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Musings on a Sleepover

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Touko returned from making sure Yuu got home safe and sound, or if she was honest with herself making sure that she could spend as much as time as she could with Yuu. Now back at home, she had some time before making sure everything was tidied up for when her parents returned from their trip. She made herself some coffee and nibbled on some of the leftover treats as she mused on the events of her sleepover with Yuu. The best way to sum it all up, was wow!
Touko blushed and grinned as she remembered the wonderful moments they had shared together, moments of domestic bliss, the fun of a date and yes, the delights of passion.
And through it all was the wonder of being in love with Yuu, a bright love that shone like the stars, while at the same time a love deeply rooted in the hope of living a life together.
A love that celebrated change, change resulting from not being fearful about opening your heart to someone else.
When Touko had first fallen in love with Yuu, she now understood that it was a fearful love, a love that Touko believed could only exist if Yuu did not change. And especially, as Touko ruefully thought, a love that would not have to deal with Yuu making demands upon her.
What Touko saw in Yuu was someone who could be loved on Touko’s terms, a love that would not get in the way of Touko fulfilling her own dreams.
So, had it been really love? Or was it something else, a passing fancy that would become irrelevant when Touko had fulfilled her ambitions to become her sister?
Thankfully things had begun to change. Touko’s ambitions to become her sister had become complicated when she discovered some truths about Mio that were contrary to her perfect image.
And then there was Yuu herself. With hindsight, Touko was now convinced that Yuu’s feelings for Touko had already begun to change, seeds of love had been planted with tender shoots emerging.
But at the time, both Touko and Yuu were unsure about even acknowledging such shoots. Maybe their hearts were falling in love with one another, but their heads remained unsure.
And then came the confession when Yuu decided it was time to act, to acknowledge that she had changed and that she wanted to be in love with Touko. No longer merely in love with the idea of love itself but embracing the reality of being in love with the wonderful hot mess that was Touko.
Though initially things had not worked out the way Yuu had hoped, after the events of Sayaka’s confession, Touko was finally ready to celebrate the wonder of change as being part of the unfolding and growing of love. So she and Yuu decided to be in love with one another, and start a new adventure together.
And now as Touko enjoyed her coffee and the memories, she smiled as she thought about Yuu, and how like Touko, love seemed to have set her free to live her life fully, and wow, was Yuu greedy for a life of love with Touko!
During the sleepover, Touko and Yuu had talked a lot and Yuu had shared with Touko how much she missed her when they were apart, and that she wanted more of her.
And there were conversations of definition, as Yuu still seemed to yearn for something from her manga, wondering could they call each other girlfriends, or be a couple. But Touko was then secretly thrilled with how Yuu had responded to her vision of a love beyond definitions, of a love that celebrated change as it was rooted in loving one another, journeying through life together. To hear Yuu’s backhanded compliment, with her trademark snark, of being surprised over how Touko could be so cool was something that Touko would treasure for the rest of her life!
And Yuu now being so free with her kisses, was such a wonderful way of seeing of how Yuu had changed from being passive in the way she accepted Touko’s selfishness in Touko wanting to love Yuu strictly on her terms, to now Yuu being just as greedy for Touko. No longer was Yuu content with being a passive observer when it come to expressing love, but now she wanted more than her fair share!
Something Yuu made clear, as Touko blushed furiously over the delightful memory, with their night of passion and connection. It was safe to say that Yuu had been well and truly liberated when it came to wanting to express her love for Touko. Wow didn’t just cover it!
What would happen in the days, months and the years ahead? Touko wasn’t sure on the details. And she was aware that there would be challenges to face, and yes, moments of confusion and struggle.
Yet, Touko knew in her heart that it would be all part of something wonderful, a journey of 2 people greedy for love from one another, and willing to do what they could to fulfill each other’s hopes for a future together.