. Wide open and desperate for me.”

She couldn’t stand it anymore, she closed her eyes and felt every inch of her skin blush. Involuntarily though, her legs seemed to have opened up just a tiny bit more.

The sudden sound of buzzing reached her ears then, and soon enough she felt the cool object trailing up her thighs, making its way to her core only to move to the other thigh at the last second. The Doctor wasn’t only playing with her, this was revenge for earlier, Yaz was sure of it.

The toy finally made its way to her core and although it seemed to be only on the lowest setting, the effect on Yaz was immediate. The Doctor dipped it in, just barely but enough for her back to arch and her pelvis to roll down, chasing the vibrations.

Another moan escaped her throat and she watched as the Doctor smiled condescendingly.

“Sensitive here too, hm?”

Yaz didn’t even bother trying to nod this time, her body had taken complete control of the situation, all her focus turning only to pleasure. Still smiling, the Doctor removed the tip from her entrance and began lightly sliding it around her vulva, now that it had a thin coat of slick around the silicone tip.

Then, she gently rested the vibrator on Yaz’s clit, causing her to arch again and moan, only to have it slide down to her entrance again, gathering more slickness. The Doctor repeated the action a few more times, Yaz slowly losing notion of time and pretty much anything that wasn’t the hot burning fire between her legs.

The Doctor seemed to have grown tired of teasing though. She unexpectedly pushed the toy completely inside Yaz and laid down on her stomach, lips soon finding her clit. The double sensation only became more intense as the Doctor began to suck, her hand skillfully managing to press the button on the vibrator, sending it to the next setting.

Yaz felt herself tighten around the cylinder, hips rocking back and forth as the Doctor started to move it, pushing it inside and out rhythmically.

The pace was only getting faster, Yaz’s hips struggling to keep up. The Doctor then began licking her with the flat of her tongue, at the same time as the toy entered her she would press with a tiny bit more force. It was all beginning to feel like too much, Yaz moaned and gripped the bed sheets with all her strength, in an attempt to ground herself. That was when the Doctor pressed the button again, putting the toy in its highest setting and sending Yaz in a spiral of pleasure.

With a shout and a loud groan, Yaz’s back lifted off the bed, shoulders tensed up and hands still gripping the sheets she was practically sitting down now, one of her legs now sprawled on the Doctor’s back keeping her close. Her movements only getting harder and faster.

Yaz knew then she wouldn’t last much longer, but at the same time she felt herself physically unable to voice anything. It was all becoming so much, her hips were now rocking on the Doctor’s face, taking the toy deeper, one of her own hands now gripping and massaging her breast as she could practically see the wave coming.

All it took was one glance down, seeing the Doctor gripping her arse with one hand, fucking her with a toy and her mouth, all while staring up at her. She watched intently as yaz pinched her nipple, mimicking the way the Doctor had done earlier.

She pressed the flat of her tongue one more time, along with one more push of the vibrator inside and the wave crashed. 

It was incredible really, mind blowing even. It had been a while since she had had an orgasm so good like this, white hot waves of pleasure bursting and blinding her. Yaz let out a hoarse scream as her thighs pressed together, the Doctor’s tongue helping her ride out her orgasm as her body tensed and then relaxed, back hitting the mattress.

Feeling completely spent up, Yaz let out a deep breath as the Doctor carefully turned off the toy and removed it. She climbed up the bed and returned to her spot next to her.

Arms carefully wrapped around Yaz’s waist again as her limp body molded itself against the Doctor’s. As they cuddled, she whispered in her ear:

“You’re such a good girl, I’m so proud of you.”

Yaz shivered as her legs pressed together, sending small waves of aftershocks coursing through her body. Yaz tried to catch her breath as the Doctor started peppering her shoulder with small quick kisses.

“So, so good for me.”

The kisses started trailing up her neck, Yaz was practically putty in her embrace. As some energy seemed to return to her body, she did her best to roll over, turning her body around to face the Doctor who greeted her with a sweet kiss on the tip of her nose. She snuggled closer as they both were still catching their breaths.

“Not half bad, aren’t I?”Yaz giggled and gently pushed her shoulder, at the same time as she spoke:

“You definitely aren’t…”

Another kiss came, this time on her cheek. Yaz melted at how soft and caring the Doctor was with her, like she was something rare, delicate and precious. Maybe she was, she thought to herself, the Doctor wasn’t human after all.

Nose nuzzling one more time on the Doctor’s neck, Yaz breathed in her scent: dry tea leaves, cinnamon and a bit of sweat after all the exercise. She closed her eyes, focusing on the subtle movement of the Doctor's chest going up and down, her hand coming to rest above the spot where one of her hearts was.

Yaz felt comforted as all her senses became completely surrounded by the Doctor.

“This is very new for me, you know… I’m glad I get to explore this side of me with you, feels less intimidating.” the Doctor said in a low tone, hands caressing Yaz’s back and hips.

“Same here…” Yaz hummed back “is there anything specific, though?”


“Anything specific that you’d like to try.” Yaz asked, grateful for the spot she had found to hide her blushing face.

“I’m not sure. In me last body I was asexual, so it’s been a while...” she began tracing senseless circles and patterns on Yaz’s skin as she continued “But I think this body might be a bit submissive.”

Although that had immediately spiked Yaz’s interest, she still felt slightly dizzy and tired. Deciding to leave this conversation for later when her brain wasn’t jam.

Her eyes were drifting close as the Doctor held her closer, a few peaceful minutes going by them. The Doctor continued petting her hair, lulling her in a calm satiated state.



“Are we dating?”

Yaz opened her eyes at the unexpected question, but didn’t dare retrieve her face from the spot on the Doctor’s neck.

“Do you want us to be?” she asked, going for a safe option.

“Yeah… do you?

Yaz immediately nodded. “Yes. I… I’ve been wanting to ask you to be my girlfriend for a while, just didn’t have the courage.”

“Girlfriend, huh..” the Doctor hummed, deep in thought “Brilliant!”

Yaz smiled, closing her eyes again and allowing herself to finally relax.