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Sweet Tooth

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Mituna had been scrolling through the memos that him and his,, "friends" shared, when he saw an open ended invitation to Meenah's party. He used to really enjoy parties, but now they just overwhelm them, although Meenah's parties arent too bad. The idea briefly crossed his mind, before he saw kurloz's "MAYBE" in the chatlogs. He got a sudden burst of excitement, opening up Kurloz's DMs.

--tarnishedAltruism began trolling temperedCardinal--
TA: Y34H PR377Y MUCH, W4NN4 W17H M3?
TA: GR347! 533 YOU 7H3R3!
TA: 0H 5H17 R1GH7
TA: 5W337, 7H4NK5 LOZ'.

--temperedCardinal has ceased trolling tarnishedAltruism--

Mituna hopped off his husktop, the party started at 5:30 and Kurloz wanted to meet at 5PM, which was only 20 minutes away. He stumbled over to his closet, flicking through jackets and jumpsuits before landing on a pale yellow sweater with a bee on it, and some ripped black jeans and nice boots, a black boot on his right foot and a white one on his left. He felt so cool.
He stood infront of the mirror, attempting to tame his hair for the last ten minutes or so, before giving up and just putting on some new red and blue lip rings and a beanie. Just waiting outside for Kurloz.

Kurloz was there on the dot, sporting a skeleton themed hoodie and purple ripped pants, aswell as some neat silver ear piercings and chains.
Mituna hopped in the passenger seat of his moirail's van, playing with the radio before landing on a nice station and turning it down a little. The rest of the ride was spent admiring the scenery, occationally glancing over at Kurloz, who seemed content with the quiet moment aswell.

Not that it would last long.

They arrived at Meenah's hive. Mituna approached the door, reaching for the doorhandle before Kurloz put a hand up and knocked. Oh right, knocking.

After a few moments of muffled talking from inside the hive, Meenah answered the door
"Oh fintastic. You're twenty fuckin' minutes early."

Mituna had not realized how short the drive was, contemplating what to say before Kurloz turned to him and waved him inside as meenah stepped back with the door.
"Try not to eat all the cod damn snacks, mkay? I'm lookin' at you, Captor." She said, her aggresive tone sounding only half playful. He responded by rolling his eyes.
"Whatever Meenah, your snacks are allways fucking shit anyway."
Kurloz put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down, not that he was riled up, it had been a calm day so far.

Ten or so minutes passed and Mituna couldn't sit still, pacing around the room and such, Kurloz sat by a nearby wall, the two of them boredly waiting while Meenah made the final preparations. However, Mituna's stomach had other plans as his nose sensed the sickeningly sweet sensation, of yellow cake batter coming from the kitchen. He roamed towards the kitchen, smiling as he watched Aranea iscing some cupcakes in a bright pink color. Aranea had been matesprites with Meenah for three months now, so it was no surprize she was helping.
He felt his feet carry him towards the cupcakes on the counter, and he felt a small smile form before he spoke.

"I can help set those out if you want"
Aranea let out a sigh, about to turn him down when she remembered she had yet to make the punch.
"Sure! uhm, just- put them on the table in the main room." He took the tray of fresh cupcakes as Aranea scrambled to get out what she needed. He snuck to the main room once more, setting the tray on the aformentioned table and plucking a cupcake off the tray,, and then two,, but his pety theft was swiftly interupted as the doorbell rang, and the guests came.

It was a relatively small party compared to Meenah's normal scale, mostly just the twelve alpha trolls with a few plus-one's.

Aranea had onlt made 14 cupcakes, and mituna alone had already eaten six, the guests snagged one or two but the remaining handful were not to last long. Mituna snuck back over to the snack table when he heard the tapping of someone in heels approaching him.
"What the glub do you fin'k you're doin' Tunafish."

"What, I'm just hungry. Fuck off!!" He growled, snagging a seventh cupcake, that meenah slapped out of his hand.

"Nuh-uh. I said stop."

Mituna stared at meenah blankly, his gaze rolling back to the tray. He suddenly noticed Kurloz standing in the back, looking very uncomfortable with how crowded it was. Mituna snickered, grabbing the tray and making a run for it as meenah shouted after him. He dragged Kurloz into a closet with him, smiling and sittinf against a wall.

"You okay 'loz?"
He asked, scanning his face for expressions. Kurloz nodded in responce, gratefully accepting the earbuds mituna gave him after a few moments.

Mituna and kurloz spent the next half an hour in the closet, quietly sitting as mituna ate all of the rest of the cupcakes except one.
When he got up and opened the door, meenah was standing outside the door, pissed off.

"Y'gonna give em back, Captor?"

"Heheh, Sure" He snickered, handing meenah the singular cupcake, walking to the kitchen smugly as he heard her blow up behind him.

He saw aranea there, stressed out and slaving away at a second batch.
"Can I help?" He asked, waiting patiently for a reply. He was only graced with an annoyed sigh as aranea turned to him with a full tray of cupcakes.

"No, Mituna, I'm already done."

"Oh." Mituna paused. "Caaaan,, I have one?" He asked, smiling a little."
Aranea handed mituna a cupcake.

"Be careful, Mituna. Those are very hot—"

But Mituna had already bitten into it, coughing it up into the trashcan and grumbling "THAT WAS HOT YOU FUCKING- UGHHHGH" He growled.

"I told you that, Mituna." Aranea rolled her eyes, setting them on a cooling rack. "You may eat another once they have cooled down."

Mituna waited, five minutes seemed like five hours. Meenah had came into the kitchen, chatting with Aranea as they waited. "Now!!??" Mituna asked impatiently, for the millionth time.

Aranea let a troubled sigh escape, reaching for a cupcake and holding it out to Mituna.
He bit the cupcake in one big bite, nipping Aranea's finger in the process.

"What the fuck is your problem Mituna??" He heard his fuschia friend growl.

"Its just a small cut dont be a fucking pussy you whores."

"You're on fin fucking ice, Captor." Meenah growled visciously, growing calmer by aranea's concerned glance. But it didnt last long.

"Whatever, fucking fucks diserved it."
Upon that smug remark, Meenah pulled out her trident. "THATS STRIKE TWO YOU LITTLE BRAINDEAD WEASEL!!"

But Meenah didn't get far, before Aranea snapped at her. "ENOUGH MEENAH."




"Meenah pexies. Respiteblock. Now." Aranea said in a cold tone, dragging her to the other room.


Mituna snickered as the girls left, masking the internal terror he felt when meenah pulled a trident on him. He waited, another thirty minutes passed before Mituna was bothered again.
He had approached Kankri, not necissarily because he likes talking to him, but because he was bored. But Meenah was approaching the mutant aswell. She walked right into Mituna.
"Watch where you're goin' Dumb-bass!!" She snarled and got up. "Oh great it's you. Look, you don't sea-m to understand, you greedy cupcake-stealin' beach. Leave me alone."

He groaned, rubbing his head and standin up. "I didn't steal anything, I came in there to ask if she needed help."

"Likely story, Captor. stop lie-fin through your teeth."

"I didn't!! she offered after I asked!!" He rolled his eyes, getting angry. "Stop being such a bitch."

"I'M THE BEACH?" Meenah laughed. "You're the one lyin' aboat kelping Aranea and stealing and BITING HER. You're lucky I havent kicked you out or krilled you yet."

God meenah was making him mad, why wouldn't she believe him??? Ugh!! He angrily slapped her. Meenah froze for a moment, blinking at Mituna with a pissed off expression.

"Ohohoho you're DEAD CAPTOR!" Meenah shouted, equipping her trident and lunging forward. Mituna felt a strong cramping pain envelop his entire body, sourcing from his stomach. His vision blurred and darkened as he heard a gutteral cry of pain.. looking around as he struggled to keep his balance, gripping his stomach. Did he make that scream? it was so hard to tell. In the crowd gathering around them he managed to catch a glimpse of his moirail rushing over to him. But his consciousness threatened to retreat once more, a rushing pain flooding towards his head... why was it so loud and so quiet all at once. How was he still standing? He wasn't. He felt himself fall backwards, his head hitting the tiled floor below him.

Everything went black.


Fortunately for Mituna, ghosts can't die again. Unfortunately that did not change how traumatizing the experiance was.

He found himself waking up in a familliar looking room, the cool grey walls illuminated by soft aquamarine lights lining the corners of the ceiling. His eyes glanced around the familliar room,, admiring the red PC setup, the shelves of books and (lets be honest, Mostly) graphic novels. He heard footsteps and attempted to sit up, only a weak whimper escaping him as his hands moved to his pounding skull and he laid back down. Latula came into the room.

"Hey, Champ..." She paused, her red sunglasses were folded onto the neck of her hoodie, so her gentle, sympathetic, and worried expression was clear to read. "How're you feeling?"

Honestly? He felt shitty.. but he didn't want to worry his Tulip too much.
"My brain hurtss,," He whined, resting his palm on his forehead as he sat up, groaning. "And my..." His brain betrayed him in a moment of wordless mental scrambling. "My stomach too."

"Yeah... she was pretty brutal." Latula frowned, her eyes searching Mituna's expression to gauge how bad it was, but his head pounded too much to care.
"Do you need anything, sweetums?" Her gentle smile returned once more. He appreciated her level of care. Her radical facadè was gone, her eyebrows furrowed upwards in a consistant state of worry.

"I.. think I'm okay." He answered, struggling to find the words to form each sentance.

"Do you want me to stay here for a bit?" She offered gently, sitting on the end of the bed and rubbing his leg gently through the blanket as she waited for a response.

He really didnt want to bother his Tulip, but he felt so crushed to see her worry this much- and gog this unrelenting migraine would not pass. He nodded gently, scooting closer to the wall in the bed. Latula smiled a little softer, scooting to tuck herself under the covers beside him. She wrapped her arms around him, one arm rubbing his back as she pulled his head close very gently, and left gentle kisses all over his forehead. He got butterflies in his stomach... she made him feel so special. He was still hurting, but his heart was begining to overpower his head, and soon his love for her was enough to calm the raging storm in his brain caused by his fall.